"The Galataea Syndrome" Part 6

by Fred H

"Kikuko-chan?! Aoi-chan?!"

Aisuko, Urayako, Shikko and Dareko step into the Kiaoi Flower Shop near the Hinan Apartment. Run by two widows whose husbands died from complications from Galcron-Sigma poisoning, it's the most popular store in Tomobiki. EVERY woman intent on solidifying a relationship came here to purchase bouquets and obtain sage advice from Kikuko Bara (Unit TB-4723) and Aoi Kisashi (Unit TK-2883).

Lum's bodyguards look around the shop. No answer from either of the proprietors. "What do you suppose happened?" Urayako stares at Aisuko. "Nagisa-chan and Ryuu-chan said that Kikuko-chan and Aoi-chan are always around whenever you want to get flowers!"

"We better find them," Aisuko shudders. "If they had gone to the apartments to get their new power packs, they would've closed the shop and left a note!"

The four quickly scan the shop, then notice the open door to the back room, which served as the couple's apartment. "Maybe they're back there," Dareko points.

"Let's check," Shikko walks to the door.

The four androids slip off their shoes, then walk into the apartment. Stepping into the living room, they stop on seeing the proprietors frozen, depowered. Kikuko, a plump brown-haired forty year old with a cherubic face and kind blue eyes, sits by the kotatsu, clothes off and central access hatch open. Aoi, a thin black-haired forty-two year old with a hawkish nose and hazel eyes, is frozen standing, clothes off and central access hatch open, bending down toward her lover. Both their ASUs are beside them, jacks already in their CSATs. By the looks of things, they were about to commence a recharge, but their primary systems cut out just before the connections could be made.

"Gods!" Aisuko gasps, eyes watering in sympathy.

"Have you seen your mother like this, Aisuko-chan?" Urayako shudders, her own cheeks damp.

"A few times," Aisuko shudders as recent memory comes back. "Before I became an android. I didn't know what to do; hell, then I didn't remember she WAS an android. Thank the gods my sister-in-law recharged her; if she hadn't've come, I might've just left Mom there and forget she ever existed!"

Suddenly, Aoi's mouth opens. "Hello? Who's there?"

The four teen androids surround their frozen elders. "It's us, Aoi-chan," Urayako announces. "We're the new androids, the ones made from Lum-chan's bodyguards."

"Oh, thank the gods. Kikuko-chan and I were just about to recharge when our packs gave out. Could you help us please?"

"Sure," Urayako takes the recharge cable and inserts it into the android's power jack. "Okay, it's in."

"Aoi-chan, is there someone here?" Kikuko wonders.

"It's the four new girls, Kikuko-chan. Lum-chan's guards," Aoi smiles. "Will one of you plug my lover in, please?"

"I'll do it," Shikko places the recharge cable into Kikuko's power jack. "Okay, you're in."

Both elder androids concentrate as they activate their ASUs by remote, then move to draw energy into their primary power packs. Suddenly, the recharge plug in the wall explodes in a shower of sparks, the wire shattering! "What happened?!" Kikuko wonders.

"Oh, shit, your wall plug just blew!" Dareko sighs. "What do we do, guys?! We can't leave these two here like this!!"

"Wait!" Urayako blinks. "We have emergency recharge cables in our school bags!! We can use them!"

"You shouldn't do that," Aoi warns. "We could drain all your power, Urayako-chan."

"Don't worry!" Urayako yanks out her two-way recharge cable. "We have the new model power packs. I've got loads of power."

"Let's just hope you don't overload them," Shikko warns.

Urayako immediately strips herself, then draws her magnetic sealer and opens her central hatch. Reaching down, she shifts Aoi into a standing position, then shifts her head to stare at her. Pulling the computer jack from her ASU, Urayako then inserts it into her own CSAT. "There, we're linked up," she sighs.

Her brown eyes then flash with datascreens as the smallest of the guards goes to secondary power, commanding her primary cell to direct five percent of her primary energy reserves into Aoi's cell. The older android jolts as the power flows in, her eye datascreens confirming the transfer. Once the energy is handed over, Urayako goes back to primary power, then unplugs herself, handing the lines to Dareko, who has stripped and opened her central hatch. "Here, Dareko-chan! You give her a bit of yours."

"Right," Dareko plugs herself in, then sends five percent of her own power into Aoi's cell.

Meanwhile, Aisuko and Shikko are supplying energy to Kikuko. In a minute, the flower shop proprietors are fully recharged. As soon as everyone is back to primary power, they take the magnetic sealers and close themselves up. "Oh, thank you, girls!" Kikuko sighs as she stands, stretching herself. "Who knows when someone would've come along to help us!"

"Don't your daughters ever come by?!" Aisuko wonders.

"Oh, yes, they visit but our daughters live with their lovers full time," Kikuko slips on her yukata. Her daughters Iyami and Minari, along with their lovers Lilith Tomassen from Oslo and Tiari O'Keefe from Vancouver, now attend the Taian Commercial School. Aoi's twins Akui and Kieko, plus their lovers Luna Hamilton from New York and Sophia Marikov from Saint Petersburg, are Syakkou Institute students. "None of us could've lived in our old homes anymore after what our husbands put us through."

"Gomen nasai," Aisuko looks down.

"Don't apologize, dear," Aoi slips on her own yukata. "From what everyone's said, you four actually weren't as bad as some of the others. You never made your family do strange things."

"We couldn't think of that...I mean, none of us knew what some of the guys were doing!" Dareko shudders. "I mean, screwing your own mom, your sisters if you had them?! Sick!!"

"Would you have sex with us if we asked?" Kikuko wonders.

The younger androids notice that their hosts haven't closed up their yukatas, then realize that despite their age, both are still pretty. "Well..." Aisuko shudders, then shrugs. "Oh, jeez!!"

"It's alright," Kikuko smiles as she closes herself up. "Why don't you get dressed? Believe it or not, while I love this sexy machine," she lovingly grasps Aoi's hand, "...there are times I do lust for the younger generation."

"Do all the older androids feel that way?" Dareko wonders.

"Sometimes," Aoi ties her yukata up, then goes to the kitchen to make tea. "It depends on how you feel about where your life's going. Some want to regain their youth, start over again. Look at Kinshou Moroboshi. She's spent as much time with her daughter's classmates than with Haruka Mendou or now Chuuko Moroboshi."

"Oh, yeah, Atako-chan's reincarnated dad!" Aisuko laughs. "Her 'Chuuko-papa!'"

