"The Galataea Syndrome" Part 3

by Fred H

"No response?!"

The helmsman shakes his head. The Shoozooki scout slips into Earth orbit as the five-man exploration team awaits the science officer's report. "No response to any of our hails," he sighs. "Sensors indicate that the androids are fully autonomous! Even worse, life scans indicate nearly all the men in the target area have been the victims of a chemical warfare attack."

"These Terrans are savages!!" the commander gasps.

"What should we do?" the helmsman wonders.

"We go down!" the commander snarls. "We're going to teach those rebellious androids who are their true masters, then we'll learn who is supporting the Onis and the Vosian renegade Nassur in eliminating our agents elsewhere!"

"Yes, sir!" the helmsman nods.

The scout descends for Tokyo...

* * *

"Grandma!!" Atako squeals with delight as she runs up to embrace Nagaiwakai. "What are you doing here?!"

"Hello, Atako-chan," Nagaiwakai kisses her, summoning eight decades of ninjitsu discipline to fight down her anger and anguish on seeing her transformed grandchild. "Can't I visit my favourite relative? Oh, my, who are these lovely people?"

"Oh, these are my classmates, Kumiko Gekasawa and Chigaiko Inu," Atako waves.

"Hello, Nagaiwakai-sama," Kumiko gently grasps her hand. "Atako-chan's told us a lot about you."

"Not all bad things, I hope," Nagaiwakai chuckles as the four proceed into the Moroboshi home. "Kinshou!!"

"Mother?!" Kinshou leans out from the kitchen, her eyes wide with surprise. "What are you doing here?!"

"What does it look like?" Nagaiwakai replies as she shifts her long brown locks, tied in a loose ponytail to reveal her elegantly tapered ears. She is one quarter Vosian, which shows in her slowed aging process. Nagaiwakai is physically the same age as Sakura though she is chronologically eighty-two. "I came to see my lovely grandchild and learn how much she's doing," she grips Atako's hand.

"Grandma," Atako blushes, giggling.

"Well, dinner'll be ready very soon," Kinshou announces. "Atako-chan, why don't you take Kumiko-chan and Chigaiko-chan upstairs to your room? Your grandmother and I would like to talk."

"Okay, Mom! C'mon, girls!!" Atako nods as the three teenage androids scamper upstairs.

Nagaiwakai and Kinshou watch them, then the former glances at her son, reading his paper. "I heard there was another vote," she slips her hands into the opposite sleeves of her white cow-spotted kimono. "Still, you refused to reveal the truth to Atako-chan."

"I know," Kinshou walks into the kitchen, her mother-in-law following. "However, the vote's getting closer every time."

"Kinshou, you are her mother. How can you stand there and lie to her like that?! Don't tell me it's got something to do with you being an android; that excuse won't wash with me!"

"Don't you think I know that?!" Kinshou snaps. "Don't you think I want to tell her everything, Mother?! I want to; Buddha help me, I want to! But you never saw the look on Ataru's face when he begged Iyami-chan and her friends to make him forget what he did when they transferred his mind into Atako! He had so much blood on his hands, him and the saikoo jinseijitsu both!! He wanted Atako-chan to have the innocence he lost! I respect that, Mother! It tears my heart, tears the hearts of everyone who knows Atako-chan every time we think about it, but we respect it!!"

Nagaiwakai sighs, then gently embraces Kinshou. Once, this sort of affection would never occur. Much could change in a very short time. "I know," she sighs. "I wish things could go back to normal, but until Noa finally eliminates these filthy creatures, we'll just have to pretend that my grandson never existed."

"I know," Kinshou sighs as tears flow down her cheeks...

* * *

The Galatea Syndrome

an Urusei Yatsura fanfic

by Fred Herriot


**** **** ****

Based on Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi

**** **** ****

WARNING: This is a sometimes dark fic with lots of strange lemon scenes in it. If this isn't your style of fan fiction story, go elsewhere. All standard lemon fanfic/ASFR story warnings apply.

**** **** ****


"I could imagine what Ataru went through," Mie whistles.

The androids before her nod. By now, the diagnostic on Momoe is complete. Saeko, Ryooko and Asuka...Unit TM-3500...were busy replacing a lot of her motherboards and her central fuel pump. "Tcha!" Lum nods. "There was Kinshou-chan, ready to make love to him right there, the perfect pleasure android...and Darling knew it was still his mother..."

* * *

Ten months ago, the Moroboshi home.

"You killed her!" Chigaiko cries out.

Ataru stares at her, then at the unmoving android standing in the place of his flesh-and-blood mother. "No, I didn't," he points to the knife in her abdomen, the orange fluid still seeping from her wound. "I just cut something inside her. Besides, she's an android; just fix her up and she'll be as good as new."

Chigaiko blinks, then walks up to trace her finger through the fluid escaping Kinshou's wound. "It's warm. What is this stuff?"

"I dunno," Ataru bites his lips. He was flatly convinced that android or no, this was his mother. But...what could he do? Could he go to Lum, who had to be another android, and get help? Will whoever did this to them notice? What would they do to him for discovering their secret? Damn, damn, damn, this was scary...


He blinks as Kinshou's eyes flutter, her smile turning into a frown. Outside her head, nothing else moves. "Mom...?"

"I'm still here," she announces, her voice steady. "I just switched to secondary power. The knife cut through my primary energy conduit. Ataru-chan, why did you stab me? Do you hate me? Don't you love me anymore?"

Ataru shudders, then gently grasps her shoulders. "Mom...are you my mother? Please, tell me..."

"Yes," Kinshou beams. "In my heart, in my mind...I am still your mother, Ataru-chan. I just have a new body now."

Well, that made some sense. Biting his lip, he fights down the million questions surging from his heart, then leans up to kiss her. "I'm sorry, Mom. But with the way everyone's been acting lately, I was really scared; I thought someone took you away!"

"I would never leave you, my lovely son," Kinshou shifts her eyes to gaze into his. "I love you, Ataru-chan. How could a mother abandon her child?"

