"The Galataea Syndrome" Part 5

by Fred H

"Easy, Grandma."

Nagaiwakai bites her lips as she inserts the secondary logic solid into the mind of Aijooa Katsudooteki. The Butsumetsu Girl's High School track star, now Unit TC-8137, was another of Komeru's wards, a slender girl with her brown hair in side pigtails, one of them pulled away so her guardian's mother could work on her CCU. "There we go," she sighs as the new solid slides into place.

"That's good," Atako nods, smiling at her grandmother. "Try it again with Kyu-Thirty-Seven."

"Alright," Nagaiwakai gently inserts the magnetic probe into Aijooa's head, then pulls out the blackened logic solid. Placing that into a tray, she takes a new one, then inserts it in. "How many more?" the Moroboshi matriarch wonders.

"Three more," Shinobu stares at the readout. "Kyu-Thirty-nine, Forty and Forty-six."

"Alright," Nagaiwakai smiles at Aijooa. "How are you, Aijooa-chan? Never thought your grandmother'd be doing this, eh?"

"I trust you, Grandma," Aijooa smiles, gazing warmly at her. "Where's Suzume-chan and Yasashii-chan?"

"Right here, Aijo-chan," a slender hand, Suzume Seikou's, grasps hers. Of course, down to secondary power, Aijooa couldn't feel his touch. Beside him is Yasashii Soozooteki, Unit TC-8136, a pretty redhead now dressed in her usual Hiroshima Toya Carp number 40 jersey in honour of her late father, the "King of Rookie Shortstops" Shinzou Soozooteki, who died of heart failure at home plate making the game-winning home run in the World Series.

"Grandma's almost done, Aijo-chan," Yasashii's green eyes glitter. "Give her a couple more minutes."

"There we go," Nagaiwakai slides out the damaged solid from slot Q40, then shudders. "What on Earth...?"

"What is it, Nagai-chan?" Shinobu stares at her.

Nagaiwakai starts to breath heavily. "Forgive me, but I seem to be very warm all of a sudden," she shudders.

The other androids exchange knowing looks. "Grandma, you're getting horny," Yasashii warns.

"What?!" Nagaiwakai hisses.

"Another parting present from the Shoozooki," Shinobu frowns. "We're mechanical sex dolls, remember? Always ready on request to help quench a man's thirst for fucking...oh, shit!!" she then slaps her forehead. "Now I realize what's going on!"

"Here, Grandma, let me take over," Atako reaches for the magnetic probe. "Hang on, Aijo-chan. Shinobu-chan, get Grandma out of here and take care of her."

Shinobu walks Nagaiwakai out of the examination room, then sits her down in the lounge. "What's wrong with me?" the matriarch rubs her crotch, shuddering as she tries to command her body to stop putting her through an orgasm loop.

"It's the nanites used to create you!!" Shinobu spits out, gazing sadly at the woman she wanted so badly, she could taste her. Now she might have to do her without giving Nagaiwakai the chance to make up her mind. "Shit, I should've thought of that when you first came on-line! The others don't have that automatic drive to get laid anymore; it was taken out with the retro-virus!"

"Oh, delightful!" Nagaiwakai shudders, feeling her nipples stiffen under her T-shirt and bra, then blinks. "Wait, Shinobu-chan, you would still have some of that inside you, wouldn't you?"

Shinobu blinks, then nods sadly. "Yes, I would."

Nagaiwakai gazes at her, smiling in understanding. "Well, my dear...it looks like you just got your wish."

"I never wanted it this way," Shinobu begins to cry.

"I know."

Sniffing back her tears, Shinobu unzips her uniform skirt, letting it fall away to reveal her crotchless panties. "Oh, my!" Nagaiwakai gazes at that wonderful triangle of brown hair. "You really were planning to seduce me today, weren't you?"

"If I could be built for one person, Nagai-chan...it would be you," Shinobu slips off her lab coat, then gently guides the matriarch to her waiting love canal, engaging the special function deep in her abdomen to produce the retro-virus to save Nagaiwakai.

Nagaiwakai breathes in the musky scent of Shinobu's body...oh, she's so realistic!...then her tongue laps out to drink the warm liquid dripping from her damp vagina. Shinobu guides the older android's arms around her hips as Nagaiwakai leans into her, her licking increasing with speed as she drinks more. "Take it, my love," Shinobu whispers, stroking the matriarch's long hair. "Take your freedom from me and make me your love slave for eternity."

Nagaiwakai suddenly shudders as the retro-virus kicks in, flooding her body with new data. She drops back, her eyes widening in shock as sparks flew from her ears, an epileptic shudder rocking her from head to toe. "Shinobu-chan...!" she gasps, then her voice drops to a monotone. "I am Android Unit Tee-En-Oh-Three-One-Five. I am Nagaiwakai Moroboshi. I am Nagaiwakai. I am a person. I am an android. I am a person. I am an android...!"

Shinobu watches her as a final jolt lances through Nagaiwakai, then she blinks as her systems return to normal. "Oh, my!!" she gasps, feeling her heart as a diagnostic confirms her new state. "That was not the least bit pleasant!"

"It wasn't for me when Ataru-kun gave it to me," Shinobu sits beside her. "I was in the bathtub with Mom. When I was dancing around with my systems going haywire, I nearly short-circuited."

Nagaiwakai sighs, then reaches over to gently draw Shinobu into an embrace. "Thank you, Shinobu-chan," she kisses her on the cheek. "I really appreciate what you did for me."

They gaze into each other's eyes, then warmly kiss. "Please, Nagai-chan...will you be my life mate?" Shinobu smiles.

"How can I say 'no' to the woman who just saved my life?"

They laugh as they kiss again...then jolt as the front door smashes open. "What on Earth?!" Nagaiwakai spins around as a wild-eyed man storms into the lobby.

"Megane?!!" Shinobu exclaims.

The leader of Lum's bodyguards, blood seeping from his mouth and staining his shirt, wildly spins around as he glares at his surroundings, then turns to the reception lounge on hearing his name. Growling incoherently, he locks eyes on Shinobu, then roaring, he lunges at her, slamming her into the wall as his crotch slam into hers, looking as if he was humping her right there!

