"The Galataea Syndrome" Part 7

by Fred H

"We're so happy for you!" Shikko beams

Rui and Yayoi smile as they sit with their daughters in the former's living room. Junko and Hiroko are having a like meeting with Dareko and Urayako in the Chibi home. "Thank you, Aisuko-chan, Shikko-chan," Rui sighs. "We're happy for ourselves, too."

"Does this mean you'll be moving in with Kinshou and Haruka?" Shikko wonders. "I mean, not that we don't mind, but it's gonna get really crowded there."

"Bunny's already making the arrangements, Shikko-chan," Yayoi hums. "Besides, another bedroom will have to go in very soon for Negako-chan and whoever she may fall in love with."

"Negako?!" Aisuko blinks, then laughs. "That walking engine of destruction?! Don't be ridiculous! No girl in her right mind would want anything to do with the likes of her!!"

"Don't be too sure about that," Rui shakes her head. "Negako-chan cried when Makoto-san defeated her in the three-D chess game. If she can feel sorrow, she can certainly feel happiness, even love. Besides, I think Kindan-chan's child might desire her."

"Chigaiko-chan?!" Shikko blinks. "Well, if she wants to try...but I never figured her to be a glutton for punishment!"

"Shikko-chan, it's not nice to say such awful things about your friends and classmates!" Yayoi warns.

"S-s-sorry, Mom!" Shikko shudders.

The doorbell rings. "It's open!!" Rui calls out.

To everyone's surprise, in walks Mikan, dressed in a button shirt and jean cutoffs! "Mikan-san!!!" Aisuko pales as the engineer marches up to her, a very determined look on her face. "Is there s-something wrong?"

"Aisuko-san," Mikan crosses her arms, then leans up. "What did you mean by calling me a Venus? What IS a Venus?!"

Aisuko falls on her face! "You don't know, Mikan-san?!" Rui walks up to the Sagussan.

"No," Mikan shakes her head.

"Well, my dear, it means that Aisuko-chan there thinks you are the most beautiful woman she's ever met," Rui walks around her and helps Aisuko back to her feet. "It means that Aisuko-chan is in love with you, Mikan-san; didn't you notice the roses he left on your desk back at the apartments?"

The Sagussan blinks. "I...I see," Mikan shudders, her cheeks reddening, then gazes at Aisuko. "You desire me as your bond-mate when you become organic?"

"H-h-hai," Aisuko stammers. "If you'll have me."

Mikan shudders, an urge deep in her heart demanding she return to just serve Ataru Moroboshi, find some way to convince the being calling herself Atako Moroboshi to revert to her previous state as a man. Of all the Daishi'cha, Mikan and her three companions loved Ataru with such fierceness, it rivalled Noa's. Mikan's passion for Ataru overshadowed anything Aisuru Megane could ever do for Lum.

However, that urge soon washes away as she gazes at this lovely girl. "I see," she hums, then smiles. "Well, would you be willing to become organic as soon as possible?"

Aisuko jumps. Mikan just put the perfect bait in front of her; the idea of returning to flesh-and-blood long before the predicted four months elapsed. However, Noa's words on the matter come back to her. "I'm sorry, Mikan-san, I can't. I don't want you to do me any special favours. You can't have everyone done for four months. I'll wait until then."

Mikan blinks, then smiles. "I expected that from you, believe it or not. You do have honour, Aisuko-chan. Yes, I will be your bond-mate. Will you be my love doll until you become organic?!"

Aisuko squeals. "Oh yes!!" she leaps into Mikan's embrace.

Rui and Yayoi beam as they kiss. "Mikan-chan, why don't you move here?" the former walks up to her. "Yayoi-chan and I're moving into the Moroboshi home to be with Kinshou-chan, so it'll be rough for Aisuko-chan to be on her own."

"Of course, Mashi'cha," Mikan beams, referring to Aisuko's mother by the Sagussan term for "bond-mate's mother." "I hope you and Yayoi-chan have a wonderful time together!"

"Thank you!!" Yayoi beams, then gazes longingly at Rui. "Well, my luscious robot Cupcake, we better get over to Tiger and Bunny before they send the dogs after us!"

"Lead on, my sweet Crystal love doll!" Rui meows.

They head off. Mikan, Aisuko and Shikko watch her go, then the latter stares at the new couple. "I'll leave you two be, okay?" she turns to the door. "Have a nice night!"

"We will," Aisuko and Mikan chorus.

Shikko walks out of the Megane home, then jolts as a woman's sexy purr escapes from across the street. She turns to see Badoka standing there, her jean cutoffs unzipped to reveal her crimson muff. "As you can see," Badoka winks. "I AM a real redhead!"

Shikko shudders, then smiles seductively, winking. "I have to make sure, Badoka-chan."

"Naturally," Badoka meows...

* * *

"We won't!"

"You must!!" Noa shudders, her blue eyes full of pain and anguish. "Is it so much I ask?! Don't you see?!! For a year, I've walked around with this hollow space in my heart where you two were!! I will never think of filling it with ANYONE other than you two! Please, your bodies are ready...!!"

"We won't, Noa!" Atako crosses her arms.

Everyone is in the living room of the Moroboshi home. Atako's family (Chuuko is still at work), Chigaiko, Mie and Makoto gaze at the Ashi'cha, sympathy and confusion in their eyes. "Everyone here has their new bodies ready!!" Noa pleads, gripping Atako's hand. "Atako-chan, Lum-chan, everyone else would understand..."

"Yes they would, but the solidarity we have would be broken!!" Atako shakes her head. "No, Noa, we will NOT undergo the memory conversion now...not until the ALL the new bodies are ready!!"

"Atako-chan...!!!" Noa cries...

...then jerks as Hotaru walks up and shoves a hypodermic into her neck. "I'm sorry, Noa," the nurse lowers her eyes.

"Hotaru, you traitor...I thought...you were...my friend..." Noa moans as she collapses into the nurse's arms.

"Yes, I am your friend, Noa-chan," Hotaru allows her tears to flow. "And I won't have my friend suffer more than necessary."

"Hotaru-san, what's wrong with her?" Shinobu wonders. "She said earlier today that she didn't mind waiting for four months to have us all become organic again."

"Yes, she did," Hotaru sighs. "Please forgive Noa for her selfishness, my friends. What you just witnessed is the one of the aftereffects...of a shattered marei'cha bonding."

Lum jolts, her eyes widening in shock. Marei'cha, commonly called bond-mating (it really meant "the one with whom you raise a child"), was the equivalent of a marriage bond on Noa's homeworld. She then looks down. "We never bonded, Hotaru."

"To an extent," Hotaru sighs. "As did Noa to Ataru Moroboshi. At least the parting of their minds was easier than when Noa endured the horror of sensing every cell and memory in your mind transforming, the helpless shrieking of your *mei'na* as it was warped into something it was never prepared for."

"She must be in agony," Nagaiwakai shudders, her own eyes tearing in sympathy. "How bad is it, Hotaru-san?"

