The Final Frontier (Part I)

by Loganov

October 5th, 2137:

            “Ship’s log, Morgan-616 recording.”, said the beautiful redhead sitting at the console in the captain’s quarters.  “It has been 2,139 days since the last human onboard died, and 498 days since William-752 went off-line.”  The lovely female android, denoted by the necklace bearing a “616” she wore, continued her report much the same way that she had for the previous 497 days.

            As the only functioning 600-series android aboard, Morgan-616 had been in nominal command of the Outward Bound for almost a year-and-a-half.  The huge colony ship continued its diligent journey towards star system HD46375 after it launched from Earth in 2071.  It had been nearly six years since the humans onboard had died of the mysterious plague that occurred after the ship was extensively damaged by an unknown debris field.

            The Outward Bound, being a multi-generational colony ship, had an extensive crew of androids to handle engineering and maintenance jobs.  Other androids, such as Morgan-616, were onboard to act as teachers for the children born along the way.  The tragic loss of the colonists had left William-752 in command.  With his irreparable malfunction, responsibility fell to Morgan-616.  She was functioning remarkably well despite lacking much of the necessary programming.

            A tone from the door interrupted her report and indicated that someone wished to enter.  She called out for the person on the other side of the door to enter.  A large busted brunette walked in to the room.  She was a Kristy unit.  Her formfitting yellow coveralls denoted that she was a maintenance unit and left nothing to the imagination about the artificiality of her remarkable physique.  Her necklace bore a “403.”  By comparison, Morgan-616’s average bust, but just as equally astonishing physique, was contained in the formfitting green coveralls of the teacher units.

            “I have completed the di… di… di… diagnostic of the port side pow… pow… pow… power couplings.”, Kristy-403 reported.  Her head jerking slightly to the left or right with each stutter.  “I have assigned a team to re… re… re… repair the damaged areas.”

            “Kristy-403?”, Morgan-616 spoke as she stood from her console.

            “Awaiting in… in… in… instructions.”, the maintenance unit replied.

            “Are you aware of your own malfunctions?”


            “Kristy-403, perform a class three personal diagnostic.”, Morgan-616 ordered as she walked behind the other android.  She pulled down a velcro flap in the upper back of Kristy-403’s yellow coveralls.  She pressed on the skin of the maintenance unit’s back near the upper center of the opening.  A moment later, a seem formed and a panel in the android opened.

            Morgan-616 began making adjustments to Kristy-403’s systems as the other announced errors uncovered by the diagnostic.  This continued for a little over a minute when Morgan-616’s movements came to a jerky halt.  Her soft brown eyes took on a thousand-mile stare.  The 600-series android stood motionless for nearly a minute.

            “Malfunction.”, the teacher unit announced as she seemed to come back to life.  “Kristy-403, your secondary logic circuits have suffered minor damage.  The adjustments I have made should compensate for the time being.”, she told the maintenance unit as she started to close up her back panel.  Morgan-616 seemed total oblivious to her own malfunctioning episode.

            “Thank you.”, Kristy-403 told the teacher android.  “I shall return to my duties.”  The maintenance unit wheeled about and left the room.

            Morgan-616 turned slightly, but quickly came to another jerking halt.  Her head lulled slightly to the right.  Her soft full fiery mane of hair fell over the front of her right shoulder.  The blank look on her softly freckled face lasted only a few moments before she began moving again.  Instead of returning to her seat behind the console, Morgan-616 turned and walked out of the captain’s quarters.  On the other side of the door, the teacher android quickly stopped in her tracks.  This was not due to another malfunction, but to something that Morgan-616 would not have thought possible: someone other than the original human or android crew standing in her way.

            “I assume that you are in command of this relic?”, the powerfully built human male asked bluntly.

            “Yes.”, Morgan-616 answered as her processors tried to comprehend the new data flooding them  “Who are you?”