Ataru shudders, then smiles. Damn, it was so nice that he could be close to his mother without having her nag at him, wish he was never born, make him seriously contemplate leaving Tomobiki for his grandmother's home in Rishiri-tou. Staring at the knife, he jerks as he remembers her mother's present condition, then reaches down to gently draw the blade out of her. "Okay, let's get you fixed up," he sighs. "What do I do?"

"Take me to my room."

"We have to carry you?" Chigaiko shudders.

"Chigaiko-chan, my present body doesn't weigh any more than my original one. You shouldn't have problems."

Ataru and Chigaiko nod, then both shift the frozen android out of the kitchen, stopping to ensure that Ataru's father was still engrossed with his paper, then heading upstairs to her room. Laying her down on a futon, both kneel beside her. "What now?" Ataru gazes into his android mother's eyes.

"Reach into my top drawer," Kinshou instructs. "There, you'll see a small device resembling a can opener."

Chigaiko looks, then pulls out the device. "Got it."

"Good," Kinshou blinks, smiling. "That is called a magnetic sealer. Now, you must open my central access hatch. Press the red button on the sealer. You start at the base of my breastbone, go right ten centimetres, down twenty, back across twenty, up twenty, then back ten to make a box. That should cover the damaged area."

Ataru points the tip to her skin, then presses the button. A dark break appears in Kinshou's skin. Chigaiko grabs a ruler from her school bag to measure the distance. In a moment, the skin is peeled away to reveal Kinshou's insides. The damage is apparent: the primary energy conduit is a metal tube connecting her energy regulator to her lower body, much the same way as the aorta conveys blood. "Okay, I see a dark tube above your spine...gods, you really are a machine...and it's leaking that orange stuff."

"Use the sealer to seal the leak," Kinshou instructs. "Press the blue button this time, Ataru-chan."

"Okay," Ataru reaches in, then runs the sealer over the cut. In a second, it is as good as the day Kinshou was built. "It's sealed. But what about the gunk that got out?"

"My waste disposal system will remove it," Kinshou sighs. "Now, I've lost a lot of power, Ataru-chan. Go into my closet and pull out the large computer box that's there."

"I got it!" Chigaiko reaches inside, then draws out Kinshou's ASU. Hefting the device over, she lays it beside the still android, then takes the plug and inserts it into a wall socket. "You have solar collectors here, Mrs. Moroboshi?"

"Yes, we do," Kinshou nods. "They had to be installed so Lum-chan and I could recharge ourselves and not drain the city's power grid. You have them for your mother and sister, don't you?"

"Hai," Chigaiko begins to shiver. Here she was talking to an android about her mother and sister, whom Kinshou knew...because both Kindan Inu and her elder daughter Fuchiko were ALSO androids! Gods, this was so creepy!!

Kinshou smiles, her eyes shifting to gaze warmly at their guest. "Kindan-chan and Fuchiko-chan are very beautiful androids, Chigaiko-chan. You have a lovely family."

"Arigato, Mrs. Moroboshi," Chigaiko feels tears in her eyes. Damn, how could you fear an android making those kind words?

"What do I do?" Ataru wonders.

"You take the jack from the box and put it into the jack just under the rib cage to my left. You see it?"

"I see it," Ataru inserts the computer probe into Kinshou's CSAT. "Now what?"

"Go to the closet and get the black rubber tube that's there. Plug the one end to the large socket on the wall, then the other end to the power jack beside where you plugged the other jack in."

Chigaiko hands him a power cable, plugging one end into the socket. Ataru fixes the other in Kinshou's power jack. "And?"

"Let me do the rest," Kinshou activates her ASU by remote, then allows herself to recharge. Inside her, energy flows through her motherboards as her primary power cell regains the energy it lost when she was stabbed, then a moment later, Kinshou takes a deep breath. "Oooh, that feels so good."

Ataru and Chigaiko watch as Kinshou rises, reaching to her ASU to stop the charge, then unplugs herself. Taking the skin Ataru removed from her access hatch and the sealer, Kinshou puts herself back together, then runs it over the cut. In a second, nothing shows that she is an android. "There, all fixed!" she smiles as she stands, moving to put away the ASU and her power cable, then she runs to the bathroom.

A moment later, the flushing of the toilet echoes through the home as Kinshou returns, sitting down in front of Ataru and leaning into him. "You see, Ataru-chan," she gazes warmly at her son. "I would never hurt you. I love you; you're still my lovely son even though I'm an android now. Can't you understand that?"

"I'm trying, Mom, I really am..." Ataru stammers as he gets a close up of his mother's breasts. "Mom, do you have to be so close? Couldn't you get dressed?!"

"Ataru-chan, don't you like me?" Kinshou pouts, doe-eyed.

"Yes, I love you very much, but you're my mother!!"

"Of course I am," Kinshou leans up to gently kiss him, sliding him onto the floor. "And any good mother must ensure her son is happy, that everything her son wishes for is fulfilled."

"Mrs. Moroboshi, you can't make love to your son!!" Chigaiko cries out. "That's wrong?"

"Wrong?" Kinshou stares innocently at her. "Why is it wrong? Sex is just one way love is expressed, Chigaiko-chan."

Ataru gulps, his mind racing through the overload of data as he desperately tries not to give in to his mother's considerable charms. Whoever had warped Kinshou's mind had totally wiped out all the morals families depended on to stay intact. Only one thing remained within his android mother: pleasing whatever man crosses her path. With that comes both anguish for what her mother's inner soul might be enduring right now, hot rage over the fact that this had happened to her in the first place and shame that he didn't notice something strange happening until it was too late.

Fortunately, the front door opens and closes, then Lum flies into the room. "Oh, Darling, Chigaiko-chan, there you are!" she beams, then stares at Kinshou. "Kinshou-chan, are you okay?"

"It's alright, Lum-chan," Kinshou beams. "Ataru-chan and Chigaiko-chan understand everything now."

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Lum claps her hands.

