Gilda the Golden Genie
(Author's note: This story is written in the form of a screenplay because that is exactly what I intend it to be - a script to be videotaped. If any of you reading this would be willing to turn it into a custom video, please contact me at I hope you enjoy it.)


(The story opens with Gilda, the Genie, in bed with her boyfriend, Matt. She is in a frilly bra and panties. He is in his shorts.)

Matt: Did I ever tell you that I love having a genie for a girlfriend?

Gilda: Only a few thousand times.

Matt: Well, I really do.

Gilda: I know you do, honey. (She squeezes his cheek.) What do you want for your next wish?

Matt: Well... (Looks down shyly.)

Gilda: Well, what? Don't be shy.

Matt: Well, I always wanted to be King Midas, you know, have the Golden Touch.

Gilda: That's easy enough. Get ready...

Matt: Wait! But unlike Midas, I want to have control over what I turn to gold when I touch it. No golden food for me.

Gilda: Okay, done. Get ready...

(Gilda snaps her fingers and raises her arms in a gesture that looks surprisingly like a referee's touchdown signal. There is a flash of white light.)

Matt: Is that it? I don't feel any different.

Gilda: Yep. You're Midasized. Try touching something.

(Matt reaches out and touches a pen by the edge of the bed. Nothing happens.)

Matt: Hmmm. Nothing.

Gilda: Don't forget, you have to think about wanting it to turn to gold.

Matt: Oh, that's right. Here goes again.

(Matt reaches out again. There is a flash of white light and the pen is solid gold!)

Matt: Wow! That's great. Let me try it again.

(Matt reaches for an apple on the night stand. Same white flash. There sits a gold apple.)

Matt: I love it! What should I try next?

Gilda: (Shyly) I've got an idea...

Matt: What, honey?

Gilda: Me!

Matt: What?....

Gilda: I want you to touch me and turn me into gold.

(Matt stares at her blankly.)

Gilda: No, really, I do. I've always wanted to see what it would be like to be a gold statue, to be admired, even lusted after. To be a golden symbol of beauty.

Matt: But honey, I don't want a statue, I want you.

Gilda: Silly boy. Did you forget that I'm a genie. I can always change myself back.

Matt: Oh. But how can you do that if you're solid gold?

Gilda: (Thinks for a minute.) I'll just do a pre-spell. I'll cast a spell on myself that will make me revert to my human form after one hour. That should work.

Matt: Sounds good to me. Let's try it!

Gilda: Wait a minute, let me get into a good pose.

(She gets out of bed, takes off her bra and panties and assumes the classic statue pose.)

Gilda: Okay, now to cast the pre-spell.

(Gilda does her magic gesture and there is a flash of light. She is there standing in her statue pose, still looking human.)

Gilda: Okay. Ready.

Matt: Here goes...

(He reaches out and touches her cheek. There is a flash of light and there where Gilda stood a moment ago is a golden statue of her!)

Matt: Wow! Gilda, this was a great idea. You look gorgeous in gold! Gilda, can you hear me? Gilda?

(No response. She is solid gold after all.)

Matt: Boy, I hope this works the way she said. (Pauses to look at Gilda.) She sure looks good like this. Too bad she's a statue and not a little more "flexible" if you know what I mean.

(He walks around her to admire his work.)

Matt: Well, I guess I have an hour until she reverts. I think I'll go make a few other gold goodies.

(Matt leaves the room. The camera wanders lovingly around Gilda, focusing on her many golden parts...)


(Matt returns to the room. He looks at his watch.)

Matt: It's been about an hour. I hope she comes out of it soon.

(All of a sudden, there is a bright white flash of light. When it clears Gilda is standing in the same pose, and she is still gold!)

Matt: Oh no!. Gilda, can you hear me?

Gilda: (A muffled sound comes from her golden lips.) MMMMMMMMM.

Matt: Gilda! Is that you?

(Gilda's mouth opens slightly. Her eyes are still closed. She is still golden all over.)

Gilda: (Very quietly, her mouth can barely move.) Matt? Can you hear me?

Matt: Gilda! Are you okay?

Gilda: (Mouth still moving very little.) I guess my reversal spell didn't work all the way.

Matt: What do we do now?

