Friday the 14th #2 - A New Transformation

by Paul Jutras

     Jenny was a cute eighteen year old who had been submitting job applications since she graduated from High School in June. It was now October and she was getting worried that she would never be hired when she saw a young woman standing before her shop on the pier.

     "Still having trouble job hunting?" The woman asked as she handed the young girl her business card.

                                                           STUDS IN STONE
                                                          MISSY GORGON

     "What does this have to do with me?" Jenny asked in a state of confusion as she began to think of her lesbian lover off in collage. She couldn't wait to see her during winter break. "I don't know any well built men to pose for your art gallery."

     "The business card is old," Missy explained as she recognized how the blonde in leather boots eyed her with the same look she got from most men. "I've decided recently to expand my art work beyond men and beyond stone. I think you'd be perfect my first attempt."

      Missy then explained to Jenny that the stone statue business was going through a depression and that she had decided to start making female mannequins for department stores. Her sexy body would be perfect for a fashion store and the women who wore the clothes her mannequin would display would make any woman feel superior. Jenny couldn't help but have her face blush red as she felt embarrassed at the comment.  When Missy gave the offer of a free dinner, Jenny happily accepted.

     "How about we get together for a meeting tomorrow." Missy suggested. "It's Friday and that'll give me the whole weekend to work my magic on you. Maybe after we decide how you'll look best we can out to dinner and so dancing. It isn't like you need a useless man to have a good time on the town."

     That evening, Jenny stretched out her pink polished toes along the side of the tub wall as she sank into the water. Her breasts floated just above the surface like a pair of sensuous islands. With a sigh, all her cares were washed out of her. When she was done, she slipped a robe over her naked form and wrapped a towel around her head.

     "Missy isn't any Wendy, but she is lovely." Jenny thought to herself as she painted her finger nails to match her toes. Using the palm of her hand, Jenny hit the on button belonging to the TV remote and sat with her legs crossed until she dried.

     With her nails and hair dried, Jenny snapped the crotch of her body suit open and stepped into it. She always liked the feeling the suit gave her bare breasts and sex. She then pinned her hair up and applied her make up. Her finishing touch was gather a few items from her jewel box.

      Hearing the sound of a car pulling up, Jenny looked outside to see Missy in her flashy red convertible. With her bright red lips smiling, Jenny grabbed her coat and head out to the car, surprise to have the car door held open for her. When Missy got back in, she gave Jenny a kiss on the lips before starting the engine up. "I know just the place to go."

      The two drove down to a little out of the way restaurant, where they were treated like queens. Jenny noticed all the couples dancing together on the floor where women and that she hadn't seen a single male since she entered the place. "I thought I knew all the places to go, but this is a new one on me." Jenny said as she felt spellbound before Missy's beauty.

   "I believe it's new." Missy cooed as she raised her glass to her lips and halted. She watched as Jenny to her glass and drank the whole thing like a fish needing water. A smile spread across Missy's lips as she set her glass down and stood up. "Care to dance?"

     "Oh, okay." Jenny answered, taking Missy's hand and being lead out onto the dance floor. "Do you want me to lead or would you prefer to?"

     "I am the take charge type." Missy purred into Jenny's ear. Their breasts brushed against each other and a surge of electrical pleasure shot through Jenny's body. As Missy stepped forward, Jenny stepped back and the two were soon gliding across the floor to the soft music. "Just put yourself in my hands and your life will never  be the same."

     After diner, Missy led Jenny back to her studio apartment where Missy undressed behind a screen. Her graceful hand reached out and put her jewelry into a bowl on a step stool. Jenny's stomach was feeling so full and her limbs so stiff, she couldn't wait to get the posing over with. She did make a deal with Missy that's she'd pose if she got a night on the town.

     "Are you ready to get started dear?" Missy asked with a smile.

     Jenny nodded and shivered a bit. "Yes. It's cold in here."

