Good Choices, Bad Decisions


                                                                                                               Northern Chill

               “OK, keep it cool...don’t act nervous, act surprised when they expect it and defiant when they don’t. These folks can’t have anything on me. I’m too smart for them, ” Denise thought to herself as she stepped out of the elevator car and started walking down the lush carpeted hallway of the top floor of the Bioplastic Systems complex. The dark haired woman, with blonde tresses, had started working for the company three years ago after leaving her public teaching job abruptly. Although starting out at a relatively tedious job in the finance department, Denise used her skills in communicating with the right people to rise rapidly in the management ranks there. However, she was mysteriously summoned for a meeting with company executives one afternoon and was given no details in advance.

                “Ahhh, Miss Miller. Go right in. Mister Smith and the others are waiting for you,” the secretary in the reception area for the company intoned upon seeing Denise and motioned towards the double doors to her right in a sweeping motion. As Denise went by, she didn’t notice the receptionist was coolly pushing several buttons on a nearby tablet at the same time.

               “Miss Miller! Take a seat, and we’ll get things started shortly. Allow me to introduce Janice Douglas, head of company security. To her right, Robert Mitchell, head of biotech research here. Lastly, Karen Morall, head of the legal department here at Bioplastic,” Gordon Smith intoned as he motioned towards the others while taking a seat behind his antique oak desk.

               “Uhhh, hi. I don’t mean to be pushy or anything but could someone tell me why I was asked to be here? No one has told me anything so far,” Denise said calmly though her eyes darted around like pinballs for the briefest of moments.

               Gordon nodded slightly as he leaned forward and stared at Denise. “Very well. Approximately seven months ago, I was made aware of financial irregularities that were occurring in the company. I contacted Janice and ordered a discreet investigation into the matter. Through a variety of methods, company security quickly narrowed down the source of the discrepancies to your department, Miss Miller. Further investigation has identified that the individual solely responsible for the missing funds is you, Denise,” the exec intoned and gestured towards the seated woman for emphasis.

              “ME??!! Look, I don’t know who told you what but I never stole a dime from this company. The entire time I’ve worked here, I’ve been a loyal worker. A person who follows the rules. I, I, I can’t believe you’re accusing me of something like this. I just can’t,” Denise responded as she removed her glasses and put a hand over her eyes in a show of distress over the accusation. In truth, though, she had been siphoning money from company accounts for some time now and figured the dulwarts she worked with didn’t have the brains to catch on.

             “Sorry, Miss Miller. Your histrionics aren’t going to change this matter. The evidence was presented to me by Karen as to your guilt. The proof is both visual recordings of your actions and going over the activities of everyone in your particular department. No, you are the one responsible, Miss Miller, and will be held accountable by this company,” Gordon said solemnly as he gestured towards a computer monitor and a stack of files.

             After several moments, Denise slipped her glasses back on and looked at Gordon intently. “OK. I guess I’m busted. I’ve heard how thorough you people are when it comes to this kind of thing. I’ll clean out my desk and make arrangements to pay back the money in the manner you want,” she said and started to rise out of her chair before stopping upon realization two muscular security personnel were now standing directly behind her.

            “No, we’re not necessarily down that road, Miss Miller. Mister Smith contacted my division and after consultation, he has come up with two alternatives,” Karen said as she leaned forward and tapped her laptop in anticipation.

        “We’re aware that there are considerable funds you have stolen in the past.  I am going to give you two options as to how this matter will be resolved. You will choose one option before you leave this room today or I will choose for you. Now, you are aware that our company has been involved in doing extensive research into the merging of biological matter with inorganic material. The research has now advanced to the point where technicians can convert organic matter into inorganic. In short, we can change a person into a robot or drone, if you prefer. Before you dismiss this statement as something conjured out of a low budget fantasy film, I will show you something that will change your mind. Robert, could you cue up the video and show it on the conference viewing screen?” Gordon said and nodded towards the research head.

            “Certainly, Mister Smith. Just give me a minute or two,” the researcher said as he extracted a laptop from a nearby valise. Moments later, at the behest of one of his assistants, a large video screen descended from the ceiling at the far end of the room. As it did, Robert arranged for the video to be shown on the screen in question.

