"The Galataea Syndrome" Part 2

by Fred H

"We got them!"

Dark forms leap through the shadows of one of Onishuto's seedier districts, closing in on two panting men now desperately looking for an avenue of escape. Both were armed, but neither stop to fire into the shadows; the type of beings pursuing them would laugh off such attempts, then disembowel them. The two men spin a corner, then stop on seeing a hulking wall of tiger stripes attached to a very angry face.

"You bastards goin' somewhere?!" Invader snarls.

They spin around to head the other way...and find a mustached and bearded man in a blue battlesuit waiting, his ice blue eyes no longer glowing green, marking the use of his tracking powers.

"Resistance is futile," Nassur icily warns.

The two men stare at the warriors out to get them, then turn the way they came...and cry out as two women in dark blue bodysuits emerge, their chests emblazoned with a red ascending phoenix. With suntanned skin, the first a blonde with brown eyes, the second brown-haired and eyed, they had tattoos on their right cheeks; red star and a note-and-dagger respectively. And both looked very mad.

"Please resist," the blonde cocks her shotgun-like weapon.

"We're in the mood for exercise," the brunette hoists a knife the size of a machete, licking the flat of its blade.

Screaming, they race down the last direction...then cry out as slender fingers rip into their chests, tearing out their hearts without pause. A shower of green blood dances over the brunette in the red battle bikini and silver chains, her brown eyes never swerving from her targets. They gaze blankly at her as their souls take flight, then their bodies collapse to the cobblestone street as the woman steps back, her hands opening to allow their sundered flesh to fall to the ground, splattering on impact.

"That was for my friends," Benten growls.

Nassur and Invader stare at her, then turn back to speak to their hidden helpers...once again finding nothing. "Damn these people; I wish to hell they'd at least tell us why they're helping us!" Lum's father rubs his forehead.

"They choose to remain silent," the Vosian renegade hunter sighs. "They choose to ensure the Shoozooki don't realize that we have the help of what could probably be the galaxy's most powerful state, even more so than Zephyrus. I admire their discretion."

Benten draws out a cloth to wipe down her hands. "Do you think they've got something to do with this Noa Aruka who's been helping Lum and the others back on Earth?"

"Of that, I have no doubt," Nassur smiles at his partner. "It does lead one to make some conclusions. The historical Noa Aruka is as famous on Uru as Bensaiten on Fukunokami or Lecasur on Vos; her fighting the Dominion on your people's behalf, Invader-kun, is the stuff of legends. We also know what happened to her and her sister Honii when they died."

The others nod but choose to say nothing further; you never knew when the Shoozooki might have nanite spies listening in. With that, Invader calls in the Urusian Defence Force to pick up the bodies for analysis and disposal, then thanks Nassur and Benten for their help. The two hunters head to their awaiting car, then drive to Revolution Spaceport where Renegade awaits. "How much more do we have to do this, Nassur?" Benten relaxes. "I want these fuckers dead, but hunting them down's taking so much time. What's to stop them from making another move on Lum and the others?"

"I don't know," Nassur slides the hovercar into its reserved parking spot beside the Renegade. UDF ground transport techs would take care of the vehicle until they were next needed here. "For that, I suppose we'll have to depend on Noa and her friends; whoever they are, they're superbly trained and quite committed. Reports are pouring in from all over about Shoozooki agents being killed across the local cluster. For a race who wanted to subvert ours so directly, they're not enjoying much in the way of luck."

"Yeah," Benten crosses her arms as they step aboard the frigate. "Yo, Oyuki!" she smiles at her friend awaiting them on the bridge. "Where do we have to go now?"

"There's a report about several agents speaking to fringe sects of the Noukiite central government," the Tritonian muses. "A plan to break the Ip'ihu caste from inside."

"Makes 'peaceful' reconciliation between the Ip'ihu and the Ten Orders all the more easy," Nassur grits his teeth as he assumes his command chair. "Damn, I think Earth's Lord Alton had the right idea; this IS power that corrupts absolutely. Let's go, Oyuki."

"Hai, Nassur-san," Oyuki's hands dance across the helm.

Renegade's engines thunder to life, then she lifts off from the spaceport, rocketing into a holding pattern before breaking free of Uru's atmosphere and heading off for Noukiios. Benten sits at communications, staring at the message traffic with disinterest, though one part of her mind keeps vigilant track of anything which could come their way. Blinking on seeing one coded message from Tomobiki, she memorizes it, then relaxes.

Moments later, "Renegade" soars into deep space, clearing Uru's gravity well, then blasts off into warp. "ETA Noukiios, seventeen hours," Oyuki announces.

"Very well, then; put the ship on automatic," Nassur sighs. "I assume you ladies have some personal business to attend to."

Benten and Oyuki nod as they step off the bridge. Nassur watches them go, then shakes his head as he gazes at the passing starfield. Damn, even nine months after the fact, it was so disturbing to sense NOTHING from either of his companions. As a Vosian, he'd expect that from a Yehisrite or one of Noa's people, the Sagussans; both races naturally masked themselves from a Vosian's psi-tracking skills. The unnaturalness of Benten's and Oyuki's psychic silence just served to reinforce what they really were. For the first couple of months, it had been really rough, though Nassur was doing his best to control himself. Benten and Oyuki needed a supportive friend most of all...given that all their other friends were now in the same state of existence as they.

In the frigate's sick bay, Benten and Oyuki step in, then embrace, enjoying a warm kiss. "There's a new one in Tomobiki," the former announces. "She's one of Lum's classmates; the girl with leukaemia. Chigaiko Inu, Unit Tee-Zed-Four-Seven-Two-Three."

