The Finest Art of Crime

by JackBNimble

Summary; even watching Wonder Woman as a little kid I was enraptured with this scene, the way the beautiful, powerful Wonder Woman (there never was a sexier woman than Lynda Carter in 1978) is seemingly outsmarted and defeated by the scheming bad guys, surrenders to them and seems to find delight in her succumbing to their control and being transformed into a living statue, their prize and possession for evermore.

Years later I discovered conquered superheroine/ASFR fetishism and was resassured to find that I wasn't alone. So, here's how I'd like that scene to have worked out…

Rating; NC17/18, sexual content

Disclaimer; all characters herewithin belong to DC comics/CBS, this is purely a work of fiction for free internet distribution and I take no profit from it. This is purely a work of fantasy; in real life always practice safe sex (and don't go around transforming superheroines into living waxworks or obedient sex slaves and having them rob museums on your behalf, unlikely as it is the opportunity might arise).

Distribution; take what you like

Setting; during the season 3 Wonder Woman ep 'The Fine Art of Crime'. Investigating a series of impossible thefts committed inside burglar-proof museums, Wonder Woman has been lured into a trap by the villains.

If you want to see the original scene it's on Youtube at

(If anyone is technically adroit enough to re-edit it so that her trick fails and she remains frozen on public display at the end I'd love to see it. And leave out all the Harold stuff and fight, just have her accept she's been outsmarted.)

Amazingly enough, this has been done; take a look at !

Wonder Woman landed adroitly on the floor of the workshop. Roberts’ statues surrounded her, eerily lifelike in the gloom. Suspiciously, she reached out and touched one. Plastic and lifeless. Her idea that they might actually be burglars pretending to be statues couldn't true; they were realistic mannequins, plain and simple.

She was already jumpy before the door opened and Harry Roberts walked in.

She felt vaguely guilty being caught sneaking around his workshop but Roberts didn't seem surprised or alarmed at all. She was amazed to see that in his hand he carried what looked exactly like one of her own bracelets. Absurdly, she found herself backing away into a corner as he approached, despite the fact that he could hardly have seemed any less of a threat.

"I would like you to put this on," he said, his voice filled with charm. For some reason she found it unsettling and yet a little bit intriguing. But she was all about business.

"No thanks," she remarked, "I have 2 of my own…" She held up her forearms to display them.

"Surrendering to me already?" he smiled.

Wonder Woman realised that her upraised arms did make it look like she was making the classic pose of surrender. She hurriedly brought her arms down.

"Would surrender really be so bad?" he asked her.

"What? Surrender... Me...?" for once in her life she was genuinely perplexed.

"Place the bracelet on your wrist now, Wonder Woman," a disembodied voice ordered. She looked around desperately for its source.

"Who are you? Where are you?" She noticed a camera on the wall, a small speaker attached to it.

"Who I am is unimportant. I am currently in my limousine on my way to my friend Harry Robert's art exhibition. I look very much forward to meeting you there, exhibited along with all the other statues in his collection with the new bracelet securely on your wrist."

Her eyes were drawn to it once again. It seemed so harmless. Roberts offered it to her and it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world to take it from him. She examined it closely. It was an exact replica of her own. "What is it?"

Roberts was only too happy to explain. "This is a suspended animation unit. Once placed on your wrist, it will transform you into a living statue, the latest in our magnificent exhibtion."

So that was how they committed the robberies. They froze their accomplices, placed them in the museums as statues and the reactivated them again. So, now she knew.

Roberts held out his hand as if expecting her to hand him her real bracelet. Was he out of his mind? She effortlessly tossed him into a heap of boxes, grinning at the sight of him looking in horror at the disembodied wax hand he found stuck in his face. However he picked himself up, dusted himself down and advanced towards her again, holding out his hand for her bracelet.

Did they really think she'd give in to them? They seemed to so coolly confident, so sure of themselves. A plan formed in her mind. She could pretend to give in to them, make them believe she had surrendered and been frozen. That way she would be able to catch Mr Big along with Roberts at the unveiling ceremony.

She sighed, "Well, I guess you win.."

"Of course;" the disembodied voice declared triumphantly, "I won the moment I planned this!"

She took the real bracelet off her wrist and faster than the eye could follow switched it for the fake one, which she handed to Roberts. She had to admit there was a slightly illicit thrill about her trick of succumbing to them, pretending to surrender to their control. She found her cunny more than a little wet at the thought of having the dastardly pair as her new masters.

"Very good," Mr Big told her her with relish. "Now… hands on your hips, I think."

She obeyed. Once again she found herself strangely turned on by the act of following their orders. It only increased as he told her, "Legs slightly wider apart…"

She once again did as instructed, hoping that the growing damp patch at the front of her blue star-spangled bikini bottoms wasn't visible. She could not deny that this charade of enslavement was making her increasingly aroused.

He continued his direction, "Well, smile. Smile the smile you wish to wear for the rest of eternity, for wear it for eternity you shall". She gave him her happiest, most radiant smile. It wasn't difficult, the euphoria she felt from acting out her secret submissive fantasy gave her a high she had seldom ever experienced.

