Good things come to those?

by Heather St Claire

Produced by Magnus

From the mind of Magnus

Our opening scene: A two-story brick mansion in Evanston, Illinois, one of the wealthier suburbs of Chicago. The sprawling structure of almost 8,000 square feet includes a swimming pool, tennis courts, a six-car garage, a game room, a ballroom, a library, a formal dining room, and half a dozen bedrooms. The grounds are immaculately kept; as for the house, a small army of full and part-time helpers make sure every window
and floor shines, every speck of dust is swept up as soon as it settles to a flat surface.

The entire estate covers a couple of acres. To its owner, wealthy financier Niles Chamber, it is the symbol of his wealth and power, his station in life. In a way, it's too bad there aren't more people around to enjoy its splendor. Chamber's wife, Adrienne, died of cancer three years earlier. His son, Adam, is in his bedroom, surfing the Internet. Chamber himself is in the library that doubles as his home office, screaming into the telephone. 'Goddamn it, I am sick of your excuses! I have been paying you good money to track down my daughter, and I want results!'

He slammed down the receiver angrily, swiveled around in his leather desk chair, and stared out at the carefully-tended gardens behind the house. Chamber thought about the grandness of his home, and was forced to acknowledge that his family had never really known happiness here. They had moved in six years earlier. Adrienne was already ill at that time, his daughter Jane was just a year away from leaving for college, and
Adam....Adam was lost in his own world then, and it was only worse, now.

He had such hopes when Jane had graduated from college the year before. Sweet, beautiful young Jane. The apple of his eye, if he had been given to such clich'es. But in many ways, Niles Chamber's hopes and dreams did revolve around his lovely young daughter. With her tall, lean frame, perfectly sculptured features and long, shiny blonde hair, she lit up a room just by walking into it.

Chamber had persuaded Jane to come back home after graduating, and he thought the three of them could be a family, at last. But those dreams had crumbled almost immediately. Jane had just barely squeaked through college with a C average, and had no idea what she wanted to do with her life, so coming home had its appeal, but she was 21 and rightly thought of herself as an adult.

She had chafed at his midnight curfew, his attempts to make plans for their every weekend, his efforts to check out every guy she met. It was as if he couldn't accept that she was grown, and would soon be leaving for good. 'Daddy! I'm not a little girl anymore! I have a life of my own now!' she had screamed after one argument when she came in well past midnight after a Saturday night on the town in Chicago. 'I love you, and I know you miss mom....I do too, but we can't live in the past!' She had apologized for the outburst, and even joined him and Adam at church and at lunch the next day. Everything seemed fine.

But the next morning, when Adam came downstairs for breakfast, he found his father at the table, red-faced. He could tell he had been crying; he hadn't seen him cry since his mother had died. He had a dazed expression on his face, and held a crumpled piece of paper in his hand. 'D--dad, what's the matter?' he asked.' Jane's run away. She took her car and left in the middle of the night.'

Jane Chamber had been driven to flee by a mixture of anger, resentment and fear. She just couldn't stand being smothered by her father for one more moment. She plotted her flight carefully. Knowing that use of her credit cards would leave a trail, she had gone to several ATMs to drain her checking account. Even though her eventual destination was west, she headed east first, and traded her BMW coupe for a late-model Mustang convertible. Her father had never wanted her to have a convertible; too dangerous, he said.

Then in another city, she found an upscale salon that could give her the kind of makeover she wanted. She hardly winced as she had her long, shapely legs waxed. She marveled in the smoothness of her skin when the wax was ripped away. Her shoulder length, straight blonde hair was soon cut, dyed auburn brown, and permed. 'Wow,' the stylist said when she had finished with Jane. 'I don't think your own father would know you.'

'Thanks,' Jane said, handing her a 100 dollar bill and thinking, That's the idea.

'Have you ever thought about modeling?' the stylist wondered.

'No,' Jane lied.

In fact, that was her exact objective. Her next destination would be Los Angeles, where Sarah Peters, her best friend from Barnard College, had settled after graduation several months earlier. Sarah was even taller than she was, with a classic model's build. Her curly red hair and green eyes set off her delicate features perfectly.