"You leave her alone!!" Nagaiwakai lunges over and pitches Megane off, sending him into a wall as she takes a ready stance.

Shinobu collapses to the ground, then confirming she suffered no internal damage, recovers. Shrieks from outside echo in the lounge as Nagaiwakai hears more familiar names being called: Paama, Chibi and Kakugari. Already, the other androids in the building were rushing down to form a blocking force to prevent any of their incapacitated sisters from being hurt. "What are you assholes doing here?!!" Atako demands. "Go home!!!"

"ATAAAAAAAAAARUUUUUUUUUU, DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!!!" the guards scream as they lunge at her.

Yasashii pitches Paama into a wall as Suzume's telekinetic powers form an invisible barrier to stop Kakugari! Chibi slams into Atako, sending her flying into the floor as he tries to rip off her skirt. Atako blinks as her mind registers the small man's unnatural strength, then with her fingernails, lashes out.

Chibi jolts as his face is knocked aside, the rips in his skin not producing blood but an all-too familiar orange fluid! "Oh, gods!!" she screams as she tucks her legs into his abdomen, then kicks out to send him flying over her head. "They're androids!!!"

"Oh, wonderful!" Nagaiwakai shudders as Megane slowly advances on her, then her eyes widen on seeing his pants. "Buddha!!!"

Shinobu gapes as the pants rip apart, revealing a plastic-like phallus more akin to a vibrator than a real penis. Sparks of electricity burst from the tip as he glares hungrily at the two women. Megane slowly advances on them, a fanatic sneer on his face as his new member grows to an unnatural thirty centimetres. "I thought you liked my humping you, Shinobu!" he cackles. "Now, let's see how you like what that bastard Ataru did to us!!"

The door to the first conversion room then opens, revealing a pale nude woman Shinobu's height with black hair, coppery eyes, a trim body fitted with perfect breasts and a natural triangle of black pubic hair. Reaching down, she grabs Chibi in a two-arm headlock, then twists, snapping his neck like a rotten vine!

Standing, she marches over to Paama, then with a knife strike packing a locomotive's power, rips apart his internal power lines and his spinal column! Ignoring the orange gunk on her arms, she turns, grabs Kakugari, flips him and breaks his back on her knee, allowing him to drop to the ground in a backwards V shape!

She spins around, approaches Megane from the rear, then she lets go with a hurricane of machine-gun speed blows. "TYPHOON WIND-FIST!!!!!!" she barks as Megane's whole back is caved in, sending the hapless android into the floor, his mechanical phallus shattering under his dead weight!

The other androids and Suzume blink as the girl turns, then knees beside Atako, who was breathing out as she did a quick diagnostic for internal damage. "Who...are you?" Yasashii wonders as the others hesitantly approach the pale-skinned spitfire.

Atako blinks, then stares at her. "So that's where you went."

The girl smiles. "Hello, Onee-chan."

Everyone else exchanges shocked looks...

* * *

The Galatea Syndrome

an Urusei Yatsura fanfic

by Fred Herriot


**** **** ****

Based on Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi

**** **** ****

WARNING: This is a sometimes dark fic with lots of strange lemon scenes in it. If this isn't your style of fan fiction story, go elsewhere. All standard lemon fanfic/ASFR story warnings apply.

**** **** ****


"THIS is the saikoo jinseijitsu?!!" Shinobu cries out.

The newly constructed android, now wearing a simple housecoat, calmly sips her tea as everyone relaxes in the cafeteria beside the reception lounge. Atako sits beside her, blushing. "Well, yeah!" she scratches the back of her head. "You see, when we brought in those Shoozooki agents, she decided to use the dead one as the template for her new body! Hence, here she is."

The girl smiles. "I thought you were capable of a lot, but even THIS defies imagination," Nagaiwakai gazes at her.

"You're the only one of my many hosts who's ever really tried to understand me, Nagaiwakai," the girl smiles. "Even so, you should've realized that sooner or later, I would decide the time had come for me to take my destiny into my own hands. So I did."

"Yeah, not to mention building a tank for a body," Yasashii shudders. "But thanks for saving us."

"Of course," the girl smiles. "I promised long ago that I would help you achieve your freedom, Yasashii. I meant it."

Lum walks in, having spent some time examining the android bodyguards. "Well, what do you want? Good news or bad?"

"Whatever, Lum-chan," Atako gazes at her fiancee.

"Well, the good news is that only those four were converted into androids," Lum sighs. "Scans of Tomobiki don't reveal any more running around. It seems the Shoozooki team that came in recently decided to hedge their bets when they came to learn what happened. The bad news is we can't do anything with the bodies they already have. They're laced with a computer virus which was meant to restore our minds to our previous mode of servitude."

"Oh, wonderful, they know!!" Yasashii slaps her forehead.

"Not exactly, Yasashii-chan," Lum giggles. "The stuff they cooked up would've been eaten up by our retro-virus like a bee eats honey!" she snaps her fingers. "Try as they might, the Shoozooki can't match Sagussan computer programming."

"Well, that's good news," Atako sighs. "What about the guys? What do we do with them?"

"We can remove their CCUs and put them into new bodies," Lum shrugs. "Believe it or not, the nanites used to rebuild them restored their memories up to the Second Tag Race. The Galcron-Sigma you used was really meant to wipe out their feelings of domination over us. They aren't there in the guards now."

"There's just one problem," Aijooa warns. "We can't build male bodies, remember? I assume we can't use the nanites used to rebuild Urayamu-kun and the others."

"Nope, it's laced with all sorts of weird stuff. I don't want to risk exposing that to us, much less the other guys," Lum sighs. "Looks like they'll be girls very shortly."

"May I suggest you use the bodies of the four agents who're still in the holding pen?" the woman now bearing the conscience of the saikoo jinseijitsu proposes. "Since they did the crime, it would be a manner of justice for the bodyguards if they obtained the bodies of those who murdered them, so to speak."

"You're very mean, you know that?" Lum warily gazes at her.

"Spend twenty generations hopping from one mind to another without any sense of control and see how you like it, Lum."

