The Gresham Girls, Part I - First Night

by Gynoid Master

Cold. That was the first sensation that Katherine Lewis became aware of as the darkness lifted. She was groggy and felt sluggish, as if her brain was operating in slow motion. The last thing she remembered was walking back to the car through the forest. A blanket - she'd been going back to get another blanket. She and her friends, Justine and Anne, were staying at Anne's family's cabin in the Oregon woods, and they hadn't been able to get a fire going in the fireplace. As the sunset faded on the horizon, she'd volunteered to walk back the short distance to the car through the woods for an extra blanket. She'd borrowed Justine's red sweater against the chill and started off. But Katherine had never reached the car. She remembered hearing a noise in the darkness behind her, and she'd turned her head. Then a shock had coursed through her body - like she'd been hit by lightning. And then darkness until she'd awoken here. She tried to open her eyes, but everything was blurry at the moment, so she closed them again. Katherine could tell that she was lying on some kind of flat metal surface. And she could feel the goosebumps rising on her skin - there was chilly air circulating around her. It was then that Katherine realized that she couldn't move her arms or legs. They were restrained by something. She also discovered that she wasn't wearing Justine's sweater anymore. She was naked.

That thought was enough to clear the remaining cobwebs from her mind, and Katherine opened her eyes nervously. The room was dimly lit, but she could see that she was in a lab of some kind. There were strange machines around the room, and active computer screens flickering everywhere. She was lying on what looked like a doctor's examination table, but she was strapped down tightly, and odd, sinister looking instruments were clustered and hanging from the ceiling above her. Panic hit her like a tidal wave and Katherine began to whimper, but she was too afraid to scream, lest her captors discover that she was awake. Long minutes passed as her heart pounded furiously in her chest. But the minutes seemed to stretch into hours, and still nothing happened.

Finally, after she had settled a bit, Katherine heard a noise on the far side of the lab - a door closing. Someone had entered the room. She craned her head around to see, and saw a figure crossing the lab slowly. After a moment, she could see that it was a young woman in a simple nurse's uniform. Then a bank of lights above her turned on, and as the woman stepped into their glare, Katherine was shocked to realize that she recognized her. "Oh my God! Carrie…?"

The woman was Carrie Anderson, a fellow student of Katherine's at Gresham High School. Carrie was a shy sixteen-year-old - a petite but pretty five-foot-two brunette, who had gone missing while walking home from school one afternoon nearly six months before. Carrie's disappearance had shocked the sleepy Portland suburb, and when the police had failed to uncover any clues, terrified parents could do nothing but wait. Katherine didn't know Carrie well, but she'd had a few classes with the girl and she certainly liked her enough. And now, she was here to help her. Relief flooded through Katherine as she grasped at the fragile strand of hope. "Carrie, what are you doing here?! How did you get here? Where are we?" Carrie stepped quietly up to the side of the table, her face an emotionless mask. Katherine, struggling anew with her restraints, failed to notice the girl's odd expression. "Carrie, quick - help me get these straps off!" Carrie stood silently for a moment, and then reached for the restraints. But rather than loosening the straps, she pulled them even tighter. The leather bands cut sharply into Katherine's arms and the auburn haired girl cried out in surprise and pain. "Carrie, what are you doing?! We've got to get out of here - you've got to help me…!" It was then that Katherine looked up at the smaller girl's face. Carrie stared blankly ahead, her hazel eyes cold. After a moment, she looked down at Katherine and gave her a vacant smile. Then she spoke, and her voice was pleasant but flat, "Katherine, please do not struggle. Your attempts to escape are useless and will only make the process more unpleasant. Cybernization will commence momentarily." Carrie's eyes seemed to unfocus and her head tilted as if she was listening to a voice that only she could hear. Then her retinas flashed, glowing for a moment with a clearly inhuman light. "Downlink initiated. Receiving new program. Receiving... Receiving... Receiving... Download successful. Instructions understood. Initiating program..." Katherine stared in horror at her friend and fear closed anew around her heart. Tears began to roll down her cheeks. "Oh my, God… Carrie, what have they done to you?" she cried softly, her body shuddering against the straps as sobs overcame her.

