Dear reader If you are affended by acts of a sexual nature please do not read any further. This story is a gay robot story, It's my first gay sex story and my first story

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The First day of the rest of my life....

Terry opened his eyes and saw.....nothing. Just as panic was about to set in, he could make out dark, fuzzy shapes. He blinked and squeezed his eyes shut, Counting to ten he opened them and could see clearly again.

He looked around his room. Then noticed this was not his room, He also felt heavy. Looking down at himself, he's body covered by a white sheet, he lifted the sheet and peered underneath. He's body was gold and chrome. He pushed himself off the bed, a looked around the room, In the corner was a mirror, He walked over to it and viewed his body full length for the first time. Everything was there, He's muscular chest and defined pecs with dollar sized nipples, his abs were rippled in the "six pack" style, that was different, he had never been "fat" but could never loose that last pound or so. Even his cock was there and his low hanging balls, everything was there but gold with chrome accents. His hair was silver and just below shoulder length not short and black like he thought it was, Terry was pondering this when he noticed the door opening.

"Good, your up and about" came a voice. Terry turned to face the voice and came face to face with a strikingly good looking guy in a white coat, this thought put Terry off guard as he was strictly Hero-sexual, His opinion about Homo-sexuals was, as long as they left me alone they were OK.

"What." said Terry

"You're up... That's good. How do you feel?"

"OK I guess." "Who the fuck are you? he asked

"Oh, I'm Dr. Johnson."

"Dr. Vince Johnson" said Terry." How'd I know that?"

Do you remember anything?" asked Vince

"Well....Erm... I woke up and looked like this....What happened."

"Well, Terry, Access file Mem455." said Vince

Terry face blanked then he blinked and the look of understanding overtook his face.

Terry sat on the bed and reviewed the file again.

Terry had worked for the starlab club for three years. He was a dancer and a good one but the audience was getting smaller and smaller. The manager was Coming up new ideas every day, some worked for a while others died before they took off. One idea that did work was to keep the club as a ordinary "family" club during the day, but once 10 o'clock came anybody under 21 was asked to leave and the club became a strip club, Only Thursdays and Fridays at first, then every day as the idea took off. At first Terry had been a "normal" dancer until one day he had been in a empty back room trying some new dance routines, wearing just a g-string when clapping stopped him cold. Liz was standing by the door, "Good moves" she said "And great body" she smiled at him.

Liz was one of the other dancers from the club and Terry had a major crush on her.

"Thanks", He said. Grabbing his T-shirt and holding it in front of him, He was not a shy guy in front of women, but this g-string left nothing to the imagination. "On both counts." Terry thought that he should have locked the door.

"Can I see that routine again?" She grinned "Promise I won't nick any of it"


"Oh.. just one thing."

"What?" asked Terry

"Loose the T-shirt" She gave him a mischievous grin.

Later as Terry lay on the couch in the far corner, arms wrapped around Liz he wondered if the day could get any better. "Penny for your thoughts" Liz asked.

"Humm." Terry looked at her " Oh. I was just thinking, I'll have to take a another job somewhere"

"YOU GONNA LEAVE" Liz look shocked.

"NO. No. I need more money , I can't afford to leave this one, I need a second, might be third, Job, I have quite a few big bills to pay."

"why not see Mort", Liz gazed at Terry "He can get you more money"

"Yeah, right" Laughed Terry

"No I mean it, I'm on 500 to 1000 pounds a night"

"Your What?"



"Well I do the 'Special' Nights"

"You mean the strip nights" said Terry

"yeah, plus the Gay nights" Liz continued "You get 500 for the strip show but work a gay night and you get 1000. You'd do the guys nights, I do the Lesbian ones. Don't worry they look but don't touch"

Terry was thinking about the 1000."Yeah, I'll do it. I'll see Mort later"

"Why not now" Liz slipped from Terry and went to the phone on the desk, pressing a few buttons. "Mort, Terry wants to work the strip shows, No All of them, Yes I'll tell him. Thanks"

returning to Terry she smiled at him "your in"

"Thanks, I owe you one." Terry said as he slipped his hard cock in her pussy.

"Hummm...Debut paid in full" she breathed.

Terry came back to himself, sitting on the bed the doctor had sat next to him, Terry told him the story.