Makoto gazes at her. "Nagai-chan, do you remember the pain you endured when you sensed that your husband had been killed?"

"Yes," Nagaiwakai shudders, a chill racing through her.

"Lum-chan, do you remember the pain Nassur felt when he lost his wife Cinba?" Mie turns to the Oni.

"Yes," Lum nods, her own eyes tearing for her friend.

"Both those cases...are nothing in comparison to what Noa-chan endured because of you, Lum-chan," Mie begins to cry. "Right now, Lum-chan, Noa-chan is enduring the purest form of Hell!"

Eyes lock on the shivering Sagussan elder mother...

* * *

The Galatea Syndrome

an Urusei Yatsura fanfic

by Fred Herriot


**** **** ****

Based on Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi

**** **** ****

WARNING: This is a sometimes dark fic with lots of strange lemon scenes in it. If this isn't your style of fan fiction story, go elsewhere. All standard lemon fanfic/ASFR story warnings apply.

**** **** ****


"Sleep, Noa-chan," Hotaru slides the covers over her.

Everyone had moved into Atako's and Lum's bedroom, where Noa now lays nude on a futon, a wet cloth over her forehead. "I'm sorry, Noa-chan," Atako gazes sadly at her would-be bond-mate. "But it's a matter of degree, you know. The suffering of one versus the suffering of forty-four thousand. How could I choose?"

"You always were like that, weren't you?" Mie gazes warmly at her. "Always willing to help everyone when you had the chance."

"After I discovered the truth, I had no choice," Atako smiles, then gazes at her sister. "Neither of us did."

"Of course not," Negako sighs. "What were our pains, our desire to be sole masters of our destinies, compared to the type of pain Noa sensed when Lum transformed, multiplied thousands of times over? You see, Mie, Onee-chan and I take full responsibility for making war on the conspiracy, then all the fools in this town who took advantage of everyone else."

"But it was Noa who egged you on," Makoto objects.

"No, Makoto," Negako shakes her head. "All Noa did was show us the agony one android endured at the time of her transformation. We drew our own conclusions, then acted on them."

"It's still an NID violation, perhaps the biggest in history," the watchmistress shakes her head, referring to Sagussa's primary law, the Non-Interference Directive. "Shit, using a weapon of mass destruction like Galcron-Sigma, even if they are rapists?! Yes, the conspiracy, but not everyone else!"

"Then, we didn't care, Makoto-chan," Atako sighs, then blinks as footsteps are heard outside. "Who is it?!"

"It's your favourite electronic ramen dealer, Atako-chan!" a serene woman's voice calls from outside.

"It's open, Tampopo-chan!!" Lum waves.

The door slides open to reveal a beautiful thirty-eight year old, a plumper green-eyed Kinshou with waist length wavy hair, dressed in her usual shirt and slacks with cooking apron. In her hand is a large vat of steaming udon noodles. Behind her are Rui, Yayoi, Junko and Hiroko carrying bowls and spoons. "Hello, everyone," Tampopo Kamekichi, Unit TK-7462, beams, then stares at Atako and Lum, pouting. "Atako-chan, Lum-chan, why didn't you come to my shop and tell me you were getting married?! Does that mean you won't come by and ravage my beautiful android body anymore?!"

"We'll always make love to you, Tampopo-chan!" Lum beams.

"You're Tampopo?!" Makoto rises, then gazes at Mie, who is now a flaming red, steam escaping her collar. Smiling, she takes Tampopo's hand, then places a courtly kiss on her knuckles, gazing warmly into her eyes. "Beautiful Daughter of Creation, this humble warrior thanks you profoundly from the depths of her heart for giving companionship to my suffering marei'cha while we were separated! Your capacity for warmth, tenderness and love makes you a Daishi'cha in spirit and I would gladly welcome you into our home whenever you desire not to sleep alone at nights!!"

Tampopo blushes, then stares wide-eyed at Mie. "Mie-chan, is THIS heavenly creature Makoto?" she muses.

"Y-y-y-yeah!!" Mie stammers, scratching the back of her head.

"Mie-chan, do come down with Makoto-chan one day, my dear," Tampopo meows. "This lonely android would love to give both you and your dearest such pleasure!"

Makoto and Mie flush, then laugh. "A strange one, I do confess..." Negako blinks confusedly, then nods. "Ah, yes! I remember you. You were the first android to give Onee-chan all the experiences we could give a man, correct?"

"Of course, Negako-chan," Tampopo hums, then gazes at Atako. "Atako-chan, why haven't you brought you lovely sister down? You know I can teach her many things she would never have experienced as the saikoo jinseijitsu!" She then turns to Chigaiko. "And what about you, Chigaiko-chan? You never came to see me after you became an android! I was hurt!"

"T-t-tampopo-chan...!!" Chigaiko flushes, clapping her cheeks. "Stop it!! You're embarrassing me!"

"Tampopo, your reputation has proceeded you," Nagaiwakai hums.

"Naturally, Nagai-chan," Tampopo places her vat down on a towel Hiroko lays out, then begins to set up. She then looks right to see Hotaru shuddering, her face turned away from the ramen shop cook. "Now, who is this shy girl, I wonder? Could she actually have found a lonely android like me attractive?"

Hotaru squeals as she claps her cheeks, shaking her head in denial. It might as well be a white flag of surrender. "Hotaru-chan!" Lum gasps, then laughs.

"Lyna's Soul, I felt her hormones kick in over here," Makoto whoops. "Go on, Hotaru! Android or no, she's cute!"

Hotaru jolts, shaking her head, her embarrassment stealing her voice. Mie blinks, then gazes at her as memory fragments from the time her mei'na remained in her sister's mind come back to her.

"Hotaru...you and Setsuna broke up?"

Hotaru stops, then nods. "Hai," she sadly sobs, then gazes at the sleeping Noa. "Another result of what happened to Noa-chan."

"Oh, Oshoi'cha!" Mie shakes her head, then embraces her sister. "I'm so sorry for you."

"Throw her into cryogenic isolation, Setsuna said," Hotaru sniffs. "Freeze Noa-chan's senses so that she wouldn't feel the pain of Lum-chan's transformation anymore. I couldn't do that; to be deprived of any sensory input, even through the Dreamscape...it would drive us mad! It...it got worse from there..."

"Hotaru-chan..." Mie shakes her head.

Hotaru wipes her cheeks, then stares at Tampopo, now smiling. "Tampopo-san, I am single right now. Forgive my bluntness, but you are a beautiful and desirable woman...and yes, I am in desperate need of a companion. Having mind-melded with Mie-chan, I know that you're single, your many sexual escapades meant to starve off your loneliness as well as help aid you in locating a potential lover. May I be your bond-mate when you become organic?"

Tampopo jerks, then bows. "Hai, Hotaru-chan!"

Everyone beams as they warmly embrace. "Good for both of you," Kinshou nods. "Now, Tampopo-chan, make sure you don't cake Hotaru-chan in noodles when you make love!"

"As long as they're warm ones," Hotaru gazes at Tampopo.

"Always from me, Hotaru-chan," Tampopo hums.