Suddenly, Carrie seemed to come alive, as if her soul had awoken from a long sleep. She smiled radiantly and reached up to caress Katherine's cheeks, smoothing the tears away with her thumbs. "Sshhh… don't cry. Please don't cry. It's okay. I'm just fine, Kathy. All of my systems are functioning perfectly. You'll understand everything soon, sweetie. Everything will make sense in a few minutes. Let me show you…" Carrie then stepped back and began unbuttoning her blouse. She pulled it open and shrugged it from her shoulders, revealing her naked breasts. They were small but stunning. Perfect. Too perfect. Carrie smiled again at her captive friend and reached up with her right hand into the instrument bay above the exam table. She efficiently withdrew a thin, 8-inch long metal probe, that seemed to vibrate almost imperceptibly, singing like a tuning fork. Katherine could only stare in shock as Carrie gently caressed one of her own breasts with her other hand, then pinched her nipple sharply between her fingers, aimed the probe at the pink bud and swiftly pierced her herself deeply with the instrument. Katherine heard a soft hissing noise and then a click as the probe slid home within the girl's breast. Carrie continued to smile warmly at Katherine, seemingly unfazed by what she had just done to herself. Then she gave the probe a sharp twist, and pulled. There was another, louder hissing noise and Carrie's left breast came off, still skewered on the probe, revealing a thick mound of circuitry and other mechanisms inside her chest. She let go of the probe, which retracted toward the ceiling, the detached breast dangling over Katherine's head. She could see that it was little more than a fleshy covering, but noticed that it seemed to be made of real muscle and soft tissue… and it was slimy on the underside. A drop of some kind of thick fluid dripped onto her forehead from it and she screamed.

"Now you know my secret, Kathy. When I was taken, I was an awkward little girl. Now, I'm perfect. Cybernetically enhanced, completely programmable, fully adaptable and capable of functioning as a normal woman, only better." Katherine's sobs were continuous now. The only thing she could think to say was, "Why?" Carrie reached out and touched her cheek lovingly once more. "To serve my Master. To pleasure and protect him. And now you will serve him too." Katherine's fear became unbearable as this horrific… thing that had once been Carrie Anderson ran its hands slowly over her naked body. A detached part of her mind noted that its hands felt warm… real. She moaned in anguish as she felt her breasts being caressed with obvious sexual intent, her nipples stroked relentlessly. "No! Stop! Please…" But the assault continued. And after a few minutes, against her will, Katherine's body began to react to the stimulation, betraying its arousal. Her hips twisted languidly against the restraints. She felt a hand slide down her abdomen, down over her furry mound to apply the perfect pressure to the swelling, tender flesh between her legs. Deft, efficient fingers began swirling over her engorged clit. Her vagina shuddered in response, her body arching off the table to increase the pressure… the pleasure. Carrie knew exactly how to work Katherine's sex. She was incredible… but no, it wasn't Carrie - not anymore. She was a fucking android. A machine. But this beautiful machine had just slipped two fingers into Katherine's wet sex and was now fucking her with a brisk perfectness that she'd never known in all her seventeen years of life. God, she was gonna come harder than she'd ever imagined possible. Katherine felt the orgasm rushing at her like a freight train. She was helpless to its power. Then she gasped as she felt the fingers spreading her sex wide, opening her. Something that felt smooth, hard and impossibly thick slipped into her gaping cunt and began to vibrate intensely. Almost immediately, Katherine's vaginal muscles clamped down hard on the huge phallus as her orgasm crashed through her body. She was aware of her own gasping cries echoing off the sterile walls of the lab… her voice announcing her body's pleasure. Her body convulsed for nearly a full minute, her mind almost unconscious from the intensity of the experience.

