Full Circle

By Rotwang (Zardreth@Cyberking.be)

Sally was anxious to look over her shoulder. She knew she was being followed, but she didn’t dare to look. She was also afraid that her scarf or her gloves would slip. She’d picked a lousy day to get out the way she was now. Using the reflection of a window to check out the man following her, Sally tried to get her thoughts organized. She was a bit sweaty under the coat in fairly decent fall weather. Most people still wore short sleeves, while she looked almost ready for winter. Get away girl ! She thought and dashed off to the street and hailed a cab.

The taxi parked on her driveway and just as she got out, she noticed another man watching her. Dressed in a black suit, like the other one ... Barely glancing at him, she thanked the driver and ran to the door. She fumbled in her purse for the keys and mercifully found them almost instantly. Fumbling again to open it made her even more sweaty.

SLAM ! The door went and Sally blew a deep sigh of relief.

She slipped out of the coat and looked down at her shiny body. A metallic blue body with nice curves in all the right places. By the time she reached the bathroom she was reduced to a shiny blue catsuit, the one that had started it all ...

Sally had been new in town and she was happy to have made a few friends. They had taken her to a cool new club, they said. Once she’d gone over her first blushing, Sandy gaped at the people around her. Nothing really perverse, but just a bunch of people having a good time. Leather, Lycra and Latex were king here and Sally had to rudely look twice at some people to make sure what they wore. After half an hour Sally was almost feeling out of place. "So, like it ?" Colin asked. Sally nodded and looked at the blue shape passing them. A blue female shape without any of the complexities of human detailing. Like a computer graphic. "Hey Lady Blue !" Colin went seemingly knowing her. A faceless head turned and a smooth expanse of cerulean stared at Sandy and Colin. "You’ll love this." Colin whispered in Sandy’s ear. "Hey, come and join us for a drink." He said to Lady Blue. The Lycra creature sat down and Sally was feeling a bit "weird". With care, she unzipped something at the back and slipped the hood over an oblong plastic sphere with a head inside.. Sally just stared while Colin grinned. The woman opened the tight plastic cage around her head and wiped some sweat from her brow. "Lady Blue, this is Sally." Colin said. "Nice to meet you Sally." The woman said and winked. "I’m Kathleen."

After the usual small-talk, Sandy finally dared to ask Kathleen and the response was more than enthusiastic, because Sandy found herself whizzed along by a playful Kathleen and Colin. "You’ll love this !" They said.

Kathleen lived directly above the club. In fact she was one of the owners. And her place reflected her lifestyle. Underneath the bright blue suit, she wore a padded suit which corrected her figure to the point of near perfect artificiality. Kathleen liked to be rid of eyes, ears, noses, nipples and hair once in a while ... And for some reason the whole idea instantly appealed to Sandy, who was paying great attention to the thing around her, like a kid in a big toystore. While she skipped through a massive collection of Lycra and Latex clothing, Kathleen had been stripping and when Sandy notice her, she looked barely half as voluptuous as before. And then she noticed Colin had been stripping down and was stuffing his leg into a bright red Lycra suit. "It looks like we have the same size." Kathleen said, looking at Sandy. "Here’s an undersuit, and for the exterior ... " Kathleen was already looking for something appropriate. Sandy looked at the Lycra and foam rubber suit. "I call it a Body-Bra." Kathleen said. "Gives a woman all the right arguments all at once." Sandy, more and more aroused started to strip. She had always been good at blending in and Colin and Kathleen were so casual ..." "This one will be perfect !" Kathleen said.

"This is the tricky part." Kathleen tried to close the bowl around Sandy’s head. Sandy was a bit transfixed as she looked at herself in the mirror. Kathleen pulled the hood over Sandy’s head and she had to look at herself through the fabric. Bright metallic blue, Sandy just dreamily went over her body. Kathleen had also gotten into a new suit, with swirling patterns of various shades of blue, from pastel blue to hard purple. A bright red Colin joined them. Sandy and Kathleen almost looked like perfect twins, except for their color. "I think we’d better get downstairs before we miss out on the fun !" Kathleen said and Sandy eagerly followed her.

Sandy woke up in her bed with a metallic blue body. "I should give this back !" Sandy told herself and got a cab to the club. Colin, still bright red from the neck down yawned as he opened the door. "Something wrong ?" He asked. "I woke up back at my place wearing this !" She held the carrier bag up. "Sure, Kathleen said you could keep it ! Isn’t that right ?" Colin looked behind him and a bleary-looking Kathleen, wrapped in sheets stumbled up to the door. Red rimmed eyes, she nodded wearily as Colin told Sandy the suit was hers.

Sandy looked through the window for signs of any man in black. She double-checked the lock and gathered the pieces of armor ... jogging her memory again.

Colin stood between Sandy and Kathleen, all three decked out in Lycra. New club, new hopes. Club Metropolis ... Art Deco interior, almost straight out of the movie. And in the middle, on a large circular pedestal, a metal woman... While Kathleen and Colin started to party, Sandy could only stare at the robotic statue. The Lycra suit had only been an introduction into a world she had never dreamed would exist, and upon seeing the robot, she wanted even more. Something in the purity of the design. "Hey !" Kathleen was behind her. "You okay ?" Sandy woke up. "I was thinking !" "I thought you had turned into a robot, like her. You’ve been gaping at her for almost half an hour !" Sandy was shocked to hear how much time had passed. The music and lights died. Sparks and bolts of lightning filled the room and slowly, almost casually, the robot got up. Her movements slow and precise, almost like the Lincoln robot Sandy had seen in Disneyland a few months ago. But it was when the robot took a second step that Sandy felt very hot. The music started again and the robot started a strange, seemingly old-fashioned robotic dance. Kathleen had to snap Sandy out of her dreaming a few times.

