Plastic Peril!

A Fem-Fantastique Inc. Adventure
by CMQ

    What has gone before:

Cosmic Girl and Flamestar's sister, Heatwave,  discovered they have more in common than they ever thought as they experimented with the captured Mok'tn molecular transformer.  Now two of FF INC's members prepare for their participation in a charity event.

CMQ 08-99

Angie and Darlene were dressed to the nines, each in a slinky, shimmery, evening-gown for their part in the Billington's Live Mannequin Charity Show.  Each was there by the personal invitation of Mr. Billington, founder of the venerable department store chain.  Or rather, Flamestar and Cosmic Girl were.  For now, the two heroines were incognito, disguised amongst the rich and beautiful in their formal wear and looking like nothing more than two stunning women.  They were among numerous local celebrities and the rich and famous invited to this charity function to benefit the needy.  In a dark ballroom lit with spotlights and colored gels, the guests mingled and dined on hors-deurves as they waited for their host to make his appearance.  Colored fabric was stretched from the ceiling to form billowing rainbow-like clouds and mirrored silver chrome globes gently reflected the lights onto the people socializing below.  A stage was situated on one end of the ballroom, with a long straight runway emerging from the middle that ended in a circular section which had a set of stairs leading down to the floor.  There were six circular platforms about two feet off the ground scattered across the ballroom.  Their purpose as yet undetermined.

"Gosh Angie, this is so lavish..." Darlene Wilson, aka Cosmic Girl, said as she sipped some champagne from her fluted stem glass.  "I wonder when the show is about to start?"  She flipped her brown curls off her bare shoulder.  The gown she wore was a red strapless which had a upside-down v-hem up front, revealing plenty of her sheer pantyhosed legs and a slight train in back to just below her calves.  She wore matching red heels set off with gold earrings.

Angelica Taylor, aka Flamestar,  was outfitted in a curve hugging black dress with a slit on the side which seemed to go all the way to her hip.  "I dunno 'Lene," she said absent-mindedly as she nibbled at a shrimp canape on a toothpick. The dress bared her shoulders with a halter style upper half covering her chest.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," a voice came over the loudspeakers.  The audience turned towards the left end of the stage, where a podium and microphone were arranged.  The Billington's logo was embossed on the front of the podium.   The speaker was a distinguished, well dressed older man in a dark tuxedo.  He looked to be about seventy years old due to his gray hair, yet was energetic-looking and active as a man twenty years younger.  "Welcome to Billington's Live Mannequin models for charity benefit," he started.  "I hope you all are as generous with your money as you are with your time in being here."  As he spoke, the curtain on the stage was parted slightly and six fantastically beautiful models walked out onto the stage.  Each took an equi-distant position on the stage, three on one side and three on the other.  Each struck a pose in turn as she reached her position, holding it as if frozen as the other models walked out.  "Billington's is world famous for our spectacularly beautiful mannequin displays wearing gorgeous fashions for her," he continued as the models all took their places.  "But I'm sure you'll agree these lovely ladies wearing our trademark signature line are an adequate substitution..."

Vickie, Stephanie, Lilly, Lynn, Raysa, and Toni all strode out as Mr. Billington mentioned their names, walking down the catwalk and down the steps to six of the empty platforms throughout the ballroom.  As each reached her respective platform, she struck an immobile pose as two tuxedoed gentlemen lifted her up and onto the platform.  There they stood, motionless like true mannequins.

Vickie was a brunette with long straight hair and dressed in a purple strapless top and matching pants.  She stood with her arms slightly parted to the sides, and legs likewise.  Stephanie was a young Asian model wearing a yellow spaghetti-stapped tank top, pants and mini-jacket.  She had removed her jacket and held it in one hand over her shoulder, glancing to one side in a classic runway pose.  Raysa was an exotic dark skinned beauty in a very elegant white tube gown which hugged her figure in all the right places.  She stood with hips cocked to one side and hands on her shoulders.  Toni, a blonde willowy model,  had a short, pageboy haircut and was motionless in her navy business suit and very short skirt.  The audience was visibly rivited on the way the models could remain so perfectly motionless while being carried over to their respective pedestals.

A woman dressed in a sparkling red Billingtons original was stationed at each of the model’s platform to take donations from the partygoers.  "The idea behind this little party is to raise funds for each of the six charitable organizations each of our models is posing for,” Mr. Billington continued.  “They will not move a muscle until a donation to their charity is made, at which point they will change poses and remain thus until another donation is made.  Please feel free to make your contribution in any amount, and please donate frequently!  We wouldn't want our poor models to get stuck in any pose too long would we?  Now don't go and spend all your money in one place because we have a special event coming up at 10:00."

Angie and Darlene watched as the well-dressed partygoers mingled and some stood and stared at the motionless models, so utterly still and mannequin-like.  A gentleman with a thin mustache was laughing with his blonde companion as he wrote a check out.  As he passed it to the Billingtons representative dressed in red, the mannequin model Stephanie suddenly came to life, changing her position before returning to utter immobility.  The man shook his head as he stared at how well the model performed her job and gestured to his female companion as if to try and see the model breathe.

"Pretty strange, huh?" Angie observed.

“No, it’s actually quite…artistic,” Darlene answered as she fingered the rim of her champagne glass.

“I suppose,” Angie reconsidered.  Not too unusual at all, considering that Billington’s was famous for its elaborate window displays and mannequin fixtures.