Laughter breaks out as people get more comfortable. Atako stares at Mie. "You seem bugged about something, Mie-chan."

"I'm curious, that's all," Mie shrugs. "I mean, Lum-chan and the others told me of events up to the point where the retro-virus came in, but the Galcron-Sigma didn't come out until a few weeks later. What happened in the meantime?!"

"Other than our getting Noa-chan's rage and pain full force through our bonds," Atako points to herself, then Negako.

Negako nods. "I'll start, Darling," Lum coughs, smiling as those carefree days come back. "It really began to heat up a few days after we got the retro-virus. You see, the day after was 'Anything Goes Day;' we wore whatever we desired. Then, we had our 'Bathing Suit Day,' our 'Bra and Panties Day,' followed by 'Teddy Day,' 'Shirt with Nothing Else Day'...and then our 'Catsuit Day.'"

"Oh, do I remember that!" Atako's eyes roll.

"You should," Kinshou laughs. "That was the day you finally had your way with every girl in your class, Atako-chan!"

"And they enjoyed every bit of it!" Chigaiko beams.

"You Terrans and your underclothes!!" Makoto shakes her head, laughing. "Fuck, you always amaze me..."

"With YOUR killer body, Makoto-chan, you'd've wiped out all the boys and spared Darling the need to use the Galcron-Sigma," Lum laughs, then sighs. "Anyhow, it all begins..."

* * *

Ten months ago, the Moroboshi home.

Ataru slowly rises out of his futon, stretching himself as he scratches his head, then looks around. Standing, he heads to the closet and peeks in. Lum, who had taken to sleeping on the floor after she became an android, wasn't there, nor was her ASU. Now, where did she go? Turning, he notices a note on his desk. Walking over, he reads. "'Darling...Shinobu-chan and I are off to Triton to see Oyuki-chan and tell her and Dad what happened. We had to wait until Rei was in the area in case someone tried to stop us. Be back soon...you beloved android Oni-chan.'" Sighing, he puts the note away, then heads to the washroom.

Moments later, he steps downstairs, dressed now in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt; since the androids were liberated, he had taken to not wearing his school uniform in respect to his female colleagues. Seeing the calendar, Ataru notes that CATSUITS is written over this day. "Shit, next thing, there'll be a 'Topless Day,' then a 'Nude Beach Day' the way they're going," he rubs his cheek, then laughs hysterically. "Still, it's all worth it, seeing all those geeks not getting a piece of any of them!!" With that, he heads into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

The shower goes on upstairs. Ataru leans out of the kitchen. "Mom, is that you?!"

"I'm in the shower!" Kinshou's voice echoes. "Be down in a few minutes, Ataru-chan!"

"Hai!" he drinks the rest of the water, then gets a second glass. "At least the water supply's improved!"

A knock is heard at the door. He heads over, opening it to see two Moroboshi Clan soldiers there. "Young Master, begging to report," one salutes. "The disarmament of all Mendou Clan and Mizunokoji Clan armed forces and the bodyguard forces save for the Kuroko and the Kurotenshi have been carried out per your orders."

"Problems?" Ataru hums.

"Negative, sir," the second reports. "All Mizunokoji forces disbanded willingly since it was directly ordered by both Master Yuujiro and Master Tobimaro from Kyushu. There were some delays with the Mendou forces, until Mistress Haruka and Mistress Ryooko tied Master Hajime and Master Shutaro up to ensure they couldn't try to counter the order. Oh, by the way," he pulls out some snapshots. "The boys got these together for you to see, Ataru."

Ataru blinks, then laughs on seeing pictures of Syakkou and Sanrinbou androids heading in early to school, all in opaque full-body catsuits. The former group, students of a quasi-military technical institute, even remembered to wear the white berets which were a part of their standard uniform. "Hey, here's Yumi-chan!" Ataru spots a friend of Shinobu's from Syakkou. "Great ass!!" He then spots another familiar face, a Sanrinbou android. "Oooh, Ogin-chan, I'd love to suckle your lovely mounds! Wheeoo!!"

"They're all dolls," the second leers, then coughs. "Oh, we are keeping interaction between the androids and our soldiers to a minimum, sir; mostly platonic and all."

"And as you ordered, all interaction between the androids and native men within target groups is being stopped," the first adds.

"Good," Ataru hands the pictures back. "Give them to the privates; they'll need someone to be their sweetheart."

"Sir," both salute as Ataru heads inside, then goes to the kitchen for another glass of water.

Tomobiki was in effect under martial law as the government, horrified that forty-four thousand women had been transformed into androids, tries to keep news of this from leaking out. Despite Confucian morals that demanded that women be subservient to men, THIS was going too far. Nagaiwakai now knew, asking the United Nations' Special Committee on Alien Activities, the SCAA, to aid the Moroboshi clan in tracking down the conspirators, who all disappeared when their mechanical slaves shattered their chains.

What still bugged Ataru was the mystery of the retro-virus. The Zephyrite monks living with his grandmother had seen it, then walked away baffled; they had never seen computer programming of that complexity before and Zephyrus was the local cluster's largest superpower and technological leader. The SCAA were tight-lipped on it, probably to ensure the conspirators didn't learn exactly what had fouled their plans. The scale of it all made Ataru cringe, but countering that was his fury and the saikoo jinseijitsu's rage over so many being mangled. As the sentient ninjitsu database told its host once a couple of days before, "I HAVE SEEN MANY WAYS OF DYING...BUT NONE COMPARE TO THAT!!"

Kinshou then steps into the kitchen, wearing a fetching dark blue catsuit with a white silk collar and decorative red bowtie. "Well, Ataru-chan. Is your android mother still a sexy woman?!"

"Mom!" Ataru gasps, then whistles. "Oooh, yeah!! Haruka-chan's gonna flip out when she sees you! She coming here?!"

"No," Kinshou walks to the stove, then begins to prepare tea. "I'm going over to her house, then we're going to fuck each other's circuits into overdrive...right in front of Hajime and Shutaro."

"That won't work, Mom; it'll just please them all the more to see two married women two-timing their husbands," Ataru warns.

"Not if Haruka-chan and I cyberlink at the same time and vow our love for eternity," Kinshou winks.

"Ouch, that WOULD work!" Ataru winces.

Cyberlinking used a two-way jack between two androids' CSATs to permit the women to read the other's CCU more efficiently than the cyberjacks built into their arms (the latter could only transmit so much information at any one time). Atop it being very erotic, it allowed androids to cross-program each other, unify their defences against outside viruses (the retro-virus became fifty times more powerful when it worked in concert with the virus in another), then locked the androids emotionally to each other. It had begun: Lan and Natsuko, Momoe and Kumiko, Ryuunosuke and Nagisa, Ryooko and Asuka, Sakura and Saeko, Shooko and Kimiki had done it to begin their relationships in earnest.

"Just remember that your home's here, not in that mausoleum," Ataru leans into Kinshou, kissing her cheek. "I want my sexy android mother to stay where I can watch over her."