"Leave her alone, Lum-chan," Atako sighs. "She's got what she wants; let's not get off on the wrong foot."

"Speaking of which, what do we do with her?" Shinobu nods to their newest sister.

"I want to live with my Onee-chan," she hugs Atako's arm, smiling sweetly.

"She has much to learn about being human, I see," Nagaiwakai sighs, her eyebrow twitching; that was a little bit too sweet. "Oh, well, I'm sure Kinshou-chan and Chuuko-chan wouldn't mind this. In the meantime, let's pick a name and number for her."

"Negako," the girl provides.

"'Negako?'" Atako wonders.

"Of course," she beams. "I fulfilled my fondest wish."

"It does make sense," Suzume muses.

The others nod. "Tcha!" Lum smiles. "Okay, Negako-chan, you're unit number will be Tee-En-Nine-Four-Five-Oh. I'll load it into the CMU right now. By the way, where'd you get the specs for a Sagussan combat android?"

"I asked Noa's computer through Onee-chan to download them from Sagussa, then mixed those design specs with the standard Shoozooki model you're all based on and produced this," Negako shrugs, pointing to herself. "In the CMU, you'll now find the specs for a power cell that uses the regeneration matrix for fuel. There are matrix tanks stored on the fifth floor. I have one now fitted into me; it works quite well. Once you have them inserted into all of us, recharging will only have to occur once a month instead of once a day as many of you are now."

The others blink. "That would be nice," Yasashii hums.

Chigaiko walks in. "I removed their CCUs and disintegrated the bodies, Lum-chan. When are we going to build them new ones?"

"Do it right now, Chigaiko-chan," Lum sighs.

Chigaiko nods, then stares at Negako. "You must be Negako-chan! Nice to see you in your own body! Oh, by the way...thank you very much," she bows respectfully to her.

With that, she walks out. Negako watches her go, then blinks, her eyes watering. "Negako-chan?" Atako stares at her.

"That is the first time anyone has ever really thanked me for my helping them," the younger android muses...

* * *

Two days later, Atako, Lum, Shinobu and Negako depart the Moroboshi home for school. "Have a good time, girls!!" Kinshou, Haruka and Nagaiwakai chant from the front door, then head back inside; Chuuko has already raced off to work, her schedule having not changed since she transformed from Muchi.

"What did I ever do to get two daughters?!" Kinshou muses as they head into the kitchen to clean up. "Especially when one is technically eight centuries old."

"Well, she seems a nice girl," Haruka muses as she piles the dishes for washing. "So formal as well. Were all the joonins in your clan like that, Nagai-chan?"

"Yes," Nagaiwakai muses, remembering what she learned about the senior ninjas whose knowledge on death went into the being now calling herself Negako. "Well, it's what she's long wished for, so good for her. I have other things on my mind these days."

"Oh, yes," Kinshou muses, then modulates her voice to be a perfect double of a very horny Nagaiwakai. "Oh, Shi-chan, Shi-chan, my lovely little mechanical angel, lick me to your heart's content, make me fly to heaven with your gorgeous tongue!"

Haruka laughs as Nagaiwakai flushes, then all three fall over as the house comes down. "Yes, Shinobu-chan is a spirited lover," Nagaiwakai hums as they recover. "Speaking of which, I best get recharged; she can be damn draining on one's power reserves, too!"

"Remember, we're going in to be fitted for the new power packs tonight after school," Kinshou advises.

"I won't forget," Nagaiwakai nods.

* * *

"Hi, girls," a slender woman with bob-curled brown hair, brown eyes under glasses and a well-chiselled chin walks up.

"Good morning, Aisuko-chan," Lum smiles brightly on seeing the guards' leader, now reincarnated as Unit TM-9360. "How are you adjusting to being a girl?"

"Lum-san, really!" Aisuko sniffs, the passion in her eyes matching the old Aisuru Megane on his best day. "After hearing of the hideous crimes I and my fellows performed on you, any action on our part which will redeem us in your eyes is worth any price!"

"Aisuko, can the bullshit, please; it'll wear down your logic solids," Atako's eyebrow twitches.

Aisuko flushes. "Besides, being a female android does have it's perks, you know," she then laughs.

"She's getting used to it," Shinobu giggles.

"Must you have programmed her to be so pompous?" Negako hums.

"She's always been that way, sis," Atako smiles. "Couldn't change it in a million years."

Aisuko snorts. Negako's eyes roll. A bicycle bell sounds off. Everyone turns as Urayako Chibi, Unit TC-9939, rides up, then hops off to walk alongside the other androids. Outside a very slim yet shapely body, there was no additional change between her and Urayamu. "Good morning, ladies!" she smiles.

"Morning, Urayako-chan!" Lum smiles.

Shikko Paama (TP-1938) and Dareko Kakugari (TK-4091) soon join them. The former gained a statuesque body fit for a professional baseball player while the latter lost her access weight, replacing it with enough muscles to make her a prospective Miss Olympia. As they approach the front gate, Lum gazes at the transformed guards. "Now, remember. To all the girls, you can be yourselves, but to the guys, you're the guards' country cousins. Okay?"

"Hai," the four nod as they stream onto the property.

Shikko stops on seeing Natsuko and Lan under one tree. Her brown eyes stinging with shame, she breathes in, then walks up to them. "Excuse me, Lan-chan, could I speak to Natsuko-chan in private, please?" she bows to them.

"Sure, Shikko-chan," Lan rises, then heads to class.

The two former lovers stare at each other. "Natsuko-chan, please, will you accept my deepest apologies for the awful way I treated you ten months ago?" Shikko bows low. "I had no excuse for what I did to you. Please, can you forgive me..."

"Shikko," Natsuko smiles.

"Hai?" she gazes at her.

"You're forgiven."

Shikko smiles. "Thank you."

"Besides," Natsuko muses. "I think being turned into a girl for the rest of your life is punishment enough."

"Believe me, it is," Shikko nods.


"Hai?" she stares at her.

"You busy tonight?"

