Gina's Long Second

Part one of the Medusa Venom series

by WK

The doorbell rang. I quickly checked one last time to make sure everything was in place, then took a deep breath and opened the front door. Gina smiled brightly,
"Hi, Bert. Sorry I'm running a bit late, I had a little trouble finding your place."

"No problem," I replied, "I wasn't really watching the time." This was, in fact, totally untrue, despite the fact that I was not wearing a watch and all the other clocks in the house had been carefully hidden, broken, or left unset. "Please, come in. I'll just get my things. Go ahead and make yourself comfortable on the couch and I'll be right back."

I went to get my notes from the lab. I had to keep up the pretense of needing to go over some records from work if I was going to pull this off. Luckily, Gina didn't know a lot about what I actually did in my research. She also didn't know I hired her more for her outstanding looks than her secretarial proficiency, although I must admit she's been doing quite a good job in both capacities.

"So, should we start with the first quarter accounts?" I asked, peering intently at the top page as I sat down in the recliner set at a right angle to the couch.

"Sure, I have them riiiiight here." She replied, rummaging through her sack and producing a file folder. We talked business for quite a while, luckily there really was plenty for us to go over. After about an hour we started moving off toping in our conversation. Setting down my notebook, I smiled and asked casually, "Would you like something to drink, Gina?"

"Oh, sure, what to you have?" She smiled back. I concentrated on hiding my relief at her answer as I named off a variety of soft drinks. "Just give me a Coke, thanks." She decided finally. I went back into the kitchen and pored her a Coke, then, reaching into the 'fridge again, I added the milky contents of a beaker into the glass. Returning to the living room I handed her the spiked drink and returned to my seat. We continued to make small talk for a while longer, all the while I watched for her sips of the Coke. After the third sip I started concentrating on sitting rather still, as I watch her movements closely.

"You know, Bert" She said, crossing her legs and resting the drink in her lap, "I don't really t..h..i..n..k. t.h.a.." Her voice seemed to grind to a halt like a record winding down, only much quicker. Her movements were equally arrested, leaving her staring at me open mouthed, the "t" she was about to speak almost formed by her tongue. For a moment I froze as well, memorizing my position, then I quickly slipped my hand behind the chair cushion and retrieved my watch. Starting the timer, I took a moment to absorb her state before I rose. Her legs were crossed demurely, dark hose accentuating her shapely legs and hiking the short skirt to mid thigh. She held the glass of coke with both hands in her lap, fingers curled around it delicately. Her head had a slight tilt as she emphasized her words, the long blond strands of her hair curling over her shoulder.

Pulling myself from such a sight was hard, but I knew my time was short. I went once more into the bedroom, this time emerging with an armload of photographic equipment. I set it down on the couch next to Gina and retrieved the Polaroid. I snapped a few quick shots of her as she sat, from various angles, and set them on the chair to develop. Setting that aside, I quickly pushed the entertainment center, the only item against the wall facing the couch, to one side. I placed a stool there instead, and went back to the frozen Gina.

I placed the glass on the arm of the couch, and bending over I grabber her around the waist and picked her up onto my right shoulder. Staggering over to the stool, I managed to get her into a reasonable sitting position upon it. Rearranging her hands and closing her open mouth, I proceeded to take the first of my 35mm pictures. I photographed her from all angles sitting there, stopping on occasion to adjust her pose. She remained silently compliant, remaining in whatever position I placed her in.

My next bit of hardware was a partial ring on a pole supported by a stand. I positioned it next to Gina and proceeded to straighten out her legs. Taking a fancy to this look, I straightened her arms straight out forward as well, so that she looked like a doll who's knees and elbows didn't bend sitting there. I snapped a few shots of this, then finished standing her up. Moving aside the stool, I attached the stand around her waist so that she wouldn't fall over.