The other guards laugh. "Don't think that to be perverted, dears," Kikuko sits beside them as they relax around the kotatsu. "After all, you four and Nagisa Shinowataru were once men."

"True," Shikko nods. "Strange as this sounds, I like being a girl. I'm almost tempted to drag old sword-for-brains Mendou into the teacher's lounge and let him worship my pleasure centre!"

"You, too?!" Urayako giggles.

Everyone laughs as Aoi returns with the tea. "Continuing, there's Nagaiwakai," Kikuko smiles. "She and Shinobu Miyaki are lovers. As organics, there was a sixty-five year age difference. Shinobu-chan's mother Kimiki and Saeko Mizunokoji love girls in their twenties. Many others are doing the same thing. They've decided they want to go enjoy life, start new relationships, perhaps start new families when we all become organic."

"What other types are there?" Dareko wonders.

"Well, there are two other types in the over-thirty category," Kikuko hums. "There're widows like Aoi-chan and I, who've decided we'll enjoy each other's company. When we become organic, we'll decide whether or not to start over, or live our lives together in peace. Then, there're women, widows and those who're emotionally abandoned, who just don't know what to do."

"They're trying to deny reality, thinking it'll all go back to the way it was when we're organic again," Aoi muses.

"That won't happen," Aisuko shakes her head. "When we revert to being organic, we'll be Sagussans. That itself brings a whole set of problems." Sighing, she gazes nowhere in particular. "I might go to Sagussa when this is over."

"Sure, since Mikan-chan'll be there," Urayako meows.

Aisuko blushes, her circuits jumping as Mikan's image dances through her C3N. "So that's why you're here," Aoi nods. "Well, let's get some bouquets so you can make a good first impression!"

"Arigato!!" the younger androids bow.

"Let's have our tea, first," Kikuko muses. "Honestly, Aoi-chan, you're so willing to please everyone in sight."

"I please you, you darling little love machine!" Aoi purrs.

They lovingly kiss. "That's something I don't notice about my mom," Dareko muses. "She doesn't have someone to be with."

"That's true with all your mothers," Aoi muses. "They're the 'don't know what to do' type. Your fathers are dead, there're no other android relatives available, you're still adjusting to being androids, so they just sit around and maintain the house. In a sense, they're acting the same as when the conspiracy had control."

"That's awful," Shikko sighs. "Mom's a pretty girl. She deserves a chance to be happy...hey, wait a minute!" she blinks.

"Are you thinking what I think you're thinking, Shikko-chan?" Aisuko muses, staring knowingly at her friend.

"Yeah!" Shikko smiles. "I mean, your mom and mine used to gab all the time when they were in the market!"

"And our moms always shopped together," Urayako stares at Dareko. "Atop that, all our moms attended Tomobiki High School when they were younger. So, let's play matchmaker!"

"Splendid!!" Kikuko claps her hands.

"Hey, why don't you come with us to the apartments?" Aisuko wonders. "I mean, we want those engineers who came in from Sagussa and we'll need help in getting our moms' together. Besides, you can get your new power packs then and meet Noa-san; she's here!"

"Well..." Aoi hums.

"Please!!" the younger androids chorus.

"Okay, we'll come!" Kikuko nods...

* * *

The Galatea Syndrome

an Urusei Yatsura fanfic

by Fred Herriot


**** **** ****

Based on Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi

**** **** ****

WARNING: This is a sometimes dark fic with lots of strange lemon scenes in it. If this isn't your style of fan fiction story, go elsewhere. All standard lemon fanfic/ASFR story warnings apply.

**** **** ****


"Mom, I'm home!" Aisuko announces as she steps into her home, bouquet in hand. With her brother Heiyo and his wife Konoma having moved out a year ago (thus avoiding Konoma becoming an android), the place seemed too large for just two. The guards' leader felt guilty that she hadn't paid attention to her mother more often. Rui Megane was a financial advisor before the conspiracy forced her back into the home, where she remained long after the androids were freed. You won't be alone anymore, Mom! Aisuko vows.

"In here, Aisuko-chan," Rui's voice calls from the kitchen.

Placing the bouquet down, Aisuko steps into the kitchen to see Rui, a silver haired double of herself (Aisuko's body was modelled after her mother) working the stove. Smiling on seeing that her mother is quite the beauty even at forty, Aisuko walks up to her. "And how's my favourite Mike unit doing?" she gently hugs her.

"Aisuko-chan," Rui blinks, turning to return her daughter's embrace. "Now, why are you being so nice to me tonight?"

"Mom, I'm sorry," Aisuko sighs, gently kissing her. "I'm sorry for all the times I ignored you, didn't pay attention to you, didn't really see how you were suffering! Please forgive me?"

"I forgive you," Rui kisses her. "When those awful Shoozooki put those nanites into you, I feared the worst. I'm so glad Atako-chan and Lum-chan saved you; I still have a child to care for."

"But what about you?" Aisuko wonders. "Mom, we're four months away from getting our new bodies. Noa-san came by today to tell us the good news. In fact, Mie-chan's lover came by and they bonded! There's going to be a party tonight at the apartments after people get their new power packs. Wanna go?"

"Me?!" Rui blinks, then shakes her head. "No, I've no need to get a new power pack. The old one serves me quite fine."

"Mom, this new model only requires recharging once a month," Aisuko blinks. "I know you don't like opening yourself up. The new packs'll mean you won't have to do it so often."

Rui blinks, then sits at the table. "Not all of us have adjusted well to being androids, Aisuko-chan," the woman also calling herself Unit TM-9359 sighs. "I hate being this mechanical monstrosity! I hate the fact that my life's been destroyed!!"

"You can get a new life," Aisuko looks down.

"I don't want a new life!!" Rui sobs, covering her hands. "May my ancestors forgive me, I've wanted to die so many times even when I was caring for you!! I don't know what I want to do!"

"I need you, Mom," Aisuko stares at her, her own eyes tearing. "I want you to have a new life, just like I'm going to have a new life. Four months, Mom. I didn't acknowledge your caring for me and that was wrong. I want to make up for it. Please, Mom, please stop thinking about dying."

Rui gazes at her, then sniffs back her tears. "I'll try, Aisuko-chan. Forgive your old mother for being so weak."

"Old?" Aisuko blinks, then stands. "C'mon."

Rui follows her into the bathroom. Aisuko slips off Rui's yukata, then turns her to a mirror. "Gee, you don't look old," Aisuko muses. Save for middle age and the demands of two sons, Rui is trim, her breasts starting to surrender to gravity, few age lines in her skin save around her eyes. "In fact, I'll bet there's someone out there who'll see you and say 'I want that girl!'"