            With the lights dimmed, Gordon moved to one side of the screen and faced everyone there. “This video concerns Michelle Godfrey, a woman who was employed by the company briefly in the last twelve months. She was discovered attempting to download company secrets onto a flash drive with the goal of selling the data to one of our rivals. She was caught by several of our well trained security personnel and brought to the lab initially,” he intoned as images of a brown haired woman stalking through a lab, the woman grabbed by the arms by two men and being led away showed on the screen.

            “Michelle was given the choice of being charged with espionage, trespassing and a lengthy number of criminal offenses that would have resulted in her spending decades behind bars in prison or, umm, an alternative. The alternative was, with certain conditions and restrictions applied, allowing her mind and body to be transformed into an obedient drone that obeyed all commands and instructions given to it by company management and executives. As you can see, the process is quite thorough,” Gordon said as the images started to play out.

            “What..the..hell...” Denise thought to herself as she saw Michelle transform from a nude woman to some sort of synthetic creature that looked to be covered from head to toe in some kind of synthetic white material. The only indications that the drone used to be a woman was the fact it possessed an identical physique to Michelle and had MICHELLE imprinted in black lettering above its right breast.

            “The new drone is capable of carrying out any order given to it by the laboratory workers. As you can see, it is flawless in function and shows no sign of resisting any command or order. The process is called the Mannequeen 3000 and I think it’s a fantastic process,” Gordon exulted as the video shifted to clips of the droned Michelle working in the lab order. Tasks such as lifting wooden crates, placing objects on tables and other assignments were performed by the drone flawlessly. Every now and then, a technician would order the drone to halt and stand at attention as they checked for any imperfections. In one instance, Michelle was ordered to stand at attention as the technicians poked the drone with various metal prods and similar devices. One technician even went so far as to take his right hand and grope Michelle’s right breast and ass. Ordinarily, this action would have resulted in the technician being verbally threatened, physically threatened or both. However, the drone stood there and didn’t even twitch under the technician’s touches.

            “ Now, the drone is capable of doing other tasks as well. We’ll go over those details in part two of our presentation. This will conclude the opening segment of our work. We welcome any questions that may arise from what you have seen,” Gordon intoned as the final few images played out before the screen went black.

            As the screen slowly receded back into its storage space, Gordon turned his attention back to Denise. “So, what’s your decision, Miss Miller? Do you agree to submit to the droning process or shall we turn all of your misdeeds over to the prosecutorial office? In case you’re thinking of a third alternative, I want to inform you that what you’ve seen here is highly classified work involving government contracts on several levels. If you intend to leave here and blurt what you’ve seen all over social media, I can guarantee you that the repercussions of said action world be swift and, ahhh, decisive. What is your choice?” Gordon said as he gestured briefly towards his cell phone and desktop computer for emphasis.

            For the briefest of moments, Denise debated calling the company on their bluff and heading to the media as soon as she exited the building. Deciding that option could result in a fate worse than what she had just witnessed, Denise’s shoulders sagged slightly in defeat.

            “Fine. I’ll do as you ask. Tell me the details and show me all the stuff you’ll want me to sign,” Denise said quietly as she mentally resolved to go along for now and see where this took her.

           Three days later….

             “Now, Miss Miller, have you done all the preparations we have requested for a seamless transition? We’ll verify to ensure that nothing unexpected happens after your, ahhh, transition,” Gordon said as he saw Denise walk up to him in the hallway outside the main research department of the company.

             “Yeah, yeah. I ended my lease on my apartment and closed out any billings that may normally come through my bank accounts. I emailed my friends and family to tell them that I’ll be leaving town for an indefinite period for an undisclosed location. I transferred my belongings to the storage unit the company owns and left my home at night on foot to be transported here by your security personnel,” Denise responded as she privately hoped that there was a loophole the company overlooked for her future fate.

             “Excellent! Now, finish signing the documents that are in front of you and we’ll take you down to the research department for preparation,” Gordon remarked with a casual gesture towards several papers in front of Denise.

