BY CMQ 02-98

What has gone before: The Plaster Master returned with new weaponry, an erotica beam, and attempted to use Heatwave, Flamestar's sister, as bait to lure the other members of FF INC. His plot to turn them all into erotic sculpture was foiled by Cosmic Girl. It is now three weeks later, with life returning to normalcy for all the members of FF INC.


Tiffany stepped out of the cab and handed the driver a $20 bill. "Thanks for the ride!" she said as she looked up at the FF INC building. She looked at her watch, it was about 8:30 p.m. I guess I should have let them know I was coming, she thought. Oh well, it will be nice to surprise sis...She stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the reception level of FF INC, located on the 31st floor. Tiffany walked up to the reception desk and picked up the paging telephone.

"Fem Fantastique, Incorporated..." said the voice on the other end. Tiffany recognized it as Trasparency Girl's.

"Hi Sue! It's Tiffany! Angie's sister?" she said.

"Hello Tiffany," replied Sue. "Let me buzz you in..."

The second elevator which allowed access to the upper floors of FF INC HQ opened and Tiffany got inside. She pressed the button for the Operations and Control level, one floor above. Making her way through the hallways she came to the Monitor room and plopped down her travel bag. "Hi Sue, is my sister in? I wanted to surprise her."

Susan, wearing the two piece variation costume she picked up months ago on the Amazon planet, turned away from the monitor. "No, she and Dee went out to do some club hopping. They left about a half hour ago."

"Darn," sighed Tiffany wearily. "Did they say where they were going?"

"No, I don't think so..." Sue answered. "I could page them on the Fem-comms..."

"Nah, don't bother. I'll just crash here until she gets back. It was a long flight in." Tiffany slung her travel bag over her shoulder. "It's awfully quiet tonight, is anyone else in?"

"Wanda and Stacey are at a conference on the West Coast," said Sue. "Darlene is still here somewhere..."

"Okay, I'm gonna go unpack my stuff in the guest room. See you later." Tiffany replied and walked back to the elevator.

She pressed the button for the residential level and walked down the carpeted hallway past the entertainment center. She peeked in the entrance but saw it was dark and unoccupied. Continuing on past the library, no one there either, she came upon one of the large common relaxation areas connecting two of the FF INC members' living areas. She paused, thinking she heard a voice and then heard the sound of vacuuming and stepped inside the room, descending the three short steps to the plush living room. Artie was vacuuming the carpet with a cleaning attachment plugged directly into the central vacuum system. "Hi Artie!" she said loud enough to be heard over the vacuum.

"Hello-mistress-Tiffany," came his robotic reply.

"Is someone here? I thought I heard a voice before the vacuuming started," Tiffany pointed towards the door which led to Cosmic Girl's room. "Sue said Cosmic Girl was still in the building."

"Mistress-Darlene-is-inside," Artie responded plainly.

"Great!" said Tiffany. She rapped on the open door, "Knock, knock?" Stepping inside she looked around the small personal area and peered into Cosmic Girl's bedroom. "Cosmic Girl? Darlene?" she queried. "Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed in surprise as if she couldn't believe what was in front of her eyes.

Darlene was stark naked on her perfectly made bed, kneeling on the covers with her face, turned to the left, and buried in her pillow and her shapely buttocks thrust into the air behind her. Her right arm was between her open legs, with two fingers spreading her vaginal lips slightly and her middle finger lightly caressing her clitoris. Her left hand was under her pillow, clutching at the sheets beneath. Darlene's eyes were closed, but her mouth was open as if moaning in pleasure.

"Omigosh! I'm so sorry Darlene but..." Tiffany apologized hastily until she noticed something unusual. Darlene wasn't noticing her, and even more unusual, wasn't moving at all! "D-Darlene?" Tiffany said concerned. She rushed over to the motionless Cosmic Girl and touched her. Darlene didn't even twitch at her touch, remaining in the same position. "Artie!" screamed Tiffany. "What happened to Darlene?" she's not moving! I think somethin-"

"Mistress-Darlene-is-in-frozen-stasis," Artie interrupted, apparantly unconcerned at the news.

