"The Galataea Syndrome" Part4

by Fred H

"I can't believe this!!" Lum screams.

Right now, a small convention has gathered inside the meeting room of Noa Aruka's apartment. Atako, the saikoo jinseijitsu in control, had placed herself inside a programming chamber, locking the door to ensure she is not disturbed. The dead Shoozooki agent is now in a conversion chamber, the slowly transforming Nagaiwakai in another. The living Shoozooki were in a holding pen downstairs. "Believe it, Lum-chan," Kinshou bites her teeth as Sakura works on her damaged chest, Saeko repairing Haruka's bleeding side. "Well, the secret's finally out, we still have to deal with the saikoo jinseijitsu and Mother's one of us now! Damn!!"

The main door opens, revealing Kinko and Tetsuko, once again in their usual work clothes. "Saeko-chan, we found it," the leader of the Kurotenshi bows to her android employer.

"And?" Saeko wonders.

The android bodyguard smiles as she removes a datadisk from her pants. "The location of the Shoozooki homeworld."

The other androids smile. "Good," Lum takes the disk. "We transmit this to Noa-san, let her people and the Zephyrites deal with them, then we can finally be human again!!"

"You hope," Mie warns.

"You doubt your own people, Mie-chan?" Chigaiko wonders.

"I don't know enough about my people to fully understand what they'll do, Chigaiko-chan," Mie sighs. "I do remember that they have this wild hatred of cloning, for what I don't know. You might have to be really kind to them to get them to disregard that."

"We should be okay," Kinshou sighs...

* * *

The possessed Atako stares at the monitor screen in front of her, smiling as she sees everyone relaxing in the lounge. Good, she didn't need any outside interference for this. Sitting herself in a programming chair, she relaxes as plugs enter her ears, the sides of her head open and probes attached to her CCU. "Computer, show picture of Subject One," she announces, keeping her voice normal so that the computer would mistake her for the real Atako.

An image of the dead Shoozooki commander appears, stripped of clothes and laying inside a conversion tank. Handsome for a reptilian-descent man, he has oily black hair and green eyes, his skin now a very sickly green from rigor mortis. "Prepare Subject One for conversion into android," Atako orders.

"Warning, Atako," the computer reports. "Subject One can only be converted into a female unit."

"I am aware of that," Atako sighs, then taps several controls. "When conversion begins, make the physical and internal systems modifications I am now downloading."

"Download received. Converter unit ready."

"Commence," Atako sighs, then relaxes. After so long... "Stand-by to commit to partial CCU memory transfer."

"Standing by."

Atako watches as the body begins to disintegrate as first stage materials are loaded in. "Finally..." she smiles.

* * *

"Kinshou...are you there?"

Kinshou walks into the conversion chamber now holding the transformed Nagaiwakai. The matriarch's new body has just been completed, cosmetic details seen to and she has been powered up. "Yes, Mother, I'm right here," she kneels down, gently reaching for her mother-in-law's hand. "How do you feel?"

"How am I supposed to feel?" Nagaiwakai wonders. "I can't seem to control this body...wait!" she bites her lips as data screens appear in her brown eyes. "Yes, I feel fine. Buddha, these diagnostics are so complicated!"

"You've used computers before, Mother," Kinshou frets. If Nagaiwakai didn't adjust to her new existence, she'd soon die. Kinshou knew Atako would never forgive her if she allowed that.

"True, but no one ever prepared me to actually BE a computer, much less one that has considerable pretensions of being a Roppongi prostitute," Nagaiwakai muses.

"It's hard, isn't it?" Kinshou smiles. "When I was still enslaved to the conspiracy, all I could think of was having sex, sex and more sex with whomever crossed my path. Even now, I can't stand a single night without Haruka-chan."

"She's a lovely woman, Kinshou-chan," Nagaiwakai smiles. "But remember, your husband wasn't affected by the Galcron-Sigma."

"He sure acts like it sometimes," Kinshou pouts. "Goes to work, stays there all day, comes home, reads the paper, then goes to bed! Gods, why did I marry the man?! Komeru was just as nice!"

"You couldn't have children with my other son, remember?" Nagaiwakai laughs, staring at her. "You know, Kinshou-chan, we may have fought like tigers...but I have always loved you. You're the best daughter-in-law I could ever ask for."

"Thank you, Mother. I've always loved you, too...even if you are an ageless cow!" Kinshou winks.

"City slicker!!" Nagaiwakai snaps back.

Both stop, then laugh as they kiss. Kinshou then stares at the monitor unit. "Okay, everything's done. Can you do another diagnostic, Mother, just to get used to it?"

Nagaiwakai nods, concentrating as her CCU runs through all her systems. "All systems operating perfectly, Kinshou-chan. I have ninety-nine percent charge in my primary power pack."

"Confirmed," Kinshou nods. "Okay, I'm going to allocate you a unit number; this is just for the times you need to access the CMU. How does Tee-En-Oh-Three-One-Five sound?"

"That's my birthday," Unit TN-0315 smiles. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Unit TN-9448 nods, then blinks as someone walks in. "Yes, Shinobu-chan?"

"Hi, Kinshou-chan...!" Shinobu nods, then blinks, her eyes widening in awe on seeing Nagaiwakai. "N-n-Nagaiwakai-sama...!!"

"Hello, Shinobu," Nagaiwakai rises, then stretches herself, not noticing Shinobu's eyes dance all over her voluptuous form, especially her bouncy breasts and very inviting groin. "Kinshou-chan, be a dear and pass my cellular phone over, please? I have to tell Chie and Darklight about this, then make some arrangements. The U.N.'ll insist on my living here now that I'm an android, so I might as well make myself comfortable."

"Here you go, Mother," Kinshou hands it over.

Nagaiwakai rises, sitting in a chair as she dials a number, then places the phone to her ear. Shinobu flushes, then steps out of the room, heading to a private office, then after locking the door, sits down, hikes up her skirt and begins to play with herself. "Oh, gods, she's gorgeous!!" she moans as she begins to finger her clit, allowing herself to enjoy a very sexy dream of her and Nagaiwakai alone on the beach, madly making love.

