by Lisa Pavageau

   "No David! I do not want to go out with you! I'm sorry!" It must have been the 3rd time this week he'd called me! What is it with some guys? They just can't take no for an answer, but of course I don't have that problem anymore!

   My name is Lisa. Ultra Lisa. There used to be more, but that's not important. What is important is that I tell you exactly how I became a free woman! It's not boasting, you understand! The truth never is, but sometimes it can sound too good to be true. At that's where we are. Too good to be true.

   I was 19, almost 20 that warm June so long ago. I was attending some extra classes, trying to get ahead in my curriculum. I had a job, I had a life. I ran from one place to another, answered phones, paid bills, worried over broken nails and split ends! Ha! I was in Californication; young, attractive, intelligent. So why were guys like David always bothering me? As if!!

   Don't get me wrong! I'm not stuck up, I come from a working home. I was a catholic school girl. The real only break I really got was that I'm not a blonde! Other than that I had to scratch and claw for every little thing in my life! And that's why when losers like David, driving their old, dusty Ford's and wearing last year's suit off the rack, ask me out... Well, I just say 'No!' I'm waiting for Mr. Right! Not Mr. Right-Now!

   Anyway, where was I? Oh! Well, I'd just told David I couldn't go out with him when my little phone rang in my purse, the pink one. Not the blue one. I answered it, trying to sound bored in case it was my agent. But not too bored in case it was my boyfriend. He's in Bawston going to Ha-Vad so he can be President someday... Which is the only reason he's my bf! But it wasn't either of them. It was David. What was he? Stupid? Terminal?

   I was just getting ready to go Fightclub on his Stanford Ass when he said something that caught my attention for once. "Lisa! Wait! Don't hang-up...I need your body!" Now, when it comes to pick-up lines, my favorite is "Wanna take my Lear Jet to Paris for Lunch with Leonardo Dicaprio?" (That one always works!!)... The worst pick-up line was "...I need your body!" As if!! What a jerk!

   I told him, "I need my body, you idiot!! Stop harassing me or I'll scream Date Rape!" I was going to slam my phone down when I remembered what happened to my blue one.

   Luckily for me! Because I heard David's pathetic, squeeky, air-touch voice say "I'll pay... Anything!"

   Now I know what you're thinking and no, I'm not that kind of girl. But anything is a lot of lipstick!! So I asked for details. Some things I will not do for money! For example, I refuse to sleep with any animals larger than I am! That's one rule I have, well, not really a rule, more of a guideline. But it's a guideline I'm very serious about!

   As it turned out David did need my body. He was working on building robots, or androids, or terminators, or whatever you want to call them. There's a secret lab in the basement of the McIsley Building on the Stanford Campus. I never knew it existed until David brought me there. He made me do all kinds of stupid things like take two showers. One was in water and the other in some kind of weird light. He said it wouldn't hurt and it didn't. But I think some of those geeks were watching me. I had to put on some kind of astronaut suit and it felt really cold in the laboratory when we went in. The doors were like on Star Trek and I kept looking for Data cause I figured they probably built him there. I asked David about it, but he just laughed. Asshole.

   David brought me into an office and we could peel our hoods back. My hair was a mess!! It was still damp and that shampoo they gave me smelled terrible!! I told David they were going to have to pay extra for my hairdresser! Andre' was just going to have a hissy fit when he saw me!! And then I asked him about money, about a contract. My agent should be here, I told him. I'm never supposed to sign anything without him seeing it first!

   But David wasn't even talking back! He wasn't even looking at me! He was talking to a couple old guys. Like dead old guys! One looked like Dennis Hopper, kind of, but it wasn't him. The other one was really tall and had a beard. I didn't know him either, but he looked like he was in charge. I walked over to him and used my best smile.

   "So Professor, ummmm... What?" That wasn't what I was going to say, but after he told me to go through the blue door and take off my clothes, that was all I could think of!!

   "Please Miss uh..."

   "Pavageau, Doctor, Lisa Pavageau." David filled in for him.

   "Right. Miss Pavageau," the tall guy smiled a little, "if you'll be so kind as to go into the uh," (his eyes lit up with a smile) dressing room and take off your clothes we'll start momentarily. David will be along with some forms for you to sign as well as some, uh, refreshments. You must be very thirsty!"

