Chapter One

by Captain Blood

The rain continued to fall steadily. It had been pouring for over half an hour, and, now Laura was hopelessly lost. She pulled the car over to the side of the road, and stopped.

"Damn!" She hit her fist on the steering wheel, and tried to peer through the rain. "Now I'm not only lost, but, I can't see through the windshield, and the car has stalled! I'm afraid we're going to have to wait this one out."

From the back seat, Nancy whined, " But I needed to get home tonight. We're already late, and Rick will be worried sick."

Deborah whirled around from the passenger seat, "You held us up at the convention until it was nighttime. If we'd left when we were supposed to, this probably wouldn't have happened."

Ladies, PLEASE!" Laura was peering through the windshield. "I think I see some lights up ahead. Maybe it's a home. Why don't we see if they can help us get the car started?"

"Through the rain?" Nancy whined again from the back. "Why don't you go, and we'll wait here."

"I'm not going alone. Now, come on. If we run, we won't get too wet." With that Laura opened her door, and started running towards the lights. Deborah and Nancy plunged ahead after her.

The lights were coming from a house on a hillside about fifty yards ahead. As they got closer, they could see it was a large sprawling building, surrounded by large gnarled trees. Made of stone and wood, it seemed to grow out of the ground, rather than be built on it. As old and gnarled as the ancient trees.

Through the pelting rain, they ran as fast as they could. Laura reached the front door, and began knocking loudly. For a moment, nothing happened. Not a sound came from within. The three women stood shivering, huddled under the porch overhang. Then they heard someone releasing a number of locks and bolts.

"Just watch, Igor's going to open the door," Deborah whispered.

"Ssssh," Laura held a finger to her lips.

The large wooden door creaked open, and a young , beautiful woman peered out at them. "Yes? May I help you?"

Laura stepped closer to the door, hair matted down, soaking wet, shivering from the cold, and said, "We're sorry to disturb you, but we're lost, and our car's broken down. Could we please come in and use your phone?"

The young lady looked from face to face, and then stepped back, opening the door further , "Of course, of course, I'm sure the Master and Mistress won't mind at all. The phone is out because of the storm, but hurry in and we'll get you dried off."

As they entered, thanking the young woman, they were immediately struck by the immensity of the hall. Lit by dim light, the ceiling and far corners of the room seemed to disappear, going on forever into the shadows. Ornate furniture, made of heavy, dark wood, dark, rich, multicolored rugs , gray stone floor, wooden walls and ceiling- everything lent itself to a feeling of gloom. Atmospheric, yes, but also warm and dry. Anything was better than the cold wet night outside.

"Welcome to Greyrocks." They turned to look at their hostess. A woman in her twenties, with long straight black hair, and large, slanting dark eyes- all the darker for her pale white skin. She seemed to be apprising them, while at the same time appearing distant and aloof. She was wearing a tight fitting black skirt, which stopped just short of her knees, and a loose fitting white silk blouse. Her ample breasts could be easily seen through the diaphanous material, cupped in a white lace bra. Black stockings and high heeled shoes completed her wardrobe. She was a beautiful, striking woman.

"My name is Ireena. Serena and I can get you some dry clothes- I think they'll fit." She was scanning the three women, nodding as she did so. "But, first, get out of these wet ones, and take a nice warm bath. I'm sure you'll feel much better. Please follow me, and I'll show you to your rooms."

As they crossed the hall, Laura noticed a number of statues in recesses lining the walls. All were life size female nudes in a variety of poses. They reminded her of classic Greek and Roman styles. Even through the gloom, the stone they were carved from seemed to emanate a greenish glow of their own.

They headed up a grand staircase to the second floor, where a gallery overlooking the main hall had a number of passageways leading off. Each disappeared into vagueness, angles seemingly varied and abnormal. Passing along the upper gallery towards one of the passageways, Laura was again distracted by a sight out of the windows facing the rear of the building. Below, in the dim light, she could see a large greenhouse- one that reminded her of the mid-19th century Crystal Palace in London. In the center of the long glass and steel structure was a large dome. The size in comparison to the rest of the building was all out of proportion. In the darkness, she could only guess, but, it appeared to stretch more than sixty or seventy yards. On all sides, and beyond, were various enclosed gardens, sloping away down the hillside into the pitch black of the woods.

As they entered one of the hallways, the walls seemed to close in around them. Ireena walked on ahead, while the three women huddled closer together, following behind. A few doors down, Ireena stopped, tapped lightly on the door, and opened it.

"Serena, they're here," Ireena passed into the room. "Please come in." She motioned to them, "this is my sister, Serena."

Serena crossed the room, "Welcome to our home, I hope you'll be comfortable." An identical twin to Ireena, and dressed identically, she extended her hand.

"Thank you, we do so appreciate your taking us in. We certainly don't wish to impose." Laura was the first to shake her hand. Serena took her hand in a gentle, sensuous manner that sent a strange tingle through Laura. No woman had ever done that to her before.

"No imposition, I assure you. We have a bedroom for each of you. The storm will have the roads washed out until tomorrow. I'll lay out dry clothes for each of you. Leave your wet clothes in the hampers, and I'll take care to dry and clean them before morning,." Serena motioned to a door across the room, "you can each have a private bath , and there's plenty of hot water- Please, do indulge yourselves. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll attend to the next room."

"One of you take this room," Ireena said, as Serena passed through the doorway. "The next two doors down on this side are your other rooms. Choose whichever ones you wish. They are all quite similar."

She started to turn to leave, paused, and said, "oh, I do hope you like the clothing. It's not quite like the business suits you're wearing, but it will be most appropriate for dining with the Master and Mistress. Dinner is usually a fairly formal affair." With that she left the room, leaving the three looking at each other. At first not sure what to do, or say.

"All right, Nancy, why don't you take this room." Laura as usual took charge, and headed towards the door, "Deborah and I will take the rooms down the hall. Let's all get bathed, dressed, and then we'll meet our hosts and have some dinner."

"I want to meet these 'hosts' ," said Deborah. " Sound kind of kinky- I mean, 'Master and Mistress'. Wow!"

"Probably just their way of speaking," Laura said. " Nancy , we'll see you in an hour."

For all her bravado, Laura was not so sure of their circumstances as she sounded. But they were safe and warm, weren't they?

* ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** * *

Nancy stood in front of the bathroom mirror, brushing out her wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair. She was in her mid-twenties, and her body was in it's prime. Beautiful firm breasts, slim waist, rounded figure, with barely an ounce of excess. She also knew how to use this to her advantage. Not as bright as Deborah, or her boss, Laura, she had used her physical charms to get ahead. Good job, doting boyfriend, and she was just shallow enough to not even notice what anybody else thought of her.

Now she was preparing to meet the "Master and Mistress" of the opulent household. Judging from the clothes laid out on the bed, dinner must be a very formal, and exotic affair. The dress was a full length, low-cut, violet silk, with high heels, and gloves to match. But, even more sensuous were the under garments. All a purple/ violet; there were stockings, silk panties, corset, lace bra, and choker. It excited her just to think of donning these clothes.

Slowly, savoring each moment, she pulled the stockings up her legs, stroking and smoothing them all the way. Each item went in turn, until she stood before the full- length mirror in the bedroom, clothed in everything but the dress. On the dressing table, she found a stick of violet lipstick- a perfect touch, she thought.

Still standing before the mirror, she brought the lipstick to her mouth. As she began applying it to her lips, she felt the cylinder move in her fingers. With a look of surprise, she started to drop it. Faster than she could let go, the lipstick shot from the tube and darted into her slightly open mouth. By the second it grew longer and longer, moving down her throat. Frantically, she pulled at the tube, trying to pull it out, but, her fingers kept slipping on the shiny metal.

Squealing and moaning, she thrashed about the room, falling back onto the bed. When the tentacle reached her stomach, she could feel it releasing something, filling her belly. Now sobbing, she continued to try to pull it from her mouth, to no avail. Slowly, she began to feel a paralysis creep over her entire body. Her legs stopped kicking, her arms dropped to her sides. She found she couldn't even make a sound. Only her eyes were able to move, and they were wide open with stark fear. She couldn't move, but she could feel everything.

Now the metal tube dropped from the lipstick, and the tentacle grew out from her mouth, splitting into many sections. Two arms moved slowly onto her breasts, slid under the bra, and fastened themselves onto her nipples. They immediately began a suction motion, interspersed with releasing a slimy liquid which the suction cups licked and swirled around each breast. Even through her fear, it felt incredibly good.

Next, two tentacles crept down her body, over the corset, and into her panties. One slid between her cunt lips and slipped into her now very wet vagina. Once it had entered all the way, a small suction cup closed upon her clitoris, and began a sucking, vibrating motion. The other tentacle continued past, and entered her anus. This one hurt as it first entered, but, then slowly, and gently, it began moving through her intestines towards her stomach, where it eventually joined with the tentacle already there.

Fear and ecstasy combined as she felt herself being lifted to an orgasmic climax. Orgasm after orgasm rose and fell. She was losing count when she sensed two figures coming towards her from what seemed to be a dark aperture in the wall.

Ireena and Serena stood over her, both dressed in shiny, skin tight black latex from the neck down. Only their breasts and pubic areas were exposed. They looked down at her, and smiled. Gently, seductively, they leaned over her, and each kissed her on the cheek. Then they grabbed her by the shoulders, and lifted her to her feet. All Nancy could do was move her eyes from one to the other- a pleading look in her eyes. This only made them smile all the more. Not a sound did they make, as they simultaneously raised a forefinger, and touched it to the part of the tentacle coming from her mouth.

A new tentacle sprang from her lips, and began wrapping around her head and neck. Next they touched each of the tentacles at her breasts, and then, the two in her panties. From all these sprang new tentacles which began wrapping around her body, covering her completely from head to toe. Only the very top of her head, the tip of her nose, and her high heels were left uncovered. Even if she weren't already paralyzed, she now wouldn't be able to move a muscle.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **


Chapter Two

Laura met Deborah in the hallway, and they proceeded together down the hall to Nancy's room. The two of them were dressed in beautiful silk evening gowns. Laura's red hair was set off perfectly by a full length, dark blue, neck to ankle, loose flowing gown, while Deborah's long thick black hair was contrasted by a white, tight fitting knee length one. Freshly bathed, tastefully made up, their spirits had been revived. If they were going to have to stay here over night, they were determined to make the best of it.

They stopped at Nancy's door ,and knocked. No answer was forthcoming. They knocked again, louder. Still no answer. Laura tried the door knob, and found it unlocked. Supposing Nancy might either be in the bath, or sleeping, she peered in cautiously. All the lights were on, there was no sound from the bathroom.

She called out, "Nancy! Are you in the bath?" NO answer. "Hmm, She must have gone down ahead of us. I would have thought she'd have waited." Laura shrugged her shoulders, and reentered the hall. "Well, let's catch up with her, I'm famished."

At the foot of the grand staircase, they saw to the left of the hall, two large wooden doors standing open. A bright warm glow emanated from the room. As they entered, they marveled at the rich trappings of the dining room. Lit by innumerable candles all about the walls, the table, and the enormous crystal chandelier in the center of the ceiling.