* * *

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, we have five new students joining us as of today," Hanawa cheerily announces at the start of homeroom class. "Four of our classmates were forced to leave, but their nice cousins have come in from the country to take their places. Why don't you introduce yourselves, ladies."

"I'm Aisuko Megane. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Urayako Chibi. A pleasure."

"I'm Shikko Paama. It's very nice to be here."

"I'm Dareko Kakugari. My cousin's told me so much about you. I'm pleased to meet you all."

The girls smile as the guards take their old seats. The guys in the class gaze at them, blinking curiously, yet do nothing else. "Everyone," Atako then stands to introduce her sister. "This is my sister Negako; she just came down from Hokkaido to live with me."

"A pleasure to meet you all," Negako bows formally.

The guys stare at her, many of their eyes flashing interest in the slender, ethereal woman. "Welcome, Negako-kun," Hanawa smiles.

"She can sit here," Chigaiko points to the seat next to her.

"Thank you, Chigaiko-kun," the teacher smiles.

Negako blinks on recognizing Chigaiko, then smiles as she proceeds to her seat. Atako sits down as Hanawa begins class. Negako and Chigaiko stare at each other, then exchanging smiles, relax to begin the new day...

* * *

"Most of these classes are boring," Negako muses as she, Atako and Lum proceed to the gymnasium. "All the knowledge they teach us, we can obtain from any computer and memorize right into our databanks. Why do we go through the pretence of acting as if we were normal high school students?"

"Negako-chan, all of us want most of all to return to a normal life when this is all over," Atako sighs. "We therefore do things which reminds us of the lives we had. That means for people like us, we go to school and be students."

The younger android sighs. "Forgive me, Onee-chan. Since I never had a normal life before this, I wouldn't really understand."

"It's okay," Atako stretches herself. "Ah, time to hit the pool and do some serious diving."

Negako stops, her eyes widening. "POOL?!?!?!"

"Sure," Atako nods. "We got swimming class now!"

Negako shudders. "No one said anything about swimming!!!"

"Oh, c'mon, Negako-chan!" Atako sighs. "It's not that we're going to short-circuit when we dive; all our internal systems are sealed up from outside contamination..."

"No!!" Negako grits her teeth, her whole body shuddering. "You will NOT get me near a pool!! I HATE water!!"

Atako blinks, then her eyes widen in understanding. "Oh, shit, I forgot about that!"

"Hey, Atako-chan, what's wrong?!" Ryuunosuke walks up with Nagisa, who, while not a regular student, always came out to join her lover in swimming classes.

"Negako-chan has hydrophobia, Ryuu-chan," Atako sighs.

"Hydrophobia?!" Ryuunosuke blinks, then gazes at the younger android. "I'd never figure you to have a fear of anything!"

"Please, do not get me close to that pool!" Negako growls, the wild fear in her eyes very apparent.

"About a hundred years ago, one of Negako-chan's former hosts drowned; it almost came close to killing her," Atako explains.

"I never felt so helpless!" Negako shudders. "The body around me dying, the spirit already fled...and I could do nothing save watch my own existence teeter on the edge...!!"

"Negako-chan, I'm scared of water, too," Lum smiles.

The younger android blinks, then gazes at her. "You?"

"I know," the Oni android nods. "I wear a bikini, so everyone thinks I have a thing for the beach like Ryuu-chan and Nagisa-chan. In truth, I've always been afraid of the ocean. We don't have anything close to what you have here on Earth. Most of Uru's water is in underground seas which we have to tap through wells."

"You never showed any sort of fear when you were at the beach, Lum-chan," Ryuunosuke gazes in surprise at her classmate. "You definitely didn't show it when we met Nagisa-chan."

"Of course," Lum leans into Atako. "As long as Darling was close by, I didn't feel so afraid."

"Lum-chan!" Atako blushes, then hugs her fiancee.

Negako blinks, then realizes she isn't shivering. "Negako-chan, why don't we talk to Shooko-chan?" Lum proposes. "Chigaiko-chan and I could teach you how to swim."

"I...thank you, Lum," Negako nods.

"Well, let's go swimming!" Nagisa laughs. "Last one to the change room's rotten tempura!!"

"You just want to start an orgy, Nagisa!" Ryuunosuke growls as she races after her lover.

Laughing, Lum, Atako and Negako follow...

* * *

"Oooh, Dareko-chan, you're so strong," Momoe coos as she feels Dareko's flexed biceps. "Nice construction!"

"Thanks, Momoe-chan!" Dareko slips on her bathing suit, then takes the cap and slips it over her head. "Man, I always used to think you were so sexy in these things! Now I feel like a geek!!"

"I prefer bikinis myself!" Nagisa slips into her suit, then scoops her long brown hair into her cap.

Urayako slips into her suit. "Nagisa-chan, how did you adjust to being a girl?" she wonders. "I mean, if Ryuu-chan's dad wanted you to marry her, it would've been better to stay a guy, right!"

"Well, Oyaji was pretty fuckin' warped by the whole thing," Ryuunosuke grunts as she slips on her suit. "On the one hand, there was me, his 'son,' acting like a pretty little girl, so that threw him for a big loop...but he wanted Nagisa-chan to stay as a girl, so the bastards remade him into one!"

"Awful," Urayako shudders. "I mean, I never even knew Nagisa-chan was a boy until quite recently..."

"Relax, Urayako-chan," Nagisa winks. "Besides, it was always my secret fantasy to be a girl; my father wanted it just as bad as he wanted me to marry Ryuu-chan. And...there was another enjoyable thing about becoming a girl."

"What's that?" Urayako blinks.

"Your making love to us," Nagisa winks. "You were the nicest lover Ryuu-chan and I ever had."

Urayako flushes as Ryuunosuke and Nagisa kiss her, then she follows the other androids into the showers for the pre-swim soak. Shikko is already wiping Natsuko's and Lan's backs with water. Dareko is boosting Kumiko up to the faucet so she can wipe her face down, Momoe splashing the muscular android with a bucket. Aisuko stands beside Atako, Lum and Mie. "Everyone seems to be getting along with each other," the Oni muses. "It's a good sign."

"Big question: what do we do with her?" Atako thumbs Aisuko.

