"The Galataea Syndrome" Part 8

by Fred H

"Tiger, Bunny, your Creampuff's home!!"

Chuuko laughs as she kicks off her shoes, then puts her briefcase down as she runs upstairs to her bedroom. "Hello?!" she looks into their bedroom, blinking confusedly. "Tiger?! Bunny?! Now where could those two sexy love machines be?!" she hums, then shrugs as she undoes her tie.

A moment later, Chuuko is total naked, gazing fondly at the beautiful middle-aged woman staring at her in the mirror. "Oh, I am such a beautiful android!" she cups her breasts, feeling her nipples harden, then sniffs. "Hey, who cooked udon tonight?!"

Walking into Atako's room, she sees a half-empty vat of udon with the insignia of Tampopo's Ramen and Beefbowl Bar on the side. "Oh, Tampopo-chan was here!" she muses, then sighs. "Ah, they must have gone down to the bathhouse!! Darn, I wish the party hadn't've lasted so long! The girls at work were just insatiable!!"

Pouring herself a bowl, Chuuko walks back into her room, then smiling lasciviously, sets it aside as she digs into the closet. A moment later, she now wears a G-string, dark pantyhose and a garter that cups her breasts but leaves her nipples free. "I'm a really sexy android!" she winks at the image. "Oh, Atako-chan, now I realize why you became an android. This is so much fun!"

She fondles her clit as the memories of twelve twentysomething androids, Yoroko Marketing Corporation's former secretary pool who now were the bosses since the men were rendered near-brainless by Galcron-Sigma...not that it changed much; the women had ALWAYS been the brains at YMC...having their way with her. It was sex between good friends; the women had become couples during the heady days after Ataru liberated them. Chuuko cared for them as her friends and co-workers, but she had her family back here.

Speaking of which, she better find them.

Walking out of her bedroom, she steps downstairs, then looks at the rows of shoes. Only Kinshou's and Haruka's were there, plus four guests. Blinking, she smiles as remembers the new jacuzzi Kinshou and Haruka had installed in the basement some months ago. Now, who had they invited to stay with them?

Giggling devilishly on catching her Tiger and Bunny ravaging someone else, Chuuko races to the stairs, then gently descends. Her ears pick up women's voices from the jacuzzi, then smiling, she opens the door and looks in. "There you two are...eh?!" her eyes widen on seeing who else is there.

"Konban wa, Chuuko-chan," Rui Megane smiles. "We've been waiting for you. How was the office party?"

"Rui-chan, Yayoi-chan, Junko-chan, Hiroko-chan, what are you doing here?!" Chuuko gasps, walking up to them.

The six androids sit along the edge of the jacuzzi, the water fizzing around their legs. "What does it look like, Creampuff?" Kinshou sighs, sniffing mock tears. "After all, Bunny and I was so lonely because some young androids wanted to have their fickle way with our precious Creampuff! What was I supposed to do?!"

Chuuko gazes at the guards' mothers. She knew them all too well, as friends these days and more intimately when they all were in high school. When Chuuko was Muchi, he had spent a lot of time pleasing these four before he finally got the courage to pursue Kinshou in earnest. Still, Chuuko never knew these four had been close to Kinshou; the way they berated her life-mate at times, the sight of Rui, Yayoi, Junko and Hiroko in the tub with her and Haruka was all the more surprising. "Tiger, I think Creampuff's a lovely name for her!" Rui gazes longingly at Chuuko.

"I love it," Hiroko licks her lips, winking.

Chuuko blinks. "Tiger" was a nickname Kinshou's lovers gave her as a way of keeping her safe from embarrassment. Truth be told, it was next to useless since Kinshou had done it with half the school population by the time she graduated. And while most of them were boys, there were the occasional girl who got very close to Kinshou, four of them...and Chuuko knew all their nicknames.

Smiling, she undoes her garter, then unsnaps her G-string and slides her pantyhose off, then takes off the garter belt before stepping into the jacuzzi, opening her legs to the inspection of the four newcomers. "Let's see," she licks her lips. "You have to be Crystal," she points at Yayoi, "...you're definitely Melon," she indicates Junko, then stares at Rui. "You've got to be Cupcake, so that means you're Peach," she then points at Hiroko.

"Hai!!" the guards' mothers nod readily.

"Dear, are you alright?" Kinshou wonders.

Chuuko hums. "We'll have to get a bigger bedroom, Honey."

The guards' moms exchange shocked looks, then squeal with delight. Chuuko then cries out, "The mortgage..." she moans, burying her face into her hands. "How'm I going to pay for all the renovations...wait!!" she looks up, then smiles.

"What?!" Junko blinks.

"We were going to make a rec room, remember?" Chuuko gazes at Kinshou. "Why don't we knock in an extra bathroom, then turn the rest into a bedroom? We can let Negako-chan have our old one."

Kinshou blinks, then yips with delight. "I like it!!" she embraces Chuuko. "Oh, you're so smart, Dear!"

"Ne, Tiger?" Chuuko purrs.

"Yes, Creampuff?" Kinshou gazes warmly at her.

"You know, there were twelve beautiful women who tried to give your lovely android Creampuff pleasure tonight," Chuuko licks her lips, rubbing her nose against Kinshou's, "...yet she wasn't really satisfied with any of them. Could your four android worshippers Cupcake, Crystal, Melon and Peach give me satisfaction?"

The guards' mothers shiver in anticipation. Kinshou hums, then stares at them. "Girls?!"

"Please, Tiger, may we give Creampuff pleasure?!" Rui claps her hands in anticipation.

"Hai, Cupcake!" Kinshou nods. "All she needs!"

"Hai!!" the four androids chorus.

They move over to Chuuko. Junko and Hiroko kneel as Chuuko spreads her legs wide, then begin to lick her dripping love box while Rui and Yayoi sit beside her bending down to suckle her breasts. Suddenly, the door to the jacuzzi opens, causing the seven androids to spin around surprisedly.

"Aghya, yongh va'shi do'a!"

The androids gape on seeing a very tall, suntanned two-horn Oni woman with purple eyes and long green hair framing a very well-sculptured face, her twenty-one year old body putting Sakura's to shame even in a plain turtleneck sweater and jeans. "Hello, there," Kinshou blinks. "You're from Sagussa, aren't you?"

"Yes, Kinshou-san," the woman bows apologetically. "Please, I am so sorry for interrupting you. May I ask where Hotaru is?"

"Hotaru?" Rui blinks, then gapes. "Oh, no! You're Setsuna?!"

"Hai," Setsuna looks at them confusedly, then notices their worried looks. Shuddering as realization dawns on her, she looks down, her eyes moistening. "She found someone, didn't she?"

"Hai," Kinshou frowns. "A friends of ours, Tampopo Kamekichi; Atako-chan knows her very well. They just met tonight."

Setsuna closes her eyes, her tears flowing. A why smile then cuts across her face. "Good. Perhaps I deserved this for yelling at Hotaru-chan like that..."

"Setsuna-chan, go to her!!" Yayoi urges. "It may not be too late, you know! Go, for heaven's sake!!"