Once the performance was over, the robot sat down and the light died. In the dark and under the thundering applause, Sandy wanted to reach out, touch the robot, but she felt downward movement. There was no hesitation in Sandy’s mind as she jumped onto the platform and climbed down on the descending platform. "Hey, what is she doing here !" A voice said. It was very dark and Sandy could see little through her Lycra mask. "Get the other one up !" Said another voice, while the robot before her raised her hands and made motions to get up. Sandy jumped off the platform to let the robot get up. A man placed a dummy robot on the throne and sent it back up.

"This area is off limits." A man said to Sandy. "It’s okay, I think." The robot said and the other man undid the mask. Sandy watched the woman inside the metallic shell and yearned. "You’ve been staring at me for half an hour." The woman said, starting to strip. "Like your costume." Sandy suddenly remembered she was a faceless blue female creature. She unmasked as well and watched the woman strip even more.

"It looks so ... cool." Sandy was trying to explain to Shannon. "I mean I had no idea ..." Shannon laughed. "Trust me, once is cool, twice is nice, but thrice is pain !" "Hey, I’m wearing this almost all the time !" Sandy said. "Well, whenever it’s proper." Shannon smiled. "You want to get a go at being a robot ?" "Why, yes !" Sandy went instantly.

"I was afraid you might not fit in there, the padding in your suit had me fooled." Shannon said, looking at the body-bra. Sandy’s face radiated pleasure and Shannon shook her head as she placed the mask over her head. "Now there are many ways to play a robot ..." Shannon went.

By now, Sandy was getting nervous. There was a van parked on the other side of the road and it hadn’t moved for two hours. Nobody had gotten out or in since it had pulled over.

Shannon had three robot suits. A gold and red female robot, a chrome suit she described as a Sorayama Gynoid and a design she had invented herself, a delicate pink plastic doll-like robot. The Metropolis robot itself had been made specially for the club.

Sandy became Shannon’s student, all the while designing her own robot. She’d chosen a metallic blue robot with a big white "69" on her left breast. And it hadn’t taken long for Sandy to wear pieces of the robot costume under her clothing. Summer had been a long frustration and fall was still too warm to wear much clothing.

The street performances were the most fun. Either Shannon or Sandy would dress up in a robot suit and perform, while the other would pretend to remote control her.

Kathleen wasn’t interested in robots, preferring the Lycra look, even though Sandy and Shannon had tried to get her into a suit.

Sandy jumped up as the doorbell rang. Making sure the doorchain was secure, She opened it. "Delivery for mister Franklin ?" The man with a box said. Sandy shook her head. "There’s nobody named like this here." "It is the right address." The man said and showed her the paper. Sandy couldn’t read it and tried to see when suddenly the man pulled out something that looked like a gun !


The universe turned blank for Sandy ...

Sandy woke up and felt incredibly strange. Things didn’t feel right. She was fixed to something by the wrists, waist and ankles. "Okay, just get rid of the exoderm." Said a man. Sandy looked up and saw three men in labcoats and another one in uniform. She then heard a sound and noticed that the half-cylinder she was in was closing. "What’s going on ?" She asked to the men who ignored her.


The thing clamped shut. "HEY !" Sandy cried out. "Let me out !" The sudden light was blinding. It hurt her eyes, but after a second her vision darkened. The lights were hot, too hot to bear for a second, when suddenly the pain vanished, instantly gone, as if a switch had been thrown. "Help !" Sandy went and tried to get loose. As she tugged at her bounds, Sandy noticed something ...

She was melting !

"HELP !" She cried out with great urgency. "HELP ME !" Sandy was panicking to see her skin slowly seep from her body, revealing the metal underneath ... This is a dream. She thought and looked at her changing form. She felt her nose drip from her face along with her lips and her hair.

The lights died and Sandy was metal from head to toe. "What have you done to me ?" She cried out to the men as the cylinder opened again. The men didn’t deign to answer her. "What’s going on ?" Sandy asked tugging at the shackles. "Just take her off-line and replace her CPU." The man in uniform said. "She’s panicking." Said one of the men in a labcoat. "She’s just delusional, that’s all. A bug in a computer." "I’m not a computer !" Sandy said. "Just fix her." The uniform said calmly.

"This won’t hurt." The scientist said, but Sandy wanted to run away, and with a tug she broke loose. Before she knew what had happened, Sandy had jumped over the other men and had plunged through a massive armored window. Red lights flashed and alarms went off. Sandy could see men with guns run around, but she just ran them over. She heard gunfire behind her and something told her bullets were impacting on her body.

Her metal feet scraped over the tiled floor as she stopped before a massive door that closed before her. "Get an EMP gun !" She heard the officer shout behind her. She turned around and assessed the situation. She had to get out, fast. Skipping over a soldier, she jumped the officer. Before the soldiers could react, she’d drawn his gun and held him in a choke hold. "Open the door !" She shouted. "Shoot !" The officer said. Sandy noticed that one of the grenade launchers under one of the men’s rifles was unusual and ...

"I hate it when they freak out !" The man said, bent over the robot. "So do I. For some reason they all start believing they are really human." The other man said, while holding something down for him.. "But some of them dimly remember they are robots ... Even dress up as one, like her !" "Weird !" "Tell me !" He said and dumped her CPU onto a metal tray.