When she became aware of her surroundings again, she could feel the soft fingers that had pleasured her now caressing her face. Katherine felt the phallus still buried deeply inside her, showing no signs of withdrawing. It's vibrations were a perfect match for the probe Carrie had used earlier, and they now grew in intensity, so that she could hear the high-pitched, pure tone ringing in the air… and feel it singing through her entire body. Then Carrie's lovely face filled her view, her soft, dark hair tickling her skin. "Sweet Katherine… you're so beautiful. And now you'll be perfect. Cybernization commencing," she said with a smile. Katherine couldn't think about what that meant. She could only respond as Carrie placed a tender kiss upon her lips. She felt loved. Carrie loved her, didn't she? Of course, she did. Carrie was her friend. Carrie was kissing her. Carrie had made her feel so good. And now, Carrie took Katherine's face in her hands and pushed her head down against the table, holding it there firmly. Katherine felt a sharp, stinging pressure on the back of her head, and then, with a tiny, crunching pop, another vibrating probe entered her skull and imbedded itself deeply in the center of her brain. Its ringing filled her ears from the inside, drowning out all thoughts but one: Carrie loves me

Carrie silently watched as Katherine's nervous system reacted to the intrusion and the lingering effects of her orgasm. Her cybernization subroutine tracked Katherine's vital functions, watching them slow as the tremoring in girl's body lessened and her deep breaths quieted to tiny shuddering gasps… then stopped completely. The rush of endorphins that had flooded through Katherine's system during her orgasm provided vital energy to the millions of tiny nanoprobes that were entering her body through the cranial interlink in her brain stem. Each a miracle of molecular design and computing, they coursed through Katherine's brain, attaching themselves to its countless nerve endings. They raced down her spinal column, deactivating all sensory and pain receptors, so that she felt nothing, and severing all connections to her vital organs. When this process was complete, a second probe extended from the phallus in Katherine's vagina, piercing her uterus and continuing on through her diaphragm and through the wall of her abdominal cavity. Then it too began releasing millions of nanoprobes, which immediately started disassembling her internal organs. At this point, Katherine's body was, by standard medical definition, technically dead. But though her heart had stopped beating, and indeed no longer even remained as such within her chest, her mind and much of her body remained quite alive, nourished and sustained by the nanoprobes. A new biomechanical network was being constructed, atom by atom, molecule by molecule, throughout her entire body, using her own soft tissue and organs as the building materials.

Carrie's smile faded, the simulation of emotion unnecessary as Katherine's eyes were now unseeing, her conscious mind completely unaware of her surroundings and the changes her body was undergoing. Carrie also stopped releasing the synthetic human sexual pheromones that had ensured Katherine's responsiveness and submissiveness. Carrie then undid the straps securing her body. As she continued to monitor the first stage of the girl's cybernization, she reattached her left breast cover and stood silently by the table, waiting to receive the appropriate signal from Katherine's nanoprobes - the signal that they had completed their first task. One hundred and ninety-three minutes later, Carrie's eyes again unfocused and flashed, and her head tilted slightly.

"Transmission received. Primary internal conversion complete. Commencing stage two."

Carrie moved efficiently to a nearby computer terminal and entered a code sequence. The phallus withdrew itself smoothly from the girl's vagina. Above Katherine's inert form, a series of mechanical arms descended and moved in perfect synchronization over her body. Microlaser cutters activated and began slicing through her flesh, bisecting her torso, cutting the flesh of her arms and legs into sections. There was no blood - it had long since been converted into a clear, thick nutrient/lubricating fluid, but this didn't bleed as one might expect. Only small rivulets of it gathered along the incisions. A second set of robotic arms descended and began removing the cut sections of flesh from Katherine's body, which was now basically a living shell, exposing the new structures beneath.