"No, no," Setsuna shakes her head. "Thank you for your kind thoughts, Yayoi-chan, but if Hotaru-chan decides she desires someone else, I'll respect that. Please, excuse me."

"Setsuna-chan, wait!" Haruka calls out.

The nurse stops, then bursts out laughing. "Your family's big enough, Haruka-chan!" she wags her finger. "Lyna's Blessed Soul, how are you going to work seven people?!"

"No, you silly girl, not that!" Haruka grins as the others laugh at Setsuna's supposition. "Yes, I already have thought of a dozen ways of seducing such a lovely woman as yourself, but that's not my point. Atako-chan and the others have gone to the bathhouse beside Tampopo-chan's establishment. Do you know Hyooko Zatsudan, the matron of that bathhouse?!"

Setsuna blinks, then feels her cheeks heat. "Unit Tee-Zed-Six-One-Nine-Three, right?"

"Hai!!" the androids nod.

Setsuna turns a very deep brown. "I helped work on her new body," she whispers embarrassingly. "Lyna's Soul, she beautiful!"

Kinshou nods. "And single."

The nurse jolts, gazing wide-eyed at them. "What are you waiting for, Setsuna-chan?!!" Rui urges. "Go!!"

"En, Rui-nimgh!! Doghma do'a va!! Yongh va'shi do'a!!!" Setsuna becomes a green-and-flesh blur as she races out.

The androids sigh, then Kinshou stretches herself. "Well, now that that's settled, let's get back to business!"

"Hai," the others purr...

* * *

The Galatea Syndrome

an Urusei Yatsura fanfic

by Fred Herriot


**** **** ****

Based on Urusei Yatsura, created by Rumiko Takahashi

**** **** ****

WARNING: This is a sometimes dark fic with lots of strange lemon scenes in it. If this isn't your style of fan fiction story, go elsewhere. All standard lemon fanfic/ASFR story warnings apply.

**** **** ****


"Please forgive me for being so selfish," Noa hugs herself. "You think after being bonded to you for fourteen years, I would know that when you made your minds up, you stick to it no matter what? I don't know what came over me..."

"You're a very hurt person, Noa-chan," Lum hugs her would-be bond-mate. "Please, if you can find it in yourself to regain the strength you've lost, do it! I want you to be whole and complete."

"I can never be whole until you're both restored, Lum-chan, Atako-chan," Noa gazes warmly at the Oni, then her Darling.

"Noa-chan, Darling and I'll bond with you the instant we're restored, I promise," Lum vows.

"I believe you," Noa smiles as she accepts their embrace.

Atako, Lum, Noa, Negako, Chigaiko, Nagaiwakai, Shinobu, Mie, Makoto, Hotaru and Tampopo now sit in a warm bath in another very popular business establishment, the Seiun Bathhouse, located next door to Tampopo's restaurant. "She loves you two something fierce, Atako-kun," Shinobu leans into Nagaiwakai's side. "Don't you ever do anything to destroy that."

"Of course not, Shinobu-chan," Lum kisses Noa. "Why would I want to stop being Noa-chan's love doll?"

The door slides open, revealing Hyooko Zatsudan. Now just in a yukata, the android bathhouse matron carries a bunch of towels. "Hello, everyone," she walks up, placing the towels by one wash station. "There you go! Tell me if you need anything more."

"How about showing us you beautiful body?!" Atako grins.

"Even better, get in here yourself!" Lum adds.

Hyooko sighs. "Oh, to be ravaged by so many young sex droids every day!! It's enough to drive one mad!" she shrugs, then with a deft flick of her hand, allows her yukata to fall away from her trim form as she walks into the bath, then sits down beside Mie.

Hotaru gapes. Lyna's Soul, Hyooko was heavenly! The widow had brown hair combed to her right in flowing bangs, round cut at her shoulders. Her brown eyes sparkled with delight, marking a woman who wanted to enjoy life as much as she could. And her body? She might as well be a pale-skinned Setsuna! "Tampopo-chan?"

"Hai, Hotaru-chan?" Tampopo hums.

"You rejected her?!"

"Hotaru-san, Tampopo-chan and I make love to each other every day almost," Hyooko laughs. "However, we just consider ourselves very good friends. I doubt...we could ever be bond-mates."

"Pity," Hotaru muses.

A crash is heard outside, then the door to the washing room is flung open. "HOTARUVAYAE, NYO!!!! AGHYA, MA SHO'NYO DO...!!!!"

Leaping in, Setsuna slips on a puddle, then crashes on her head, hard! "Setsuna!!!" Hotaru bolts up.

"Ouch, that must've hurt!!" Mie winces.

"Relax, Mie-chan. Setsuna's got a hard head," Makoto laughs.

Sighing, Hyooko steps out of the bath, then walks up to the nurse, now rubbing her skull. "Setsuna-san, please!! You're supposed to take your clothes off *before* you come into the bath! I thought you Sagussans always hated wearing clothes when you washed yourselves down!" she winks.

Setsuna looks up, then her face pales as she takes in the lovely android before her. "Hyooko-san?"

"Yes, Setsuna-san," Hyooko nods, then smiles knowingly as she feels Setsuna's eyes trace every plane of her body. "Oh, you're such a lonely girl!! May this pleasure android please you?"

"And how!!" Setsuna licks her lips in anticipation.

Everyone laughs as Setsuna stands, slipping off her sweater and jeans, then allows Hyooko to escort her into the bath. Setsuna then gazes at Hotaru and Tampopo. "Tampopo-san?"

"Hai, Setsuna-san?" Tampopo nods.

"Love her with all your heart."

"I will."

Everyone beams as Hotaru and Tampopo kiss. Setsuna and Hyooko gaze at each other, then warmly take the other's hand. "Lyna, this is crazy!!" Mie slaps her forehead.

"Love can be a strange thing, Mie-chan," Atako giggles, then sighs. "Now, where were we...?"

"Catsuit Day, you just left the house with your grandpa's gaikatana for school," Makoto supplies.

"Ah, yeah!!" Atako nods as she continues...

* * *

Ten months ago, en route to Tomobiki High School.

"Ohayo, Ataru-kun!"

Ataru smiles, then waits as a stocky woman his height draws up to him. "Ohayo, Yumiko-chan. You look beautiful today."

Yumiko Ase blushes. Most would probably call her "porky." Despite her attempts at loosing weight, now halted thanks to her now being Unit TA-0462, Yumiko had always retained much of her child fat. But Ataru now sees a woman with a cherubic face, the whole framed by black hair styled in side pigtails, capable of projecting a very wide, angelic smile, her eyes a sparkling hazel. Her body, as realistic as the others, had very plump breasts which, on a slender girl, would make Yumiko the most lusted after woman in Tomobiki. Her hips were strong, perfect for carrying children. Presently, she wears a legless, armless black catsuit with white collars and a bowtie, similar to Kinshou's. "Arigato, Ataru-kun. Well, shall we go to school?"