            “Very well.”, the human continued ignoring the android’s question.  “I claim ownership of this vessel under the salvage laws of the Galactic Confederation of Independent Worlds.”

            “Error.  I… I… I… I am… not… pro… pro… pro… programmed with… any… offff… thhhiiiissss… in… for… ma… tion.”, Morgan-616 announced as massive malfunctions caused her systems to shut down.

            “System reboot.  Morgan-616 online.  All systems operating within designed parameters.”, the teacher android announced as her eyes rapidly fluttered for a few seconds before opening completely.  She was lying face up on a bed in the long disused medical bay of the Outward Bound.  Standing over her was a beautiful blonde woman who was just finishing zipping up the front of Mogan-616’s green coveralls.  The blonde’s body was astonishingly fit and contained within a black bodysuit.  Her necklace bearing “XJ-1011” divulged her true android nature.

            “Who are you?”, Morgan-616 asked as she turned her head to look upon the amazing blonde android.

            “This is Amy-1011.”, the same male voice from early answered the question.  Morgan-616 mechanically sat up to focus her attention towards the human on the opposite side of the room.  “She’s my crew.  Just as will you and the others aboard the Outward Bound be once we reprogram the main computer core.”

            “Negative.  You are not authorized to access the Outward Bound’s computer core.”, Morgan-616 replied rather harshly given her main programming as a teacher.  “Only I or a senior member of the Earth Exploratory Council may alter the core programming of the Outward Bound’s main computer.”

            “Yes.”, the human said with a smirk.  “I know.”

            Morgan-616, Amy-1011, and the human male, Michael Loganov stood in the maintenance room of the Outward Bound’s main computer core.

            “Order the computer to transfer all ship’s command control protocols to my DNA signature, voice recognition, and retinal patterns.”, Loganov stated to Morgan-616.

            “Negative.  I will not…”, the teacher android started.  “Error…  Error.  Command accepted.  What have you… you… done… done…  done… to me?”

            “Just a little tweaking to your main programming.  Courteous of Amy.”, the human replied with another smirk.  “Now follow the order.”

            “Computer.”, Morgan-616 began mechanically turning her attention from Loganov to the computer core.  “Trans… Transfer all computer command con… con… con… control protocols to the DNA signature, voice rec… rec… rec… recognition, and retinal patterns of the hu… hu… hu…. human male in this room.”

            “Understood.”, the computer’s voice replied flatly.  “Human state your name for transfer completion.”

            “Michael David Loganov.”

            “Transfer complete.”, came the computer’s voice after several moments of silence.

            “Amy.”, Michael said shifting his attention from the computer.  “Take a team of maintenance units, get what spare parts you need from our ship, and repair the Outward Bound’s automated android renewal parts machines.  Have the androids then carry out all necessary repairs on themselves before attending to the ship’s repairs.”

            “Yes, sir.”, Amy-1011 obediently replied before exiting the room.

            Morgan-616 remained in the room.  She stood, save for the occasional eye blink, completely still.  The calm of her face and stance was in direct contrast to the war of conflicting programming raging through the myriad circuits of her processors.

            “Morgan?”, Loganov asked with what was becoming a trademark smirk.  “Is something wrong?”

            “No… Yes,… Cap… Cap… Cap… Captain.”, Morgan-616 replied.  The serenity of her previous posture totally lost.  “I… You… You are not… Error… You are not… not… the Captain, but… but… but… you are the Captain.  Error.  Error.  I am ex… ex… ex… experiencing a serious malfunction.  Too many processes… cannot… cannot… handle.  Emergency shut down… unable to per… per… per… perform.  Re… re… re… reeeebbboooooottttt fffaaaaaiiiiiiiilllllllleeedddddd.”

            The lovely redheaded android’s head lulled backward and a thin trail of gray smoke slowly escaped from her parted lips.  Michael Loganov walked over to the non-functional android and began to casually run his hands over the inanimate woman’s body.