Had anyone been present to watch this stage of the cybernization, they would have been horrified at the sight. Katherine's bones had been converted into an artificial endoskeleton composed of ceramic/metallic composites. A thousand tiny attachment points were visible on its inner surface and, other than a complex spiderweb of micro-optical data connections, her torso was largely empty. Her head and neck remained attached to this endoskeleton, as yet unchanged. Carrie quickly scanned Katherine's superstructure, making sure that everything had been assembled within the proper design tolerances. Then she activated another sequence in the computer, and yet a third set of robotic arms descended. In a blur of high-speed, precision manufacturing, they began attaching components, inserting new artificial organs, finalizing network connections and, in short, assembling Katherine's mechanisms. The arms made several passes over her body, and after another forty-three minutes, Katherine's internal structures were complete. Carrie again moved to inspect the construction, and used a small handheld device to fine tune and test the integrity of each system and connection. Satisfied that everything had been properly assembled, she triggered the next sequence in the process, and Katherine's flesh was repositioned and reattached to her endoskeleton, like a macabre jigsaw puzzle. When her outer flesh had been reassembled, the nanoprobes that now permanently saturated her artificial body went to work, closing the incisions and sealing her body completely. Katherine's new body was perfect. While her internal structure was completely altered, most of her original flesh and soft muscle tissue remained. It was warm, soft and pliable, but now it was also stronger, healed almost instantly and was completely unblemished. Her breasts were larger and more perfectly shaped, her nipples were rounder and more swollen, her hips were fuller, her muscles more well-toned. But Katherine wasn't yet complete.

Carrie now moved around to the head of the table and attached a series of electrodes to Katherine's forehead. Leads from each electrode ran to another portable computer station, which suddenly activated. Its screen came to life with a 3D virtual representation of Katherine's brain, which could best be described as if it were in pause mode. Though her eyes remained open, Katherine was unseeing, unaware, unthinking, unfeeling and for all practical purposes, unconscious. But her identity remained completely intact and undamaged despite the invasive procedures that had already been performed on her body. Satisfied that all variables were within nominal tolerances, Carrie's cybernization subroutine cycled on and transmitted a signal to the nanoprobes in Katherine's brain, triggering the final stage in the process.

"Neural fingerprint file Katherine Alpha 0001 open. Initiating brain scan. Recording... recording... recording..."

At the same synchronized instant, every nanoprobe in Katherine's brain scanned the neuron to which it was attached and transmitted that data to the computer, which compiled and recorded the information on a series of massive, chained RAID hard drives, creating a complete and exact record of the girl's memories, feelings, experiences - her entire identity as a human being. The process took barely two minutes.

"Neural fingerprint encoded. Data compression complete. Volume file size 21.1 kiloquads. Writing unit Katherine Alpha 0001 control software and primary operating subroutines. Compiling. Program complete. Backup complete."

CyberLab Camera 12CyberLab Camera 12

Katherine's consciousness had now been completely digitized. Her identity and personality were still there as part of the program, but her own "free will" had been overwritten in favor of an entirely new control engine. Like any other software controlled device, she was completely subservient, adaptable, upgradable and fully programmable.

