Fantastic Voyage – Part 9

by Faceless 001

Continuation of Part 8, which you can read by clicking here

    Pulling the door shut, I turned and looked at Monique.  She stood like a mannequin next to the car, on the passenger side.  Jen pulled up the blinds in the window and blew me a kiss.  I waved back, and walked to the car, thinking "What am I doing?"

   "I really like the way you rub me." said Monique in her monotone, just as a retirement-age neighbor walked by with her dog.  She gave a disapproving shake of her head in my way, and walked on as the poodle got in a few yipes.

   "Shouldn't you be driving?" I asked the robot.

   Monique just stared back.  After about ten seconds she said "I missed you so much, Chip."

   "Get into the driver's side of the car, Monique." I ordered as I went to the other side.

   Monique said "Yes master.", but did not move.  I repeated the command.  This time, she turned to face me, and stiffly moved forward into me.  "Yes master." she repeated as her breasts pressed up against me.  She stood still and I backed up just a tad.  I was hoping no other neighbors were paying attention.

   She then made a quarter turn and walked around the car, in a box like pattern.  She seemed to move only one body part at a time as she opened the door and positioned herself inside.  I got in too.

   I looked around for a seat belt, not finding one, and turned to Monique.  She too turned her head around to face me.  As I told her to take us to the trailer and the other robot, she said "Let's have sex right here."

   Her dulled, monotone voice was turning me on, and I found myself thinking of the real Monique.  The robot was saying some things Monique had said to me.  Even acting a bit mechanically, she was every bit like the woman I remembered.

   I tried to regain my composure and give the order again, but the robot just grabbed me and started kissing me.  Her kisses had a measured, regular feel.  They were deep, wet and sweet.  I indulged myself for a bit, then pulled myself away.

   "Sorry," I said, "we have work to do.  Take us to the trailer and the robot... 7420376423."  I read from the card Jen had printed out.

   Monique, who hadn't moved, stared for a while.  "Yes master.  Return to Base." she eventually said.

   The car started up by itself, swiftly pulling out of the parking lot.  It darted off down the road, passing and interfering with other traffic.  I heard horns honking as I shouted "Slow this car down!"

   "Yes master.  Speed .04." the robot steadily said.  The car jerked into a slower speed, on par with the rest of the vehicles.  She still was facing me and leaning toward me.

   "Look straight ahead." I commanded.  "And put your arms out in front of you."

   "Yes master." she complied, awkwardly sticking her arms out over the wheel.

   "No, only bend your arms at the elbow." I said.

   "Yes master." she again said, crossing her arms in a square over the wheel.

   "No, no," I said impatiently.  I grabbed her arm and moved it into a position that looked like she held the wheel.

   "Move your left arm into the same position as this one." I instructed.

   She obliged, saying yet again "Yes master."

   I glanced at the red light we were crossing.

   "Shit!" I exclaimed after skipping a heartbeat.  "For the love of God, obey traffic laws!" I barked at Monique's duplicate.

   "Yes master.  Function traffic code." was her reply.

   I sat back, again looking around for a seat belt.  People were looking at us from other cars.  Thankfully, there were no cops in sight.  I tried to concentrate at the goal at hand as we drove on the way out of the city.  Another intersection approached.  The lights were red.  I wanted to see if the car would slow, as no cars waited to cross.  The car's pace was constant.

   "Monique," I said, "there's a red light ahead."

   "Do you want a blowjob?" she replied again facing me.

   "Monique..." I said as the car stopped at the light.

   Her eyes were dead and cold. The lack of an expression on her face made it look artificial.  Or, perhaps it was the way she was talking that just made it seem so.

   "Keep your head facing forward." I said, not wanting to arouse suspicion.

   "Yes master." she replied, turning her head back.

   A BMW pulled up in the lane to the left.  I noticed a young dude staring at the fembot.  He was a bit surprised, and pointed her out to his friend.  Their window came down as he  motioned us to roll ours down.

   Monique did not respond to them, and I wasn't about to let them converse.  We waited out the light.

   When green came, the car did not hesitate to dart off at 110 kph.  I focused on the road ahead, watching for the trailer.  The car stayed on the right side of the road as the rural landscape began to emerge.  The robot remained in position, occasionally making very direct passes at me.

   After some time, I saw a trailer ahead on the roadside.  It didn't appear to be moving.

   This was it.  The car made its way up to a point behind the trailer as I said "Stop the car."

   "Yes master.  Stop." she said.  The car halted quickly, further back than I had wanted.  Again I checked the card from Jen.  I took a deep breath and got out of the car.  I cautiously approached the driver side of the truck.  I  could see a blond woman inside.  She was staring ahead as well.

   I knocked on the door to get her attention.  She looked over, smiled at me, and got out.

   "Hi, Chip.  I'm Cindy." she said, climbing down the steps.  She was tall and beautiful, dressed to look the part.

   "Hi." I said.

   "Where's Monique?  Why aren't you in the trailer?" she asked.

   "I don't know, uh, I guess the car's not working." I said.

   "Oh, I can fix it!" she said brightly.  "Follow me."  She walked in an sexy way toward the car and knocked on the window.  Monique didn't move.

   Cindy looked back to me and asked "Has Monique malfunctioned, too?"

   "Uh, yeah." I said as I went over to the other side and opened the door.  "Get out." I commanded.

   "Yes master." Monique answered and opened the door.

   "Monique," said Cindy, "where is your malfunction?"

   "Do you want to have sex with me?" she responded.

   "Ok.  Chip, do you want to join us?"

