by Circuitbreaker

Author's Note:
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Gale and John were just like two ordinary people, John worked in a cybernetic research lab and Gale worked for a home shopping network. It was early Monday morning and they were both lying in bed speaking after a hard night of sex.

"Go on tell me," John said to his girlfriend Gale. "It can't be that bad to tell your boyfriend what yours is."

Gale looked at John with those Ďoh do I have toí eyes. She then turned away and in in a serious voice said, "Be sure you don't tell anyone about this. I feel stupid enough telling you as it is without everyone else knowing as well."

"I promise it won't go past these four walls and that whatever it is Iíll try my very best to fulfill it for you."

Gale rolled around to face John on the bed, she took a deep breath and slowly started to explain. "I've always had the fantasy of being turned into a... robot, Don't say anything yet, I know it sounds stupid and everything else but it's true.  I'd love to have the feeling of someone programming commands into me.....and sometimes I wish I had a lovely shaped chrome body that I could just be so stunning ...... I can't explain why but I just do." She stopped quickly and asked him the question. "So now I've told you mine, what's your fantasy?"

John just looked at Gale with a smile on his face and said "Well it's kind of like yours... but I'd love to have a robotic woman as a partner, maybe even more."

They both gave each other that excited look of shared desire and stared to kiss, but this kiss meant something more; it felt deeper now they had shared their secrets with each other. Then suddenly the alarm clock signaled it was time to get up, but they never went to sleep anyway so the alarm was useless. They decided to give it another fifteen minutes before getting out of bed and getting ready for work.

They both seemed in a good mood before they left, John stood at the front door and Shouted "I'm off to work now, Iíll see you when I get home tonight, and I might have some good news to tell you!"

Gale walked around the corner and met her boyfriend at the front door. "Do you have to go in today? Iíll be lonely on my first day off at home." She began to twist his tie around her finger, and make that come-to-bed look.

"I can't honey, I have to finish this project today and after what I heard this morning I think might have some good news for you." With that he kissed her and she returned the compliment by sticking her tongue down his mouth. After two minutes of giving tongue on the doorstep, John decided to break from the kiss and head off to work, He got into his car and pulled out of the driveway.

Gale turned around and closed the door behind her, feeling alone. She was wondering what this good news could be, and what time John was going to be home, with that she forgot the idea and went for a relaxing bath, after the night she's just had a bath would go great.

She was in the bath for an hour and a half before she decided it was time to get out. She got out eventually and dried herself off, put on her most comfortable night gown, and lay on the sofa watching a soppy movie. Slowly she could feel her eyelids getting heavier through tiredness and eventually she fell asleep.

The next thing she knew was that she was being woken up by John. "Címon wake up, Gale wake up I have something to tell you." Her eyes opened slowly to the sight of John standing over her. He put his hand out to pull her up. "Quick get ready, we have to go out, but I think that you'll like were we're going."

She held her arm out and moaned, he then lifted her off the sofa and made her go upstairs and put something comfortable on. Five minutes later she came down the stairs looking a bit more awake. "Why can't we just stay here and go to bed?" She moaned.

He grabbed her by the arm and replied "Coz I've got something to ask you first before we go out."

What is it John? You're not going to ask me to marry you again I hope because you know what happened last..."

John quickly butted in. "No, no, no, it's got nothing to do with that. Do you remember the conversation we were having this morning, about fulfilling each other's fantasies?" Suddenly her eyes widened. He continued, "Well this project I've been working on will allow me to transform you into a robotic woman exactly like you wanted; you'll be turned back again afterwards but you will be the first human being to test it out."

She looked at John with renewed vigor, saying "What the hell are we waiting for," Gale headed to the front door, pulling John along with her. "Let's go."

They traveled for about 45 minutes down the duel carriageway until they got to the turnoff they needed, after that they were at the site of Computec Technology labs within ten minutes. They entered John's lab with ease after it looked like Gale was showing John the way.  He noticed that she looked excited by the notion of being turned into a machine. This in itself got John excited too.

Gale let go of John's hand and began to walk around the equipment-packed lab, "Wow, how come all of this wasn't here when I came here last time?"

"That's because we've just built it; here have a look and Iíll explain how it works." He approached the machine next to Gale and started to tell her the process. "This my dear is what will transform you into what you've dreamed about for so long, What will happen is when you step into that chamber you are strapped in by the computer, it will then attach itself to your brain and start to assimilate you into the programming selected. Your brain will be kept running to keep you alive while the computer teleports your biological organs out of you body and replaces then with cybernetic ones. The computer will then store all of the information from your mind and then replace the brain itself with a highly sophisticated computer. And, after all that is done, your body will be covered with the metal body parts that will act as an almost indestructible skin." Taking a deep breath after his spiel, he looked at Gale for her reaction.