Angie and Darlene drifted towards one of the mannequin models.  Lynn was her name, if Angie remembered correctly from the model’s introductions.  She was a stunning beauty, all made up and wearing an equally stunning turquoise evening dress.  Cut high to the thigh on both legs and featuring a plunging neckline, the sparkling gown showed off all of the model’s best assets.  Angie stared at the model, trying to catch a blink, a twitch, a breath. Lynn was posed with her hands held up, bent at the elbows, as if she was holding a perfume spritzer and spraying her neck. Angie stared for some sign of movement which would shatter the illusion she was a real woman only pretending to be a mannequin.  Not a thing.  Amazing she thought, when she was interrupted by one of the Billington’s reps near the pedestal display.

“Would you like to make a donation, miss?” she asked pleasantly.  She was as equally stunning, in terms of appearance, as the mannequin model.

Has Billington’s cornered the market on pretty employees? Angie thought.  “Uhm, sure,” she responded. Getting out her checkbook.  At least it was for charity, a worthy cause.  And the models sure did earn their pay as the moment Angie handed over a check to the employee the mannequin model Lynn instantly moved into another position, hands on her hips, eyes looking out over the crowds, and froze just as stiffly as she was in her previous pose.  Unreal, Angie thought as she noticed Darlene’s rapt attention to the immobile model. “Come on,” she prodded.  “Let’s mingle!”

The two incognito heroines mingled with the crowd, trying to relax and enjoy their all-too-brief chance at an occasion of normalcy.  As the ten-o’clock hour approached, Darlene excused herself from Angie’s company.  No easy task when they were both the absolute focus of more than a few single, eligible bachelors who were pursuing them with the relentlessness seen in only a few super-villains who had faced them.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” came an announcement over the Public Address system.  It was Mr. Billington addressing the guests again.  “I would like to thank you enormously for your generosity.  We’ve raised an incredible amount of money tonight so far.  You should all be commended for your generosity.”  The audience applauded to his compliment.

Angie slipped her pursebook under her arms as she clapped.  She looked around for Darlene. She’s been in the ladies room an awfully long time, Angie thought.

“Now,” continued Mr. Billington. “I have an extra special presentation. Billington’s is known the world round for its beautiful mannequin displays, and these lovely models are doing their best to resemble the exquisite nature of our mannequins.”   In truth, the models were actually being put into suspended animation through their special earrings, just as all the elaborate mannequins on display in each of the Billington’s stores were.  It was a well-kept secret, known only to the models themselves as well as a select few.  Behind the scenes were a group of trusted Billington’s employees who were keeping track of donations via monitors and miniature microphones.  As donations were made, the respective model was released from her stiffened suspended state to allow her to assume a new pose, at which point she would be returned to a statue-still state of immobililty.  “But what we’re going to present here is a unique opportunity, to say the least,” Billington continued.  “Allow me to introduce our celebrity mannequin model…Cosmic Girl!”

The audience applauded wildly, looking around as the spotlights searched the audience before targeting in on the right corner of the stage opposite the side Mr. Billington was standing on.  Angie was aghast, her jaw literally dropped at the announcement.  What the heck is going on here?  She didn’t say anything about this to me at all?

Cosmic Girl strode across the stage to Mr. Billington.  She was dressed in full costume, which in her case was nothing more than her long-sleeved blue miniskirt outfit, yellow boots and gloves and mask.  She waved at the appreciative audience on her way to the podium.  “Hello everybody, and thank you for the warm welcome!” she smiled.  “I hope everyone is having a good time, and I’m here to add a little more excitement to this night!”  She looked over to Mr. Billington, who gestured to her to continue.  “Well, tonight I’m going to mannequin model for Billington’s charity, but in an extra special, one-of-a-kind way!”  She motioned to the end of the stage where she had first appeared, a silvery, hovering robot appeared and drifted across to her.  The audience seemed to be very interested in this unusual event.

What’s Artie doing here? Angie thought to herself, as she watched the robot take its place next to Cosmic Girl and Mr. Billington.

Mr. Billington leaned forward to the microphone, “You see, Cosmic Girl’s little friend Artie here has something we call a stasis ray built into him, and what’s going to happen here is that Cosmic Girl has agreed to be posed in front of this ray.  It will literally freeze her into a living mannequin, with absolutely no ill-effects, or so I’ve been told!”

The audience gasped and muttered excitedly amongst themselves.  Angie’s jaw would have dropped further if it could have.  Omigosh, what on earth gave her this crazy idea?

“Now I’m going to instruct Artie to set the beam for three hours, which means I won’t be able to move until well after 1 a.m.,” Darlene explained.  “And I’ll even let the person who bids the highest instruct me into which pose I’ll be taking too!”

“And this is a one-time only chance folks,” Mr. Billington interjected.  Not like our other models here tonight.  She’ll only be frozen once and that will be it for the night, so bid high!”  The crowd applauded the heroine for putting herself on the spot for this extreme event.  “Please start lining up near the podium here, so that we may conduct the auction!”

A throng of attendees, mostly men, surged towards the left end of the stage.  A brunette Billington’s representative was there to direct them back to the center runway as Cosmic Girl walked down the catwalk, swinging her hips and giving more than a glimpse of her panties due to the extremely short miniskirt she wore.  She reached the end of the runway, where the steps had now been removed, to give the crowd a good look at her.  Artie hovered silently behind her at a discreet distance.  Darlene winked at Angie, when she spotted her in the audience.

Angie almost slunk down to avoid being noticed.  I wonder if Sue knows about this, she thought.  This has got to be the craziest thing I’ve ever seen Darlene do before.  Heck, I know she’s an exhibitionist at heart, but to willingly allow herself to be frozen into stasis?