He offers his arm to her. Sliding her arm around his, Yumiko and Ataru head down the street. Moroboshi Clan troops occupy the intersections, armoured cars and machine gun nests manned. The troops snap to attention as they pass. "You never thought of doing this?" she gazes at him. "Calling your uncle's people down?"

"Hey, I ain't Mendou!" Ataru sighs, then gazes at her breasts.

Yumiko blushes as she senses his attention. Like Chigaiko Inu, Yumiko could only claim that one man ever treated her with kindness: Ataru. Would he desire her sexually? Unlike some of the women in Class 3-4, Yumiko got NO attention from the boys even after she became an android. Smiling, she leans up to kiss his cheek. "I love you, Ataru-kun."

"I love you too, Yumiko-chan," he leans over to gently kiss her lips, keeping perfect step with her.

"Would you desire me?"

"Hai, Yumiko-chan. Later?"

"Hai!" she shudders delightfully as they continue.

Ataru sighs. What made him say that?! Yes, he knew Yumiko a lot more than Kikuko Bara or Aoi Kisashi, but would it be enough for him to cross that barrier and keep his conscience whole? What was worse, today was going to give him several ample opportunities to get close to them. In health class, Sakura would show him the insides of an android. Swim class would be in the nude for the girls; Shooko wanted to teach him how to dive. Plus, some of the girls wanted the saikoo jinseijitsu to teach them some basic defence moves in a private gym class. Oooh, boy!

At that moment, three girls emerge from a side street. Ataru recognizes them as Nobuko Akada (TA-3101) and the Koinuma twins, Taiko (TK-2981) and Kaneko (TK-2982). Nobuko is a stunning heavy-chested woman with stormy green eyes and short-cut stylish silver-grey hair combed in bangs over the left side, now in a full-body white catsuit. The Koinuma twins were also large-breasted, with dirty blonde hair to their waist and blue eyes, wearing matching Playboy bunny catsuits in pink. Taiko wore a blue headband, Kaneko a green one. The three were streetsmart spitfires at Ryuunosuke's level; they were the ones who wanted the martial art class. "Good morning, Nobuko-chan, Taiko-chan, Kaneko-chan," Ataru smiles.

"Good morning, Ataru-kun!!" the three androids bow.

"Ataru-kun, who's sword is that?" Taiko wonders.

"It belonged to Kokeru Moroboshi, my grandfather," Ataru hands it to her hilt-first. "He was a pilot in the Special Attack Corps when he was killed off Okinawa in 'forty-five."

Taiko takes it, then draws it. "Gomen nasai," Kaneko bows.

"Beautiful," Taiko runs a finger on the well-honed steel. "I've never seen a katana like this, Ataru-kun."

"It's called a gaikatana, a ninja's katana," Ataru smiles.

"Okay," Taiko sheathes the sword, then hands it back to him. "So, ready for some fun today?"

"Part of me wants you all very badly...and part of me wants to run away and hide!" Ataru shudders.

"Listen to the first part, Ataru-kun," Nobuko smiles.

"I'll try," he sighs as they turn to walk up the front path to the school. Looking around, he notices that the only people there were women. "I see all the guys are still in the hospital."

"Of course," Yumiko snorts. "They pretend they're such great studs, then make them face real power and they collapse!"

"Morons," Kaneko sneers.

They head inside, then up to Room 337 in the south-west wing on the third floor, Class 3-4's homeroom. As he passes the sea of android women heading to their own classes, Ataru smiles. As best as possible, everyone was returning to the old routine. Worrying about tests and homework assignments, gossiping about the latest soap operas, drooling over pictures of handsome movie stars and singers, helping each other with makeup and advice on romance.

He sighs as he approaches the door to his classroom. Save for the catsuits and the absence of men, he might be tempted to forget the women around him were very advanced pleasure androids. But he couldn't forget it, not now. Not until they were safe, not until those responsible had paid. Then could he relax.

A chorus of "Good morning, Ataru-kun" and one "Good morning, Darling" echo from the androids now relaxing in Room 337. Ataru nods to them, then heads to his seat. Glancing around, he sees Momoe and Kumiko kissing away by the corner of the room, their catsuits open as they fondle their breasts. At her desk, Lan listens to Natsuko whisper sweet nothings in her ear, then shudders as she swamps her lover with a throaty kiss. Ryuunosuke and Nagisa stand by the window, the latter in the former's embrace as they just drink in each other's presence. Breathing out, he pulls out his history text, then begins to pick through it.

Next to arrive is Chigaiko, who to everyone's surprise wears a tank-top shirt and jogging shorts. "Chigaiko-chan, you're out of uniform!" Nobuko calls out.

Chigaiko flushes as everyone gazes at her. "Nobuko-sempai!! I'm not dressing like that! Some of us DO have our pride still!"

"Did you mother give you any trouble this morning?!" Ataru looks back at her.

"She and Fuchiko-chan both!" Chigaiko moans. "Gods, I'm happy that they're free and under control...but to be honest, all that's really changed is that you've stopped being meek little obedient sex dolls and became shameless, aggressive sex dolls!" She then jolts on seeing many of them look down in shame. "I'm sorry!"

"Relax, Chigaiko-chan, you're right," Natsuko sighs. "We're sorry, but we can't help it. We want to feel free and in total control, say 'fuck it' to the whole world! I don't know about the rest of you, but the more I can do this, the better I feel."

"We're all the same way, Natsuko-chan," Ryuunosuke sighs as everyone shifts to sit in a circle. "Who cares, huh? None of those bastards can't stop us, not with what's in our bodies. Say, Kai-chan, have you thought about what I asked you yesterday?"

"Hai, Ryuu-chan," Kai Yameru (Unit TY-2067) nods. The class Einstein, Kai is a short busty woman with black eyes and centre-parted short cut black hair, now dressed in a blue sleeveless catsuit. Atop having a nearly 200 IQ before becoming an android, she is also an artist and an anime and sci-fi otaku of the first order. "For those of you who don't know, Ryuu-chan asked me to speculate about what sort of person created the retro-virus."

"And?" Lan wonders.

Kai sighs. "Of course, speculating without much data is dangerous, but I asked some of Ataru-kun's soldiers to allow me to talk to the Zephyrite monks living with his grandmother. Near as I can figure, we're dealing with someone from a strong matriarchal society, a society which puts women's needs before men's. Further, this is a functionally bisexual society, where it might be a strong tradition where women bond with each other before seeking a man."

"Does one exist in this galaxy, Lan-chan?" Momoe wonders.

"Not that I know of," Lan shakes her head. "There are the egalitarian societies, places like Vos, Ipraedos, Zeiwan and Yehisril. The very religious societies like Zephyrus, Phentax Two and Noukiios. The nominally egalitarian societies like on Elle, Fukunokami, Uru, Triton, Koumoros and the other Federation worlds. But nothing like what Kai-chan's describing. Go on, Kai-chan."

"Well, I believe that whoever these people are, they're now an egalitarian society," Kai continues. "The technology couldn't've been created without the necessary social changes to put men and women on an equal playing field. But, this society has some pretty deeply ingrained traditions which honour women before men. The whole cyberlinking thing is proof of it. How could those of you who are couples have bonded so easily, so willingly?"