But, even more imposing than the room, were the Master and Mistress, standing together, at the foot of the table. He stepped forward extending his hand, "welcome to our home, ladies. My name is Karl Rakossy, and, this is my wife, Freida."

As they shook his hand, Freida stepped up behind him, and stretched out her hand also. "Pleased to meet you, Laura, and Deborah, I am told." They both nodded, struck by her extraordinary presence. "I join my husband in welcoming you. Did you find your accommodations acceptable?"

"Oh, yes, just wonderful!" said Deborah enthusiastically. "Thank you so much for allowing us to stay the night. I don't know what we would have done were it not for you."

"Think nothing of it my dear. It is our pleasure to have three such lovely ladies grace our home for an evening." Rakossy looked striking in his black tuxedo. He appeared to be in his fifties, tall and slim, with dark piercing eyes, and an aquiline nose. His thinning hair was jet black.

Freida, was no less striking, in her forties, or fifties, and dressed in a black evening dress, which clung to every curve of her ample figure. Her face was gaunt, and pale, but exceedingly beautiful. Her pale features were set off all the more by bright red lipstick, heavy dark eyeliner, and long, thick black hair.

"Now, won't you please join us at the table," Rakossy stood aside, and motioned towards the banquet size dining table. "I'm sure you will find the food most delightful. Oh, by the way," Rakossy stopped, and turned to look at them, "where is you friend, Nancy? Did she not wish to dine?"

"We thought she was already down here." Laura said, "haven't you seen her?"

"No, but I will have one of our girls look for her." Rakossy seemed unconcerned, "this is a big house, and if she went off exploring, she might easily get lost. Please sit down, I'll return in a moment."

With that he turned, and left the room, leaving by a door in the back wall. "Well, I'm starved, and I don't want to wait." Deborah walked to the table, and sat down , "come on Laura, you know Nancy, she's a flake. Probably tried to find her way down stairs. She could get lost trying to find her feet."

Laura laughed in agreement, "you're right, I'm sure. Guess I worry too much." Or too little. This was the second time tonight, that she had had an uneasy feeling. But she shrugged it off, and joined Deborah at the table.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Nancy lay , naked, pinned to a metal table, with metal straps across her ankles, above her knees, at her waist, beneath, and above her breasts, across her throat, forehead, and, most invasive, one that went across her mouth with a plug which filled her mouth. The only sound she could make was a small whimper. The room appeared to be some sort of laboratory. White walls, floor, and ceiling. Apparatuses of all sorts lined the walls, including machines, with strange devices attached. The lighting was extremely bright, seemingly coming from everywhere. Nancy felt totally exposed, and vulnerable.

Ireena, and Serena stood over her, arranging something between her legs. They were ignoring her completely. Nancy whimpered, hoping to attract their attention. When that didn't work, she began to struggle frantically against her bonds. All this accomplished was a tightening of the straps. Even though made of metal, the bonds seemed alive. They were able to sense any movement she made, and responded in kind. When she tried to lift her head to see better, the strap across her neck tightened so that her breath became restricted. This elicited a reaction from Ireena an Serena. They immediately began working more quickly at their task.

Nancy heard a whir of machinery inside the table. Two metal arms rose up on either side of her breasts, and suction cups on both clamped onto her breasts. Instead of massaging her breasts, she felt small sharp needles pierce her nipples. Nancy squealed through her gag, and tears came to her pleading eyes. Something was being injected into her breasts. Simultaneously, a large metal phallus entered her vagina and another, smaller one, slipped into her anus. Both these also began secreting something . Besides the initial invasion, there was no more pain. Instead, Nancy felt an incredible wave of sensuousness stream through her. She had never felt so good. It became hard to think, hard to fear, hard to concentrate on anything but the orgasmic feeling sweeping through her body. As she writhed in ecstasy, again the neck strap tightened, and Nancy's brain began to fog. For some reason she could not understand, this made the orgasms even stronger.

Just as unconsciousness was closing in, a sharp searing pain shot through her neck, and into her brain. A large needle was injecting a liquid into her spine. The last thing she felt as she faded was an explosion in her brain, as though everything that was her was being blasted away to make room for something else.

Ireena, and Serena removed all the devices, and walked out of the room. The body that had contained what had been Nancy, stared sightlessly at the cold white ceiling.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"Was the pheasant to your liking?" Rakossy asked, wiping his lips delicately with a linen napkin. "I'm only sorry Nancy wasn't here to enjoy it."

"Yes that was a delicious meal, but, that still doesn't sound like Nancy to me," Laura said, placing her wine glass down on the table. "I mean, Nancy never misses a meal."

"Well, Ireena found her wandering through an upstairs hall before she came to serve dinner, and she said Nancy just wanted some time to herself. I'm sure that as soon as she's rested she'll be down. We have saved her some dinner." Rakossy reached for a decanter, and offered it to Laura, "would you like a small glass of Amontillado? It goes wonderfully after a meal such as this."

"No thank you," Laura raised a hand, stopping him from pouring the port. "I just won't feel comfortable until I know that Nancy's all right." Laura started to push her chair back from the table.

"What a shame," Rakossy almost hissed the words. "You would miss desert, and that would be very, very rude."

Laura knew instantly that they were in great danger. A shot of adrenaline coursed though her, and she started to leap from the chair. The chair moved faster than she. As if alive, straps reached out from the arms, legs, and back of the dark mahogany wood, and pulled her back. Both she and Deborah were subdued in seconds by straps across their chests, wrists, and ankles. Freida came up behind Laura, and stuffed a cloth gag into her mouth. Then she wrapped another piece of cloth over , and over around Laura's head, tying it at the back. Laura struggled in vain against her bonds, screams muffled beneath the gag.

Deborah was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Oh, God, no! Please, no! What are you going to mmmphh..." Her cries were cut short by Freida, who cupped a hand over her mouth, and then proceeded to wrap a cord around her neck. She pulled tight on the cord, and Deborah's eyes nearly bulged out of her head. She started turning blue, her eyes glazing over, when Freida released the pressure on her throat. Deborah's head lolled to one side, with her breath coming in short gasps.

"May I please have one of them, Master?" Freida asked of Rakossy. "Just for a little while? I promise not to cause too much pain."

"You may." Rakossy said, sternly, "But, I want no permanent, or visible, physical damage. Take Deborah. I have plans of my own for Laura."

Freida grinned gleefully, gently running her hands over Deborah's breasts. "Oh, thank you master, you are so generous to me. I promise to take good care of her!"

"Fine, but no more strangling for now," he wagged a finger at Freida. "You've already done too much damage. Take her to your chamber, and I'll meet you there when everything else is prepared."

Freida undid the straps on Deborah's chair, and lifted the limp form up into her arms, as though Deborah was nothing more than a small sleeping child. As Freida carried her from the room, Deborah's arms dangled like rag doll's at her side.

Rakossy now seated himself across the table from Laura, and looked her up and down approvingly for a few moments. "Well, Laura, I hadn't planned on placing you in this circumstance this soon, but it was inevitable." He offhandedly waved his fingers in the air, and stared off into space. "I know you are the brightest, the strongest of you three. But, do not for an instant think you can escape. Your eyes are full of defiance. That will end." He leaned across the table, staring straight into her eyes. She tried, but could not avert her eyes.

"Have you guessed the secrets of this house yet?" He smiled evilly at her, taking a small sip of his port. "I would guess that you have been suspicious, however, I am sure you have no idea of the depths that evil has sunk to in this house. I will keep you with me for a while, and give to you what I give to very few visitors; a look into those depths!" His eyes widened, and his lips curled into a sardonic grin. Deep in his eyes, Laura thought she could see sparkling red flames dancing playfully.

"First we shall see what has become of your friends, and then," he paused, as though savoring the moment. "And then, I will give you a very special tour." He let out aloud maniacal laugh, which seemed to echo through every hall and corridor of the house.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Deborah awoke in a darkly lit room, imbued with deep, rich furnishings; crimsons, and mahogany browns. She was tied, ankles and wrists, to a large, canopied bed. The velvet bedspread had been pulled down, so that she lay upon red silk sheets, and pillows. Her dress had been removed, but not her lingerie. The black clothing; bra, panties, stockings, and garter belt, against her pale white skin, stood out strikingly on the bed. Freida was busy rummaging in a chest, humming softly to herself. Deborah tried to call to her, but the red ball gag in her mouth prevented anything intelligible from escaping her lips.

"Did you say something ,dear?" Freida's voice was soothing; seductive. "I've got some very special toys I'd love to try on you. I haven't made love to a woman for, oh goodness, it must be days. Don't look so frightened, love. Master has forbidden me from harming you in any way. Just try to relax, and enjoy what I hope will be a lovely night."

Freida sidled towards the bed, dressed in a black diaphanous gown, black hair spilling across her shoulders. Around her waist, protruding from the gown, was a thick belt, with a large, shiny black phallus attached. Deborah twisted, and fought against her bonds. Muffled protests accompanied these futile actions. Freida swung herself onto the bed, and poised herself above Deborah. She lowered her face down to Deborah's, and flicked her tongue around the edges of the ball gag on Deborah's lips. Deborah tried to turn her head away, but there was no escaping Freida's invasions.

Freida continued caressing, and kissing her, moving towards her breasts. By the time Freida was fondling her breasts, Deborah was having a difficult time refusing the advances. Her breath was coming faster, and she felt herself becoming wet between her legs. All the while, Freida cooed softly, gently to her. When Freida finally poised herself to enter her, Deborah was ready to plead her to do so. With the skill of a truly experienced lover, Freida slid the phallus into Deborah, slowly, and lovingly. The sound Deborah made was one of kittenish delight. In and out, around and around, Freida thrust the phallus deeper and deeper into her. All reason, all fear, was lost to Deborah, as she began to respond in kind, moving her pelvis in time with Freida's gyrations.

Just as she was about to come, there was a loud knocking at the door. Ireena's voice disrupted the moment. "Mistress, Mistress! There are some guests at the door. Some guests I think you'll want to see!"

Freida pulled off of Deborah, gave a deep sigh, and said, "all right, Ireena! And if you ever interrupt me like that again, I'll rip your pathetic little heart right out of your chest!" She took a couple of deep breaths, and turned back to Deborah. "I'm sorry to have to cut this short, my dear, but, there are some guests at the door that I have been expecting." She walked over, and kissed Deborah on her right nipple, "if I can, I'll be back later to finish this." And with that ,she was out the door, gown flowing in the air, the phallus still attached to her.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

"Yes, may I help you?" Ireena stood in the doorway, peering out at the two women, and young man, standing under the eaves, trying to stay out of the rain.

"Yes, please. My son, and daughter, and I are lost, and our car broke down. Could we please use your phone?"

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


Chapter Three

Ruth Pickman let out a long, deep sigh. The warm water of the bath soothed her aching limbs, and took away the tensions of the day. What could easily have turned into a nightmare, had ended up all right after all. Thank goodness for Mr., and Mrs. Rakossy ! Two hours ago, she, and her two children had been stranded in the middle of nowhere, and now, they were safe , well fed, and warm. That lovely young woman, Ireena had seen to their every need. Mr., and Mrs. Rakossy couldn't have been more charming. Such culture, and class. They seemed to come from another time, and place. Ruth lay back in the tub, and felt herself slip into a peaceful slumber.