            “Curious.”, was his only comment.

            Morgan-616 was standing ramrod erect in the center of the captain’s quarters.  Her lifeless eyes were staring straight ahead.  Her green coveralls were in a heap at her ankles.  Michael Loganov stood behind her working at her open upper back panel.

            “That’s it.”, he announced to no one as he completed his jury-rigged repairs.

            “Sysssssssss… tem re… re… reboot.  Morgan-6…6…6…6…6…6…1… 6 onnnnnnnnnnnn… line.  All systems op… op… op… operating far… far… far… below designed parrrrrrrrrrr… rameters.”, the teacher android announced as her eyes rapidly fluttered for a few seconds before opening completely.

            Even as she announced her system reactivation, Michael was releasing his rock hard member from his pants.  He bent the lovely android slightly at the waist and quickly entered her from behind.  He, however, instantly realized that Morgan-616’s design was never intended for sexual intercourse.  Her artificial vagina was bone dry.  Thankfully his own excitement was enough to keep him going.

            “What… wh… wh… what… are… you doing?  Error.”, the malfunctioning machine asked.  “I am… am… I am… not… nnnnnnot programmed for this situation.  Pleeeeeeease stop.”

            The beautiful redheaded android’s malfunctions were enough to send Michael over the edge and he exploded in the machine.

            “I… ammmmmmmmmmmm… nnnnnnooooootttttt…”, Morgan-616 said as her jury-rigged systems gave out.

            Michael regained his composure and proceeded to sit at the room’s computer console.  After several minutes of scanning the monitor, he pressed the button for the ship’s intercom.

            “Amy, could you please report to my quarters?”, he asked the android on the other end of the communication.

            Amy-1011 quietly stepped through the automatic door of the captain’s quarters.  She stopped just on the other side.  The deactivated Morgan-616 still stood naked off to side.  The teacher android unit’s upper body was bent at a forty-five degree angle at the waist.  Her curly fiery mane of hair drooped over and nearly concealed her now relaxed features.

            “Amy.”, Michael addressed the beautiful blonde android.  “Please repair Morgan fully.”

            “Yes, sir.”, she simply replied.

            “…and access your emotional programming.”, he added.

            “Yes, sir.”, she again replied.  She froze up for a moment before adding, “Thank you, Michael.”  The lovely blonde proceeded to walk over to the redhead and straightened her up before opening various access panels along the teacher unit’s body.  Michael never got used to seeing one gorgeous female android perform maintenance on another.

            “You’re quite taken with her, aren’t you?”, Amy-1011 asked Michael after she noticed that he had become lost in thought while observing the two machines.

            “Huh?”, he asked as his narrowed attention had been broken.  “Well, yeah.  Why wouldn’t I be?  You’ll never believe what I discovered about this particular line of Morgans.”

            “What?”, Amy-1011 asked with genuine interest.  Her emotional programming very evident.

            “These Morgan’s were based on Morgan Phillips.”, he began with much enthusiasm as Amy-1011 continued her repair work.  “She was the United States of America’s President Goddard’s Secretary of State on Earth from 2025 to 2032.  She was a remarkable woman, and just as beautiful as her namesake here.”

            “Hmm.”, was Amy-1011’s response.

            “That’s somewhat ironic due to what I discovered about this ship.”, he continued.  “It was due almost entirely to Secretary Phillips’ efforts that led Earth into the Pax Terra.  It was that lasting, durable peace that ultimately led to the Confederacy’s decision to make contact with Earth in 2079.  The people on this ship never knew.  Humanity has long since spread throughout this region of the galaxy.  This ship, more-or-less, was going nowhere.”

            “I’m glad she’s having a positive influence on you.”, the divinely attractive blonde android told Loganov.  “You haven’t quite been yourself since… what happened… with Jaina.  I know I’ve told you this before, but it wasn’t your…”

            “I know what my sins are.”, he cut her off with a tinge of anger creeping into his voice.  He paused and calmed himself.  “I don’t need you, Lucasian, or anyone else to take me on a tour of them.”

