Wonderful Games

By Winc


Just where it all starts

Well, again my story requires a little introduction to it, since this story is long and I think all long stories need a little ‘Hi there’ from the author.

I have to thank some people again for their input and work on this story. First Jennifer, who without her help and input I would not be able to improve all the time. Also, her input helped very much in the building of the story and the way the story just took over and became what it is. There is of course Marc, who also helped with heaps of information and input and again gave me the push where needed when I wanted to place this aside and give it a miss (happens a lot with me when I get stuck.) Thanks to James ML, for giving me the idea (it was an old idea, but it was a couple of comments from him that made me edit the story and continue on with it.) And, thanks to a couple of ‘unnamed’ persons who where there when I needed them.... They know who they are.

Though this story isn’t finished, I will only continue working on this ‘to be horror story’ if I get comments... So the more feedback, the more I will complete the story. Hope you enjoy what I have done already.


Chapter One


Michelle raged through the empty room, slamming the old wooden door shut behind her. The deafening bang of the door slamming shut echoed through the long hallway, leaving a hollow feeling over Michelle. Again, she felt like screaming at the top of her lungs... but she wasn’t like that. It had been her brother’s tom-foolery that had caused her last scream, as her brother proceeded to place a realistic plastic snake on her shoulder. She had been ten when that had happened, and in the ten years since the ensuing embarrassment had led to a vow of personal control that was being put to the test now by her so-called friends.

Hell, it was bad enough that the room was as cold as hell, but they'd made her run around the house for the past hour dressed in nothing but a white sheet and black stockings. While also looking for her friends for the past hour, she had also been looking for anything to cover her body with. She had come up with either the option of a wet towel, or one of the coverings for the furniture downstairs. Having some sense, she had quickly grabbed the dusty white sheet and tied it around her body for some warmth. It give her just a little modesty as she roamed around the large mansion, trying to located either her clothes or her soon to become x-friends. She was bloody freezing and feeling more than a little stupid. Michelle hated being made to look a fool. She felt the cool breeze against her legs and looking down noticed the stockings piled at her ankles. Leaning down she pulled them up her smooth legs, first time ever wishing for a grater to keep the damn things up.

Glaring around the hallway Michelle spotted the last room she had to search. That was the last place her friends could be, unless she had missed some kind of hiding place. That was a definite possibility since she'd only been eight the last time she'd been in this house. As another cool breeze cut through the thin material of the make-shift covering, Michelle cursed softly under her breath.

"Come on girls! Where the hell are my clothes? I want them now!" Michelle snapped as she slowly approached the room.

Thinking back, she frowned at how stupid she had been to not see this coming. After arriving at the mansion in the morning, the five women had found a large shower in the gymnasium area which took up a big portion of the bottom floor. It was wonderful, large enough to fit in all five of them, plus more if needed. This allowed them all to have a quick refreshing cool shower to remove the dirt and sweat they had collected from their five hour trip there. Anyway, they had nearly three hours to kill before the others turned up for the night party.

Michelle knew damn well that if she hadn’t been thinking about her boyfriend while in there, she would have clicked pretty damn quickly that the other girls had been planning something. Michelle could usually sense when her friends where thinking up little jokes, or tricks to play on her. Usually there was no way they could catch Michelle out, but the thought of Rick clouded her mind at that moment.

When they had finished cleaning, the other four girls rushed out of the still running shower, laughing and tautening Michelle who was still deep in her daydream. By the time Michelle had escaped the relaxing cool waters of the shower, her friends had vanished into the vastness of the mansion, along with most of her clothes. The only item left for Michelle to wear were her silky black stockings that the girls had missed, and the wet towels that lay around the room from the girls rushed drying jobs.

It hadn’t taken Michelle long to go after the girls, but the mansion was large, three stores, about forty-eight rooms in total. When they made this place it was built with lots of servants and slaves in mind. It had been built well before the American civil war, when slaves had been the way of life and owning large houses was also the in thing. Now, this house was too large to maintain without one hell of an income.

During the second world war Michelle’s grandparents had needed to add special services to the mansion to try to pay for the increasing cost on electricity and other maintenance costs. The gym had been one of them services, where Michelle’s grandparents had charged membership to the rich and famous for a private gym area. That and many other projects didn’t work, and they finally had grandparents had to move out, leaving the house as a heirloom to the family. Twice the house had been placed on the market and every time taken off because no one was interested in such a massive house so far away from the closet township. It reminded Michelle of a old castle, where ghosts were suppose to move through out the hunted halls. So far, she hadn’t had to the joy to meet a ghost. Smiling at that thought, Michelle took hold of the brass door knob and slowly turned it.

Michelle stopped. She heard something moving within the room, a small tap of something small being dropped. There was a slight buzz, and then quietness. Michelle didn’t wait another second, someone was in there and she was willing to bet it was at least one of her friends. Michelle pushed the door open with a bang of her shoulder. "Gotcha!" Michelle said as she bragged into the room.