Gilda: (Mouth still moving very little.) I just need to recharge my magic. Kiss me.

Matt: What?

Gilda: (Struggling to open her mouth more.) Kiss me. Sexual activity helps me to recharge my magic. You know that, we've done it enough times.

Matt: Oh. I forgot. Here we go. (Kisses her.) How's that?

Gilda: Again!

Matt: (Kisses her again, longer this time.) Okay. how was that?

(Gilda opens her mouth all the way, rotating her jaw. Then she slowly opens her eyes. But she is still golden and she still holds her statue pose.)

Gilda: Better. I can talk normally and I can see. But I still can't move. I'm afraid you're going to have to be a little more amorous.

Matt: With you in your gorgeous golden form, that is not going to be a problem.

(Matt moves in and starts kissing her passionately. Gilda responds the best she can considering she is still a statue!)

Gilda: Hmmmmm. That's better. I'm starting to be able to feel more of my body. Don't stop.

(He continues kissing her and begins to massage her golden breasts.)

Gilda: Hmmmm. That's it. We're getting there.

(They continue on for several minutes. Matt is doing his best, but there is still no movement in Gilda other than in her face.)

Matt: Gilda, anything?

Gilda: I still can't move, but I think I'm pliable enough that you could move me. Try moving my arm.

(Matt reaches up to her arm and slowly pulls it down to her side.)

Matt: It's working! What should we do?

Gilda: I've got an idea. Move me to the bed.

(Matt tried to pick her up. He strains and he strains, but she won't budge.)

Matt: Agh! You're too heavy!

Gilda: Try dragging me over. You should be able to do that.

(He tilts her statuesque body carefully and drags her to the bed.)

Gilda: Now turn me to face the bed, bend me at the waist and put my hands out to support body.

(Matt does as he's told. Gilda is bent over the bed, legs spread, head down with her hands out to support her.

Gilda: Okay, big boy, I need a real transfusion of magic now. You know what to do.

(Matt moves up behind Gilda to slip it to her from behind. She is still unable to move on her own, but that doesn't prevent her from enjoying her predicament.

Gilda: Oh yeah! Keep it coming!

(Matt continues to make love to Gilda. She is clearly enjoying it. This goes on for some time.)

Matt: (Breathless) Is it working?

Gilda: (Dreamily) Is what working?... Oh yes, it is. I should be totally pliable by now. Try me in another position.

(Matt lays her on the bed and they try it in the missionary position for a while.)

Gilda: I'm getting stronger, I can feel it. I think I can move on my own now.

(She tries to reach for him. It is slow at first, almost like a robot, but she is able to do it.)

Gilda: (Triumphant.) There, I did it! Now, I think I need another form of stimulation. Lie on your back on the bed.

(Matt lies on the bed. Gilda gets up in her mechanical fashion and slowly bends over his erect penis. She puts it between her golden lips and begins to work it. After several minutes of fellatio, Gilda slowly climbs on top of Matt and straddles him. She is still gold head to toe, but she is moving a little more quickly.)

Gilda: (Moaning.) I'm almost there, lover. I think I just need a little donation from the man who put me in this position.

(She continues to ride him until he cums. She collapses next to him on the bed. She is still gold, but otherwise can move and talk [and fuck!] just like normal.)

Gilda: That should do it. I have plenty of magic now. But I have to tell you love, that was one of the most exciting fantasies I've ever acted out. We have to do it again sometime. Maybe I'll give you the "silver touch" next time. (She smiles a big golden smile.)

Matt: Oh Gilda. Sometimes I think you're a devil , not a genie.

Gilda: Yeah, a horny devil. (Laughs.) Okay, ready for me to change back to my previous form?

Matt: Yes, please.

Gilda: Are you sure you want me in my "previous" form? (She smiles slyly.)

Matt: Yes, of course. Are you ready now?

Gilda: (She nods.) Okay, here goes...

(There is a flash of white light. Matt looks at the bed next to him. No Gilda. Then he looks across the room. An exasperated smile appears on his face.)

Matt: (Fake anger.) Gilda! Not again!

(The camera pans across the room. There is Gilda, in her "previous" form, as the golden statue again! The camera zooms in. Gilda opens one eye and gives us a wink.)