              Mentally fuming at her predicament, Denise signed the papers in question and followed two burly security personnel down several corridors until they stopped before an elevator Denise had never seen or used before. Standing on opposite sides, the guards removed keys from their respective slots, inserted the keys into a slot in front of them and counted to 3 before turning them to the right in a simultaneous gesture.

              Stepping into the elevator, Denise and the guards rode downwards in silence save for the theme from the international movie blockbuster Zombeavers Versus Dinobeavers playing. When the elevator finally halted, the trio stepped out into a brightly lit hallway with a single door visible at the far end.

                Going through the door, Denise saw several tables, computer equipment and chairs situated near the front of the room. However, the one part of the room that Denise immediately focused on was the far end and what she could see there. A metal chair sat there with leather straps on the arm rests and looked to be the same one from the film Denise watched earlier. To the left and right of the chair, two white latex drones stood at attention. The biggest difference between the drones, besides slight differences in height, was the fact the one on the left had KELSEA etched just above it’s right breast. The drone to the right had ERYTHIA etched in a similar spot on her body.

                  Her unease rising by the second, Denise briefly thought of telling everyone that she had changed her mind but it was at that point that more security types, as well as what looked to be technicians, entered the room. Without a word spoken, the security men led Denise to an area behind a dress screen and indicated she was to disrobe there.

                 Looking around nervously, Denise stepped behind the screen, disrobed and when she stepped out again, the technicians ran an electronic scanner over her from head to toe. After thirty seconds or so, the technician holding the scanner glanced at the instrument and nodded to the the other techie.


                 With that, the security men led Denise to the chair, sat her down and strapped the restraints around her wrists. Once that was complete, the technicians stepped to one side and Gordon entered the room with a small chrome briefcase in his right hand. Setting the case down on a nearby table, the executive opened the case and pulled out what looked to be a silver bag. Opening up the bag, Gordon pulled out what looked to be a hood and a metal collar before putting the bag back in the case.

                  Nodding to something or someone Denise couldn’t see from her vantage point, Gordon walked over and stood in front of Denise. “Well, my dear, it’s time to get things started. It’s a two part process and everything moves relatively quickly. The first thing I’ll be doing is attaching this collar around your neck,” the executive said with a solemn voice.

                 Before Denise had a chance to protest or say something, Gordon slipped the silver band around her neck and closed it with a soft click! Stepping back, Gordon waved his right hand briefly in front of Denise’s face and got no response.

                  From Denise’s perspective, the adding of the collar was akin to flicking a switch on her ability to talk and think from ON to OFF. Whatever protests or pleas Denise might have had when the collar was being put on vanished upon its activation. In that moment, her mind was as inert as her body now was.

                 “Well, that takes care of that. I guess, from this point on, this will be me talking to the technicians and staff in the room alone until the process is done,” Gordon said as he opened up the bag and pulled out the hood. Leaning forwards, the executive pulled the hood over Denise’s head and neck (including the collar), unfastened the restraints around Denise’s hands and stepped back.


                     Moments later, the hood started to transform Denise’s body from flesh and blood to a highly advanced synthetic plastic. The white hood seemed to spread downwards in a rapid manner with flesh tone skin replaced by flawless white plastic material.  Even as the hood converted Denise’s outer appearance, it was converting her internally as well to a new artificial make-up. The smooth white plastic swept over Denise’s breasts, arms and abdomen with a speed that would have been amazing to any observer seeing it for the first time.

                     In what seemed like no time at all, the transformation of the woman known as Denise into a synthetic life form was complete. The drone stayed at rest in the chair and looked to be content staying there indefinitely.

                     “Excellent. Now, to imprint the designation and ensure the drone takes command from the designated controller,” Gordon said as he was handed a tablet with a small wand attached to it by one of the technicians. Tapping on it for several seconds, the executive finished that action before taking the wand attachment and pressing it to an area just above Denise’s right breast.


                     Moments later, the word DENISE appeared in that area in lettering similar to what was visible on the other drones. Nodding slightly, Gordon returned the tablet to the tech before focusing once again on the newly created drone.

                     “Denise, stand up. Pose in standby mode,” Gordon ordered Denise.

                     Less than a moment later, Denise stood by and posed erect in front of the chair. The drone held its arms to its sides and stood completely motionless on the spot.