Mr. Billington’s red-clad employees dispersed themselves among the people as their boss spoke into the podium microphone.  “Okay, we have one of this city’s stalwart defenders of justice and honor here tonight, and I think anything less than a starting bid of say, ten thousand dollars would be an insult to this lovely lady.”

The hands shot up as soon as Mr. Billington finished his sentence.  The bids came in fast and furious, moving up a thousand dollars at a time, then five thousand, then ten!  After a frantic fifteen minutes, the bid was already at a few hundred thousand dollars.  Mr. Billington resisted the urge to jump right in.  He was already well accustomed to immobilizing beautiful women in his own mansion as well as his stores, but this technology was slightly different than the one he used.  It relied on a projected raybeam rather than the signal sent via earrings his mannequin models wore.  Much more versatile, and apparently more efficient.  He wished he could get some information about the device, but imagined it was not something FF INC would willingly part with.  Industry secrets he knew all too well about.  Ah well, his own version of the Immobilizer was sufficient enough.  He was just glad that one of the heroines had responded at all to his request for this charity event.

Angie shook her head at how the intensity of the bidding heightened as the bidders dropped out and only a few were left.  Increments of fifty thousand were now common as the top price crossed a million dollars.

It pretty much boiled down to a couple of bidders as the price to immobilize Cosmic Girl approached three million dollars (tax-deductible, she added) as she flirted with her bidders, casting winks and blowing kisses to prospective immobilizers.  She felt the thrill of being put up for auction, the center of everyone’s attention, the adrenaline flowing.

“We have a bid of four point three million dollars for the honor of turning the beautiful Cosmic Girl into a mannequin for real!” Mr. Billington said proudly.  “Do I hear another bid?”  He looked at the high-bidder, a Mr. James “Jimmy” Charleston who had many high-technology holdings, and at the runner-up, an oil baron, Mr. Sloane.  “We have 4.3 million dollars bid for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to freeze this lovely young lady going once…going twice…SOLD!”

The people in the audience clapped enthusiastically at the final bid and Cosmic Girl herself applauded the winner.  Mr. Charleston stepped up onto the stage and shook hands with Mr. Billington, who took the wireless microphone out of its holder and led the winning bidder up onto the runway.  He introduced Cosmic Girl to Mr.Charleston, who kissed her gloved hand, making her blush slightly.  Ever the Southern gentleman, Billington thought.  Charleston had often inquired about Billington’s life-like mannequins during their infrequent golf outings, so it was no surprise that he was the top bidder.

“Well now, how would you like to start this Cosmic Girl?” Mr. Billington asked.  He held the microphone close to her lips so that she could be heard by the entire audience.

“Well, first I’ll program Artie with the instructions,” she said as she directed Artie to come closer. “Artie, I want you to set your stasis beam projector for a duration of three hours,” she started.

Someone in the audience shouted out “Make it six!”

Cosmic Girl turned and smiled coyly, “Maybe next time…!”

The audience laughed good-naturedly.

“Stasis-projecter-beam-set-for-three-hours,” the mechanical robot replied.

“Now this stasis effect won’t wear off until about…1:30 a.m.”, she said, glancing at the watch concealed in her glove.  “So you’d better select an interesting pose or you’ll all get tired of looking at me!” she teased.  Mr. Charleston looked to be perspiring slightly at that.  He apparently could not take his eyes off her fabulously fit figure.

“Well, what’s it going to be?” she asked Mr. Charleston as Mr. Billington held the microphone up to his flustered guest.

“Uhm, well,” he said in a Southern twang.  “Maybe you could, ya know, pose with your hands on your hips…”

“Like this?” Cosmic Girl instantly leapt into a heroic hands-on-her-hips stance, flashing a brilliant smile. “Oh, come on. You can do better than that!”

“Well, maybe if your arm were, like, behind your head…” Charleston stammered slightly, the pressure seemed to be getting to him.

“You mean something more like this?” Darlene answered as she cocked her head back, put her left hand behind her head and tucked her right leg.

“Ah, something like that,” Charleston hemmed and hawwed.

“Okay, how about this?” Darlene countered as she spread her legs apart and put both of her arms behind her head, letting her back arch and her butt thrust out, panties peeking out from beneath her miniskirt.  Her chest was thrust forward, with a lot of cleavage showing.

The audience roared its approval.  Angie almost blanched.  Darlene is really taking this to the limit.  I wonder how far she’ll go?

“Or this?” she offered, as she kept her right arm behind her head, planted her left hand on her hip and leaned forward on her bent right leg, like some sort of hitch-hiker trying to attract attention.

“Uh, I like the other pose, miss,” Charleston blushed.  The audience laughed at his choice of the more sexually-suggestive pose.

Cosmic Girl smiled and struck the previous pose. “Naughty, naughty,” she admonished.  “But it is for charity, and you did donate the most money…and I did say ANY pose…”  She was facing Charleston, allowing her pantied rear to flash the people standing on the floor below.  She strained as she bent her back and tightened her leg muscles.  “I won’t be able to move once you tell Artie to zap me, so you’d better be sure this is the pose you want!”

“Oh, I’m sure, Miss Cosmic Girl,” he responded appreciatively.

“Okay then, Artie whenever Mr. Charleston is ready, put me into stasis for three hours.”

“Acknowledged,” Artie replied.

“Anytime,” Cosmic Girl told Mr. Charleston.  She looked directly at him and smiled.