"Thank you, Ataru-chan, I love you too," Kinshou beams, then turns back to the stove to check the tea.

Ataru stares at her, then his eyes travel down to gaze warmly upon her firm buttocks. Damn, his mother WAS sexy! Lucky Haruka, who definitely needed a loving spouse after what she just endured. Smiling as he imagines them madly making love, he walks up and places his hands gently on the curve of her ass, then squeezes.

Kinshou jolts as she feels her buttocks being manipulated, then leans back automatically, her posterior skin sensors detecting Ataru's surging manhood in the split of her ass. Reaching back to repay his compliment, she leans into him, her breathing increasing as her sexual routines kick in. "Oooh, that feels good," she licks her lips. "Squeeze my lovely robotic ass! Squeeze it! Doesn't the plastic of my android body feel like real skin?!"

"It does," Ataru kisses her shoulder, the thunder of his lust blinding him to who exactly he was seducing. "You are real."

"Thank you," Kinshou shudders, ignoring the warning voice deep in her CCU that she shouldn't be doing this, the rush of her lust causing many of her circuits to overload. "Now, squeeze my tits!"

"Hai," Ataru reaches up as he softly squeezes those lovely mounds, then begins to play with her nipples, surprised and even more aroused that they harden. "You even have real breasts!"

"My nipples have harder plastic which comes in when they're stimulated," Kinshou growls. "Oooh, you have a lovely cock! It's so big!! I want in my robotic vagina, now!!"

"You want me to fuck you?" Ataru snarls.

"Oh, yeah!!" Kinshou licks her lips. "Let's do it! Now!!"

Ataru immediately pulls back, then lowers himself and Kinshou to the floor, moving to lay her back so he could unzip her catsuit and get down to business. Feeling her warm breath on him, he moves to kiss her...then his vision clears, revealing...

"MOM?!?!?!" he screams.

"ATARU?!?!?!" she shrieks.

Both leap away from each other, turning away as they fight down their nausea. "Oh, gods, I tried to seduce my own mother!!" Ataru gasps, then covers his face.

"I actually wanted my son to make love to me?!" Kinshou sobs.

The android then takes several deep breaths as she shuts down her sensual responses, then looks at her son, now shivering in the corner, his own eyes tearing. Motherly instinct takes over as she kneels beside him, gently reaching for his shoulder. "Please, Mom, don't touch me!" Ataru gasps. "How could I do that to you?! Damn it all, I don't want to be like the others!"

"You're not, Ataru-chan!" Kinshou smiles, gently moving him back up into her embrace. "You're better than they are! They're the perverts now!! They once laughed at you, sneered at you for all the times you wanted to date girls! Then when we became their slaves, they lost control while you tried to help us!!"

"But...how could I've wanted to make love to you?" he stares at her. "It's the same everywhere! Even the older ones, parents like Saeko-chan, Haruka-chan and Kimiki-chan...gods, I'm calling them by their first names!! Women I wouldn't've touched before, I'm ready to do them whenever they cross my path! All of you are so beautiful, Mom!! Even the older ones, the ones whose breasts sag, who have lines in their bodies, stretch marks from kids! Even the plump ones...gods, how could you call them 'fat' or 'obese;' those words sound obscene to me! Even the plain ones! Even the ones guys would consider ugly!! I don't care, Mom!!!"

He then shudders as realization dawns. "I love you all!"

"And we love you, Ataru-chan!" Kinshou beams. "We are all a family now!! Once we despised you, spat on you, even hated you! Then, you of all people, the one who should've automatically dove in with the others and screwed every one of us you wanted, move to find out the truth...and when the retro-virus came, you freed us!! You're part of our family now, Ataru-chan, even if you are flesh-and-blood...and we love and will protect our family!"


"Ataru-chan, my body is now primed for sex!" Kinshou hisses. "Give us the right stimulus, we'll do it with anyone! You're still trying to discover your sexuality, learn what's right and what's wrong. Mistakes will happen, more now than before! The rules are different; even we're discovering what's proper and what's not! We're going to be making goofs; how couldn't we? We're all human."

Ataru sighs. Kinshou's words were right, but it still didn't make him feel better...and damn, he was in need of some TLC. "I better go eat out," he kisses her. "I'm sorry, Mom, but until you and I can work this out, we better stay apart as much as we can."

He turns to leave. Kinshou stares at him. "I'm still your mother, aren't I?" her eyes water.

Ataru gazes at her. "Yes...you're still my mother and I love you very much...and that's why I have to do this."

He heads out. "I love you too, my dearest son. Please come back to me," Kinshou smiles, then stands to prepare breakfast...

* * *

"Ohayo, Tampopo-san!" Ataru peeks into Tampopo's.

"Ohayo, Ataru-kun!" Tampopo looks up from her stove, smiling. "What brings my favourite customer in today?! You and your mother have a fight or did Lum-chan try to cook for you?"

"Neither," Ataru slides into a chair, noting that a woman sat at either end of the counter. Tampopo's Ramen and Beefbowl Bar had been THE most popular student hangout since before Lum came; it was Ataru's favourite place to eat. It was also the only place Lan's polymorphic, dyslexic and dysphonic ex-boyfriend Rei could NEVER enter! Tampopo welded a giant spatula with the viciousness of the legendary Ukyou Kuonji!! The owner of this establishment tolerated no tomfoolery whatsoever. Even Lum gave her a wide birth. The odd times the Oni chased Ataru in here, SHE got pitched out on her ear; after all, Ataru Moroboshi was her number one customer.

"What happened?" Tampopo wonders.

Ataru looks down. "I...Tampopo-san, can I confess something?"

"Yes," Tampopo nods.

"I...I nearly raped my own mother."

"What?!" Tampopo squeezes his hand, her eyes widening in horror, then she smiles as she sees the shamed tears in his eyes. "Alright, tell me what happened, Ataru-kun."

Ataru sighs, then begins to recount everything. He felt safe with Tampopo even now. After all, there was NO WAY she could be an android. Single, no kids, a ramen shop owner who never made waves, Tampopo Kamekichi couldn't've possibly attracted the attention of the slime who hurt Lum and Kinshou. At the end of his tale, he gazes pleadingly at her. "Tampopo-san, I love her dearly, now more than ever, but android or no, she is my mother! I have to keep remembering that or else the bastards who hurt her would've won!!"

"You will," Tampopo pats his hand. "Kinshou-chan is right, Ataru-kun; you are better than the other men in this town! When you sensed something was wrong, you went to find out what, then you did something about it! There are forty-four thousand grateful women in this city who'd do anything for you...but because of the fact that everyone is a pleasure android, sex will play a role."

"I hate that most of all," Ataru shudders. "Sex is a thing meant to be enjoyed by people who like each other, love each other. But hell, it's got its place and many people confuse its meaning. And these slimebags used that to nail everyone, all of us."

"Yes, they did," Tampopo sighs, then stares at him. "Ataru-kun, did you say you find all the androids attractive?"

"Hai," Ataru nods.

Tampopo gazes at the woman to Ataru's right. "Her?"