     "Don't worry." Missy assured her as she kissed Jenny's cheek. Jenny felt the warmth of Missy's skin and started glow with an inner warmth of her own. "You'll get use to it and soon won't feel cold at all. You'll beautiful will become an ageless piece of art displayed for the world to see."

    "You are such a feminine beauty." Missy said as she wrapped her arms around Jenny and caressed her buttocks. Her arms moved over her wide hips and fingered the juices in her sex. Jenny let out a low moan with her eyes closed as Missy stepped back. Missy's voice suddenly sounded like she was high on helium gas.  "Just open your eyes and the transformation will be done."

     "Transformation?" Jenny asked, confused, as she opened her eyes to the face of the snake haired Medusa instead of the lovely Missy. She tried to gasp in shock, but found her voice was as gone as her ability to move and her chill of fear spread throughout her now motionless body. She could see as her skin turned to smooth, featureless plastic.  Her expression of amazement froze on her beautiful face with her mouth staying half-open.

     As Medusa's snakes changed back into Missy's lovely hair, the gorgon began caressing her new plastic sculpture. Jenny found that being touched anywhere caused her to orgasm. Being touched on her butt, sexless crotch, or breasts seemed to bring orgasms that almost didn't seem to end. When Missy finally pulled her upper torso off her lower one, she leaned over and whispered into her ear. "Feeling aroused are we? Well I got a little surprise for you." She asked with a normal human voice.

     Jenny sat motionless on a workbench and watched as Missy disappeared into the closet beside the changing screen. It was a relief for her to know she could still feel any part the was removed from her.  A few moments later, she returned with Jenny's leather boots and a pair of  leopard-spotted bikini bottoms. "While we were out, I arranged for a few of your items to be packed in a bag and brought here for you to be displayed in."

    As the bikini bottoms slid up her smooth legs, Jenny was electrified. The feeling was nothing compared to the one she felt when Missy adjusted it into place at her crotch. Jenny then watched as Missy turned her lower half upside down, pointed her toes down, and fitted her with her old boots. It was only after her lower half was turned right side up and her ass was aligned with a support rod that she saw the hole in the bikini bottom. Instead of hurting like she expected, it only intensified her pleasurable feelings.

     After Missy reattached her upper half, she stepped back to try to figure how best to pose her new creation.  Jenny felt a little worried when she saw Missy start to smile. Placing a hand behind Jenny's back, she forced her mannequin to arch its back to show off her naked breasts, which felt as light as the rest of her. Spreading Jenny's legs like a sex toy, Missy placed one of Jenny's hands on her hip while allowing her to feel her former pussy through the fabric with the other. Turning Jenny's head, Missy altered her expression so that it looked as sexy as the rest of her. As soon as Missy took her hands away, Jenny became rigid plastic once more.

     "That'll do for now." Missy smiled as she looked at her watch and saw it was only a half hour before she usually opened her store. Taking the fully stiffened Jenny downstairs; display rod and all, Missy quickly cleaned all her downstairs statues with a feather duster. "In a few years I'm sure you'll forget you ever could move. You'll think of yourself  as only having the sole purpose in life of wearing beautiful clothes."

    Missy unlocked the front door and hung out her opened sign out front. She then headed back upstairs to her apartment for a quick breakfast, knowing she'd hear if any customers came in buy her merchandise. She was sure that Jenny would be a quick sale.

    The day went by like any other at the amusement pier. Kids going on the rides and trying their luck at the game booths. Jenny could see many kids and adults going in and out of the shops. Especially Studs In Stone today when they spotted Jenny through the window. Some must of been from other shops since they felt her up to see if her structure was good.  Jenny had never had so many intense orgasms as she had now that she was motionless.

     A week had gone by and Jenny had finally gotten use to her breasts being exposed for all the world to see. It was Friday evening that she heard the words that filled her insides with dread. "You've got Jenny Mrs. Delta. Just sign this and she's sold to you."