Crying out as an orgasm thunders through her body, Shinobu stares at the ceiling, licking her lips. "I want you, Nagai-chan! After so long, I finally found someone I can love! I want you, Nagai-chan...and I will have you...I will have you...!"

Inside the conversion room, Nagaiwakai sneezes!

* * *

The Galatea Syndrome

an Urusei Yatsura fanfic

by Fred Herriot


**** **** ****

Based on Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi

**** **** ****

WARNING: This is a sometimes dark fic with lots of strange lemon scenes in it. If this isn't your style of fan fiction story, go elsewhere. All standard lemon fanfic/ASFR story warnings apply.

**** **** ****


"Darling!!!" Lum cries out.

Atako emerges from the programming room, her hand running a magnetic sealer over her skull to put her hair back in place. "Hi, Lum-chan," she sinks into her embrace, smiling. "How's my sexy android Oni-chan today?!"

"Better now that you remember everything and we don't have to pretend anymore, my gorgeous mechanical Darling!" Lum growls, swamping her with a kiss. "How do you feel?"

"Other than I want to run away, hide and cry, pretty okay."

"Just in case, do a diagnostic," Sakura warns.

Atako concentrates as her mind explores all the facets of her new body for the very first time. "All systems functioning at optimum levels, Sakura-chan. The emergency program Mom and Lum-chan put into me has eliminated all the memory blocks. I'm right now at twenty-two percent power in my primary power cell."

"Uh-oh, we better get you home and get you recharged," Lum muses. "You don't want to fall asleep too soon; I have a lot planned for us tonight, my dearest Darling!"

"I suspect you'll be trying out some new sensual routines on me, you insatiable love machine!" Atako growls, kissing her, then reaches into her skirt pocket to pull out a velvet case.

"Darling, what...?" Lum blinks.

Everyone gasps as Atako goes to one knee, drawing out a beautiful engagement ring, then slips it on Lum's finger. "Lum, will you marry me?" Atako gazes at the Oni.

Stunned silence falls over the room as everyone stares at the two androids. "Darling..." Lum gapes.

"Lum, just because I remember being Ataru doesn't mean that I automatically want to be Ataru again when all this is over," Atako gently holds her hand in both of hers. "In the last eight months, you have given me such warmth, pleasure and love that all I could ever think of was marrying you. I want to marry you, Lum. I want to help you fulfil your dream now."

"Darling," Lum starts to cry. "Do you want to remain a girl?"

"Yes, Lum-chan," Atako nods. "The most horrible pain I know you've all endured is the knowledge that you can never fulfil the destiny Nature promises only to women. I became an android in part to share the suffering you endure. In doing so, I intrinsically realized what being a woman is really about...and I want that for the rest of my life. It'll create some problems, especially when we want to have children, but I want this for myself."

Lum blushes, then nods. "Yes, Darling. I'll marry you."

They kiss, Lum slipping the other engagement ring on Atako's finger as everyone cheers. "All right!!!" Ryuunosuke whoops, then embraces Nagisa. "It's about time!!!"

"Congratulations!!" Sakura claps her hands.

"That's a gutsy thing you just did, Atako-chan!" Mie smiles.

Staring at the Sagussan, Atako walks up to her. "Mie-chan, I now also have the memories of my time with your people twelve years ago. I know now who and what you are."

"Can you tell me?" Mie wonders.

"Hai," Atako nods. "You're Daishi'cha Three-Thirty-seven of the Grand Design of the Fifth Republic of Sagussa, one of a hundred thousand humanoid women selected over the last 10,000 years to be the first mothers, Daishi'cha, of a new race. In essence, you're a bioroid, constructed from the body of a dead woman found in China 9,500 years ago by the Gatherer, the primary field agent of the Grand Design. Lum-chan knows the ship as the Eternal Voyager and you people as the Maidens of the Voyager."

"Then that would mean you're...I mean Ataru...is the Chosen One!!" Lum's eyes widen in understanding. "Then...Noa-san...she's really Noa Aruka, the Maiden of Aruka who...!!"

"Who died with her sister Honii liberating your people from the Seifukusu Dominion," Atako completes. "I know, Lum-chan. When I cyberlinked into the computer here, it told me everything. Noa became Daishi'cha One-Nine-Two-Eight-Two. Honii, now calling herself Honey with an E-Y, is Daishi'cha One-Nine-Two-Eight-Three. It was Noa who selected me to be their Daimon'cha, First Father."

"But Atako-chan, if you intend to remain as a girl, how will the Sagussans get their Daimon'cha?" Nagisa wonders.

"Nagisa-chan, my old body's still in the freezer downstairs, remember?" Atako laughs. "When the time comes, I'll copy my memories into that body, then let him go. No problem at all; I'm sure Noa and the others'll understand."

"That's fine and fair, but explain what Mie's doing here," Ryuunosuke thumbs her Sagussan-born classmate.

Atako stares at Mie. "You're a Gladiator pilot, Mie-chan, a fighter pilot assigned to the sloop R.S.S. 'Hasei'cha.' You have a twin sister back home, Daishi'cha Three-Thirty-Eight, Hotaru. You also have a lover, Daishi'cha Six-One-Five-Five-Eight, Makoto. Near as they could figure, you decided that when Noa-chan brought Ataru back to Earth, you elected to come out to keep watch over him...and suffered an accident along the way."

"Wonderful," Mie sighs, looking down.

"They know you're alive and safe," Atako smiles. "Mie-chan, they're not angry at you, just relieved that you're alive and well. They definitely want to meet your adopted family. And...because of what you've endured on Ataru's behalf...will you stand as my second at my handfasting?" she gently grips Lum's hand.

"I'm honoured," Mie nods, then embraces her.

Everyone whoops just as Shinobu emerges from her office. "What's going on?" she wonders.

Lum turns, showing her engagement ring. "Look, Shinobu-chan! Darling finally proposed to me!!"