Jane had dreamed of following Sarah into a modeling career, but her father had dismissed the idea out of hand. 'Look at the lives those models lead....Endless rounds of partying, drinking, coke snorting....Your mother and I raised you to do something more with your life!'

Now, as Jane headed west in her Mustang, enjoying the feel of the open road, she thought that nothing would stand in the way of her dream. She had the looks to be a model and knew it. Everyone did, including the girl at that salon. She had a standing invitation to come and stay with Sarah for as long as she wanted; it was about time to take her up on it.

Jane registered at cheap motels under assumed names, always paying cash. Within a couple of days, she was exhausted but happy to be pulling into the parking lot of the condominium complex where her best friend lived. Jane had called Sarah from the Midwest to alert her to her impending arrival.

The two beautiful young women squealed with delight when they saw each other for the first time in months; they fell into each other's arms and were hugging, laughing and crying all at once. Noticing her friend's well-tanned skin, Jane said, 'Oh, you look great, girl! California life's agreeing with you.'

'I wish!' she said. 'This is all makeup. With my light complexion, I can't risk any premature aging of my skin. But I got tired of looking so pale compared to everyone else.' She paused. 'But what about you? What's with the new color and 'do?'

'Well, girlfriend, you can call my paranoid,' she said, suddenly getting very serious. 'But I'm afraid my father will be doing all he can to track me down.'

And almost two thousand miles away in Evanston, that was exactly what was happening. Niles had been patient for almost three hours, waiting for his daughter to call or come back. But when he started making calls and learned that Jane had drained thousands in cash from her checking account, he became furious. Soon, he was on the phone to his attorney, directing that Jane's remaining assets be frozen ('I don't give a damn how
you do it, just do it!' he shouted) and to a top private detective agency, ordering that all available resources be poured into a search for his daughter.

Niles was so wrapped up in worry and anger directed at his daughter he hadn't even noticed that Adam hadn't gone to school. Instead, he was back upstairs, logged onto his computer. Looking for new sex toys, he eventually stumbled onto a website called, 'Living Dolls,' and couldn't believe what he saw. These weren't the cheap plastic inflatable love dolls you could find in any adult bookstore. Not by a longshot.

Living Dolls offered the most incredibly lifelike sex dolls he had ever seen. He would have sworn they were real women. But according to the website, each live doll was made of a soft, fleshlike latex, and each one was a one-of-a-kind creation. He sent off an e-mail asking about prices, thinking it would really be rad to have something like that to practice with until he could charm a real woman into bed. He hit enter, and within
seconds the message had arrived at the firm's headquarters in Los Angeles.

Jane and Sarah spent the next day driving around, getting to know great Los Angeles ('And I thought Chicago was big,' Jane gasped), and setting up a fake identity for Jane. They had decided if her father was going to come looking for her, they would make her a little harder to track down. Soon, she had a California driver's license, a Social Security card and other I-D in the name of Jennifer Peters. 'If anyone comes snooping around,
we'll tell them you're my cousin from Fresno.

That evening, they had dinner on the patio of a seafood restaurant not far from Sarah's condo. Sarah held a forfkful of salmon and asked, 'So, are you really serious about getting into modeling....Jennifer?' 'It's now or never,' she said with a smile. 'My father would never go for it. If I can't break
into the field before he finds me, I'll never get a chance.'

'Well, I've got a new job tomorrow. It's for Dura Sheer Hosiery....modeling pantyhose for a new ad campaign they're launching.'

Jane took a big drink from her glass of white wine. 'Getting paid to have your picture taken in your pantyhose? Sounds like the life for me!'

'Hey, it's not all glamour!' Sarah insisted. 'It's long, hot, hard work.....oh, who the hell am I kidding?' she said laughing. 'It's a great life.' She paused. 'Look, who don't you come along and watch? Maybe you can learn something, and I can introduce you to some people.'

'Really!?' Jane said with palpable excitement. 'That sounds great.'

It was only when Jane turned the subject to sex and romance that Sarah seemed to betray a hint of unhappiness.

'Well, uh, to be honest, Jennifer....I haven't had a lot of action on that front since I came out here.' Jane/Jennifer's expression betrayed her shock. 'A gorgeous model like you, you've got to be kidding!'