"I understand," Oyuki nods. "Thank Koori they saved her. I met her once while we were at school; she seems such a nice girl."

"C'mon," Benten nods to two of the diagnostic beds. "Let's get checked out and pumped up."

Oyuki nods as the Fukunokami slips off her battle bikini, then sits down on one of the beds. Unzipping her silver ice battlesuit, the Tritonian steps out of it, then slips off her bra and panties and sits on the other bed. Both take magnetic sealers in hand, then open the access plates under their breasts. Once that's done, they take computer probes attached to their ASUs and insert them into their CSATs. Recharge lines are then attached to their power jacks, then both type out commands on their ASU keyboards. They extend their right hands to gently grasp the other's, reaffirming their love. "Ready?" Benten nods.

"Ready," Oyuki smiles. "I love you, Benten-chan."

"I love you too, Oyuki-chan. Now."

Both press the ENTER keys on their ASUs. Their bodies jolt as primary power is switched off. The screens above the keyboards immediately report that a standard ASU diagnostic of Unit TF-9277 Benten Shigaten and Unit TF-9728 Oyuki had commenced, coinciding with a standard recharge of their primary power packs.

* * *

The Galatea Syndrome

an Urusei Yatsura fanfic

by Fred Herriot


**** **** ****

Based on Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi

**** **** ****

WARNING: This is a sometimes dark fic with lots of strange lemon scenes in it. If this isn't your style of fan fiction story, go elsewhere. All standard lemon fanfic/ASFR story warnings apply.

**** **** ****


Water explodes.

The women of Class 3-4, now seated at the pool's edge, applaud as Atako bursts free after another beautiful dive. Standing behind the cheering section, Shooko Suriyoku writes down notes. "Nine-point-seven, Atako," she declares.

"Arigato, Sensei," Atako smiles as she swims up to the side, then looks up at the next diver. "Go for it, Chigaiko-chan!"

"Watch me, Sempai!" Chigaiko waves, then does a back flip corkscrew into the water.

"Nice, Chigaiko!" Shooko writes down her score. "Nine-point-four. Good for your first try."

"Thank you, Sensei!" Chigaiko swims over beside Atako. "Did you like it, Sempai?"

"It was beautiful, Chigaiko-chan," Atako beams, reaching over to give her hand a friendly squeeze, then blinks as she stares at the woman in front of her. "Momoe-chan..."

Momoe Marubeya seductively winks as she slips her bathing suit's crotch away from her inviting love tunnel. "Want some, Atako-chan? I'm free and very available."

"Oh, please, Momoe-chan, not now," Atako pouts. "I can't think of doing other girls now, especially since I've got a nice evening planned with Lum-chan tonight. Besides, Kumiko-chan's jealous," she nods to the bob-curled brunette to Momoe's left.

"What makes you think Momoe-chan's the only one who wants you, Atako-chan?" Kumiko Gekasawa licks her lips.

Atako shakes her head, then stares at Chigaiko. "Do you see the amount of grief these beautiful women give me?" she smiles. "A year ago, they were beating me off every time I got horny; now I have to beat them off with a stick when they get horny so I can stay loyal to Lum-chan."

"Sempai, you're very desirable," Chigaiko nods. "I should know; I've always liked you. You were the only person who even said 'hello' to me every day going to school. Momoe-chan and Kumiko-chan like you very much and want to show it."

Atako sighs, then absently reaches out to stroke the inside of Momoe's thigh. "After classes, before Lum-chan comes home?"

"Deal," Momoe slips her bathing suit back in place. "In fact, Kumiko-chan and I'll come home with you and we'll give Lum-chan a real homecoming, okay?"

"Okay, okay," Atako sighs, then looks up to watch the next diver. Damn, her resistance was shot all to hell and back. No matter how much she tried to stay locked on Lum, everyone else always came along to distract her...save the one now on the high board. "Go for it, Mie-chan!!"

The woman waves, then concentrates. She seems to float on air for a moment without taking off from the diving board, then does a quadruple spin jack knife into the water. The women at the side gasp and squeal on seeing the picture-perfect performance, then look at Shooko. The diving coach blinks, then shakes her head as she replays the dive in her mind. No faults at all. Damn! By then, Mie has emerged from the pool. "My score, Sensei?" she asks, her voice flavoured with the tenor of central Kyushu.

"Ten-point-oh," Shooko stares at her, then writes it down.

"Alright, Mie-chan!!" Atako vaults herself out of the pool, then embraces her classmate. "That was beautiful!"

"Thanks, Atako-chan," Mie stiffens slightly at the other woman's touch, then smiles warmly.

"Okay," Shooko stares at her watch, then blows her whistle. "Everyone out of the pool, go shower and head to your next class."

Everyone steps out of the pool and stream for the change rooms. Momoe feels herself slow down, then yawns. "Oh, excuse me, Sensei, can I see you for a moment?" she looks back.

"Sure, Momoe," Shooko nods to her office off to one side. "Kumiko, would you come, too?"

"Hai, Sensei," Kumiko turns and follows her lover back.

Atako sighs, then runs up to Mie. "That was a real good dive, Mie-chan," she gently grasps the new student's hand. "You really are something. You going to the prefecture finals?"

"Maybe," Mie nods as they head inside the change room, then strip out of their bathing suits.

Atako follows her to two free showers, her eyes falling on the back of Mie's thighs. "Mie-chan, what are these?" she leans down to touch a black tattoo composed of three symbols: two matching symbols composed of three dots in a flipped upside down L, then a vertical slash with two dots to the left. Both thighs had them.

