The Games We Play

by Brat

for Roomthing

Happy Birthday!

"Hi Honey!"

Patrick jumped at the sound of his wife's voice. He pushed the package with its hard won contents to the back of the closet. He arranged the rest of the closet's contents to give the box at least a temporary camouflage. He smiled as he thought about what he hoped would happen tonight.

Lari was surprised to find her husband home before she was. But then he had said he might cut out of work early since it was his birthday. She planned the whole weekend to celebrate.

She was startled by Patrick sneaking up behind her and tickling her viciously. "Stop that!" she screamed through spasms of laughter. She turned around and kissed him. "Happy birthday, Gorgeous."

"Thank you," he said as they folded around each other. "So what's the plan for tonight? A feast at my favorite restaurant? A surprise party that will go down in the annals of surprise party history?"

She bit at his neck playfully. "Oh, I figured we'd just stay home and play games."

She felt Patrick's body respond to the suggestion.

It was exactly what he had had in mind.

Patrick and Lari referred to the kinkier part of their sex life as games. Some of their games required elaborate plots and costumes. Others just some very emphatic role-playing. They were both fairly certain that other couples played games. The other couples just weren't as aware of the games they played as Patrick and Lari were. "Doctor and Patient", "Pirate and Slave", "Princess and Servant", "Alien and Abductee". Some of the games they came up with as a couple. Some were definitely Lari's. Some where definitely Patrick's.

They lay on the bed engaged in some enjoyable foreplay. Lari was always a little surprised at how quickly they could go from such a plain vanilla couple to chains and blindfolds. Not that she ever felt like complaining.

As Patrick was trailing kisses across her stomach she said "It's your day, so it's your game."

He looked up at her and winked. "Mad Scientist and Statue."

She smiled. This game was definitely Patrick's. He was your stereotypical mad scientist with the power to turn helpless beautiful women into statues. He could then use them for his nefarious purposes. Lari had found in the past that the game had Some decided benefits for her. If she played her part well enough she knew that the sex would be incredible.

Patrick walked her to the center of their bedroom. "Ok, stand right here. You've just discovered that you can't move and you are totally in my power."

Lari stifled a smile and assumed her "frozen and helpless prisoner" pose. She stood facing straight ahead with her hands at her side with a blank expression on her face.

"Perfect," Patrick said with a grin. Without any further preliminaries he began to undress her. She noticed that he was so excited that he was actually shaking a little bit.

In a moment she was standing naked in front of him. She worked herself further into the game. She felt the air on her skin as the only thing touching her. She concentrated on keeping her eyes fixed in front of her. This prevented her from seeing Patrick who was doing something behind her. This always had the effect of giving her a tingling goose-bumpy sensation all over her body. She could almost feel him studying her. He would regard her as a beautiful possession like he never could in "real" life. This was the part of the game she enjoyed the most. When she was simultaneously reduced to an object and elevated to her husband's most prized treasure. The conflict of emotions was delicious.

In spite of all of her concentration to stay still, she flinched when she felt something cold against her back. She broke character for just a second and turned to look.

"Hey now," Patrick said with a reprimand, "that's against the rules. You may just pay for that later." The words may have been a little harsh, but as usual Patrick sounded like he was having fun. As usual so was Lari.

When she resumed her "statue" Patrick walked in front of her. His hands were covered with plastic gloves and the gloves were covered in a thick goop that was bright white in color. He was rubbing the stuff all over her body. Now this was new.

Although Lari was very good about not letting a hint of an expression cross her face Patrick could sense her curiosity. He walked from her field of vision again and when he returned he carried with him a floor length mirror. He placed it where Lari could very clearly see herself. She raised a mental eyebrow at the image of herself covered in a shiny white coating. The substance looked more like a very tight fabric than any kind of body paint. And standing next to her Patrick looked like the kitten who had gotten into the cream. "I figured if you were going to play the frozen prisoner, you should look the part. Now this will take just a moment. I think you're going to find the results entertaining."