Shinobu's eyes widen, then she cries out as she embraces the Oni and Atako. "Oh, Lum-chan, Atako-kun, I'm so happy for you!!"

"Thank you, Shinobu-chan," Atako kisses her.

"I still love you, Shinobu-chan," Lum gently grips the Terran android's hand. "I still want you to be a part of my life. Will you stand as my second at our handfasting?"

"I will, Lum-chan!" Shinobu kisses her.

The others blink, knowing how passionate Shinobu and Lum can be, both with each other and with Atako. "Shinobu-chan's taking it pretty well, isn't she?" Nagisa whispers to Ryuunosuke.

The door to one of the conversion rooms opens, Kinshou and Nagaiwakai emerging. "Mom, Grandma!!" Ataru runs over to embrace them both. "Are you two okay?!"

"We're fine, Atako-chan," Kinshou beams. "Are you alright?!"

"I'm great!" Atako smiles, playfully tapping her nose as her voice drops to a coo. "So, how is my sexy android mother?! Did those nasty Shoozooki hurt you?"

"I'm quite fine, my precious android daughter," Kinshou beams.

Atako turns to Nagaiwakai. "And how's my wonderful android grandmother?!" she hums, then looks serious. "You feeling okay?!"

Nagaiwakai laughs. "I'm very fine, Atako-chan...what is this?!" she stares at the engagement ring on her granddaughter's finger, her brown eyes flashing in warning.

Atako shudders, then reaches back to gently grasp Lum's hand. "Grandma, I intend to marry Lum...no, I WILL marry Lum-chan. I know how much you hate her, how much you despise her, but please, Grandma, can you please give us your blessings?"

Nagaiwakai stares at Lum, then smiles. "There were times I hated you, I despised you for the pain you caused my grandchild, Lum. What happened to all of you, what JUST happened to me, can be attributed to your reckless behaviour right up to the Second Tag Race. Yet in the last eight months, you have demonstrated such maturity, such compassion...how could I say 'no?'"

"Oh, Grandma!!" Lum embraces her.

"BUT," Nagaiwakai's voice turns to ice, "...if you EVER hurt my grandchild again, I will NEVER forgive you!"

Lum shudders, then blinks on seeing Nagaiwakai's very friendly smile. "Besides," the matriarch continues, "...how could I NOT like such a lovely android for a granddaughter-in-law?"

"Oh, thank you, Grandma!!!" Lum kisses her.

Everyone whoops as the Moroboshi family engages in a group hug, once again whole and complete. "Now, Lum-chan, I want you to take Atako-chan home, see to her power supply and diagnostic, then I expect you two to ravage each other for two hours before going to bed tonight," Nagaiwakai smiles. "You'll hear construction going on around you; don't mind that. I'm having the old Ryooki home behind yours turned into a barn and the two beside ours knocked down for a pasture, then I'll have some of my cattle brought in."

"Mother!!" Kinshou gapes.

"Kinshou-chan, you can ask me to live in a city, but you CAN'T ask me to stop being a farmer!" Nagaiwakai smiles. "Where would I be without Betsy, Suzie and Lisa to care for every morning?!"

"Cow!" Kinshou growls.

"City slicker!" Nagaiwakai snaps back.

"Ageless witch!!"

"Mall rat!!"

Both exchange annoyed glances, then laugh. Nearby, Shinobu shudders with delight on realizing that Nagaiwakai would be with them full-time, then grinning lasciviously, she heads for the front door. Ryuunosuke and Nagisa are quick to notice. "So that's what's going on," the former whispers, smiling knowingly. "Guess we might have to play matchmaker, ne, Nagisa-chan?"

"Naturally," the latter nods...

* * *

"Shinobu-chan, what's with the crotchless panties?"

Very early next morning, Kimiki and Shooko look up from their bed to see Shinobu gazing at a full-length mirror, now wearing lace panties with her muff clear and bra-cups exposing her nipples. "Is it too much, Mom?" Shinobu gazes at herself.

Kimiki notices the lipstick, eye shadow and mascara. "You have a seduction planned, don't you?" the former model hums.

"Oh, yes," Shinobu feels her crotch, allowing her love juices to dampen her hand. "This time, I think I found the right one."

"Good for you," Kimiki smiles. "Have you recharged yourself?"

"Did it when I woke up," Shinobu nods, then slips on her school uniform. "Wish me luck, you two!!"

"Good luck!" Shooko calls out as Shinobu picks up her bag, then runs out. Both androids then stare at each other. "Kimiki-chan, why is Shinobu-chan going out so early? Who'd be up right now?! It's only five-thirty!"

"Search me," Kimiki shakes her head...

* * *

Kinshou moans as she hears bells from somewhere outside. Her eyes flutter open as her sleep program ends, her primary power coming on line as she stares at Muchi snoring without a care in the world beside her, then looking to her other side to see a nude Haruka curled up beside her, blissfully dreaming of her and her lover somewhere alone in the south Pacific. "What on Earth...oh, Mother!" Kinshou moans as she stands up, looking out her window into the back lawn. "Gods, I never asked for this!"

The Moroboshi property had quadrupled in size overnight. The house behind theirs, once belonging to a family whose son, a former classmate of Sakura's, disappeared years ago, is now a hollow shell with large doors affixed to the back. The stone fence between their properties is knocked down, new dirt and lots of hay spread over. The houses to the west, once used by Shoozooki monitor teams assigned to watch Tomobiki's androids, then abandoned after Ataru and the saikoo jinseijitsu wrecked their bloody vengeance, have been torn down, replaced by more dirt and some new grass. Already, the odour of cow manure leaks from the improvised barn. Kinshou sighs as she commands her nose's sensors to ignore it. "Well, she's happy, I suppose," Kinshou muses, then blinks as the doorbell rings. "Who could that be?" she runs downstairs. "Yes?!"

"It's your favourite Delta unit, Kinshou-chan!" Shinobu's voice echoes from outside. "Can I come in?"