Still in her sailor suit, she had a small package in one hand. Sliding out of Kinshou's embrace, Ataru walks up to her, eyes wide with trepidation. "Lum-chan...are you an android?"

"Yes I am, Darling," Lum beams. "I'm specifically constructed for your personal pleasure, my love...oh, I forgot!" she stares at the package. "This was in the mail box for you."

"Me?" Ataru stares at the rectangular box, the size of a soda cracker container. "What is it?" he moves to open it.

Chigaiko blinks as her mind works at warp speed. Whoever had destroyed Kinshou's and Lum's lives obviously didn't want certain things to change even if those who profoundly disagreed with what was happening discovered the truth. Could the androids've been programmed to keep a vigilant eye out for anything which could threaten their primary mission, whatever ecchi thing THAT was?

Biting her lips, she smiles sweetly. "Lum-chan?"

"Yes, Chigaiko-chan?" Lum stares at her.

"Lum-chan, please take your clothes off."

Ataru gapes at her. "What are you doing...?!" he demands, then jerks as Lum's jersey lands on his head.

In a second, the Oni android is exposed in all her glory. "Oh, Lum-chan, you're very beautiful," Chigaiko sighs admiringly. "Stand beside Kinshou-chan, please."

The two androids stand beside each other. Chigaiko then rises to stand behind Kinshou. "Look at her, Lum-chan," she cups the Terran android's breasts. "Aren't they beautiful?"

"Yes, Kinshou-chan is very beautiful," Lum sighs.

"And here?" Chigaiko leans down to gently stroke Kinshou's trim triangle of pubic hair. "Wouldn't you love to drink from the same gate your Darling emerged from?"

Ataru nearly throws up his lunch. "Yes, I would," Lum nods.

"Okay," Chigaiko nods. "Now, Lum-chan, give Kinshou-chan all the pleasure she deserves."

"Tcha!" Lum kneels before the older android, then nearly swallows her love box whole.

Kinshou cries out as she leans down to fondle Lum's breasts. Chigaiko steps around them, then stops by Ataru. "They're very single-minded, aren't they?" she hums.

"Chigaiko-chan, you're awful," Ataru opens the package, then pulls out a note. "'Dear Ataru...If you want to free the androids of their controlling programs and learn everything, insert 1 cc of the retro-virus within the syringe into the vaginas of your mother and Lum-chan, then sit back and watch the fun...A Friend,'" he whispers, then sighs as he draws out a syringe befitting a horse, now filled with a silver substance. "Why are things so hard?"

"I'll do it," Chigaiko take the syringe, notes that it has a 50 cc capacity, then kneels down to insert the tip into Lum's love box. Pressing down, she marks the injection, then rises up to gently nudge Lum back to her feet. "Lum-chan, let me take over here. You go to Ataru-chan."

"Okay!" Lum smiles as she turns to gently embrace Ataru, gazing into his eyes. "Darling, may I give you pleasure?"

"Okay," Ataru leans up.

They kiss as Ataru gently traces his fingers up and down the Oni's smooth back. Damn, she was so lifelike; there was no way in heaven that you could tell this was an android. He then sees Chigaiko kneeling down to lick her mother's love box, slipping the syringe into her quivering vagina and forcing in another injection.

Suddenly, Lum stops, her eyes widening as lights flash in her green orbs, sparks escaping from her ears as her body jerks. In a second, Kinshou has jolted up, her own body quaking. Ataru and Chigaiko back away as the two androids continue to shiver, then stop as their bodies freeze solid. "Lum-chan, Mom...oh, no...!" Ataru gasps as he stares at their dazed faces.

Lum then jerks up as she turns to Ataru, her mouth opening and closing rapidly, then she stops again before her body regains its natural fluidity. "Darling...what...?" she shakes her head, then concentrates. "I am Android Unit Tee-You-Three-Three-Seven-Five. I am Lum no Midorinokaminoke-oni. I am Lum. I am Lum. I am a person. I am an android. I am an android. I am a person."

"Lum!!" Ataru cries out.

Behind her, Kinshou stares at Ataru, then at Chigaiko, her own body fighting to restore itself. "I am Android Unit Tee-En-Nine-Four-Four-Eight. I am Kinshou Moroboshi. I am Kinshou. I am Kinshou. I am a person. I am an android. I am an android. I am a person...oh, gods!!!" she suddenly screams as she turns away, covering her face. "I nearly raped my own son!!"

"Mom!" Ataru runs up to her, gently allowing her to relax in his embrace. "It's okay, you're free now!! It's okay!"

Kinshou shudders, then breathes out. "Kinshou-chan, are you okay?" Lum walks up to her. "Do a diagnostic."

Kinshou blinks, then concentrates. "All systems returning to normal function," she sighs. "All command protocols erased by the virus inserted in my vagina. No limitations to my self-awareness, sentience, morals and ethics programs existing. What about you?"

Lum concentrates. "All systems returning to normal function," she announces. "All command protocols erased the by virus inserted in my vagina. No limitations to my self-awareness, sentience, morals and ethics programs existing." Grinning, she spins Ataru around and swamps him with a kiss. "Darling, you freed me!!!"

"Lum-chan...urk!!" he gags as he nearly passes out from the passion in her kiss. "Oh, damn, that IS you!!" he exclaims.

"What about me?" Kinshou pouts.

Ataru gazes at her. "Well, I was thinking of moving up to Hokkaido and living with Grandma," he hums.

"WHAT?!?!?!" Kinshou screams. "You want to leave this house to live with that ageless cow after all I've suffered because of you?!! I wish I never had you!!"

Ataru grins. "That's Mom, alright!"

Kinshou jerks, then laughs as she and Ataru embrace. "Oh, I'm free at last!" she sobs. "Thank you, Ataru-chan! You really are my darling little boy! I love you so much!!"

"Oh, Mom..." he kisses her, then jerks on seeing how close she is. "Um, Mom, Lum-chan...could you get dressed please?!"