Carrie removed the electrodes from Katherine's head, returned to the main computer and entered another code sequence. Once again, the nanoprobes in Katherine's head went to work, converting the bone in her neck and skull into ceramic/metallic composites like the rest of her endoskeleton. The neurons in her brain were transformed into massively parallel optical/digital processors, each networked with all those around it. Cranial sensory nerves became optical data lines. Eyes, ears, nose and mouth appeared unchanged to the naked eye but were now precision active and passive electronic sensors, thousands of times more sensitive and efficient than before. Even Katherine's vocal organs were converted, but not before their structure was identified and the girl's vocal patterns were software emulated to within .00025 percent accuracy. Not even her mother would perceive a difference in the newly mechanoid Katherine's voice. After a short period of time, a signal from the computer terminal informed Carrie that the conversion of Katherine's head was finished. Katherine was now 100% android. All that remained was a final series of systems checks. Carrie walked around the table to Katherine's head and grabbed a small, handheld laser scalpel. With her left hand Carrie stroked the girl's fiery hair aside and began cutting a thin, bloodless incision from the back of one ear completely around her head. When she reached her starting point, Carrie set the scalpel aside and, using both hands, removed Katherine's scalp and the top of her face to reveal a completely mechanized internal structure. Carrie connected a diagnostic device to various terminals in Katherine's skull, testing each system in turn. Satisfied that Katherine's new body was functioning as expected, she deftly reattached the girl's scalp, which sealed itself immediately. Then, Carrie attached a long data cable to a hidden port behind the girl's right ear and activated a data link. "Diagnostic complete," Katherine intoned softly. "All systems functioning within normal parameters. Unit in standby mode awaiting restart for final neural program download." Carrie spoke a final set of commands. "Initialize all systems, restart and engage downlink." Katherine's body shuddered for a moment and seemed to become lifeless as she powered down. Then her body reactivated and her eyelids fluttered. "Restart successful. Downlink initiated. Receiving new program. Receiving... receiving... receiving.... Download successful. Instructions understood. Initiating program..." Katherine's eyelids fluttered again momentarily and then she sat up and looked at Carrie emotionlessly.

Carrie stepped forward. "Recognize unit Carrie Alpha 0001." Instantly, Katherine's personality seemed to assert itself and, for an instant, her eyes flashed inhumanly. "Unit recognized. Recognize unit designate Katherine Alpha 0001." "Unit recognized," Carrie replied. "Alpha-level conversion complete." She smiled knowingly… and Katherine smiled brightly in return.

In another part of the building, in a darkened office, a silent figure observed the two female androids on a monitor and smiled as well. It had taken months to complete Carrie Anderson's conversion and fine-tune her mechanisms and programming. The girl's operating system had crashed more than a dozen times before all the software bugs had been located and eliminated. Even then, a bad data transfer had almost resulted in the loss of her neural fingerprint, and thus her personality - an error that could have been devastating. Without her original personality, no matter how perfect Carrie's cybernetic body was, she would have been unable to function undetected in her original environment. But not only was the girl convincingly humanlike in every way, Carrie had successfully captured and transformed a second subject. Androids that turn living, breathing human beings into more androids, each as perfect as the last. The plan was proceeding perfectly. So perfectly, in fact, that it was time to step up the timetable. The man leaned forward in his chair, and spoke into an intercom. "Ladies… activate stealth mode. Engage personality subroutines and proceed with your mission assignments immediately." On the screen, both girls looked up at the camera and smiled. "Instructions received and understood, Master," they intoned happily, their eyes flashing briefly. Then, giggling in simulated modesty at their suddenly perceived states of undress, both girls left the conversion lab to follow their orders, chatting animatedly as they went… just like any pair of schoolgirls. Soon, the man thought, the women of Gresham will be mine.


"Jesus, Kathy, where have you been?!" Justine Barnes cried as her redheaded friend walked through the cabin's front door and waved meekly. "It's almost 2 in the morning! We've been looking for you all night!" Justine hugged Katherine tightly and pulled her into the living room. On the sofa, Anne Severson turned to see the girls enter. "Kathy? You've been gone for hours… we almost called the police." Katherine gave an embarrassed smile. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was gone so long. I just decided to go for a walk and I guess I got lost." She held up a pile of heavy, folded quilts. "I got the blankets we wanted from the car," she said hopefully. Anne took the blankets and set them aside, then hugged the girl tightly. "Are you crazy?! Who cares about the blankets - we're just glad you're okay. Come on, let's have some coco and get to bed. You've exhausted us with worrying!" Laughing and happy, all three girls headed for the kitchen.