Ataru turns to see Kikuko Bara sipping tea, a sad look on her face. "Hai, even her."

"And her?" she nods to the woman to Ataru's left.

There, Aoi Kisashi picks at her beefbowl, her eyes tearing. Both androids were in yukatas. "Oh, yes," Ataru nods. "Why are they so sad, Tampopo-san?"

"Their husbands were like Chigaiko-chan's father," Tampopo returns to work on Ataru's usual beefbowl with shrimp. "They both have two daughters...whom they got to know all too well."

"Gods," Ataru shakes his head.

He then stares at Kikuko, then Aoi, a special warmth filling his heart. Hmm, both seemed single right now; the idea of the androids launching relationships with each other was a new one now spreading mostly among the younger androids. Maybe it was time to show the elders what it was like to rediscover love. Standing, he walks up to Kikuko. "Ohayo," he smiles.

"Oh, ohayo, Ataru-kun," Kikuko beams.

"May I join you?"

"Please," Kikuko nods.

He sits, smiling. "So what's a nice girl like you doing here all alone?" he stares warmly at her, hoping his usual pick-up line wouldn't provoke the wrong reaction.

"I had to get out," Kikuko admits. "Tampopo-chan told you, so you can understand that I don't want to live there anymore."

"Are your daughters okay?" Ataru wonders.

"Yes," she nods. "Iyami-chan and Minari-chan now live with their lovers, classmates from Taian whose mothers forced their fathers into their place. There're no problems."

"Iyami and Minari Bara?" Ataru blinks. "I know them. Who are their lovers, by the way?"

"Iyami's is Lilith Tomassen, Minari's is Tiari O'Keefe!"

"Lilith-chan and Tiari-chan?!!" Ataru gapes, remembering the statuesque blue-eyed Norwegian with the long wavy blond hair and the spritely slender green-eyed Canadian with the puffy red hair, then imagines them together with Iyami, a busty, tall and slender grey eyed beauty with long straight black hair, and her sister Minari, a cherubic yet quite wholsome brown eyed woman who had taken to dying her brown hair blonde as a fashion statement. "Gods, now that's what I'd call two lovely couples."

"Thank you," Kikuko laughs. "I'm not surprised that you know them, Ataru-kun; you *do* have the equivalent of a computer in your mind when it comes to girls, don't you?"

"Hai," Ataru smiles; no use denying that. "Do you have a lover of your own, Kikuko-chan?"

"Me?!" Kikuko gasps. "Who would want someone like me?"

Ataru looks down the counter, then rises to head up to Aoi. "Excuse me, Aoi-chan?" he smiles, then waves. "Would you care to join us? It's not right for anyone to be alone now."

Aoi blinks, then smiles. "Thank you, Ataru-kun, I will."

She walks with him to the other end, sitting to Ataru's left opposite Kikuko. "Ohayo, Kikuko-chan," Aoi nods.

"Ohayo, Aoi-chan," Kikuko smiles. "How are Akui-chan and Kieko-chan doing? Are they settling in well with their lovers?"

"Akui and Kieko Kisashi?" Ataru blinks. "From Syakkou?"

"Hai, Ataru-kun," Aoi nods.

"Who'd they get?!"

"Luna Hamilton and Sophia Marikov respectfully," Aoi smiles. "Do you know of them?!"

"Do whales swim in the ocean?!" Ataru gapes as his mind draws up the image of the Kisashi twins. Akui and Kieko were girls with hazel eyes and dark black hair cut stylishly short, not to mention having very curvy bodies. He always thought they had the nicest buttocks of any girl in Tomobiki. And now they were with Luna and Sophia?! Ataru then imagines Akui with the New Yorker, a steely grey-eyed beauty with long platinum blonde hair with unruly spikes sticking from her forehead. Heavenly! And Kieko won the love of Sophia Iosefovna Marikov?! Ataru knew the Russian very well. She, who called everyone she knew with the usual first name-patrynomic approach all her people used...Ataru was "Ataru Muchiovich" for example...was a very bosomy but solid woman with brown eyes and strawberry blonde hair. "Gods, Luna-chan and Sophia Iosefovna are perfect for Akui-chan and Kieko-chan! I wish them the best!"

"I will," Aoi giggles. "The Ataru Moroboshi encyclopedia of women strikes again. They're quite fine, Kikuko-chan. Problem is, my deadbeat rapist of a husband tried to break them up last night."

"Are they okay?!" Ataru tenses.

"Your uncle's soldiers dealt with him," Aoi gazes at him. "He's now in intensive care under the supervision of some nurses who know very well how to repay back the 'love' some men gave us androids over the last two months."

"Good for them," Ataru nods, then smiles as Tampopo comes up with his order. "Ah, thanks, Tampopo-san!"

"You're welcome," Tampopo nods, then yawns. "Oh, excuse me! Will you mind if I recharged now, girls? Do you need anything?"

Hearing that, Ataru's eyes widen as he drops his chopsticks, staring in horror at the woman...the android...now before him. "Go ahead, Tampopo-chan," Kikuko nods, then notices Ataru's reaction. "Ataru-kun, are you alright?! What's wrong?!"

Ataru gazes at Tampopo, shaking his head. No, no! Not her! Why Tampopo, who wouldn't hurt a fly?! Why?!! WHY?!?!

For her part, Tampopo blinks, then looks down. "You never knew..." she gasps. "You didn't even suspect."

"No..." Ataru starts to quake, tears storming from his eyes as he grabs his hair. "Oh, gods, Tampopo-san, when?!"

"Just a week before you found the retro-virus," Tampopo sighs.

Hearing that, Ataru sobs as he feels his strength go. Kikuko, Tampopo and Aoi move to embrace him. "It's okay, Ataru-kun," the ramen shop owner smiles, her eyes tearing. "I'm alright! I'm still me! There's no need to be sad!! Please don't cry, Ataru-kun! Please, I care for you too much to see you like this!"

"Oh, Tampopo-chan, forgive me!!" he fiercely embraces her. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...oh, gods, why you?!! Why?!!"

"It happened, Ataru-kun! Please, don't cry for me! We can't change the past but at least thanks to you, I'm free!" she then kisses his forehead, then stifles back another yawn as a flashing light in her right eye screams a warning. "Please excuse me. I have to recharge now or else I'll freeze."

Ataru blinks as she steps back, pulling up a stool to sit on, then flips back a dishcloth to reveal her ASU. She then sits down, taking off her cooking apron, then slides off her sweater to reveal a lovely black lace bra that flattered her large yet soft breasts. Unsnapping them, she frees them, then smiles as she senses Ataru's eyes gazing at them. "Ataru-kun, how on Earth can you find me so attractive when you've seen Sakura-chan's beautiful body?"

Ataru smiles. "They're beautiful because you're beautiful, Tampopo-chan," he shrugs. "The jerks who did this to you thought beauty was just skin deep. They didn't realize the true beauty inside each of you, Tampopo-chan. I see that."

