From Wearing to Worn 2

by Paul G. Jutras

As Dean lay waiting on the bridal bed he could only guess how this turn of events had come about. Just two weeks ago he was a man living a carefree life as a single man. He was to meet a blind date at a roller rink when he realized he didn't know how to stand up on wheels. He went rolling into the rink area and crashed into a railing, where he saw a tall woman standing 5' 9" tall in a tight fighting blue blouse and pants set.

"Hello there." Dean smiled his white teeth at her like a shark about to eat its prey. "Nice hair, did you loose a bet?"

"If you're trying to get your face slap, keep it up." She said as she turned to walk away.

"Look baby, you know you want it bad." Dean said as the woman looked down and watched his manhood grow inside his pants. "How about we slipped out of the skates and into something more comfortable.. like my bed."

"Come with me lover." She said as she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him into a deserted area of the rink. With his back pinned to the wall, he though he was about to get lucky. He was wrong. His manhood wouldn't spring to life. Then the rest of him started to feel hollow inside. "You're going to learn the true meaning of waiting until your wedding night."

Dean felt like his body was being absorbed into his clothes itself. His pant legs seemed to fuse together into a dress bottom. His hands vanished into the cuffs of the dress' long sleeves. His head into it's high neckline. Only an empty wedding remained in her arms.

Like a reverse shoplifter, the witch took Dean into a bridal shop and placed him on a hanger when nobody was looking. She the slipped off on her own without being seen by anyone.

A short time later a woman name Brenda showed up in the dress shop. She was always treated the opposite sex badly and was drawn to Dean like magic. Brenda paid the rental fee for the dress without even trying it on and took Dean to her parents home.

Arriving home, she went up to the bedroom and tossed Dean on the bed where he now remained. He could only listen to the sound of the nearby shower running while he wondered what it would be like to be worn by a warm, soft body. If he had a heart, it would be pounding when she stepped up to him with her wet body glittering.

"You're some beautiful." Brenda smiled as she finished toweling off. She put on her favorite white panties and pantyhose. She then climbed into Dean to see how she looked in the mirror.

"Just as I expected....beautiful." Brenda smiled at her own reflection. "Though you seem a bit tight in the waist and arms."

Just then Dean; wishing to move on his on, concentrated on his arm. As he concentrated, he saw her arm move the way he wanted it to. "I moved her body for her." Dean realized as he concentrated on moving about.

"What's going on?" Brenda began to panic as she found herself walking around the room like a puppet on a string. She tried to remain enough control over her arms to remove the dress, but that wasn't going to happen. "This can't be happening."

"Why is things suddenly getting so cold?" Brenda began to shake as her finger tips felt a bit numb. She then froze like a mannequin before the mirror. Unmoving and unblinking. Her soul felt a strong cold pull.

Dean on the other hand felt things getting warmer. As her soul passed out of her body into the cold, soulless fabric of the dress, he left the dress and enter her warm body. He once again felt his heart beating as his hot pink painted fingers flexed.

"I'm alive again." Dean said with Brenda's voice. He removed the dress and laid on the bed with his nylon covered legs rubbing against one another like a pair of cricket legs. Hearing footsteps, he looked up to see Brenda's boyfriend standing in the doorway and moving toward her. He soon had her pinned down with his hard penis thrusting in any out her nylon sleeved pussy. Dean automatically found his new wider hips bucking until he broke into a shuddering scream from his first female orgasm.

"Looks like I'm getting just what I deserve as I'm sure the real Brenda is getting what she deserved." Dean thought as he panted exhaustedly after he pulled out of the one he thought was his lover.

"Who says it's bad luck for the bride to see the groom." Chris grinned into Brenda's eyes as Dean grinned back at him. He never considered himself gay, but now that he was in a woman body, he started thinking of himself as a straight woman rather than a lesbian.

"It wasn't me." Dean cooed as he took his man in Brenda's arms and they made love all afternoon long. That evening, he helped Dean into the wedding dress and he helped his man into his Tux. They went to the church and got married.

From time to time, Dean felt sorry for the real Brenda as much as he felt sorry for himself. He use to think the women in the internet TG stories had it easy. Cooking, cleaning, vacuuming. He didn't know how women took it, but it was driving Dean crazy.

When Chris got him pregnant, Dean wasn't ready for the so called joys of motherhood. The pains of child birth made Dean feel like he was going to die. It wasn't as bad as the future years he was going to have of more cooking, cleaning and now dirty diapers.

From time to time he thought of poor Brenda handing back in the bridal shop. He wondered if she would ever learn her lesson as Dean had on treating people. Maybe someday she'll be rented by someone else who truly deserves to take her place as the dress. That is a story he'll never know.


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