“Ah, all right, Artie,” Charleston said clearly into the mike Mr. Billington was holding. “Freeze her!”

A blue-green beam lanced out from Artie’s optic bar, striking Cosmic Girl squarely along her face and hanging breasts.  The beam lasted only a few seconds before it shut off.  When it did, Cosmic Girl stood there, still as a statue.  The audience applauded as Mr. Charleston stood in front of Cosmic Girl and waved his hand in front of her.  The frozen heroine had no reaction whatsoever.  He leaned over to look into her face and touched her elbow.  Her muscles had become completely rigid.  Charleston shook his head and smiled. “She really is stiff!” he admired as her body did not flinch at all at his touch.

“Let’s give a big hand for Cosmic Girl!” Mr. Billington exclaimed as he congratulated the frozen heroine.  “And another hand for Mr. Charleston for making this lovely mannequin for us to admire for the next three hours!”  The audience applauded both times, and even gave it up for Artie as he excused himself for his trip back to the INC JET.  To further allow better views of Cosmic Girl’s frozen body, the end of the runway she was standing rose a few inches, revealing a turntable which  began to rotate slowly, giving everyone in the audience an unobstructed view of her.

A pretty big crowd had gathered around the statue-like Cosmic Girl.  People pointed at her and admired her sculpture-like form.  It took quite a while before Angie could even get close to the platform.  I wonder if wearing french-cut panties was intentional? She noticed Darlene had worn even skimpier than usual panties under her almost-upraised miniskirt.  Angie stared at her paralyzed teammate for a couple of minutes like she was nothing more than an artistic piece created for visual enjoyment.  Finally, she drifted off into the rest of the crowd.

As the midnight hour came, Angie sat by herself.  It was exceedingly obvious that she wasn’t going to find any potential mates here, rich or not they were for the most part older and pretty boring.  All of the other mannequin models had been dismissed around 11 p.m., leaving only Cosmic Girl as the motionless centerpiece.  She looked at her watch and then over at the immobile statue which had been Cosmic Girl only a few hours earlier.  There were still quite a few people around her, impressed with the stasis effect or with her trim shape.  I’m going to call it a night, she finally decided.  It wasn’t as if she intended to stay here that long anyway, but with Darlene’s unannounced mannequin modeling gig, she felt it would be in her best interests if she stuck around to watch over her.  The fact that she was now bored out of her skull, and nothing unusual or threatening in the least had manifested gave her confidence that the frozen heroine would be in good hands until the stasis beam wore off.  AND it would show her not to keep secrets like this too!  Angie slipped into a quiet corner and spoke into her bracelet/commlink.  “Artie, this is Angie.  Fire up the INC JET, we’re going home.”

“But-mistress-Darlene-has-not-come-out-of-stasis-yet,” Artie replied.

“Well, she’ll have to take a cab back home then.  I’m beat.” Angie countered as she took one last look at the smiling, bent over backwards mannequin-of-a-teammate and headed for the exit.  She could have flown back to FF INC HQ under her own power, but this way she could send a little message to her teammate to not spring little surprises like this.

As 1:30 approached, the remaining crowd gathered around Cosmic Girl’s rigid body.  Mr. Billington and Mr. Charleston were still around and climbed back onto stage.  Mr. Billington spoke into the microphone.  “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost time for Cosmic Girl to be released from her state of suspended animation.  Let’s all direct our attention towards her and give her a big hand when she starts moving again and thank her for allowing us to do this to her!”

With all the anticipation of a New Year’s Eve countdown, the audience watched the ticks on the clock and the motionless mannequin.  It became quite quiet as the first twitch of movement was detected and Cosmic Girl stretched her now movable body to the thunderous applause.  She grinned and shook hands with Mr. Billington, and thanked Mr. Charleston for his expert choice in posing her.  “Thank you everyone, I hope I made your evening more memorable, and thank you for your generosity!” she waved at the audience and stepped backstage with Billington and Charleston.

“I want to thank you for allowing yourself to be frozen,” Mr. Billington said.  “It really added a unique spin on the events tonight.”

“It was my pleasure, Mr. Billington.” Cosmic Girl said.  If only he knew the truth about me! I would have done this for free, charity or not!

At any rate, it was getting a little monotonous  and a little uncomfortable getting congratulated on her excellent impersonation of a mannequin from a bunch of hung over men who could probably be old enough to be her father.

After a few minutes of signing autographs and mingling, she said her goodbyes and slipped into a quiet corner where nobody was looking and de-activated her molecu-outfit.  Her skimpy costume reformed around the curves of her body into her slinky evening-wear.  “Better get back to Angie,” she said softly to herself.  But after a few minutes of searching the dwindling crowd it was apparent that her teammate had abandoned her.  “Hmmph,” Darlene was a little perturbed that Angie had not waited around for her, but on the other hand she could understand that it had been over three hours since she last saw her.  Maybe she found someone for a nightcap…

Darlene walked to the roof and found that the Inc Jet was gone.  Looks like Angie took Artie with her too.  Oh well, guess I’ll call a taxi, she shrugged  as she made her way to the front door and began scanning the streets for an empty cab.  As she flagged down a passing cabbie, suddenly a loud explosion startled her.  She looked down the street and heard car horns blaring behind the lines of stalled traffic.  “I changed my mind,” she said as she shut the door to the cab and dashed down the street as fast as she could in her slinky dress and high heels.