"WHAT?!" Tiffany exclaimed. "Who did this to her?"

"Mistress-Darlene-instructed-this-unit-to-place-her-in-frozen-stasis," the little robot answered, nonchalantly.

"WHAT??" the red headed young woman said even more disbelievingly than before. "She WANTED to be frozen like that?"

"That-deduction-is-correct-mistress-Tiffany," said the mechanical droid resuming the vacuuming again.

Tiffany strode back into Darlene's bedroom. The heroic Cosmic Girl had not budged an inch. She was like a statue, an extremely life-like statue, frozen in sexual ecstasy. Tiffany stared at the completely immobile body, letting her eyes take in the fantastic site before her. "Wow," she said softly, beginning to feel sexually aroused. "I never knew Darlene was into kinky stuff like this." Her fertile mind filling with excitement, she called out to Artie who was still vacuuming the living room carpet.

"Yes-mistress-Tiffany?" RT-10 asked.

" long will Darlene remain in stasis?" Tiffany asked, trying not too give away her intentions as she snuck glances to the living statue on the bed.

"Mistress-Darlene-will-remain-in-stasis-for-another-57.2 minutes," came the robotic reply.

"Perfect!" said Tiffany. "Thanks, Artie...and come back in about, half an hour, okay?" she said excitedly.

"Affirmative," Artie acknowledged.

Tiffany sat on the edge of the bed and admired the inherent beauty of Cosmic Girl's body. Darlene was so beautiful like this, still and unmoving. Like a work of fantastic, lifelike art. She touched the round butt sticking up and shivered inside. It was sooo smooth she noticed. The stasis effect essentially stiffened Darlene's body so that her skin became somewhat like a plastic mannequin. Oooh, man, thought Tiffany, this is starting to turn me on...big time. She began exploring the frozen heroine's body, running her hands over the curves and contours of the beautiful statue. I feel like Darlene is like some sort of erotic sculpture, and I'm the artist creating it, Tiffany pondered as she touched the frozen girl's vagina. It was slightly wet! Darlene was really turned on when she got zapped! Tiffany peeled off her sleeveless tank top shirt, exposing her own perky breasts. She took off her shoes and slipped her tight blue jeans and panties off, leaving them in a heap on the floor. "I've always really wanted to see your exposed tits, Darlene," Tiffany declared and kneeled on the bed next to Darlene. Grabbing hold of the statue-like Darlene, Tiffany succeeded in turning the frozen girl on her back. With her frozen knees up in the air and her left arm rigidly cocked up, Darlene looked like a turtle turned on its shell or a statue toppled from it's pedestal. "That's better...much better..." Tiffany smiled as she caressed the hard globes of the stiffened heroine. "Ohhh," Tiffany gasped as she played with the breasts which were stiffly frozen into place in an upwards, pushed up position now that Cosmic Girl was on her back. The hardened nipples, harder than they could ever be...Tiffany leaned in and licked the frozen nipple on Darlene's right breast like it was an ice cream cone. "Mmmm..." moaned Tiffany, who was fondling her own vagina while licking. I'm getting so wet, she thought...being with this frozen girl, who is helpless and unable to even react to my touch...I can see why she's so turned on by that... Tiffany turned Darlene over again rightside up and kneeled behind the statue, her own triangle of shaved pubic hair pressed against the upturned pussy. Tiffany leaned over and grabbed Darlene's frozen tits in her hands, playing her fingertips over and across the large hard breasts.

"Mistress-Tiffany?" came Artie's voice. He had finished vacuuming and was returning as instructed.

"Ohhh....Artie...set...your stasis...projecter for...forty minutes...and...zap me!" Tiffany said, succumbing to the throes of passion. "Now!" she gasped as she stroked the sides of Darlene's torso.

"Affirmative-stasis-beam-set," Artie replied, a lance of bluegreen stasis effect lept from his optical visor, striking Tiffany in the back. Artie then turned away and hovered back to his chores.