Mie looks down, then turns on the shower to wet herself. "Oh, just a symbol of something I've been searching for a long time."

Atako stares at her, then takes soap in hand. "Here, let me soap down your back," she offers.

"Okay," Mie nods as she turns her back, suddenly frowning. Damn, didn't she realize what she was? Didn't she sense what everyone else was? What was going on in this lunacy asylum?!

* * *

Back in Shooko Suriyoku's office, Momoe slips out of her bathing suit, takes a towel to dry herself, then lays down on a couch as Shooko hands Kumiko a magnetic sealer, then pulls out a recharge cable from her locker. Kumiko kneels beside her lover, drawing the sealer over the abdomen as she opens up Momoe's central access hatch, then after plugging in the recharge cable, puts the open end in the android's power jack. "What's your power status now, Kumiko-chan?" Shooko wonders.

Kumiko freezes as data flashes across her eyes. "I'm at forty-one percent of optimum charge, Shooko-chan. Momoe-chan?"

"I'm down to six," Momoe sighs as the message flashes across her screen. "Kumiko-chan, can you get my portable ASU from my locker? Something's wrong with me."

"Right," Kumiko rises, then heads out.

"Have you been doing your normal diagnostic?" Shooko wonders.

"Every night before Kumiko-chan and I make love," Momoe sighs. "My ASU diagnostic last week showed no problems."

"Still, you're one of the older androids now active," Shooko sits beside her, then sighs as she pulls off a dust cover to reveal her own ASU. "Perhaps some parts need to be replaced. You better go to the apartment tonight to have someone look at you."

"Hai," Momoe nods.

Kumiko returns with two school bags, reaching in to draw out hers and Momoe's portable ASUs. "Here," she hands the link-up cables to Shooko, then puts a computer probe into Momoe's CSAT. Slipping off her suit, then drying herself, Kumiko takes the magnetic sealer in hand, then opens her own access hatch before inserting a computer probe into her CSAT.

Shooko plugs the ASU in, then pulls up a chair for Kumiko...just as the door opens to reveal Mitsu Hanawa! "Shooko-kun, here're the test scores for the boys' first aid...whoops!!!"

Momoe, Kumiko and Shooko freeze, horror on their faces on seeing a man gaze at two nude female androids with their innards exposed for the whole world to see. Covering his eyes, he places the score sheets on a nearby coffee table, then moves to leave. "S-s-sorry, ladies!!" he stammers as he beats a fast retreat.

Once the door closes, the androids breathe out. "Oh, thank the gods; that was TOO close!!" Kumiko waves a hand over her face. "There are days that man frightens me!"

"You know, if I didn't love Kimiki-chan so much, I'd marry him," Shooko chuckles, then moves to program her ASU.

"You're going to do yourself, Shooko-chan?" Momoe wonders.

"Did it yesterday after school," Shooko muses. "No staff or students around to see me; besides, I wanted to charge myself up for Kimiki-chan. Ready?"

"Hai," both teenage androids nod.

Shooko taps a command, then presses enter as her ASU links up with the portable ASUs diagnosing both Unit TA-7823 Momoe Marubeya and Unit TG-9237 Kumiko Gekasawa. As both androids freeze, their minds dropping to secondary power as their systems are analyzed and debugged, the woman also calling herself Unit TW-4792 takes the magnetic sealer from Kumiko's frozen fingers, then sits down at her chair to await the completion of their systems diagnosis.

"Damn, I hate this," she sighs...

* * *

After school, Atako waits at the front door for Kumiko and Momoe to join her for the walk home. She blinks on seeing someone else. "Hi, Mie-chan!" she waves as Mie walks up.

"Hi, Atako-chan," Mie returns her wave, then gently grips her hand. "So, going to have a little fun tonight?"

"Usual for me," Atako stretches herself. "Kumiko-chan and Momoe-chan are going to have their wicked way with me, then it'll be Lum-chan's turn when she gets off work. How about you?"

"I wish I had that sort of social life in Yame," Mie laughs. Androids or no, she admired her classmates' desire to express their love for each other so openly.

"So, c'mon down," Atako shrugs. "I've told my mom about you and I know Lum-chan likes you. Don't feel left out, you know."

"Thanks, but I'm not the type to have four wanton and fickle women have their way with me," Mie hums, then blinks as Kumiko, Momoe and Chigaiko walk up. "Momoe-san, are you alright?"

"Momoe-chan, what's wrong?" Atako gasps, gently holding the taller woman's arms, horrified at the frightened look on her face.

"It...it's nothing much, Atako-chan," Momoe sighs. "I seemed to have caught some sort of bug. I'm gonna have to take a rain check on the date tonight, Atako-chan...gomen."

"It's okay; I'll walk you home!"

"It's alright," Momoe smiles reassuringly, then kisses her. "I'll be fine. Look, Chigaiko-chan volunteered to step into my place. Go on home, Atako-chan; don't let me stop you."

"Oh...okay," Atako nods, fretfully gazing at her classmate as Chigaiko and Kumiko walk her home.

Momoe sighs, then leans against the fence. Damn, even with the recharge in Shooko's office, she was tiring out quickly. "You alright?" Mie wonders. "Is there some place I can take you?"

"Yes, please," Momoe slips an arm around her shoulder. "An apartment, the Hinan Building, ninth floor."

"Gotcha," Mie nods as she and Momoe walk to a nearby bus stop. "How are your systems doing? It looks like you're about to have a serious breakdown here."

"It feels like it, too...eh?!" Momoe stares at her, wide-eyed. "You know?" her voice drops to a hushed whisper.