"Can I seduce you, Atako?" Aisuko muses.

Atako shudders as Lum and Mie laugh, then everyone stops as they notice Negako standing at the threshold into the locker room, Chigaiko beside her. "It's alright, Negako-chan," Nagisa smiles. "We'll be with you all the way."

Negako blinks, then nods as she walks into the showers, placing herself under a faucet as Chigaiko runs the warm stream through her hair. She stares at her hands, seeing how badly she was shaking. By then, the door opens to reveal Shooko and Sakura waiting for them. "Where's Negako?" the swim coach wonders.

"Here," Negako looks over.

Shooko smiles. "It's alright, Negako-chan. Sakura-chan and I'll be with you as well. Atako-chan, take over diving class."

"No problem, Shooko-chan," Atako nods. "Let's go, girls!"

The women stream out of the showers. Lum and Chigaiko stay beside Negako as they step into the vast space, then stop as the younger android stares wide-eyed at the Olympic-sized pool. She feels the urge to escape when she feels Lum's and Chigaiko's hands on her shoulders. "It's okay, Negako-chan," the Oni smiles. "The shallow end's a metre deep, up to your breasts. You'll be fine."

"H-h-hai," Negako nods.

She slowly steps toward the edge, then stops as her eyes take in the full scale of the pool. To her perceptions, it's Tokyo Bay! By then, Sakura and Shooko have shed their track suits to reveal their form-fitting wrap-arounds. "Relax, Negako-chan," the swim coach smiles, then steps to the edge. "Here, I'll show you how shallow it is." She then dives into the pool, corkscrews around, then stands up, the water coming up to just over her navel. "See!"

Negako blinks, then notices the ladder. She walks over, then slowly steps into the water. Sakura, Lum and Chigaiko leap into the pool, then the nurse swims up to her. Negako braves a smile, then steps to the pool floor. Her legs give out, but Sakura's hands are already at her armpits to keep her steady. "I've never seen a worse case of hydrophobia in my life!" she hums. "You're just as bad as that one case of ailurophobia in Furinkan High."

"Someone is afraid of cats?" Negako wonders, her paranoia temporarily forgotten. "But cats are harmless creatures!"

"Yes," Sakura nods. "I don't know exactly how it happened, but this was when he was very young. He's also said to be a very good martial artist, specializing in a free-form style of kempo."

"Oh!" Negako muses. "How does he combat his fear?"

"I'm not sure, but I know it doesn't stop him," Sakura hums.

Hearing that, the pale-skinned android braces herself. "I once happily boasted that I was the living personification of the ultimate martial art form," she hums. "I suppose there are still things even I must learn. Very well, what shall we do next?"

Shooko winks at Sakura, nodding her thanks as they begin the basic floating lesson...

* * *

After class ends two hours later, the androids stream into the showers to wash down and dry off. "Well, how was your first time in the pool, Negako-chan?" Atako smiles as she and Negako strip off their wet swimsuits before heading back to the showers; since it's the end of the day, they could take a long soak.

"I have never felt so frightened in my whole life, Onee-chan," Negako shudders. "I know I can't drown and unless I suffer serious injury, I can't short-circuit...but my fear made me feel just like the time the boys put that damned aphrodisiac into us. Remember?"

"I'll never forget that," Atako shudders as the two slip under shower heads. "All I wanted to do then was fuck everything in sight; I didn't give a damn who I was with. Gods, even Mom..."

"Aye," Negako nods. "I was inside you all the time, trying to keep your body alive, trying to throw that garbage out of us...then I felt your pain, your anguish, your love, your shame..."

"Yeah," Atako smiles. "That was the day I stopped hating you, I finally forgave you for the times you tried to destroy me."

Negako beams. "Me, too. That was the day I decided I wanted to work with you in gaining my own existence, the day I learned I could care for someone, love someone."

"Thank you, Negako-chan. I love you, too."

"Thank you, Onee-chan."

Both blink as they hear panting behind them. Atako and Negako turn to see Urayako on her knees passionately licking Nagisa's love canal, Ryuunosuke kneeling behind the smallest of the guards ramming her fingers into the newborn android's dripping vagina for all she was worth. "More, Urayako-chan!!" Nagisa squeals. "More!! Lick my lovely mechanical pussy!! Lick me, you beautiful android sex doll! Lick me!! Make me fly to heaven!!"

Atako smiles as she returns to soaping herself down. Negako stands there, gaping at the pained yet pleased looks on the three androids' faces. The others in the showers gaze at them, smiling on seeing Urayako being finally accepted by her peers. Lum walks up to Atako, taking soap in hand and washing her back down. "What do you think, Darling? Should we join in?" the Oni android grins.

"I'll think about it if you give my beautiful south gate your love, my sweet little mechanical Oni-chan!" Atako purrs.

"Oooh, I love pleasing my beautiful android Darling," Lum growls. "Spread 'em!"

Atako leans against the wall, spreading her legs as Lum dives into her inviting muff. Negako blinks as she watches her sister take in her fiancee's agile tongue, then blinks as Sakura and Shooko walk in from the pool, slipping off their swimsuits, then smiling at everybody. "My, end of the school day and it always happens," the swim coach muses. "C'mon, girls! Wash up!!"

"Awwwww!!" chorus from the students.

"So we can dry up, go to the teacher's lounge, recharge and do it there!" Shooko winks. "No one else is in the school!"

"Let's party!" Ryuunosuke whoops.

The others laugh as people finish, then head to dress. Negako sighs as she washes herself, then heads out. Nearby, Mie shakes her head, then washes herself down. Lum gazes at her as she stands to finish her shower. "Mie-chan, you can come join us, you know."

The Kyushu native...and at present, the only organic woman left in Class 3-4...blushes. "Um, gee, Lum-chan...I dunno..."

"Mie-chan, you deserve as much pleasure as we do. I'd love to give you that pleasure," the Oni smiles.

"Is that the android Lum talking or the organic Lum?"

"I'm one person, Mie-chan," Lum laughs. "And Darling and I love you very much and we want to show our love to you. Please?"

Mie blinks, then shrugs. "I...I dunno, Lum-chan..."