Sarah shook her head, sadly, 'No, to be honest, Jen (the new name was beginning to feel more natural), I've had to put just about all my energy into finding enough work to keep going. Yes, it's great pay, and easy work, but the competition is awfully, awfully fierce. That's the thing you're going to have to get used to if you're really serious about this.'

'I am, oh believe me, I am,' Jane insisted.

'You and I were both spoiled little rich girls growing up. I've had to get used to hearing the word 'no' more times in a week that I did in a year at home.'

This seemed to sober Jane for a moment; but then she thought about how her father had been so generous in giving her things, but had been so stingy in allowing her the freedom to pursue her dreams. She knew in her heart that if she didn't seize this chance, she would probably never have another.

The next morning, Jane was up early; she had been so excited about her introduction to the world of modeling, she had had difficulty sleeping. So she took a long, relaxing bubble bath and carefully shaved every bit of hair from her legs. Sure it had only been a few days since she had them waxed, but you couldn't be too careful. She spent an extra-long time getting her makeup and hair perfect, and selected a short, deep blue spandex
mini-dress that matched her eyes and seemed to wrap perfectly around her every curve.

Jane already had the coffee made and was scanning the headlines in the morning paper when Sarah stumbled out of bed. She took one look at her friend, who was absolutely immaculate from head to toe, and emitted a long, low whistle.

'Girl! What are you trying to do? Take my job away?' Sarah said with a laugh. She squinted at the clock; it was only 8:30. 'Thank God we don't have to be there until 11. I still have time to make myself gorgeous.' Sarah was thoroughly relaxed as she prepared for the shoot. She was finally feeling like a real professional, like all the dreams she had for her future were coming true. After a long soak in a bubble bath, her skin felt especially clean and soft.

Although she hadn't been asked, she decided to shave her pussy for the shoot. She thought it would be wise not to chance having anything distract from the sleek effect she knew the company would be seeking. She had never done this before, so was slow and careful about it. She was surprised how excited she got by the simple act of coating her downy blonde hair with the foamy cream, then bringing her pink plastic razor across it in a series of deft strokes, until her pussy was totally clean and smooth.

She rubbed her hand over the hairless expanse, and found great joy in the new sensations. She wanted to explore more, but realized that time was starting to slip away.

An hour and 45 minutes later, the girls were finally in Sarah's car, speeding toward the studio in downtown Los Angeles. Soon, they were pulling up in front of a rather non-descript one-story building in one of the seedier areas of the downtown.

'I thought Dura Sheer was this great big company?' Jane said skeptically.

'It is,' Sarah told her. 'Elwin is a freelance photographer working under contract to them, very eccentric, but very brilliant. He got his start here almost 15 years ago, and even though he could easily afford a much more expensive studio, he stays right here....says there are 'good vibes' in the place,' Sarah said with a laugh. Jane, who had already gotten out of the car, dodged out of the way of a seedy looking street person who was trying to block her path. 'Good vibes for who?' she said, the distaste on her face evident.

'Oh don't worry about Pete,' Sarah said. 'He's harmless.'

Soon, the two women were inside Elwin Cox's studio. The inside was as opulent as the outside was plain. Plush, wall to wall carpeting, sleek chrome and glass furniture, tastefully framed paintings and that Jane immediately recognized as Elwin Cox's work. He had done spreads for all the top fashion magazines as well as Victoria's Secret and other catalogues.

The receptionist, a tall, slim, elegantly-dressed black woman, had asked them both to have a seat, as 'Mr. Cox is on the phone with his agent in Paris, and will be just a few minutes.' Jane sat down and picked up a copy of Elle, and started leafing through it. Sarah stared at the clock on the wall impatiently. 'This isn't like him!' she said. 'He's always right on time!'

Finally at about 10 minutes after 11, A noticeably shaken Elwin Cox exited his office, and came to greet his subjects. You wouldn't have spotted him as one of the top fashion photographers in the world; He had a wild mane of black hair that seemed more disheveled than usual; he had a perpetual two-day beard stubble; and was usually clad in a black T-shirt and tattered cutoffs.

'Hi Sarah, good to see you again,' Elwin said, running a hand through his mane of hair. Then, glancing at Jane, he asked, 'And who's your lovely friend?'