Cindy Pickman was down the hall, in her brother's bedroom, and not quite as serene as was her mother. "Dennis, thanks for letting me sit with you for a while. This place is pretty spooky, and after this evening..." her voice trailed off, and she shuddered.

"Oh, it's O.K., Cindy. Mom and I are here, and I think this place is pretty neat," Dennis sat on the edge of his bed, looking at his sister , seated at the foot of the bed. Both were college students; he a senior at the University of Massachusetts, and she, a sophomore at Amherst. They were good looking, clean cut kids. The kind that made a mom proud.

"Heck, do you realize, we're right in the middle of the Berkshires. Nathaniel Hawthorne used to come here; all sorts of famous writers and artists." An aspiring writer himself, he leaned forward excitedly, "I mean, do you realize, that H. P. Lovecraft even placed some of his stories in these hills. That makes it a neat kind of spooky to me."

"Ugh. That only makes it worse for me," Cindy shuddered even more. " I don't like his stuff. Old fashioned, and corny. If I'm going to read any horror, I'll stick with Stephen King, and Ann Rice, thank you."

This conversation continued into the night, Cindy too scared to go to sleep, and Dennis too excited. Back down the hall, their mother was still asleep in the bath tub. An eerie silence had descended upon the house. No one walked the corridors, all the lights were extinguished, and yet, an elusive presence seemed to be everywhere. Someone or, something was watching, waiting, and breathing. It was not the wind from outside finding it's way in through the cracks. It came steadily, rhythmically, and was accompanied by a subtle, pulsing heartbeat. It could be felt, rather than heard, but no one was walking the halls to hear.

Ruth was awakened by something that made her start straight up in the tub. She glanced around, listening. Nothing was there, and no sound was coming from the bedroom. She had no idea what time it was, or how long she had been asleep. The water still seemed warm, but it felt different. Still groggy from sleep, it took her a minute to notice; the water had thickened. She could still move, but every time she did, the water tugged at her body. Her panic set in slowly. At first, she just tried to pull herself from the tub, but each time she started to rise, the water pulled her back. The harder she strained against it, the stronger the hold.

And, the water was fondling her. It was moving, and swirling around her body. Moist fingers began to invade her crotch; slipping in, and out of her vagina, rubbing her clitoris. As she was sucked lower into the tub, liquid tendrils wrapped around her breasts, and played with her nipples. Ruth started to scream, and, as if expecting this, the water rose up, and over her mouth, filling it with what was now a thick goo. The assaults became more intense, and the liquid started to harden.

Some time later, Ireena, and Serena silently entered the bathroom, again dressed in their latex outfits. Only Ruth's head, from the nose up, was above the waterline. What had been water, was now a solid, clear plastic/resin. Strands of Ruth's hair were suspended in the substance. Her hands were near the surface, as though trying to push up and out of it. She looked up at Ireena, and Serena, with pleading eyes. Only their soft, sweet smiles answered her. They leaned over the tub, and each placed a finger on the surface of solid matter. It instantly turned back into a liquid, and Ruth was free.

"Oh, my God, thank you!" Ruth let out a huge sigh of relief, and collapsed into their arms. "What was that? I almost drowned. Thank the Lord you came! If it hadn't been for you, why I could have...hey! What are you doing?! I, mmmmph!!!..." Ireena grabbed her arms, and Serena jammed a piece of cloth in her mouth; followed by duct tape, pressed firmly across her lips. Tape was quickly wrapped around her wrists, and elbows, and then wound above, and below her breasts, and waist, firmly pinning her arms to her naked body. They then walked Ruth into the bedroom, and through the open panel in the rear wall of the room. The panel slid shut after them, and all was quiet once again.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Laura was sitting in total darkness, naked, and bound to a wheel chair with black electrician's tape. Her legs, arms, waist, and chest were covered with yards of the shiny tape. Only small portions of her body peeked through, although her breasts and pubic area were left exposed. The tape had been wound so tight above, and below her breasts, that it made them stand out prominently. Her mouth was filled with a rubber phallus which was attached to a strap which was fastened at the back of her head. A metal pole ran up the back of the chair, and attached to it was a metal band , which was in turn wrapped around the top of her head above her eyes, so that at all times Laura was forced to face forward. She had been wheeled through the house, deep into it's bowels, through dimly lit corridors, until she had no idea where she was. Time had become meaningless. She didn't know how long she had been sitting in this darkened room.

A door opened, and light flooded the room. Ireena, and Serena walked in, dressed in their shiny, black latex. They came up behind Laura, and each took one of the wheelchair's handles. Laura was wheeled out into the corridor, and down the hall.

Deborah was alone in a brightly lit room. She was standing on a pedestal, tied to pole. Her arms were secured behind the pole, with additional ropes wound around her upper body from her chest to her waist. Her legs had been spread apart; each strapped to a spreader bar. She was completely naked. Long ago she had given up trying to scream through her ball gag. Every time she had tried, searing pain shot through her from the strangling earlier. Besides herself, the room was completely empty. Not very large, the room was totally white; floors, walls, and ceiling. This both emphasized the brightness, and her loneliness.

The door opened, and Laura was wheeled in by Ireena, and Serena. After so much time in silence, even the slightest sounds were deafening to Deborah. Laura, and Deborah looked at each other; a great sadness mixed with fright filling their eyes as Laura was wheeled to the far side of the room and turned to face Deborah. Ireena, and Serena stood at attention behind Laura; neither saying a word. A short time later, Rakossy, and his wife entered. Nancy was standing between them, naked, but unbound. Her eyes danced with a strange light, and she didn't seem to recognize either Laura, or Deborah. She did, however smile at them; a smile which filled Laura, and Deborah with foreboding.

"Good evening, ladies." Rakossy made a half bow, sweeping his hand before him. He had changed from his Tuxedo into simple black slacks and T-shirt. Freida was similarly dressed to Ireena, and Serena,; black latex from the neck down, but her outfit covered her breasts and crotch also. Rakossy continued, "I think we can make this a special night for all of you. Laura, your tour of the house is about to start in earnest. As for Deborah; Freida was so sorry to have left you unfulfilled earlier, that we wanted to begin by rectifying that little matter. Ireena, please get me a chair, so that I may sit next to Laura and explain any little question she may have."

Ireena left by a door at the back of the room, and Freida moved around behind Laura. She leaned over, and kissed Laura on her gagged mouth. Her hands slid slowly down Laura's chest and began playing with her breasts. "I want you to have some enjoyment during the proceedings. I do hope this feels nice. Please tell me if you want me to stop," Freida laughed, and continued her ministrations.

"Ah, here is Ireena with my chair." Rakossy lazily dropped into the chair, and waved his hand in the air, "Nancy, please begin, and remember all we instructed you to do."

Nancy turned from Rakossy , walked across the room, and stepped up onto the pedestal. She placed her hands on Deborah's breasts and began tweaking the nipples between thumbs and forefingers. Deborah tried to look deep into Nancy's eyes, to see if there was any recognition there, but she found none. When this failed, Deborah closed her eyes, and resigned herself to her fate. Tears flowed from her tightly shut eyes. And, now, Nancy began moving down Deborah's body; her tongue licked, her fingers explored, and she finally reached Deborah's crotch. There was nothing Deborah could do, as Nancy placed her head between her wide spread legs. Nancy's fingers spread Deborah's lips apart, and slipped her tongue over Deborah's clitoris. Her tongue flicked and danced, driving Deborah to a climactic frenzy despite herself. Nancy could feel the fluids flowing, and stuck two of her fingers up Deborah's vagina just as Deborah came. She bucked and strained against her bonds; her orgasm made all the stronger by the conflicting feelings of confinement and fear.

"There, Laura, is the first part of tonight's entertainment." Rakossy motioned for Serena to come to him, "Serena, dear, kindly bring me a glass of port. The main event is about to begin"

Freida leaned over, and stuck her tongue in Laura's ear. "Did you enjoy that? Are you wet down here?" She placed her hand between Laura's legs, and explored. "Oh, goodness, you are!" she whispered. "Even through your fear and revulsion. It is amazing how the body can betray. But you should not feel guilty. You have no choice in the matter. All you need do is relax and enjoy the show. It is about to become very interesting!" Laura closed her eyes, ashamed. In the midst of horror, she had been manipulated into feeling sexual pleasure. Again, tears rolled down her cheeks.

Serena returned with the port, and kneeling before Rakossy, offered it to him. He took the glass, and said, "all right, now that we are all gathered together again, let us commence. Ireena, Serena, untie Deborah, and begin."

Deborah was freed from her bonds. Ireena , and Serena pulled the pole out of the pedestal, and then pushed Nancy and Deborah together. They lifted each girl's arms, positioning them in a mock embrace. "Please place your lips together, and make sure your tongues explore each other's mouth," said Ireena , tilting Nancy's head slightly to the side. " Nancy, help Deborah get into the mood."

Nancy happily obliged, lovingly pressing her lips to Deborah's. Her tongue began it's explorations, and Deborah reluctantly kissed her back. Nancy 's embrace deepened, their pelvises began to grind together. Ireena and Serena each placed a finger on Nancy and Deborah's hands. Their hands immediately became affixed to the others back. Next, they bent down and placed their fingers on Laura and Deborah's feet.

Their feet turned greenish, and instantly became a part of the pedestal. Deborah felt a numbness creeping up her legs. It was as though her feet and legs were no longer a part of herself. When she tried to pull her lips from Nancy's, she found they wouldn't separate. Anywhere their bodies met, they were one. The greenish tinge was spreading across their bodies, and everywhere it spread, numbness and solidity followed.

As Laura watched, a bone chilling, terrifying awareness swept over her. Oh, my God, she thought; they are being turned to stone! She remembered the statues in the main hall; the greenish stone, the incredible lifelike appearance. What was this house, this horror?

"Ah, you are beginning to understand," said Rakossy, leaning over to her. "Yes, they are becoming a statue. They will take a place of prominence in the main hall as one of my prize pieces." Laura couldn't look at him, but she could feel his eyes burrowing into her. "Deborah will stay aware of her circumstance for quite a while. The heart, lungs, and brain are the last to petrify. Don't worry about Nancy, though. Her brain altered quite a while ago. You see, we gave her a serum which enlarges the pineal gland. In case you don't know, that is the sex gland. It is located in the brain, and as it grows, all other parts of the brain become subservient to it. As Nancy solidifies, she it truly exulting in the transformation."

It was true. Already the two women were completely encased in the greenish stone. Deep inside, Deborah was still conscious, but well aware that these were her last moments. There was no specific moment. Instead, she just slowly slipped into oblivion.

"Well, my dear Laura," Rakossy leaned over and stroked her red hair. "that is just your introduction. Tomorrow we will begin the rest of your education. Many more interesting aspects of this house remain to be explored. For now, get yourself some sleep, and we will resume in the morning." He rose from his chair and left the room with Freida following behind. Ireena and Serena wheeled Laura out of the door and down a corridor into the dark maze that was the house.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Sheriff Tupper pulled over to the side of the road behind the empty car. The morning had broken fresh and clear. The storm had passed; large puffy clouds scudded by above, and all that was left of the storm was the steady dripping of raindrops from the leaves of the trees.