She seemed to be getting visibly aroused by the fact she could actually become a robot for a while. "Are you going to program me to be your personal sex slave robot?" She said whimsically, with a hopeful look on her face.

"If that's what you want to be," he replied, "but while you are carrying out my programming you will be like a passenger in your own body although  you will feel immense pleasure from it. Other than that, you will be able to control your body normally."

She got more excited, almost hopping up and down with eager glee.  "That would be incredible -- do it, please!  Now?" she pleaded.

John motioned her to go up to the transformation chamber and asked her to remove her clothes, which she did without a moment's pause.  Turning around, she blew John a kiss. "I love you dear; after this is over I will marry you." John looked overjoyed at her pledge. She moved into the chamber as John walked to control panel. Once she had stepped in backwards, Gale was instantly pulled back and secured in place by flexible metal straps that held her to the machine. All was ready.

John took a deep breath, crossed his fingers, and pushed the button to begin the process. Immediately five or six different wires came out of the machine and entered Gale's head as if they knew what they were doing.  There was no pain at all after an odd tickle; she could slowly feel herself becoming less human and more robot as each organ, vein and organic component was teleported from her body. In their place were installed metal rods to take the place of her bones; servos and wiring to serve as muscles and nerves; power packs, microphones, and speakers to give her energy and communications ability.  All were placed within her with great care yet extremely rapidly. Then suddenly the critical mind transference occurred; she felt herself being taken over by the computer and she instantly found herself inside some different world, as if her soul, her essence was sucked into the computer's memory. It was a strange experience.  Around her she saw packets of information being transported from the outside to the computer's memory through information highways  They looked like swarms of fireflies. She 'looked down' at herself and noticed she didn't look like her normal self anymore; she was a chrome colour all over, apart from her face which looked as before, with a joyful expression.

Then she heard a loud voice, coming from inside her consciousness. "I am the computer and I now have control!"

Gale 'looked around' the cybernetic world and saw nothing, then in front of her a big chair appeared out of nowhere. "I will assimilate your body and take control of your human part; Soon I will feel all human experiences. Be comfortable." As Gale approached the chair, suddenly a womanly figure magically appeared in the empty chair. This must be the computer's conscience or something, Gale thought, she must be the one that carries out the transformation process, she must be the programming. Gale 'walked' closer to the chair and the woman disappeared. There was a compulsion to not sit in the chair, lest she become part of the program too.  She could only stand in position. Gale felt completely helpless. "No!! John, stop, the computer has taken over my body!!" She shouted at the top of her voice -- or tried to -- but where she was, no one could hear her. Her mind was now trapped inside the computer; without anyone knowing she was in there, the computer could be taking her place and enjoy life outside the machine.  There was no outward reaction at all as the programming flowed into her previous body.

By now the transformation of Gale's body had almost been finished; as the metal parts were put into place she quickly was starting to look entirely like a robot. When the indicator on the display showed '100%', John pressed the button again and the process came to a stop. He stepped up to the chamber and looked in at his new robotic girlfriend. She appeared ravishing, a chrome-and-stainless version of her prior self, yet more beautiful somehow.  He typed in a code on the wall panel; the straps let go of the gleaming chrome woman the doors to the chamber opened. Still as a statue, she remained in place, inert and expectant.

He knew the next step, though kissing his sleeping beauty might have been more appropriate. "Android, activate!" John commanded. After a moment, suddenly the robot woman opened her eyes, stood up out of the machine, and started to walk towards John who by this time was getting very aroused at the thought that his girlfriend was now truly a robot.  Pacing backwards down the stairs from the chamber while watching every graceful  move the robot took, he then stopped at the bottom and watched the robot walk closer to him. She stopped two feet away and remained motionless.  Awaiting instructions. "Gale! Can you hear me?" John asked, looking at the robot's face closely.  His girlfriend's image had been captured in chrome.

"!" The robot answered. The voice was hers, too, but somehow sounded more metallic.

"Gale, how do you feel?" John was beside himself with excitement.  The process had worked!!

"I fe.el -- I am nor.mal par.ameters." She chanted, then was still once more.  A question; asked and answered, but nothing additional.

This is strange, thought John, I expected that her response would sound more human. Anyway, the voice is Gale's so I don't see any problem.