"C'mon in, Shinobu-chan!" Kinshou walks into the kitchen to start up coffee. Some of the androids in town usually identified themselves to their best friends by the second letter in their unit number, the "T" in the code representing Tomobiki.

Shinobu walks inside, then slips off her shoes, walking over to gently embrace Kinshou. "And how's my favourite November unit these days? Haruka-chan giving you all you want?"

"I thought Atako-chan was your favourite November unit," Kinshou bats Shinobu's nose. "And yes, Haruka-chan is giving me everything I want. Now, what brings you here at five-forty-five? You're never usually up and around before seven!"

"Well, there's another November unit who must be feeling quite alone right now," Shinobu hums. "So, I was going to help her get adjusted to being one of us."

"Mother?! Shinobu-chan, you can't be serious...!"

"I am. Kinshou-chan, how many times have you and I done it?"

"At least thirty since we were freed," Kinshou smiles.

"That's right," Shinobu nods. "And God knows, I have enjoyed every time I was with you. I'm envious of Haruka-chan for winning your heart; you are a beautiful woman in every respect, Kinshou-chan. But by all normal standards, I shouldn't even THINK of making love to my best friend's mother, much less getting a crush on my best friend's grandmother! But how can organic standards be applied to androids like us?! The sooner Nagai-chan gets used to it, the better for her and us!"

Kinshou pauses, then smiles. "Mother is a very old fashioned woman. Look, she's right now in her new barn with three cows she's raised since they were born, doing the same thing she's done every morning even when she was sick since she was old enough to walk! If you think you can change Mother like that, Shinobu-chan, even now, all I say is 'good luck' and 'don't say I didn't warn you.'"

Shinobu smiles contently. "She's the one, Kinshou-chan. I will win her love. Excuse me."

Kinshou stares at Shinobu as the younger android walks out. "Good luck, then," she muses.

"Kinshou-chan, what are all those bells I'm hearing?" Haruka then appears in the kitchen, now dressed in a button shirt.

"That's Mother, Haruka-chan," Kinshou walks over to gently embrace her. "One word of warning, my sweet: get used to it."

* * *

Meanwhile, Shinobu has walked around the house to the front gate of the old Ryooki home. The front of the house remains relatively intact despite the main floor being gutted of all rooms and turned into an open space and the upstairs being turned into a beautiful bedroom suite overnight. Walking to the front door, she peers inside to see three cows relaxing in their new stalls, Nagaiwakai beside one milking her.

Shinobu blinks as she imagines the very young Nagaiwakai being taught by her mother just after the turn of the century how to help a cow produce its milk. The image of a playful sprite melts into the youthful android before her, dressed in T-shirt and coveralls, intent concentration on her face. "Damn, you are beautiful," Shinobu whispers to herself, then opens the door. "Hello!!"

Nagaiwakai blinks, then smiles warmly at her. "Good morning, Shinobu. My, you're up early. I always thought city girls slept in until it was way late in the day."

"Some of us do like to watch a beautiful sunrise," Shinobu muses as she walks up to her, staring at the cow. "Who's this?"

"This is Suzie," Nagaiwakai pats the animal's side, her eyes sparkling with a dairy farmer's pride. "Betsy is the one to the north and Lisa's behind me. All of them are four years old. They've been my personal flock since they were born."

"They're nice," Shinobu watches Nagaiwakai's practiced fingers work on Suzie's nipples. "I always wondered how the milk I drink every morning's produced. Don't you use automatic milkers?"

"With my other flocks, yes, I do," Nagaiwakai nods. "However, I've always had a slight aversion to technology. Don't forget, I've seen Japan grow from a feudal backwater to a modern giant in less than thirty years. And now...even I'm a machine."

"You're still a person, Nagaiwakai," Shinobu smiles, deciding not to try "Nagai-chan" just yet. "As long as you keep reminding yourself of that, you'll get through this real easy. We all do it, you know. Look in the mirror every morning and say 'Yes, I'm an android...but I'm a person first.' It works."

Nagaiwakai hums. "Still, I spent all of last night using my magnetic sealer to open every access hatch on my body to see this alien technological marvel I've become. Sacred Buddha, not even the Zeiwanites are as good as the Shoozooki in building androids!"

"Yeah, we all did that once," Shinobu sits beside her, then hums. "Did you take your face plate off?"

Nagaiwakai shudders. "Yes, I foolishly did that, too! Gods, that was a sight and a half!! Perfect teeth, perfect eyes...in a flat plain that looks like the insides of a computer mainframe!"

Shinobu laughs. "I had a nightmare when I did that to me," she smiles. "I thought I'd be stuck as an android forever."

"Yet you seem to accept it quite well, enjoy it even."

"I do," Shinobu nods. "I have no choice but to accept it. So does everyone else. The sooner you do, the better we'll all feel. You're part of us now, Nagaiwakai, part of our family. We want you to feel comfortable, we want you to feel at home."

Nagaiwakai breathes in, then smiles. "Well, I'm quite at home right here," she takes a final pull on Suzie's udder, then takes the bucket from under her, standing to head to the churning machine beside Lisa's stall. "I have three of my best friends living with me where I can be with them whenever I want," she dumps the produce into the tank, then starts the machine, "...my grandchild's close by where I can watch over her, I've made my peace with my daughter-in-law who I still love even with all her shortcomings and I've even accepted Lum when a year ago, I would've ordered her death in the blink of an eye. I'm still seen as being alive in the eyes of the Protestant Reform Church so I can call on Zephyrus in case something else goes wrong. Cherry, my best human friend, now lives in a lot not three blocks away and I hope to invite him to live here with me. Victoria McTavish, my other best human friend, has been told about what's happened and she's accepted it, is relieved that I'm alive where it counts. I'm very content, Shinobu."

They gaze into the other's eyes, then Shinobu leans up to gently kiss her. "I'm happy for you."

Nagaiwakai blinks, then remains still as Shinobu gently wraps her arms around her, deepening the kiss. She then gazes at the younger android. "You desire me."