A shot of hot chocolate and several hours of fitful sleep later, Anne Severson drifted to semi-consciousness in the dark early hours before dawn, inexplicably aroused. Her nipples ached with her desire, and she was pleasantly aware they were being stroked leisurely. Anne felt the swell of her breast being tenderly squeezed and she moaned softly, opening her eyes to see that the hand was small, feminine and decidedly not her own. She rolled over in surprise, and found her lithe body in Katherine's warm embrace. Anne was suddenly unable to think, as her friend reached up to stroke her face soothingly. "Sshhhh… It's okay, sweetie," Katherine whispered tenderly. "You were dreaming and touching yourself in your sleep. Your poor body looked so turned on. I wanted to help make it feel better." Katherine began planting tiny kisses on Anne's cheeks. Annie looked over Katherine's very naked and very warm body and saw Justine lying on the other side of the sofa bed, facing away from them, sound asleep. She gasped as Katherine stroked her nipples again, and swallowed tightly. "Kathy, I don't… I've never… what if Justine…" she stammered in a frantic whisper. Katherine parted Anne's legs with one of her own and smiled. "You know how Justine sleeps. She'll never know. Besides, I know how much you need this." She slipped her hand inside Anne's panties and dipped a long, slender finger into the girl's slippery folds, making her body arch in pleasure. Then Katherine withdrew the finger and drew it between her pouting lips, laughing softly. "I can taste how much you need this. Sweetie, I can make you feel so good. All you have to do is say yes." She slipped two fingers into Anne's churning pussy this time and stroked her thumb over the girl's swollen clit. Anne's eyes rolled in pleasure. She was far beyond caring whether having sex with her girlfriend was wrong or even about getting caught. "Ohhh… gawd. Yes… please…," she begged. Katherine smiled seductively at her writhing friend and slid the girl's panties off completely. She moved swiftly, settling herself into the rocking cradle of Anne's hips and initiating her own rhythm of movement, which her friend quickly matched. Katherine ground her abdomen against the girl's pelvis, crushing their tender flesh together and creating a delicious friction. Then she took one of the girl's nipples into her mouth and began sucking gently.

Anne was helpless against the mounting tension in her body, awash in feelings she'd never experienced before. She'd never imagined what it would be like to have sex with a woman… and this was her best friend! She and Katherine had grown up together, had known each other since kindergarten. They'd been girl scouts together and talked for hours about boys and sex. And now her best friend was making love to her. Every nerve ending in her body was singing with the sheer joy and forbidden pleasure of that thought.

As Anne's moans became gasping cries, she failed to notice that her best friend was watching her reactions silently. After a few minutes, Katherine lifted her upper body high over Anne, supporting her weight with her arms, while still grinding her pelvis into the girl's pussy. Moments later, Katherine's large clit began to swell unnaturally. It grew thicker, fatter and longer… much longer. In a matter of moments, her clit had become a huge, swollen phallus, easily the size of a cucumber. With a deft motion, Katherine changed the angle of her hips, pressing the tip of the phallus into the mouth of Anne's vagina. Anne did the rest, the frantic thrusting of her hips causing the giant shaft to push inside her body. She gasped loudly in shock and surprise as Katherine suddenly thrust her hips deeply into Anne's and began fucking her hard. Intense pleasure exploded through her belly, and Anne screamed against the overwhelming flood of sensation. She met Katherine's every thrust with a frantic one of her own, as her pussy stretched impossibly to accept the hammering assault. But Katherine's motions grew ever faster. Anne was screaming in pleasure now, her pussy gaping wider against her friend's bludgeoning assault. It was relentless - like being fucked by a machine. When she thought she could take no more, Anne opened her feverish eyes to see Katherine smiling at her, with an oddly blank expression on her face - an emotionless expression. Then her friend's eyes flashed softly in the darkness and, before Anne could register what that meant, Katherine pistoned her hips deeply and the phallus pushed through her cervix and into her uterus. The unthinkably deep penetration shattered Anne to the core, triggering a fiery, gut-wrenching orgasm. Her body arched up into Katherine's embrace and froze. Her mind was overwhelmed, cleansed in an inferno of bliss. Then she felt a molten gush inside her belly, which seemed to seep into every part of her body, spreading out from her uterus to her chest and even into her fingers and toes - Katherine had just flooded her with cum. Finally, Anne simply couldn't think any longer, as the flood reached her brain….