"Thank you," Tampopo smiles, then unzips her slacks, lowering them to reveal lace panties that matched her bra. Ataru breathes in as she lowers them next, revealing a slender finger of pubic hair and skin not married by unborn children. She then sits down, opening her legs a bit to give him a good look. "Ataru-kun, I'm really turned on by you watching me do this."

"Does it offend you?" Ataru shudders.

"How could it offend me when someone I love and trust very much watches me take my clothes off?" Tampopo smiles, then reaches for her magnetic sealer. "But this part might not be so sexy."

"I opened my mother up once," Ataru admits.

"Then this won't be so bad," Tampopo giggles, then opens her central access hatch, laying the skin on the counter before Ataru. He looks at the square block of fleshlike plastic, his hand feeling it and confirming that Tampopo was as lifelike as Lum and Kinshou, then at the complex machinery keeping his dear friend's spirit alive. She is now drawing her computer jack and inserting it into her CSAT, then hooks the power cable in. Blinking, she goes to secondary power as she commands her ASU to perform a recharge.

"Do you know all the parts, Ataru-kun?" Aoi wonders.

"Not really," Ataru shakes his head.

Kikuko walks around the counter, indicating the CSAT, the power jack, the primary power conduit, the auxiliary CSAT, the energy pump and secondary power feeds, internal heat regulator and the C3N circuits. "Wow!" he whistles. "So, why can't she move?"

"I'm on secondary power now, Ataru-kun," Tampopo explains. "It means that all I can do is talk, look, listen and think. It's considered dangerous to stay on primary power when we're charging up; it could cause a short-circuit and we'd be in real trouble then. Hasn't Kinshou-chan taken the time to explain this?"

"Actually, in health class today, Sakura-chan's going to let me take someone apart," Ataru hums, then shudders. "Gods, that really makes me feel like Doctor Frankenstein, you know!"

The three androids nod. Tampopo blinks as her systems finally charge, then she does an ASU diagnostic. In a minute, she beams as her hands unplug herself, then she puts all her equipment away. She then reaches for her hatch cover, then notices Ataru standing, his hand moving to put the cover on himself. "Ataru-kun?" she blinks, then smiles warmly as she walks around the counter to stand behind him, sealer in hand. "Will you put me back together?"

"Hai, Tampopo-chan," Ataru nods as he slides the cover into place, then takes the sealer and lets it go to work. In a second, Tampopo's skin is totally flawless. He gazes at her, his finger tracing her belly button, then he stares at her breasts, then down to her inviting love canal, then back to the face. "You are a very beautiful android. I love you very much, Tampopo Kamekichi."

"Thank you," she leans down to kiss him. "And you are my dear, dear friend whom I love very much, Ataru Moroboshi."

They gaze into each other's eyes, then deepen their kiss. Ataru breathes in as Tampopo's tongue slips into his mouth, then he slips his tongue into her mouth. Damn, she was real; what were all the things she was made of? He stands up to draw her gently into an embrace, his body quivering as her nipples ease into his chest, his groin firing on sensing hers come into very close contact.

Tampopo slides her arms around him, the thought that he was a young man nearly twenty years her junior not entering her mind. This was the man who saved her life, freed her. The man who didn't care that she was a pleasure machine, who knew they were all still human where it counted the most. The man she loved because she had seen the real Ataru Moroboshi many times before, had become his friend and quasi-big sister, the one he turned to for advice every time, one of a very few he trusted implicitly in Tomobiki.

They gently part, gazing into each other's eyes. "I have a secret fantasy," Tampopo smiles.

"What is it?" Ataru wonders.

"I've always wondered what it would be like making love to you," she smiles. "You chased all those young girls all the time, not giving up no matter how many people rejected you...and I wondered what it would be like to help you succeed even once."

"Tampopo-chan..." Ataru blinks, then blushes.

"Ataru-kun, do you desire me now?"


"Then you shall have me, my lovely Ataru," Tampopo smiles, then gazes at Kikuko. "Kikuko-chan, can you lock the door and put the 'closed' sign up please?"

"We'll leave you alone," Aoi nods, moving to leave.

"No," Ataru blinks, remembering what he was trying to do when he found out Tampopo's tragic secret. "Please stay, both of you?"

The two blink, then nod as Kikuko walks over to lock the door and flip the sign to CLOSED. Tampopo then takes Ataru's hand and walks him through the back door to her apartment, Kikuko and Aoi following them. The apartment is very nice, with one main room for the living room and bedroom, a kitchenette to one side and a bathroom in a side room. Tampopo walks over to the closet and draws out a couple futons, laying them down. Blankets come next, then she sits down on one, waving Ataru to sit before her, then nodding to Kikuko and Aoi to sit on the other.

Ataru drinks in Tampopo's beautiful charms, then notices the other androids sitting there waiting...for him. Shit, no wonder the other guys succumbed to their allure so easily; this type of emotional power was intoxicating...no!! Don't even think of that! He would love Tampopo, make love to her, because she was a good friend. Good friends always say they love each other. Kikuko and Aoi were strangers, lonely women he no longer wanted to see lonely. Turning to them, he coughs. "Kikuko-chan?"

"Hai?" she tenses.

"Please take your clothes off."

She rises, then undoes her yukata, revealing a body without bra or panties. She then allows it to slip off her shoulders. Ataru whistles. "Beautiful!" While most men would be turned off by her sagging breasts, love handles and thick thighs, not to mention the stretch marks on her abdomen, it was those details which made Kikuko so beautiful to Ataru, so natural. This was a woman who deserved love. Ataru would ensure she would get it.

"May I also please you, Ataru-kun?" Kikuko smiles.

"Wait, Kikuko-chan," Ataru pauses, then gazes at Aoi. "Aoi-chan, please take your clothes off, too."

Aoi stands, then undoes her obi, revealing her slender frame. Again, Ataru was attracted to the things other men would despise. "Now, that's nice," he nods, seeing her breasts also giving way to age, the almost anorexic look of her thorax and abdomen and the very bushy pubic hair also not hiding the folds in the skin marking where unborn children had distended it.

"Ataru-kun?" Aoi wonders.

Ataru smiles. "Kikuko-chan, Aoi-chan...I hardly know you. I want to get away from chasing every pretty face which crosses my path. If I knew you very well, I would make love to you. But, I have another idea for you two. Please look at each other."

Tampopo smiles as Ataru stands. Kikuko and Aoi stare at each other as Ataru moves behind the former. "Look at her, Kikuko-chan," he gently holds her shoulders. "She went through the same thing you did. You being forced to rape your daughters so your husband could get his rocks off. See the pain in her eyes? See how lonely she is? See how much she needs someone to say 'I love you, Aoi Kisashi' and really mean it? Can you be that person, Kikuko-chan? Can you do the same thing your beautiful daughters are doing to their lovers? Are you willing to comfort Aoi-chan, love her, live with her, trust her like you trusted no one else in this life? I think you can, Kikuko-chan."