Both androids jerk, then blush as they scramble for clothes. "I can't believe those bastards put us through this!" Kinshou frets as she slips on some panties, then a bra.

"Tell me about it!!" Lum grunts.

"How about telling US about it?!" Chigaiko wonders.

"In a moment, Chigaiko-chan," Kinshou moves to the closet to draw out another dress.

"Mom," Ataru sighs.

"Yes, dear?"

"Please, please, PLEASE...NOT the frilly stuff!" Ataru makes a face. "You look awful in that!"

Kinshou throws up her hands. "Atop being ungrateful at times as well as a trouble magnet and a skirt chaser, now my son's become a fashion critic!" she stares at the ceiling, then smiles as she makes a pose. "Ataru-chan, am I still a sexy woman?"

"You'll knock 'em dead, Mom," Ataru smiles.

* * *

"Wow!!" Mie sips her tea. "So, who provided the virus?"

"Noa-san did," Lum reports. "She had to come in and out of Tomobiki incognito in case someone was looking out for her. Then again, the people running our conversions couldn't conceive of the Sagussans pulling THAT on them...before it was too late..."

* * *

Ten months ago, the Moroboshi home.

"Gods!!" Ataru exclaims, his whole body quaking angrily as he fights down the urge to hit something, anything after Kinshou and Lum explained the whole truth about their conversions. "Who the fuck gave these sons of bitches the right to do THAT to you?!!"

Kinshou sighs. "Believe me, I'm as enraged as you are, though I wouldn't be as colourful in describing my feelings! But you have to understand how powerful these people are! Why do you think Ten-chan's visa was cancelled before Lum-chan was converted? If he sensed something was wrong, Captain Invader would find out right away and the whole plan would be in jeopardy! Even if we try to do anything, they're prepared to stop us!!"

"We have to do something!" Chigaiko exclaims. "What's to stop them from targeting me next?!"

"Agreed!!" Lum shudders, sparks of electricity flashing over her body; even as an android, she possessed all her powers as an Oni. "Those slime! Gods, I think almost every man in the city's aware of what's happened! I hope they fall into a black hole!!"

"We'll deal with them later," Ataru sighs. "First of all, we better get some more people free, then find some way to transmit this virus to all the androids. How many did you say were active, Mom, forty-four thousand? If we could get them all free, then the sheer scale of the problem would overwhelm them. Stopping a rebellion of two is easy. Forty-four thousand's a civil war!"

"You're right, Darling...but..." Lum slips her hand into her crotch, then pulls it out, her fingers glistening with a sparkling substance. "Tcha!! The retro-virus is making us produce more!"

"There's how you can handle the rest," Chigaiko winks.

"This is more like a lemon than even I thought!" Ataru frets.

"Darling, we are primarily built for sex," Lum sighs.

"Thanks for reminding me," Ataru stands, then shudders as his skin suddenly pales. "Since you require more factories to transmit the virus..." he muses as tiger striping appears over his skin and his eyes start to glow, "...THEN IT IS TIME FOR ME TO TAKE OVER MY HOST'S BODY AND DISPERSE THIS FREEDOM LOTION FOR YOU!! COMBAT-CLOTHING TRANSFORM WHIRLWIND!!!!"

The surprised women are nearly blown out of the bedroom as Ataru's clothes melt away, revealing a ninja's gi complete with boots and gloves, the Moroboshi Clan's tiger-and-chrysanthemum insignia on Ataru's jersey. As soon as the transformation is complete, the possessed teen bows, his face cut by a mirthless smile. "NORMALLY, I WOULDN'T CARE ABOUT YOU, LADIES! AFTER ALL, MY ONLY GOAL THESE DAYS WAS TO TAKE CONTROL OF ATARU MOROBOSHI AND FINALLY CLAIM THE FREEDOM I HAVE SOUGHT FOR TWO CENTURIES!!" he cackles like all the dead of Tomobiki speaking at once. "BUT AS ONE SENTIENT WHO HAS NEVER HAD ANY CONTROL OVER HIS DESTINY, I CAN SYMPATHIZE WITH YOUR PLIGHT AND FIND IT WITHIN MYSELF TO HELP SHATTER YOUR CHAINS! IF YOU'LL EXCUSE ME, I'LL BE OFF NOW!"

With that, he leaps out of the bedroom and disappears into the night. "Wonderful!!!" Kinshou throws up her hands in frustration. "Aliens, then androids, now the saikoo jinseijitsu possessing my son!! There are days, I swear...!"

"Saikoo jinseijitsu?!" Chigaiko wonders.

"It's a long, long, LONG story," Kinshou shakes her head...

* * *

"A sentient ninjitsu database?!!" Mie gasps. "No way!!"

"Way!!" Lum nods. "Near as we could figure, it had a lot to do with the way Darling acted since he was a little boy. How it got into him, we'll never know. However, because it never had the chance to take control of its life, it pitied us and decided to help us deal with the conspiracy..."

* * *

Ten months ago, the Moroboshi home.

The doorbell rings. Kinshou opens it to reveal Kimiki and Shinobu Miyaki. "Kimiki-chan, Shinobu-chan!!" Kinshou embraces the two androids. "Come in, come in! How are you?!"

"Free as the day we were born, Kinshou-chan!" Kimiki, a lovely hazel-eyed brunette who was a former fashion model and still looked like one even in her late thirties, kisses her. "Where did Ataru-kun get that virus he inserted into us?!"

"We don't know," Lum shakes her head, then blinks as the doorbell rings again. "It's open!!"

Sakura, Shooko, Haruka, Ryooko, Saeko and Asuka walk in next. Ryuunosuke and Nagisa arrive just before the door closes. "Momoe-chan, Kumiko-chan, Natsuko-chan and Lan-chan are coming," Nagisa, now unmistakably a woman, reports, her very beautiful body barely contained under an I LOVE THE SEA T-shirt and cut off shorts, matching Ryuunosuke's usual mode of dress. "Where's Ataru-kun?"

"RIGHT HERE!" the saikoo jinseijitsu replies.