"Hai," Shinobu nods. "When I saw you last night just laying there, I thought that there could be no other woman who'd compare to you. I had to get into an office and lock the door so I could masturbate before I made a total fool of myself in front of you. I've experienced so many failures in relationships before that I didn't want anything to go wrong this time. Then, last night, I had a very nice dream about us. We were out in the middle of an endless prairie, just the two of us...and we were happy."

Nagaiwakai gazes concernedly at her. "Shinobu, I am sixty-five years older than you are."

"Yes, as a human being, you are," Shinobu nods. "But what happens when we get our new bodies from the Sagussans? The oldest one there is twenty-five, the youngest fourteen. We'll be that way too, you know. In a sense, it'll be as if we all became Pounce de Leon and we found the Fountain of Youth!"

Nagaiwakai blinks. "Perhaps. Shinobu, please...will you give me time? I can't change that quickly, you know."

"I will, I promise," Shinobu smiles. "But I won't give up."

"I like a person who's direct," Nagaiwakai smiles, then stiffens as a yawn escapes her. "Oh, my, I'm tired."

"What's your primary energy level now?"

"Fifteen percent."

"Uh-oh!" Shinobu sighs. "Recharge time. You should've gone to bed last night. C'mon."

Nagaiwakai nods as they head to the wooden stairs to the upper floor. Shinobu gapes as she walks into a beautifully decorated bedroom with a large heart-shaped bed, work table, comm terminal, a partially enclosed bathroom and shower, a kitchenette to one side, not to mention a vast wardrobe. "Wow!" she gapes.

"It's actually plain," Nagaiwakai kicks off her shoes, then walks over to the bed. Her ASU and recharge cable sits on one of the nightstands beside the bed. Sitting down, she reaches into the stand to pull out her magnetic sealer. "Wait until you see Vi-chan's bedroom aboard her yacht. Now, THAT'S class!"

"I'll bet," the younger android kneels before her, unsnapping her coveralls, then reaching down to pull off her T-shirt.

"Shinobu, why does everyone insist on taking all their clothes off when we recharge?" Nagaiwakai muses as Shinobu unsnaps her bra, then moves to shove her coveralls and panties off her hips.

"It allows me to look at your heavenly body," Shinobu winks.

"And you once called Ataru-chan a hentai?"

Shinobu laughs. "Plus there's a safety precaution. What if a spark shoots out of your body? If our clothes catch on fire, it'll be a real mess to fix up. That happened to Kumiko-chan once; she was in the maintenance shop for three days as a result."

"Good point," Nagaiwakai hums as she hands Shinobu the sealer.

The teenage android undoes the central access hatch, then setting it aside, takes the computer jack from the ASU and places it in Nagaiwakai's CSAT. The recharge cable goes in next. Shinobu then looks at the terminal. "Go to secondary power."

Nagaiwakai blinks as her body locks up. "On secondary power."

Shinobu programs the ASU to begin recharging Unit TN-0315. She sits down beside the matriarch, shifting her head so they could gaze at each other. "Feel a little bit helpless?" Shinobu muses.

"Very much," Nagaiwakai admits. "I don't like this, Shinobu."

"You're not alone," Shinobu gently kisses her...

* * *

"'Morning, Grandma!" Atako calls out as she kisses Nagaiwakai.

"Good morning, Atako-chan," Nagaiwakai beams, then smiles as Lum embraces her. "Good morning to you, Lum-chan. Sleep well?"

"We did," Lum smiles. "How long have you been up for?"

"Actually, I never went to sleep last night," Nagaiwakai muses as she walks into the kitchen, a bucket of fresh milk in hand. "Here you are, Kinshou-chan."

"Oh, Mother!" Kinshou kisses her, then takes the bucket, pulls out a glass container from a storage cabinet above the refrigerator and a spout, then pours it in. "I may never come to like a farm, but the one thing I've always missed is fresh milk."

"Well, you're lucky Suzie was happy to oblige," Nagaiwakai hums, then stares at Haruka mixing up okonomiyaki dough. "Not too hard, Haruka-chan. You don't want to spoil it."

"It's my first try solo," Haruka smiles.

"You're doing fine," Nagaiwakai nods. "Now, will you all tell me what I'm supposed to do tonight after six?"

"You'll be on duty at the apartment," Kinshou nods. "Haruka-chan, Shinobu-chan, Chigaiko-chan and I'll be there, too. All you have to do is be ready in case someone has to come in to get fixed up. With so little happening these days, it's just replacing parts that wear out because of overuse."

"That sounds simple," Nagaiwakai gazes at Atako. "Atako-chan, do you remember how to milk a cow properly?"

"Don't worry, Grandma; I'll be there to keep an eye on the girls," Atako straightens her tie, then moves to sit down in the living room table beside Lum.

Muchi then runs out the door. "Bye, Dear!" he calls out as the door slams behind him.

"Muchi!!" Nagaiwakai marches to the front door, opening it to yell after him. "You come back here, be a proper husband and kiss your wife, daughter and daughter-in-law...now, where'd he go?!"

Shinobu steps up. "It's alright, Nagai-chan!" she places her hand on the older android's shoulder. "Even some who weren't hurt by Ataru-kun still can't accept what happened to us. Sakura-chan's fiancee, Saeko-chan's husband and son...even your son. Perhaps in his eyes, we're all impostors."

The matriarch's eyes flash. "I'm going to have a long talk with that boy when I get the chance," Nagaiwakai hisses, then storms back inside. "No son of mine will treat his spouse like that as long as I draw breath!!"

Shinobu sighs, then follows her inside. Unseen by either of them, Muchi stands behind a telephone pole not five yards away, briefcase in hand. Tears flow down his cheeks as he shudders, Shinobu's words echoing through his mind.

"Perhaps in his eyes, we're all impostors."

Problem was, he DID think of the androids that way. His wife, his son-turned-daughter, his daughter-in-law, a good family friend and now even his mother?! How could he accept those machines as his family? Shuddering, he turns to head to work. It was going to be another very long day. Best go somewhere where he could forget the horrors that had visited his home, even for a while.