     Fear continued to grip her as Mrs. Delta removed her clothes before she grabbed Jenny by the waist and lifted her off her feet. Her vision turned sideways as she was carried out of the Studs In Stone shop and down the end of the pier. It was a relief for her to get out of the monster's shop even if Mrs. Delta's grip caused repeated orgasms in her.

     "What's to become on me?" Jenny thought as she approached a display area in the store. The way she orgasmed from the touch of Mrs. Delta's arm against her breasts, she was looking forward to having a display rod shoved back up her ass. To her surprise, the metal display bases with rods already had a pair of mannequins attached to them. Jenny wondered where she'd be put and if those mannequins she was being put with had ever been alive like her.

    She continued to orgasm helplessly as she was dressed in a business suit that showed off her pert nipples through her transparent blouse before being set up on the desk behind the other mannequins. She could only watch as her right leg was dangled over the side of the desk and her left leg was placed beneath the right. With her palms flat on the desk, gazing out at the customers, she looked both sexy and smart.

     It was a real relief when she was left to her mild arousal until the end of the month. That was when she learned that the visual merchandiser changed the displays. She watched from her perch as the dresser and Mrs. Delta stripped the two floor mannequins first and took them away to another part of the store. She only hoped wherever she was being removed to it wasn't lingerie.

     "Do you want this one in the window wedding display with the others?" The merchandiser asked her boss as she lifted Jenny off the table and straightened her legs and torso into an upright position.

     "We have all the whole mannequins we need for the displays this month." Mrs. Delta answered after some thought. "Take her apart so we can use her sections elsewhere."

       Jenny was on the verge of inner panic as her head was removed with a click and put in a box to be stored in. She could feel her arms and legs being removed and carried off to different locations. She only wished she could see what was happening to her. She was sure that she felt a bra being snuggly fitted to her stiff breasts and a pair of pantyhose sliding up her legs to her hips. She also was sure that rings and bracelets were put on her arms.

    Jenny was unsure if it was days, weeks or months that had passed for her in the storeroom box. She only knew that every once in a while she felt the urge to laugh if she tickled when a piece of clothing was removed so one of her sections could be dusted. Then one day she heard a door open followed by the sound of footsteps. When it wasn't the same dresser as before that returned her to the light outside of the box she was a little concerned that even years might have passed. This one was a young woman not much older than Jenny that she had never seen before.

     Jenny felt a little relief when her head was reattached to her body, now dressed in a bikini, and saw Miss Delta not looking that much older. As the dresser finished posing her arms and legs and walked off that allowed Jenny to see some shirts on a nearby rack with a date written in large letters. She knew that one year had passed since her transformation and that it wasn't the same summer as when she was first placed in the storeroom.

     "You're doing a good job, Peg." Miss Delta said to her assistant as a young man walked up to her with some flowers and a peck on the cheek. Miss Delta turned around and wrapped her arms around the man neck to return his affection. Something  Jenny sure missed. Though she enjoyed the arousal she got when she was put back together.

    "Hiya hon." The man said as he and Miss Delta walked out of sight. It was then that Jenny realized that Miss Delta was now married and how much life had really passed her by while she put away in her sightless box prison. She felt happy that she could now watch as the young ladies came in to by their summer outfits.

     Jenny was never more surprise in her life when a few days later she saw her old girlfriend, Wendy enter the swimsuit department. As Wendy went through the racks of one piece and bikini swimwear, she bumped into Jenny and knocked her to the floor. It was when Jenny rolled onto her back that Wendy saw how much the artificial face resembled her missing lover.

     As Wendy picked Jenny back up, she couldn't help running one hand over her hard, erect breasts under the bikini top and the other over her smooth crotch. Wendy got wet just by touching Jenny's cold, hard body. "You look like my old girlfriend," she whispered into Jenny's ear. "I miss her so much and she wasn't home when I came to visit during winter and summer breaks."

     "I miss and love you too." Jenny thought to herself.