   Well! At least the old guy was considerate! I could use something to drink. I had some gum in my purse... My purse! I'd completely forgotten it! I hoped they wouldn't lose it! It had all Daddy's credit cards in it!! I was beginning to have second thoughts. The old guy was nice, but Dennis Hopper was looking a little nervous! And David... Well, I already told you! David was a loser!

   So, I went through the blue door into a room which looked a lot more like a doctor's office than a dressing room! There was a small desk, a locker, a medical supply cabinet, a sink, and an examination table. With stirrups. What a minute I thought! I hope these guys aren't members of some kind of psycho-gynocologist society thing. I had a pap smear once. It hurts! I was standing there naked, having just found out the little gown they left for me on the table was about 2 sizes too small, when the door opened and David walked in.

   I've been naked around dorks before so it didn't phase me except it was hard to control my natural reaction to scream and throw the nearest object at him. He dodged the stethoscope pretty good considering his eyes were fixed on my tits and his mouth was open to his knees. I hid myself behind the little gown and just watched as poor David turned 8 shades of red.

   I sat down on the edge of the table, it was cold on my bare butt, but not so cold as the floor on my bare feet! I asked David if he had any slippers and he looked at me mournfully, as if he'd let me down once again. Some brainiacs, I thought, can't even think to get me slippers! "Losers!" I said under my breath and then sighed loudly. "Well, let's get it over with, David!"

   There were forms with medical history, family history, nearest kin, next of kin, list of social contacts, friends, hobbies, likes, dislikes, license numbers, social security numbers, student id numbers, etc etc etc... My purse showed up, smelling of some weird chemical. Lysol maybe, and I dutifully copied all my numbers from all my cards. These guys weren't gynecologists! They were psycho-census takers!! I was getting nervous!! I think we were there for an hour, maybe two filling out those stupid forms. David had given me some nice, cool tea. Spearmint flavored and it really relaxed me! I love those herbal teas, don't you?

   Anyway, by the end of it I didn't care what the form was I signed it or wrote down whatever David told me to! I think one of them said something about a trip to Indonesia, or something! And there was passport and visa applications! I remember that! I told David I didn't want to go anywhere! but he told me not to worry about it, he'd give me copies of everything and my agent could explain it all to me in the morning!!

   After we finished all that, David left and a nurse came in. She was very old and looked very mean. But she had gentle hands and she helped me onto the table, laying me flat and taking my temperature and blood pressure. She told me she needed to give me a shot and I tried to ask why but I was feeling kind of dizzy from all those questions, so I just nodded. The needle hurt a little and when I tried to move my arm away from it I couldn't! I looked down and saw that my arms and feet were strapped to the examination table.

   Part of my brain thought this was very odd! I have another guideline which is I never let myself get strapped down to an examination table! Never, no matter how much they promise me!! I tried to explain this to the nurse but she just laughed and told me I had a delightful sense of humor. I'll never forget that! A delightful sense of humor, she said. It made me very happy!

   My phone rang. A light trilling sound I love so much. It took me a moment to realize it was my phone and I tried to reach it but I couldn't! I was hoping someone would answer it for me, it could be my agent! But no one else seemed to hear it and finally it stopped. That's all I really remember for a little while.


   Later. I saw a bright light. Five bright lights coming out of the darkness. I was still on the table but I couldn't even move my head now! I couldn't even feel my head, I mean I knew it was there, I could see!! But I couldn't, you know, feel it! I couldn't even blink! I tried! Those lights were very bright, I thought they must be making me blind! Well, my agent will hear about this!! The herbal tea was wearing off and I realized I'd been asleep!!

   Those losers had probably had their way with me!! They'd drugged me with that date rape drug and done all the terrible, nasty things I'd always heard guys wanted to do to poor innocent girls like me!! Well, they'd soon find out I wasn't some little girl to be trifled with! I was already thinking about all those talk shows I'd be on! "The Stanford Date Rape Scandal!" 60 minutes, 20/20, Larry King, Springer.... Oh yeah! These geeks had fucked the wrong princess!!

   I tried to tell them but no sound would come out! I could hear them talking, ignoring me like I wasn't there, but I couldn't say a word! I tried to like my lips but I couldn't even feel my tongue in my mouth! They must have really drugged me good! They were talking all medical kinds of stuff, I think, I didn't understand most of it. I was glad when finally the old guy leaned over and looked at my face. he didn't say anything, just stared into my eyes as if he was looking for a little speck of dust or something.