Meanwhile, inside the computer, Gale was getting anxious to be let out of the system somehow.  She suddenly (2.35 microseconds to be exact) had a thought, if the programming is controlled from the chair, I could take control and get my body back!  With force of will, she overcame the command to not move and 'stepped' towards the throne while straining every 'muscle' in her virtual body.  It was like trying to walk into the force of a hurricane.  What felt like an eternity later, she was finally able to grasp the arms of the chair and lower herself into it.  The instant she sat in the chair, Gale felt an enormous amount of power flow into her 'body'; the sensation was both pleasurable as well as giving her the impression that she was in charge. From each end of the chair small silver wires snaked out to embed themselves into her silver arms and legs, plugging her into the computer.  It was then that she felt she was really in control of her situation. There was a lot to learn about the machine, so she took a few endless (to her) seconds to find out what she needed to know.

On the outside John, was giving the idle robot a long look-over and was enjoying every bit of it.  As he felt up the firm curves of the robot's arse, the robot woman sighed from the small amount of tactile pleasure she had been given; it was the first sound she had made on her own.  Since it seemed that his girlfriend might like more stimulation, he worked his way around to the front of the metal woman and started to lick her enlarged breasts, maneuvering his tongue down her contoured abdomen to the robot's vaginal area.  When she was transformed, the opening to her sex had been covered over but as soon as he got lower the clamshell cover opened up, revealing the robot's silver labia.  She's gonna blow a fuse now! he thought, as he prepared to fulfill her dream experience.  He was about ready to start  licking her down there when he heard  a different voice to one side command "STOP!!"

John glanced up in surprise and on the monitor appeared Gale's face surrounded in a silver halo. "That's not me John," the face and voice continued.  "The computer has total control of my robot body; she wants to have you for herself.  Don't let her trick you!"

John looked up at the robot who was so busy rolling her head in erotic pleasure that she didn't even notice what was going on outside of her sensations. He quickly stood up, reached for the socket at the back of the neck, trying to find the safety disconnect; as he did that he felt a sharp pain enter the back of his own neck.  Pulling back in pain, he saw the robot retract a needle with some silvery liquid inside back into her chrome fingertip.  Moving back in, he quickly reached further for the switch and threw it.  Immediately the robot froze into her position of ecstasy as all motor functions were powered down. There was no sound or movement; she was now completely deactivated.

He stepped back from the robot and rubbed the back of his neck. "Don't worry Gale," he said to the face in the monitor. "Iíll get you out of there; just give me a few minutes!" Running to the other side of the lab, he reached into one of the boxes on the bench and pulled out six co-axial cables.  Then he inserted one end into the back of the robot's head, behind a small access panel, and the other end into a similar port on the computer. "Right! I'm going to download your file into the robot's memory and then you should be in total control.  Just about ready; hang in there!"

Inside the computer Gale was starting to feel her control slipping away.  It was as if she now wanted to stay inside the computer for ever; her mind was slowly being washed away by the computer's programming.  She felt as if her consciousness was draining into a whirlpool as slowly she felt her memories being shifted into the virtual memory of the robot, then with a sudden ĎBangí she was back in her body. It was strange to look over at the computer monitor and know that she had almost been lost inside there.

She moved her metallic arm in front of her with slow, robotic, movements; her bare face showing what she thought of her new robotic body: A chome-plated smile. "Wow I fe.el great." She said in a flat monotone voice. She looked up at John in awe and instantly he knew what was going to happen next. Gale walked over to him, moving each metal leg with a sensual robotic precision. The coax cables connecting her to the computer stretched, then broke apart with a shower of sparks.  As she approached him, his member stated to grow uncontrollably, then she put her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. The experience was absolutely unbelievable!

The feel of her chrome body close against him was sending him wild with desire, but there was more.  With effort he pulled away from the continuing kiss and commanded: "Unit T033, initiate program mode..."

Immediately her arms fell to her sides and she stood at attention as Gale's robot voice  replied, "Affir.mat.tive mas.ter" She then changed the look on her face from 'hey lover boy' to 'command me master'.  So far, she was responding precisely as he had hoped and expected.

"Unit, initiate love-making-program version 002."  His voice trembled a little; this was the critical point...

"" Without hesitation, his robot girlfriend then moved towards him, bent down in front of him, undid his zip, and pulled out his hardened member. She opened her silvery mouth, taking the whole of it in, then slowly started to suck.  Her mouth started to vibrate around it; this sent waves of pleasure coursing through John's body.  He caressed her smooth metallic skin while she crouched there.