"Ayuh, the car appears to be abandoned," he spoke into his police car radio. "No, I don't see anyone around, and there isn't a house within a mile of here." He got out of his car to take in the fresh breeze, and looked up at the hillside, empty but for clumps of old gnarled trees.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Ruth Pickman was lying on a metal table in the middle of a white room. She was held there by a number of metal straps, and Ireena and Serena were busy doing something between her legs. The last thing she would remember was a searing pain at the base of her neck...

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***


Chapter Four

"I'm sorry I can't help you more," Sheriff Tupper held out his hands, entreating. There's nothing else I can do. I wish there were. Honest to God, Mr. Long, I've searched the whole county; sent out APB's. Nancy, and her friends have just vanished into thin air."

Rick Long, and Nancy's sister Carrie were standing in Sheriff Tupper's police station in the town of Litchridge. They, along with Laura and Deborah's families had been notified that the car had been found abandoned. Immediately, they had driven out from Boston to do whatever they could. Rick was furious. He'd lost patience with this jerkwater Sheriff. Nobody vanishes into thin air.

"Look Sheriff, why don't you just give us directions to where the car was found, and we'll search for them." Rick had both his fists doubled up, leaning forward over Sheriff Tupper's desk.

"Sure, sure," said Tupper, pointing up at a large map on the wall. "All you gotta do is go west on route fifty six, and turn right when you get to Putnam Corners..."


Laura awoke after a fitful sleep. Sleep had not come easily. Left alone through the night, tied to a bed in complete darkness, she dreamed agonizing dreams. Her two friends, and coworkers, Nancy and Deborah had suffered horribly just hours before. What had they become? And what was to become of her? These thoughts had kept the oblivion of slumber just out of reach for most of the night. Now she lay awake, awaiting her fate. The images and tortuous actions of the inhabitants of this frightening house, Rakossy, his wife, Freida, and their two servants, Ireena and Serena, filled her with dread.

The door opened, and Rakossy entered, followed by Freida. "Good morning, my Dear," he walked over to Laura, and began stroking her hair. "Were the accommodations acceptable? I assure you they will be the best you will have for a long while." He smiled evilly, sardonically, down at her.

Meanwhile, Freida had approached and was fondling Laura's naked body. Laura strained against her bonds; whimpering through the gag. This only spurred Freida to further ministrations, and bouts of wicked laughter.

"Oh, my Dear," Freida tweaked one of Laura's nipples, "Don't you know that all your struggling will do is compel me to further punish you? Do you feel that your bonds are not sufficiently tight? We can remedy that quite easily."

Laura ceased her struggles, and sat as motionless as she could. Only a tiny whimper escaped her gagged lips, and her limbs went limp in their bonds. Behind her she heard a door open, and the clicking of two pairs of high heeled shoes approaching her.

Serena and Ireena took hold of the wheelchairs handles and, under the directions of Rakossy, wheeled Laura out of her chamber and once again back down the dimly lit hallway. They were taking her deep into the bowels of the house from one hallway to another until Laura was lost in the maze of twists and turns. The one thing that Laura was fairly certain of was that their progression always seemed to be downward. The air was cooler and water dripped down the stone walls, collecting in small pools here and there across the flagstones. Lichen covered many of the stones and appeared to be glowing with a weird greenish light of its own. The only other light came from occasional dim light bulbs spaced far apart along the passageways. At times the only light came from the lichen, and small, unidentifiable creatures scurried across their path; their eyes sometimes gleaming red. A chill ran through Laura, and she was certain that these creatures were more than ordinary rodents. Nothing in this house of horrors was ever natural or sane. Finally they came to a stop before a massive oak door set into the wall. Serena and Ireena stepped out in front of Laura, and together pulled the door open, needing all their strength to do so. It creaked on it's hinges, and bright light filled the hallway momentarily blinding Laura.


Dennis Pickman lay face up on a metal table in the center of the brightly lit room. No straps held him down and yet he found himself unable to move or speak. Even though the air was cool, he was sweating profusely, and his naked body shook uncontrollably, albeit almost imperceptibly, with the fear that gripped him. He could not turn his head, but he could sense the form of his sister, lying naked, but bound and gagged, her legs spread wide, on the table next to his. He could hear muffled sobbing coming from beneath the ball gag that was jammed between her lips. They had been lying in this room for hours. Dennis did not even know how he and his sister had gotten here. The last thing he remembered, before awakening in this room was falling asleep in his upstairs bedroom. But, now the silence was broken, and he heard a heavy door opening on creaky hinges and the sound of footsteps and voices filling the air. These sounds filled him as much with trepidation as they did with hope.

"Ah, wonderful! The children have awakened," Rakossy headed the group entering the room. "Good morning to you. I do hope you both slept well?" He leaned over Dennis's prostrate form and looked into his eyes. Dennis saw no pity in those eyes and his own eyes looked back at Rakossy pleadingly. Rakossy just smiled in return.

He walked back over to where Laura was seated in her wheelchair and gave instructions to his servants, "Strap her head to the brace again. I do not want her to miss a moment of this." To Laura he said, "My Dear, you are about to see something very special. A very close and tight-knit family. That is something very rare nowadays, so," He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back roughly, "Pay attention!" Laura winced from the pain and had no choice but to watch as her head was strapped in place by Ireena and Serena.

Rakossy snapped his fingers, and Serena walked across the room and opened a door on the far side. Ruth Pickman emerged from the doorway and entered, a faraway look in her eyes. She was dressed in a black leather corset, high heels and thigh high black stockings. Her large breasts spilled out over the top of the tightly laced corset beneath. Except for these items of clothing, she was naked and exposed. Dennis could not see her until she loomed up before him, climbing onto his table, and straddling his groin. She looked down at her son with obvious lust in her eyes.

Dennis could only watch with mounting horror as his mother leaned down over his face and pressed her lips his, her tongue pushing his lips apart, and darting playfully about his unresponsive mouth. Her hands ran through his hair teasingly, and she softly stroked his cheeks. Ruth then moved slowly down his body licking and caressing with her tongue and fingers. She stopped at his breasts and took one of his nipples into her mouth, sucking gently. Her eyes often looked back up into his as if to see if her affections were having the desired effects. While his eyes pleaded, his cock was responding the way she wished, and his eyes were filled now with shame. This seemed to only spur her onto greater efforts and one of her hands began to stroke his cock until it hardened. Her lips followed, and she slipped his young manhood deep into her mouth, swishing and licking with her tongue until he finally found the tip of his cock entering her throat.

Ruth now rose up, and lifted her groin above his. With one swift movement, she impaled herself upon him, squeezing her thighs against his hips, and gyrated madly. A wild, maniacal look grew in her eyes and she began laughing and cackling insanely. Her body swayed from side to side, and her hair flew in every direction as she tossed her head about. Dennis thought he would be the one to go insane. He fought the erotic feelings that were overtaking him, and tried desperately to keep from coming. But, he knew that this would eventually be a losing battle. Already he was finding himself giving in to the moment and forgetting that it was his mother atop him. He attempted to focus all his thoughts on escape; in trying to break free from the drugs or whatever it was that was holding him immobile. It was no use. He knew that any moment he was going to come, and he could tell that his mother knew this also. A terrible grin split her face and she pressed her assault all the greater.

Just as he was about to come, an odd, strange feeling crept through his body. Above him his mother had stopped her gyrations and was watching his face intently. At first he couldn't tell what was happening, but bit by bit, he felt as if he were being sucked into his mother body via his cock. Her vagina seemed as though it was now a powerful vacuum cleaner. Then the inexorable force became overwhelming. It was true. Horrifyingly true. He could not only feel, but see his body entering her body; sucked up into his mother's womb. The place from whence he had begun life nineteen years ago. Ruth did not enlarge, or seem to be harmed in any way by this. It was he that shrank and was disappearing inside her as though he were no more solid than toothpaste reentering the tube. There was one last moment when only his head appeared between her legs, and Ruth looked down at him and waved, wiggling her fingers as though saying 'toodle-oo!'. Then his head compressed and was gone.

Two of the onlookers had observed all this in mute terror; Laura, and poor Cindy strapped to the table next to her brother. The others had watched with great delight. Rakossy clasped himself in a congratulatory hug.

"It worked!" He shouted, "It worked even better than I had hoped!" He looked over at Laura and said, "But, my Dear Laura, do not think for a moment that this is all that we came here to see. What will happen next should be just as delicious, if not more so!

Behold my magic! Behold my genius!"

Ruth had climbed down from the table and was standing stock-still staring into space. Rakossy snapped her fingers, and she came back to life, turning to face the table where her daughter, Cindy, lay. Cindy's eyes opened wide and she pulled against her restraints while screaming into her gag. Just as Ruth was climbing onto Cindy's table, she doubled over and clutched at her stomach. Beneath her hands her belly began to undulate and ripple. Spasms shook her body and with a start she doubled over and stared with disbelief at her groin.


Carrie and Rick Long had returned to the site where the missing women's car had been found. They had scoured the countryside in every direction, and they had not found a single sign of Carries sister, Nancy, or her friends. Woods surrounded them on all sides except for a low rising hill straight ahead. An overgrown cart path, or road, ran through the disused fields stretching from the highway up to the summit of the hill. But, from their vantage point, they could see no sign of habitation or any vestige of a dwelling. Only bare, gnarled trees crowned the hilltop; trees that were in stark contrast to the verdant forests surrounding them.

It was with dim hope that Rick and Carrie headed up the path towards the top of the hill. At least it might be possible to view the surrounding countryside from above the treetops. However futile, it was all they could think of to do at that moment. The closer they got to the summit, the thinner and sparser the vegetation became. Trees were either dead or dying. The ground vegetation turned from vivid green to shades of ochre and dun. They found that their moods had begun to change, matching the foliage, and a great depression fell upon them both. But even more foreboding than the foliage around them was the strange way in which the very air ahead of them seemed to shimmer and shift, distorting their vision. They both halted, staring at the phenomena, wondering whether to move forward. However, unspoken as it was, the same thought was going through each of their minds. Something as out of the ordinary as this so close to where Nancy was last seen was too much of a coincidence. Somehow it had to linked to her disappearance. As frightening as all this appeared, and without saying a word, Rick and Carrie stepped up to the wall of glimmering air and stepped through. For a brief moment their vision blurred, and the air became thick as water as they tried to breathe. Their movements slowed as though they were walking in a dream, their lungs straining to fill themselves with fresh air. Then, the air began to clear and the sensation of drowning instantaneously evaporated. The two now stared straight ahead, and up, at the enormous three story stone mansion which rose directly before them. It covered the entire top of the hill, filling their field of vision. Only a few seconds ago it had not been there.

Clutching each other, Rick and Carrie stood where they were for the longest time. There was no question that they were not going to give up, but for now they needed to call up every bit of courage they had held in reserve. They had still not spoken, and the thought of speaking now was even further from their minds than before. A sort of primeval superstition akin to stepping on a grave held them in check.

Minutes passed as they stood there, frozen. And, then, finally they moved forward, cautiously, towards the front door of the massive edifice...


Cindy's eyes were nearly bulging out of her head, and she was screaming through her gag, as she watched the large misshapen penis emerge from her mothers vagina. It was her brother's penis, but larger and warped; dark purple, and heavily engorged with blood. And her mother, smiling wickedly and seductively was climbing up onto her table...



