Friday the 14th

by Paul Jutras

     It was Thursday evening and John Cats was leaving the construction site. John was a free-lance construction worker and with the building now completed, he was out of work and looking to be hired for his well known skills. That was when a woman with long punk green hair that reached all the way down her back.

    "Amazing body." She smiled as she handed him a business card. "You're just the type I've been looking for to do my new creation.

     "Who are you?" John began, glancing down and reading the business card to himself.

                                                STUDS IN STONE
                                               MISSY GORGON

      "I've heard of you." John smiled. "You run that art studio down at the pier don't you?"

      "That's right." Missy smiled. "When I saw you working, I started to do my research on who you are. I know you're between jobs and could use the money you'd make for modeling for me."

     "Sounds cool." John smile sparkled. "When do you want me to pose?"

     "Tomorrow evening will do just find." Missy replied. "I'll take me most of the day to get things set up in the studio for you."

       On Friday the 14th Jack got up and went down to the gym in his tank top and tight shorts. The women from the aerobics all cat-called him. Some even fainted when he pumped iron and flex his biceps. John played along since he loved seeing their breasts bouncing before him.  After John worked with the weights, he went on to the punching bag and then some laps in the pool before finishing things off in the steam room.

    After a day at the gym, John went home and had a quick shower. Checking the time, he got into the car and drove down to the pier. He arrived before the studio and notice a light in the loaf apartment on the second floor. "Guess she's home."

     John stepped up to the store and was about to knock when the door opened on its own. He thought it was a bit strange, but decided to dismiss it. "Hello?" he called out as he followed the dim light to the top of the stairs and stepped into her work area.

      "You're here." Missy smiled as her bare feet glided across the smooth wooden floor. He was both surprised at her wearing a Greek toga and amazed how lovely she looked in it. "You'll find some clothes in the other room and a screen to change behind if you like showing off a little."

      "Uh... sure." John said as he went into the back room and found it filled with some of the most tight looking, form fitting outfits he had even seen. Each outfit was numbered and the first was a latex bathing suit. As he slipped it on, his cock went rock hard immediately. A wave of pleasure shot through his body as he came back before her.

      "How do I look?" He asked.

     "Like a Greek God." Missy smiled. "Even Hercules himself couldn't be better."

        John wasn't sure how to accept the comment, but just decided to take it as a compliment. Missy then posed him down on his right knee with his left elbow resting on his left knee and his left toes slightly bent. It wasn't easy for him to balance in such a pose, but Missy assured him that it wouldn't take long.

       "Where's your equipment, Missy?" John asked as she finished posing him from behind. "Shouldn't you of been setting up before I got into this postion?"

      "I don't need any equipment." She said as she moved before him. As she did so, he could see that despite there being no breeze inside, her hair started slithering like a nest of snakes. As she stood before him, he didn't get a chance to utter a sound when his mouth before he couldn't even blink an eye. His body belt like it weighed a ton as his feet changed to stone first. The stoning effect spread up and over his whole body.  "The real name is Medusa. Missy is just my artist pen name."

       "You will fetch me a high price in the gallery downstairs." Medusa/ Missy said as her super human strength allowed her to carry him down stairs with ease.  "Normally studs like you are bought by beautiful, wealthy women who you'll be able to stare at all day and all night if your place properly."

       Putting a price tag on John, her hair turned back to normal and she went to bed dreaming of the money she'll make off her new statue. John himself would never get the chance to make another mistake about Friday The 13 being the only unlucky day of the year.


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