'This is my cousin Jennifer, from Fresno,' Sarah said. 'She's looking to get into modeling. I was hoping she could watch the shoot.'

'Well, this is a pleasant surprise,' Elwin said. 'Of course, she's welcome in the studio.' He seemed to be appraising her very carefully. 'Who knows, this could be her lucky day.' He turned abruptly and said over his shoulder, 'Sarah, get dressed, Jennifer follow me.' Jennifer/Jane soon found herself in a large photographic studio. There were lights, tripods, cameras, and other gear aplenty, all focused on the small space in the middle of the room. Sitting on a low platform, there was a queen-sized bed, its covers turned back as if its occupant had just arisen for the day. Elwin quickly became engrossed in adjusting lights, taking meter readings and the like.

Finally, she spoke. 'Don't you have an assistant or something to help you with all that technical stuff?'

Elwin went about his work, 'Some people call me a control freak, but this 'technical stuff,' as you so quaintly put it, is what makes the difference between a good picture and a great one.'

'Oh, I didn't know,' Jane said. 'Well,' Elwin said with a slight smile, 'Now you've had your first lesson.'

Both their heads turned when they heard a door open. Sarah came in wearing nothing but a sheer black pair of the new Dura Sheer hose. Elwin could see her nipples standing up fully erect. Jane could see that Elwin's attention was fixed on Sarah's lovely form.

'Well,' he finally said. There was a long pause. 'You look absolutely gorgeous, Sarah. I think we're going to make advertising history here. How does the merchandise feel?'

Sarah smiled, looked down at her nylon-clad legs, then back up at Elwin. 'These feel fantastic! It's like my legs have a whole new energy to them! Wow!'

They look just as good as they must feel, Elwin thought. He looked at Sarah's dainty feet, perfectly encased in the feet of the hose; her long, shapely legs, any slight imperfections smoothed away by the sleek black nylon; and the way the panty perfectly hugged the wonderful teardrop curves of her ass and the precisely smooth panel on her front.

After more than an hour of shooting, Sarah was ready for a break. Elwin looked at Jane/Jennifer, who had been watching with rapt fascination the whole time, and said, 'Why don't you grab a pair, and get changed, beautiful?'

'Me? You're kidding!?'

'No, I'm not. These probably won't get used, but I can give you a few pointers about the trade....and this could be the start of your portfolio.' Jane was about to say something, when Elwin stopped her. 'One other thing, if you don't mind. Could I talk you into shaving you-know-where? I really think it contributes to a sleek look.'

Jane still looked dumbfounded. She glanced at Sarah, who said, 'You'll be a fool if you don't go for it, cousin! A portfolio shot by Elwin will open all kinds of doors for you! Here, I'll help you with your makeup, and with shaving, if that's a problem.....'

Soon, Sarah was sitting in a chair, eating an apple and drinking a bottle of Evian, while she watched her best friend going through her first professional photo shoot. Jane, wearing a suntan shade of the hose, moved with a fluidity and ease that showed she was a natural at it; something that made Elwin feel all the sadder about what fate had in store for her. The girls went out on the town that night to celebrate the shoot.
This campaign looked like it would be a major boost for Sarah's career, and open the door for Jane's as well. Not only did they feel excited, they both realized they felt something else....horny! After dinner and drinks, they went from one dance club to another. They didn't find any guys who excited them at the first club...but at the second, they grabbed a couple of hot young studs, dragged them back to their car, and all but raped

Their immediate lust satisfied, they realized they had the bodies to attract even finer specimens, and they were soon at one of the most upscale nightspots in the city. They picked up a couple of hotshot young investment bankers, gave them directions to Sarah's condo, and shortly after midnight, the foursome had launched into a fuck-fest that lasted well past dawn.

So, it was no surprise that both girls were fast asleep when the phone rang a little after 9. Sarah groggily picked up the receiver. 'Sarah? It's Elwin....I had a disaster in the darkroom last night....any chance you and your cousin can come back today for another shoot.'

It took several seconds for this news to register in Sarah's foggy brain. Finally, she said, 'Oh God, Elwin, there's no way. We were up 'til about 5 this morning! No way am I in shape for working today!'