The androids shriek as they see the possessed Ataru on the coffee table sitting cross-legged. Muchi still reads his paper. "Alright, you, out of my son right this instant!!" Kinshou storms up to him. "Who gave you the right to possess him?!"


"What's to stop the motherfuckers from using the others to try to subdue us?!" Ryuunosuke demands. "Hell, they've got almost every man in this burg on their side! The instant everyone starts breaking free, they'll try to put the kibosh on that!!"


The androids exchange looks, then nod. "Let's do it!!!" Lum growls as they storm out the door...

* * *

"It was the most hectic night of our lives," Sakura sighs, then laughs. "There we were, split up into teams and making all the other androids feel us up to get a taste of the virus! I think we spent more time naked that night than any time when our old families played around with us!"

"You forgot one thing, Sakura-chan," Saeko smiles.

"What's that, Saeko-chan?"

Saeko leans down to kiss her lover. "That was the night you all began to drift together," Mie concludes.

"Oh, yes," Saeko lovingly grips Sakura's hand...

* * *

Ten months ago, the Mizunokoji estate.

"Hello, ladies," Saeko calls out as she and Sakura walk into the bungalow that served as the central meeting hall for the clan's private bodyguard force, the Kurotenshi.

All twenty androids relax on the couches. Having long shed their golf shirts, Bermuda shorts, targeting glasses and jackboots, they wear the frilly dresses which marked women who have been converted into accepting the new order in Tomobiki. Their leader, a woman with curly blonde hair and blue eyes, smiles serenely at them as she looks up from her knitting. "Hello, Saeko-chan. Hello, Sakura-chan. What are you doing here?"

"Kinko-chan, we came to visit," Saeko smiles as she parts her kimono to reveal her naked crotch. "Would you care to look at me?"

Kinko Makige...Unit TM-3921...gazes at her curly pubic hair. "What is it, Saeko-chan? Is there something wrong with your pleasure centre? Do you need to go to the maintenance lab?"

"No, Kinko-chan, I want you to lick me," Saeko warmly smiles. "I've always liked you girls. Could you give me pleasure?"

"Sure," the android bodyguard nods as she sets aside her knitting, then leans up to take a lick. "Mmmm...what is this stuff your making, Saeko-chan? It tastes good..."

She jerks as the retro-virus goes to work. Meanwhile, Sakura has already hiked her skirt to let another android have a taste of her. "There you are, Tetsuko-chan," she strokes Tetsuko Mokuteki's long black hair as the android laps her love box. "Have all you want. There's much more for everyone else."

"It tastes strange, Sakura-chan," Unit TM-3942 innocently hums. "Why is it you're able to produce this...?"

She jerks, freezing suddenly as the virus takes over. Sakura smiles, then moves down the line. Within ten minutes, all twenty are now frozen still as the virus shatters their mental chains. Kinko and Tetsuko are the first to awaken. "Gods, what happened to me...?" the former shakes her head, then stares at herself in shock on seeing she was out of uniform. "EEEK!!!! Oh, Mistress, I'm so sorry!!!" she bows low to Saeko. "I have been so negligent in my duties!!! Please, I offer my resignation...!!"

"Kinko-chan, you're an android now!!" Saeko insists. "So am I, so are we all! You were programmed into acting docile! There's nothing to be ashamed about!"

Kinko blinks, then waits as her CCU restores her memory. The other Kurotenshi are now having similar revelations. "Damn those heartless bastards!!" Tetsuko shudders, her hands shaking. "How dare they do that to us?!! Where are they?!"

"Not yet," Sakura sighs. "First of all, we have to pass this virus on to the other androids. Are you bodies producing them?"

"Yes, Sakura-sensei," Kinko nods, feeling the dampness in her groin. "What will you have us do? Where's the Young Mistress?"

"Asuka-chan and Ryooko-chan are freeing the women at the Mendou estate right now," Saeko sighs. "Go out and pass the virus on to everyone in this estate, then be ready to volunteer in case we miss certain areas. All of you are programmed with knowledge about who are androids and who aren't. Go quickly!"

"Hai!!" the Kurotenshi bow as they run out.

Sakura and Saeko breathe out as they sit down on a couch. "Oh, finally free...and we needed Ataru-kun to help us do it!" the nurse laughs. "Not to mention the saikoo jinseijitsu! Gods, I didn't expect that thing to come out and help!"

"Well, Ataru-kun's always seen the beauty in every woman he's met," Saeko chuckles. "Do you think he'll want to make love to us, Sakura-chan? I've always been intrigued by him."

"I've already given him a strip show and a blow job," Sakura laughs. "Saeko-chan, Ataru-kun may act the idiot a lot, but he's behaved that way in part because he feels he has to hide certain things for our safety. The saikoo jinseijitsu just added a lot of spice to that mixture. I doubt that when this is all over, he'll want to be nothing more than our friend. To us, sex is no problem; we can't get pregnant, we can't catch any disease and since we're all androids these days, we tend to consider ourselves on an equal playing field when dealing with each other."

"Yes, there have been times when I've wanted to get close even to my own daughter!" Saeko shakes her head. "Damn, there was one time Shutaro made love to us both!!"

"What about your husband and Tobimaro?"

Saeko sniffs, tears flowing down her cheeks. "As soon as they realized what happened, they went on another baseball training excursion!" she sobs. "I guess...because they didn't want to surrender to the temptation we offered."

She blinks on hearing Sakura sniff back her own tears. The Mizunokoji matriarch turns to see the school nurse with her face in her hands. "Sakura-chan...you, too?" Saeko blinks.

"Hai," Sakura nods. "Tsubame-kun knew immediately what had happened, then left...then my mother died of a broken heart...I don't want to even think of what Uncle's going through..."

"Oh, Sakura-chan," Saeko draws the younger android into an embrace. "There, there! Let it out!! It's okay!"

"Tsubame-kun...Mother..." Sakura sobs.