"Hard not to tell when you have eyes that can really see," Mie winks. "Relax, I won't spill it to anyone, even Atako-chan. But when are you going to tell her about Ataru Moroboshi?"

"We all took a vote on it last night via cyberlink," Momoe sighs. "There are 44,837 androids living in Tomobiki; two more in space. Twenty-four thousand said 'no.' You should know everyone who personally knows Atako voted 'yes.'"

"Maybe you need an outside agent to clue her in," Mie muses.

"You?" Momoe blinks. "If you want, of course; we can't stop you. But please, be very careful when you do it."

"I'll think about it tonight...eh?" Mie tenses.

A flash of light behind the classmates reveals her sophomore sister Tamiko and her freshman brother Suzume. "Mie-chan, is Momoe-sempai okay?" the former wonders, staring concernedly at the black-haired android. "She looks really sick."

"Should we teleport her home?" Suzume inquires.

"No, I doubt her systems'll survive jumping through dimensions especially at their present state," Mie grunts. "Tell Mom and Dad that I'll be late, okay; keep dinner waiting for me."

"Right," Tamiko nods as both disappear.

"They can teleport?" Momoe gasps.

"Quite easily," Mie smiles. "My whole family are espers; that's how we could tell you're all androids. Your influence in the Cosmic All is a lot different than that of a pure organic's."

"I understand," Momoe nods. "Look, Mie, you don't have to worry about our going after you, your mom or Tamiko. If this was when the sickos who did this to us were still in control, you'd be in serious trouble, but these days the only people we concern ourselves with are those who want to be androids because their friends or family were converted, or those who really have no choice in the matter like Chigaiko-chan."

"Thanks; 'sides, we'd all turn you into scrap if you ever tried to force us," Mie smiles dangerously. "Teleportation isn't our only powers, you know."

"I got you...eh?" Momoe blinks on hearing a car drive up.

Both stop as the command car once used by Shutaro Mendou stops at the curb. A Kuroko is driving it, Ryooko Mendou riding in the back seat. "Momoe-chan, are you alright?!" the younger Mendou daughter leaps out to help her friend into the back seat.

"Really loused up inside, Ryooko-chan," Momoe smiles, then nods at Mie. "Don't worry; Mie knows about us."

"I understand," Ryooko nods, then smiles at Mie. "Would you care to join us, Mie-san? You might as well see the whole truth."

"Sure," Mie hops it.

"Hinan Building, please," Ryooko nods.

"Yes, Young Mistress," the Kuroko slides the vehicle back into traffic, then takes off for downtown.

Boy, Twilight Zone or what?! Mie muses as she gazes at Ryooko tenderly holding Momoe's hand, allowing the latter to lean on her shoulder. Two androids beside her looking ready to rip their clothes off and screw each other silly, and a Kabuki stage hand/bodyguard driving them seemingly without a care in the world. Those who said Tomobiki was a weird place weren't exaggerating. "Hey, driver, can I ask you something?"

"Mistress?" the Kuroko hums.

"Ask your question, Mie-san," Ryooko nods.

"What do you think?" Mie wonders. "Do you know about..."

"The Young Mistress' present...condition?" the bodyguard sighs, then his shoulder slumps. Under his mask, he allows tears to flow. "We have always known it, ever since she was transformed. Our oaths to the Young Mistress are stronger than anything you can imagine, Seikou-san. She is not only our employer, she is also our friend and confidant. We protected her, shielded her from those who'd take advantage of her before the retro-virus freed her soul to express itself properly. Our desire at present is to make the Young Mistress' life as comfortable as possible until the day our allies can find a way to give them back their humanity."

Mie blinks, then nods. "Shit, this place is in more of a mess than even I suspected. How many people know about this?"

"Outside people such as you and your family, my bodyguards, the United Nations' Special Committee on Alien Affairs, Atako-chan's grandmother plus her friends on Zephyrus, and Lum-chan's allies on Uru and elsewhere," Ryooko sighs. "Not to mention the surviving members of the conspiracy who nearly destroyed us; they're being hunted down as we speak."

"I'd like to get some of that action," Mie crosses her arms, a dangerous glimmer in her eyes. "What happened...geez, I don't know the whole story but what I know scares me to death already!"

"I know...ah, here we are!" Ryooko smiles.

The command car pulls up in front of the Hinan Apartments. The three women disembark, nod to the guard in his hut, then head inside. Mie focuses on him, her telepathic senses reaching out. "He's an android, too," she stares at Ryooko and Momoe.

"Yes," Ryooko smiles as they step into the elevator and head up. "The person who provided us with the apartment where we go to have detailed maintenance done also provided him. In fact, she owns the whole building; there's no one else living here."

"Doesn't anyone notice?" Mie wonders.

"Not really," Ryooko muses as they step off on the ninth floor. "Most of the men living in Tomobiki have long been...dealt with. There are those people who know and are willing to stay quiet. There are those who do know, yet really don't care. We do our best not to draw attention to ourselves."

They stop in front of the door. Ryooko places her hand on the touch pad. "Android Unit Tee-Em-Three-Nine-Four-Nine, Ryooko Mendou, requesting access to visit life mate."

"Acknowledged, Ryooko, you may enter," the computer replies.

Mie jolts. I know that voice!! her eyes widen.

Momoe places her hand on it next. "Android Unit Tee-Ay-Seven-Two-Eight-Three, Momoe Marubeya, requesting access for emergency systems maintenance. I have an organic guest."

"Acknowledged, Momoe. Please allow your guest to touch the identity pad for DNA registry."

