By Rotwang (


Part 1 : Love at first byte

"Looks fine to me Ö" Hank said and looked up at the scene the camera was recording.

Mark kept looking at the black and white video image. He didnít want to look up like Hank.

"Battle Girl" was to be the new super-cool video game and the central character was Shauna Steele, a highly sophisticated (and sexy) prototype robot. She raced down corridors and blasted assorted monsters with the cannons built into her voluptuous breasts. The game would probably get a lot of flak from some people for being exploitative and sexist. But hey, what do you expect from a game aimed at sex-starved, hormone-raging 16 year olds ?

"The graphics are stunning ! Look at the rendering of the scenery and the smooth movements !" Dennis looked away from the computer screen. "Itíll cause a shock !"

Mark and Hank smiled proudly.

"Wow !" Dennis said, staring at Shauna Steele blasting through yet another horde of monsters. "You guys did a fabulous job on her !"

Mark very obviously cleared his throat.

Dennis looked around and just froze in a perplexed expression.

Hank and Mark grinned as the plastic girl stood between them.

Dennis started staring alternately at the girl and the one on the screen and a smile came upon his lips. "You Ö This Ö These arenít all computer graphics are they ?"

"Meet the one and only Shauna Steele." Mark said, while Hank pushed a hidden button, making her chest cannons pop out.

Dennis just took a closer look. He was looking at a very-well proportioned woman, with stunningly long legs, great hips and a racy waist, dominated by a striking pair of breasts. She looked like she just had stepped out of the computer game. All the computer-like shading was cleverly airbrushed in, creating a rousing illusion. Even her movements seemed computer-generated !

"You guys !!" Dennis was stunned and just had to sit down and grab a drink. "When they will see her, kids around the world will forget about "Crypt Buster" and that Lana Cross bimbo !

"We had the idea of having her burst through the screen at the presentation at the Vegas CES next month." Mark said.

"We add pyrotechnics and a few demonoids Ö" Hank sounded just as excited.

Dennis nodded, but couldnít keep his eyes off Shauna.

"Uh Ö What is she ?"

"Well Ö Are we allowed to tell him ?" Hank said looking at Mark.

"Iím not sure Ö" Mark said, with the barest of smiled playing on his lips.

Shauna just stood to attention, hands on her hips.

Dennis got up and had to touch her.

Her exterior felt strangely pleasant, like the rubber casing of his Psion organizer.

Dennis watched her pretty slightly cartoonish face.

"I guess we can show the boss." Mark said and opened her suit around her neck.


Dennis booted his computer and started a viewing program. Thumbnails of dozens of pictures filled the screen.

Lana Cross just didnít feel the same anymoreÖ

Pictures of robot girls and computer-generated babes had always excited him, but now he had discovered what he had missed all along Ö A real-life version. And Shauna Steele just had everything he wanted Ö

Hours of sleepless tossing and turning later, Dennis just stepped into his car and drove to the offices. He effortlessly got in with his ID card and walked through the offices to the makeshift studio Mark and Hank had set up.

He looked at the digital camera and the blue-key sets. Hundreds of hours of footage had been digitized and directly inserted into the game. By using a live model, Hank and Mark had saved thousands of hours of rendering of what would otherwise be a complicated computer model.

Behind a screen, he found what he was looking for.

Heart beating, he saw three heads on a table, with the rest of their bodies prepped up on stands. The first Shauna was an action design, slightly less detailed, for all the running and jumping. The second one was a close-up model with all the trimmings and painstaking detailing. The third seemed to be a back-up action model.

"Looking for something ?"

The simple question made Dennis almost leap through the roof.

"Oh, Iím sorry !" The young woman said.

Dennis looked pale and just concentrated on trying to swallow his heart down his throat.

"Are you okay ?" She said and helped him to a seat.

Moments later, Dennis could just barely etch a smile.

"I was just looking for my purse. Itís hard to get money from an ATM, if you donít have your electronic cards." She said, looking around.

Dennis looked as well, under and on the table. He heard a shuffle and noticed a little blue suede purse on the floor under the table, which wasnít there the moment before.