   "What?" I said, dumbfounded.

   Cindy smiled and said "We'll have sex inside the trailer.  Let's go."  She started walking to the trailer.

   "Follow her." I ordered Monique, and did the same.

   "Yes master." Monique said.

   The car closed its doors and followed us.  We were led up the ramps and into the large trailer.  Some cars on the road slowed to look at us.  "There is a bedroom at the front of the trailer." Cindy said while pointing at the far end.

   The interior was well lit, but there were no lights visible.  It was all a silver metal colour.  At the end was a small portal like door.  Cindy opened it and went inside, saying "Come on in, there's lots of room."  The robotic Monique and I followed.

   Cindy sat on the  bed inside and started undressing.  "Why don't you two undress?  I'm sure Monique would like some of your semen." she said as she removed her bra.

   I went to sit on the bed by her, and started to kiss her.  She appeared quite turned on by it, and really got into it when I started fondling her well formed nipples.

   "Monique, stimulate Cindy's vagina." I said, then went back to kissing the blonde.

   "Yes master." Monique said as she got on her knees and put her head between Cindy's legs.  Cindy helped by undoing her jeans and pulling her panties down.  She squealed in delight as Monique's duplicate put her face down and started licking, kissing and sucking Cindy's plastic pussy.  She did quite a job.

   Together, we brought that thing to orgasm for as long as we touched her.  I found it hard to keep my mouth in contact with hers as she writhed and moaned with pleasure.  I counted out thirty seconds.

   My palms sweated as I anticipated the coming task.  I made my kiss deep just before I pulled away, lifting off the robot's face mask and pulling out the jumper below.  I stood up and backed off, not wanting to get caught in her clutches.

   She had stopped moving.  It looked like she didn't know what hit her.  Monique was still slurping away at her crotch.

   "Stand up, Monique." I said, putting the jumper in my pocket with the other one.

   "Yes master." she said as she got up.  Her mouth was covered in juice.

   I looked inside another doorway to find a washroom, complete with towels.  I grabbed a few and cleaned up the situation.  The smell was just like the real thing.  It had me in a state of amazement.

   I got my head together as I reattached Cindy's face.  She had become unmovable.  I straightened up her appearance and moved there over to the car.  She was a bit on the light side, but still it wasn't easy getting her out of the portal like door.  I told Monique to get into the car again.  She replied and did so.  I was able to fit Cindy in the back, as her knees were bent.  Everything looked to be going like it should.  I was almost laughing because it went so good.

   I got into the car too, and instructed Monique to pull out of the trailer.  No sooner had we gotten back on the road, than I saw a police cruiser slowly coming up behind us.  The car pulled over and parked behind the trailer.  The siren flashed on for a second, long after I had noticed them. The driver got out and walked over to us.

   "Roll down the window." I commanded Monique.

   "Yes master" she said as she obeyed.

   The officer stopped short of the window and said "I've pulled you over for a moving violation, Ma'am.  I need to see your license and registration."

   The robot didn't answer him right away.  Then still staring ahead, said "You're making  me so hot and wet."

   He looked puzzled by her monotone, and responded "Ma'am, I'd like to have your total attention.  And talk like that will get you nowhere.  Please, just give me your license and registration."

   I madly tried to think of a way out of this mess.  I didn't have my wallet with me, and surely the robot had no ID.  Or did it?  I remembered she had a purse, but it was left at my house.

   "Officer..." I called over to him.

   "Sir, I am talking to the driver." He shot back.

   "She's not human." I said.

   "What are you talking about?" he asked.

   "These two women are androids." I said.  "Monique, take off your face mask."

   The robot said "Yes master." and complied, letting her arm rest on the steering wheel.  The cop was speechless.

   "They came back in time to kidnap me."  I told him.

   "Let's have sex right now." said Monique helpfully.

   "Oh my lord." The cop said as he pulled on his moustache.  "That can't be legal.  Do you have a permit for that thing?" he asked.

   "Well, no.  I don't have any ID on me at all.  The car drives itself, actually."

   He took a long look inside Monique's head and said "Uh, you'll have to excuse me, wait here."  He walked back and talked with his partner.  I saw his jaw drop just as the robot car revved up, turned around and zoomed back the way we had came.  Monique's face came out of her hand and went out the window.

   "WHAT THE HELL?!" I shouted.  "Stop the car!"

   "Yes master." responded Monique.  The car did not stop, but kept accelerating.  The dial went past 170.

   "MONIQUE, STOP THE CAR RIGHT NOW!" I yelled.  The vehicle began swerving wildly to avoid hitting slower traffic.

   "Yes master." she again replied, but the car continued gaining speed.  The speedometer eventually maxed as we came to the intersections.  The car went through both red lights without a scratch.  My stomach fell.  I feared for my life.

   Thankfully the car slowed as it made turns, and finally reached my house.  I got out and steadied myself on the garage door.  I could hear sirens growing in the distance.  The police would reach us soon, even at the speed with which we had escaped.

   Before I could get my thoughts straight, Jen emerged from the house with, among other things, Monique's purse.  She got in the passenger side and said "Hurry, chip, get in the back with Cindy.

   "What?" I said, and opened the back door.  I climbed into the back with the motionless blonde fembot resting on my legs. "Where are we going?" I asked?

   "We have to get out of here." she said as the sound of the car's engine turned into a thundering roar.  Black smoke started clouding us in as the roar got louder.  We started rising off the ground as a burst of thrust sent us high into the atmosphere.  "We're going back to Domain 35889."

…to be continued…

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