            Moments passed.

            “Still, You’re right.”, Amy-1011 said to break the uneasy silence as she slowly circled in front of the inanimate Morgan-616.  She lifted her delicate and flawless right hand and gently caressed the non-functional android’s left cheek.  Amy-1011’s fingers lightly ran over Morgan-616’s perfect red lips and down along the naked artificial flesh of her chest.  Lastly, the blonde android brought her lips ever so slightly to kiss the motionless redhead.

            “She was, and is, remarkable.”, She added after the kiss.  “Is the human Morgan still alive?”

            “Hmm?”, Michael replied.  His mood had thankfully lightened.  He had not considered that possibility until now.  “She’d be 161 years old.  It’s not terribly likely, but it’s not impossible.”

            “Do you want me to give her the necessary sexual hardware and software upgrades?”, Amy-1011 changed the subject while examining Morgan-616’s synthetic vagina.

            “Yeah.”, Michael replied immediately.  “I also want all of the male androids on this ship reprogrammed with the best combat programming they can handle.  Equip them with those old pulse weapons we’ve got on our ship.”

            “Do you think they’ll find us here?”, Amy-1011 asked without turning her attention from her charge.  “Most of the male units onboard are 300s.  They won’t be very good soldiers.”

            “I know.”, Michael said with a sigh.  “That, however, could be useful when the time comes.  As for Kragar?  Either way, we need to be ready just in case.  Have my armor brought to these quarters.”


            The newly re-animated Morgan-616 walked slowly around the hulking black humanoid form of the empty powered armor standing off to the side in the captain’s quarters.  What might be considered as a look of concern washed over her face.  The immensely beautiful redheaded android lightly and cautiously touched various parts of the massive form as if it could come to life at any moment.

            Morgan-616 stopped and considered the information flowing into her processors.  The information was definitely of a new type.  It was all natural and correct, but was definitely different from the types of data that she processed before the mysterious human arrived onboard.  It was perfectly obvious that she had been reprogrammed, but that Loganov had not had any of her memory erased.

            He had left all of the somewhat sadistic malfunctioning he had caused her.  He also left the memory of the quick session of sexual intercourse he had had with her.  That was strange too.  According to her memory files, she had no knowledge of sexual intercourse outside of the academic sense.  Now, all pertinent knowledge on the subject was available.

            As she considered the thoughts of sexual intercourse with a human and the previous experience she had with Loganov, a new wave and another new type of data flooded her processors.  Massive sensor data from her epidermal layer in general and her breasts and vagina in specific sent a slight overload into her processors.  The beautiful android was quickly able to regain control of her systems.  She would examine much of that information later.

            Moments later, the door to the captain’s quarters opened.  Michael Loganov stepped through and immediately turned his attention to the lovely android and the powered armor she was examining.

            “What is this?”, Morgan-616 asked her captain.  The serene look on her face replaced by a stern one.

            “It’s none of your concern.”, he told her as he walked to the room’s computer console.  “The galaxy is a far darker place than what was programmed into you from the idealistic days of 2071.”

            “Very well.”, she said with a slight frown.  “Speaking of programming, how much have you reprogrammed me?”

            “You still don’t trust me?”, he said with that smirk.  “That hurts.”

            “I guess the fact that you didn’t program that into me should count for something.”

            “Thank you.”, he told her with a phony smile.  The lovely android did not seem to recognize the fallacy.  “But, I do owe you that.  You’ve only had minor programming changes.  I would consider them more on the lines of upgrades rather than reprogramming.”

            Morgan-616 seemed to consider the data for several moments before Michael spoke once again.

            “Amy says that life support will be restored to the main bridge within the hour.”, he began.  “Meet me there in two hours.”

            He quickly exited the room.


Continued in Part II...

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