by alicia

Slowly the clouds drifted away from Diane's eyes as it did every day exactly at this time. Once again she was standing motionless in the same position in the same room where she had stood for the last year and a half. It was a beautifully appointed personal office and library in one of the largest houses in town. Her eyes were fixed in place but she could see that Angela was still there across the room, fixed in the same position.

Diane had always thought that Angela was beautiful with her shoulder-length blonde hair and big blue eyes. Today, Angela was dressed in a red ribbed turtle neck sweater and matching mini-skirt with red hose and calf-high dress boots. Her arms hung down slightly away from her body with palms in towards her thighs. The eyes looked down, demurely, to the floor. Yes, Angela was beautiful, Diane thought. She had often wanted to be like her before... well before they came here.

Diane and Angela worked for a non-profit organization trying to provide food for homeless people. They were fundraisers and they were good at it. The team had brought in millions of dollars from rich, whiny bastards often, Diane thought, because they were both attractive women. Although she had trouble admitting it, Diane was a strikingly beautiful brunette and she never lacked male admirers. But right now, her career came first. That is until they came to ask Paine Copley for money.

Paine Copley owned the local newspaper and was one of the richest men in the city. He inherited it from a long line of Copleys along with his mother's fortune from the Paine family. As it turned out, Paine was a good name for him, Diane always thought. He certainly knew how to inflict it. The two women arrived at his mansion one day to solicit him in the hope that he would reach into those deep pockets of his and come out with some serious cash. That was a year and a half ago, and neither of them had moved on their own since.

Diane and Angela were both sitting in sumptuous leather chairs in his office when suddenly they couldn't move anymore. That is, they couldn't move unless Paine Copley told them to. As Paine would later explain, he had got hold of some software which, if used with the proper equipment, could render a human completely immobile and receptive to commands. The two women were his first victims and he giggled with glee at his success and danced around in front of their motionless faces, barking orders at them and watching them respond like robots. Diane was frightened at first and then angry. She had a life to live and this guy had no right to take it from her!

At first, Paine contented himself by making the two women into sex slaves. He would dress them as he liked, buying closets-full of clothes for them from mail-order catalogues. And they would perform for him as he ordered them, lying down, standing up, sitting, front-entry, rear-entry, reaching orgasm on demand. It was whatever struck his mind at the moment. They were his toys. When not humping them, the two were posed in private rooms in the house like his bedroom or office. Paine lived alone, never having the companionship of a woman. Diane wasn't surprised!

As with all toys and all little boys, Paine got bored. He tried all sorts of things to perk up his interest. They would be posed wearing nothing but high heels, posed with their hands on their breasts or in their crotches, or in each other's crotches, or kissing one another. He would have sex with both of them at the same time, or force them to have sex with each other. These would tittilate for awhile, but sooner or later he would become bored again. Diane, on the other hand, got more and more disgusted each time. Angela was beautiful, but there was certainly no joy in being posed in the nude or being forced to screw her best friend.

Finally, after about six months, Paine hit on the scheme that would revive his interest. He was going to make a bundle of cash with these two dolls. Diane had rubbed elbows with alot of filthy rich people in her job and it never ceased to amaze her how they all wanted to make even more money. His plan was simple. He would tell wealthy acquainances that he was backing a scientist who makes humanoid robots. He would bring them in to view his two prototypes, Diane and Angela. They were both capable of acting like robots to satisfy even the most skeptical. Then he would tell them that if the scientist could get a little more backing, he could put these into mass production. The possible return on their investment would be astronomical. Paine's rich acquaintances would then be relieved of their cash, placed in his personal account. Of course, he would have to leave the country soon after but he had planned to do that anyway. What an incredible money-maker!

By this time, Paine had captured a few more people to act as servants. That way, the servants could attend to Diane and Angela as well as run the house without asking any embarassing questions. Day after day the fat-cats were trooped in to see the scientific marvel of the age. Paine would dress Diane and Angela in the most alluring clothing, usually too small, in order to keep the victims' minds occupied while they were being stung. Each time, the two women were programmed to go through a robot routine so believable that Diane started feeling like a robot herself.

"" All this was followed by jerky arm and body movements to heighten the experience. She remembered HAL in 2001 singing Daisy and suddenly knew what it felt like from the machine's point of view. Some victims were immediately impressed while others took some convincing. They walked up to her and began poking her in the face or breasts, stroking her skin or hair. Sometimes she wobbled slightly on her heels. One guy even pushed her over to see if she would scream. Fortunately Paine was standing behind and caught her before she hit the ground. Diane didn't move a muscle. Everything was completely rigid.

Today, Paine Copley came into his office bursting with delight. "Girls," he chortled, "this is our lucky day. We have someone coming today who I know is going to put us into orbit. Or me, anyway. His name is Roger Simon from L.A. and he is bursting with cash! I've dressed you really special today so make sure you treat him right!"