Michelle’s eyes searched the room, noticing it appeared empty. Ignoring the room at first, she looked for places someone could hide. Michelle’s eyes caught the site of a cupboard at the other end of the room. Without pause, she rushed towards the closed cupboard door and yanked it open. "I said I want my clothes back!" she snapped as the empty interior of the wardrobe greeted her. Surprised there was no one there, Michelle spun around to face the large room, trying to wonder where whoever made that sound had gone.

"Damn." She muttered as she realised the room was totally empty, void of all life. Had she heard something? Or was it just a figment of her imagination? Slowly taking in her surroundings, she noticed the array of stuff that littered what she realised must have been a recreation room. All the other rooms in the house where tidy, white coverings over all the furniture that lay growing old in the rooms, all the floors bare of items, the rooms as empty as a ghost house. Yet in here, the room looked like it was still in use. The floors littered with board-games and pieces of games. Soft toys lay mixed in with the mess on the floor, dolls and even small wooden army pieces lay where there appeared to have been toppled.

Across the wall papered walls hung dart boards affixed to larger cork board which protected the wooden walls behind them. Paintings also lined the walls, their pictures of fairies, children playing in fields, and a few about weddings with women dressed in long following dresses. In the middle of the large games room stood a proud pool table, another white sheet covering the whole table, protecting the velvet green top that lay underneath it. On top of the pool table Michelle noticed a wooden chess board, pieces stood proud on top of the board, yet some pieces appeared to be missing.

Walking up to the chess board she wondered if the missing pieces were clues to the girls whereabouts. This could be some sort of game to the girls where she had to again play the detective and locate the missing objects. They may all be in their early to mid twenties, but as children, the five of them had played this type of game many times, and out of them all Michelle had been the best. Well, she could do it again if she had to.

Her hand brushed the top of the board, feeling the square marble tiles set into the wooden base of the set. She then turned her attention to the pieces, trying to figure out which were missing. Chess wasn’t her favourite game, and she hadn’t touched a chess board for close on eight years now. This was going to be harder then she thought. Michelle knew right away that both kings were missing, all the other pieces where going to be more difficult to sort out. Something she quickly noticed was the whole set was made up of women. All were different sizes, but none looked the same. Some wore long flowing dresses, while others seemed close to naked. Some held things in their hands, while other were stationed on horses which appeared to be in mid movement. All were so life like. A shiver moved down Michelle’s back as she looked over the pieces.

Then one of the white pieces caught her eyes. All the other pieces were dead centre of their located squares, like someone had taken a lot of time to place them on the handsome chess board. They stood firmly in place, either riding a horse, sitting on what Michelle figured was supposed to be a castle. This one pawn piece lay down, as if toppled to the board. Michelle picked up the piece, an idea for the source of the sound coming to her. Holding the piece above the chessboard, she let the piece drop from her hands and a small tap of the marble hitting marble echoed through the large room. This was the sound she had heard. Either something had dropped it, or something had made it fall over. Was it another clue, or was someone in this room? Michelle spun around again, searching for anything else that seemed out of place. The whole room was a mess, compared to the other rooms in the house, but apart from the empty wardrobe, there was nowhere else in this room to hit.

Michelle looked back to the board, again she picked the white fallen piece up and looked at it closer, hoping to find another clue if there was one. The detail of the marble craving on the piece was unbelievable, almost too life like. Michelle could tell from the craving that the pawn was wearing a bra and panties and nothing else. It surprised her really, since children’s games littered the floor around her, she would have expected an adult chess set like this to be placed where children couldn’t see it, or play with it. Unless it had been placed here since the children had all left this house.

Then Michelle looked a little closer, something twigging in the back of her mind as she saw the face of the pawn. Frowning she tried to think why that face was so important. What did that face say to her? Dawning suddenly came, and Michelle’s eyes opened wide in shock.

Staring back at her, with the look of utter sexiness and appearing on the edge of an orgasm, was the face of her best friend... Mary!

Michelle looked over the piece checking for anything to prove herself wrong, yet all of her friends features were there. Michelle remembered the underwear was the underwear Mary had been wearing when she had run out of the gym showers, her hair was tied in exactly the same way Mary always tied it. Michelle dropped the piece to the pool table and frantically searched the other chess piece. Knocking pieces over as she grabbed for other pieces that appeared similar to her. Search through the pieces she grabbed, Michelle stared in horror at the face of another of her friends, also a white chess piece. Michelle felt panicked, how could this be? It was as if her two friends had been turned white marble chess pieces. It couldn’t be real.

A loud buzzing noise suddenly came from behind her. Dropping the pieces in fright she spun around and gasped. Appearing out of a ghostly haze, a human sized white male marble statue looked her up and down, a large smile on its marble white face growing as it gazed upon her body.