"Here." He said, picking it up.

"Iím so sorry I startled you like that !" She said, taking the purse.

"Twice !"

"Pardon ?"

"You actually startled me twice today." Dennis raised two fingers in a V.

"Oh, yeah with Hank and Mark. Sorry !" She smiled nervously.

"You looked great in those." He said, pointing at the masks. "And Hank just let me peek at you, only saw your mouth."

"I guess they like to keep the mystique of Shauna." She said.

"I didnít catch your name Ö"

"Well, they didnít tell you Ö" She went. "Iím Laura."

"Iím Dennis, the boss Ö" He went smiling half nervously, half smugly.

She smiled in return and nudged her shoulders slightly.

Dennis did the same and just hoped the uncomfortable silence would be broken soon.

"So Ö Youíre a computer character Ö"

"Iím an actress Ö Dancer really, I havenít done much, but I knew Markís brother and he told me they were looking for somebody."

"Cool." Dennis went. "They managed to keep you secret for so long Ö"

"Yeah ! They smuggled me in every day."

They both uncomfortably shuffled and seemed to wait for something.

"I might better leave Ö" Laura said, her eyes lingering over the masks on the table.

Dennis noticed this and reached for it, pushing it forward.

"I noticed you dropped the purse." He said.

"I Ö" She wanted to say something.

Dennis just smiled and gave the mask a little nudge.

Laura sighed deeply. "I might as well admit it, your honor. Iím guilty."

"So am I !" Dennis said.

Once all the zippers, buttons, Velcro-strips and poppers were fixed, Dennis watched Shauna doing a little practice walk.

Laura was a fine-looking girl, but in the suit, she looked incredible.

"I thought you were all squeezed in, but it looks quite cozy." He said.

"Itís snug Ö nicely snug." She replied from somewhere inside the mask.

"And it looks very Ö" Dennis couldnít resist touching her.

Shauna went through her routine, jumping and dodging around the blue-key set.

Dennis grabbed Hankís directorís seat and watched her. He noticed a tape-deck and pushed the start button, and the music was just right Ö

She stopped and walked up to Dennis.

Slowly she undid straps and hooks, casting off her robotic suit, revealing her naked rubber body, doing a slow strip-tease.

Dennis was stunned and stared hungrily at the robot.

First, she removed the silvery blue gauntlets, followed by the left arm. After the right arm, off came the shoulder pads, leaving the chest plate in, like a sleeveless metallic piece of lingerie. After discarding the legs, she removed the back panel, keeping the chest panel for last.

He just freaked seeing the little seams in her limbs and the big screws on her shoulders, hips, elbow and knee joints. And on top of that, her big blue eyes would light up !

"I know Hank and Mike add hidden levels to their games, but they were on a roll with this one Ö" Dennis whispered to himself.

Still dancing to the music, Shauna began to kneel before him. She opened his pants and saw his dick almost burst out.

Dennis shuffled on his seat but let her hands play with him, rubbing and stroking him into total pleasure Ö

After a trip to the bathroom to clean himself up, he noticed Laura had partially stripped down to her legs.

She had taken something out of her purse and was busy inserting into her pussy.

Dennis watched her guide the dildo into herself and felt excited all over.

Suddenly, she turned her head and a playful smile came over her lips.

"I suddenly had a fiendish idea !" She whispered and dug into her handbag, taking out a second dildo.

Dennis watched her hold it up and stroking it. "And where do I put this one ?" She went and smiled.

Her hand glided over her behind for a second before lashing out and pointing out her butt to Dennis.

"Would you mind ?" She said, licking her lips Ö

Shauna sat on a beam and gently rocked over it, legs dangling down and her sex against the beam, pushing the dildo further into her.

"Now I know why so many women enjoy horse-riding Ö" Dennis said and rocked over the beam as well.

Dennis sat with Shauna on his lap and was busy rubbing between her legs.

He felt tired, but happy. "Wanna see my collection of robot babes at home ?" He went next to where he supposed would be her ear.

She nodded and he could hear her yawn inside.