Treat him right? What are you talking about? I'm going to treat him any way you damn well please, thought Diane. Paine was such a child. He was always talking to them like he was a little girl playing with dolls. He took his remote control and made some final adjustments to Diane's pose, standing her up straighter so her ample breasts protruded that much more. She couldn't see, but Paine had dressed her in a one-piece blue dress with long sleeves and princess seams to show off that marvelous figure. White thigh-highs and blue heels completed the ensemble. He always left her crotch open, just in case he got the urge.

Now Paine looked deep into Diane's motionless brown eyes. "One more, Diane. One more pigeon and that will be it. Then I won't need you or the blonde bombshell anymore." It was kind of cryptic. Did that mean he would set them free? Or did it mean he would throw them out with yesterday's trash? It was too terrible to contemplate but, after a year and a half, maybe that would be better than a life as a sex doll.

The doorbell rang and a smile came over Paine's face. "That's him!" he giggled gleefully, turning to run out of the room. In the silence of the office, Diane looked at the frozen Angela and wondered about their fates. Angela was always such a nice, cheerful person, so fun to be with, open and caring of others. Diane was the somewhat cynical one, making small jokes at Angela's expense. But they always laughed and enjoyed each other. The two had been a great team. How could they ever get out of this one?

Within a few minutes Paine returned with Roger Simon, sucking up to him all the way. Simon was dark and attractive, wearing an expensive suit. On another day, in another situation, Diane might have fallen for him. Today, all she felt was contempt and loathing.

"So, these are the miracle androids," said Simon with a sneer. "Yes, sir," replied Copley. "Let me put them through their paces for you." Paine punched the remote and Diane whirred into action.


"Diane, this is Mr. Simon," said Copley.

"Hel.lo..Mis.ter..Si.mon," she monotoned, all the while making short, jerky movements with her arms and head. Simon stared at Diane in disbelief. Was this a fake? Was she real? He began walking all around Diane's stiff body, looking her up and down. He then walked over to Angela and did the same thing. "What about her," he demanded. Copley pointed the remote and Angela began the same jerky movements and speech. It was all an exact copy.

Simon's reactions were typical. The two looked like real women, which was exactly what they were. But real women could not fake something like this. It was too robotic, too unhuman. Simon wanted to test things more.

"Will they respond to verbal commands?" he asked. "Of course," replied Paine. "Diane," Simon ordered, "Walk over to Angela." Diane complied stiffly. "Stop. Place your right hand on her left breast." Diane obeyed without hesitation. She always admired Angela boobs, they were so round and full. "Diane, kiss Angela on the lips," came the next test from Simon. Again she complied. She looked into Angela's blank eyes as she pressed onto her frozen lips and began a long, sumptuous kiss.

"Stop, don't move," Simon commanded. Diane froze in place. By this time the wealthy visitor had filled out his pants. No woman would do this of her own volition. This was becoming too good to be true. He started fantasizing about what he could do with these two prototypes, or a hundred like them! But he would need one more test. "Are they fully functional?" he asked. "Yes, of course," Copley responded, not knowing exactly what he meant.

"Diane, return to your former position," Simon barked. Diane moved back across the room to the place and pose she held before the men came in. "Now Diane," said Simon in a softer voice, "bend over slightly and spread your legs." She knew exactly what was coming because Paine Copley had done this to her a hundred times before. Diane complied and in a second felt Simon's index finger stroking her. He was rough and bumbling, like most men when it came to a woman's sex, but the message was getting through. She began getting aroused and in a little while was prepared for his entry. She did not have long to wait. He began pushing his rather puny member into her and, grabbing her hips, began to pound away. He was alot smaller than Paine and she never actually reached orgasm. Simon did, however, in a very short time. All she could think of was, "big money, little dick. Isn't it always the way?"

Soon Roger Simon was satisfied, in more ways than one. "This is interesting. Let's talk figures and percentages," he said. "Great," answered Copley. The figure was what he was interested in and since he had already sold 1000% of the "project" the exact percentage really didn't matter. "We can talk all you want," said Paine with a grin. "Won't you stay for dinner? We could have some entertainment afterwards." "Sounds good," replied Simon.

Paine Copley liked to dress for dinner and liked his dinner guests to do the same. He had the servants prepare the two women as their female companions. They were both wearing the same style of dress, empire waist with a tight black velvet bodice covering the chest and arms, and a slightly flaring black satin skirt below the waist. The only difference was that Angela's was an evening gown, reaching all the way to the floor while Diane's stopped at mid-thigh. Both were wearing expensive black evening shoes and sumptuous jewelry was added to them in order to create the full effect of ostentation. Paine could afford it. They were both posed sitting at the dinner table completely rigid, Diane lifting a glass in a toast, Angela reaching for a fork, her mouth open in mid-sentence. With these two veluptuous table ornaments, the two men enjoyed a delicious meal.

Later, as the men enjoyed their after-dinner cigar and brandy the servants moved the women to the living room, posed to begin the evening's entertainment. Diane could hear a storm brewing outside. Thunder began pounding the windows and a little rain had already started. The two were placed in position on slowly revolving stands in front of the furniture so the men could enjoy the view as they talked. The servants left, leaving Diane and Angela alone together like a mannequin display in a formal wear store. Soon the two men in tuxedos entered laughing and joking and took seats in front of the turning statues.