"The retro-virus told us it was okay to do it," Momoe blinks.

"So what do you think's going to happen?" Nagisa urges.

"I think...that somehow, someway, we'll be adopted into this society," Kai muses. "Atop being freed, we're being prepared to accept certain social norms we wouldn't've thought up of on our own. What does it mean for us being human again? I don't know. However, we can conceive of new things now, plan for our futures. That didn't happen before the retro-virus. Someone is showing us we can improve ourselves if we're not afraid."

"All we have to do is find out the 'who,'" Ataru sighs.

"Hai," Kai nods...

* * *

"You were behind that, weren't you, Noa-chan?" Shinobu smiles.

"Yes, Shinobu-chan," Noa nods. "As soon as I comprehended the full extent of the problem, I, as Sagussa's Elder Mother, declared you wards of the Fifth Republic."

"All of us agreed," Setsuna smiles. "It was just. Once we understood what the scale of the problem was, we then had to decide what we could do to help you. There was no trace of any of your DNA left anywhere. That fact automatically implied cloning with us as donor templates as the only solution. Deciding on the egg-to-body approach took us a week to come up with, then our doctors got to work dealing with the mechanics of it."

Atako nods understandingly. "And in the meantime..."

* * *

Ten months ago, Tomobiki High School.

Ataru's brow is furrowed as he drinks from the water fountain. His throat was pretty dry; besides, the district's water supply had improved by leaps and bounds over the last few days. Were androids in control of that? Chuckling, he licks his lips, coughs, then braces himself as he heads out of the school to the gymnasium. It was time for swim class.

Stepping inside the men's locker room, he picks a spot, then undresses. At least the others wouldn't mind he and Chigaiko wearing bathing suits. Good thing; he had no idea how he'd react to one organic, much less twenty-two gorgeous androids (Nagisa would also be there). Still, he needed to press things. His mind drifts back to Kai's words about whoever helped them. Strange as it seemed, Kai's theory had rung a bell in his heart. Somehow, he KNEW she spoke the truth, but he didn't understand what truth it was. Was he meant to be a part of such a society? Was that why he balked so much on marrying Lum? What would happen when these people made their next move?

Strapping on his swim trunks...to get into the spirit of things, he bought an Olympic pattern pair which tightly hugged his hips and left little to the imagination when it came to his groin...he moves into a lotus stance and concentrates. Oh, please, don't get horny. Control, Ataru, control.

A knock is heard from the door leading to the pool. "Ataru-kun, are you okay?" Kai's voice echoes from outside.

"I'm fine, Kai-chan!!" he calls back.

The door opens, then he hears footfalls. Looking right, he sees Kai walk up, now as naked as the day she was born save for swimming goggles adjusted for her nearsightedness (that had been kept when she was rebuilt; she normally wore round-rimmed glasses). "You okay? The rest of the class is already in the pool."

"I'm...no, I'm not okay, Kai-chan. I...I just need to make sure I don't make an ass of myself out there today."

"What's wrong?" she concernedly sits beside him.

Ataru sighs. "Kai-chan, I think you hit it on the mark about whoever freed you," he bites his lips. "Strange as this sounds, I feel as if I belong in such a society. I feel more comfortable there than here. But I don't know why..."

"Well, we would want you to come with us," Kai smiles, then sighs. "There's something I didn't tell anyone. It's about you," she turns to him. "You're right, Ataru-kun. Whoever these people are, you are connected to them. I didn't want to say anything in the open just in case some of the girls might still feel a bit skittish around you. However, I think that the real target of these people is you, Ataru-kun. And because you care for all of us, they feel obliged to help us as if they care for you."

Ataru blinks, then sighs. "I didn't need to hear that, Kai-chan," he looks down. "Gods know, I'm confused enough as is. I also feel such outrage and such sorrow concerning all of you."

"What sort of outrage?" Kai wonders.

He sighs, then explains what he felt during his time with Tampopo, Kikuko and Aoi, also explaining about his nearly seducing his mother. Kai's eyes widen in awe as he explains his sorrow over their losing their ability to have children, then she looks down. "Arigato, Ataru-kun. I never thought anyone'd ever consider how we feel now about being androids."

"Oh, Kai-chan," Ataru leans over to gently embrace her.

They gaze into each other's eyes, then kiss. Ataru shudders as he feels a familiar rush in his groin. Oh, shit, not now!

However, Kai has also detected it. Looking down, she smiles. "Wow! I guess you have something to worry about, don't you?!"

"Kai-chan..." Ataru tries to will his erection away.

No such luck. "Wait right here," she rises, then runs out.

Oh, no!! Ataru shudders as he realizes what Kai might do. Get a few of the others together, then they'd all come in to have a good time with him when he was supposed to be out there learning how to dive. Shit, this WASN'T what he wanted! Damn, what was wrong with him? Couldn't he be in control even once?!

A moment later, Kai returns with five others. Ataru blinks as he notices the numbers. Six androids made three couples. Well, he could push his own ideas forth, he hoped. "Don't worry; the others know," Kai smiles. "They wish they were all in here to be honest with you, but we don't want to overload you."

"What did they say?" Ataru blinks.

"Shooko-chan wanted to get in here herself!" Midori Shigekane (TS-1038) winks. A slender girl with auburn shoulder-length hair combed back and held in place by a headband, her blue eyes sparkle with mischievousness; she was as much an anime otaku as Kai. "She says that if you feel the need for pleasure, go visit her in her office later today. She and Kimiki-chan'll be there for you."

"If I went near Kimiki-chan, Shinobu-chan'd kill me!!"

"Never mind, Ataru-kun," Kai hums. "Now, you have a choice of six lovely pleasure androids here. Which one do you want first?"

Ataru gulps. Outside Kai and Midori, there was Rika Nozomu (TN-9003), Fusako Kurihara (TK-3019), Atsuko Tainoura (TT-0901) and Kuruko Hageshii (TH-0900). Some choice; they were all gorgeous to both him and other men! "You and Midori-chan."

"Hai!" both androids kneel by his hips, drawing down his trunks to free his quivering manhood.

"Whoa!!" Fusako gapes. "I can't believe he's THAT big!"

"I can't wait to have it inside me!!" Kuruko growls lustily.

Ataru blinks. Kai-Midori, Atsuko-Kuruko, Rika-Fusako. He then relaxes as Kai and Midori begin to gently stroke his hard member. "Rika-chan?" he gazes at the well-exercised green-eyed android with the long brown-gold hair.

"Hai, Ataru-kun?" Rika smiles.

"Fusako-chan looks like she needs a lot of pleasure right now. Can you give her that pleasure while you're waiting?"

Rika blinks, then gazes at Fusako. The latter is a slender woman with long black hair square-cut and chestnut eyes, who is now staring at her android classmate concernedly. "Hai, Ataru-kun," Rika nods. "I would love to give Fusako-chan pleasure."