"Ohh!" she cried out in that instant the stasis beam hit her before her mouth froze open and rendered her silent and motionless. Instantaneously, the stasis effect spread throughout her body. It was a stiffening, hardening sensation and Tiffany felt in that brief second of awareness that she would now be frozen just like Darlene's body. Within a second, she was frozen stiff and unconscious, locked in a frozen erotic tableau with Darlene. Two nude statues, unmoving, looking for all the world like they would remain like that in perpetuity.

Twenty six minutes later...

"..w, Artie! Do it NOW!" screamed Darlene as she came out of frozen stasis. "Ohh...Oh! she jumped as she realized someone was touching her! She spun around on her back ready to deck someone and saw..."Tiffany?" Darlene yelped, confused and embarassed. It was then she noticed Tiffany was nude as well, and frozen stiff! Darlene lay there for a moment looking at the beautiful girl with outstretched arms as immovable as a statue's. She must have come upon me while I was...frozen and asked Artie to do the same to her too...the little minx! Darlene thought. She reached up and touched one of Tiffany's frozen breasts. It was hard and stiff, the pointed nipple unyielding to her touch. Darlene grinned slyly, so Tiffany wasn't as innocent as Angie thought! She must have gotten some inspiration from my...state of immobility and decided to try it out too. Well, she certainly looks quite appealing this way...Darlene ran her hands up Tiffany's arms and shoulders, continued down the frozen girl's sides and hips, and finally the thighs to knees. "Ohhh...this is fun to have someone else to play with," Darlene giggled, caressing Tiffany's now really tight ass and then fingering the statue-Tiffany's crotch. She's as wet as I am! realized Darlene as she sat up and kneeled in front of the immobilized beauty before her, letting her body slip between the frozen arms. Darlene playfully tossed Tiffany's red hair back so that she could see the paralyzed girl's expression of frozen passion. Embracing the frozen girl, Darlene felt the rigid nipples poking into her own breasts and erotically stroked Tiffany's back downwards until she reached the buttocks. Leaning closer to Tiffany's frozen face, Darlene whispered, "Thanks for the offering, Tiff..." and proceeded to give a long wet kiss on the frozen girl's open mouth. "Mmmmm...mmh? Oh!" Darlene squeaked as the statue of Tiffany suddenly came to life in her arms.

"Ohh...mmm--Oh!" Tiffany came out of stasis and found herself in a passionate embrace with Darlene. She jumped backwards on the bed, disoriented and a little embarassed.

The two nude girls sat on the bed and stared at each other awakwardly, in silence, before Cosmic Girl finally spoke, "Ah, well...Tiff...what...what made you decide to...join me?"

"I...I like to experiment with new...things," was Tiffany's sheepish reply. "It...looked like you were having so I never knew you...liked being frozen stiff..."

"It's...happened to me so many times now...I can't completely describe why I feel so...entranced with the concept," Darlene explained. "This is the first time I ever asked Artie to do the stasis thing to me, but after what Galatea did to me a few weeks ago...It felt so good...but I was embarassed to pursue it any further with her..."

"Wow," Tiffany said softly, as she nudged closer to Cosmic Girl, scanning the naked heroine's body and tilting her head coyly. "So," she teased,"where to you want to take...this? I found your frozen state most...stimulating. We could call Artie back...he won't tell anyone about this if we order him no to.."

"No," Darlene said as she was struck with an inspiring thought. "I've got a better idea...come on!"

The two girls dashed through the dark hallways in various states of undress. Darlene in her Cosmic Girl miniskirt sans mask, gloves, boots and panties and Tiffany in her panties and tank top. They took the elevator down one floor to the Operations level and snuck in the dark corridors to the high security area. Darlene laid her palm on the security scan device and looked into the retinal scanner to confirm her identity.

"What's in here?" whispered Tiffany, her excited, erect nipples poking thru her tank top.

"The molecular transformer," said Cosmic Girl in hushed response.

"Oh wow!" Tiffany gleefully clapped. "Sis told me you brought back more than that shuttle when you were in space!"

"Shhh!" scolded Darlene. "I don't want Sue to know what we're doing!"