Rui jolts, gazing questioningly at her. "Do you think so?"

"Hai," Aisuko nods. "At the end of tonight, I want someone to call my beautiful android mother a sexy love machine or one of those sappy phrases people like Atako-chan and Lum-chan love using. That means we better get down to the apartments as soon as we get you all prettied up!" she directs her mother into her bedroom...

* * *

The third floor of the Hinan Apartment was turned into a recreation room and pool when the Sagussans and the SCAA rebuilt it so the androids would have a place to work covertly from. Already a crowd has converged. Most are students and teachers from Mie's class who've come to celebrate her good fortune. However, news of their mysterious benefactor's arrival has drawn other androids.

"It's so good to finally meet you, Noa-san!" Tanoshii bows respectfully to the Sagussan as she, Kenmei and Tamiko meet her at the door. "Thank you so much for what you did!!"

"It was my pleasure, Tanoshii-chan," Noa hands her an envelope, then another to Kenmei. "Here you go."

"What are these?" Kenmei wonders.

"Letters from your spirit-sisters," Noa beams. "They want to get to know the people they're helping. Hello, Tamiko-chan!" she offers her hand to Mie's adopted sister. "It's so nice to meet you. Mie was very lucky to have such a nice family adopt her."

"Thanks, Noa-chan," Tamiko bows.

Noa waves as they head inside, then beams on seeing the new arrivals. "Hello, Haruka-chan, Kinshou-chan," she holds out her hands. "Where's your life-mate, Kinshou-chan?"

"Chuuko-chan's at work," Kinshou sighs. "The ladies there are throwing a 'becoming one of us' party, which means they'll all want to have their wanton ways with her. Who knows what I'll get back later tonight!" she throws up her hands in an exaggerated shrug.

"Don't worry," Noa winks. "After all, she became an android to help her feel comfortable loving you...oh, thanks, Hotaru," she takes the letters for Kinshou and Haruka, then passes them over.

More people arrive, including Mikan and Ataru's bodyguards. "Hey, Noa...whoo!!" the bespectacled engineer whistles on seeing the crowd already in the lounge. "Reminds me of all the clones in the Chamber...except these are all moving!"

"It'll be a madhouse when the time comes," Kiiwii whistles.

"You four moved in already?" Noa wonders.

"Yep," Mikan nods. "We racked out in one of the rooms on ten, then turned another into our office. When're we hitting the pool?"

"Later, as soon as this crowd thins out."

"Right," Mikan nods as they head inside.

Noa relaxes, then smiles warmly as Chigaiko's family arrives. "Hello, Chigaiko-chan," she hands their letters over. "Kindan-san, Fuchiko-chan. Please, make yourselves at home."

"Has Negako-chan come by yet?" Chigaiko wonders.

"Atako, Lum and Negako aren't due just yet," Hotaru muses.

"Relax, Chigaiko-chan," Kindan squeezes her daughter's hand. "Learn a little patience. If you want her, wait for it."

"Mom, you and Fuchiko-chan are still single," Chigaiko reminds her. "Don't you want to meet someone tonight?"

"Maybe," Kindan chuckles as they head inside.

Next to come are Ryooko and Asuka with a crowd from Butsumetsu Girls' High School. They're followed by Sakura and Saeko, Kinko and Tetsuko watching them. Afterward come Shooko, Kimiki, Shinobu and Nagaiwakai. "Hello, Noa-san," the Moroboshi clan matriarch hums. "I see fourteen years in cryofreeze hasn't changed you."

"Hello, Nagaiwakai-san," Noa gazes evenly at her.

"You two know each other?" Kimiki wonders.

"We've met," Nagaiwakai takes her letter, then walks off.

"You're right, Ashi'cha," Hotaru muses, calling Noa by her title of "Elder Mother." "She is a snoot."

"What's with you two?" Shinobu wonders.

"Something that has to do about how her grandchild and Lum-chan first came together," Noa sighs. "It's a long story, Shinobu-chan. Please, I'll be more than happy to explain it later."

"Okay," Shinobu nods as they head inside.

Next to arrive are Rui and Aisuko. "Hi, Noa-san," the latter beams. "This is my mom, Rui."

"Hello, Rui-san," Noa hands them their letters, then blinks on seeing her makeup. "My, do we have a seduction planned tonight?"

Rui blushes. "Noa-san!!"

"Mom's working on one," Aisuko winks.

Noa and Hotaru laugh as the Meganes head inside. "How many couples're going to come together tonight?" the former wonders.

"A few," the latter muses. "People're already making bets. You want in on the action?"

"Set me aside for a few yen," Noa hums.

"Right," Hotaru nods.

Dareko, Shikko and Urayako arrive with their mothers. "Hi, Noa-san," the largest of the guards bows, then waves to her mother. "This is my mother Junko," she beams with pride.

The others are introduced. Junko Kakugari (Unit TK-4090) is a plump woman like Kikuko, her salt-and-pepper hair cut square at the shoulders, her face decorated with many freckles. Hiroko Chibi (Unit TC-9938) is taller than her daughter, her long brown hair braided. Yayoi Paama (Unit TP-1937) is shorter and slimmer than Shikko, her curly grey hair the same length as Noa's. Still, all three androids are very attractive in a mature manner. "I'm very pleased to meet you all," Noa smiles. "Maybe you elder mothers can teach all of us on Sagussa how to properly be mothers."

The three blush. "Noa-san!" Junko gasps.

"Oh, there you three are!!" Kikuko walks up. "It's about time you got out of your houses and into the real world!"

"Kikuko-chan?" Yayoi looks at her. "What are you doing here?"

"Now, now, I'll explain it later!!" Kikuko beams. "Leave your poor daughters alone for a bit and come with us. Aoi-chan and Rui-chan are with me now. Come on, come on!"

"Rui-chan's here?" Yayoi blinks, then smiles lightly. "I haven't seen her in a while!! Okay!"

They head off, Junko and Hiroko hanging back. "It's good to see you again, Hiroko-chan," the former smiles. "How've you been?"

"Surviving day after day, I guess," the latter muses. "C'mon, let's catch up on some gossip."

Both head to a quiet corner of the lounge. Seeing that, their daughters exchange winks, then head off to find Aisuko. "Hotaru, get me in on whoever's wagering on them, will you?" Noa muses.