Chapter Five

Laura had sat through the preceding horrors in mute silence. Not that she wasn't horrified; she was, extremely. But, by now she realized that her cries of terror and anguish only helped spur her captors to greater heights and levels of sadistic satisfaction. She used every ounce of strength she still possessed to remain quiet and unmoved. Tears did occasionally roll down her cheeks, and inside she was sobbing. If there had been anything she could have done to have stopped any of these events, then she would have attempted with all her might to have done so. There was nothing she could do, however, and thus her present reaction. Laura stared ahead trying to blur her vision as Ruth Pickman rose up above her own daughter and prepared to enter her.

Cindy looked up at her mother with pleading eyes trying to find any vestige of her mother's former self beneath the lustful, leering facade. There was none to find. Ruth Pickman only laughed obscenely as she drove her own son's cock into her daughter's vagina. No sensuality imbued her violation. It was lust driven thrusting and tearing. Muffled screams came from behind Cindy's gag, and she vainly pulled and fought against her bonds. Blood began to mix with her vaginal juices as her mother plowed onward, oblivious to all else but satisfying her own perverted desires. Fortunately for Cindy, Ruth was ready to come almost immediately due to the fact that her son had minutes before almost come with the same organ. Ruth's body stiffened, her thrusts became manic, and her back arched as she prepared to orgasm.

Then the look on her face changed dramatically, and her expression altered to one of puzzlement. She let out a small grunt, and her body went into a series of convulsions. As Laura and the other onlookers watched, Ruth Pickman started to melt and warp as her body was sucked into her daughter's through Cindy's vagina. As it had been with her son just moments before, Ruth's body had become almost liquid, and despite all of her struggling and writhing, she smoothly and quickly slipped inside her daughter. Again, as with her son, her head went last, her eyes wide, and bulging with fear. With a slurping sound and a final 'pop', she disappeared forever. Cindy lay back on the table unconscious. Only a slight bulge in Cindy's abdomen remained as testament to the event that just occurred.

"Bravo! Bravo, a magnificent show!" Rakossy clapped his hands, and laughed uproariously. "Did you enjoy that, my Pet?" Rakossy took Laura's chin in his hand and looked directly into her eyes. Laura's defenses broke down, and she tore her face from his hand and turned her head away, averting her eyes. "My what spirit you have! I was correct in selecting you." He laughed and tweaked one of her nipples, causing Laura to wince. "That defiance is admirable, but in the end, a futile effort. Oh, what's this? Do I see tears?" Indeed, Laura was crying; her body wracked with sobs. "Yes, I understand. It brings a tear to my eyes too. Seeing such a close knit family is very rare these days. And we are very fortunate to have obtained them. They will be a great asset to our household."

Laura must have looked quizzically at him, for he then said, "You should know that we are not done with them yet," Rakossy snapped his fingers once again, and gave an order to the Twins, "Prepare them for their future."

Ireena and Serena walked over to the table where Cindy lay and took hold of her feet. "Now, watch carefully, and you will see more of my magic at work," Rakossy directed Laura's attention to the table. As much as she didn't want to look, she knew that she must. "First we must concentrate their energy. The three must become as one, totally, or we will not be able to take full advantage of the power they will emanate."

The Twins were each holding a blob of black shiny goo in their hands, and this they applied to each of Cindy's feet. The goo quickly spread out over Cindy's feet, and began to slip, or rather pour like a liquid up her legs, blending them together, and covering her completely as it went. The viscous liquid continued to flow both above her, slipping under her bonds, and between the table and her underside. So perfect was the bonding of the goo to Cindy, that Laura could see every single contour and detail of her body. It spread down into her crotch and her vaginal lips were distinctly outlined. Up her torso it flowed, bonding her arms to her sides seamlessly. Ultimately it reached her head, and Laura again observed how perfectly was the blending of skin to the new coating. It was not unlike a second skin. Every detail of Cindy's face could be see, as though she had only been painted, and not covered with an alien substance.

"Now watch how we will concentrate the life force within them even further, my Pet," Rakossy spoke with pride in his voice. Laura was beginning to understand that his powers were far greater than she had previously imagined. It wasn't just magic, but magic linked with some sort of alien science that was at play here. And her terror mounted, as did her abhorrence of this man and everything else within this abominable house.

As Laura watched she could see Cindy's legs and arms begin to shrink. Imperceptibly at first, and then more quickly, as her limbs shriveled and were absorbed by her torso. And yet her torso did not perceptibly grow or expand an inch. In moments all that remained of the Pickman family was contained in an armless, legless, black shiny torso with a female head perched atop it.

As if on cue, Ireena and Serena, placed their hands on Cindy's face, and kneaded it like putty, smoothing it into a blank countenance. There were no longer eyes, nose, ears, or mouth. Her hair had also seemed to have disappeared, as the head was now totally bald. All vestiges of the Pickman family had now been completely erased. As they were now unnecessary, the straps that had held Cindy to the table were removed, and the Twins went to the back wall where they pulled down on a large wooden lever in one of the side walls. The entire rear wall slid to one side revealing a chamber just beyond. Laura's eyes widened as she peered into the dimly lit space...


Rick Long and Carrie had meanwhile received no answer to their continual knocking and banging at the front door of the mansion. They stepped back and looked across the entire facade of the building. It was forbidding sight, with it's ancient stone covered with ivy and some sort of greenish lichen, the likes of which neither of them had ever seen before. It's very existence spoke of an alien and unclean presence. The two shuddered and, unspoken, tried to shake the horrible feeling of foreboding that gripped each of them. The latticed, gothic style of the windows and architecture in general, were ominous enough in themselves, but the balustrade which topped the structure was graced with drainage spouts in the form of gargoyles. And these were no ordinary gargoyles in the traditional sense. The grotesque figures displayed were not in keeping with the typical medieval demons that adorned the cathedrals of Europe. These depicted bizarre creatures from what must surely be another dimension, or at least another planet. There was nothing earthly in their countenances. Deformed beings with multiple eyes, tentacles waving menacingly in the air, and gaping maws where mouths should have been; Limbs that ended in clawed suction cups or warped, pustule ridden parodies of fingers.

"Rick, this has to be where Nancy and the others must be. It's a horrible, disgusting place. It cannot be a coincidence. It just can't!" Carrie held onto her sisters fiancé with all her might, and dug her fingers into his arm. She turned her face away from the dark windows that stared down at her as though they were watchful, sentient eyes. "We must find a way in, but, oh, Rick, I'm so frightened. Please help me to do what I've got to do." She looked up at Rick and he gave her a reassuring squeeze with his hand.

"I know, Carrie. It's a frightening place. I'm scared out of my wits right now." A look of fateful determination on his face, " But, like it or not, I couldn't think of leaving without finding out if Nancy's in there. I have to. That's all there is to it."

"But, maybe we should go back first and get the Sheriff. He might be able to help us." She said this without conviction, knowing that the idea was hopeless.

"No, not that idiot," Rick almost spat the words as he spoke, "He wouldn't help us, and he'd only get us involved with warrants and loads of bullshit reasons not to interfere. No," He shook his head, sadly, "We're on our own here. Best if we get to it, before my courage quits on me." Rick smiled then, hoping to raise not only Carries flagging spirits but his own as well.

The two of them began a search of the building, cautiously following it's walls around to the back. Along the side they had chosen. They found no other doors, and eventually they arrived in the rear of the structure in the expansive, manicured, formal gardens of the estate. Formal they were, but not in any design that an earthly gardener would have followed. None of the flowers were of any variety either of them had ever seen. Their petals stems and leaves were deformed and glowed with strange colours and combinations of colours never conceived of any Creator they prayed to. Warped shrubbery had been trimmed into fantastic shapes reminiscent of the gargoyles that had leered down upon them. All of the plants and foliage writhed and waved in a wind that did not exist.

Directly ahead, beyond the garden, extending from the back wall of the mansion was an enormous greenhouse; it's size completely out of proportion to the rest of the architecture. Unlike any usual greenhouse where sunlight illuminates and entices with promises of loveliness within, this glass and steel monstrosity sat darkly and imposingly amidst the hellish gardens. It's glass was opaque and of a greenish-black colour that seemed to refuse entry to the bright daylight outside. Vague distorted shapes of varying sizes only hinted at the varied plant life within. But, the cobblestone path they were on faced a steel and glass door set equidistant between the House and the further end of the greenhouse. Carrie looked up at Rick, both shrugged their shoulders resignedly, and then headed towards the greenhouse door...


Ireena and Serena lifted what had once been the entire Pickman family and carried them as easily as they would have carried a small child. The shiny black rubber torso made no movements of any kind. Laura was still staring at the chamber which had just been revealed behind the rear wall of the laboratory. Inside the chamber was a row of large glass cylinders attached to which were hoses, pipes, wires, and various electrical devices. There were a score or more of these cylinders, and more than half contained rubberized torsos which were mirror images of Cindy.

Perhaps it was just as well that Cindy and her internal familial parasites were oblivious to their present fate, thought Laura.

"They will now help power this house with their energy once we have harnessed them to our main power unit," Rakossy interrupted her train of thought. He was obviously proud of his achievement. "It is their combined sexual energy that we will connect with via their sexual organs. The principal is similar to that to which your friend Nancy and the mother of that girl were subjected to. However, in this case, the technology is far more complicated. Suffice it to say that we will stimulate their sexual desires by enlarging and then controlling the pineal gland in their brain." Rakossy looked carefully at Laura to see if she was taking all this in. He hated talking to himself. Satisfied that she was listening, he then proceeded, "Once that is achieved, we will send the three of them into a perpetual near orgasmic experience."

While Rakossy had been speaking, the Twins had occupied themselves in first installing Cindy into her cylinder, and then attaching the numerous hoses, wires and pipes that led in and out of her body.

"You will note that her body will convulse and shake from time to time. That will be when she is nearing her orgasmic peak. These will, of course, come at varying times due to the fact that all three of them will be attaining that level individually. Once we have charted the pacing we will be able to use their energy to it's maximum efficiency."

The machinery that Cindy was attached to had already been turned on, and Laura could see the effects it was having on the poor girl and her brother and mother. The faceless rubber being was twitching amidst the black leather straps that held her to the seat within the cylinder. The bonds were so tight however, that it was only the slightest of movements that was noticeable.

"The beauty of this, my Dear Pet, is that they will need no maintenance at all", Rakossy was still speaking with a confidence and pride born of ego and a knowledge that what he had created was irrefutably brilliant. Laura was just a receptacle for his exposition. "They are in a state similar to that of stasis, but," Here his eyes glistened and widened with obvious delight, "Unlike stasis, they are fully aware of what is happening." Then, for a brief moment his face changed to a look of frustration, "However, there is one thing I have not been able to achieve as of yet..." His eyes then lit up with the hope of a promising future, "I have not been able to let them communicate to each other. Right now, they are three separate entities sharing the same vessel. I imagine that it would be quite interesting to allow them to share their fate intimately for eternity. And eternity, or as near it as is humanly possible, it will be. All of their physical needs are taken care of, and they will never age." He now leant over Laura and gently fondled her from her breasts down to her genitals. As he slipped a finger between her vaginal lips, he said, "Imagine an eternity being constantly aroused, and never, ever capable of climaxing. Ah, isn't that delicious?" His finger slid up and down over Laura's now very wet clitoris, and that fact drove him to even stronger caresses, 'But, never fear, my Pet. This is not the fate I have planned for you. And before that fate befalls you, I will promise you this: At least one night of unforgettable passion!"