Katherine held the frozen girl tightly in her arms and discontinued releasing the synthetic sexual pheromones that had triggered Anne's arousal. Her internal sensors monitored the progress of the millions of tiny nanoprobes that had just been injected into Anne's body through the phallus. They went to work immediately, converting flesh into artificial mechanisms, creating a network of data connections and completely rewiring the girl's body. Without the support of the more complex machinery of her Master's CyberLab, Katherine could only perform a Beta-level android conversion. But Beta-level conversion was all that was required of this subject. Most of Anne's internal organs and biological systems would remain intact, but would simply be enhanced, becoming stronger and more efficient. Her skin became more perfect, her breasts fuller, her body more perfectly shaped. Countless nanoprobes infiltrated the girl's brain and attached themselves to her neurons. But her organic brain would remain in this state - no further conversion would occur. Her own identity and memories remained locked in her synapses, but now they were overridden by the neural network that the nanoprobes formed. Anne's personality survived, but faded in the background, becoming secondary to her new programming. As a Beta unit, Anne wouldn't have primary level control software. Instead, her operating system would function in slave mode, receiving instructions from other Alpha units - in this case Katherine - by remote, and acting accordingly. She would be perfectly obedient, following her programming at all times, but otherwise acting under her own, human personality.

The first rose-tinted light of dawn was just visible in the cabin windows, when Katherine detected Anne's uplink transmission, signaling the end of the conversion process. Katherine's phallus/injector shrunk slowly, retreating back into her own body as Anne's enhanced vagina closed and tightened in its wake. Then the girl's frozen body came alive in Katherine's arms, relaxing onto the bed underneath her. Anne's breathing resumed and her heart continued beating, but the girl was otherwise unresponsive. Katherine accessed the Beta's neural network and ran a series of software and hardware diagnostic routines. Occasionally, Anne's body would shudder or move in response to Katherine's unspoken commands. Once she was satisfied that Anne was functioning within acceptable parameters, Katherine began downloading secondary level control software into the girl's brain. When that was done, Katherine triggered a system restart. Anne became unconscious for a few seconds and then opened her eyes, which flashed with an inhuman glow. Katherine spoke emotionlessly. "Recognize unit Katherine Alpha 0001." Anne's personality came alive as she replied. "Unit recognized. Recognize unit designate Anne Beta 0001," she said softy. "Unit recognized," Katherine responded. "Beta-level conversion complete. Prepare to receive initial mission instructions." Anne smiled warmly and replied. "Downlink initiated. Receiving new program... receiving... receiving..."

And on the other side of the bed, where she lay asleep, oblivious to what had just occurred, Justine awoke. Then she smiled, her brown eyes flashing artificially against the soft light of dawn. "Downlink initiated. Receiving new program... receiving... receiving..."


Author's Note (12/1/00)

The two animated images in the text were created by me and were generated using Poser 4 and Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and Ulead Gif Animator 1.5. The internal android skeleton was borrowed from an image created by Hoffman of MechaGal Lab.

The idea behind Part I was to set up this series with a highly detailed and technically "plausible" human-to-android conversion. You'll have to decide if I was successful. But if you liked this story, please send e-mail with feedback. I'm particularly interested in hearing comments from female readers. How many women are out there that are into gynoids and androids? What's the "fairer" sex's perspective on the fetish? These are interesting questions, I think. In any case, your correspondence will help me in formulating future chapters in this series and other stories, so thanks in advance. Until Part II, best wishes to all...

© 2000 - Gynoid Master

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