Gale was also loving every minute of it; she couldn't control her body at all but she could feel everything as if amplified by at least seven times. His touch was so stimulating and the feel of her hard metallized body was itself intensely erotic to her. She didn't want to ever go back to her human self anymore; she liked it just as she was now.  A robot.  Minutes of shared pleasure followed.

John then gasped "Unit end current program and initiate love-making-program 004." Instantly redirected, she got up off of her knees and pushed John backwards into the work bench, firmly but convincingly.  The robot then stood in directly front of him and placed her cool silvery hands on his hips. Opening up a fissure in her metallized crotch, she quickly slid John's engorged member inside.  The feeling was like nothing he had ever known.  John moaned as he entered her; she noticed how he had enjoyed this before so she once more activated her vibro systems.  He could feel her start to vibrate inside and this made him even more excited as their bodies pumped in time to an ancient rhythm. Inside her robotic body, Gale was feeling as much excitement and pleasure as John was; in fact it was seven times as strong (7.263, but that was not important right now) and she was absolutely loving it.  The culmination of a dream.

The next morning John woke up curled on his work bench, suffering a moment of confusion and disorientation; then he suddenly jumped up as he realised he was still at the lab. He looked around frantically for the robot figure of Gale; there she was stood in the corner recharging, just as she was programmed to do.  She had a glassy, blank gaze on her face that seemed to be looking no-where. He had a look at his watch and noticed that it had been twelve hours since her transformation, but that posed a major problem. She had to be back in her own body by now, else the computer couldn't keep her natural organs viable that long. Checking the containment area, he discovered his fears were confirmed.  The tissues had begun to degrade; they were beyond salvage. They had delayed her restoration just a little too long.  He looked at robot Gale and stared at her rigid form while thinking to himself. She does look great in that form, but I can't keep her like that for ever; or can I? But she can't go back!  How am I going to break it to her?  He looked back at his watch, seeing not hours-elapsed but time-of-day, then remembered the rest of the team would be arriving soon.  He had to get himself and Gale out of there before anyone knew they were there and what they had done.

He quickly grabbed his equipment, shoved it into his bag, hid her clothes in a drawer of his desk, and activated the robot. She did not know anything was wrong. "Follow me to the car, we must hurry!" The robot began to obediently follow, for it was still following last night's programming; Gale was still a passenger in her own body. Within the metallic shell, she realized they were leaving the lab and began screaming for John to return her to her normal self, but he couldn't hear her; he had not allowed her to speak.

They got outside to the car; John opened the trunk of the large sedan car and then ordered the robot to get in and lie down. She lay there, as instructed, in the back of the car; the only thing Gale could see was the top of the lid.  She wanted to ask him what he was doing, but there was no chance. John leaned over her, reached to a place on the back of her neck, and deactivated her with a flick of a switch.  From Gale's perspective, everything went blank.  There was not even time to think about whether she would dream or worry about the future.  Shutdown occurred and she was nothing more than a elegantly crafted lump of metal.

The next thing she experienced was when she was re-activated and found she was standing upright in the bedroom of their house.  Her internal time sense told her that 11.697 hours had elapsed but she had no memory of that interval.  Remaining in her passive mode, she waited quietly for his commands.

"Exit Program Mode ... Gale, can you talk?" John asked with a hint of urgency in his voice.  He had asked her several times without response before remembering how she had been programmed before.

Gale realized she was no longer required to follow the programming; she could reply on her own. "Yes." she replied in her flat monotone voice. "What.. hap.pened?"

"Right now, you're going to have to listen carefully. Gale.  There was a slight difficulty at the lab..."

"Slight?" She replied, mechanically.  ""

"Well, it's more than slight, really.  It's a real cock-up, in fact.  We exceeded the time you could remain a robot and return safely to normal."

""  Her metallic, chrome face showed a surprising amount of emotion.  Not fear, exactly.

"Gale, I'm afraid you cannot go back;  you're going to have to live out the rest of your life as a robot.  That could be a long time; maybe forever. As long as you remember to recharge each night then you should outlive me by quite a few years; well make that 226, for that body, to be exact.  I'm sorry, Gale..."

The robot woman slowly moved her head towards John and said, "So I'm to be like this for the rest of my life?" Looking down at her flawless metal body, she looked back up at him with a sudden smile. "Well, if it was as much fun as last night, then I am to love a"  Gale bent over and kissed him lightly, a kiss that held the promise of much, much more to come.

John gazed at her with a grin on his face. What the hell... He turned around without hesitation and picked up the phone. "Hello; is that Micheal? Hi it's John. I won't be able to come in today, or probably even the rest of the week. Why? Because my work's getting on top of me," he said, looking at Gale with a sly wink.