"Okay," Momoe nods, then waves to the pad.

Mie places her hand on the board. "Mie Seikou."

The computer hums. "Sagussan genotype confirmed. DNA scan complete. Cross-check with Chamber of Eternity records, match found. Welcome back, Daishi'cha Three-Three-Seven. Your sister and friends will be informed of your good health. You may enter."

Mie jolts. Momoe and Ryooko gape at her. "Mie-san...you're one of Noa-san's people?!" the latter android gapes.

Mie shudders, looking down. "I don't know..."

Silence falls, then they step inside. Sakura and Lum walk up. "Shooko-chan called and told us you were coming, Momoe-chan," the school nurse helps the malfunctioning student into an examination room. "C'mon, let's see how bad it is."

"Thanks, Sakura-chan," Momoe nods.

Lum sighs, then smiles at Mie. "Well, I guess you know the truth now, Mie-chan. Sorry we didn't tell you before...is there something wrong?" the Oni android stops, gazing concernedly at her classmate's stunned look. "Are you okay?!"

"Lum-chan...Mie-san is a Sagussan," Ryooko supplies. "She's one of Noa-san's people."

Silence falls...

* * *

"I swear, I don't know a thing!!" Mie asserts.

Sakura, Ryuunosuke, Lum and Ryooko gaze at their guest, the five now in the Oni's work office. Momoe is on the examination table, stripped of her clothes and much of her skin as dozens of probes examine her body. Saeko monitors from the side, her ears also tuned to the conversation. "Relax, Mie-chan, we're not accusing you of anything," Lum grips her classmate's hand. "But you have to understand we've had loads of questions about Noa-san and her friends. If you could tell us anything at all..."

"I would," Mie sighs. "Look, if I knew what I was doing on this planet, I'd be finding some way to communicate back home to get home. I never even heard the name 'Sagussa' before! Jeez, if I had my memories, I'd find some way to fix my ship and fly home, if I could! I can't, okay?!"

"Amnesia, then," Sakura sighs. "We're very sorry, Mie-chan. Please understand, we are getting a little desperate. Much that there are wonderful advantages of being an android, being organic does have its own rewards."

"I can understand that," Mie nods. "Look, you've got no worries about me blabbing this to anyone. Jeez, we could tell when we moved in that you took dealt with those who did this to you. Speaking of which, what the hell did you do to Ataru Moroboshi? I know Atako's Ataru; I certainly don't believe the 'country cousin' bullshit everyone's been feeding me whenever I asked."

The androids smile. "Yes, that is Ataru, the man your people want...for something; what, we don't know," Ryooko sighs. "Perhaps we should start at the beginning."

"Nice place to start," Mie nods.

Lum sighs, then looks back. "The people who did this to us were fanatics from the United Nations plus several of the rogue states who looked upon events in Tomobiki with alarm. None of us were angels back then, not even Darling. However, they..."

* * *

Ten months ago...

"A beautiful morning, isn't it, Mendou-kun?" Aisuru Megane smiles as he waves to his classmate.

"A beautiful morning it is, Megane-kun," Mendou smiles, bowing to his friend. "Well, shall we go in?"

"Let's," Megane grins, then blinks as he hears two familiar voices. "Ah, our star-crossed couple comes in for another day."

"Don't worry," Mendou laughs. "He'll get with the program soon enough. Strange that we focused ourselves on just one person for so long, one who caused so much trouble. By the way, did you see the new swim coach?"

"She was converted three days ago," Megane snickers as they head into school. "I'm going to check her out. Care to join me?"

"Delighted, Aisuru-kun," Mendou grins.

At the front gate, Ataru and Lum walk up side-by-side. A starstruck look is on the Oni's face while the Terran scans the available women for targets. "Your mother cooked a very good meal for your lunch, Darling," Lum smiles. "I hope you enjoy it."

"Thanks, Lum," Ataru absently sighs.

Lum looks down. "Darling, do I not please you?"

"Eh?!" he stares at her.

"Why do you not desire me, Darling?" she pouts. "Am I not beautiful? You know I love you."

Ataru shudders, then gazes at her doe-eyed stare. Damn, he hated it when Lum pulled the sob act on him; it made him feel so guilty. "Lum, look. I don't love you...but I don't hate you! I have never hated you..."

"But what about the last Tag Race?" the Oni wonders. "Aren't you mad? I did a horrible thing then..."

"Lum-chan, you've apologized for that every day for the last two weeks," Ataru sighs. "Damn, Mom's apologized for all the times she wished she never had me over the last month! Yes, I was mad at you then, but I forgive you. But...I'm not ready to settle down just yet. Because you wanted so badly to marry me, you wrecked my life for two years. I want to enjoy myself, okay? Is there something wrong with that?"

Lum blinks, then smiles. "No, Darling, there's nothing wrong with you being happy. In fact, I can help make you happy."

Ataru's eyes go wide. "Whoa, whoa, wait a minute!" he waves his hands. "What does that mean?!"

"If you desire to meet women, I should help you find them. You're right, Darling; maybe I have been too rough on you, demanded too much. I accept that. So, who do you want to meet?"

I'm either having a harem dream or I've been smoking dope!! Ataru shudders. And I KNOW it's not the latter!!

"Hey, Ataru!" Shitto Paama walks up. "Nice day, isn't it?!"

"Oh...oh! Hi, Paama!" Ataru waves. "I'm cool!"

"Later," Paama nods, then waves. "Natsuko-chan!!"

"Good morning, Paama-san," the girl's volleyball captain, now waiting by a cherry tree, smiles as he runs up, then drowns her with a kiss, his hands darting to feel up her breasts.