If he had thought that his promise would excite her, he was far from correct...


Rick and Carrie approached the greenhouse door with trepidation, treading as quietly as they could across the flagstones of the garden walk. Placing his hand on the door handle, Rick glanced over at Carrie who nodded her consent. He turned, and half with relief, half with regret, he found that it opened easily. Just as he was about to push it open, they heard the clip-clop of horses hooves upon the flagstones, and turned to see a beautiful, pale skinned, auburn haired woman, mounted on a large black stallion, riding up behind them.

The woman reined in the stallion, and smiling down at them said, "Good morning! Are you the Lord and Lady of the Manor?"



Chapter Six

Rachael had left her home earlier in the morning atop her beloved stallion, Daybreak. The Berkshire hills surrounded her, and she never tired of riding the myriad paths and trails that led off in every direction. This morning she chose a path that led through the woods and over a hill she had never traversed before. Soon the fields and pastures that surrounded her home had given way to thick, and at times almost impenetrable woods, thick with undergrowth.

The constant twisting and turning, combined with the many times she had to backtrack had led to her becoming hopelessly lost after a point. But, she was no stranger to the forests in this area, and she could also tell which direction she was moving in by watching the angle of the sun. So, she continued to follow whichever path seemed to offer the least resistance. After ascending the hill, and following a shallow stream down its nether side, she broke free of the forest and rode out into a untended field. The field sloped upwards towards the crest of another small hill crowned with an imposing manor house. The weathered stone building and feeling of antiquity that the property exuded intrigued her. She had always had a penchant for gothic atmosphere, and here surely was a magnificent example. Rachael was just a little surprised that she had never seen this place before. Having grown up in this vicinity, she thought she was familiar with most of the larger properties in the county. So, without further thought, she rode Daybreak up the hill towards the house.


And, now, Rick and Carrie were looking up at this beautiful young lady. Carrie thought that she couldn't have been more than twenty five years old, possibly younger. And she was stunning. Her long, wild, auburn hair had been teased and blown by the wind, and her large gentle eyes looked at them without the slightest hint of guile. That she was a member of this household did not seem possible to Carrie.

"Lord and Lady?" Carrie laughed and approached the young woman extending her hand, "Goodness no! We've just arrived ourselves, and can't seem to find anyone at home. My name is Carrie, and this is my friend, Rick."

Rachael leaned down and shook Carries hand, "Hi, I'm Rachael, I live over the hill, that way," she pointed back the way she had come. Rick walked up to her, and shook hands also.

"We were in the process of trying to find a way in," Said Rick, "Do you know the people who live here?"

"No, I've never been here before. I didn't even know there was a house like this around here. It's fantastic, don't you think?" Rachael looked about her and up at the towering ramparts above them.

"Well, I don't know about 'fantastic'." Said Rick laughing, "But, it certainly is imposing.

Would you care to explore it with us? As we said, we don't think anyone's here, and we do need to get in to make sure."

"To make sure of what?" Rachael was a bit confused, "I don't understand what you mean."

"Well, to be honest, we're looking for some people who disappeared near here a few days ago. This is the only place that's nearby that we haven't checked yet." Rick was aware that Rachael was a bit leery of this, and he added, "I assure you, we are not burglars or anything like that. We just want to look around inside."

Rachael thought for a moment, and her love of mystery and excitement, mixed with her fascination with the place won her over to the suggestion. "All right, thank you, I'd love to join you. Just as long as we're not going to do anything but look around." Her face brightened even more, "And, it must be absolutely incredible in there. Can you imagine?"

She jumped down from her horse, and tethered him to a nearby tree trunk. Daybreak had been jittery since they had begun the ride up the hill, and he was now pawing at the ground, and snorting loudly. Rachael patted his neck and stroked his head, cooing softly into his ear. This had a slight effect on him, but he still stamped the ground and pulled at his tether.

"Oh, he'll be all right. He never strays far from me. But, I don't know what's gotten into him, and I've never seen him so jumpy before." She continued to soothe him for a minute, and then turned to Rick and Carrie. "OK, let's go! This is going to be exciting!"

The door to the greenhouse opened easily, and the three of them peered into the dimly lit interior. The walls rose on the sides to a two story height, and the ceiling continued to rise even more in a smooth arc. Light was coming from the sunlight outside, but it was filtered to a thin greenish hue by the tinted glass. They let their eyes adjust to this light, and entered cautiously. Narrow aisles passed between row after row of gigantic forms of plant life. If they had found the outside garden bizarre, then they now saw sights to blast the mind of all sanity. Impossible plant forms encroached from all sides. Gnarled, warped trunks blossomed into hideous branches and leaves, some larger than a human being. And there were tentacle-like vines that snaked and curled for vast distances, strangling anything in their path. Every possible hue and shade of green, yellow and brown that did not fit with natural notions of healthiness existed here. Plants which appeared as though they had been fashioned from living beings; not only animal and human, but alien as well. Like the plants in the garden, all of the vegetation here was moving with a life of it's own as though some invisible wind was making them sway to and fro. The only sound was the swishing of branches and leaves brushing against each other, and the steady dripping of water as it fell to the stone flags of the floor below. The humidity was stifling.

The aisle to their right stretched towards the direction of the house and they could see the vague outline of a door through the gloom. Rick turned in that direction followed by the two women. Carrie was visibly shaking with fear, but, Rachael was staring at the foliage with awe and fascination. All of them were treading cautiously. Halfway to the door Rick heard a rustling sound to his left and turned quickly; instantly taking a defensive stance. He never even had time to react to the gigantic maw that rose up and over, and in a flash of blinding swiftness, totally enveloped him.

Carrie and Rachael were frozen in their tracks; Carrie in mute horror, and Rachael screaming at the top of her lungs. Rick had been entirely swallowed up by a huge misshapen plant that could only be described as a Venus Fly Trap. But it was certainly no ordinary earthly plant. It's pale green colour was mottled with yellow and brown splotches mixed with tinges of red. Through it's semi-opaque sides, they could see Rick still struggling; pushing and thrashing about. Rachael bolted for the far door, as the way back to the greenhouse door was now blocked by numerous vines running across the floor and arching into the air. Carrie was so dumb struck by Rick's plight, that she didn't notice the vines that were about to entrap her from behind.

Carrie was struck from head to foot simultaneously. The dark green vines wound around her body swiftly, wrapping her in their fetid embrace. They emitted a slippery, translucent ooze that was coating her entire body underneath their bonds. Different vines of different sizes and thickness were performing various tasks. While the majority of them were simply covering her, melding together, and binding her tightly, others were ripping the clothes off of her body, and others were filling every orifice, discharging multitudinous liquids into her. Not only her mouth, vagina and anus, but also her ears and nose were stuffed with these tentacles. In only a minute or two, Carrie had disappeared beneath the cocoon of vines, and they had become one solid enclosure. Although she was still struggling under the mummification, her efforts were dwindling quickly as the vines squeezed her tighter and tighter, and some of the secretions were paralyzing her nervous system. Once the struggling ceased and the tentacles had blended seamlessly together, they lifted Carrie into the air and deposited her in a standing position in the midst of some flowering plants by the outside window. Her legs were then driven into the ground to the depth of her knees, and fresh earth was pressed about her by vines that had been lying in wait.

Rick had been subdued no less quickly. Inside the Fly Trap, he fought with all his strength to smash through the thick walls of his prison, and the Trap reacted swiftly. A paralyzing agent poured out from above and below and small tendrils snaked about him, removing his inedible clothing and spiting it out of one side of the plant. His movements slowly ceased, and the plants digestive juices began flowing. Rick was conscious, but could do nothing as his body was absorbed and dissolved. It began with his extremities, and saved his head and vital organs for last, as though the plant was a sentient being, capable of extending the torture and life span of it's prey. Rick lived for hours, inwardly screaming for every moment of that time, and praying for death. Much later, the plant had succeeded in retrieving every ounce of sustenance it could from Rick, and after the marrow had been sucked from his bones, and the brains from his skull, it spat out his skeleton where it landed atop his pile of discarded clothing.

In her carapace, Carrie was also still conscious, and incapable of any movement. The paralyzing agent was wearing off, but the wrapping held her so tightly that not a single part of her body could make even the slightest motion. For a long while nothing happened, and then she felt an odd sensation in her lower legs; a strange tingling that spread from her knees to her toes. Bizarrely, it felt as though her legs were growing or extending somehow in all directions. Carrie could no longer judge how much time was passing, but eventually she began to feel other changes occurring. Hunger and thirst vanished, and a new source for sustenance superseded. She had grown roots and they were now leeching nutrients from the soil. Although she couldn't see them, branches were starting to grow out from various parts of her anatomy, small leaves were sprouting from them, and her muscles and internal organs were changing to wood. Only her brain would remain. Her hearing was gone, and she no longer needed to breathe, but, for some reason she couldn't understand at first, her eyes still felt as though they could see. After the basic transformation had been accomplished, she found out why. Hours after her capture, a slight parting in the trunk appeared, and her eyes saw the outside world once again. She could see the greenhouse and it's horrible inhabitants. Except for the slight rustling of leaves and branches, and the steady drip of water, all was silent. Across from her planter, in the center of the greenhouse was the Fly Trap that had encased Rick. On the ground next to the Trap, she could see a skeleton lying on top of a pile of clothes she recognized as Rick's. If she had still had vocal chords, she would have screamed until she shredded them to pieces.


Rachael had made it safely to the door, and hadn't even looked back to see what had befallen Carrie and Rick. Not only had she not been attacked by any of the plants, but they had actually parted their various leaves, fronds and vines to let her pass. Even though the door was unlocked, she was so shaken that she couldn't gain a full grip on the handle. For agonizing seconds, whimpering and crying, she pulled, yanked and twisted at it, until it finally opened. Without bothering to see what lay ahead, she plunged forward and found herself in a hallway in near total darkness. She drew herself up short, caught her breath, and tried to let her eyes adjust. She leaned against one of the stone walls of the hallway to rest herself, and withdrew immediately, finding her arm and shoulder covered with a wet sticky slime. Now her eyes were better able to see, however, and ahead a dim yellowish light pierced the darkness. As she approached the light, she could see that the passageway split in two. The light was coming from the right-hand turn, and so she naturally chose that direction. Better lit, she could now see the trickles of water and moistened lichen upon the aged rocks of the walls. Whatever, or wherever the light source was, it still seemed to be far in the distance, around some as yet unseen corner. Rachael pressed on, unsure of where she was going, but determined not to turn back towards the known horrors that lay behind...


Sheriff Tupper was sitting at his desk in the small Putnam Corners police station eating his usual ham and Swiss on rye, with sides of coleslaw and potato salad that Emily at the Yankee Diner down the road made for him each and every day. He had passed on the homemade blueberry pie as he had been doing now for weeks. That is, ever since old Doc Avery had told him to either cut down or expect a coronary at any moment. He had not been very pleased with this news, since eating was one of his few true pleasures in life. A fact to which his expanding waistline could easily attest. His belt was barely visible amidst the folds of his stomach.