"Well, Roger, its time for a little fun," chuckled Paine Copley as he picked up the remote. Diane saw him point it directly at her and punch in a few commands. Immediately, both platforms stopped turning and she felt her body jerk into action. Her movements were smoother now, not the robot-like actions of earlier in the day. Slowly she began rubbing her hands over her torso, her breasts and hips, as if she were infatuated with herself. Then, walking over to Angela, Diane began to do the same to her, moving behind Angela's frozen form and caressing her breasts. Then walking in front she enfolded Angela in her arms and began kissing her motionless lips. In a few seconds Diane felt her body jerk to a stop and the platform began turning. It was a very artistic display. Diane caught in the act of stealing a kiss from the frozen Angela mannequin. The men started to squirm uncontrollably. Their arousal was even more heightened by the increasing violence of the thunder and lightning outside.

"Wow," exclaimed Roger, "you didn't tell me they could do this! Just look at them. Those movements were so life-like. I thought all they could do was jerk around like a robot!"

"Well, I wanted to make sure you were serious first," lied Paine.

"Serious, I'll say! Forget 30%. Put me down for 50%!" Simon walked up to the rotating living art work and began touching the women's hair and dresses, running his hands over them. He could stand it no longer. "Put her back on her platform," he barked at Paine. Diane felt her body jerk and she returned to her own platform and resumed her former position. "Bend over, Diane," said Simon in a lowered voice.

Oh brother, thought Diane, not again. Her body responded dutifully and she felt the hem of her dress being lifted by his cold, clammy hands. In a few seconds, Simon was inside her, pumping away, slowly at first and then increasingly violent, almost in time with the rocking thunder outside. Fortunately he couldn't penetrate very far so the only pain was to her buttocks from the constant blows of his hips. She felt him grow larger and his screams told her the end was near when all of a sudden the lights went out and Diane fell unconscious to the floor.

She felt groggy but Diane was able to lift her head off the floor and looked around the room. The lights were on again. How long had she been out? It was still night time but the storm had passed, no thunder or lightning anymore. Must have been a power failure, she thought to herself. Wait a minute, I'm moving. "I'm moving," Diane said out loud, testing her vocal cords. Yes, she seemed to be in control of them.

A bizarre sight awaited her eyes as she looked about. Angela, like herself, was in a heap on the floor right where she had been standing. But the men were frozen in their former positions. Roger Simon was caught in mid-orgasm, his mouth open, face contorted. Diane looked down and caught his stiffened penis protruding into the air. He had not even bothered to drop his pants, just sticking it out through the zipper. Gaining a little more composure she could see Paine Copley sitting on the couch with a brandy glass in one hand and the remote in the other. Her first clear thought was about Angela. Diane gathered all the strength she could and hurried over to attend her fallen friend.

"Angela," she said softly, picking up her head and stroking her pretty blonde hair. Angela's eyes flickered open. "What happened?" she mumbled. "I don't know, but we're free," answered Diane. Gaining a little more consciousness, Angela knew instinctively what to do. "Let's get out of here," she said.

The two women got to their feet and as soon as they were able to stand on their heels without falling over, Angela hiked up her long dress and began running towards the door. Diane, on the other hand was fascinated with the situation. Some sort of electrical discharge must have reversed the properties of whatever was holding them in bondage. "Come on, Diane, lets go," screamed Angela at the door. "What are you waiting for? They could come to any second!"

Diane pretended not to notice as she walked over to the frozen form of Roger Simon. She ambled around him, looked him up and down and decided to test her hypothesis. "Roger Simon," she barked, "raise your right hand." Simon dutifully responded. It worked! Diane's mind started to race. Looking over to the couch she said, "How shall we repay the year and a half of slavery we've suffered at your hands, Paine Copley?"

"Forget that, will you?" cried Angela, but by this time, she was half-interested in a little revenge herself. "...or at least make it quick."

Diane ordered Paine to his feet and over to the platform with the Roger Simon statue. "Kneel down, slave," she ordered. Copley knelt before Simon as an ancient praying before the image of a god. Diane forced open his mouth and shoved it down onto Simon's swollen member. Then opening Copley's pants she pulled out his swollen organ, the one that had penetrated her so often, and putting aside really violent thoughts, simply placed his hands on it as if he were masturbating.

"There, just right," said Diane like a satisfied artist looking at her work. "Now can we go and call the police?" pleaded Angela. Diane knew that the two were completely aware of what was going on and what was in store for them. That would be punishment enough. There would not only be criminal charges of kidnapping and enslavement, but all those "backers" who had given money to Copley would be demanding their revenge. And they all had high-priced lawyers. As the two kicked off their heels and ran into the night, Diane had one more punishment up her velvet sleeve.

Based on an "anonymous tip" several tabloid reporters arrived on the scene several minutes before the police. Angela, Diane and all the "servants" would provide ample evidence at the trial, but the best revenge was the headlines and pictures the next day. Two rich boys caught in homosexual relationship. It even made it into mainstream papers and TV, including several installments on the Geraldo Rivera show!