"What...the...fuck?!" Ataru's jaw hits the ground. Shit, if Sakura saw that, Paama'd be in traction. Shit, if Natsuko was in her right mind, Paama'd be on the way to the moon!

"My, Natsuko-chan and Paama-san are very happy together, aren't they?" Lum smiles.

"'Paama-SAN?!?!'" Ataru spins on her, his jaw agape at the honorific Lum would NEVER use on one of the bodyguards, then looks around for a familiar face. "Shinobu-chan!!"

"Good morning, Ataru-kun, Lum-chan!" Shinobu smiles as she arrives, bowing to them. "Beautiful morning, isn't it?"

"It's always a beautiful morning in Tomobiki!" Lum beams.

Somebody get me a barf bag, quick!! Ataru turns pale, then points at Paama. "Shinobu-chan, look at what Shitto's doing to Natsuko-chan!! Don't you think that's a little too risky?!"

Shinobu shrugs. "Natsuko-chan seems very happy, doesn't she?"

Ataru falls on his face! This was NOT happening. Ever since a month ago, every girl he had run across acted like meek little mice ready to do anything for a piece of cheese. It was crazy enough that his would-be wife had made such a complete turnaround from the jealous-prone but likeable girl before the Tag Race. But to have all the OTHER girls act this way, even older ones like his mother?! This just couldn't be happening!

"Darling, are you alright?" Lum worriedly stares at him.

"Ataru-kun, you don't look so good," Shinobu frets. "We should take you in to see Sakura-chan."

"Um...y-yeah!" Ataru nods.

They proceed into the school, heading immediately into the nursing station. "Sakura-chan," Shinobu calls out. "Ataru-kun doesn't feel very good. Could you take a look at him?"

"Of course," Sakura smiles, her voice no longer the strong tenor she used, but a girlish lilt. "Sit here please, Ataru-kun."

"S-s-sure," Ataru stammers as he sits down, staring wide-eyed at the statuesque woman who had occupied the fantasies of every boy in school since she came to work here. Shit, even Sakura?! This wasn't good. Not good one damn bit.

"Hmmm," Sakura leans down to feel his forehead. "You don't have a temperature, Ataru-kun. Are you sure you're okay?"

Ataru gulps as he gazes right down her beautiful cleavage, the heat in his body racing into his ground. "I...I'm fine."

Sakura blinks, then looks down to see a noticeable bulge in his trousers. "Oh, I'm sorry, Ataru-kun. I didn't mean to arouse you like that. Here," she leans up, gently kissing him. "A little present for your discomfort."

Lum's gonna kill me!! Ataru mentally gasps, then sees Lum smiling in approval. "Lum, are you alright?!"

"I'm fine, Darling," Lum smiles, then gazes at the nurse. "Sakura-chan, Darling wants to be happy, as happy as he could be. He deserves pleasure, doesn't he?"

"Oh, yes, he does," Sakura slips off her lab coat, then sets it aside, gazing at his erection. "You must be very uncomfortable right now, Ataru-kun. Shouldn't you do something with that?"

Stammering, Ataru moves to scramble out of the room. "I think I gotta get to class...!!" he cries out as he vaults for the door.

He stops as his hearing picks up Sakura's sobs. Stopping, he turns around to see the nurse's damp cheeks and pouting lips, Lum and Shinobu supporting her. "There, there, Sakura-chan, it's alright," the Oni wipes her cheeks. "You just scared Darling a little bit. He doesn't hate you. He likes you very much."

Ataru blinks, then stares at his hands. For so long, he had chased a sea of women without a care in the world. Now one of his favourites was ready to throw herself all over him...for a reason which came straight out of a lemon movie...and he was running away?! Still, his conscience was screaming that this was wrong! Sighing, he bites his lips as he decides to explore the problem further...hoping his conscience would forgive him later...then turns around and walks back up to Sakura, leaning up to tenderly kiss her. "I'm sorry, Sakura-chan. You just came on a bit strong and took me by surprise. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Thank you, Ataru-kun," Sakura smiles, her tears drying up.

"Darling, sit down," Lum indicates the examination table.

Ataru relaxes on the table. Lum and Shinobu sit to either side of him. "Sakura-chan, I don't think Darling understands what pleasures he can have now," the Oni smiles, winking at the nurse. "Please take your clothes off."

Sakura walks over to a tape recorder, slips in a nice slow song, then begins to sway to the music as her fingers undo her dress. Ataru gapes in awe as it falls away, revealing a lace bra that barely covered her gorgeous breasts and a mere string with glandular attachments for panties. Reaching up, she hooks her thumbs under the bra, then slips it clear, revealing her very firm nipples and large areolae. Lifting the bra clear, she leans down to unsnap her panties, letting them drop to the floor, then she leans up to spread her inviting love box, her clit beckoning for someone to play with it. "Am I beautiful, Ataru-kun?" Sakura licks her lips sensually, winking at him.

Ataru nearly creams his pants right there, the bulge ready to tear his trousers asunder. Damn, he couldn't loose control while he was trying to figure out what was going on. He better loose this erection soon or else he'd never make it through the day.

Fortunately (?) for him, Lum has the same idea. "Sakura-chan, Darling needs to relieve himself. Could you help him?"

"Of course I could," Sakura walks up, then slowly unzips his trousers and reaches into his boxers to draw out his quivering love engine. "Oh, someone's a BIG boy!" Sakura licks her lips, then to Ataru's disbelief...and enjoyment...swallows the large muscle wholesale, drawing in her breath as she begins to pump at it.