Patrick went back to his business of spreading the strange liquid across his wife's body. She could feel it tighten across her skin like when hot wax cools. Not surprisingly her husband paid a little more attention to applying the stuff to her breasts. He made especially sure that her nipples were properly covered. It took all of her concentration and practice to not break character when he rubbed the stuff into her crotch. First there were Patrick's fingers stroking her with the slippery liquid. Then she felt the substance tightening every so gently on her clit as it had the rest of her body. She wanted to buckle at the knees and hold his shoulders for support. But somehow she found the will to still be the trapped and paralyzed woman. The newly "created" statue.

While she re-collected her concentration, she watched as Patrick covered her face in the cool white material. He shut her eyes as he rubbed the liquid over her eyelids. When she opened them she was greeted by the sight of a woman that seemed to be poured from pure cream. A very attractive woman, she thought confidently to herself.

Patrick stood beside her with a thoughtful expression. "Sweetheart, your a kind of fuzzy statue" he said as he teased at the curls that grew at her crotch. Lari didn't like the direction his game was going all of a sudden. "We'll have to fix that," he said and darted off to the bathroom.

"Oh no we won't!" Lari said breaking character and going after him. That was the plan at any rate. As it happened she felt her muscles tense only ever so slightly. The woman in the mirror didn't budge. She heard water running in the bathroom as Patrick hummed cheerfully to himself.

Lari was obviously taking this game far too seriously. She had actually convinced herself that she couldn't move. She would take a couple of small steps forward just to prove she could do it. Patrick wouldn't notice small steps. Then she would tell him that he was not coming near her with the razor and basin of water he now carried.

He set the razor and basin on the floor and stood in front of Lari. He studied her for a moment. Then without warning he pushed her backwards. Lari felt her heart in her mouth. She toppled backwards unchecked. She felt her paralyzed body bounce on the bed. The shock of the fall sent adrenaline washing through her as she stayed motionless.

Patrick walked to where he could see her. He was grinning from ear to ear. "Either you're much better at this game than you used to be, or we're playing a new game," he said. He lay down on the bed beside her and casually twisted at her left nipple. It felt like a kind of very soft vinyl. He whispered in her ear, "Diabolical Husband and Helpless Wife."

He spread her legs out a little farther apart. Wherever he moved her she stayed. He set up the mirror so that she could see herself again. He lathered her pubic hair with shaving cream. She watched passively as he methodically shaved all of the hair away from her pussy and her ass. In a short time she was as bare as a newborn. Some her new coating had come away with the hair. So as a final measure he applied a touch up coat to her private areas. It dried to the same flat texture as the rest of her.

He stood her up again in front of the mirror. "Now isn't that better, sweetheart?" he asked her. He nibbled very gently at her ear. He positioned her feet about a yard apart and bent her at the waist to about ninety degrees. He put her hands on the dresser for support. She stayed where he put her. "Honey, you want to fool around?" he whispered in her ear. He didn't seem to expect an answer. His fingers expertly massaged her clit. Lari got even wetter than she had been. Through the shock and fear she realized that she had been extremely turned on!

What was happening? How had he done this? And what would he do to her next? She had always enjoyed playing out her husband's fantasies of people frozen into statues and waxworks or hypnotized into willing slavery. If nothing else the sex was terrific. She enjoyed giving total control to Patrick. She knew that the tables would turn in another game. But now he had managed to make one of those fantasies come true. He had discovered the means to actually freeze his wife into a toy for his amusement. Even though she knew a part of her found this overpoweringly exciting, she was also very concerned about what he would do next. She knew her husband's fantasies as well as her own. They got a little... Extreme. She pictured a van from the local department store arriving to take her to her new home. Or a party of their friends at the house with her posed as the newest decoration. This game had moved way beyond the possibility for signals or safewords! She wondered if it was still called trust if you didn't have a choice?

Then she felt his cock pressing past the solid coating that trapped her. She felt him inside her. As he thrust in and out of her she almost felt like an observer, a voyeur to her own body.

She tried to tell herself to be worried. That the game was over and this was real now. But she kept getting distracted by her husband moving in and out of her. As her body swam in orgasm she couldn't so much as close her eyes. She doubted any other sex-toy had enjoyed itself this much.