"I'll get in on it myself," Hotaru titters...

* * *

As the night goes on, people not related to or associated with Mie's classmates leave. Kikuko and Aoi remain, keeping the guards' mothers company. When Atako, Lum and Negako come, the crowd goes into the pool. "Oh, dear, we forgot bathing suits!!" Kinshou hums.

"Bathing suits?!" Makoto makes a face. "Shit, you Terrans are so bloody prudish, it ain't funny! C'mon!!"

Whipping off her sweater and jeans to reveal no underwear, the First Fleet watchmistress dives in. Mie shrugs apologetically. "Sorry, but my people don't seem to care who looks at them!"

With that, she whips off her clothes, then dives in after her bond-mate. "Well, since Aijooa-chan and Yasashii-chan are keeping Suzume-kun busy upstairs, there's no need to be too worried," Atako shrugs, then yanks off her clothes. "Let's get wet!!"

Everyone laughs as they strip, then dive in. Negako jerks on seeing ANOTHER pool, then blinks as Chigaiko reassuringly places her hand on her shoulder. "C'mon, let's go to the shallow end," she smiles. "I can teach you some more strokes."

"Okay," Negako nods.

Both head to the shallow end, take their clothes off and step into the pool. "At least this one has gradual steps," Negako muses as they sit on the marble steps forming a wide stairway from the surface to the one metre level, the water now up to their breasts.

"This is so nice," Chigaiko sighs. "All of us together like one big family sharing in our friend's happiness. Not like the old days. People fighting each other, hating each other. That's the biggest mistake the conspiracy made. Instead of isolating us, it brought us even closer together."

"Onee-chan and I ensured you could decide to do just that," Negako smiles, staring at her. "Believe me, there were days I only looked on you as simple fools who could be manipulated to giving me enough negative energy so I could destroy Ataru and have his body for myself. Now I'm happy it never went that far."

Chigaiko stares at her. "You feel sorry for that. I'm glad for you, Negako-chan. Part of being human is learning what's right and wrong, then moving to make the right decisions."

"Thank you, Chigaiko," Negako nods.

Two women then emerge from swimming a lap. "Hi, Mom, Fuchiko-chan!" Chigaiko beams as her mother and Fuchiko walk up to sit beside her and Negako. "This is Negako."

"So you're the one who was in Ataru all this time, huh?" Fuchiko hums, then holds out her hand. "Glad to meet you."

"Pleased, Fuchiko," Negako shakes her hand, then nods at Kindan. "Kindan. How are you enjoying the festivities?"

"Mom and Onee-chan are on a girl hunt!" Chigaiko giggles.

Kindan and Fuchiko blush. "I would've believed that you'd have lovers by now," Negako blinks surprisedly.

"Well, being so busy with caring for Chigaiko-chan before her conversion, we never had the chance," Kindan muses, then twirls around to show off her slender body, still quite attractive even at forty-five. "Negako-chan, they say you gave Ataru-kun the added push to pursue women. Would you consider me beautiful?"

Negako stares at her, noting that Chigaiko definitely took after her mother. Save for the age difference, Kindan had salt-and-pepper hair. "I'm sure you'll find someone tonight, Kindan."

"What about me?" Fuchiko pouts, showing off her shapely form, framed with long black hair, her slender face cut by brown eyes.

"And you as well, Fuchiko. Forgive me, but while I gave Ataru the extra urge to express his primal urges, the beauty standards were his. After all, look who he met twelve years ago."

She nods to Atako, Lum and Noa standing by the midline. "That is a fox!!" Fuchiko whistles, licking her lips in anticipation. "Mom, if they're all like that on Sagussa, we've got it made!"

"Well, after seeing Kinshou-chan frolic around with so many younger women, it would be nice...oh, my, who are they?" Kindan blinks, gazing across the pool from Noa and her friends.

"The brunette's Tetsuko Mokuteki, the blonde's Kinko Makige," Chigaiko notices who caught her mother's and sister's eye. "Two of Asuka-chan's friends from the Kurotenshi. Cute, huh?!"

"Gorgeous," Fuchiko licks her lips. "Kinko's mine, Mom."

"Alright," Kindan nods. "Excuse us, you two."

They drive in to swim over to get a closer look at Kinko and Tetsuko. "Do you believe they'll succeed?" Negako blinks.

"Bet on it!" Chigaiko nods. "The Kurotenshi vowed to protect Asuka-chan no matter what. They were so humiliated by what the conspiracy did, they never thought of seeing to their own desires even after Ataru-kun freed them."

"Let's wish them the best, then," Negako muses.

Chigaiko gazes at the pale android beside her, her wide eyes lovingly tracing Negako's perky breasts and firm stomach. Did Negako have any feelings outside anger and fear? Did she laugh or cry? Could she love? Maybe she better take a direct approach.

Before that, the water explodes to reveal Makoto, who strides up. "So you're the Pathfinder wanna-be, huh?" she gazes amused at Negako. "You're lucky you're in your own body now, kiddo! If you were still in Atako when we got our hands on you, the long knives would've come out for sure!!"

Negako evenly stares at the taller woman. The other androids wouldn't stand a chance with a Sagussan as Mie just proved earlier that afternoon, but her body was constructed from the specs of a Sagussan combat android, far faster and stronger than units like Chigaiko. "I do believe I've been challenged," she rises.

Both women gaze intently into the other's eyes. "Negako-chan, Makoto-san, stop!!" Chigaiko rises. "Look, Makoto-san, Negako-chan feels a lot of remorse for what she did. Don't bug her about it!"

"Chigaiko, sooner or later, Makoto and her people would desire to settle accounts with me," Negako muses. "Best to do it now."

"Negako-chan!!" Chigaiko spins on her.

"Hey, you, cut it out!" Mie swims up to her bond-mate. "Will you both get off the testosterone or whatever you androids use in its place?! Noa doesn't want her apartment wrecked!"

Makoto and Negako do not flinch. "I see," the latter muses. "Well, given the efforts the Elder Mother Noa has expended, which resulted in my finally freeing myself, then giving myself a body I can call my own, perhaps a different contest is called for. Are you aware of the game called three-dimensional chess, Makoto?"

"I've played it," Makoto nods. "Standard play, no handicaps."

"Agreed," Negako nods.

Makoto smiles. "Queen to queen's level three."

"Bishop to king's level two."

As the two plunge into the game, the others quickly crowd around them. "What is Negako-chan up to?" Kinshou wonders.