At a darkened side street she turned the corner, did a quick scan of the surroundings for any passers-by and mentally activated her costume.  The molecu-outift reformatted itself from her evening dress to her full Cosmic Girl costume.  The hem of her dress shrunk to mini-skirt length as the fabric colors shifted to her standard blue and yellow and the tiny yellow mask formed over her eyes.  Heeled shoes grew into yellow boots and her neckline shifted as colorful gloves appeared around her hands.

Running at full speed, Cosmic Girl leapt over the stalled cars and avoided the fleeing crowds.  She was wondering what could have caused this much panic.  Gas main explosion?  Terrorist attack?  This late at night? She passed an abandoned SUV and found herself face to face with an over six foot tall, musclebound man.  His neck, short and thick made his wide face look squat and tiny compared to his overbuilt physique.  Wearing a burnt-orange t-shirt and black trousers, the hulking man was lifting a small sedan over his head with one hand firmly gripping the crumpled remains of the vehicles rear axle.  Fuel sprayed onto the street, almost like a graveyard of vehicles, which was mostly devoid of people now.

“Whoa!” Cosmic Girl exclaimed at the powerhouse hefting autos like they were plastic lawn chairs.  “Hey big, tall and built, why don’t we just put down tha-“ she began to say calmly when the man turned and swatted her with the remains of the automobile.

Cosmic Girl was sent flying backward and through at least two small vehicles before her backward progress was halted by the front end of a delivery van.  The shattered remnants of glass and steel left a path of destruction which chronicled her path.  “Oohhh, what was the name of that truck that hit me?” she muttered as she crawled out of the wrecked vehicle she was wedged into.  “Damn!” she realized the hem of her miniskirt was torn in the rear, exposing her pantied butt.  Apparantly the heavyweight she was facing had the power to overwhelm the self-repairing nature of the molecu-outfit.  Not to mention the number he did on me, she rubbed her sore shoulder.  Time to take the kid gloves off, she thought as she got to her feet and bounded over the two wrecked cars in front of her.

“Okay, take two ugly!” Darlene yelled.

“Me Oaf!” the brute replied in a roar.

“Whatever!” Cosmic Girl countered as she opened with a quick high-kick to the jaw, followed with a rapid succession of punches to the abdomen.   Cosmic Girl was maneuvering for a spin kick to the face when her sweeping leg was stopped dead by the Oaf’s right hand grasping her raised ankle and just inches from his face.  “Wow, nice reflexes” Darlene quipped as she briefly teetered on her other leg just moments before the Oaf whipped around in a circle and swung her like a rag doll.

Cosmic Girl landed with a crunch in the side of a building, leaving a crumble of bricks and mortar falling around the gaping hole she left in her wake.  “Time to call in the cavalry, this bruiser might be too much…” she began to reach for her emergency homing activator in her glove when the Oaf thundered towards her like an express train and plowed into her, knocking her back through the building and out the other side.

“Okay, that’s it!” Darlene brushed debris and dust out of her hair.  Her costume was in tatters now, right shoulder bared with strings of fabric stretched across to her arm, making her decolletage much more provocative.  She jumped to her feat, charging her fists with the cosmic energy which empowered her.  A solid punch to the Oaf’s right cheek.  He staggered back.  Yeah, he felt that one!  Oaf countered with an uppercut to Darlene’s chin, she held her ground as she followed a left and right punch.  Oaf took the first strike, ducked the second and laid a crushing blow to Cosmic Girl’s stomach which sent her sliding down the pavement, her costume shredded from the severe blow and the broken concrete and asphalt.

“Ooh, I hope the gang gets her soon, I’m taking a pounding…” Cosmic Girl rolled over and got to her knees when she noticed a figure that was definitely not Oaf’s standing before her.  “Who?” she said as she looked up and reached out with her left arm.  Her body was sluggish, like she was immersed in molasses.  It was then, as her body’s movement slowed that she noticed the feminine figure standing in front of her had the eeriest glowing blue eyes.  Soon Darlene could not move a muscle, frozen stiff on her knees with her right hand supporting herself and her left hand reaching out, almost like beckoning to the mysterious woman.  Cosmic Girl couldn’t even blink as she stared at the smooth skinned, almost plastic-looking figure which strode towards her slowly.

This stranger was almost like a mannequin, sculpted face and nude but with no sexually anatomic parts.  Her skin was shiny, almost waxen, and there were seams or joints? Not where the normal break lines would be on a normal mannequin, but as if  they were there strictly to articulate her body.  Her head was bald, smooth and hairless, lips painted red.  If her eyes were not the fluorescent blue, she almost could pass as any mannequin in a store window.

“Well, you certainly are quite the hardbody…” the Mannequin said in an echoing, feminine, yet chilling tone.  “I’m sure you’re quite stiff now, thanks to my mannequinizing stare, which has paralyzed your entire body into stiffened rigidity!”

She’s right! Darlene thought from within her immobilized body.  I can’t move a muscle…wiggle a toe…or even blink!

“You’re so beautiful, the master certainly will be pleased!” the Mannequin motioned to the musclebound villain, “Oaf, pick up that mannquinized heroine and let’s be off!”

Oaf bent over in front of the motionless , helpless, kneeling heroine.  He reached under her hanging bosom, took a grasp between her legs and lifted her like she was an elegant coffee table.  Flipping her over so that she was sideways, Oaf got a firm grip on her even firmer bosom, immobilized into a stiffened, gravity defying state now and slid his finger under Cosmic Girl’s panty as he jostled her into a less awkward position.  His rough finger rested on her frozen tight pussy, and the sensations of being put touched there sent invisible shudders through the paralyzed heroine’s body.