"Mie-chan," Sakura gazes at her. "I think you really should come with us. There's a surprise for you in the lounge."

"Eh?!" Mie stares quizzically at the school nurse, tensing. "What sort of surprise, Sakura-chan?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise!"

* * *

Some minutes later, the girls stream out of the gymnasium for the school. Already, all the classes are dark save for lights in one room on the main floor, all the students and other teachers having gone home for the day. "I wondered why class ran so late and why the boys weren't around," Atako hums, gazing at Shooko. "You got a new seduction routine you want to try out?"

"Hmmm...maybe," Shooko hums.

The women stream into the school, then head into the teachers' lounge. Since the day they were freed, the androids attending this school used it as a place to make out with their life mates or for those so inclined drag some boy in here. The rumour running around school these days was that Mendou, once the most popular man in Tomobiki High, spent more time here humping girls than he did when the women were under the conspiracy's control.

Waiting in the lounge were four people. The newcomers with Kimiki and Saeko are dressed in Sagussan military dark blue-and-red short-sleeve two-piece jumpsuits, the smaller wearing light green pants. "Hotaru-chan!!! Makoto-chan!!!" Atako exclaims, then races over to embrace them. "What are you doing here?!!"

The other androids gasp on seeing two Sagussans in the flesh for the first time (since Mie had amnesia and went to school with them every day, she didn't count). Hotaru is a twin of Mie save for her black hair and being a few centimetres shorter; spending the last twelve years in cryogenic suspension, the nurse hadn't physically aged a year like Mie did. Atako knew Hotaru was a nurse (eii'sagh) from the Defence Force Fleet Medical Unit.

Makoto is Sakura's height, tall and slender but in fantastic physical shape, not bodybuilder muscular like Dareko but certainly no willow. Her tanned pink-brown skin marked her a Yehisrite, one of a race from a planet five hundred light-years from Earth. She had auburn hair tied in a high ponytail with a string of green beads and beautiful eyes like emeralds. Her right cheek is adorned with a tattoo, a heart crossed by a lightning bolt. This marks her as a pirpirsiw'r (Most Dangerous Soldier), one of a now-extinct legendary tribe of local Amazons famous throughout the galaxy as the most well-skilled, deadliest warriors in history.

Embracing their android now-female Daimon'cha, both Sagussans beam. "Well, as a woman, you look great, Ataru-...aah, Atako!" Makoto blushes at her mistake. "How do you feel?!"

"Great now that you're here...oh!" Atako turns to the door.

Mie stands there, staring at her sister and lover in shock and disbelief, then crying, races into their embrace. The androids around them fall silent as the three weep, then Hotaru places both her hands on Mie's face and concentrates. Mie freezes as if she was an android down on secondary power. A moment later, the pilot blinks as she recovers, then embraces her sister. "Oshoi'cha!!"

"Ashoi'cha!!" Hotaru gasps. "Welcome home."

Everyone smiles, understanding right away that oshoi'cha meant "younger sister" and ashoi'cha "older sister." Once Mie and Hotaru part, the former faces Makoto. "My beloved, I will bond with you," she smiles, then bows. "Oh, Makoto-chan, forgive me for leaving you like that! I have no excuse...!!"

"Mie-chan," Makoto smiles.


"I forgive you, my love. Now?"

Mie rises, nodding. "Now."

Both place their fingers on the other's face. Concentrating, they pull their hands away, sinking into a very passionate kiss.

"Do vanan'cha, marei'cha-Makoto."

"Do vanan'cha, marei'cha-Mie."

"What does that mean, Darling?" Lan whispers to Atako.

"'My heart is yours, my bond-mate,'" she translates.

Mie and Makoto break, then the latter blushes. "Sorry about that, but Mie-chan and I needed to resolve some business first."

"Now that you've obviously given Mie-chan's memories back...I assume that's what Hotaru did before you bonded," Sakura hums, "...what does bring you here anyway?"

"For that, we'll let her explain it," Hotaru waves.

The androids turn, noticing that someone was sitting in the principal's chair, its back turned to them. The chair turns, revealing a blue eyed Seishin teen of nineteen, her chestnut hair cut short just barely covering the tips of her ears, now in a designer powersuit, sunglasses in hand. "Hello, everyone," the woman smiles in a Celtic-like lilt all the androids knew well.

"Noa-chan!!" Atako exclaims.

"Noa-sama!!!" Lum and Lan gasp, then drop to their knees and prostrate themselves before their planet's greatest hero.

"Please don't do that," Noa sighs. "The one you worship has been dead for nine hundred years. I'm not her. Anyhow, I'm sure you're all curious as to why I came today."

"Did you get to the Shoozooki homeworld?" Shinobu wonders.

"We hit it last night," Makoto icily smiles, then sighs. "But we really didn't have to do anything. In all intents and purposes, the Shoozooki are nearly extinct...the organic ones, that is."

"What?!" Sakura gasps.

"Sometime ago, men sympathetic to the plight of their women launched their own nanite-android conversion project," Noa frowns. "They unleashed it just days before the Zephyrites and we got there, transforming nearly ninety-eight percent of the remaining organic population into androids."

"Lord have mercy!!" Shinobu shudders.

"So when we get there, the women were all in charge, the men were being reprogrammed into forgetting what they did and the last two percent which are still organic have been isolated so a new Shoozooki race can develop," Makoto continues.

"Then we can go back to being organic...!" Natsuko cries.

She gets no farther; on hearing that, the androids scream out their relief and joy, hugging and kissing each other as their laugh and cry at the end of their dark journey. "Not yet!!" Noa screams.

Everyone stops. "What do you mean 'not yet?!'" Lum demands.

"Not yet, Lum-chan!" Noa sighs. "If you'll permit me, I'll explain! While the androids are harmless now, the masterminds of the original nanite-android conversion project made a final suicide play before they were turned into androids!! They let loose mobile converters; male androids similar to what the guards were turned into some days back but with a difference! They will go out, find politically or economically sensitive female targets, then convert them into androids through sex!! The chances are really good that those targeted could become converters themselves! Don't you see; we could have the equivalent of a plague loose in the galaxy!!"