   "Okay, David, she's your experiment now. Take her down to 6-D and we'll expect a full report in two weeks, Sharon will set up the time." The Professor said this while he stared into my eyes. He gave a satisfied little smile and I heard him walking briskly away.

   Then the ceiling started moving past. I couldn't look at anything else so I just watched as tiles and lights and wiring floated by on our way to 6-D, wherever that was! It turned out to be a room with a light blue ceiling, sky blue actually with little clouds painted on it. How absolutely stupid!! I thought to myself. Some light music started and David's smiling face suddenly filled my vision

   "Hello Lisa. I know you can hear me. I wish you could respond, but we don't have the voice modules ready quite yet. I know you must be very curious, I understand. Let me try to explain in a way you'll understand. We've been working on synthesizing human form, human physical characteristics. Someday our work, when coupled with advances in artificial intelligence and robotics, will allow us to create the perfect synthetic organism. An artificial person, capable of performing complex tasks and achieving independent thought."

   This all sounded pretty lame to me. I needed a phone. I needed my agent. Something wasn't right. I may not be a rocket scientist, but I do know that I, personally, have nothing to do with artificial people or any other damn, stupid thing he was talking about! I'm a model! I do jewelry! Accessories! I shop for a living!! Jeeez! Losers!

   But David was still there, he was lifting me. I wasn't strapped down at all, I realized, I just couldn't move! Well, that would change! And when it did I was going to wreak pain on this bozo! I was lifted into a standing position. I couldn't feel my legs, but I guess I didn't need to. I was standing and David was walking around me slowly. At least I could see the room now! I was facing a light brown wall with a few large pictures, landscapes of the desert, hanging on it. There was a phone!! With a lot of buttons! If I could only get to it!

   But David was turning me around, so I could face another wall. This one was mirrored from floor to ceiling. I could see I was totally naked. Not a stitch on! My body looked the same, no sign of abuse. I was still a perfect 5'5", 110lbs. My hair had been washed and brushed it looked like. It had a lustrous sheen I had never been able to get from Andre'!! I was going to cancel my appointment, I decided, first thing! Right after i called my agent! In fact, as I looked closer I noticed my whole body looked cleaner, brighter somehow. More perfect than normal. My smile was fixed, a slight pout which I knew no man could resist! My eyes were bright and I tried to blink again, but couldn't.

   "You're wondering if you're drugged. or still sleeping maybe, dreaming as it were." David's voice woke me from my self examination. I realized this perv was still with me. I would have been scared except I knew pencil necks like him weren't a threat! One good look, maybe a laugh in his face, and he'd run home to his mommy. Nope, even naked, drugged and confused, I knew I was more woman than ten David's could handle!!

   "You're neither." His voice droned on. "You've become a non-person. A mannequin. A human sized doll for me to play with. Your mind is intact, or what passes for your mind. All of your thoughts, your memories... Still there." I could see him tapping my head lightly with his finger, but I didn't feel it. "You'll never have physical use of a body again. It makes us all very sad and I know it will come as a shock to you, but I want you to know the truth."

   What the hell was he talking about?? I wondered. Did he say what I thought he said? I'm a doll? A mannequin? A real life crash test dummy?? What?? And why is he taking off his clothes? he thinks I'm going to give him what he wants now?? After he told me this shit?? No way!! What a loser!!

   "I wish you could talk, Lisa. I've always loved you and I think you know that. It's one of the reasons I picked you as my experiment. That and the fact that you were already so artificial I doubt anyone will really miss you a month from now. At least we'll have this Lisa, our bedroom, our world. There's so much I want to share with you! So many wonders I know you haven't seen. We've made your new body as realistic as technology allows. You're  almost perfect, Lisa. I had the mirror put up so you could enjoy this as much as I will!"

   He was standing beside me, naked as well with his little dork penis growing hard in his hands. There was nothing I could do, I was beginning to realize, nothing I could do but listen and wait for this horrible dream to end!!

   That was so long ago. Time has no meaning to me now. I have learned so many things from David and his friends. He treats me so special. I know he has others now, but I will always be his first. I can't remember very much about my life as a real person, in fact sometimes I think I never was such a thing. Like time. David tried to explain it to me once, but I didn't believe him. Eternity is when he's not here and Forever is the moment we are together. I know you won't understand. No one can truly understand until they are truly free.

   The end. (

 Sorry I had to break it up so, much... I've never explored this subject before so drop me a line and tell me what you think!!

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