"Is Negako-chan out of her mind?!" Atako blinks. "Pissing off the likes of Makoto's going to get her killed!"

"She's lucky it's not Priss or Lufy," Noa hums. "Either of them would mop the floor with Negako using just one hand!"

"What are they doing?" Lum blinks confusedly.

"Three-D," Shinobu whistles. "Chigaiko-chan, are you...?"

"I'm recording it," Chigaiko announces.

"Um, Shi-chan, there're just two problems," Nagaiwakai sits beside her lover. "Where are the pieces and the board?"

"In their heads," Aisuko whistles. "Awesome!"

* * *

The bodyguards' mothers, Kikuko and Aoi are now in a jacuzzi next to the pool, chatting away as if they weren't androids, though the changes do weigh in heavily into their conversation. The door opens and Kinko and Tetsuko walk in. "Oh, we're sorry, ladies!" the former bows. "We thought no one was here."

"Oh, hello!" Aoi smiles. "Please, come join us. I hope you don't mind several older androids chatting away!"

"Not really," Kinko sighs. "Atako-chan's sister is out there challenging Mie-san's bond-mate to a three-D game, in their heads!"

"Three-D?" Yayoi wonders.

"Three-dimensional chess," Kikuko explains. "My daughters and some of their friends were involved in it six months ago. You know in Star Trek, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock always played this chess game on this multi-level board..."

"Oh, I remember!" Hiroko nods. "I watched it all the time!!"

The door then opens to reveal Kindan and Fuchiko. "Can we come in?" the former wonders.

"Kindan-chan!" Kikuko waves. "Come in, come in!! Girls, this is Chigaiko-chan's mother, Kindan. The lovely lady beside her is Kindan's older daughter Fuchiko; she's goes to Butsumetsu! Kindan-chan, Fuchiko-chan, these are the mothers to Lum's guards as you might know: Rui Megane, Yayoi Paama, Junko Kakugari and Hiroko Chibi. I think you know Kinko Makige and Tetsuko Mokuteki."

"Hi!!" everyone smiles as room is made.

"What's the game like?" Kinko wonders as Fuchiko sits beside her, Kindan relaxing beside Tetsuko. "Who's winning?"

"I dunno, Kinko-chan," Fuchiko shakes her head. "Chigaiko-chan's recording it so I'll see it later. You want a copy?"

"Sure," Kinko nods.

"I can't believe that someone actually decided to do three-D chess," Junko muses. "I always believed it was fictitious."

"Well, it was until my daughters and her friends got together to write some rules," Aoi explains. "It's just logic manipulation; we're androids, so we had to learn that. So, after they get the basic rules set up, they load it into the CMU. Some computer techs and intelligence officers on Sagussa got a hold of it, improved on it, then sent it back for everyone to try out. From what Kieko-chan tells me, everyone likes the game!"

"Wow!" Yayoi whistles. "See what happens when you sit around at home and don't pay attention to gossip?"

"Is it as similar as what was on TV?" Rui muses. "I know Aisuko-chan is a big Trekker."

"What's your favourite character?" Kinko wonders.

"Mr. Spock, of course," Rui blushes. "I think Leonard Nimoy is one of the sexiest actors I've ever seen! Aisuko-chan has this big poster of him from the second movie in her room! I've been tempted to take it and put it in mine!!"

"No way!" Tetsuko blinks.

"What is it, Tetsuko-chan?" Kindan stares at her.

"Well, isn't it weird?" Tetsuko gazes at her. "I mean, ever since we became androids, almost everyone's got a fixation on Star Trek, Tetsuwan Atom and all the other shows like that. You ask the older androids like you, they'll automatically pick Mr. Spock as their favourite character."

"What of you girls?" Junko stares at Tetsuko.

"Well, many like Catty from Gall Force, or Sylvie and Anri from Bubblegum Crisis, or Data from Next Generation."

"All androids," Kinko sighs. "Not surprising."

"Doesn't that frighten people?" Rui wonders. "Gods, have we all lost sight of the fact that we were once human?"

"Mrs. Megane, I want to be human so badly, I can taste it!" Kinko sighs. "We all do. But until Noa-san can get all our new bodies ready, we're stuck, so we have to get used to it. Every day until I got this new power pack, I've had to pry open my chest and recharge myself. It bothers the shit out of me, but I accept it because I want to live a real life again. And now, we're so close! Four months before our new bodies are ready! Aren't you anxious?!"

"Kinko-san, I've stayed in my house since I became this," Rui sighs. "I've despised this. There've been many times that I just allowed my primary power to run out and I've been frozen until my daughter Konoma or someone else came along. This is actually the first time I've been out in quite a while. Though I'm glad Aisuko-chan talked me into coming out."

Yayoi stares at her. "I've missed you, Rui."

"Yayoi...?" Rui gazes at her.

"I'm serious," Yayoi sighs. "I missed us going to the market and arguing with the fish dealers. I just realized it know." She then gazes at Junko and Hiroko. "And you two. I've missed you as well. It's so good to see you again."

"We can all say that, Yayoi," Junko laughs.

Everyone smiles as they clasp hands...then blink as the sounds of faint panting and sharp yet loving words are heard from the main recreation lounge. "Now, who on Earth is that?" Kindan wonders.

"Kinshou and Haruka," Aoi stands up. "C'mon, let's go see."

They step back into the pool area, where the crowd remains around Makoto and Negako. Finding towels and drying themselves, they walk into the recreation lounge...and stop, gaping. "Whoa!" Fuchiko whistles. "Check those two out!"

Haruka and Kinshou have the room to themselves, two large beach towels under them as the former rams her fingers into the latter's quivering vagina, Kinshou's hands squeezing Haruka's firm breasts as they devour each other's mouths with gusto. "Haruka-chan, you lovely android sex doll, give it to me!" Kinshou growls. "Make me forget my silly Chuuko-chan, who's probably being ravaged by a dozen horny android love dolls right now!"

Haruka snarls delightfully as she begins to rock her lover, causing Kinshou's mind to overload as an orgasm shakes her. "Oooh, my sweet electronic love muffin, these new packs are a delight!!" the former snarls as she leans back to allow Kinshou to devour her wet love canal. "Let's do this all night long!!"

The women watching them gape. "Wow!" Kinko gasps. "The Young Mistress said Kinshou-chan was good, but THIS is ridiculous!"

"You never knew her in high school, Kinko-san," Rui shudders. "Kinshou was willing to spread her legs for any man who wanted to spend time with her. Why she ended up marrying such a plain boy as Muchi Moroboshi, I'll never understand."