      As Wendy walked off to pay for her swimsuit, Jenny stared in horror at the sight of Missy lowering a suit from in front of her and smiling. As Missy passed Jenny on her way to the register, she smiled wickedly. "I think I can arrange for you two to be together again." she said with a sinister tone in her voice.

        "Nooo!" Jenny's mind cried out. As she stood motionlessly in the middle of the beachwear section, she knew there was nothing she could do.

      At the end of the month, Peg took off Jenny's yellow bikini in front of everyone in the store.  By this time she found it to be more erotic the embarrassing.  As she was taken to the front window, she saw dark haired mannequin in a red turtle neck and leather mini skirt wearing her boots.  After she was dressed in a American flag bikini, she saw to horror that now she stood next to a motionless Wendy mannequin wearing a matching one piece flag suit.

       "Well, Jenny, I'd like you to meet Wendy." Peg said with a smile on her face. She smoothed the fabric of their suits and changed their poses slightly.  The former Miss Delta watched from outside and nodded with agreement that they look good enough to get the customers attention.  "Now that you both look so perfect, I'll leave you to get to know one another."

     "I'm so sorry." Jenny thought as she wondered if Wendy knew who this mannequin standing next to her really was, now that she had been transformed too. Jenny also wondered if her former lover's pleasure centers were as heightened to people's touch as hers was. If her pussy could still get wet, she'd be forever a nude mannequin because nobody would want to bother dressing and cleaning her up at the same time.

     When the woman Jenny only knew as Miss Delta closed the shop for the night, she pulled shut the curtains in the front window. Miss Delta then put her hand down Jenny's bikini bottom and rubbed her sexless crotch. Jenny couldn't help but start to orgasm repeatedly. Jenny then noticed that Miss Delta's free hand was fondling Wendy's breast. She then smiled pleased with what she could get away with and then left the store feeling aroused for her husband.

     The next morning Peg was punctual arriving to work and saw that Jenny's bottom was on crooked. "How did this happen?" Peg thought as she pulled it back up and smooth it out.  It wasn't as perfect as if she had put them on herself, but she was used to it. "Much better."

      "Mrs. Nair, do you know what happened to Jenny?" Peg asked as she walked into the former Miss Delta's office and found it empty. "That's strange? She's always in by this time of day. The front door wouldn't be unlocked if she stayed home sick."

     Leaving the office, Peg bumped into a woman in a business suit. "Sorry." She said as she suddenly saw a mannequin behind the woman who looked just like her boss. Peg gasped in shock as she stepped back only to bump into a male mannequin nearby that looked like Mr. Nair.  "My god... It can't be!"

     "But it can, my dear." Missy Gordon said with a smile. "My new mannequin business is getting off to such a good start that I decided to acquire this store from Mrs. Nair to display my mannequins. Unfortunately she didn't want to sell and had to be -- persuaded."

      "I... I think I'd better get..." Peg began to stutter as Missy's hair transformed in a nest of snakes. Before Peg could run, Medusa grabbed her wrist and injected her with a doctors needle. Peg watched as the skin on her arm immediately faded to a smooth even tone. She realized she could not move a muscle anymore.

      "I think you should be prepared to work well for your new boss." Medusa finished. "The injection allows my transformation power to turn you into plastic instead of stone. You'll soon feel so much lighter and erotic in ways you've never dreamed of." Missy began to remove Peg's clothing as she had just the lingerie outfit in mind for her newest mannequin to wear.

     By the start of the next month, Studs In Stone had turned into simply her apartment and workshop. All sales of both plastic and stone statues were sold from the new store to department chains like Apollo's Department store and Durasheer Hosiery Company.  Missy, feeling some kindness to her first sale, made sure that Jenny and Wendy were sold to the same erotic department store where they'd start their lives all over together.

Mostly in some erotic pose with their motionless hands all over one another's frozen bodies in a tableaux that Missy was sure that they'd love.


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