The two women entered the large titanium/duranium-steel walled room and closed the door behind them. The room was about the size of a basketball court with an overhead control booth accessible by a metal staircase. "Wait here," Cosmic Girl said as she climbed the stairs, her miniskirt showing glimpses of crotch and buttocks as she got higher. A few moments later, a platform carrying Darlene, various equipment and the molecular transformer descended to the floor via hydraulic lifts. Darlene took the strange alien device and set up a tripod to support the device. A helmet attached to the device with wires hung on one of the handles. Darlene walked in front of the device with a metal cylinder she obtained from the platform and walked back to the moleular transformer. "Okay, here's how this works," Darlene began as she slipped the helmet on and took aim at the cylinder. "The molecular transformer operates on thought waves, so whatever effect you imagine is what the target will be changed into." The tip of the device began to glow and a bright beam of energy erupted and struck the metal cylinder. Instantly, the cylinder was changed from solid metal to wood!

Tiffany leaned close to the cylinder and touched it. It was wood, solid throughout! "That's amazing!" she said. "What else can that thing do?"

"Just watch," replied Darlene as she activated the device again and another beam of energy enveloped the cannister. This time half of the cannister was changed, to solid gold.

"It looks like solid gold!" Tiffany exclaimed, "but the other half is still wood!"

"Yes, the transformer, in some unknown, alien tech way, can partially transform objects or even people. Dee said she was turned into solid platinum from the neck down, but was still alive and aware of what was happening to her when those aliens kidnapped us." Darlene explained.

"Oh wow, how do you change things back?" Tiffany inquired.

"That's the easy part," Darlene said. "Dee has modified the device so that there is a molecular memory chip, in effect a safety, which remembers what the original state of matter the target is. Or you could use your brainwaves to change something back. That works too, but we've found through testing that the safety works just as well, if not better. The longer you use the device, the more strain it becomes, so the safety works a lot quicker. It's this red button here," she pointed to it and pressed the button. The energy beam embraced the gold/wood cylinder and restored it to its original metal state. "Ready to experience it?" Darlene smiled, looking at Tiffany's scantily clad body.

"Okay..." Tiffany said somewhat hesitantly, suddenly feeling very unsure of what she was getting into...Alien devices? Was it really as safe as Darlene was making it out to be? She stood in front of the device, which suddenly looked a lot more menacing. "What should I do?" she asked.

"Just relax," Darlene reassured her, "imagine it's like posing for a picture."

"Well, how should I-" Tiffany suddenly froze, as Darlene activated the device without warning, and felt a tingling sensation through her body. She realized she couldn't move from the neck down. She glanced and could just barely see that her skin, her entire body, was white polished marble! "Ohhhh!" she gasped, " can I still speak and breathe if my body is solid marble?"

"Just chalk it up to the alien tech I told you about," Darlene said coyly, activating the device again. This time, Tiffany's arms and shoulders were restored to living flesh, but her body from the breasts down remained marble.

"Oh, WOW!" Tiffany was as excited as a kid in a candy store. She reached under her tank top and felt her cold, stoney breasts and fingered her stiffened nipples. "It feels...sooooo weird. Good, but weird!" She suddenly ran her hands down inside her panties to her pubic area, entranced with the feel of marblized pubic hair and probed her marble crotch. It was like fondling a statue, she thought. Hell, I AM a statue, at least from the tits down! Her hands struggled to reach behind her to examine the cleft of her well sculpted buttocks. "Ohhhh...I'm in heaven!"

"Glad to see you're enjoying yourself, " Cosmic Girl said, pressing the safety button and restoring Tiffany's marble body back to flesh.

"Oh Darlene! Do it again!" she cried out, tearing her top off and slipping her panties down her legs. "Here! Do me like this!" she said, posing heroically with her legs spread apart, her hands on hips and a huge smile on her face.

"Say cheese then!" Darlene chirped as she activated the device again and turned beautiful Tiffany to solid marble from head to toe. It was silent as Darlene looked over the frozen stone figure. Tiffany was completely motionless in her marbleized form. Her smile frozen on her face, her body immortalized perfectly in stone. "You look soooo nice," Darlene commented, removing the helmet and approaching the statued Tiffany. "I've always wanted to try this out with someone," she teased to the unmoving sculpture. "You're so hard and cold now...but I think that's really sexy..." she began to stroke the marble girl's body, probing every curve of the statue's musculature and taking delight in the feel of the hardened girl's fabulous form. She noticed Tiffany's hair was now fused into a solid couiffre of marble with a few delicate marble strands emerging from the rock hard mass.