Darlene mentally screamed at the villain’s fondling, her eyes and mouth frozen wide open and unable to convey the revulsion and strange exultation she was feeling in her frozen stiff state.  He’s groping my body!  And I can’t even budge an inch to stop him!  Where are they taking me?  What are they going to do with me?

A short trip in a futuristic aircar sped the two villains and the mannequined heroine to the hideout, a plastics factory, abandoned on the edge of town.  Or so it appeared from the outside.  On the interior were the signs of a spotless futuristic production facility which belied the dilapidated exterior disguise.

Oaf climbed up one of the metal staircases which was looped around a huge twenty-foot tall vat and placed the rigid figure of Cosmic Girl on the grating which encircled the top ridge.  There was a control stand and what looked like a hanging metal wire platform suspended from the ceiling tracks.  Mannequin followed the Oaf to the top of the vat and crouched down to look into the face of the rigid heroine.

“You’re temporary stint as a mannequin has inspired my master to immortalize you forever, my dear,” the Mannequin said in that cold flat tone which seemed more sadistic now.  “Once we dip you into this special plastic solution and lacquer your entire body, you will be quite well-preserved for all eternity, ha ha!”

Oh! Darlene silently gasped in her motionless state.  That would make me into a perfectly preserved mannequin maiden! Oaf was busying himself with rearranging her stiffened limbs.  I can feel the paralyzing effect wearing off, but I still can’t move on my own! she thought as Oaf straighted her legs so that she could stand erect.  I can’t even activate my cosmic powers!  Something in that mannequin’s gaze must have dampened my cosmic power ability!  Oaf held her by one ankle, the paralyzed heroine virtually horizontal to the floor and began to bend her body upright like she was some sort of poseable doll. Soon she was standing on her own, facing Oaf’s broad chest, her arms down to her side like a soldier at attention.

“Oaf, remove her clothes before my motionless ray wears off,” the Mannequin intoned without emotion.

“Yes…” the mindless lackey stepped forward so that he was standing before the helpless heroine.  His huge fingers were surprisingly gentle as they caressed Cosmic Girl’s shoulders and literally peeled the tattered costume down her shoulders.  As he worked the skin-tight outfit down her body, her lovely breasts were revealed, brown nipples firmly stiffed not only due to the effects of the Mannequin’s ray but her own undeniable erotic feelings for being turned into a stiffened mannequin whether by her own volition or not.

Oaf pulled the fabric down her arms, tore the sleeves out from under her yellow gloves and let the costume hang at her waist for a moment as if he was admiring her topless state.  It was only a brief respite as he grasped her slender waist, tilted her rigid body sideways, and pulled the skirt around her hips, letting the outfit drop to the ground unrestricted by anything other than gravity.

Oh boy, here I am standing stiff as a statue in nothing than my panties and boots! Cosmic Girl tried to move but her body was still unresponsive.  With the operative word being “still”.

Gloves came off next and only her bouncing curls of hair betrayed her from a true statue.  Two boots came off beore she was righted to stand on the ground.  Clad in skimpy panties and a skimpier mask Cosmic Girl waited for her ultimate fate as Oaf slid her white satin panties down her bare legs.  Brown pubic hair and her moistened crotch revealed to the villains now, Cosmic Girl felt horribly violated and incredibly turned on at the same time.  She couldn’t resolve her alternating feelings of fear and forthcoming pleasure for being turned into a plasticized mannequin.

Oaf reached to Darlene’s face to remove her yellow mask before the smooth-skinned mannequin stopped him.  “Leave the mask as a reminder of her heroic identity,” Mannequin said before returning to look over some dials on the control pedestal.  “ The plastic solution has been  prepared to the right temperature.  Bring her over, Oaf,” she commanded.

Oaf lifted the now virtually naked heroine over to the control stand situated on the edge of the vat.  Bubbling below was the plastic solution, hundreds of gallons from the look of it that Cosmic Girl got briefly as she was carried over.  Oaf stood the frozen stiff heroine on the wire stand and Mannequin pressed her cold hard fingers against the heroine’s bosom.  “Soon you too will be as hard as I am!” She gloated as her fingers teased Darlene’s rigid nipple.  Then the villainess pressed a button which caused the wire stand to slowly maneuver itself so that it was dangling over the middle of the tank.

“Have a nice dip!” she laughed in a cold echoing tone as she activated the button which began lowering Cosmic Girl ever so slowly into the plastic.

Darlene could do nothing but stare at Mannequin and Oaf as her surroundings began to lower.  She could feel the warm liquid touch her toes as her feet pierced the surface of the plastic liquid.  Down she went, further and further into the liquid plastic.  She could feel the sensations raise up her ankle, her calves, her knees.  Soon she would be deep enough for it to touch her crotch.  What would that feel like? She wondered silently.

Mannequin’s laugh was interrupted by a loud crash as the corrugated metal door to the warehouse was blasted open by a unseen field of transparent energy.  Charging through the doorway were the teammates of Cosmic Girl. FemFantastique Inc!  Transparency Girl led the way, with Shadow Lady and the Crimson Sorceress right behind and Flamestar flying over them.  “Oaf get down there!” Mannequin ordered as the brutish henchman leaped off the top of the two-story vat and down to the floor below.

Darlene heard the commotion but was helpless to move a muscle to see what was happening.  It must be the girls! She thought as the liquid touching her thighs crept towards her exposed vagina.  It’s so close…so close…oooh! Darlene mentally groaned as the warm plastic lapped at her pubic hair and covered every crevice of her genitals in seconds.  Her hands were likewise being dipped, and soon she would be completely plastic-coated!