Goodbye, world! Ataru cries out as his member shoots its load deep into the nurse's throat. Sakura freezes as her internal systems take in that salty treat, then hidden vacuums in her mouth clean Ataru's deflating member to ensure he didn't mess his pants with spent seed. After a moment, she pulls back, then leans up to kiss him. "Thank you for the lovely snack, Ataru-kun," she winks. "I think you're okay right now. You should go to class."

"Um...ah...er...yeah!" Ataru quickly zips up his pants, then blinks as he realizes that Lum and Shinobu had sat there watching everything without reacting one bit. Wait a minute; no matter how much Sakura had changed, there was no way Shinobu and Lum would've sat around to watch him get a quick blow job from the nurse. How far did this change in their behaviour go?

"Lum-chan, Shinobu-chan," he gazes at his classmates. "Did you enjoy seeing that?"

"Yes, Darling," Lum smiles as both women nod. "We like it very much when you receive pleasure."

"You looked very happy, Ataru-kun," Shinobu adds. "How could we object to something like that?"

Ataru stares at them, then at Sakura, who has returned to her coffee table, not even bothering to dress. "Lum-chan, Shinobu-chan," Ataru stares at the Oni, then Shinobu. "Don't you think Sakura-chan deserves a little bit of pleasure?"

"Do you think so?" Shinobu blinks as Sakura stares at them.

"I think so," Ataru nods. "Why don't you two give Sakura-chan pleasure. I'll cover for you when roll-call's made, okay?"

"Okay, Darling," Lum nods.

Both women turn as Sakura spreads her legs, allowing them to lean down to lick her love canal. Ataru blinks, his jaw hitting the floor on seeing that, then he makes a strategic withdrawal.

What WAS going on here?!

* * *

"Incredible!" Mie gapes at them. "You mean, all Ataru had to do was tell you to screw each other and you did it?!"

"Hai," Lum nods, gazing sadly at Sakura. "All our willpower was gone, totally. All we knew was that all men were right and that we were to obey all their commands. I know now that Darling was just trying to figure out what was going on...he apologized for that later...so...um, you better take over here, Ryuu-chan."

"So he wanders around the school for the day watching all of us being good little sex toys for all those horny studs, then meets up with one of the few girls who hadn't been converted by then; Chigaiko Inu," Ryuunosuke adds...

* * *

Ten months ago, after school.

Ataru sits in the gymnasium equipment shed, gazing nowhere in particular. He had told Lum to go home right away; the gods only knew, with the total lack of morals everyone was showing these days, if she fell in the range of Mendou or the guards, she'd be raped on the spot! What he saw today stretched the imagination to the limit. He knew he dreamt of a harem a lot over the last couple of years, but he always assumed that those who'd become part of it would do so voluntarily because they loved him. With the way all the girls, even many of the female teachers like Sakura and Shooko Suriyoku...he'd caught the latter at lunchtime getting humped by Megane while giving Mendou a blow job...were acting these days, they loved every man in Tomobiki!! The same words chant in his mind: this isn't right, this isn't right!

Suddenly, the door opens and Chigaiko runs in, collapsing onto a mattress as pained sobs escape her. "Chigaiko-chan!!" Ataru runs up to her. "What happened?! Are you alright?!"

"Sempai...?" Chigaiko blinks, then shies away from him, a wary look on her face. "You're not going to ask me to make love to you or do something stupid like that, are you?!"

"No, I promise you, I won't!" Ataru sighs, then turns away, slapping his head. "Thank the gods, a normal woman still comes to this place!! What the hell's going on here?!"

"I don't know, Sempai," Chigaiko sobs, then sniffs back her tears, wiping her eyes. "It's like a bordello out there! As a matter of fact, it's like a bordello EVERYWHERE in Tomobiki!!"

"What?" he stares at her.

Chigaiko gazes at him, then shudders as very unwanted memories come back to her. "Sempai, has your mother...been acting strange?"

"Well, other than dressing in those new blouses and those long skirts, not to mention treating me nice, not really," Ataru shrugs.

"You, too? Oh, no! I thought I was the only one!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Sempai...I...last night after I got home from school, I saw my mother and my father in the kitchen. They...they were...they had no clothes on...and they..." Chigaiko shudders.

Ataru gapes, then shrugs. "Chigaiko-chan, I admit that doing it in an open space where others could see you is a little risque, but they do love each other..."

"I know, I know!" Chigaiko nods. "But then my sister...she goes to Butsumetsu High...comes home, then takes her clothes off and lets both Mom and Dad do her right there in front of me!!"

"WHAT?!?!?!" Ataru exclaims. "You're kidding me?!!"

"I'm not!!" Chigaiko sobs. "Then, Dad starts to look at me really strange, and that scared me so much...so I ran out of the house, then came to school!"

"And?!" Ataru prods her.

"And I met Ryuunosuke-sempai and Nagisa-sempai there and they got really concerned about me, so they took me to the class and sat me down, then they...then they..."

Ataru's eyes widen. "Did they rape you?"

"No, no!!" Chigaiko shakes her head. "Both took their clothes off...really made it look nice, then they made love to each other. I...I guess they were trying to make me comfortable, so I really got nice and warm down in my privates...and...I asked them to..."

"Give you pleasure?" Ataru wonders.

"Hai!" Chigaiko nods. "In fact, both of them were so nice to me, made me feel comfortable, they allowed me to sleep here at the school until I could feel safe going home."

Ataru sighs. It was all adding up. Every woman in Tomobiki seemed to be committed to making every man happy. Why was this happening?! Who caused this...?!