"Good trick, Wonder Woman. But please put on the REAL bracelet!" he scolded her.

Her mind reeled. "How did you know?"

"My readout shows me the vital signs of all those we’ve frozen. Currenty you have none, making me suspect that you switched the bracelets. Please give Mr Roberts your real bracelet and place the suspended animation device on your wrist."

Her heart thumped. They'd outsmarted her. As if in a daze she gingerly took off her real bracelet and handed it to Roberts. Before she knew what she was doing, the suspended animation unit was in her hand.

"That's it," Mr Big contimued soothingly. "Now, place the bracelet on your wrist."

"I... I..." Wonder Woman mumbled, at a loss for words.

"You’ve always wanted this," Roberts told her calmly.

"What? I… Wanted it?" her head spun with the idea.

"Why else would you come here? Secretly you always knew what this entailed and have longed to be my latest work of art: frozen, immobile and put on display like a doll in a toyshop," Roberts supplied.

Mr Big joined in. "Deep down, wasn't this always your dark secret desire? To give in and submit, be transformed into human mannequin?"

She found she couldn't speak. But she was embarrassingly aware that she was blushing as she had never blushed before.

Robert's grinned all the wider. She couldn't see Mr Big, but she just knew he was doing the same, both greatly enjoying her helplessness and that they had exposed her secret desire. She wondered how they knew her almost better than she knew herself.

"Yeah, ok, when I figured out your scheme, I thought about it..." she admitted.

"Dreamt, you mean," Roberts corrected her.

"Fantasized, more like it," Mr Big told her. "And now we can make those desires come true."

She hesitated as he continued. "Don't worry, it's a more common fantasy than you might think; we just guessed right. You only have one bracelet on. They should be a pair, shouldn't they? They're meant to be worn that way, aren't they?"

"Yes," she nodded. She could hardly dispute his logic. She had gotten to the point that the very tone of his voice was making her incredibly horny, her nipples hard and throbbing. The idea of being their immobolized slave was a dark pleasure that filled her with shame and a deep, irresistible longing.

"Just rest the bracelet on your skin, there's no harm in it,"  Roberts suggested in a soothing tone.

She gingerly did as she was told, her hand shaking, resting the golden bracelet lightly on her skin. She'd already gone this far, it seemed pointless to resist. She felt almost on the point of orgasm as the cool metal touched her forearm; she let it sit there, its weight resting effortlessly on her wrist. It didn't seem dangerous, identical to her other bracelet in every way. And the pair should be worn together. She realised that she was gradually deriving sexual pleasure from their domination of her and that her only wish was for it to continue and increase.

"Feels good, doesn't it?"  Mr Big prompted.

"Yes," she repeated, her voice a little husky, almost a moan.

"Excellent, you're already agreeing with me, you'd better get used to that. Now with just a little more pressure, slip it onto your wrist where it belongs, where it's meant to be," Big continued.

She had no memory of actually doing the action, but before she knew it, the bracelet had slipped entirely onto her wrist. Her heart thumped in her chest, her breathing growing shallower and more labored. She was entirely helpless now, at their mercy. So why does it feel so damn good?

As she looked up at the camera, she found she'd automatically assumed the pose they'd ordered her into: hands on hips, legs apart, shoulders back with her breasts thrust out so they threatened to burst out of her bodice. This is it, there was no turning back now; I will become their toy and possession forever, theirs to use and display as they wish.

A slight electronic humming sound informed her that the transformation process had begun. She could feel herself slowly being converted into a statue, her internal organs shutting down, her skin and limbs hardening. She couldn't move a muscle, becoming completely paralysed, no more able to act than if she'd been a doll in a toyshop window.

Nor did she want to.

Two concurrent activities were occuring in her brain. Firstly, she found her own memories and personality fading away, being gradually replaced by a new thought pattern, a blank and obedient one, those of a living statue with no will of her own, just an endless desire to be exhibited and submit to the orders of her new owners and masters. The second was a continuous state of overwhelming orgasms, exploding from her clitty and nipples, spreading rapidly to every molecule of her now stiffened and motionless body.

Her last conscious thought was to cry out in pleasure and pain, but she found she couldn't move to do even that; their domination of her was complete, making the sensation of delight in her climaxes all the greater. Within a few seconds she was Wonder Woman no more, just a frozen, motionless, brainless, beautiful statue, silently delighting in the amazing double sensations of utter submission and endless sexual climax.

The two villains cackled in delight, gazing with awe at their newest, most beautiful creation; their possession to prize and enjoy for evermore.


With a flourish, the draped covering came off; Roberts swept it to one side in a dramatic gesture. The museum audience gasped in delight and amazement at the incredibly realistic and sexy Wonder Woman statue, the pride of Harry Robert's extensive collection, as Roberts and Mr Big congratulated one another on their triumph.

If Wonder Woman was aware of any of this attention, she didn't show it; she just remained standing there on display, frozen and immobile, a statue no different to all the others, her confident smile beaming radiantly in erotic delight at her fate.


The End

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