"I think you need a change," she continued as she trotted over to the molecular transformer and redonned the helmet. "How about, wax!" The marble statue suddenly took on a lifelike appearance as Darlene changed every inch of the marble girl into a waxwork figure. "You look so much like when you were in stasis, wax hair notwithstanding..." Darlene commented noticing how the waxen strands were picking up lighting highlights. Tiffany still has that smile on her face, not even knowing what was happening to her, Darlene thought to herself. She looks so innocent...But I guess I know now the truth about her! Darlene felt her own crotch becoming wet the longer she stared at the lovely wax figure and rubbed her body against the motionless figure. "Mmmmm...." she groaned. "I think Tiffany has had enough fun..." she said as she returned to the device and activated the safety.

Instantly, the waxen figure lost its reflective highlights and came to life. "Oh!" Tiffany gasped. "What did you do to me that time?"

"I turned you into solid marble, you looked quite lovely as a statue you know...then I changed you into a beautiful lifelike waxwork figure." Darlene commented.

"I wanna try it out now!" Tiffany dashed over to the transformation device and took the helmet from Darlene.

Darlene walked in front of the device and began to pull her cosume off over her head, "Just be sure an-"

"Surprise!" Tiffany happily yelled as she turned Darlene's body, costume and all into solid, sparkling chrome. "Whoops! Too much juice I think!" she realized as she noticed the chrome statue of Darlene pulling the chrome miniskirt over her head. Setting the helmet on one of the handles, Tiffany inspected the chromed heroine closely. She tapped one of the shiny breasts with her knuckle. A metallic ring echoed. Yep, solid chrome, Tiffany told herself, even her costume for pete's sake! I didn't want that! She ran her hands over the immobile statue of Darlene, oohing and ahhing at the reflective qualities her new form posessed. I always thought she was statuesque before, but now she really fits the description! Wow, her nipples are really sexy now that they're stiff and shiny! And her legs! They were great looking in the flesh, but in chrome they were fantastic! Long, luscious and shiny metallic chrome gams! So smooth and flawless! Tiffany raced back to the transformation device and put on the helmet again. costume back to cloth she thought. Instantly, the metallic clothing regained its blue and yellow color. Tiffany ran back over and slipped the clothing off of the statue. She then saw Darlene's surprised reaction for the first time and was taken by its loveliness. "Guess I caught you with your pants down for the second time today, huh?" she teased to the statue's unchanging face. Darlene's chromed arms were still stuck in the overhead action of removing her clothing , frozen hands grasping for cloth no longer there. "You look so hot, Darlene..." Tiffany tilted the chromed girl backwards carefully, until it was lying horizontal on the floor. Tiffany looked in awe at Darlene's chromed breasts which stayed perfectly up and perky even though she was now horizontal, and her metallic nipples were more like the snaps on a button, totally erect and stiffened into place. Stretching out next to the statue, Tiffany stroked between the chrome girl's legs lightly, admiring how she could see her own reflection in the chromed heroine's body. "You would be all wet if you knew what I was doing to you, Darlene." It was amazing to see all the details of Darlene's privates in chrome, all shiny and seductive looking. Tiffany fingered the folds and creases of the chrome pussy with one hand and began caressing her own breast with the other. "Oooooh....your chrome pussy is sooo sexy...and your pubic hairs are like tiny prickly needles!" Tiffany continued with her passionate examination of the chrome sculpture girl, pressing her warm body against the cold metallic body and feeling waves of intense pleasure spreading within her.

Finally, Tiffany forced herself to stop fondling the metallic statue and carefully lifted the rigid girl back to an upright position. Re-donning the helmet, Tiffany pressed the safety button and watched in awe as the mirror-like chrome statue became tanned flesh once more.