"Shameful, if you ask me," Junko hums. "What do you think, Kikuko-san...Kikuko-san?!!"

The others turn to see Kikuko in a chair, her legs spread wide for Aoi to dive into her gate with fingers and tongue. "Take me, you beautiful love machine!" Kikuko pants as her orgasm programs kick in. "Take me all the way to heaven, my sweet android pet!!"

"Your wish is my command, my electronic pillow-warmer!" Aoi snarls as she plunges her whole face into Kikuko's groin.

"Even them?!" Hiroko shudders, her legs rubbing together as her unused sensual programs take notice of the visual stimulation.

"They seem to be enjoying themselves," Junko hums.

"Of course they are," Kindan smiles. "Junko-chan, they're widows. Their daughters established relationships when Ataru-kun freed us, then got on with their lives. Kikuko-chan and Aoi-chan want to relax and enjoy the wonderful company of a friend. Being an android built for pleasure just adds spice to the relationship. Nothing wrong with that, you know."

"Still..." Junko muses, her own vagina heating up.

"Junko-chan, it's alright," Kindan smiles. "Pretend your a teenager again. Kinshou-chan does it, Haruka-chan does it, Kimiki-chan does it, Saeko-chan does it, even Nagaiwakai's getting into it. They have no regrets. You shouldn't, either."

"Well..." Junko muses.

"Here, let me show you," Kindan hums, then turns to Tetsuko. "Tetsuko-chan, I understand you're still single."

"I...I...Kindan-san...!" Tetsuko shudders.

"Why, what's the matter, Tetsuko-chan?" Kindan bashes her eyelashes, then pouts. "Don't tell me you found someone?"

"N-no...!" Tetsuko stammers. "B-but, who will be there for the Young Mistress and the Mistress...?"

"I think their names are Ryooko Mendou and Sakura Sakurambou," Kindan hums. "Tetsuko-chan, you have to think of your own life. What will happen when we're all human? Ryooko and Asuka might decide they don't want the wealth they now have control of, then run off. What happens to you? It's okay to think for yourself, Tetsuko-chan. Now," she reaches down to pull the lips of her vagina open. "Could you give this lonely android pleasure?"

Tetsuko shudders, then blushes as a secret fantasy comes to her. "I...I could," she muses. "I always have preferred the older androids...after all, I've long had a crush on Mistress Saeko; I thought she was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."

"Tetsuko!!" Kinko gasps, horrified.

Kindan walks up to her. "You poor dear. You must have been broken-hearted when Sakura-chan took Saeko-chan away. I don't like the thought that a beautiful sexy android like you has a broken heart. Here...let me give you pleasure, my sweet robot bunny."

Tetsuko gasps as Kindan swamps her with a kiss, then guides her to a nearby couch. "Take me, Kindan-chan!" she pleads.

Kindan takes her. "Tetsuko...aah!!" Kinko gasps as she feels two fingers slip into her love tunnel.

Fuchiko leans the Kurotenshi's leader back and swamps her with a wet kiss. "Hate to say it, Kinko-chan, but it's time for you to get with the program!" she snarls, then boosts the older android into her arms and carries her back to the jacuzzi.

The guards' mothers watch them, then gaze at each other. "I never...!" Yayoi shudders. "What is wrong with everyone?!"

"What do you think, Yayoi-chan?" a familiar voice hails from across the way. "We're being what the conspiracy rebuilt us as: the perfect android love dolls!!"

The four stare at Kinshou and Haruka, both now gazing warmly at them. "You always were a slut, Kinshou!" Rui snarls as they storm up to her. "Always ravaging all the boys in our classes and not caring that some of us'd like to get into the action!"

Kinshou rolls her eyes as the four sit beside them. "I take it these four liked to harass you like their children harassed poor Ataru-kun," Haruka stares knowingly at her lover.

"I got it just as bad!" Kinshou moans, then winks seductively at Rui. "Still, I didn't concentrate on boys...right, Cupcake?"

Rui jolts, her face paling as she stares wide-eyed at Kinshou. "Kinshou-chan, you promised you'd never tell anyone about us!!!"

Yayoi, Junko and Hiroko spin on Rui. "'Cupcake?!'" Yayoi stares, wide-eyed with surprise. "Rui-chan, you?!!"

"I don't believe it!!" Junko exclaims. "YOU were Kin-chan's Cupcake?!! You used to rant and rave all the time against Kin-chan's exploits...!"

"'Kin-chan?!!'" Hiroko spins on her. "Junko, I'm shocked...!"

Junko pales, quivering under her ex-classmate's glare. "I missed you, too, Melon," Kinshou smiles.

Junko turns sheet white. "'Melon?!'" Rui, Yayoi and Hiroko gasp, gazing at their pale friend.

"Oh, my precious Kin-chan was such a decadent little creature when she was younger!!" Haruka laughs, then breathes into Kinshou's ear. "Ne, Kin-chan, my beautiful electronic Playboy bunny, what did you call Yayoi-chan and Hiroko-chan?"

"DON'T TELL...!!!!" Yayoi and Hiroko scream, then jolt as they point at each other. "YOU?!?!?!"

Kinshou laughs. "Girls, it was the Age of Aquarius and mystic crystal revelations, remember?!" she smiles, gazing longingly at them. "Wasn't I the Goddess of Total Love?! But I never forgot you four! In fact...I really enjoyed our time together."

"W-w-we re-re-remember," Yayoi stammers, flushing.

Kinshou gets to her knees, then leans over to kiss each of them very tenderly, the memories of total sexual freedom in high school twenty years before flooding back. "Rui-chan, my sweet Cupcake. Yayoi-chan, my dearest Crystal. Junko-chan, my plump Melon. Hiroko-chan, my juicy Peach. You know, I missed you four very much...but I had to become an android, then be freed by my son to remember what it was like when I was younger."

"We're beyond that, Kin-chan!" Junko gasps.

"Oh?" Kinshou stares at her. "Melon, we'll be teenagers again in four months. My spirit-sister's eighteen. Haruka's seventeen. What about you four? The Sagussans won't make us older than what they can; they can't manipulate age genes like that."

Rui blinks. "I'll be sixteen again," she remembers reading her spirit-sister's letter.

"The same age we first made love, Cupcake," Kinshou gazes at her. "You were my first lesbian lover. A lot of what I do with Haruka-chan and now Chuuko-chan was learned from the times we were together. My present relationship with Haruka-chan and Chuuko-chan wouldn't've been as enjoyable without that."