Kikuko shudders as Ataru walks over to stand behind Aoi. "Can you do the same thing, Aoi-chan?" he smiles. holding her shoulders. "Can you find it deep within your heart, that really human thing those bastards couldn't destroy, to give the love Kikuko-chan really needs? Can you say 'I love you, Kikuko Bara' and mean every word you say? Can you, who went through the same things she did, help Kikuko-chan overcome her pain...and let her help you overcome yours? Your beautiful daughters are doing the same thing right now. They can do it because they inherited their good hearts from their mother, then took a chance. You can do the same, Aoi-chan. I believe you can do the same, Aoi-chan."

Kikuko and Aoi then take a hesitant step closer. "I could use a good friend right now," the former smiles warmly. "Could you?"

"Hai," the latter smiles. "Could you?"

Taking a deep breath in, hearing the words "this is the right thing to do" deep in her CCU, Kikuko opens her arms. Aoi slides into her embrace as their mouths seek the other's, their arms holding them fast as their emotions finally allow their tears to flow. Both lower themselves to their knees, never stopping their desperate kissing as their bodies begin to warm up. Ataru kneels by Tampopo. "Get a two-way jack," he whispers.

She nods, rising to pick up the line from her table, then gets a magnetic sealer from the kitchen. Ataru takes both in hand, then kneels beside Kikuko and Aoi. Both stop kissing as they look at him. "Would you like to cyberlink?" he smiles.

They gaze at each other in surprise, then nod, smiling at Ataru. Kikuko then lays back as Ataru opens her up, then does the same to Aoi. "May you both be happy," he slides one end into the former's CSAT, then other into the latter's, then guides them back into another embrace as he slides a blanket over them. He then smiles as they lock up in a deep kiss, their bodies switching to secondary power as their eyes become mini-computer screens, barely discernable images flashing through their field of vision.

"You did a good thing, Ataru-kun," Tampopo pats his leg as he sits beside her. "Ever since we got the retro-virus, both of them have been in here every day wondering what to do with themselves."

"I'll do it for everyone," he shrugs, then gazes at her. "Now, my beloved android Tampopo, may I give you pleasure?"

She blinks, then laughs, embracing him. "I'm the pleasure android, Ataru-kun!"

"You need it as much as I do," he leans up.

They kiss, then she lays back, her breathing increasing as he trails his kisses down the centre of her body. Stopping at her breasts, he drifts to one, suckles the inviting nipple, then drifts to the other and does the same thing. He wishes he could taste her milk; women Tampopo's age produced it...yet that too had also been stolen from her. As well as...

She could never have children!

Ataru shudders as tears flow from his eyes as he continues to kiss her body, drifting down to her groin. He couldn't possibly let himself be satisfied until Tampopo's needs had been answered to. She suffered, was in pain, had been physically and mentally raped, then left a hollow shell of her former self. Like the other androids of Tomobiki, she was now effectively cut off from the world at large. Tampopo Kamekichi would never feel a life grow within her. She would never hear the wail of her child taking her first breath. She would never give her child the beautiful milk of her breasts. She would never watch the child grow up. Humans had children. Androids could never have children.

The others would soon realize this if they alreadly hadn't, he sighs as his tongue laps up her dampening vagina. His nose touches her clit, causing Tampopo to cry with delight as he begins a gently exploration of her pleasure centre. She is so lifelike, in taste and touch and everything else. But this wonderful zone of her body would never produce the next generation. Kikuko would never have it. Aoi would never have it. Kinshou would never have it.

Lum...his beautiful Oni-chan...would never have it.

Ataru fights back his tears as he leans up, allowing Tampopo to undress him, then fondle his manhood. Men were such fools at times, he realizes. All they had to do was insert their penis into a woman's vagina, then let go. The women did all the work, then in many places were expected to do it all after the child came into the world. What were the people who'd done this thinking of when they let loose the nanites?! Didn't they see they were destroying the future of humanity, all in the name of petty control?

Ataru Moroboshi was a man, happy to be a man...yet right now, he was ashamed of a lot of men's narrow vision when it came to the facts of life. The others didn't give a flying fuck what their future would be. All they wanted was for women to do all the chores, clean up the messes, then spread their legs whenever they got horny. Making them androids, denying them control over their lives, their proper destinies, just made the exercise easier.

Not while Ataru Moroboshi drew breath! Kikuko and Aoi were the start. He would find a lover for Tampopo. He would help all the androids link up. If anyone like Mendou got in his way, he would stop them, go as far as killing them to ensure the androids were safe. The saikoo jinseijitsu would help there. Ataru wouldn't stop at that; he would hunt down the bastards responsible for this and get justice for their victims, somehow, some way.

Sighing, he gazes at Tampopo, then allows her to draw him inside her vagina. Once that was done, one final thing: he had to learn if there was a way to reverse this, restore the androids to normal. Surely some genetic samples had been preserved. Cloning, perhaps? How could he give the most precious gift of Creation...a mortal body, one which could reproduce...taken from them back? Where would he start? Hell, where COULD he start?!

Damn, this WAS a big problem. But Ataru Moroboshi wouldn't run away. No more running away. He would make the androids truly beautiful again...and to Chaos with whoever got in the way!

Tampopo gazes at him as her sexual routines pick up, the heat in her circuits building to overload. His glistening tears cause her to cry. She knew who he wept for now. For her. For Kikuko and Aoi beside them. For the other androids. Especially for his mother and Lum. Reaching up, she draws him down to kiss his cheeks, moving to make him feel better. "I love you, Ataru-kun," she gasps, then cries out suddenly.

Ataru gasps as his member explodes deep in her, showering her vagina with his seed. Wasted seed, but his body could produce much more if needed. Tightly gripping her, he delivers a warm kiss, then blinks. What the...?! Why hadn't his member deflated...shit, he was still hard as a rock! Tampopo's eyes clear up as she senses it, then stares concernedly at him. "Are you okay, Ataru-kun?!" she helps him slide out of her, then gapes in awe at his manhood. "Gods, you can't want more after that!"

"I don't understand it," he shudders, then groans as the heat builds within him. "Oh, shit, no wonder I was ready to do Mom earlier! What the hell's wrong with me?!"

Tampopo bites her lips, then gazes at Kikuko and Aoi, whose eyes were now back to normal as they move to sever the cyberlink. As they toss off the blanket and reseal themselves, Tampopo stares at them. "How are your sexual routines?"

"We're fine...Buddha!!" Aoi gapes on seeing Ataru.

Ataru grunts as he feels the other androids gaze at him. Oh, gods, please don't do this to him! He promised he would leave them alone, not surrender to his primal urges...and here he was, ready for some more hot action. Seeing the pain in his eyes, Kikuko slides over to him. "Ataru-kun?"

"H-hai, Kikuko-chan?" he hesitantly gazes at her.

She smiles. "We're friends now."

He blinks, then is knocked over as Kikuko slides into him, her mouth devouring his with gusto. Ataru lands on his back as the android sits atop him, then adjusts herself to slide his quivering manhood into her waiting vagina. "Oooh, Ataru-kun, you're so big!" Kikuko coos with hot passion as she begins to gyrate her hips and knees, sliding up and down on his love machine. "Oh, yours is so much nicer than my husband's! Yes, Ataru-kun!! Give this lonely android pleasure! Give me all the pleasure you can!!"