                      “Very good. Denise, go to the table over there. Pick up the box on it, come over here and stand with your back to me. Bend at the waist as you place the box on the floor and spread your legs. Remain in that position until you receive further orders,” Gordon intoned and gestured towards the table in question.

                    Moments later, Denise moved smoothly to the table and retrieved the item in question. The drone pivoted, moved back to where Gordon was standing and stopped. Denise turned, bent over and placed the box on the floor. Spreading her legs wide apart and placing her hands on the floor, Denise was motionless from this point on as the drone awaited its next command.

                    “Marvelous, simply marvelous. Every time the tech is used to resolve, ahh, problems within the company, it is breathtaking to see how swift and flawlessly it works,” Gordon remarked as he slowly walked forward and ran a hand across the smooth latex skin of the immobile Denise. Glancing over at Kelsea and Erythia, an idea quickly formed in the executive’s mind.

                   “OK. I’m going to conduct the next set of tests personally. All of you technicians head to your designated break room and stay there until you receive word to return. DO NOT return until that time, no matter what. Everyone understand? Good. Now, gather your things, shut down anything that needs constant monitoring and get going,” Gordon announced in a voice loud enough to be heard in every corner of the lab.

                   With a silent nod or two exchanged among a few of them, the workers gathered up their things and headed silently for the exit. When the last worker left, a control panel next briefly flashed a red hued SECURE indication.

                   “That takes care of anyone who might be looking when they shouldn’t. Oh, and have to temporarily disable the security system cameras inside this lab,” Gordon thought as he moved to a nearby laptop left behind and opened it. The executive tapped away for several seconds and after finishing, Gordon glanced upwards to verify things were as he desired.

                   With everything secured to his satisfaction, Gordon started to swiftly remove his clothing and drape them over a nearby chair. Once he was fully disrobed, he returned to standing next to Denise, who remained bent over as before.

                    “Kelsea and Erythia, step forward and engage sex mode. Denise, stand up and engage sex mode,” Gordon said and watched the drones carry out his instructions swiftly.  Kelsea and Erythia stepped forward and as they did, round mouth openings appeared on their otherwise featureless faces. As they moved, Denise straightened up and a similar opening appeared on the drone’s face.

                    Gordon smiled as he looked at the trio of drones. “ Well, now, let’s have some fun. Denise, initiate blow job mode. Kelsea and Erythia, come here and go on your knees next to Denise. “ the executive intoned as he watched Denise carry out his instructions quickly.

                    Moments later, Gordon began his orgy of depravity by slowly pushing his hard cock into Denise’s mouth opening. Gordon was delighted to experience the sensation of vibration as he pushed his cock in and out of the drone’s mouth. As he built up a steady rhythm, Gordon noticed there was a small amount of moisture forming around his cock to aid in the lubrication process.

                    After a period of time, Gordon could no longer hold back the pressure building inside him. The executive unleashed a stream of warm spunk into the drone’s mouth with little streams of it dribbling down onto Denise’s chest.

                      Stepping back, Gordon turned to the kneeling Kelsea and Erythia drones and proceeded to get blowjobs in a similar manner, as time passed and his stamina permitted. After he was done, and Gordon was covered in sweat from an exhausting pleasure session, the CEO leaned against a nearby table to decide on his next action.

                     “Denise, initiate Clean Mode. Kelsea, Erythia, assume neutral pose and await nutrition time,” Gordon intoned with a gesture towards a nearby table containing a plastic container and several cups.

                    A moment or so later, the three drones moved to carry the orders given to them. In the case of Denise, the drone’s openings sealed over to form smooth latex once again as it stood. Denise moved to the right towards a metal locker and as the drone moved, Gordon privately noted all fluids on her latex body were disappearing rapidly as if they were being absorbed by an invisible sponge. Stopping at the locker, Denise opened it and withdrew a mop and bucket along with a bottle of cleanser. Filling the bucket with cleanser and water, Denise proceeded to mop the entire floor where the drones and Gordon had been entwined in sexual pleasure previously.

                     As for Kelsey and Erythia, the two drones stood and assumed a statuary like pose with their mouth openings remaining accessible. Smiling, Gordon moved to the table he indicated previously indicated and proceeded to pour out similar amounts into the nearby cups.