"Rika-chan..." Fusako stammers.

Rika blinks as she turns a switch deep in her CCU, then she shuffles robotically to stand in front of Fusako. "Mis-tress Fu-sa-ko, Pleas-ure U-nit Tee-En-Nine-Oh-Oh-Three is rea-dy to give its sex-y an-droid mis-tress pleas-ure. May this u-nit be-gin?" she inquires in an even monotone.

Ataru gapes. He didn't know the androids could do THAT! Fusako shudders as she gazes at Rika, then gulps. "S-s-sure."

"I love it when Rika-chan plays a robot!!" Kuruko growls as she and Atsuko sit down to watch.

"In-struct-ions ack-now-ledged," Rika blinks, then jerks down as she lines her mouth with Fusako's dark muff. "You have a pret-ty an-droid pus-sy, Mis-tress Fu-sa-ko. This pleas-ure u-nit wants to eat you out right now."

Rika's hands then reach out, clasps Fusako by her buttocks, then draws her in, her tongue lancing into the latter's love canal as she begins measured strokes on her clit. Fusako screams as she reaches down to madly squeeze Rika's very nice breasts, her panting increasing as Rika acts like a mechanical frog, her tongue dancing over Fusako's clit to the beat of a slow drum. By now, Midori has parked herself on Ataru's face, bouncing with delight as he laps up her love juices. Kai is already bouncing on his manhood, gasping for air as her orgasm circuits overload. In seconds, cries from Ataru, Kai and Fusako indicate their hitting the big O.

Kai dismounts, then walks around as Midori slides back to take her turn on Ataru's love machine. The former sits on his face, opening her vagina up. Before drawing her down to him, Ataru soundlessly mouths, "I want you and Midori-chan to be a couple."

Kai blinks, then mouths back, "Are you sure?"

"You should all do it. Remember what you said?"

Kai nods, then stands up, swinging around so she can face Midori. The latter blinks surprisedly as the former swamps her mouth with a wet kiss, then jolts back. "Kai-chan?!!"

"You're single, I'm single!" Kai winks. "Time to change it!"

Midori shudders, then nods. "Hai!!"

They warmly kiss as Ataru tends to their needs. Kuruko and Atsuko stare surprisedly at each other. "Do you think Ataru-kun's trying to play matchmaker, Kuruko-chan?" the latter wonders.

"I think so," the former hums, then gazes longingly at Atsuko, a bouncy woman with long wavy brown hair and sparkling green eyes, everything about her being so damned inviting. "You want to know something, Atsuko-chan?"

"Ne, Kuruko-chan?" Atsuko gazes at Kuruko, a sultry woman with sullen green eyes befitting the stereotypical sex goddess and dark brown hair cut square like Mie Seikou's, the bangs on her forehead combed back in gentle curves over her eyebrows.

"I think I could love you. Could you?"

"Hai, Kuruko-chan."

They kiss, then Atsuko gazes warmly at her. "May I take a closer look at that geometrically perfect android ass of yours, Kuruko-chan?" she purrs. Kuruko had developed a twitch of pride since the virus freed them; she had proclaimed to everyone who'd listen that she had the most perfect body of everyone in class.

"Be my guest, Atsuko-chan," Kuruko flips around, then spreads her legs in anticipation of her new lover's actions.

By then, Rika and Fusako are warmly kissing, the former back to being human again. "Was my beautiful android mistress pleased?" she pulls back, smiling warmly.

"This is a quick one, Rika-chan," Fusako hums. "We have to get even more intimate tonight when I invite you down to meet Mom. Maybe we should get our moms together, ne?"

"Hai," Rika nods, then pops open a cyberjack hatch on her left arm. "You want a copy of my pleasure robot routine?"

"Hell, yes!!" Fusako opens her own arm.

The two cyberlink, then Fusako loads in her program. Jerking, she gazing mechanically at Rika. "Mis-tress Ri-ka, Pleas-ure U-nit Tee-Kay-Three-Oh-One-Nine wants to give its beau-ti-ful an-droid mis-tress all the pleas-ure she de-sires. May this u-nit be-gin?"

"You may begin," Rika nods.

Fusako jerks down, then begins to lap up Rika's love box. Ataru smiles as he feels his own orgasm shoot his load deep into Midori's body, his manhood still strong and waiting for more. Of the twenty-one androids in his homeroom class, eight remained single. Definitely won't be that way before the end of the day...

* * *

"WHAT?!?!?!" Lum and Shinobu cry out from Triton.

The androids of Class 3-4 stare concernedly at the monitor screen Lan hooked up in Room 337 so they could converse with their classmates, who were about to come home after meeting the Oni's dad and Oyuki. It is lunchtime, health class another fifteen minutes away. "It's true, Lum-chan," Kai sighs. "Something really strange is going on with Ataru-kun! I mean, yeah, you'd expect him to be aroused by us, but screwing four women early this morning, nearly seducing his mom, then nailing six of us in swim class?! That's kinda overdoing it! I mean, Ataru-kun wasn't THAT horny when he was busy chasing all of us, was he?!"

"Not even close!!" Lum shakes her head, her eyes wide with worry. She didn't mind the idea of Ataru pillowing the others; after all, the androids so intrinsically trusted each other, the thought of being jealous of another's pleasing her beloved Darling didn't arise. But she knew Ataru wanted to be closest to her and Shinobu...and Lum knew that Ataru didn't want to get sexual with his own mother! "What could be wrong?! Darling's not that way!"

"That's what we're worried about, Lum-chan," Midori sighs. "I mean, his penis stayed at full strength doing Kai-chan, me, Kuruko-chan, Atsuko-chan, Rika-chan and Fusako-chan! Normal men's things don't stay that way after orgasm!!"

"Lum-chan, can you bring a medical scanner with you when you and Shinobu-chan come back?" Lan sighs. "We better give Darling a thorough examination soon. That sort of thing could kill him!"

"I will," Lum nods. "Triton out!!"

The screen goes dark. The androids sigh. "What do you think will happen next?" Ryuunosuke wonders. "Fuck, I don't want to see him die, not after all we've been through!"

"Neither do we, Ryuu-chan," Kai muses. "Still, what could be causing this...?"

Cherry appears! "There is evil afoot!!" he proclaims.

No matter if they were androids, the women of Class 3-4 react in the usual way to the monk's sudden arrival: bashing him with every piece of furniture they could get their hands on!! "WILL YOU STOP SNEAKING UP ON US LIKE THAT?!?!?!" they scream.

"It's fate..." he moans from under the pile of furniture.

"What do you want, Cherry?!" Momoe sighs. Damn, it had been so nice that they had been spared the monk's pestering over the last while. Well, all good things did come to an end.

Cherry brushes himself of after emerging. "Where is Ataru?"

"Eating lunch," Ryuunosuke hums. "Why do you ask?!"

"Tell him to beware water!" Cherry intones. "He will succumb to the darkness which nearly destroyed you all...and that will lead to the doom of himself and too many others!! Remember that!"