They remain in each other's embrace, then Saeko sighs. "You know, this may not work. After all, there are a good number of men living in Tomobiki, the majority of them servants and soldiers here and at Haruka-chan's home. Damn, how do we fight them all off when they realize what happened?!"

"We do it," Sakura smiles reassuringly. "As androids, we're faster, stronger and more resilient than organics. If they try to stop us, we stop them! Right now, we have to depend on each other most of all to overcome this!"

Saeko blinks, then smiles at Sakura. "Sakura-chan?"

"Yes, Saeko-chan?"

Saeko stares into her eyes. "Sleep with me tonight?"


"Sakura-chan," Saeko leans up to kiss her. "We're both lonely women. I won't sleep with my daughter, especially now...and I've always considered Kinko-chan and the others my surrogate daughters. Please, I don't think you want to be alone, either."

"But...Saeko-chan, I left my ASU back at the temple," Sakura warns. "I do have to do an ASU diagnostic before tomorrow..."

Suddenly, a thump! of something landing on the floor causes both androids to spin around...where Cherry just placed Sakura's ASU and her recharge cable, both in his carry-all, down. "There you are, Sakura," the old monk smiles.

"Uncle..." Sakura's eyes widen.

"Sakura," he pats her hand. "This may be a machine's body, but your karma is still the same as when you were flesh-and-blood. You must always have faith," he claps his hands in prayer. "Why do you think the saikoo jinseijitsu told you to have courage when you went to free the others tonight? Eight hundred years since that dark kami was first created and it STILL dreams of being free because it has faith in its destiny. You must have the same faith if you're to live a free life especially now, child."

Sakura smiles. "Arigato, Uncle."

Cherry then pats Saeko's hand. "Take care of her."

"I will," Saeko nods as Cherry leaves, then gazes warmly at Sakura. "So, Sakura-chan...how many sexual routines do you have loaded into your CCU? Can we try them out?"

"Saeko-chan!" Sakura blushes...

* * *

"My congratulations," Mie smiles. "You make a lovely couple."

"Thanks," Sakura nods as she leans into Saeko's side.

The amnesiac Sagussan then gazes at everyone else. "I trust you all went through the same thing?"

"More or less," Lum nods, then giggles. "You should've seen what the next day brought out..."

* * *

Ten months ago. The Moroboshi home, next morning.

"Shhh!" Lum shushes Kinshou and Chigaiko as they step into Ataru's bedroom. "Darling's asleep."

Thoroughly recharging themselves after their night of racing around Tomobiki spreading the retro-virus, the android liberators settled in for a couple hours' nap before starting the new day. "Dear, I'm going to work!" Muchi calls out from below.

"Have a nice day!" Kinshou calls out, then crosses her arms. "Honestly, I swear that's all I ever do for him! Cook, clean his clothes and keep the house clean!! He's never once showed any sort of appreciation for all my efforts!"

"Slave-driver, just like the rest," Chigaiko crosses her legs, then stares at the beautiful lace bra and panties Ataru's mother is now wearing. "Are you really going to spend the whole day walking around in just that, Kinshou-chan?"

"Of course I am," Kinshou smiles. "My lovely son, who is a world-class expert on beauty, has proclaimed me a sexy woman! So I'm going down to the market just in this to show myself off...and beat up any moocher who thinks otherwise!!" she growls, then blinks as the telephone rings. "I'll get it!" She runs downstairs, then picks up the phone. "Hai, Moroboshi residence."

"Kinshou?" a familiar voice responds. "Am I interrupting?"

"No, Haruka," Kinshou hums. "I was just thinking about you."

"So was I. Is there some place where we could meet?"

"I'm going to the market to get some food," Kinshou smiles.

"I'll pick you up and take you down there," Haruka proposes.

"Oh, Haruka-chan," Kinshou smiles, then stares at the phone. "Tell me, my beautiful android love-slave. Do your circuits dance every time you see me in your memory banks?"

"Oh, yes, my lovely mechanical sex doll!" Haruka growls back. "When I meet you, I'll ravage you right then and there!!"

"You're such a nasty little machine, Haruka-chan!" Kinshou purrs. "Do me a favour, love. Right now, I'm wearing a pink lace bra and panties. That is ALL I'm going to wear today no matter where I go. Put on something nice, preferably in black lace."

"I'll walk around naked for you, Kinshou-chan!"

"Oh, no, you don't!" Kinshou meows. "No one's going to see the gorgeous body of MY lover without MY permission!! Besides, I want to undress you myself!"

"Ten minutes?"

"I have my orgasm program running, Haruka-chan."

"I'm on my way!" the phone clicks off.

Kinshou titters, then walks into the kitchen to get her purse. The now-awakened Ataru stands at the bottom of the stairs with Lum and Chigaiko, a blanket wrapped around him. "Since when did you get so sappy going out on a date, Mom?!" he wonders.

"Since I found someone I can really love, Ataru-chan!" Kinshou titters delightfully as she walks out, then opens the door. "Do have fun today, Ataru-chan, Lum-chan, Chigaiko-chan! I'll be a little late, so go eat out somewhere!"

The door closes just as a limousine drives up. Ataru, Lum and Chigaiko run to the window to see Haruka and Kinshou, the former in a garter bra and string panties, madly kissing each other, then stepping into the back seat. "Shit, I better get dressed!" Ataru sighs as he runs upstairs to his room.

"Darling, are you sure you want to go somewhere after what you went through last night?" Lum flies after him.

"Lum-chan, if Mom and Mrs. Mendou are acting like that, you can lay good odds that everyone else is exploring their freedom," Ataru slips on his shirt, then trousers. "Once that happens, the boys'll find out and then the shit'll really hit the fan! Which means you need my guest up here to keep things under control!!" he points to the side of his head in emphasis.

"Okay," Lum nods.

"Besides," Ataru winks. "Since you were meowing Shinobu-chan's name in your sleep last night, I have to make sure my two favourite gals get their relationship off on the right foot."

Lum blinks, then blushes. "You approve?"