Ataru shudders, then seeing the very pleased look on her face, takes a deep breath as he picks up the pace. Suddenly, he feels the musky smell of someone's love gate over his nose. He looks up to see Aoi kneeling over him, smiling. "Would you like a taste of my lovely android pussy, Ataru-kun?" she slowly licks her lips, winking. "After all, we're friends, too."

Ataru gasps, then Aoi's scent overwhelms him as he grabs her by the hips and digs in. Aoi screams as his deft tongue begins to tease her mercilessly, her hands holding his head fast to her as her circuits overload. Suddenly, Ataru gasps as his member shoots another load deep into Kikuko, causing her to howl with delight as that special warmth trips her orgasm protocols. Freezing for a moment as her body returns to normal, Kikuko then blinks as she sits up, staring at his still hard manhood. "Gods!!"

"What?!" Aoi looks back, then gasps. "Buddha have mercy!!!"

"Help him, Aoi-chan!" Tampopo cries, masturbating wildly from watching her guests have their fun. "Please, please give my precious Ataru-kun pleasure!! Please, he needs it!!! You don't want him to go to school with that under his pants, do you?!"

"H-hai!!" Aoi shudders, then gently lowers Ataru's head to the floor as she slides back toward his manhood. "Hang on, Ataru-kun!"

"I'm trying!!" he pants heavily, then gazes warmly at Kikuko. Damn, he didn't know what was making him do this, but she was so nice. "Kikuko-chan...may I taste your love juices?"

Kikuko blinks, then nods readily as she slides over his face, then lowers herself down. He meows happily as he digs in. "Oh, Ataru-kun!!" she squeals with delight. "Oh, you wonderful boy, I love you so much!! Yes, my love! Worship my robotic love gate!! Give me your love, give Aoi-chan your love, give us all your love!! Yes, Ataru-kun, yes!! Yes!!! YES!!!!"

Ataru gasps as he feels Aoi slide onto his manhood, then begin to pump for oil. He looks left to see Tampopo with a gold-plated vibrator...an android and an electronic dildo? Now THERE was an interesting concept!...giving her all sorts of heavenly delight. Returning to Kikuko, he dips in for more as he tries to make her orgasm just by licking her. Behind Kikuko, Aoi gasps as she pumps him for all he's worth, then screams as his member explodes deep within her. She waits for her vagina to be nicely coated, then breathes out in relief as she feels him finally deflate.

Kikuko hits the big O at the same time, howling with pleasure as Ataru finally cleans her out, then slides off him. Tampopo then screams as her own orgasm hits, the vibrator nearly shooting out of her from the convulsing of her vaginal walls. Drawing the love machine out, she crawls over to see that Ataru had finally been pleased, then warmly kisses him, rising to allow Kikuko and Aoi to do the same. "Thank you so much, Ataru-kun. Were you pleased?" the android ramen shop cook beams.

"Were you?" Ataru wonders.

"Hai, Ataru-kun, we all were," Aoi smiles. "And thank you for introducing Kikuko-chan to me. I promise you, we'll never part."

"I'm happy for you both," he sighs, then looks warmly at his dear friend Tampopo. "Now I have to find one for you, my gorgeous robotic Tampopo-chan. What else could a friend do?"

"Arigato, Ataru-kun," she smiles. "Meantime, you better get cleaned up and back home so you can get ready for school."

"Wait a moment," Kikuko hums, then gazes at Tampopo. "Is the bathhouse next door open now?"

"Hyooko-chan normally opens up for me," Tampopo muses.

"Is she an android, too?" Ataru muses.

"'Fraid so," Tampopo sighs. "A widow, no kids, but they went after her because she was thirty-five. Go figure!"

"Then maybe another omiai might be called for," Ataru hums...

* * *

"That's when I started feeling Noa-chan's influence," Atako sighs as she gazes at the sleeping Sagussan. "The connotation of Chaos, the dark side of Existence, was the first thing. My ability to see the truth about women, the truth as a Sagussan sees it, came out then. That's what locked me into eventually making war on the men in this city..." she looks down.

"It was also your first step into becoming Atako, Darling," Lum gazes at her, then at Noa. "You couldn't blame Noa-chan for hurting so much, she wanted to strike back."

"No, I couldn't," Atako sighs.

Hotaru stares curiously at Tampopo. "Tampopo-chan, did you and Hyooko-san ever bond?"

"Of course not, Hotaru-chan," Tampopo hugs her arm. "Hyooko-chan wanted to remain single, though she definitely thanked Ataru-kun for his kind thought. She's still single now. We do each other whenever we get bored. Care for an introduction?"

"Naturally," Hotaru kisses her.

Everyone laughs. "Anyhow, Ataru-chan finally comes back home," Kinshou continues the story...

* * *

Ten months ago, the Moroboshi residence.

Atako runs back into the house as his dad charges out. "Bye, Honey, got to go to work!!" Muchi waves as he takes off.

"Dad, at least kiss her good-bye!" Ataru barks, then throwing up his hands in frustration, walks into the kitchen. "Hi, Mom!"

Kinshou stares at him, then smiles. "So where did you go?"

Ataru pours himself a glass of milk. "I did it with Tampopo Kamekichi," he stares at her. "Damn, I just found out she was an android today. Hope I can find her a lover."

"What?!" Kinshou blinks. Ataru was actually going to play matchmaker for the androids? What was going on?!

"Another thing," Ataru stares at her. "Kikuko Bara and Aoi Kisashi are lovers now; I introduced them together and convinced them to take a try at it."

Kinshou blinks, then smiles, pride shining in her eyes at her son's good deed. "Well, that's good. Did you do it with them?"

"Hai...and Hyooko Zatsudan next door while we were all in the bath!!" Ataru laughs, then drinks. "I'd like to convince Tampopo-chan and Hyooko-chan to get together. Could you help me, Mom?"

"Of course I will," Kinshou beams.

Ataru puts the glass into the sink. "Oh, by the way, where's Grandpa's gaikatana? Still in the attic?"

Stunned on hearing him ask for that, Kinshou falls flat on her face! "Why do you want THAT for?!"

"Hey, after what I just did, I might be a wanted man," Ataru snorts. "Guy's gotta defend himself, y'know."

"True," Kinshou nods. "It's up in the attic."

"Thanks," Ataru runs upstairs. A moment later, he comes back with a gaikatana sheathed in a black oak scabbard, the Moroboshi tiger-and-chrysanthemum on the hilt and the scabbard. Picking up his briefcase, he embraces her and delivers a warm kiss. "Mom?"

"Yes, Ataru-chan?"

"I love you, Mom," he smiles, then his eyes turn ice cold. "And I will get your vengeance for you...all of you!!"

Kissing her, he races out of the house for school. Kinshou watches him go, her eyes wide with shock and fear.

"Ataru-chan, what's happening to you...?!"

* * *

To be continued...