Galaxy Champion 4

by Paul G. Jutras


    Lesley arrived at work  in a pair of five inch platform heels that had her walking on her tiptoes. They well watched her silver sleeveless, V neck top and mini skirt. Her nails were done a hot pink and her make up heavily layered. Sandra didn't like her matching outfit either but it was the official uniform of Sci-fi World. A store than sold merchandise from the 1950s and 1960s.  The job was just the cover for these secret government workers who protected the world.

     It was Monday; and as the 9am time clock was punch, the girls got behind their cubicles and began working on their anti-computer virus programs to protect the planet's main computer deep under ground.

     "I think I preferred being love slaves to this 9 to 5 work." Sandra complained about how uncomfortable the shoes were.  The only one who didn't complain was their friend Roger who use to go by the name of Nikki but decided that Robin fitted his  TS personality much better. .

    "Another virus tracked down and deleted for King Adrian.," Lesley sighed as Paula showed up six hours late for work due to the fact that she had to change her clothes and make herself up after battle. 

     "Our little sex changed galaxy champion save the world again?" Lesley asked as Paula took her seat with the others. Once her feet were safely hidden under her computer desk, she kicked off the horrible heels and flexed her nylon coated toes.

     "You know it." Paula said with her red lips smiling from cheek to cheek. "A 200 foot sea monster was awaken from a alien who took over the Pluto Prison.  The creep planned to let it whip out the human race and then take Earth."

     "We heard that a couple of the kingdom's skyscrapers were flattened in a monsters wake on our hover-car radio." Sandra said as she glanced at Lesley and her car pooling girlfriend, Erika. "Had a feeling you'd be late for work." 

     "Our first mission is the planet.' Paula said. "First and last job."

     "What was the worst wasn't the monster smashing through the city, but when it would just stand there and we didn't know what it would do."

     Erika stared lovingly at Paula still wishing to have her for a lesbian lover, but was glad just to be near her thought Sandra. She listened intensely as Paula talked how she flashed her special badge that got the attention of even the cops that stopped her for speeding underage. 


      "It was easy for me to take over the power planet and surge the energy through my very  being into a power blast against the monster. I thought I was going to be drained of all life energy to stop that thing."

    "What about the alien who released it in the first place?" Lesley asked.

      "The Galaxy Patrol dealt with retaking the prison while I was taking care of the monster." Paula said as her numb little fingers went flying across the keyboards faster and faster.

     A glow from Robin's monitor screen began to flicker like crazy and drew the other girls attention. "Girls, I got a problem here."

     "I got a headache just looking at it." Sandra said as the girls gather outside of Robin's cubicle. "What's going on?".

          "A computer virus unlike any I seen before." Robin said as a silver bubbling pool began to ooze it way out of the monitor screen and to the floor. Robin tried to get up, but found her shoes were stuck to the ooze covered floor, and forced her to remain sitting.

      "Paula, you better do something!" Lesley said scared as she found her exhausted powers were still off line.

     "I'm trying," Paula said as her fingers sparked, but little else.

     "When the monster was stopped, its body vaporized into energy that seemed to enter the phone's power lines. I wonder if the creature could change its form from flesh to data and travel along the internet."

      "Logic circuits not working." Robin began to panic as each touch of the keyboard brought one error message after another to the screen. The silver goo had moved up her legs and body. Forever leaving the imprint of her feet in heels, and her sci-fi outfit. As it passed over her head, even her hair took on a metallic appearance.

      As the last of her was taking over, Paula's energy was able to wipe out the remains of the creature and its computer first data before it infected her and her other friends. She only wish that it hadn't cost them Robin, who was now nothing but a robot doing orders. At least a robot on the outside. The Galaxy Champions would never know that inside the metallic head, Robin was still self aware of everything going on around her. A passenger in her own body as it went on with its new programmed life.




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