As he turns a corner, he stops. Were they imposters? What were they? Did he have the right to judge them like that? Maybe instead of running away, he should stop to find out more. Biting his lip, he turns and heads downtown...

* * *

The door to Noa Aruka Enterprises opens, revealing a tall woman with her black hair partially tied in a ponytail, her lab coat covering a Butsumetsu Girl's High School uniform. "Uncle Muchi!!" Tanoshii Seiryokuteki beams as she embraces her guardian's brother. "What are you doing here?!"

"T-tanoshii...?!" he stammers, staring at her. The firmness of her body spoke volumes. "You're an android...?"

"Of course I am!" Tanoshii laughs, then walks him inside after she gets his DNA registered with the computer. "Now, what brings you here?! Shouldn't you be at work?!"

"Well...I..." Muchi feels a powerful urge to run away. Here he was in the lion's den meeting a being others automatically said was one of Komeru's favourite wards.

Tanoshii gazes at him. "You wanted to come here to find out more about us," she hums, her apprentice Shinto priestess' training coming back to her. "You wanted to learn whether or not the people in your house are still the ones you love."

"Eh," he nods.

"I know," Tanoshii squeezes his hand. "Every day, we ask the same question: 'who are we?'"

"So...who are you?"

"I'm Tanoshii Seiryokuteki, Unit Tee-See-Eight-One-Three-Four. I'm a person and an android. If I don't think acknowledge both those facts, then the bastards who did this to me, to Aunt Kinshou, to Ataru-chan and to everyone else will win."

Muchi blinks. All he could see right now was a young woman determined to overcome this incredible obstacle put in front of her, then carry on with her life. That was the Tanoshii he knew from the few times he had met her. "Sometimes, I wonder," he sighs as they walk into the reception lounge. "I mean, there's Kinshou happily carrying on like before, then I see her strip all her clothes off, open her very body up, then stick these wires into her because she needs them to stay alive! That's not my wife!!"

"No, that's not any of us," Tanoshii sighs, sitting down in front of him. "When we were enslaved to the conspiracy, I never thought twice about recharging or doing a diagnostic with my ASU. After all, I had to be in peak form whenever some boy wanted to fuck me. Then Ataru-chan frees us...and then I had to recharge myself for the first time using my own free will. I took a look at myself in the mirror, seeing these wires, circuits, pipes and metal bones through a wound that would've been fatal in an organic...and I almost wanted to die right then and there."

"What stopped you?" Muchi gazes at her.

Tanoshii smiles. "Well, first, there was Kenmei-chan," she leans back. "We became lovers that night, then affirmed our bond the next day. Don't worry; Komeru-onii-chan already knows. Soon after, we met Tamiko Seikou. She knew right away that we were androids...yet she fell head-over-heels for both of us. She even knew when to step out of the room whenever Kenmei-chan and I had to recharge or do an ASU diagnostic, not saying that she knew about us but respecting our wish to keep it secret. Her brother Suzume's dating Yasashii-chan and Aijooa-chan. He's the same; he doesn't care that they're androids. In fact, Tamiko-chan's right here right now volunteering to help us run the shop."

"She's not..."

"No, she isn't," Tanoshii shakes her head. "We won't force her into becoming one, either. There's really no need now; we just found out where the Shoozooki homeworld is. Once the Sagussans and the Zephyrites get their act together, they'll clean the place out! Once that occurs, the Sagussans then will clone themselves for us to have organic bodies again. No big deal."

"What about Ataru?" Muchi wonders. "Gods, accepting Kinshou and Lum and even Mom is hard enough. But my son, my last child, just decided he's going to stay a girl and carry on as if nothing's wrong! Damn it all, Tanoshii, my child's dead!!"

Tanoshii stares at him. "Yes, in a sense, your child's dead," she starts to cry. "We all mourn that. It was Ataru-chan who used the Galcron-Sigma to ensure that no man could control us again, to teach the world a lesson no one'll soon forget. It was Ataru-chan who ensured people like you who didn't take advantage of us while we were enslaved were protected. And it was Ataru-chan who realized at the end that he had no right to judge the men of a whole city because they just gave into their primal urges. He wanted to die. He wanted to atone for his crime. He was prepared to commit seppuku. Then, he realized that if he did that, we'd all loose hope and want to die ourselves...so thanks to Iyami-chan and her friends, he realized there was a way to salvage it...and when Noa-san demanded that we do something, he took it."

"Thus Atako," Muchi looks down.

"Thus Atako," Tanoshii wipes her eyes. "I miss the old Ataru-chan very much, Uncle Muchi. I know the good person he really was, how he kept things back to protect us. But that goodness is in Atako; it's the core of her being. And she'll replicate that back to Ataru's body when the Sagussans come to get their Daimon'cha. The crime has been answered, the punishment fulfilled...and you still have a child, a child who remembers who you and Aunt Kinshou are, remembers the times you loved your child, who wants to love you back with all her heart and soul."

Muchi sighs. "But...okay, if I do that, how do I fit Haruka into the equation? Gods, I can't believe that Kinshou and Haruka came together like that especially after the times they fought..."

"Uncle Muchi, you may not know this..." Tanoshii sighs. "When we were enslaved, Kinshou always remained in your house. No other man touched her. Ataru went out of his way to prevent her from raping him once. Haruka wasn't that lucky. Not only did her husband screw her every night, her son did her all the time too, almost half the Kuromegane did her and Buddha knows what else happened! Haruka Mendou is a decent woman with morals your mother would admire...and she was raped so many times by people who had no right to touch her, used, then discarded like a dishtowel. So when she became free, she decided she was going to go find true love. She found it in Aunt Kinshou. You shouldn't be angry at your wife for that, Uncle Muchi; you should be proud of her."

Muchi's eyes widen under his glasses. Buddha, he never really realized how bad things were during those hellish two months! He then remembers times at work when his male co-workers would strip one of the secretaries, fondle her like a toy, then laugh at it. They even begged him to come join them in the "fun." Still, how could he get himself to think at Kinshou's level, which wasn't higher or lower, just different? He wanted his wife back most of all, the one he loved more than anything else in the universe!