“Cosmic Girl is up here!” Flamestar yelled as her bird’s eye view allowed her to see the naked Darlene being slowly dipped into the vat.  “Whoa!” She took evasive action as paralyzing rays shot forth from Mannequin’s eyes and forced the flying heroine to abandon her rescue.

That was Angelica!  Darlene realized in joy as she felt the laminating liquid move over her firmed ass, into her navel, around her hips and up her slim waist.  Hurry!  I’m going to be encased soon!

“Take this he-man!” Shadow Lady raised her right arm and shot her taser darts into Oaf’s broad chest.  A shocking jolt of electricity shot through the thin wires attached to her wrist projector and into the muscular villain’s body.  Dee was startled to see the effect was minimal as the villain grasped the wires embedded in his chest and with a sharp motion had Dee yanked off her feet and swinging around his head in a circle like a human lasso.  “WhooooooaaaaaH!” The heroine was getting dizzy as her breasts popped out of her revealing halter top due to centrifugal force.  In another revolution she slammed into the flying Flamestar who was herself concentrating on evading the paralyzing stare of the Mannequin.

What was that noise?  The descending Cosmic Girl wondered as her abdomen, her forearms and elbows were covered in plastic.  Am I sinking faster?  She wondered as she could only see the barest tip of the vat now.

“OOOOFff!” Flamestar was startled as Dee slammed into her.  The impact altered Flamestar’s course and she crashed into the side of another plastic vat.  As she groggily tried to re-ignite her flame the vat began gushing forth a sticky, jelly-like fluid which began to burst out over the back of her neck and proceded to flow over and cover the rest of her body completely.  The cold fluid caused her to arch her back extremely and before she could realize what was happening the fluid had begun to harden and virtually encased her entire body.  “Ahhhh! I-I can’t move!” she realized as a kneeling maiden frozen in amber below the neck.

“I see you’ve found my special chill plastic, Flamestar!” Mannequin gloated as she aimed her paralyzing stare towards Sue.  Transparency Girl blocked the energy with a shield she conjured up.

It doesn’t sound too good, Cosmic Girl thought as the plastic began to creep up her back and envelop her breasts.  Raising over the rounded surface of her chest and up and over the nipples, the advancing shellac was getting closer and closer to her face!

 As Flamestar was being encased in plastic, the Crimson Sorceress was advancing on the muscular super-villain Oaf until she was hit from behind by the helplessly dizzy Shadow Lady ricocheting off of her impact with Angelica and cut loose from Oaf’s grasp when he let go of the taser line.  Her concentration shattered, Wanda tumbled to the ground and the two heroines skidded unconscious across the concrete floor like sprawled puppets.

What’s happening? Darlene wondered as the substance in which she was being lowered reached her shoulderblades and began to slicken her curly long hair.  Oh my, it’s almost covered me!

Sue held her ground as she now stood alone.  Three of her teammates were down in just a matter of seconds.  The brutish Oaf began advancing on her.  “Stop right there!  I’m warning you!” she said defiantly as the Oaf took a step closer, and another, though somewhat less assuredly.  And another, even more hesitatingly.  He looked dizzy, tried to speak and collapsed face first to the ground in a crash.  Nothing like a transparent airtight bubble around the dimwit’s head to cut off the supply of oxygen! Sue thought.  He was so dumb he didn’t even realize what was happening!  Susan turned her attention up high to the top of the vat Cosmic Girl was being lowered into.  “Stop!”  Susan yelled.

Darlene could only see the inside of the vat now and could feel the plastic surrounding her throat, raising up her neck, touching and covering her mouth!  It’s too late, she thought.  I’m going to be mannequinized forever in plastic!

Sue raced to vat where Mannequin was gloating above.  “You’re too late Transparency Girl!  Cosmic Girl is now plastic coated for all eternity!”

She’s right, Darlene thought as the plastic ran over her nose, and coated her eyes and forehead.  Cosmic Girl’s head disappeared beneath the surface of the plastic.

“No!” Sue screamed.  “Get away from there now!” she projected a transparent battering ram similar to the one which she had used to break down the factory door.  It stretched from Sue and curved up to the vat.

“It’s too late, Transparency Girl!” the mannequiness roared gleefully.  “It’s too late!  Cosmic Girl is a plastic statue!  And once you and the others are plastic coated for all eternity my master will-“ she was cut off as an unseen battering ram knocked the villainess away from the control podium and over the protective railing of the vat.

Sue retracted the transparent arm and reshaped it into a platform under her feet.  As the platform was mentally increased in height, Sue rose to the top of the vat’s rim.  Alighting on the catwalk she saw to her despair that Darlene was, indeed, submerged in the plastic mixture.  She had hoped the villainess was merely boasting of her triumph. Susan mentally conceived a giant transparent scoop to probe the liquid plastic vat.  She heard a crash below, it sounds like Mannequin didn’t land softly. Pity.  Darlene was her focus now.

Cosmic Girl was brought up in Sue’s transparent scoop, now potholed like a grater to allow the plastic liquid to drain through and back into the vat.  It was a horrible sight, Darlene, rigid like a toy soldier, naked and glistening in the plastic coating.  “Oh no!” Sue wailed as she gently set the stiffened Cosmic Girl down on the catwalk and touched her friend’s shoulder.  “The plastic has hardened completely!” Sue realized to her shock.  It must harden on contact with air!