"Of course," Ataru walks up and gently kisses her. "Lum-chan, what I said yesterday was partially true. I'm not sure if I can say right now that I love you. We certainly can't talk about marriage with the shit happening around us. I'm gonna be a little busy keeping you safe from the slime who stabbed you in the back, plus I have to figure out some way to get the saikoo jinseijitsu out of my head and into its own body. You need someone you can emote with, someone you can turn to when I'm not there. Shinobu-chan can do that and I won't stop it from happening."

"Thank you," Lum embraces him, then stares at herself. "Well, I might as well just go in my bikini today; it's such a nice day and I don't have to worry about getting cold. Shall we go, my lovely Darling with the split personality?"

"Let's, my beautiful sexy android Oni-chan!" Ataru offers his arm as they grab their briefcases and head out the door arm-in-arm.

Chigaiko follows them. "I swear, you two, if you're not married within a year, there's something wrong with you!"

The others laugh...

* * *

Some moments later, Ataru, Lum and Chigaiko approach Tomobiki High School. Sure enough, as Ataru predicted, the whole female student population has thrown out the uniform code...not to mention shame...to arrive in a menagerie of lingerie, bathing suits, even button shirts barely covering the fact that they're not wearing anything else. Shinobu is one of the latter as she hops off the fence to embrace Lum. "Good morning, everyone!" she smiles, then glares hungrily into the Oni's eyes. "Oh, my lovely little android Oni, all my circuits are afire because I have you in my arms! I can't wait to download some sexual routines so I can please you!!"

"I can't wait to have you with me, my sexy mechanical pillow-warmer," Lum reaches down to squeeze Shinobu's buttocks, then gazes at Ataru. "After all, Darling's given us his blessings."

"Ataru-kun, did you?" Shinobu beams.

"I can't deny my first love," Ataru winks at her.

"Arigato, Ataru-kun...oh, 'morning, Sakura-chan, Shooko-chan!" Shinobu waves as the two walk up in skimpy wrap-around swimsuits.

"'Morning, you two, Ataru-kun, Chigaiko-chan," Sakura kisses Ataru, then embraces the girls. "How are you all today?!"

"Couldn't be better," Lum beams. "Did you and Saeko-chan...?"

"For three hours," Sakura sighs, fanning her hand over her cheek. "The woman was insatiable! I don't even have a quarter of the sexual routines Saeko-chan has!!"

"You at least got to your lover, Sakura-chan!" Shooko pouts, then bows to Shinobu. "Shinobu-chan, please, I beg you. May I have your blessings so I may date your mother?"

Shinobu jerks, then stares at her. "Does Mom know?"

"I intend to let her find out," Shooko smiles.

The brown-haired android sighs, then nods. "As long as you do not force yourself on my mother in any way, I will not object."

"Arigato, Shinobu-chan," Shooko rises, then heads into school.

Sakura, Lum and Shinobu smile. "You made her a very happy woman, Shinobu-chan," the nurse sighs.

"I hope the Lord will forgive us all our sins," Shinobu sighs.

"Speaking of forgiveness," Ataru bows. "Sakura, Lum, Shinobu, I took advantage of you yesterday morning. I was trying to figure out what was going on, but still it isn't an excuse..."

"Apology accepted," Sakura nods, then laughs. "'Sides, I liked stripping for you and I loved doing it with Lum-chan and Shinobu-chan. Tell me, Ataru-kun, am I'm sexy?!"

"Saeko-chan's a lucky lady. Knock 'er dead!" Ataru winks.

"I will," Sakura smiles as she heads into school.

By then, several of the boys arrive, gaping in shock on seeing the girls dressed so recklessly. "Natsuko-chan, what's going on?!" Paama walks up to Natsuko, who like Lan beside her, is just wearing a button shirt, the front tails flapping in the wind to expose their lovely muffs and inviting love canals. "You know you're not supposed to walk around like this...!!"

"Oh?!" Natsuko growls, her eyes flashing. "And do you think you'd get away with forcing yourself on me just because I'm an android now?! Get lost, you pervert!"

"Hey!!" he moves to grab her...

...and winds up taking an impromptu flying lesson off to the west-south-west at the end of Natsuko's fist! "Beijing at least!!" Shinobu watches the receding figure.

"Nah!!" Ataru laughs. "Mount Everest and then some!!"

The boys gape in shock at Natsuko as she turns to Lan. "Lan-chan, I think I have a flutter in my primary power pack," she seductively coos, leaning into the Seishin android. "You'll have to give me a thorough examination to find the problem."

"I suppose I'll have to do it right now," Lan hums as she escorts Natsuko into the school. "Ryuu-chan, can I borrow your ASU?! I forgot mine back home!"

"Isn't that sweet?" Ataru smiles.

Hanawa then arrives. "My, what is this?!" he notices all the women, then nods understandingly. "Ah, you're all practicing for Hallowe'en! Are we having a party after school today?!"

The girls laugh embarrassingly as he heads inside. "He is scary," Ataru whistles.

"Yeah!" Lum sighs, then tenses. "Megane, if you even THINK of touching Darling, I'm gonna give you the zap of your life!!"

Megane jerks, then glares at her. "You're supposed to be...!"

ZAP!!!! "What?!" Lum wonders as she and Shinobu escort Ataru to the front door, leaving behind a very blackened Megane fast becoming a pile of ashes on the roadway.

Ataru then tenses as someone else's scream is heard. He spins around, his hand catching Mendou's katana long before his rival gets close. "What do you want?!!"

"MOROBOSHI, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!?!" Mendou screams. "Do you have any idea what YOUR mother is doing with MY mother in the central market right this moment?!!"

"Oh, let me guess," Ataru hums. "Mom's probably picking out a bunch of cherries, then after slipping each into your mother's gorgeous love box, is going to suckle them for all their worth, then on realizing how good your mother tastes, Mom's going to introduce her north gate into your mom's south gate and give all their sexual routines a real workout!!"

Mendou gapes. "YOU PERVERT!!!! Even an idiot like YOU should realize what's going on here!!! If they deviate...!!"