                     “Time to make sure you two drones get your regular nutrition doses. I’m not sure what is in this stuff but the tech guys tell me that all drones need this on a regular basis,” Gordon mused as he gathered up the cups and moved in front of Kelsey.

                     “Prepare for nutrition, Kelsey,” Gordon intoned and watched as the drone tilted her head back slightly in response. Gordon slowly poured the contents of the cup into Kelsey’s mouth and repeated the instruction and process with Erythia. Putting the cups back on the table, Gordon debated

                    “Erythia and Kelsey, return to first position. Kelsey, augment look twenty five percent. Once in position, enter display mode SL and stand by,” Gordon intoned and watched as the drones carried out his commands.

                    For the Kelsey drone, her mouth opening sealed up. At the same time, Kelsey’s breasts increased in size to what looked to be DD cup size with her butt showing a similar increase in growth. The drone followed Erythia back to the positions they were in when Gordon entered the lab. Once there, both drones turned to face each other.  Kelsey reached out with her right hand and placed it atop Erythia’s breast. At the same time, Kelsey bent her left arm and reached upwards with it in the direction of Erythia. Erythia made movements that mirrored her fellow drone and the resulting look was quite visually stimulating as well as quite erotic.

                     “Very nice indeed. I think the tech folks will be quite excited to see that display. Denise, follow me to my private elevator,” Gordon intoned before motioning towards the door to the lab.

                   Unlocking the door, Gordon and Denise left the lab, headed to the right and stopped in front of an elevator with a key pad to the right of it. Punching in the combination needed, Gordon stepped inside followed by the droned Denise.

                   “All right, tech folks. You may return to work in the labs. I’ve taken one of the drones with me for, ahhh, personal reasons. Continue with your work as scheduled,” Gordon said into his cell before putting it away.

                   Shortly thereafter, Gordon was in his office and stretched his arms as he looked around at the opulence he had in his space. Asking Denise to stand in front of his desk and assume W1 pose, Gordon took a seat behind his desk and reached into a desk drawer on his right.

                  Pulling out what looked to be some sort of remote, Gordon depressed a number of buttons on it before pointing the remote in Denise’s direction and pressing a single button on the upper right part of the remote.

                  A moment or so later, Denise’s entire body shuddered slightly and a mouth opening appeared on the drone’s face. “Wh, what’s going on? Am, am I back to normal? Why can’t I move? Mister Mitchell, please, I’ve served my punishment. Let me go,” Denise asked in a pleading voice.

                  Gordon chuckled as he pointed the remote once again in Denise’s direction and depressed a solitary button. “There. You can move your head temporarily and remember since your, ahhh, alteration has been restored on this occasion. You’ll see that your recent declaration is rather, ahhh, hollow,” the CEO said quietly.

                 Denise tilted her head downwards slightly and realized Mitchell was speaking the truth. “My, my god, I’m still a drone. Why, why did you restore my ability to speak and remember? Are you tormenting me?” the drone asked as it found the rest of her body remained unresponsive to her thoughts.

                 “Tormenting? No, no, no. I’m curious as to the extent the process imbues onto the subject’s mental state of mind. My lab boys say that the original persona lies dormant and can be revived years after the initial transformation. Myself, I’m not a firm believer in stuff based solely on probabilities. So, consider this to be the first test,” Gordon said quietly.

                  “The first? You mean, this will happen again? When? How long from now? I...” Denise started to ask before Gordon pointed the remote in her direction and depressed a solitary button once again. Less than an instant later, Denise’s head moved slightly upwards as her mouth opening disappeared and her head was once again smooth and devoid of anything it was once a woman.

                   “I would say that how long I wait is entirely up to me. For now, drone, follow me back to the lab. The tech boys seem to think you might be suited to work in the area of swimming pool construction or something like that. Always analyzing details and stuff like that, those tech folks,” Gordon said as he stood and headed towards the door leading out of the office.

                  The drone obediently followed the executive of the office. For Denise, this was her new existence. Carrying out commands and orders was what Denise would be doing for the foreseeable future.

                  When that future would change was not up to Denise. She was now a drone and no input on such matters…

                  No matter what….