"Can I propose something?" Tanoshii muses.

"Sure," Muchi nods.

"Why don't you stay for a while?" Tanoshii waves to the row of laboratories. "Watch us, talk to us and those who come in, find out some more. You shouldn't isolate yourself more than necessary, Uncle Muchi. C'mon, let me get you a lab coat."

Moments later, Muchi and Tanoshii step into an examination room. There, Kenmei Geijutsuteki...Unit TC-8135...was busy with an older android, the skin peeled off half her face as she replaces some circuits. "Uncle Muchi!!" Kenmei smiles, leaning over to kiss him, then returning to work. "What brings you here?!"

"Just came to look around," Muchi smiles, then gapes in shock at the woman on the table. "Buddha, what happened to her?!"

The woman's eyes focus on him, her good side blinking. "My husband had an epileptic fit, Muchi-kun, then decided to toss a few heavy items at me. It's a...by-product of the Galcron-Sigma your son spread the day he...lost control."

"I'm sorry," Muchi shudders.

"I'm Kindan Inu, Unit Tee-Zed-Four-Seven-Two-One," she then offers her hand to him. "I'm Chigaiko's mother."

"Pleased, Mrs. Inu," Muchi grips her hand, surprised as he remembers that whenever maintenance was done on an android, she would normally go to secondary power. "Is it bad, Kenmei-chan?"

"Not really," Kenmei smiles. "It's mostly surface damage; her skull absorbed all the kinetic energy and shielded her CCU. Once we get all the surface circuits repaired, then we'll make her look as good as new. That's why she can move around somewhat."

"Thank the gods," Muchi shudders. "Um, Kindan-san, can I ask you something personal?"

"Certainly," Kindan nods.

"Did your husband...ever mistreat you during those months...?"

Kindan's good eye tears. "You have no concept of what I went through, Muchi-kun. You're a good man and you made sure nothing happened to Kinshou-chan. I'm glad; Kinshou-chan's my friend. But my husband..." she shudders. "The instant I became an android, he demanded I walk around nude whenever I was in the house, give him whatever he wanted every time he asked for it. He was a child playing with a toy; that's all it really was. Then my daughter Fuchiko becomes an android. That's when my husband became really creative." Another shudder rocks her as she wipes her tears away. "Fuchiko-chan and I were made to explore every sin conceivable. I thank Jizo-sama every day for Ataru-kun's intervention, before Chigaiko-chan was forced to become another toy..."

"But she's an android now," Muchi hums.

"Yes," Kindan nods. "If Chigaiko-chan didn't catch leukaemia, I would've left her as an organic. But when she became sick, Fuchiko-chan and I knew we didn't have a choice."

"Why do you stay with your husband now?"

"Because he's helpless," Kindan stares at him. "Because if we leave him, he'll die. I love my husband despite what he did. The allure of what we were overwhelmed him like you couldn't believe. That's how dangerous androids like us are to society, that's why we're so desperate to be human again as soon as possible."

"Haruka's family was the same way," Muchi shudders.

"Oh, gods," Kindan shudders. "Muchi-kun, please, if you and Kinshou-chan do patch things up, don't leave Haruka-chan alone. She got it worse, both her and Ryooko-chan. Thank the gods Ryooko-chan had the Kuroko to watch over her at times. Haruka-chan wasn't so blessed, Muchi-kun. What she needs the most is a real family to care for her. You can give her that."

Muchi nods, then kisses her. "Thanks, Kindan-chan. Kenmei-chan, you make sure she's in top form when she leaves, okay?!"

"Naturally," Kenmei smiles.

Muchi and Tanoshii walks out the examination room. "Did you suffer like that?" he stares at her.

"Sometimes," she admits. "Mostly some of my teachers getting us together for an orgy." She gazes at him. "Are you okay, Uncle Muchi? You seem like someone who just made a decision."

"Maybe I have," Muchi stares at her...

* * *

"Well, how do I look?" Nagaiwakai smiles.

"At least you're not wearing your kimono under that, Nagai-chan," Shinobu slips on her lab coat. The android matriarch and her would-be lover were in Nagaiwakai's loft after school, moving to go to work. "C'mon, let's get to the house to get Kinshou-chan and Haruka-chan, then we have to boogie."

"Okay," Nagaiwakai buttons her own coat, then the two androids descend to the main floor. She elected to wear her T-shirt and a fresh pair of coveralls to work tonight; a kimono or a yukata would've been stifling even as an android.

In a minute, both arrive at the front door of the Moroboshi home. "Kinshou-chan, Haruka-chan, are you ready?!" Shinobu calls out as they step inside, slipping off their shoes, then heading into the living room to wait.

"We're ready," Kinshou and Haruka descend down, lab coats over button shirts and slacks. Hugging the other androids, Kinshou looks up. "Atako-chan, Lum-chan! We're going right now!!"

"Have a good time," Lum yells from upstairs.

The door opens and closes. "Dear, I'm home!"

The four jolt; that was a woman's voice. "Honey?!" Kinshou turns to the door, then on seeing who's arrived, stops, her jaw hitting the floor. "MUCHI?!?!"

The woman standing there laughs, slipping off her glasses as she bats her very long eyelashes. "Well, Dear? Like?"

The others stumble to the foyer, eyes wide with shock on seeing a slender woman dressed in a shirt, tied, slacks and power jacket, the buzz-cut hair Muchi Moroboshi normally wore now styled in long bangs down her face and all the way to her shoulders. She replaces her glasses. "Say something, Kinshou!!" she pouts.

Kinshou shudders, recognizing her husband in this lovely android before her. "Dear, how could you do this?!!"

The newcomer steps up to her, gazes right into her eyes, then drowns her with a very wet kiss. "What my beautiful wife, her gorgeous lover, my brave child, her wonderful fiancee and my loving mother endures, Kinshou-chan, so do I," she smiles.