Holding in her near scream Michelle quickly regained her senses. Michelle was willing to bet that whatever turned her friends into chess pieces, was now standing solidly in front of her. Pushing away from the pool table, Michelle rushed towards the other side of the games room, quickly her hands grabbing one of the pool-sticks from the pool-table top as she speed passed. Reaching the other side of the room, she spun around, preparing herself for the on coming white stone like creature.

The few seconds pause gave her time to study the feature of the creature that strode slowly towards her. If it wasn’t for the stone like texture of its skin and the total whiteness of that stone, the creature would be a human male. Everything about the creature reassembled a human male, from head to toe, even the overly average male genitals that swung between its two human legs, and she would know. Its eyes were also totally white, without the normal iris and pupil one would expect of a human. The creature for all purposes looked like a walking statue of a naked human male. This information took her a few seconds to collect, along with any weaknesses she could find. Michelle paused, waiting for the creature to get closer. Training had prepared her to defend herself, now was a moment she hoped that years of training would pay off.

The creature suddenly reached out at unbelievable speed making Michelle shift to her left and collapse down on the floor to avoid the stone-hand of the creature. Swiftly, Michelle brought the pool-stick around in an arch, catching the creature from behind and connecting solidly with the creature’s legs. The white marble-like creature stumbled, falling backwards towards Michelle. Michelle rolled away, sensing she had only just been missed by the falling statue-like creature.

Michelle didn’t wait for the creature to regain its senses, as she darted up from the floor and ran for the open room door to the hallway. Michelle’s escape was cut short as a pitch black marble human shaped figure stepped from behind the door frame. This time Michelle screamed. The creature, a mere double of the white creature grinned as it reached out for Michelle. Michelle stopped as quickly as she could, her forward momentum nearly tripping her over. The pool-stick came up quickly, the large end striking the statue by the head. Michelle feared the stick would break as it struck the creature with full force. The creature’s smile faded into the look of anger. At least it could be hurt.

Michelle stuck again, this time the creature recoiling from the gab to the stomach. Repositioning her footing, Michelle again struck, this time bringing the pool-stick around into a massive swing. The creature dodged the swing and grabbed for Michelle, causing Michelle to step to the creature’s left side, but allowing her to take another swing at the black marble creature. The creature quickly grabbed for the pool-stick and pulled muscles and tendons in Michelle’s arm as the creature gave the pool-stick a powerful tug.

Michelle screamed for a second time, only now it was in pain instead of terror causing her to cry out. Her eyes watered over as tears of pain threaten to burst out. Michelle was not aware that her body was now being pulled into the air by the very weapon she was still clenching in her hands. The marble creature swung Michelle into the closest wall, causing more pain to rush through Michelle’s body. Her hands realised the pool-stick, her body collapsing to the floor the white covering over her body finally giving up and floated away from her, leaving her naked but for the loss black stockings.

Moaning, Michelle grabbed for her right shoulder where burning pain threatened to overcome her. Glancing up, two sets of feet greeted her. Looking up, the faces of the two creatures smiled down at her, almost smug at their victory. Michelle wanted to scream again, but something in those eyes was stopping her. Something in their beaming smiles or maybe some power they possessed was making, no, forcing her to be calm.

Attempting to move away didn’t work, and suddenly Michelle realised the pain in her shoulder was no longer there anymore either. Fear threatened to consume her, but something kept it a distant nuisance, the calm and tranquillity of these creatures had overcome her.

Michelle just kept staring at the marble men as the pure white creature reached down towards her. Michelle knew she should be scared, she should fight, but nothing came. A scream edged behind her closed mouth, but no amount of willing or thought would allow the scream life, a brief chance to be free.

As soon as the marble creature touched Michelle, a strange transformation began. Michelle felt her body suddenly become alive of feelings and movement. Her body stood slowly up, her arms falling to her side. Michelle felt a cool breeze overcome her, as her body seemed to respond to hundreds of soft silk like hands caressing every portion of her body. Her nipples grew hard, harder then she had ever felt before, her body grew warm inside as she felt her body responding to unbelievable passion that the feelings were bringing. Michelle wanted to rub her body all over, both because of the build up of sexual feelings and because she wanted to the hands, the feelings to go away. All she could do was stare at the smiling faces of the two marble creatures that stood in front of her.

As she continued to stare at the two creature, she noticed they were growing, or was she getting smaller? Her thoughts couldn’t focus, every time she tried to think about the situation her body would again flash into her mind, blanking out every other thought. Michelle suddenly felt a very cold burst of air strike her naked body, and the view of the room faded into black.

Quietness filled the room again, as the white marble living statue picked the small white marble female figurine, with long carved hair and slim smooth legs which were covered with craved stocks, off the floor. The human-shaped creature turned and placed the white pawn on the chessboard, leaving the transformed Michelle standing there along with all her other friends.