'Well, I understand,' he said, strangely sounding like he did have an idea of what the girls might have been up to. 'But I need you back tomorrow for sure; Dura Sheer is really pressing me. And I'd sure like to do a re-take of your cousin, too. I promised her a portfolio, you know.'

'Okay, tomorrow at 10, then,' Sarah said, before hanging up the phone and falling back to sleep.

It was early afternoon that the two girlfriends found themselves in their kitchen, sipping coffee and juice, nursing their mild hangovers, and trying to figure out what had come over them the night before.

'Jesus, Sarah, I love a good fuck as much as anybody, but there was something strange about last night!'

'I know what you mean,' she wearily agreed. 'It was like I couldn't get enough. One time wasn't enough to satisfy me, that just caused me to crave more, more, more!' They both sat silently for a couple of minutes, then Sarah spoke again. 'Jane...did you notice anything weird with those pantyhose?'

'What do you mean?'

'Well, I've never had a sexual appetite like that, and yesterday was the first time I had worn those hose. And no matter how many times we screwed, the need didn't seem to go away -- until I took the hose off completely.'

Jane was wide-eyed. 'You know,. It was almost like I was possessed or something. I've heard of pantyhose that energized you, but like this?' 'Oh, that's nutty,' Sarah said, 'We're not thinking clear-headed. If they figured out a way to do that with pantyhose, they'd be millionaires!'

'How do you figure that?'

'Can you imagine any man who wouldn't buy a lifetime supply for his girlfriend or wife?'

They both had a good laugh over that, and the thought was forgotten, at least until they were through with the next afternoon's photo shoot. The two young, gorgeous models were standing outside the studio, talking about how well things had gone, but how strange it seemed for a photographer as experienced as Elwin to have ruined a whole day's work. But within a few moments, the same compulsion that had gripped them the day before soon took over again.

Pete, the neighborhood street person, wandered by again. He wandered up to Sarah and said, 'Hey babe, got anything for old Petey?' The tall model looked down on the short, dirty man for a moment, exclaimed 'sure,' and grabbed his head. She quickly planted an open-lipped kiss on his mouth.

As the dazed bum wandered off, Sarah exclaimed, 'Jesus, I don't know what came over me....that was awful.'

Jane, with a hint of a smile, said, 'I think I know, and If I'm right, we better get out of here -- quick!'

The girls jumped in Sarah's car, and were soon at the same bar where they had picked up the bankers two nights before. This time, the found a couple of stockbrokers who were playing hooky from work. It was like the earlier evening, only even more intense.

By 10 that night, the four of them had been going at for more than nine hours. The guys were naked, sweat-soaked, and begging for mercy, while the girls were begging for more. They ended up running to their car, making up excuses about having to get home to feed their fish, cats, dogs, etc......

Jane and Sarah stood in the living room, looked at each other and laughed; they were naked themselves, except for the pantyhose they couldn't bear to remove. Jane bend over to run her hands up and down her nylon-clad legs. 'I don't know about you, but if these things are responsible for what's happening to us....I like it.'

'Me too,' Sarah agreed.

The girls headed to bed, but realized their sexual appetites weren't satisfied yet. Though neither had experienced lesbian sex before, they soon found themselves playing with each other's breasts. They were still in their Dura Sheer hose, of course, and without a word passing between them
began to grind their pussies against each other. The sensation of cotton rubbing against cotton and nylon against nylon sent waves of ecstasy through both of their bodies. When they pulled the hose down so they could begin licking each other's pussies, it was wonderful, but almost an anti-climax. It was well after midnight before they finally fell asleep, utterly exhausted, their appetites finally satisfied for the moment. Elwin knew enough to wait until early afternoon to place his next call to Sarah's apartment.

'You didn't wreck the film again, did you, Elwin?' Sarah said apprehensively when she recognized his voice on the other end of the phone.

He laughed. 'No, nothing like that. In fact I've got great news for you, and your cousin. I showed the proofs to the people at Dura Sheer, and not only do they love your work, they love her, too! They want the two of you to do a shoot together.....much like what we did with you....only in this case, it's going to be two girls on a bed, nothing obscene, but definitely suggestive.'