I began with a basic arms and legs at her side pose, then moved on to more mannequin like poses. Shifting her left leg forward, and bending her hands out in front of her waist, fingers curved, I created a perfect window display. And what a beautiful display she would make. Fine tuning a glassy stare on her petite features, I clicked away as fast as I could. After a few more display poses, I started changing things up a bit. Elbows at right angles, fingers together and straight, I gave her a more dolly or robotic look. Making her appear to have been stopped mid-stride completed that photo series.

Boring of the limitations, however attractive, of her skirt and blouse, I slowly lowered her to the ground. First, I unzipped the front of her skirt and pulled her blouse from it. Unbuttoning the blouse, I laid it open, exposing to my delight a frilly green bra. Lowering her skirt revealed a matching green panty, and I carefully slid the skirt down her silky legs. Standing her up again to remove the blouse, I was rewarded by a vision of pure feminine perfection. Reattaching her waist to the stand, I drank in the smoothness of her creamy skin contrasted with the dark hose and green underwear. Checking my watch again, I realized I'd better keep moving if I was going to finish in time.

If posing the beautiful Gina with clothing was ecstasy, then posing her like this was absolute heaven. I ran her supple form through many of the same poses as before, now a lingerie mannequin, now a sexy love doll, eyes open, eyes close, a sultry expression, an emotionless stare, my hands moved almost as fast as the shutter of my camera, in contrast to my ever patient subject who never moved unless I bid her so with my hands. Changing to my sixth roll of film I found I could not keep my eyes off her long enough to ensure proper loading. I forced my eyes to the task at hand until it was done and I was free again to continue capturing her from every angle.

Noticing the time, and by great force of will I put down my camera and began once again disengaging Gina from the stand. This time, though, I replaced the clothing that so jealously covered her loveliness, being careful to tuck the blouse in just as it was before. Five minutes, I would have to hurry.

I removed my equipment and replaced the furniture first, allowing myself the final pleasure of walking around and over her prone form, staring pleasantly up at the ceiling. Walking around to her feet, I reached down and grabbed her wrists, pulling her upper body up into a sitting position. She was then looking almost right at me, although her absent gaze seemed more to look through than at. I hefted her again, and replaced her shapely behind on the couch. Grabbing up my Polaroids, I began to sculpt her back into her original pose. I recrossed the leg, gliding my hands over the nylon much more than necessary, and put her hands back in her lap. I formed the fingers back into their dainty curve and replaced the glass in them. Moving my attention up, I twisted her shoulders just the right amount, and inclined the head as she had done in conversation. I even opened her mouth back into the almost formed "t", and got those silky strands of hair to fall just right over her shoulder again.

Thirty seconds, I quickly went over the checklist in my mind. Oh, yes, her watch. I reached over and reset her watch, a tasteful analog with a white face and silver band, to the time thirty minutes earlier when she had stopped moving. Returning to my seat, I had just enough time to recall and recreate my own pose when I heard her speech start to wind up again.

"..a.t..." Suddenly she blinked rapidly, and dropped her chin as if fainting. Bringing a hand to her forehead, she continued to blink and work her jaw. "Wow, that was the weirdest thing. I suddenly felt so dizzy, as if the world somehow jumped and spun for a second." I pretended surprised concern, although I knew from experience what her reaction would be. I got up from my chair to comfort her.

"Are you okay, Gina? Can I get you something?"

"No, Bart, thanks. I guess I'm just tired." She started to recover, rubbing her temple with her free hand. "I guess we'd better call it a night."

"Sure no problem", I returned, relieved she'd blown it off so quickly, "Just let me know when you'd like to finish."

"Yeah, okay. See you tomorrow?" She said, getting up and gathering her things off the couch.

"Yeah, tomorrow," I said, thinking of all the pictures I would develop tomorrow. "Goodnight." She went to the door and with a final smile headed out for her car. I listened for the car to start and watched her go, wondering if her car had a clock, and when she would notice her watch was wrong.


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