And, so, already grumpy from being denied his pie, he was less than cordial to the young man who now walked into the police station and presented himself.

"Are you the Sheriff of this town?" Asked the man rhetorically.

"Ayuh, that's me. Sheriff Tupper," He replied, with his mouth full of potato salad, "What can I do you for?"

"Well, My name is Phillip Howard, and I'm a psychic investigator and also a professor at Miskatonic University in Arkham." He extended his hand, and Sheriff Tupper shifted his fork to his left hand, and reached out with his own, greasy, mustard stained right hand to shake Phillip Howard's. "I'm investigating all of the disappearances that have been occurring in this vicinity for years now. Can you assist me in my inquiries?"

Sheriff Tupper dropped his fork and buried his head in his hands amongst the remains of his lunch and pieces of wax paper littering his desk, "Oh, Christ Almighty, that's all we fucking need right now..."



Chapter Seven

"There have been reports in the papers for over two years now, Sheriff," Phillip pulled up a chair and made himself comfortable, much to Sheriff Tupper's dismay. "You do remember the occurrences in this county back in the late twenties?" Sheriff Tupper hemmed and hawed, trying to avoid Phillips's eyes. "Yeah, well, you know as well as I that the authorities tried to squash those reports, and the ones a year before in Vermont. The year of the great flooding?"

"Look, Son, I remember all that. I mean I wasn't born then, but, I do remember the old folk talking about it. Pure back woods superstition. We don't want a repeat of that now. City folk making fun of us, and all sorts of crazies will be crawling all over, looking for UFOs and loony shit like that. Uh, no offense or anything..." Tupper averted his eyes once again.

"No offense taken, Sheriff. I'm serious about what I do, and I'm not one of your 'crazies'. That's why I've come to you," Phillip leaned closer, placing his elbows on Tupper's desk. Tupper leaned further back in his chair, resenting the familiarity. "If there really is something going on around here, the last thing I need either would be a bunch of 'crazies', as you call them, trampling on the clues and giving me, and other real researchers, bad press too. So we have mutual interests here, Sheriff. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Well, Son, let's say I do. What do you recommend we do?" Tupper had to agree that this young man had a point. Best to hear him out.

"What I suggest is that you tell me what you know about the recent disappearances, and show me where they happened. Fair enough?"

Tupper had to admit that much. And, maybe, just maybe, this man could help. That was something he had to admit to also.


Laura had been returned to her chambers deep underground, where Ireena and Serena were dressing her in some very exotic, albeit skimpy, clothing under the supervision of Freida. The clothing consisted of a tight latex body suit that was opened around her crotch and also left her arms, legs and breasts exposed. It went as high as her chin, and held her head stiffly facing forward. Garters that hung from the suit were attached to matching latex stockings, and thigh high leather boots were tightly laced up over these. A large ring gag was strapped in her mouth. The obvious uses that the ring gag suggested sent a chill through Laura. The entire ensemble was pure white. When the Twins had finished dressing her, they laced Laura's arms into a single sleeve glove and laced so tight that Laura thought her shoulder blades would touch. The pain was excruciating for a moment. They then stood back so that Freida could observe their labours.

"Stunning. Absolutely stunning." Freida took Laura's chin in her hand and looked straight into her eyes, "You will make a lovely bride, my Dear, and so appropriately dressed in white! My, but, don't all brides look lovely on their wedding day? Yours will be an evening wedding. It should be a beautiful sunset tonight..."

Laura's eyes went wide, gurgling protests emanating from her throat.


Rachael was now hopelessly lost in the maze of passageways that twisted and turned throughout Greyrocks. The corridors kept splitting into two or three directions, but she always followed the dim light in the distance. It always came from just one of the forks, and always stayed just beyond the next bend. Not for a minute did she stop to think it might be leading her on. But lead her on it did; deeper and deeper into the mansion, and it always seemed to almost imperceptibly angle downward. This was something else that in her fear she had failed to notice. At times the walls would change to dark wood paneling, but, for the most part they remained stone; cold hard and exuding moisture that lent itself to the stifling atmosphere. Not once did she pass a doorway or aperture of any kind. At times horrible little creatures ran and skittered across her path, and once something long and slimy slid directly onto and over her feet. He scream broke the silence and echoed down the passageways. She cupped a hand to her mouth, fearing her noise would awaken even more of these nether world beings.

She had lost track of time, and could no longer even tell if it was still daytime. Her hair was disheveled, her face covered with tear streaked grime and her clothing was torn and filthy. From time to time she would stop and listen, straining her ears to hear if anything was approaching. For the longest time all she heard was her own rasping breath, and the steady drip of water running down the walls forming small puddles on the floor. But as time progressed, she thought she could hear something else in the distance. Something still far away, but definitely in the direction she was walking.

It was a low, steady pulsation. It throbbed and pulsed with a rhythm not unlike a heartbeat. And it was getting louder with each turn of a corner. Soon it would become almost deafening as it's low, almost subhuman frequency found it's way deep into her brain, almost driving her to madness...


It was mid-afternoon by the time that Sheriff Tupper and Phillip Howard arrived at the spot on the highway where the missing women's car had been found. Sheriff Tupper recognized the car that now sat by the side of the road precisely where the other car had been just a few days before. He cursed to himself under his breath.

"Well, this is where the last people who vanished left their car," He said. "This is the car of one of the ladies' sister and her fiancé. Goddamn! Looks like they've gone off searching on their own. The last thing we need is two more people missing around here."

"Sheriff, you see that hill up there?" Phillip asked, pointing. "You see the way the trees and other foliage are all twisted and deformed? The discolouration of the underbrush?"

"Ayuh, I see that. So what? Untended land. We gotta lot of that around here."

"Sheriff, as I was explaining to you on the way over here, I've done a lot of research on the history of the occurrences around here. I'm telling you that hill has all the signs. I mean that places in these hills have often appeared like that near the sites where occurrences have happened. They used to call it 'the blasted heath' in these parts. That name goes as far back as the time of the Puritans. Believe me, Sheriff, if you have people missing around here, that's the place to start."


The light was growing brighter, and Rachael drew some hope from this. If nothing else, she knew at this point that she had no other options. But, she also knew she needed to go carefully, trusting no one and nothing. The light was coming from a new angle bearing to the right. As she turned the corner, the walls changed to dark rich oak, with large beams crossing the ceiling every ten feet or so. The wood seemed so much warmer and friendlier than the stone, and she had always welcomed it when it appeared from time to time during her journey through the depths of Greyrocks.

The pulsing was deafening now, and the walls, floor and ceiling were expanding and contracting to this heartbeat. The friendliness of the wooden walls faded in her mind as she became aware of this. It was as though she was walking within a living thing. The thought that she was in the bowels of the house now seemed to be a literal reality. And she was terrified. It was too late to turn back. And turn back to what? A sinking feeling of despair swept over her like a wave, and she started visibly shaking. Rachael couldn't move. She covered her ears with her hands, and closed her eyes trying desperately to shut out the whole nightmare. She couldn't hear the strange crinkling sound, or see the almost invisible material that was flowing out from the walls on both sides.

The thin, transparent material was flowing out from the walls and surrounding her from ceiling to floor. It ends met in the center of the corridor, melded together seamlessly, and then broke away from the walls. It hovered around the unseeing woman, and then after a moment, as if it had been consciously awaiting the best time, swiftly wrapped Rachael from head to foot in yards of a cellophane-like material. Over and over it spun it's web. She had been caught so unawares, that she never even had a chance to move in her own defense. Her hands were pressed against the sides of her head, and her legs were drawn tightly together. Her eyes opened wide in surprise and her mouth opened to protest, but all was frozen in an instant. She would have fallen over, except the wrapping themselves held her firmly and had a life of their own.

Rachael strained for a breath of air, but all this had happened so quickly that she hadn't even had a chance to take in a fresh lungful of air. Instantly she was lightheaded and began to lapse into unconsciousness. The carapace only continued to compress her tighter and tighter. Still standing, her eyesight blurred, painful bursts of light exploded in her brain, and she slipped into darkness...


Phillip Howard and Sheriff Tupper had passed through a strange, shifting wall of air and liquid, and were now standing, staring up at the enormous stone edifice stretching out and upwards before them. Only seconds before it hadn't been there. Sheriff Tupper was trying to absorb all of the implications. All of his preconceived notions of what was normal had been shattered and destroyed in an instant. Phillip stood next to him, fascinated by what they were experiencing. A lifetime of dreams, studies and theoretical musings had just come to fruition. It was the culmination of everything he had worked for. He was finally being vindicated.

"My God, Son, I never realized. I wouldn't believe it if I wasn't seeing it for myself." Tupper was speaking in a whisper, barely able to catch his breath.

"I've never seen anything like this in all my years of research. This is incredible! Damn! I wish I had brought my camera. I have to document this!" Phillip could hardly control his excitement, "You are going to have be my witness to all of this, Sheriff."

"Nobody's gonna believe this. NObody," Tupper shook his head, "I wouldn't believe it myself, if I wasn't seeing it with my own eyes. And even then, I'm not sure I believe my eyes!"

"Well, we've come this far, Sheriff. Do we go for backup, or do we try and get into this place?"

As thrilling as this was for Phillip he was still leery about entering without a safety net of sorts. He had spent enough time studying things like this to know that what they were entering into could be very dangerous.

"I've got my gun, and it will take time to get backup. Hell, We could even end up having to get warrants and shit like that. I'll be damned if I want to ask a judge for a warrant to search a house that nobody can even see. I'll be laughed out of the goddamn county!" Tupper patted his pistol and said, "Well, we're not some defenseless ladies or anything. We've gone this far, and there's two of us. Let's at least see if anyone's at home." Phillip nodded agreement.

Together, they walked up and knocked on the massive oak door...


Greyrocks had been bustling with activity all afternoon. There had not been a wedding here for many years, and the excitement was palpable. Ireena and Serena rushed about as they not only had duties to perform themselves, but many lesser minions to control. Since most of the other servants were mindless automatons, on the spot supervision was needed when their duties went beyond the normal day to day labours. Besides dressing Laura, they had had to style her hair, and put her makeup on for her. This had consumed far too much of their day. So, now, in mid-afternoon, they were rushing about a bit frazzled. Getting the new flowering plant from the greenhouse to the front hall had been exhausting. They did agree, however, that the shrub was exquisite. Bright flowers of many colours and hues were blossoming in great abundance. As they stood back admiring it, and taking a moment to catch their breath, a knock sounded at the front door. It soon became an insistent banging. They had not been given instructions to allow anyone to enter, so they waited to see if whomever it was would just go away. They didn't, and the Twins saw the door handle turning. The door was unlocked, and the intruder was going to enter! They bolted for the rear wall of the hall, and slipped through one of the secret panels.

Phillip Howard and Sheriff Tupper stepped into the front hall of Greyrocks in time to see a figure disappear through an aperture in the rear wall.

"I'm a police officer," shouted Sheriff Tupper, "Halt!" The panel slid shut. "Damn! Well we'd better see if anyone else is around." A quick scan of the room revealed no other occupants.

"I'd better see if I can find whoever that was. For sure they saw us, and we'd better catch them before they can sound an alarm." Tupper pulled out his gun and headed for the rear panel that Ireena and Serena had vanished through. "Phillip, you look around here, OK?"