"...d be caref..." Darlene started to say, suddenly realizing her costume had vanished from her hands. "Ooohh, you tricky little..." Darlene realized she had been completely transformed into something and her clothing removed while she was unaware. "What did you do to m-?" she asked, curious before she froze again into a pristine crystalline statue.

"Ooooh, I have outdone myself!" Tiffany giggled. "You looked really great like that, but I like you this way too." She removed the helmet again and inspected the delicate, fragile looking statue. Fortunately, Darlene was in a stable pose, else she could have toppled over and shattered. Her body looked as if it was a fine-arts glassy sculpture, delicate features preserved in transparent crystal. Suddenly getting another wild idea, Tiffany dashed over to the amazing alien device and changed Darlene again, into solid peppermint candy!

"Yummy!" Tiffany squealed with joy as she dashed over to the solid candy statue and gently tipped it over to lie on the floor. She began to lick the luscious erect nipple of the candy statue's right breast, delighted with the sweet taste in her mouth. Licking in circles around the nipple, her mouth watering, Tiffany began to move down the statue's torso, probing the candy cane tasting navel with her darting tongue and down to the statue's crotch. Biting a piece of peppermint pubic hair off, Tiffany savored the moment with her sweet tasting yet immobilized friend. Lapping at the peppermint crotch like a dog at the water bowl, Tiff felt her own crotch watering with anticipation. Finally, she rolled over on her back and fondled herself between the legs, breathless with erotic pleasure.

Finally, sweaty and exhausted, she crawled back to the molecular transformer and aimed the projecter down at the candied statue of Darlene and hit the reset button. The glowing energy embraced the motionless figure, restoring it to living flesh.

"-e? What?" said Darlene, confused at the rapid fire transformations she had gone through. "Okay, fess up!" she demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

"Two words, shiny chrome!" Tiffany grinned. "Then, exquisite crystal," she said in a mock snobbish tone before Darlene could get in a word. Cosmic Girl cocked her head and half smiled. "And for the piece-de-resistance...pure peppermint candy! Very tasty..."

"Next time, could you at least leave part of me aware so I could experience it firsthand?" Cosmic Girl teased.

"Deal!" Tiffany agreed. "How would you like to try Or maybe steel for that real hardbody!"

"Sounds intriguing," Darlene pondered. "But it's getting late, and your sister will probably be home anytime now!"

"Don't want to push your luck, huh?" Tiffany pouted. "Okay, I guess I've had enough fun and games for one night..." her voice drifted off as she glanced longingly at the molecular transformer.

The two women got the molecular transformer back in its original setting and snuck quietly back to Darlene's room where they both enjoyed a quick shower. Each was becoming more and more familiar with the other's body, knowing what parts to stimulate after their intimate encounters earlier.

Finally they meandered into the contol room where Sue was still on duty. "Hiya Sue," said Tiffany. Darlene took a seat on the plush chair by the table.

"Slow night?" Darlene asked.

"Not a peep on the monitors," said Sue. "You two have been awfully quiet tonight. Keeping busy?"

The other two women shared a quick glance at each other and grinned. "Uh, yeah..." said Darlene, getting a pair of soft drinks from the mini fridge. Tiffany sat down in the chair opposite her and tucked her legs under her and slipped a straw into one of the opened cans.

"Tiffany?!" Angie said surprised as she walked into the room with Dee. Both were dressed in civilian clothes: skirts and minidresses under their jackets. "What are you doing here?"

"Hi sis!" Tiffany bounced up and hugged Angie. "I wanted to surprise you!"

"Well I wish you had called ahead. I wouldn't want you to get bored waiting for me," Angie took off her jacket.

"Don't worry about that sis," Tiffany smiled as she slurped a sip out of the sodacan. "I wasn't bored at all. In fact I had a lot of fun just playing around..."



authors note:  the molecular transformer finally gets put to good use! This story was bouncing around in my head for a while and while I eventually wanted Cosmic Girl to "get involved" so to speak with another heroine, I didn't think any of the original team would fit the criteria. Thus, Tiffany the wilder sister of Flamestar was created to satisfy Darlene's cravings. As for any of the others eventually learning of this...time will tell.

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