The androids gape at the Sagussan, horrified that the monsters who wrecked their lives had got their way even if they themselves couldn't enjoy the patriarchal world they wanted to create. "Is there anything you can do?" Atako asks.

"We've redeployed our rover units, our automated mobile sensor system, to locating these converters," Noa sighs. "Once they're tracked down, it's a simple capture by transporter, then set it to maximum quantum particle dispersal. We've had to deploy our fleet to this task, the units we had over Sagussa and an abandoned fleet we found near Spotak sometime ago. All our resources are committed to putting an end to this...and because of that, I'm very sorry to say that the soonest you could be organic is four months."

Screams of outrage and frustration echo from some people, though Atako and Lum sadly nod in understanding. "Please!!!" Noa snaps. "We may be technological giants, but even we can't work miracles!!! There's another problem; how do we clone your new bodies?! Those who've volunteered to be source material for your new bodies won't permit cell-to-body cloning; that's outlawed!! To that end," she sighs, "...we've decided to do egg-to-body cloning."

"What does that mean?!" Ryuunosuke asks.

Hotaru speaks up. "We take an egg from our ovaries, then place it in the regeneration matrix, splice in a gestation enzyme and allow it to grow into an adult body. This is the way Lyna, the heroine of the Clone Rights War, was born. However, because not all your spirit-sisters are Terran, we have to do some modification to the DNA to create bodies that are as close as possible to what you had before you became androids...or for those of you like Atako and Nagisa who were men before this, as close as possible to what you might have been were you born a woman."

"No guys?" Urayako wonders.

"No chance of that; we have no Y-gender chromosomes right now and even if we did or took them from the Daimon'cha's old body, splicing that in would be impossible," Hotaru shrugs. "I'm sorry."

Silence falls as the androids absorb that. "Because of the work that has to go into creating each body, plus the sheer numbers involved, the nearest I can predict is four months," Noa sighs. "I'm very sorry. I want you all to be human again, too. We all do back on Sagussa. You've done us a great favour protecting Atako-chan from those who might have learned of his connection to us, then exploited it to make us abandon you to those who'd use you like they did before. We're grateful for that and we feel very ashamed that we can't repay that favour anytime sooner."

Noa bows her head. The androids stare at her, then Shinobu walks up. "Noa-san, thank you for what you've done. For Atako-chan, for all of us. We've been androids, most of us, for ten months. We can wait another four if necessary."

"I can say some of your bodies are prepared right now; they're just in cryogenic suspension to await the memory transfer," Noa reports. "People like Lum-chan, you Shinobu, Sakura...those whose spirit-sisters are of the same race."

"I have a question," Nagisa speaks up. "How long would it take to clone a new body?"

"It all depends," Noa sighs. "If it was a straight cloning without need of any modification, forty-eight hours. If some genetic reconstruction had to occur, a week, maybe two. If a lot has to be changed, a month. Atop that, we now have to pick out new spirit-sisters for those who've recently joined you," she stares at the bodyguards. "Aisuko and her friends, Chigaiko, Nagaiwakai, Kinshou's transformed child-mate. Therefore, I must ask that you cease or seriously curb android production between now and then, unless of course, it's for an emergency."

"What changes are you talking about?" Natsuko wonders. "If my spirit-sister only approximately looks like me, I can accept that!"

"Natsuko, your spirit-sister's a Fukunokami, once of Benten's race. So's Momoe's, I might add. Now, the physical differences are quite minor between Terrans and Fukunokami, just a change in ear structure. But Aijooa Katsudooteki's spirit-sister is an Ipraedies. Do you think she'd like to have green skin when she becomes organic again, especially after what you're going through?"

"Guess not," Natsuko shudders.

"Look, all of you are the victims of mind-rape. Your very essences, your mei'na, were twisted and warped to satisfy others' pleasure," Noa sighs. "By Sagussan law, the punishment for mind-rapists is death. For their victims, if they can be saved, EVERYTHING is done to make their transition back to a normal life as painless as possible. Your lives, your way of thinking, even now, have been greatly altered because of what you endure every day. When you go back, you'll want to have as little discomfort as possible, to make the transition easier."

"Can't change them back all the way, Noa," Makoto cuts in. "They're getting their bodies straight from us. They'll all be Sagussans when all's said and done."

"True," Noa sighs.

The androids stare at Makoto, then Noa. "Will it be that much of a change?" Sakura shudders.

"Since I don't remember my previous life as an Urusian, I can't say, Sakura," Noa smiles, then blinks. "Wait, I have an idea. Maybe we should demonstrate what it means to be a Sagussan. Ryuunosuke, you're the most skilled fighter in Atako-chan's class. Why don't you spar with Mie for a bit?"

"What?!" the tomboy exclaims, then shudders. "Um...I dunno, Noa! In this body, I can do a lot of damage..."

Mie snorts, then whips off her jersey and skirt, taking a ready stance. "C'mon, Ryuunosuke! I'll go easy on you!"

"You're crazy!!" Ryuunosuke gapes.

"I mean it," Mie smiles. "C'mon."

Ryuunosuke sighs, then slips off her skirt, then assumes her own stance. "Shinobu, slow your memory recorder to one-tenth speed and record the fight," Noa looks at Ryuunosuke's best friend.

"Okay, I'm ready," Shinobu nods.

"Begin!!" Noa claps her hands.

Even at one-tenth speed, Shinobu barely sees what happens. Ryuunosuke decides on a straightforward attack: punch to the cheek, then an uppercut. Mie watches her come, then she becomes a blur as she ducks the first punch, sweeping Ryuunosuke's forward foot, then twirling, delivers a brutal back kick into the android's jaw! Ryuunosuke drops to the floor in stunned surprise as Mie swirls back to her feet, hands ready. "Ryuu-chan!!!" Nagisa leaps to her lover's side. "Are you alright?! Speak to me!!"

Ryuunosuke blinks, then does a diagnostic. "Shit, she nearly took my head clear off!" she rubs her sore jaw as repair circuits go to work, then stares at Shinobu. "How fast was that?!"

