From Wearing to Worn - 3

by Paul G. Jutras


    Since before Stan could remember, he loved the feeling of a hose covered leg. He always thought it made a shaven leg look so much better than when it is bare. Sometimes when he got a pebble in his shoe, he wondered what it would be like to have a pebble slide all the way down a stockinged leg and unable to get out until one undressed for the day. 

     As he grew up he never made friends and was never close to his family. Which was good, since it allowed him to head out to the night clubs as Sandra. He loved the feeling on the hose on his shaven legs and how it showed off his painted toes.

       As he sat one night at the bar with his legs crossed and a drink in his hand, he watched as this beautiful girl came out on stage. The piano started to play a classic melody and Veronica began to sing softly in her long red dress, long white evening gloves white hose and six inch heels.

        "Come with me lover." She sang as Stanley felt instantly in love.

      When the song was over, Sandra could be seen slipping backstage to the dressing room. Removing the wig and wiping off the make up, Veronica just stared at him and  giggled.

      "You have one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard." He said as she reached under the hose and ran her hand up and down his leg. 

     "Mr. D; the owner of the place, gave me something special tonight." She said as she reached over the dresser and pulled out a medallion. "Said it was to have magic powers if touched and then worn."

   What do you have in mind?" Stanley asked puzzled.

    "Strip down to those hose and you'll see." Veronica cooed as she watched him unzip the back of his dress and slide it down only to his waist before removing his breast enhancement forms. He then kicked off his shoes and finished pealing off the dress until he was only the suntan hose. His manhood very visible and erect.

     Stepping out of her own heels, she pealed her nylons off and then touched the medallion to Stanley's legs. Veronica then placed it around his neck. She smiled as she watched her body became transparent enough to see the dressing room area behind him. It became transparent and nylon instead of flesh. She watched as the medallion clanked to the floor when he collapsed to the ground.

    "You're so beautiful." Veronica smiled as she sat down with her toes pointed and slipped him on one leg at a time. Pulling him up about her hips with no panties on, she fingered his nylon body into her waiting vagina.

     She then reached down, put the necklace around her neck and ran her hands along her nylon coated legs.

    "Just as I expected....beautiful." Veronica told her new pantyhose as she turned around in front of the mirror and lifted the bottom of her dress to admire legs completely. Unfortunately, she didn't see a knot hole in a floor board. Her heel got caught and her foot toppled out of her shoe as she fell backwards. Her ankle and elbow bumped into her dress makers dummy at the same time as the medallion swung into it.

    "What's going on?" Veronica began to panic as the pantyhose felt strange on her. Her arms stiffly removed the dress for a better look and she notice that the waistband of the hose had melted into her skin and becoming part of her. "This can't be happening." 

     As she began to panic, she felt her heart beating slower instead of  faster. Her eyes stared straight ahead while her skin took on the same plastic tone as the mannequin she had bumped.


    Knocking on the door and getting no response, Mr. D walked into the dressing room to find two mannequins instead of one and a extra outfit laying on the floor. "Don't know where the clothes came from Miss Veronica, but you'll fetch me a nice price like all the other find singers who come to my one night talent show."

     Unable to do anything but watch and listen, Stanley and Veronica were packed up and shipped by the loading ramp in back to local mall department store. Not even Mr. D would ever know that he had gotten a 2 for the price of one deal this time as anyone running their hands along this mannequin's legs would swear she was wearing the silkiest pantyhose, even when she had none on. 

      Veronica got use to the feeling like her entire body was asleep in time. Stanley on the other hand was only happen when they where in the lingerie department so that he could see as well as her. He really hated it when the merchandiser dressed them in a pink pants suit that left Stan in a world of darkness for a month or more time.

     The one thing both of the transformation fetish people found that wasn't true about the web stories was the erotic sensations. Neither would feel the warmth of an orgasm again.



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