Soon, Sarah was hanging up the phone, running to tell Jane the great news. 'Can you believe it?' she said. 'I'm almost jealous! If you weren't my best friend, I would be!'

With great reluctance, the girls peeled off their pantyhose. They knew they needed to be well-rested for another photo shoot. They noticed how difficult it was to get them off...they thought it was merely from all the sweat, and the amount of time they had been wearing them.

The next morning, the two girls presented themselves at Elwin's studio, eager for another romp in front of the cameras. In the dressing room, they both put on fresh pairs of Dura Sheer that had been left for them. 'Ready to become a sex-crazed woman again?' Jane asked with a laugh.

Sarah smiled and said, 'Just remember, this is for pantyhose advertising, not a porn magazine '

Soon, the girls were walking into the studio. 'Do you feel kind of stiff, Jane?' 'Uh, yeah....I guess we've been overdoing it the past few days.'

Soon, Elwin was helping them onto the bed. It was fairly difficult, as both girls were finding it increasingly hard to move. By the time Elwin had them positioned as he wanted them, side by side, on their knees, a hand on each other's breast, they each realized they could barely move at all.

'Elwin?' Sarah managed to ask. 'What''

Elwin was snapping pictures of the girls as their final transformation began. There were tears trickling down his cheeks. 'God, Sarah, I really liked you, and I hate having to do this to you, and your cousin. But I didn't have any choice.'

'Whh--at...' was all Sarah could manage before her ability to speak vanished forever.

'You're both becoming sophisticated sex dolls,' Elwin said. 'You will have a lightweight plastic skeleton, the rest of you is made of a pliable silicone. Your breasts will be just the right consistency, with a silicone gel filling.' He could see the look of fear on the girls' faces; a look that would soon be replaced by a dreamy, eternally wanting expression.

'It's the pantyhose that's doing it to you, of course,' Elwin continued. 'Yes, they were developed in the Dura Sheer labs, but of course, they're not going to be a regular product. The man who developed these....... he knows about a criminal act I was involved in as a young man. He threatened to expose me. Not only would it mean the end of my career, but I would probably go to jail for a long, long time.' He looked at the two girls, now forever frozen. We walked toward them, and reached down to the cotton panel in Sarah's pantyhose. He pulled it back like a pull tab, and her new, silicone pussy popped open, as it would always be from now on, ready to receive any dick, tongue or sex toy. He then did the same thing with Jane's.

'The guy who developed this process has a web site, where he sells realistic sex dolls for several thousand dollars each. This is how he gets them. He swore to me that neither of you would feel any pain, just endless, eternal, pleasure. I hope to hell he was telling the truth. I'm sorry, both of you, I really am sorry.'

Not too much more time passed before a black truck showed up behind the photographer's studio. Two men entered, quickly carried out the living love dolls, and sped away.

Postscript: Evanston, a few days later:

Niles Chamber slammed down his phone in a rage. He was ready to fire his detective agency and hire another one. All they were giving him was pointless dead ends. Like this latest word about Jane's college girlfriend, Sarah, suddenly disappearing in Los Angeles. So what if she had had a cousin staying with her! It was all pointless, as long as it didn't lead to his beloved Jane! Oh, if only she would come home, he was ready to change, to give her the freedom she wanted.....

Upstairs in his room, Adam Chamber was surfing the net. He decided to take another look at the sex doll site he had discovered earlier. With his father so preoccupied, he thought he might even be able to get away with having one delivered to the house.

'Living Dolls....Presenting Our Latest Creations' the opening page read. He eagerly clicked and saw the photos of two gorgeous, lifelike babes. He was almost immediately aroused. But then, he clicked on the facial close-ups. He couldn't believe how much the second doll looked just like his sister. His missing sister. He thought for a moment. Should he tell his father? Is this what had happened to Jane, she was modeling for a sex doll
manufacturer? 'It's her life,' he told himself with a shrug. Then he thought for a while longer, and reached for his Platinum card.

'What the hell,' he said to himself. 'It's not like I'll actually be screwing my sister....just a doll that looks like her.' He finished filling out the online order form, hit the return key, and sat back smiling as he dreamed about the fun he would enjoy with his new toy.

To be Continued...

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