"Yes, that's what happened, but can you remember the rest?'

"Yeah", Terry said.

"well?" the doc asked him.

Terry told him how he worked for a month or two paying off his credit card bills and everything. then one night he was stripping for the gay boys in the club when suddenly all hell broke lose.

Some guys were trying to get on stage, the bouncers were holding them back and somehow Terry ended up in the crowd, hands grabbed the rest of his clothes and he found himself naked at the bottom of the crowd.

The doc patted his thigh, "Good, then you were brought here and unfortunately you had a broken back and as we could not find any next of kin and you couldn't answer for yourself I decided to go ahead and transfer your mind to a android body..... Hope you don't mind?"

The doc left his hand on Terry's thigh.

"No I don't mind. But why the washboard stomach and silver hair?"

"that came from your mind. It's what you always wanted, Deep down in your sub-conscious"

"Well....Yeah." Terry said. Suddenly he realised the doc was stroking Terry's cock.

"What! .......?' Asked Terry "Before this" Indicating his new body "I'd have knocked your lights out if you'd touched my cock"

"It's OK" said Vince. "Now you'll like both guys and gals"

"Oh," said Terry. A program started in his mind and he just went with it.

Terry laid back on the bed. Wave after wave hit him as his orgasm built.

Suddenly his cock erupted with a stream of silver cum, Hitting him in the face and chest.

"wow" said Terry, "I've never been able to cum like that, The best I could do was pool on my stomach"

"well, now you can reach your face." Vince reached over and scooped some cum from Terry's face and put it in his own mouth.

"Humm" said Vince. "Tastes like Vanilla ice cream" He smiled.

Terry licked his own cum from his face. "Your right, It does"

Before Terry could say another word Vince moved his body on the bed Loosing the white lab coat in the process, Underneath he was naked and was pushing his rigid cock into Terry's ass.

"I've never...."Terry started to say, "OOhhh" vince's cock slipped into his ass. Vince buried his dick up to his balls in Terry's ass.

Terry's mind went into hyperspace. At first he felt pain but it was quickly replaced with wave after wave of pleasure as Vince pumped his cock in Terry's ass faster and faster.

Suddenly Vince stiffened and shot a wad of cum up Terry's ass. As Terry felt this he's own dick pumped his silver cum from his rod. "WOW, that was great." Terry mumbled.

"Humm" murmured Vince as he buried his face in Terry's crouch. It was several seconds before Terry realised Vince was swallowing his cock, right down to his balls.

Later Terry stood looking at his reflection in the mirror. Vince came up behind him.

"What's the matter?" asked Vince, reaching up and round Terry to pinch his nipples, making Terry's cock jump a little.

"Nothing....Really." Terry said "It's just......" his words trailing off.

"No tell me, I might be able to help" said Vince.

"Well I used to have a chest full of hair," Terry spoke up "I was quite a bear and I had a great, full brush, Now I'm all metal and SMOOTH"

"Terry, access file 185475" Vince said

Terry accessed the file, Now looking back from the mirror was a Bear of a man, full chest hair, as thick as a forest and a pubic brush to be proud of, even his legs were covered in hair, all of course, as silver as the hair on his head.

"What else can I do?" Terry asked, too excited to think.

"Why not give it a try, just access any six figure file beginning with a one." answered Vince.

Terry changed his appearance again and again over the next few hours. Vince dozed off now and then saying that he had seen the computer Simulations of all the 'new looks' but when he was awake he would jack his dick as Terry changed and shoot his cum all over himself. Terry even found a 'human' look, with normal looking skin color and could even change his tan to suit but he always had the silver hair covering his body and head and his eyes shone with a pale blue light, deep inside, that made you think you could dive in and swim for ever in them.

But Terry found he liked the gold 'n' chrome look.

Months passed and Terry and Vince worked together in the lab designing new and better android body's. Terry would 'update' himself in a new body when needed, But would always keep the silver hair and blue eyes. sometimes he would play with different colors of hair, Vince liked the thick black hair and blue eye look, either with the gold'n'chrome or the deep tan look. But Terry always came back to the silver hair. Vince joked that he looked like 'Iron man' from the original x-men, but Terry would just smile. They spent the nights making love, Terry always taking Vince's' cock and loving every minute of it.