Every woman?

"You saw Nagisa-kun nude, right?"

"Yes," Chigaiko nods.

"He was a boy, right?"

"No!" Chigaiko blinks, then breaks out laughing. "Sempai, I know the difference between a man and a woman! Nagisa-chan is a real woman, be assured of that."

Ataru blinks. "That's wrong," he shakes his head. "Look, Ryuu-chan was raised as a boy because her old man wanted a son. He made a deal with Nagisa-kun's dad long before they were born that their kids would marry. Nagisa-kun's dad, therefore, had to raise his SON as a WOMAN so they could be of the 'proper' sex! Nagisa-kun has to be a man, unless...no!!"

"That's not Nagisa-chan!" Chigaiko gapes.

Ataru shudders as it all comes into place. "Not Ryuu-chan, not Shinobu-chan...not your mother, not your sister...oh, gods, not Lum-chan...not even my mother?!"

"Every woman in Tomobiki...!"

Silence falls as that heavy weight slams down on them. "Who did this?!" Ataru demands. "Who did this to everyone?!"

"Could it have been all the men?!" Chigaiko demands, an angry shudder racing through her slender body.

"No, they're too stupid to do that...and where the hell would they get the women to do all that stuff?!" Ataru shudders. "Oh, gods, maybe they do know! They seem to act as if every girl's their personal love slave!! You should've seen Mendou and Megane go at that new swim coach at lunchtime!"

"Not Suriyoku-sensei!!" Chigaiko screams.

"Yeah, her too!" Ataru blinks. "So, where the hell did they get the women to do this...wait a minute!" he stares up.

"What is it?"

"We're in the only place on Earth where aliens are permitted free reign!" Ataru exclaims.

Chigaiko's eyes widen in realization. "Shape-changers?!"

"Maybe..." Ataru bites his lips, then looks at her. "C'mon with me! Let's go to my house!!"

"Right," Chigaiko nods as they head off...

* * *

Moments later, they step into the foyer of the Moroboshi home. "Mom, Lum-chan, I'm home!!" Ataru calls out. "We have a guest!"

"Welcome home, Ataru-chan!" Kinshou smiles from the kitchen. "Oh, what a pretty girl! What's your name?!"

"Chigaiko Inu, Mrs. Moroboshi," Chigaiko bows to her.

"A pleasure, Chigaiko-chan," Kinshou nods. "Ataru-chan, Lum-chan's gone to her ship for a while. Dinner'll be ready soon."

"Thanks, Mom," Ataru nods, then blinks on feeling Chigaiko tap his shoulder. He looks down to see a small note in her hand. JUST LIKE MY MOM AND MY SISTER.

Ataru takes pen in hand and writes WHAT SHOULD I DO?


Ataru gulps, then shudders as he walks into the kitchen, approaching the woman before her. Biting his lips, he sighs. This wasn't his mother, so he wouldn't be seen as having an Oedipal complex. Besides, Kinshou was the most beautiful and popular girl in her high school class some twenty years before. Relaxing, he smiles. "Mom, I think you're really sexy."

Kinshou blushes. "Oh, thank you, Ataru-chan," she turns to gently embrace him. "I'm so glad my son loves me very much."

"Of course I love you, Mom," Ataru leans down, fighting back nausea as he warmly kisses her. "In fact, I think you're the sexiest woman in the world, Mom. Can I see how sexy you are?"

"Of course you can, my lovely son!" Kinshou steps back. "A good mother always sees to her child's every need!"

Who wrote THAT script?! Ataru shudders.

Kinshou unbuttons her frilly blouse, then tossing it aside, unsnaps her skirt and lets it drop to the floor. His jaw hits the floor as she reaches behind her to unsnap her bra, exposing her very trim breasts, then slinks down to slip off her panties. She then leans back, her fingers opening her love canal for his inspection. "Well, am I really sexy?"

Ataru gulps as he feels his own desires fire. Ersatz mother or no, she was downright beautiful in a mature manner...and damn inviting the way she acted. Staring concernedly at him, Chigaiko senses his indecision, then noticing Kinshou's excellent collection of meat cleavers and knives, walks over to slip one into her hand, then moves to stand beside Ataru. "Yes, you really are sexy," Ataru bites his lips as he feels the hard wood of the handle in his hand, a blast of anger racing up from deep inside him. "For an imposter!!" he lunges at her.

The knife rips into Kinshou's stomach above her belly button! She gasps as the force of Ataru's thrust shoves her against the counter, then looks down as sparks burst from her wound. Blinking as her damage control function went on line, she stares tearfully at Ataru. "Ataru-chan...why did you do that...to me...?"

Ataru and Chigaiko gape as more sparks burst from her as a orange-blue gelatinous fluid seeps from her wound. "Oh, gods!" the latter gasps. "She's a robot!"

Kinshou blinks, then smiles. "Almost correct...Chigaiko-...chan," she shudders as more sparks burst from her body. "I am an...android. Ataru-chan...why...don't you...love me...?"

Ataru stares into the android's eyes, his own filling with tears as he sees the pain, shock and sadness in Kinshou's. He had seen that so many times before from his mother that automatically, he moves over to hold her steady. "Are you my mom?!"

Kinshou nods, smiling. "Yes...I...am...your...mo-...ther..." she slurs as her internal systems shut down. "I...love...you..."

All movement stops as her primary systems shut down from the damage. Kinshou's smile radiates from her as she gazes at Ataru, tears flowing freely down her cheeks. Ataru stares at her, then gazes at the knife. "You killed her!" Chigaiko gasps...

* * *

To be continued...