Back home, Dennis had a great time, undressing Laura twice, lovingly going over each exterior before going over the next layer of plastic and rubber.

"Hi there Ö" He said to a pretty face with large sparkling eyes.

Laura rubbed her wet hair out of her face and smiled tiredly. Dennis pecked her on the forehead and rolled besides her.

Too lazy to cast of the rest of the rubber skin, Laura just huddled up to Dennis and moaned contentedly, stroking his penis, and abdomen.

And then Dennis succumbed to sleep Ö


"Wake up." Dennis whispered in the ear of the still half-unconscious plastic woman below him.

"Hmmngn ?" She went.

"Breakfast is ready." He said and tapped her gently.

Remembering everything, she got up and slouched over to the breakfast table.

"Would you like something else ?" He asked, but Laura just shook her head and burped.

"Iím full !" She said and pushed back her chair.

"Iíll clean up then." He said and quickly picked up her plate.

"Let me help." She went and picked up his cup and the pan.

"Uh-oh !" She went.

"What ?" Dennis asked, dumping the plate in the soapy sink.

"I canít have my hands all dirty !" She said wiggling her gloved fingers. "Do you have washing up gloves ?"

"Not that Iím aware of, no." Dennis went and just smiled, somehow knowing Laura was smiling as well.

"Pffrrt !" She went and grunted her amusement.


"Arenít we rushing things ?" Dennis went.

Laura was going through a rack of skirts and looked at Dennis. "Iíve been horny ever since I put that suit on three weeks ago."

"But we hardly know each other Ö"

"Okay, Letís learn about each other. What music do you like ?" She went going over a skirt she had taken from the rack.

"Uh Ö"

"I like different sorts of music Ö Blues, Celine Dion Ö"



Part 2 : Thatís amore Ö

"Stop patching it or I will scream !" Dennis went.

"BRGFK HNGRT VRTTTS !" Laura said with a big pair of scissors in her mouth.

She was busy patching up the torn foam rubber around the zipper as best she could. Another zipper had already been replaced by a safety pin.

"Look, Itís falling apart !" Laura went. "It was never meant to be used so intensely !"

"Perhaps we should just get rid of it." Dennis went.

"Throw it out ? Youíre crazy !" Laura went and drew it against her. "Itís still wearable."

"And so is that thing behind me." He said, pointing over his shoulder.

Laura frowned and looked at Dennis.

"Just go look, silly." He said.

Laura got up and paused for Dennis to step out of the way.

"What the fuck ?" Lauraís face went from stunned to blindingly radiant over the course of two seconds.

Her eyes sparkled even more usual.

"They had an old bodycast of you lying around." Dennis said.

"Itís beautiful !" Laura walked around it.

"Let me help you in."

"The hardest bit was the customization." Dennis went.

Laura was just reeling with pleasure, with a bright dreamy smile on her face.

"Okay Ö Now for the head !" He said and picked up a beautiful metallic womanís face

"Wow !" Laura went and just ran her hands over her metallic curves.

The whole thing was sensuously snug and visually stunning.

She wished for a mirror, while exploring her new shape.

"And this is the bit I like most." Dennis went and pushed a button on what looked like a miniature airplaneís remote control.

Much to Lauraís surprise, the whole suit just went stiff.

She wanted to gasp her surprise, but the mask had just clenched shut around her face, holding her jaw closed.

Dennis smiled and did stretching exercises with his fingers.

"Raise your right arm." He said and Laura felt her arm being pulled up.

"Okay, Laura, you can hear me. The motors are strong enough to guide your movements, but for safetyís sake, you can override them."

But Laura was only too happy to go along.

"Left arm." And the beautiful female robot raised her left arm.

"Walking will be tricky." He said and activated the controls.

The first few steps were awkward, but Laura quickly became confident Ö

Much, much later, Dennis almost falling asleep, freed Laura from her suit.

"You little sick maniac ! I love you !" She whispered at him and just collapsed into a seat. "Just wake me sometime next week." She said and closed her tired eyes, while he kissed her gently on the cheek.