Rui turns a deep cherry. "Oh, Kin-chan...!"

The others exchange looks, then laugh as they remember those pleasant years. Yayoi then bows low to Kinshou. "Oh, beautiful Goddess of Total Love, may your humble disciple worship again at your wet, juicy altar?" she proclaims.

The six androids fall over laughing, then look around to see that the other couples had made a strategic withdrawal. "Where did everyone go?!" Hiroko wonders.

"I guess we got too loud and they wanted some privacy," Haruka muses, then stares at Kinshou. "'Goddess of Total Love,' Kin-chan?! It is against our programming to impersonate a deity!"

"You want to know something?!" Hiroko muses. "Urayako-chan brought me here tonight so I could find a nice lover of my own!"

"Why not?" Kinshou muses. "Didn't you notice? Your daughters have fallen head-over-heels for those engineers from Sagussa! They won't be around much longer to keep a watch out on you, you know."

"Well, let's hope they're nice girls!" Junko muses.

"I think they are, Junko-chan," Haruka hums. "They're the ones who gave us our new power packs, remember?!"

"But who on Earth would want us?!" Yayoi muses.

Rui blinks, then stares at Kinshou. The latter android cups her hand over her mouth...Yayoi was looking away from them...then wordlessly says, "Tell her."

Rui shudders, then gazes at Yayoi. Even years older, this had to be the beautiful Crystal, who's wonderful charms Kinshou had described in saucy detail to a wide-eyed Rui every time they made love. Rui admired Crystal, thought whoever she was...Kinshou was as close-mouthed as a Sagussan companion android when it came to her lovers; they ALL had nicknames so their personal privacy would be protected...was as heavenly as the way Kinshou painted her.

And she is now.

"Crystal, may I be that one?" she turns to Yayoi.

Yayoi jerks, then spins around. "Rui!!!"

Rui smiles. Yayoi stares at her, then remembers Kinshou's words about her Cupcake. Cupcake...is Rui Megane?! repeats in her CCU time and time again as she remembers the young Rui...then remembers Shikko's words about her going out to find someone to be her lover so she could again be happy.

And now she is.

"Yes, Cupcake, you can be that one," Yayoi nods.

Both laugh, then embrace. Junko and Hiroko gaze at them, then the latter turns away, bashfully blushing. "Melon?" she hums.

Junko blinks, then blushes. "Yes, Peach?"

"May I be that one?"

"Hai, Peach," Junko nods, then they embrace.

The four then hear Haruka crying. "You're both such lovely couples!" the Mendou clan matriarch sniffs, wiping her eyes.

"Wait a minute, here!" Rui hums. "Kin-chan, if this woman is worshipping at your gate, why doesn't SHE have a nickname?!" she points at Haruka. "NO woman who worships OUR Goddess of Total Love will do so from this day forth without being given a name by which the Goddess shall address you!!"

"She already has one, Cupcake," Kinshou muses. "Ne, Bunny?"

"Kin-chan!!" Haruka blushes.

"That's better!" Yayoi nods.

The six relax. Kinshou sighs. "Cupcake?"

"May I please you, my beautiful android Goddess?" Rui bows.

"Lay down and spread your legs, please."

"Hai!" Rui lays back, spreading her legs.


"Yes, my Goddess?" Yayoi beams.

"Give my dear sweet android Cupcake all your love."

"Oh, yes, my gorgeous robot Goddess!"

Yayoi walks over, then bows, her tongue lapping Rui's wet vagina with long practice gained from doing Kinshou a dozen times in high school. Rui screams with delight as her orgasm program kicks in, her body shaking as Yayoi's tongue and fingers dig into her love canal, giving her a rush her late husband never could with his engine. "Crystal-chan, give me your beautiful android pussy!!" Rui pants. "Please, oh, please, please, please!"

"Take me, my gorgeous sex doll!" Yayoi hops around to plant her beautiful muff on Rui's face.

As the two engage in a passionate sixty-nine, Kinshou gazes at Junko and Hiroko. "Melon, Peach?" she smiles.

"Yes, my Goddess?" both bow.

"Swear you will love each other for the rest of your lives?"

Junko and Hiroko blink, then gaze at each other. "Melon-chan?" the latter smiles.

"Hai, Peach-chan?"

"I think our daughters wanted us to be together."

"I think so, too. Can we be together?"

Hiroko laughs, then rolls back, opening her love canal. "Come in and suckle my wonderful android pussy, my lovely electronic Melon!" she meows. "Make me go to heaven, just like Kin-chan did!"

"Hai, my sweet android Peach," Junko bows, digging in.

Kinshou and Haruka hold hands as the two new couples go to work on each other. "We will form a family with them when we're all organic, won't we, my lovely android Goddess?" Haruka hums.


"Ne, my sweet sex doll?"

"Call me Tiger," Kinshou smiles, gazing lovingly at her former classmates. "It was their private nickname for me."

"Hai, my dear Tiger," Haruka beams as they kiss.

Kinshou lays back as Haruka tilts her down, her hands diving again for the former's damp vagina. Unseen, Junko and Hiroko pull away from each other, then exchanging a delighted grin, crawl over to softly blow into Haruka's love canal. "Aaaah!!!" Haruka gasps, then looks back. "Melon, Peach, what are you doing?!"

"What do you think?" Junko seductively winks. "We want a taste of Tiger's beautiful android Bunny, too."

Haruka's eyes go wide as Junko and Hiroko gently pull back the lips of her vagina, then start to playfully lick her clit. Haruka screams as her orgasm program overloads every synapse in her C3N, nearly causing her to short out. "Oooh, Bunny tastes so good, doesn't she, Melon," Hiroko coos as she slips two fingers into Haruka's quivering love canal, then gently suckles on them. "I can't wait to taste her when we're organic again."

"Yes, Bunny is very sweet," Junko growls, then blinking, rises. "Be right back!"

"Hey!!" the others cry out as Junko races back into the pool.

"What's with Melon?" Yayoi looks up from Rui's muff.

"Search me!" Kinshou muses.

"Crystal!!" Rui whines. "You haven't made me come!!"

Kinshou sighs, then slides over, gently kissing Yayoi, then staring at Rui's quivering love box. "C'mon, Crystal, let's give our sweet android Cupcake a real ride!"