Terry would get time off from the lab every week. He didn't need it but it was good to get away from the place now and then. Vince never asked him how he spent his days off, Just as well thought Terry as he looked up at the face of the naked guy slipping his dick into Terry's arse and pinching his tits. Terry always used his 'human' look for his sex-trips. It was not always guys he spent his time with, sometimes he'd pick up a woman and fuck her brains out. But he'd found Vince was right, he liked both sexes and there was something about a naked guy slipping his cock into your arse that fascinated him.

One day Vince came to Terry with a mini-disk in his hand.

"What's that?" asked Terry

"A new program I've been working on"

"Oh... is it for me or the new 'droids?"

"You.... If you want to try it"

"OK" said Terry, taking the disk from Vince and popping it into a small slot on his body.

"Humm.... It's a sex program, you horny stud." smiled Terry "Quick let's try it out." Terry took off his clothes as Vince closed the blinds and locked the doors, nobody must walk in on them.

Vince turned as he felt Terry's cock press into his butt and said "Terry access the new sex files, but be careful... I don't know the effect yet.."

He didn't finish the sentence as Terry ripped Vince's' clothes from his body then grabbed his dick and let him to bed. They sixty-ninned each other for a while, shooting a load into each others mouths, when Terry suddenly moaned and became quite aggressive.

Before Vince could react he was on his back a Terry had his cockhead pressed against his asshole, "Terry, wait I've never taken a cock before. You must go slow. Please." Vince pleaded with Terry. "WAIT! I'm a VIRGIN!" shouted Vince as Terry pressed his cock into vince's arse. Terry's cockhead penetrated his arsehole with a popping sound. "Ahh" moaned Vince, but all his talking and moaning only seemed to spur Terry on. Terry grinned and moved his body again, "Terry please stop, I can't take you in one go, Please slow down, I ...... OOHHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHHHHHHH" vince's eyes rolled to the top of his head and Terry slammed his dick into vince's arse, sapping his balls against his arse with a dull thud.

Vince came almost instantly followed by Terry after a few more thrusts.

Terry came back to himself to find Vince impaled on his prick, as Terry pulled from vince's arse a pop announced his dick was free from vince's vice like grip, Terry look at his lover then noticed the pool of blood coming from Vince's arse.

"My god! WHAT HAVE I DONE." Terry scooped up Vince into his arms and hugged his naked, unconscious form rocking back and forth. Terry looked up as the android from the worktable came to life.

Unit 4775 look at the scene before him, Two naked men laying on the bed, the gold one hugging the 'flesh' one and rocking to and fro'.

"The human is dying" stated unit 4775 to Terry "Massive internal injuries and bleeding, mostly in the lower half and abdomen area"

suddenly Terry had a idea." unit 4775 you must assist me!" he yelled.

"Of course" came the reply.

"Go and get unit 17758456," Terry looked at Vince, "NOW!"

Vince look at his body, gold and chrome, and very muscular.

He was just admiring his jet black hair and thick fur covered body when the door opened and in walked Terry.

"How are you?' asked Terry

"Never better." smiled Vince, his cock getting stiff at the sound of Terry's voice.

Terry was naked as normal, He hardly wore clothes, only when a visit was planned or he left the lab on his days off. He liked the way he looked and the feel of his dick swinging in the open air.

"I'm really sorry..." began Terry "I've analysed the program you gave me, It took control of all functions and turned me into a sex monster. I couldn't stop it." Terry began to turn from Vince

"It's fine... don't worry about it. It was my fault I should have tested it first."

"I nearly killed you, No make that I DID kill you." said Terry as near to tears as a 'droid can get.

"But then you saved me! You gave me a great new body, the one I liked on you, a greatly improved sized cock and we never get old, Now we can spend the rest of eternity together."

"But..." stammered Terry "I fucked you to death."

"Yeah! and what a way to go." grinned vince.

Vince led Terry to the bed.

"Let's try the new body."

"OK just let me delete that sex file before....."

"No, It's OK, now I'm like you, nothing can hurt me again."

Vince grinned from ear to ear as Terry slipped his dick into his arse and the room filled the musical, chiming sound of metal against metal as Terry's balls banged against vince's arse.