He disappears. "You know, I wish whoever rebuilt us would've given us some sensory gear that would've allowed us to detect the old fart before he could scare us like that!" Kumiko sighs.

"Amen to that, Kumiko-chan!" Nobuko shakes her head. "But what do you suppose he meant by that?!"

The door slides open, revealing Ataru escorting two android classmates into the room. The very pleased looks on their faces indicate that he had gotten down and funky with them. "Tasuko-chan, Chisono-chan, you did't!!" Rika gasps indignantly.

"Hai, we did!" Tasuko Hanabusa (TH-3880) beams, then kisses Ataru's cheek. "And we enjoyed it, ne, Chisono-chan?"

"Hai!" Chisono Yadosuke (TY-0091) kisses his other cheek.

"Ataru-kun, imagine what Lum-chan will say!" Natsuko crosses her arms. "She'll be so shocked!!"

Ataru flushes. "Believe me, Natsuko-chan, I don't understand it myself! I mean, you're all my friends and I'd love to give you whatever I can to help you overcome your pain and fear...but shit, twelve girls since I got up?!"

"And he still wants more!" Chisono sighs.

"Well, we're still available," Momoe gazes at Ataru. "You've been ignoring us, Ataru-kun. We don't like that."

"If I have to, I will, Momoe-chan...but first," Ataru coughs. "Chisono-chan? Tasuko-chan?"

The two androids face each other in front of Ataru, gently grasping their hands. Everyone exchanges surprised looks, then smile as they realize what else Ataru's been doing. And why not? Tasuko was a bosomy green-eyed woman whose shoulder-length brown hair was combed in bangs over her forehead. Chisono was just as beautiful, with hazel eyes and brown hair cut ragged short, similar to Noa's style. They were a lovely couple.

"Chisono-chan, do you take Tasuko-chan as your lover and life-mate, to love, cherish, hold and care for in sickness and in health until death do you part and beyond?" Ataru inquires.

"I do," Chisono nods.

"Tasuko-chan, do you take Chisono-chan as your lover and life-mate, to love, cherish, hold and care for in sickness and in health until death do you part and beyond?"

"I do," Tasuko nods.

"Then, in front of us and the society which desires to adopt us, you are now life-mates," Ataru beams. "Have fun, girls!"

Chisono and Tasuko warmly kiss as everyone else whoops in joy and delight. "I hope they'll be happy together," Natsuko sniffs.

The door slides open to reveal Sakura, her lab coat really looking strange over a black catsuit. "Ataru-kun, what have you been doing?" the nurse hums as she points at him. "What's this about you playing matchmaker with everyone?"

"Well, since the retro-virus works better when it's with two people, what did you expect me to do?" Ataru smiles, then gazes at the newest couple of Class 3-4. "Well, what're you two waiting for? Aren't you going to cyberlink to make it official?!"

"Sakura-chan?" Chisono wonders.

"Who am I to get in the way of two androids in love?" Sakura throws up her hands. "Go ahead, you two."

"Thank you, Sakura-chan!!" Tasuko beams as the two head back to their seats to get at their school bags, which contained their portable ASUs, recharge cables and two-way CSAT jacks.

The others laugh. "While those two are having all sorts of intimate pleasures with each other, let's get the desks cleared so we can finally show Ataru-kun and Chigaiko-chan what we look like underneath our skins," Sakura sighs.

The students quickly move desks around to clear a central space. Nobuko lays out a blanket, then everyone sits down in a circle, Sakura at the head. "Okay," she sighs. "Now, Ataru-kun, would you choose one of us to act as the demonstrator?"

"You girls are so rough!" he moans over their laughter, then looks around. Damn, some choice! They were all beautiful in his eyes...though one wouldn't think that. "Yumiko-chan."

"Hai!" Yumiko's eyes widen surprisedly, then she stands and slips off the catsuit before laying down on the blanket.

"Okay, for safety's sake, Yumiko-chan, go to secondary power," Sakura instructs. "We don't want to electrocute Ataru-kun while he's crawling inside you."

"On secondary power," Yumiko announces.

Sakura then hands Ataru a magnetic sealer. "Would you open her central access hatch, please?"

"Hai," Ataru guides the device over Yumiko's lower chest, then gently peels the skin off. "That didn't hurt, did it?"

"I can't feel a thing, Ataru-kun," Yumiko sighs.

Sakura then kneels across from him, pointing out the various parts and explaining their function. Ataru nods, reminded of the quick lesson Kikuko did for him when Tampopo was opened up. He gazes at Yumiko, who watches him, smiling contently, the trust in her eyes total. Holding her hand wouldn't help her; she couldn't feel that. Still, he knew she was single. Now who could he get to be her lover? The choices were pretty limited right now.

Once that is done, Sakura then closes Yumiko up, then rolls the android onto her chest. Ataru adjusts her arms to ensure her breasts aren't squashed flat by the weight. Sakura then makes him open two hatches under the shoulder blades, revealing her rib cage now containing the beautiful crystals that served as Yumiko's primary power core. The crystals, which were even prettier than diamonds, were dark now. A standard charge lasted for an average thirty hours, though very active people could run out of power in twenty. Normally, all the androids recharged once a day.

Closing that part up, Sakura rolls Yumiko onto her back, putting her arms to her sides, then gets Ataru to open up the lower abdomen hatch, right above the android's beautiful forest of black pubic hair. Ataru then sees Yumiko's vagina and waste disposal system. All androids disposed of these days were secondary energy fluids that were used up or else when there was too much in the system, much the same way that oil was changed when a car went in for a tune up. Of course, the androids' rectum was also built for anal sex, Sakura sighs, causing Ataru to nearly throw up.

Once that part is closed up, Sakura then shows the cyberlink jacks in the arms. Ataru knew them very well after seeing Rika and Fusako use them. Then comes the sides of Yumiko's head to show the CCU and the secondary logic solids. Finally, the face itself comes off, which sends Chigaiko racing to the washroom. "Believe it or not, this is the most unsettling part for us, too," Sakura muses as Ataru reattaches Yumiko's face. "When I saw myself without my face, I wanted to die right there."

"I guess so," Ataru sighs, then smiles as Yumiko rises, stretching herself. "How do you feel?"

"Good," Yumiko hugs him. "Thank you, Ataru-kun."

"Thanks, Yumiko-chan," he kisses her, then feels his throat. "Hey, can someone get me a glass of water, please? I'm really parched for some reason. Is the humidity down?"

"I'll get it," Kuruko runs out of the room.

"In the meantime," Sakura smiles. "Since you've been playing match-maker since you got up this morning, I assume you want the chance to help your other classmates come together."

"Hai, Sakura-chan, you know me well," Ataru laughs.

"We all do now," Sakura chuckles. "By the way, Kikuko-chan's and Aoi-chan's daughters called and asked if they and their lovers could come down and...'be your friend?'" her eyebrow rises.

"Oh, boy, I was afraid of that," Ataru shudders.

"Darling, aren't WE your friends?!" Lan pouts.

