Galaxy Champion 3

by Paul Jutras


    Inside the corridors of a space station, Lesley and Sandra ran for their lives dressed only in their Hanes her way panties.  Their breasts bobbed freely as the soldiers chased after them with lasers rattling the metal interior.

    "They'll catch us," Sandra said in his worried way. "I told you that the Sultan's harem was no place to hide from our enemy's  troops!"

    Sandra leapt forward into a cartwheel and caught the troop in a headlock with her legs. With a quick turn, his neck was snapped. She then took his gun and blew the closest guard's brains right out of his head.

      "We're free!" Lesley said as she and Sandra climbed into an escape shuttle and began to pilot there way down to a nearby jungle planet.  Hitting an aircraft flying over an Indian village, they hit each other and crashed.



    "I had a string of failures lately," King Adrian said to his hair dresser. As they began to perm it, the hair dresser smiled. 

     "Sorry to hear about that." The hair dresser said. "I'm quite worried about the battles and how my kids in school could suffer."

     "I knew you'd care." Adrian said with a sigh. "The old barber shop I use to go to only wanted to talk about sports and jokes. Not family and the stuff in your life that's important."

     "That's it, your done, hon." The guy said as the got out of the chair and paid $20 for his hair style.

   "Well worth my low price, Cleo." Adrian said.



     Paula was happy with her new job as a DJ. She sat in her booth while the music came to an end as she sat in a tan turtle neck shirt, a brown skirt that came just above the knees, cocoa hose and loafers. She had often listened to classic 20th century DJ recordings when she was young and it seemed like fun.

     "She's pretty." Erika sighed as she starred lovingly at Paula through the window that divided the two. She imaged running up at the end of the evening and giving Paula a big hug and kiss on the lips.

     "I'd love to be your mistress." Erika though as she imaged being dressed in leather and using a laser whip on Paula's back while her wrists and ankles were bound together dress in little or nothing. "This is amazing what my heart feels when I think of how many times the galaxy champion saved the universe."

     Paula was happy when Sarah invited her over for a slumber party. They gave one another fingers and toes a fresh coat of polish and braided one another hair. Paula stretched in her pink two piece pajamas while Sarah laid on her stomach in a tank top and panties. Together, they stayed up well past midnight listening to the radio and going through beauty magazines.  Inside Paula's head, Robert was disgusted with it all, but had no control her body in situations like that. Paula was in complete control of more than just her voice.

     A week later, Erika  was watching the television during her lunch break when a commercial came on. A hypnotic sound came with the images that appeared. She got up like a zombie and marched to where Paula worked. She fired an energy blast that caused Paula to leap sideways and slam her body into the wall to avoid being hit. Frightened, Paula reactivated her armor and stood ready to defend herself.

      The suddenly bared fangs and claws as energy seemed to come from both her mouth and her finger tips. Paula dodged and ducked, firing lasers and missiles that had no effect in a frontal attack. That was when Paula decided to use a less powerful missile.

     The missile fired pass Erika as if it had missed, but didn't explode on first impact. It reflected back to strike the witch down from behind in a scream that echoed back to the fleet. Telling them they had better re think their invasion of earth. As long as they have a galaxy champion like Paula to protect the world.

     Before she knew what was happening, she was bound to the sides of her body as she was tossed into the back of a ambulance and taken to the hospital where a  virtual reality helmet was placed on her head and new images reprogram her member back to the way it was. . "What is this?" Erika asked. "I got a headache.

       When his helmet was removed, she looked at Nurse Sandra.  "Welcome back to the real world." She smiled sweetly and gave her a kiss on the lips and a pinch on the nipple that sent a surge of pleasure through her.

      "You were brainwashed into attacking Paula." Sandra said with a sigh. "I wouldn't expect you to remember anything but do try."

        "Thanks for having me over after what I did." Erika said as they later sat in Paula's living room.

      "I just wanted to make sure you were alright." Paula closed her eyes and smiled sweetly. "Since I became a Galaxy Champion I haven't really known what a normal life is anymore."

    "I do have to get back to the office," Paula said kindly. "Feel free to spent the night and rest up after what I was force to do to you."

     "But I'm suppose to be on night shift too." Erika protested as she stared lovingly into Paula's eyes She wanted to get her lesbian hands on the young hero.

     "But shouldn't you be resting up?" Paula asked with concern. "You took such a beating."

      "I'm fine. " The woman said as Erika collapsed against the wall. As Paula touch her forehead, she noticed the receptionist seemed to be burning up.

     "I disagree." Paula  Fraulein said Erika pulled off her blouse and showed she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. Her skirt was down around her sweat covered legs. "Mind telling me what you're doing?"

      "Circuit burning up." Erika cried out as she looked flushed. "Circuits on fire."

      "Circuits?" Paula asked "What are you talking about?"

      "Logic circuits fried so I can not lie." Erika spoke. "I'm a replica bot who replaced the real Erika in the hospital. I am to gain your confidence and once I got you into bed... kill you. Moonshine was too rushed and didn't put my coolant system in right."

    "This isn't a joke huh." Paula said as the circuits died and Paula headed for the car with a cell phone. "Lesley, we've got a problem. The Erika that I brought home was a android. The real one been kidnapped. Meet me at the hospital."

     Soon the two were dressed in black sneakers and black and white armor  as they headed into the hospital. Checking room after room of sleeping people, they heard the sound of voices in one room.

   "I was on night watch and heard your call." Sandra said sitting in the television room wearing her nurse outfit. The three started off down one dark hall to an abandon area of the hospital.

 Seeing an armed guard, the three girls charged forward. Lesley and Paula leapt into the air and together kicked the guard into the wall and knocked him out cold. "Never send a man to do a woman's job." Lesley chuckled.

     "This is bad." Lesley said as an alarm sounded and brought a killer robot guard charging. "The battle isn't over yet."

     "Nooo!" The girls screamed as they surrounded the robot in a triangle formation. Their firing cracked the robots hull and caused it to explode.

    "What's the meaning of this?" Paula shouted as she kicked in one room to find Erika tied down to a bed and two guys staring at a monitor screen.

      "We hoped to make you think Mr. MoonShine was behind this so you two would kill one another and that would all us to take over the city. Then the world."

     "If not for a broken robot it would of worked." Paula said as the girls arrested the two men and freed the real Erika. "The universe will remain free."



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