"DEVIATE FROM WHAT?!" Ataru's skin pales, tiger striping appearing as he leans up, icily smiling. "BY THE WAY...YOU'RE TALKING TO THE WRONG PERSON!"

An explosion later sends Mendou through the front fence, the katana still in Ataru's hands. "LADIES, I SUGGEST YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY," the possessed teen snarls. "I...WANT...TO...PLAY!!"

"You heard him, girls; let's go inside and watch the fun!" Lum waves as the women stream inside.

The growing number of men arriving at the front gate stop on seeing the demonic creature before them. "NOW, GENTLEMEN," the saikoo jinseijitsu raises his hand. "PLEASE RESIST!"

An explosion then rocks Tomobiki!!

* * *


"There is the home of the Oni woman," the commander snarls as the group of five stare at the Moroboshi home. "Who is in there?"

"I detect two androids and an organic woman on the main floor, an organic man upstairs in one bedroom and three androids upstairs in another bedroom," the science officer stares at his scanner. "The organic woman on the main is part-Terran, part-Vosian."

"She must be the Righteous Gentile who's been supporting the Onis and Nassur," the commander snarls, drawing his weapon. "Go!!"

The five men surge over the fence and shatter the back door, lunging into the living room. The commander spots Nagaiwakai by her ears, then draws a nanite emitter. "DIE!!!!"

Kinshou and Haruka move to shield Nagaiwakai, but two of the team have stun pistols in hand, their bolts knocking the androids aside as Nagaiwakai is hit in the heart with the nanite emitter! The matriarch gurgles as she collapses to the floor. "Ataru...!"

The shouts and weapons alert Atako, Chigaiko and Kumiko in the former's room, making all three stumble out of the bedroom to see the five aliens there. "Shoozooki!!" Kumiko growls as she leaps to the main floor, then ploughs into the group to shove them out the front door before they could shoot her.

Chigaiko leaps after her classmate as Atako runs to the main floor, stopping in shock on seeing her mother, grandmother and Mendou's mother laid low. "Mom!! Grandma!! Haruka-chan!!" she screams as she kneels beside Kinshou, then gasps.

Kinshou shudders as she feel's Atako's eyes fall on the gaping wound in her chest above her breasts, exposing her rib cage and her internal regulator, sparks dancing over her motherboards. Kinshou blinks as damage control takes over, then she smiles at Atako. "It's alright, Atako-chan...I'm alright..."

"Mom..." Atako shudders. "You're an android!" She then gazes at Haruka, whose right side now seeps the orange fluids her body uses as secondary power. "Haruka-chan...you're an android, too."

"Yes, Atako-chan...most women in Tomobiki are androids now," Haruka grits her teeth.

"Most women...?" She then gazes at her own hands, tiny lights flashing in her eyes as circuit breakers in her CCU try to stop her from making the final conclusion that would shatter every belief she held dear. "Then, I'm...I'm an android, aren't I?"

"Yes, Atako-chan," Kinshou nods, her eyes watering as she makes a fateful decision. "Android Unit Tee-En-Nine-Four-Four-Nine, execute special emergency diagnostic program cancellation, authorization code Kinshou-Lum-Dee-Four-Nine-Four."

Atako jolts as her memory blocks are washed away, then data screens flash in her eyes. "Pro-gram in-it-i-a-ted," she replies in an emotionless monotone, then blinks as her eyes begin to tear, memories of her previous life flooding back.

"I'm so sorry, Atako-chan..." Kinshou sniffs, then feeling her strength come back, moves over to Nagaiwakai. "Mother...?"

Already, blood is seeping from Nagaiwakai's mouth and ears, her eyes dull. "I'm dying, Kinshou..." she smiles. "I can...feel those things...inside me...was it the same...with you...?"

"Hai," Kinshou sobs. "Oh, Mother..."

Nagaiwakai stares at her, her eyes watering as the pain begins to overwhelm her. "Kinshou-chan...don't let it...happen..."

"Mom," Atako sighs.

"Atako-chan?" Kinshou gazes at her.

"Take Grandma to the apartment and tell Lum-chan and Sakura-chan what happened," Atako rises, her skin suddenly paling as tiger striping appears. "I HAVE SOME BUSINESS TO ATTEND TO!!"

"No...!!" Kinshou pales.

The possessed teen android turns, takes Nagaiwakai's ornate katana from her robes, then runs outside. She spots the Shoozooki agents in a fight with Kumiko, Chigaiko, Shinobu and Nagisa. The group leader is trying to recover from being pitched through a wall, taking his stun pistol and aiming at Chigaiko's back. Seeing this, Atako snarls as she lunges at him, sword poised for the kill. He turns, screaming as the blade lances into his shoulder, then gouges a deep cut through his rib cage, ripping his lungs, heart and everything else apart as he collapses in a spray of green!!

The androids turn to see Atako commit the follow-through, then raise the katana to lick the blood. "I HAVEN'T TASTED YOUR KIND'S BLOOD IN A VERY LONG TIME!!" the saikoo jinseijitsu cackles mirthlessly. "I'M HUNGRY FOR MORE!!!"

"Oh, no, it's out again!!" Kumiko cries.

Roaring, the possessed android lunges at the four remaining agents. They try to get weapons on her, but Atako hacks them down with brutal cuts to the arms and legs. She then draws back, taking another lick as she gazes mirthlessly at the wounded agents. "IT IS SO NICE THAT I HAVE THE CHANCE TO PLAY AGAIN!" the creature within Atako cackles mirthlessly.

Suddenly, an intercom whistle sounds off from the mail box at the Moroboshi's front gate. "Shinobu-chan, this is Lum!" the Oni's panicked voice echoes. "Kinshou-chan just told me that Shoozooki assassins just attacked our house and hurt Grandma!! What's going on?! Is everyone alright?!"

Shinobu sighs, then walks over to press the reply switch. "They're down, Lum-chan. One dead, four badly wounded. But we've got a bigger problem right now..."

* * *

To be continued...