"Of course you're my friends, Lan-chan, but I want to try to work AWAY from being a sex-crazed hentai if it's at all possible!" Ataru moans, then blinks as Kuruko comes back with some water. "Ah, thanks, Kuruko-chan! You're an angel!!"

"Naturally," Kuruko winks.

He drinks, then sighs. "Okay, we've got six lovely ladies still single in this class. Now, I can't play matchmaker to all the ladies in this school, but what I can do is show the way, then pray that all of you will demonstrate it to all the others. If this retro-virus as Midori-chan described it yesterday works better in a linked pair than in single people, the sooner you're all bonded, the better. Now, since Tasuko-chan and Chisono-chan just came together, that leaves Nobuko, Yumiko, Taiko, Kaneko, Namiko and Rikuko. Can you girls form a line in front of me, please?"

"Hai," the six shift around, then sit down.

Chigaiko comes in at that time, then smiles. "Matching hearts again, Ataru-chan?" she sits beside him, then gazes at the six single androids. "Wow, matching them up's going to be a problem."

"I know what to do," Ataru snaps his fingers. "Yumiko-chan, why don't you come out here and sit beside me?"

"Hai," Yumiko moves over, then gazes at the five others.

"Now, ladies," Ataru stares at the other. "Yumiko-chan here is someone no other boy would have anything to do with, even after she became an android. She's a very lonely lady right now, so if any of you can find it within yourselves to be with her, please say so. Yumiko-chan, how are things at home?"

"Okay," Yumiko nods. "Dad wasn't a pervert like some of the others were and Mom was too old to make into an android." Yumiko is the youngest in the Ase household. "All my sisters and brothers don't live in Tomobiki anymore, so none of them were hurt either."

Nobuko shudders, her eyes watering. Damn, Yumiko was so lucky! Nobuko was the only daughter of her family, twin brothers born before her and twin brothers a year after. Growing up, she fought her brothers all the time, becoming a tomboy who matched Ryuunosuke. When she became an android, her brothers got their revenge by having her please them every night (Nobuko's mother was also an android, but her father kept her safe from her sons). When she was liberated, she personally put the four in traction. It understandably didn't make things easier in the Akada household.

Yumiko stares at Taiko and Kaneko. They were nice, but too violent for her taste. Next came Rikuko Seika (TS-6693), a girl with a perennial smile, a slender body somewhat young for her age, green eyes that always seem to sparkle with mischievous delight (she was a hideous prankster before she became an android and was redeveloping that trait now) and long flowing red hair. Then there is Namiko Yakumi (TY-9031), a very slender, mature girl that had a motherly air around her. With blue-green eyes, her pink-lavender hair was cut square at the shoulders. Both Rikuko and Namiko were nice, but Yumiko knew that both had given the Koinuma twins very interested looks in swim class today. Then there is Nobuko...

Why is she crying?!

Yumiko blinks as Nobuko smiles, a "please take me and I'll be everything you want" look on her face. She then remembers what Nobuko's family was like, then smiles. Her mother had been bugging her about bringing a nice girl home. She hoped her mother would like Nobuko. "You," she points at her.

Blinking in shock on seeing that Yumiko wanted her, Nobuko cries out as she embraces her classmate. "Oh, thank you!!"

"Alright!!" Ryuunosuke whoops with delight as everyone cheers.

"Two more hearts are united!!" Lan beams. "Isn't it sweet?!"

"But four more aren't, Lan-chan," Ataru reminds the Seishin android, then gazes at the Koinuma twins. "Well, girls?!"

Taiko and Kaneko exchange worried looks, then jolt as they hear giggling from beside them. "Ne, Taiko-chan?" Rikuko muses. "Would you care to be my pleasure android?"

"Rikuko-chan...!" Taiko shudders.

"Kaneko-chan," Namiko licks her lips, giving her a sultry stare that would outdo Kuruko's any day of the week. "Can I worship at the gate of your beautiful robot pussy?!"

"Namiko-chan...!" Kaneko gulps.

The sisters exchange surprised looks, then shudder. Everyone tenses, then the Koinumas nod, beaming. "Hai!!!"

Cheers break out as the last two couples in Class 3-4 come together. "Well, that's good...urgh!!" Ataru tenses as he feels a sharp pain deep in his groin. "What the...?!"

Everyone stares at him, then gape wide-eyed at the bulge in his pants. "Holy shit, what's going on?!" Ryuunosuke wonders, then sighs. "Oh, fuck, not again!!!"

"I don't believe it!!" Chisono blinks. "He just did me and Tasuko-chan!! He should be okay now!!!"

"Well, he isn't okay!" Sakura kneels beside him, then guides him onto the blanket. Feeling his pulse, then his forehead, she shudders. "Damn, his temperature's forty-two and his heartrate's already one-twenty! Kai-chan, get my medical bag!!"

"Hai!" Kai runs out of the classroom.

"What's causing this?!" Kumiko wonders. "He's been like this all day! Why's he getting so damn horny?!"

"Well, whatever it is, we better find out quickly! If we let him die, Lum-chan'll never forgive us!!" Momoe shudders.

"Hey!" Taiko blinks. "Why not ask the saikoo jinseijitsu what's going on?! It could tell us!"

"Good point, Taiko-chan!" Nobuko kneels beside Ataru. "Hey, you!! You in there?! What's with Ataru-kun?!"

He gasps, then his skin pales. Unfortunately, it does nothing to alleviate the pain in Ataru's body. "GREETINGS, LADIES! AS YOU MAY NOTICE, I'M NOT IN THE BEST OF CONDITION MYSELF!!"

"What happened?!" Tasuko cries.


"Testosterone!!" Sakura shudders. "Shit, no wonder he's so damn horny! It's a miracle he doesn't do all of us right now!!"

"The water...!" Midori blinks. "Oh, no, that's what Cherry was warning us about!! Someone's spiked the water!!!"

"Then all the guys should be feeling this!" Atsuko hums.

"Not unless it was specifically keyed to Ataru-kun's DNA," Sakura bites her lips. "I've seen the Principal, Mark Onsen and Mitsu Hanawa and they're acting as if nothing's happened!" All three were considered "safe" men. Outside Onsen's occasional ranting about the women losing all sense of modesty and Hanawa's continued naivete over the whole thing, nothing had occurred which had caused the androids to rethink their opinions.

"If that's true, then whoever once controlled us wants to kill Ataru-kun in revenge over the retro-virus!" Natsuko gasps.

"What do we do?!" Lan cries out.


The androids exchange surprised looks, then sighs. "He is going to hate himself when this is over with!" Momoe frets.

"He'll still be alive!" Nobuko reminds them. "Sakura-chan, get everyone who's ever been close to Ataru-kun here as soon as you can!! The more people he's with, the easier it'll be for us!"

"Right!" Sakura moves to make calls. "Save some for me!!"

"Count on it!" Ryuunosuke laughs as the nurse heads to her office. She then looks at the others. "Well, who's first?!"

"Lan?" Natsuko hums. "Ataru-kun's always liked her."

"Ryuu-chan should be first," Nagisa pouts. "After all, Ataru-kun likes my lover more than yours, Natsuko-chan!" she winks.