Eventually Patrick spent himself inside her. She heard him collapse on the bed.

The other thought that kept running in her brain was how long would this last? He wouldn't have done this to her permanently. Would he? Did he even know? She could barely even tell that she was breathing anymore. She was awake, alert. Just... distant. As far as she could feel right now, this could be indefinite!

She was disturbed from these thoughts by the camera flash. Patrick turned her around and carefully adjusted Lari's pose. He controlled her appearance now down to her expression. Her face was as poseable as the rest of her body. When she was where he wanted her he took another picture. This was how he would amuse himself for the next couple of hours. He would dress and undress her, pose and repose her. He photographed it all. She was a girl-next-door pinup, sexy and innocent. Flash. She was a wanton seductress intent on sex from anyone interested. Flash. She masturbated for the camera, her legs spread at an absurd angle. Flash. The poses ranged from tasteful nudes to hard-core pornography. Pose. Flash. Pose. Flash.

Between some of the photos her husband would fuck her. She was his object to use as he saw fit when he saw fit. One of these times he came on her face. As his seed dribbled from her chin onto her breast he took another picture. "The perfect touch," he said. She had never felt so humiliated. She had never felt so excited. She thought her emotions might literally split her into two people right there.

As the hour moved towards midnight Patrick played with his new toy. He was enjoying himself totally. Through all of it Lari observed. She participated in the same way a movie screen participated in a film. She became whatever was projected on her. And it seemed she would never stop coming.

After many hours had past she was alone. Patrick had gone away. Whether he was at the bar down the street bragging to the boys or if he was asleep behind her, she couldn't tell. She felt serenely calm. He would use her again when he wanted to.

Then she felt a pinch at the skin at the back of her neck. She heard a rip as her coating tore and came apart. She wanted to gasp as she felt cool air on her back. She could feel it split in a straight line from her neck to her ass. Patrick methodically peeled the strange second skin away from her body. It felt sticky as it came away from her body, but it left her skin completely dry. It pulled slightly at the hairs on her body, but it came off easier than a Band-Aid. Her body felt almost like a fluid that is suddenly without a container. Now that she was free of the confining substance she felt like she no longer remembered how to hold herself up. She collapsed in Patrick's arms. He carried her to bed and tucked her under the covers. She fell asleep almost immediately. Before she did she kissed him. "Happy birthday, Honey," she said as she dozed off.

Patrick not only refused to tell her where he had gotten that stuff (that was how they usually referred to the goo that had held her so totally captive: "That Stuff") but he wouldn't even admit that it existed. He said that she had had too much to drink and had really gotten into the game. That was all. But he liked her story he'd tell her with a wink.

Lari didn't believe a word of it. Her imagination wasn't that good. And Lari knew that he had more. She just couldn't see him just throwing it away. She knew he was keeping it for another special occasion. She also knew that Patrick wasn't nearly as good at hiding things as he thought he was. And this was something Lari was determined to find.

Two months after Patrick's birthday she found the box tucked away in the attic behind a clutter of plastic model kits that Patrick never got around to finishing. At first she thought it was part of his model supplies. Then she noticed the bundle of photographs. She felt herself get wet looking at the slut in the pictures. She was so sexy. So versatile. The plastic sheen to the woman's skin tantalized you into wondering if she was real or not. Lari couldn't quite make herself believe these pictures were really her! She had to touch herself when she found the picture of the woman with the empty stare and her husband's come dripping from her face.

Under the photos was a rubbery fabric, neatly folded. She felt her knees go weak as she realized that this fabric had once been her second skin, carefully preserved.

Next to the fabric was a jar with very familiar contents. She would never forget the thick fluid that was so white it could almost make her squint. She touched it and felt it dry and tighten on her finger. Her finger tingled and she could no longer make it bend. This was definitely That Stuff.

Patrick dozed peacefully after a long day at work. Lari was supposedly getting ready to join him. As he slept he didn't see her walk into their bedroom with That Stuff in one hand and handcuffs in the other. She wasn't planning on much sleep tonight. She had work to do.

And games to play.