"Muchi, you didn't have to..." Nagaiwakai stammers.

She gazes at her mother apologetically. "Go on, Mom; yell at me if you want. I deserve it for ignoring everyone like that."

Nagaiwakai sighs, then throws up her hands in exasperation. "Gods, what did I do to deserve this?!!" she exclaims, then stares at her son-turned-daughter. "Well, if this is what you want, dear, I won't stop you!! I just hope you know what you're in for!"

"I guess I'll have to find out," the woman smiles.

"Dad?!!" Atako exclaims as she runs down from her bedroom, Lum behind her. "What did you do to yourself?!"

"You didn't...!!" Lum's eyes widen.

"I did," the newcomer nods. "If you insist on still calling me 'papa,' I won't mind, Atako-chan," She then makes a flourish with her hands. "Anyhow, atop changing genders and looks, I also changed names. 'Muchi' doesn't sound right for a girl, after all."

"What do you call yourself?" Kinshou demands.

"I'm Chuuko Moroboshi, Unit Tee-En-Nine-Four-Four-Seven," Chuuko beams, then gazes at Kinshou. "Remember?"

"Yes," Kinshou shudders, tears streaming down her cheeks, then crying, embraces her. "Oh, Dearest, I missed you so much!"

They tenderly kiss. Haruka shudders, sensing her happy life falling apart before her eyes, then feels Chuuko draw her into an embrace. "Where do you think you're going, Haruka-chan?" she then frowns. "I've been told about all the things you've endured. Please stay with us, Haruka-chan. Let us be your family now."

Haruka shudders, then embraces her. "Thank you."

They kiss. Lum and Atako exchange looks, then both move to draw Kinshou's and Haruka's lab coats off. "Mom, why don't you and Haruka-mama take the night off," Atako smiles, winking at Chuuko. "After all, you two and Chuuko-papa have to get to know each other again. We'll sub in for you."

"I...um, well, if you want!!" Kinshou stammers, then gazes at her husband-turned-life mate. Seeing her inviting wink, she sighs. "Oh, go ahead, you two! I'll watch over the cows!!"

Everyone laughs...

* * *

"Well, that makes it all perfect!" Kinshou wipes her brow.

The room to be shared between Kinshou, Chuuko and Haruka has been changed. Taking advantage of their connections with Komeru and the Mendou fortune, Kinshou ordered a large queen-sized bed for their room, another one for Lum and Atako's use. The bed nearly fills the whole space, with just enough room on one side for a dresser drawer and a coffee table now holding the three women's ASUs. Now that all the heavy moving is done, the androids sit down on the bed. "Can I ask a question?" Haruka gazes at Kinshou's transformed husband. "Why 'Chuuko?'"

"When Kin-chan and I were dating, she used to call me 'Chuui' as a nickname," Chuuko smiles. "You might know how beautiful she was in high school. In my eyes, she was a goddess, sort of like the way your son saw Lum-chan. Every time she passed me, all I could do was sit there and stare at her. My whole world was Kin-chan, Haruka-chan...and now I want to rediscover that."

Haruka and Kinshou beam, then help Chuuko lay down. "Well, my wonderful android husband who's now a woman," the latter purrs, gently kissing her, then reaching for her tie. "What say you allow Haruka-chan and I to undress you and see how well you're built?!"

"Be my guest, my sexy android wife!" Chuuko giggles. Gods, they had to stop this sappy joking around sooner or later; this was getting ridiculous. Or was it a way to keep one's sanity intact?

Kinshou and Haruka tenderly undo her tie, then unbutton her shirt to reveal a very plain bra. The slacks come off next to reveal equally plain panties. "First thing we do is teach you how to pick nice lingerie," Kinshou snarls as she reaches up to free Chuuko's perky mounds from their binds.

"London, we have reached the summit!" Haruka laughs as she takes one nipple in hand and begins to suckle.

Kinshou growls as she devours the other one. Chuuko gasps as her orgasm programs kick in, demanding she strip her lovers of their clothes so she could return the pleasure they were giving her. Her hands then slide under the other androids as she tugs at their shirts, then slowly unbuttons them. In a minute, both women slip off their tops to reveal very nice lace bras, which soon come off themselves. "What did I do to deserve either of you?" Chuuko smiles as she draws them into a tender embrace.

"You came back to us, my dearest," Kinshou smiles, kissing her. "Now, it's time to teach you how to really be a woman."

Chuuko shudders as Kinshou slides down, taking her panties and freeing her trim bush and inviting love canal. "Houston...we have bush," Kinshou growls playfully as she spreads her life mate's legs, then dives in for gold.

"Gods!!!" Chuuko screams as that wet tongue gongs her tower, then dives into her damp vagina. All her circuits overload at once as the warmth fills every crevasse of her being, causing her to see lights dancing in her eyes. If this was what a woman experienced all the time, she was glad she became one!

Suddenly, she feels her glasses being pulled off to reveal someone else's damp snatch right over her face. Looking up, she gapes on seeing Haruka squatting over her. "Care to give my pleasure zone a good ride, my lovely android?"

"How can I refuse the beautiful sex doll my mechanical wife loves so much?" Chuuko snarls as she pulls Haruka down to dig in.

Haruka cries out as Chuuko's tongue lashes into her, causing her to see sparks in her eyes as she bounces on her face. Chuuko herself is squirming; Kinshou is now sliding her fingers into the newborn android's love canal, causing her to pant as an orgasm builds deep in her C3N. A second later, she hits the big O as her back arches, her tongue gonging Haruka the one more time to help her blast off to Cloud Nine!

Panting, Chuuko relaxes as she does a quick diagnostic before drawing Kinshou to eye level. Forty-seven percent primary power, all systems nominal. Her other arm reaches out for Haruka as they lay there holding each other, activating their sleep programs.

"Make sure we get up very early tomorrow," Chuuko warns.

"Why?" Haruka wonders.

"Don't you know? If we don't milk the cows, Mom'll kill us."

* * *

To be continued...