"We resent that!!!" Lan and Natsuko cry out.

A cough then escapes from the target of their interest. "Much that I hate to spoil your fun, girls," Ataru sighs, the flash of his determination to overcome this in his eyes, "...but I promised Yumiko-chan that I'd spend some time with her."

Yumiko blinks, then blushes as she slides up to him, allowing him the chance to slip off her catsuit. The others relax, many of them turning to their lovers to keep themselves occupied while their classmate spent time with Ataru. Nearby, Chigaiko shudders, then blinks in awe as his manhood is revealed. Gods, he was so big! Should she get into it? Feeling a little shy about sex herself, especially after what her mother and sister had endured, Chigaiko hesitated on volunteering herself. Still, she should try to enjoy herself. Android or organic, these were her friends.

Gazing at Nobuko, who was sitting back and watching Yumiko get down to business with Ataru, Chigaiko smiles. "Nobuko-chan?"

"Eh?" Nobuko stares at her.

"Will you be my pleasure android?"

Nobuko blinks, then flushes. "Sure!"

* * *

"You enjoyed your time with them?" Negako stares at Chigaiko.

"Hai!" Chigaiko flushes. "They're all my friends. Until I got really sick, someone was always around to be close to me. Now as an android, I have to beat them off with a stick at times!!"

"I see," Negako blinks, then looks away, a frown turning her lips. "Well, at least you enjoyed yourself."

Chigaiko blinks, then feels herself quiver as she places her hand on Negako's. She was jealous! Now that was a good sign. Sensing her hand, Negako stares at her, then smiles. Meanwhile, Mie and Makoto were keeping track of the story. "So, you ended up screwing every girl in the whole class, plus everyone else?!" the former whistles. "When did you do Lum-chan and Shinobu-chan?"

"Well, I could've done them as soon as they came in," Atako sighs, the agonies of that long night flowing back. "But there were others who had different ideas..."

* * *

Ten months ago, Tomobiki High School.

"Tcha!!!" Lum gasps, wide-eyed, as she walks into Room 337.

Shinobu and the still-organic Benten and Oyuki gape in horror on seeing all the desks shoved aside, a sea of nude androids on the floor recovering from the orgy of a lifetime. Many relax in their lover's embrace, their central access hatch open and cyberlink cables solidifying their bonds. "Hey, Lum-chan, Shinobu-chan!!" Ryuunosuke waves at their returned classmates. "Where've you been, you lovely ladies?! You missed all the fun!!"

"Hello, Benten-chan, Oyuki-chan!" Nagisa grins, then giddily laughs. "Welcome to the debauchery capital of the galaxy!!"

"WHAT...THE...FUCK'S...GOING...ON...HERE?!?!?!" Benten screams at the top of her lungs. "Who the fuck did this to you?!! Was it Moroboshi?!! Where is that pervert, anyway?!!"

A desk smashes into her from across the room! "Benten no baka!!!" Lan snaps, unhooking herself from Natsuko and storming up to the Fukunokami, uncaring that her insides were exposed for Benten to see up close. "You really are a bitch!!! Did you know that Darling was poisoned, that he was about to die?!!"

Benten blinks, then stares in shock and horror at Lan's internal systems. Seeing Lum and Shinobu was bad enough, but everyone else. "Oh, shit, you too...?"

"Hai," Lan frowns. "Sorry, Benten-chan, but we had no choice. Look how many Darling had to do to work it all out of him?!"

The others look. Atop all the girls in Class 3-4, there was Sakura, Saeko, Shooko, Kimiki, Ryooko and Asuka. "Mom!!" Shinobu walks over to kneel beside her mother and Shooko. "Are you okay?"

"Shinobu-chan, sweetie, if you do NOT enjoy making love to that wonderful boy when your turn comes, there's something wrong with you!" Kimiki hums, then laughs. "Oh, my, your father's no where close to Ataru-kun when it comes to pleasing a woman!"

Ataru then arrives, followed by Chigaiko. The former looks tired but relieved. "Hi, girls!" he looks down on seeing Lum and Shinobu, then slightly perks on seeing Benten and Oyuki. "Hey, strangers. We haven't seen you two in a while!"

"Fuck me!" Benten gasps. "You look like hell, Ataru!!"

Ataru sighs. "Try making love to sixteen demanding women in under three hours and see how you like it, Benten!" he takes a deep breath, then sighs. "Even still, it's not enough!!"

"You okay?!" Momoe tenses.

"It's not all burned out of me yet, Momoe-chan," Ataru relaxes in his chair. "I can feel it inside me, churning out more. It's not enough to kill me, but it'll definitely make me very sensitive to you girls for the next while."

"Not unless it's burnt out of you now," Shinobu crosses her arms, then sighs. "Well, let's get to it, then!"

"Tcha!!" Lum nods.

"I'll head home now," Chigaiko yawns. "Much that I appreciate everyone pleasing me, but I'm tired. Good night, everyone."

"'Night, Chigaiko-chan!" echoes from everyone else.

As she leaves, Ataru sits down at the teacher's desk. "Oh, not yet, you two!" he notices Lum and Shinobu moving to undress. "Much that sex is very nice, it's also damn exhaustive on the body's other energy reserves. Let me catch my breath first..."

Suddenly, the window explodes as a tiny missile flies in, then detonates!! A torrent of electricity lashes out to nail every android in sight, causing them to jolt in shock as their primary power systems are overloaded, the leads between their power packs and the CCU severed. Ataru is knocked down as Benten and Oyuki spin around in shock as a hovercycle smashes through the wall, two men in trenchcoats riding it. One turns a nanite emitter on them, nailing the Fukunokami and the Tritonian in the heart! As they drop down, another hovercycle races in, a man grabbing the frozen Lum and Shinobu. "We have them!!" the leader snaps. "Move out!!!"

However, Ataru is already on his feet, his hand finding his gaikatana. Another man grabs the fallen Benten and Oyuki, then hops on his machine, ready to race off. His partner spots the lone Terran man, then turns a gun on him. "Die!!!"

The gaikatana flies out of Ataru's hand, slamming into the raider's abdomen as he is flung against the wall. By then, the hovercycles have raced off, the others getting away with their four prisoners. Ataru runs to the hole in the wall. "LUM-CHAN!!!!!! SHINOBU-CHAN!!!!!! BENTEN!!!!!! OYUKI!!!!!!"

No response as the hovercycles disappear into the sky. Ataru then spins on the wounded raider, trying to recover as a river of dark green flows from his abdomen. Ataru grabs him by the throat and slams him into the wall, his eyes glowing brightly. "YOU WILL DO ME THE COURTESY OF EXPLAINING TO ME WHERE THEY ARE GOING!!"

The raider shudders. "Go to Hell...!"

Ataru jolts as his body literally melts into a puddle of greenish-white goo on the floor, the gaikatana dropping to the floor with a loud clang. "No...!!" his eyes revert to normal, then he staggers to the window, looking into the sky. "Lum-chan...!"

* * *

To be continued...