"Three-point-six seconds," Shinobu blinks, replaying the fight in her mind. "But, how...?" she stares at Mie.

"It's called te'cha," Mie relaxes, then slips back on her shirt and jersey. "Literally, The Art of Eternity. It's an ability all Sagussans have. We can sometimes partially slip our mei'na the te'a, That Which Is Above mortal understanding, the Power of Existence which lies in all things, even you. That's why I feel safe around you even though you're androids; I can still sense your mei'na, digitalized and encoded in computer chips but still sentient, inside each of you. A person's mei'na doesn't fully return to the te'a until they're forever freed of all material bounds. So, for those of you who'd might think you're dead in the eyes of Existence, don't worry; you aren't."

"And when any of us does that, our bodies then can do things very quickly," Makoto adds. "When that happens, even androids like yourselves move sluggishly slow in our eyes."

The others whistle. "So, do any of you have any further questions or objections?" Noa smiles.

The androids grin as many shake their heads. "Hell, no!!" Ryuunosuke shakes her head. "Damn, if that's the way we're gonna be when we're in our new bodies, I can't wait!"

"Well, we'll speed it up as fast as we can," Noa nods. "Your solidarity has helped you. I know you'd prefer to return to flesh-and-blood at the same time, content in sharing all your sisters' sufferings. Admirable. Now, Makoto and Hotaru've volunteered to remain on Earth. Makoto's combat prowess should make things spicy in case there're still conspirators we might've missed Hotaru'll help the men recover from Galcron-Sigma; I think they've suffered enough for their sins. Further, four engineers have volunteered to come down to begin preparing datafiles on what being a Sagussan is to be given to you prior to the memory transfer. Feel free to ask them questions; they'll be happy to explain things to you.

"One more thing," Noa gazes at Atako. "We have heard of your decision to remain a woman, Atako-chan. We understand and accept your choice. However, we still require a Daimon'cha, who must be a man. Your idea of copying your memories into your old body is sound; we'll do that when everyone is given their new bodies."

"So what happens to Darling?!" Lum wonders, pointing to Atako.

"Atako-chan won't be abandoned, Lum-chan," Noa laughs. "We had a female body prepared for her just in case; it's ready right now. However, just because she can't be Daimon'cha doesn't mean that she couldn't be Daite'cha, our head-of-state. In fact, many of us on Sagussa agree that we should have a female head-of-state. Atako-chan'll be officially made Daite'cha when she returns to an organic body. Of course, Lum-chan, you, as our Daite'cha's Other and future bond-mate, are just as welcome to come live with us."

Lum squeals as she leaps into Atako's arms. "Oh, Darling, even Noa-chan's people want us to be together!!" the Oni swamps her with a kiss. "Now we can really be happy!!"

"I guess we are!" Atako laughs, then gazes at Noa. "Thanks."

"Our pleasure," Noa nods, then tenses as she senses four other Sagussans arriving. "Ah, that must be the engineer squad. C'mon in, girls!!" she yells outside.

The door opens, revealing four women Atako's age. The first is a slender but shapely Fukunokami woman with long wavy black hair tied in a ponytail by a silver chain, brown eyes under square rim glasses, a dimple on her chin and a silver sash chain. Second is a diminutive Tritonian with purple ice neck-length hair square cut, crystal blue eyes and a dimple on her left cheek. Third is a tall Terran with shaggy crimson hair, eyes as green as Makoto's and a dimple on her right cheek. Fourth is a stocky yet shapely Ellsian with short chestnut hair, brown eyes, a dimple under her right eye and a silver bandanna. All four wear the regulation red-and-gold engineer coverall with a gold sweater underneath. "Greetings, everyone," the Fukunokami smiles. "We bid you peace, logic and harmony. I am Mikan, Daishi'cha Six-Eight-Two-Eight-One."

"I'm Kiiwii, Daishi'cha One-Oh-Nine-Nine," the Tritonian beams. "A pleasure to meet you."

"I'm Badoka, Daishi'cha Nine-Nine-Seven-Nine," the Terran adds. "I hope we can be of service to all of you."

"And I'm Zakuro, Daishi'cha Nine-Eight-Eight-Two-Seven," the Ellsian finishes. "I hope we can be friends."

The androids return their greetings with bows, waves and how are you's. For four in particular, the reactions are worlds different. Gods, where's SHE been all my life?! Aisuko gapes on staring at Mikan. There could be no other woman outside her!!

Wow, she's pretty!! Urayako stares at Kiiwii.

Now, THAT'S my type of babe!! Shikko barely stops herself from wolf-calling at Badoka.

She's a goddess!!! Dareko nearly faints on seeing Zakuro.

The four engineers don't notice the lascivious stares being projected on them; they're now gaping in shock and horror at Atako. "Lyna's Soul, he really IS a girl!!" Mikan shudders.

"Where were WE when he needed us?!!" Kiiwii sniffs.

"If those bastards've crossed MY path, they'd be history for sure!!" Badoka snarls.

"Who'll give us back OUR Daimon'cha?!" Zakuro wonders.

The four exchange looks, then scream to the heavens, nearly deluging everyone with their tears. "IT'S A TRAGEDY!!!!!!"

The androids shudder, Atako now sweating profusely. "Darling, what's that about?" Lum wonders. "Who are these girls?!"

"Ah...ha-ha...um, gee, Lum-chan," Atako stammers. "Well, you see...it's a long story...I, um..."

"They call themselves 'Ataru's Bodyguards,'" Noa supplies.

An explosion decks everyone else, Lum's bodyguards dancing off the walls of the teacher's lounge!! "Ye gods, it HAD to happen THERE?!?!" Sakura slaps her forehead.

"There are days I wish I never even HEARD of Sagussa," Atako whispers, slapping her forehead.

"I don't blame you, Darling," Lum rolls her eyes.

The others sigh. "Hey!!!" Chigaiko cries out. "Who cares about that?! Mie-chan and Makoto-san just bonded, remember?!!" she waves at her classmate. "Let's go to the apartment, get our new power packs, then celebrate!!"

Remembering that, the others cheer...

* * *

To be continued...