Darlene was nothing more than a rigid totem pole maiden now.  Stock still and sparkling under her protective shellac.  Soon she would be unable to breathe, assuming she had even been able to take a breath before she was immersed!  Sue probed Cosmic Girl’s body for any openings in the plastic seal so that she could use to project her transparent field to crack open the shell but it was no use.  Cosmic Girl was sealed tight! Sue retracted the unseen projection and re-shaped it into a solid platform under both her and Darlene’s feet.

Down below Wanda and Dee slowly regained their senses.  Wanda lifted herself slowly off the ground and shook the cobwebs from her mind.  “Dee are you okay?” she asked as Shadow Lady nodded unconvincingly in her exposed state.  “Oh look at Angelica!  We’ve got to help her!”

Flamestar was shivering under solidified plastic.  “I-t’s s-some s-s-sort of fr-freezing p-p-plastic!” she chattered.  “C-can’t f-f-flame up!”

“Leave it to me,” Wanda reassured her teammate as she uttered a spell to jumpstart her friend’s flaming power.  Wanda’s hands were glowing in radiant energy and she motioned for the intense energy to melt off Flamestar’s prison.  Dee shielded her eyes from the heat and brightness as Wanda, her own eyes squinting to aim the energy beam, let loose the power she had conjured.

Flamestar’s immobile body was enveloped as the beam shot through the five inch thick coat of plastic she was imprisoned in and penetrated down to her body.  Embracing the heat and fire, Flamestar burned with her superpower reignited and began to melt the plastic from within.  The white-hot molten plastic flowed off Flamestar’s body, slipping down off the contours of her body, flowing down between her legs and finally off her body completely.  Angelica stood in the puddle of melted plastic, her own body glowing with internal energy.  “Thanks Wanda but what about…Sue!” she exclaimed as Transparency Girl was seemingly floating down to the ground with a very nude and very shiny Cosmic Girl!

“She’s been encased in some sort of super-hard plastic!” Sue quickly exclaimed.  “We have to get her out of there before it’s too late!”

“Let me try a super karate chop!” Dee smacked Darlene’s naked shoulder with the edge of her hand.  “Yeeowww!” Dee winced as the rigid Darlene uttered not a single flinch and the plastic coating remained intact.

“Let me try and melt if off her…” Flamestar offered.

“Wait!”  That plastic is so strong you’ll just roast her alive!” Sue cautioned.  “We have to come up with another way, Wanda?”

“I can attempt to alter the very structure of the plastic itself,” Wanda replied.  “Make it more brittle, but it’s very tricky for me to manipulate matter like that in such a specific and concentrated manner.”

“We don’t have any time to get her back to HQ,” Sue urged.  “You’re going to have to try.”

“Okay,” Wanda concentrated and she closed her eyes.  Her fingers flexed and energy began to glow from her fingertips.  Just affect the plastic and not the woman trapped within she kept telling herself.  Careful. Careful.  She would never forgive herself if she harmed her friend.  The pink energy flowed out of her fingers like tendrils and wrapped around the rigid Darlene whose rigid body seemed to absorb the energy as her frozen mannequin body glowed pink.  Then the pink energized glow dissapated, leaving only the mannequinized Cosmic Girl standing motionless.

“Did…did it work?” Dee asked

The four heroines stood staring at the plasticized Cosmic Girl as if time had stood still for all of them.  No one blinked or said a word as suddenly a white crack appeared on Darlene’s stomach.  It spider-webbed outward until her entire body was covered with zig-zagging lines.  For an awful moment Wanda feared she had turned her teammate into fragile glass as the particles began slowly flaking away from Darlene’s body.  Then in one loud crackling sound, the shell broke apart into a billion tiny pieces as Cosmic Girl flexed her arms and body from the oppressive confinement.  “Oohh!  I can move again!” she gasped as she took a large breath of sweet air and swelled her chest.

“Are you okay, Darlene?” Wanda asked breathlessly.

Darlene nodded, to all of her friends’ relief.  She stretched her limbs and almost felt sorry she was no longer able to experience the immobility but if it was a matter of her life it was no question what she preferred.

“Hey look over here!” Dee had gone over to check on the villains.  Oaf was still out cold but Dee was squatting over Mannequin.  Her teammates came over as Wanda offered her cape to Darlene to cover he nakedness.

Sue took a look at the crumpled villainess and hoped she hadn’t done anything fatal but was shocked to see wires and circuitry from an exposed gash in Mannequin’s stomach.  “She’s a robot?!”

“Looks like,” Dee replied as she examined the fallen cyborg.  “Pretty advanced too, I wonder who built it?”

“She said something about a master…” Darlene recalled.  “I wonder if that’s who built it?”

“It certainly wasn’t boy genius here,” Angie said as she and Wanda struggled to pull the unconscious Oaf over to the approaching police cars.

“Well, that’s another matter to deal with some other time…” Sue pondered as she led the cape-clad Darlene out of the factory flanked by Dee and Wanda.

Angie flew overhead as policemen began streaming out of vehicles to take the villains away.  “Next time you do some mannequin modeling, you might want to leave out the plastic bath!”

“Ha ha,” Darlene smiled as she and the other heroines boarded the Inc Jet for the trip home.


Author's Note: well this story has been a long time coming…the unknown master behind the Mannequin will be revealed at a future point as I haven’t quite figured out the details on who that might be…This story ties together another of my stories (Just Another Hard Day at Work) into the ‘FF INC Universe’ and I’m actually working on a way to tie in every one of my other stand-alone stories into the FF INC universe (sometimes quite subtlely)…can you figure out how they all link up?

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