Both dive down to lap away Rui's juices. "Oh, Tiger, Crystal, take me, you decadent sex machines!!" Rui screams out as her orgasm program finally goes into overdrive. "Make me fly! All the way to heaven, my loves!! Make me fly all the way...oh, YES!!!!" she cries as her circuits short out as every synapse in her overloads.

By then, Junko is back with her purse. "Good think Dareko-chan remembered to pack these things," she kneels beside Haruka and Hiroko. "Oh, where would I be without my sweet daughter?"

"You're lucky your son became your daughter," Haruka sighs. "I shudder to even think of what Shutaro might be like should he ever become one of us!"

The others gaze at her. "Hush, Bunny," Rui smiles. "We know what happened to you. Believe me, if Tiger loves you, so can we."

"Then we're a family?" Haruka smiles.

"Hai, Bunny," Rui nods. "A family."

"I've a question," Hiroko then raises her hand. "Where does Chuuko-chan fit into all this?!"

"Well, considering Muchi-kun screwed us all the time when we were in high school, I think Chuuko-chan might want to be with us again," Yayoi stretches herself, then gazes at Kinshou. "I was so envious of you when you and Muchi-kun married, Tiger."

"Ditto," Hiroko smiles.

Kinshou sighs. "We'll have to knock in a whole new wing to the house," she throws up her hands. "Negako-chan lives there now and who knows when she'll get a lover."

"Hold everything, girls!" Rui coughs. "Tiger, does Chuuko-chan have a nickname? She can't be part of us before she does!"

"We'll just have to ambush her later tonight when she comes back from her party, then decide," Kinshou smiles. "Can seven androids live together?"

"Hey, we've broken every rule in the book so far," Junko smiles as she pulls out several multi-way computer jacks and a magnetic sealer from her purse. "Why not that one? Besides, what is family anyway? The people you love. I love you, Peach," she kisses Hiroko. "I love you, Crystal," she then kisses Yayoi. "I love you, Cupcake," she leans down to kiss Rui. "I've always loved you, Tiger," she kisses Kinshou, then kisses Haruka. "And I want to love you, Bunny. So, let's be a family."

"Okay...what's with the jacks?" Haruka wonders.

Junko holds up the sealer. "Time to open up, girls! I want to have a little cybersex now!!"

"Melon!!!" the others laugh, then engage in a group hug...

* * *

Moments later, Aisuko peeks into the reception lounge. "Hey, Mom, are you still around...what the...?!" her eyes widen.

"What is it...holy shit!!!" Urayako peeks out.

Dareko and Shikko lean out to look. Sitting in a circle holding hands are Kinshou, Haruka, Rui, Yayoi, Junko and Hiroko. Their central access hatches are open, computer jacks connecting each android's CSAT and auxilary CSAT under the right breast. On secondary power, their eyes flash as images of their lives flash in each others' CCU. "What are they doing?" Shikko hisses.

At that moment, Zakuro steps back into the recreation room, then slows down on seeing the six androids cyberlinking, then smiling, walks up to their daughters. "C'mon, you four, leave them be," she whispers, then stares admiringly behind her. "Now, THAT'S what I'd call a bond-mating!"

"I knew our moms were classmates with Atako-chan's mom, but THIS is ridiculous!!" Aisuko sighs.

"Freedom of choice, Aisuko-san," Zakuro smiles, then sultrily gazes at Dareko. "Wouldn't you agree, Dareko-chan?"

"Y-y-yeah!" Dareko stammers.

With that, the five head back into the pool. Dareko and Zakuro hang back. "Dareko-chan?" the Sagussan blushes.

"Y-y-yes, Zakuro-san?" Dareko shudders.

"I've never been called a creampuff before," Zakuro smiles.

Dareko nearly faints, then stares at her. Zakuro leans up to kiss her. "The roses were beautiful, Dareko-chan. Yes, I'll be your bond-mate when the time comes."

"Oh, Zakuro-chan," she sighs.

"Will you be my love doll until then?"

"Oh, yes, Zakuro-chan!" Dareko warmly embraces her. "Yes!"

They kiss again, then walk over to join the crowd around Makoto and Negako, who are still locked in their mental three-D chess match. "Lum-chan, how's it going?" Aisuko muses as she and Shikko stand by Lum, Atako and Noa.

"Still strong," Lum nods.

"Bishop takes pawn," Negako announces.

"Knight to king's level five," Makoto counters.

"Not looking good for you, Makoto-san," Chigaiko muses.

"How bad, Chigaiko-chan?" Ryuunosuke wonders.

"Check in nine moves," Negako smiles.

Makoto crosses her arms, her face not showing an ounce of emotion though her mind screams something else. Mie gazes at her warmly. <<Don't be too smug, love,>> she psi-flashes her bond-mate.

Makoto nods, smiling. "Sorry, Negako-chan. You played very well for your first try. Checkmate in five."

Negako blinks, noting that Makoto's eyes were flashing worlds of confidence. "Impossible!!"

Chigaiko re-runs the game through her mind, then turns to Momoe. "Excuse me, Makoto-san, can I run this with Momoe-chan? She's the class chess champ."

"Go ahead," Makoto nods.

Chigaiko opens a hatch on her arm, then draws a cyberlink, a smaller version of a CSAT jack, to link her CCU with Momoe's. The taller android concentrates as she reviews the game. "Wow!"

"Well?!" Lum urges.

Chigaiko and Momoe close themselves up, then the latter stares in sheer awe at Makoto. "Checkmate in five, Makoto wins the game. A variation of the Shikuma defence, Negako-chan," she turns to Atako's sister. "Sub-routine Es-Dee-Nine-Two."

Negako blinks, then her eyes widen as she sees how the moves would play out. "I see," she hums. "Very well. I resign."

"Whoa!!" Ryuunosuke exclaims, her eyes flashing with the knowledge of someone who always played three-D; she was second to Momoe in Class 3-4. "I've never used the Shikuma defence on anyone when I played three-D. How'd you know it, Makoto?!"

Makoto smiles. "I designed that defence. You notice that it's written by Daishi'cha Six-One-Five-Five-Eight. That's me."

Negako looks down. "Of course. Thank you for the game, Makoto. Please excuse me."

"Hey!!" Makoto reaches over to stop the smaller girl. "Now, stop that, Negako-chan! You learn from your mistakes. Lyna's Soul, even I'm not perfect, you know! Don't go into a snit."

Negako blinks, crying. "I've never liked losing, Makoto."

"Neither have I. C'mon, let's talk about it."

With that, Makoto walks Negako out of the pool, Mie and Chigaiko following...

* * *

To be continued...