"Sheriff, I'm not armed, and if we're correct, this place could be very dangerous. Don't you think we should stick together?" Phillip was seriously concerned.

"Well, then you just hang around here, and wait for me to get back." Tupper looked down at his belt, "Hell, I didn't even bring my flashlight, so I might be back sooner than you'd think. From what I saw, it looked pretty dark in there." And, with that, Tupper began searching the rear wall for a latch or door handle.

Sheriff Tupper didn't really know what he had done, but, while his hands ran over the paneling, one of them slid silently to the side, revealing the passageway beyond. "Well, here goes nothing," He said, "Hey, it's lit up just fine in here. Watch your back Phillip, I'll just be a minute!" Tupper walked into the aperture, and once through, it slid silently back in place.

Phillip was left standing near the front door, and he now took the time to take a serious inventory of the huge entrance hall he was in. Even though it was a bright sunny afternoon outside, the only light came from small latticed windows along the front wall, and the far corners held many dark and dim shadows. He could make out the vague images of statues set in alcoves and lining the walls on three sides. Through the gloom, he imagined that they were glowing with a life of their own. He observed, without caring to get too close, that they appeared very life like. He heard a rustling nearby, and turned to see the leaves and branches of the strangest flowering shrub he'd ever seen swaying to a breeze that he couldn't detect. The flowers were beautiful, but of no order he was aware of. The size of the flowers and their colourful petals reminded him a little of orchids, or hibiscus, but there was something odd, and warped in their ultimate design. The colours seemed to shift and change as though by a trick of light, and they weren't exactly colours from the spectrum he was acquainted with. Did they shift to ultra violet, or something even beyond that? And, if that was so, how was it he could see them? The rustling became even more intense as he stared at the plant, and this disturbed him enough to make him take his leave of this part of the room. He began wandering about, not sure of where to go, or what to do next. Yes, he needed to wait for Sheriff Tupper, and his anxiety on this point was increasing.

Carrie, now a flowering shrub, could barely see through the foliage which surrounded her. She rustled her leaves and branches, trying to catch the attention of the person staring so intently at her. Why couldn't he see her? She increased her efforts, and that only made him turn away and walk further into the room, until he was out of her line of vision. She finally gave up, and allowed herself to fall back into the twilight sleep that was her only refuge from her new life of solitude.

As Phillip looked about the hall, his eye was caught by a dim reflection in one of the many dark alcoves. Curious, he walked up to one and looked up at a life-size statue of two nude women embracing. Their arms were embracing each other, and their lips met in a passionate kiss. Something about them made Phillip study them more closely. At first he couldn't believe what he was seeing, but as he looked his worst fears were confirmed. Linda. One of them was Linda. At least a statue of her. So, she had been here, or was still here. He had to find her!



Chapter Eight

Rachael awoke to find herself standing upright on a platform, naked and unable to move. There were no bonds restraining her, but, she still found it impossible to move an inch. She tried to speak, to shout, but found her vocal chords would not respond either. She was no longer in the hateful passageways, but rather a well lit chamber, with white walls, and all types of equipment and machinery whose purposes were wholly alien to her. A tall man and an almost equally tall woman stood over one of the consoles, fiddling with some sort of controls. The woman, Raven haired and strikingly beautiful turned and saw that Rachael's eyes were open.

"Master Rakossy! She has finally awakened!" Freida walked over to Rachael and ran her hand over her alabaster skin. "Thank God she didn't suffocate to death, Master. You know that sometimes your magic does get a little out of hand."

"I know that my Dear, but even then I can still regain control most of the time. Look, she has come to us untouched, and perfect for our centerpiece. My, I do believe that this will be the finest wedding we have ever had under this roof. HE will certainly be pleased!" Rakossy turned back to the switches and dials on the console, and finally satisfied with his work, walked over to stand with Freida in front of Rachael.

"The process should begin any minute now. Just watch, Freida. Her perfection will grace our ceremony. And, even though fleeting, as we all know, her beauty will last at least until midnight if we keep her properly chilled." He smiled, a frightening, wicked smile, and took the opportunity to touch Rachael's velvet skin one last time.

Though her face could show no sign of alarm, inside Rachael was both horrified and confused by what she was hearing. Centerpiece? Properly chilled? Last until midnight? What do these horrid people have in store for me, she wondered.

She did not have long to wait to find out. Some invisible force was compelling her to bend and lower herself on the platform. Against her will, one of her hands placed itself delicately on the floor, while the other rose up and over her breasts in a very coy, sensual manner, her fingers lightly fondling one of her nipples. Her head tilted forward so that she was looking at herself, and her lips slightly parted, as though aroused by her own caresses. All this she could feel and it was not unpleasant, but, what came next was.

A sharp, stabbing pain shot from her upper back. As she leant there motionless, she could feel her shoulder blades burst forth from her back and begin to grow. Of course she could not see this, but she could feel the growth, and it was extremely painful. What she couldn't see was that no blood flowed as her shoulder blades grew. As they grew outwards and upwards, white feathers began to sprout from the skin covered bone. The new appendices arched and curved, and soon Rachael was adorned with two beautiful four foot wings which had spread themselves skyward. All Rachael could now feel was a new tremendous weight bearing down upon her back.

"Ah, Master, she is exquisite! Shall we let her fly for a moment or two?" Freida was overwhelmed with the angelic vision before her.

"No time for that, my Dear," Rakossy stood back, and said, "Look! The final process has already begun!"

Now the ultimate terror struck at Rachael's heart and soul. She could see her feet begin to alter. They remained where they were, and did not change shape, but they were sparkling, and beginning to refract light, as though they were made of clear crystal. A cold numbness was creeping up her legs. Already her legs up to her knees had no feeling what so ever. And the chill, the bone chilling cold, was moving rapidly up her body. In mute silence she watched as her body turned to ice; transparent, but struck through with crystalline striations and tiny, almost microscopic bubbles. Her torso was now pure ice, and Rachael had only seconds of consciousness left as the icy doom enveloped her face and entire head. All that was Rachael had ceased to exist except as a winged angel now ready to grace the wedding banquet table for a short while, and then fated to melt into a puddle of clear fresh water, where there would be nothing at all to show of her passing.

"Magnificent!" Shouted Rakossy, "But, we have no time to waste. Into the freezer with her this instant! We still have much to prepare before the evenings entertainment."


Sheriff Tupper had become hopelessly lost inside of the walls of Greyrocks. One narrow passageway after another led him deeper through walls. Although well lit, he never found another exit or opening in the walls through which he could extricate himself from his predicament. Once or twice he tried to turn back and found that the way he had come was blocked or had been plunged into pitch darkness. He was well aware that he was being manipulated. And, instead of frightening him, it only spurred him on and increased his anger. The passageways felt as though they were taking him up to higher levels, slowly, but inexorably. And, they were becoming narrower as he went.

Finally they became so compressed that he found it difficult to squeeze through certain angles and turns in the passage. He stopped to get his bearing, and heard a new sound gathering about him.

A loud straining and squeaking of wood against wood, timber against timber. He could almost feel the pressure pushing inward. Well, dark as it may be behind, he figured that it was time to turn back. In the same instant as he turned to retrace his steps, the walls delivered their final seal on his fate. He immediately ran into a solid wall, where none had been a moment before. He turned back to move ahead, and found that that direction had also turned into a solid wall, shutting off all light. Then he heard the creaking of the timbers again, and could feel the walls beginning to press in about him. My, God, he thought, I'm going to be crushed to death! Closer and closer came the walls from all sides. He tried to hold them off with all his strength, and found that to be a futile effort. But, just short of pressing him to death, the creaking stopped, and the walls halted their advance. For breathless minutes, Sheriff Tupper stood in total darkness, unable to move more than a few inches in any direction.

Then, without any warning his world fell away beneath him. With his scream trailing behind, Sheriff Tupper was plunged down a shaft seemingly without end. His voice eventually faded away in the depths. He had disappeared into a netherworld forever, never to be seen by mortal man again.


The evening had finally arrived, and the great moment was at hand. Greyrocks was ablaze with lights, and the main hall and dining room were festooned with lights and ornaments. Candles burned in every brass candlestick, and fiery torches lined the walls. The candelabra over the dining hall table had never been brighter. In the center of this table sat a life size ice sculpture of a winged angel, with the light reflecting and refracting off of its many facets, creating a myriad of rainbow effects. Laura was dazzled by the display. She had been brought into the room and placed at a seat of honour at the head of the table. Her single gloved arms were pulled over the low back of the chair, and tied below to the legs. Her own legs were kept free. It didn't really matter anyway, for she had nowhere to run to.

But as beautiful as the house was, it's inhabitants were not so pleasant to look upon. Yes, Rakossy, Freida, and the Twins were decked out in their finest leather and latex outfits, but it was the other denizens that elicited a gagged gasp from Laura. The servants of the house had come out from their various locations throughout the house to honour the new bride as well. Laura had never seen these creatures before, and they repulsed her.

The kitchen staff stood by the kitchen door bowing and scraping. All of them stood on two legs, but many were never meant to do that in their normal state. Pink, bulbous, half human bodies with animal and insect heads and even worse, licked at slobbering, drooling lips and mumbled inaudible, disgusting sounding things. Many had more than four limbs, and some didn't even have what could be called arms or legs at all. The rest of the staff, the maids, gardeners and man servants, were no better to look upon. Some had fish or crab heads, with antennae whipping through the air as if in search of prey. And worse of all were the many octopus and squid heads, adorning bloated, pustule ridden human bodies. These could not even begin to imitate human speech, and their nightmare sounds of rasping and gurgling in that vain attempt churned Laura's stomach and brought her to the brink of insanity. She now fought vainly to break free of her imprisonment, rocking the chair from side to side, and finally collapsing, her body slouching forward in a dead faint.

"Revive her," Said Rakossy, motioning in the direction of the Twins. "It would not do for the Old One to see his new bride in such a condition."

Ireena and Serena rushed to Laura's side, and splashing cold water on her face, and pouring small amounts down her throat, eventually brought her back to a much unwelcome consciousness.

"Now, strap her down more securely. She must not show such resistance in HIS presence. Unseemly in the extreme." Rakossy now approached Laura, and sat down next to her, as the Twins attached more leather straps to Laura's body. My, dear Pet, there are a few things that I believe I should now explain to you. You are about to embark on a whole new life. One which will bond you to one of the oldest lineage's on this planet. You must take this honour very seriously, and accept that which is your fate." Rakossy was looking at her as if honestly hoping that she would understand and actually rejoice in her plight.

"She will accept nothing, you fiend!" Screamed Phillip Howard, standing in the doorway to the front hall. In his hands he was holding an antique broadsword he had pulled down from its place on a wall somewhere within the mansion. "These are minions of the Devil! Succumb to nothing! Better to die than to serve them!"

Momentarily surprised by this intrusion, Rakossy did nothing but stare at Phillip. Then he broke from his temporary astonishment and snapped his fingers. The confused, slobbering minions came to life and launched themselves full force at Phillip. In seconds, he found himself surrounded on all sides and began hacking at their deformed, and awkward, but lethal numbers. His blade cut flesh and outer shell. Red, green and multicoloured blood, and limbs of every type flew in every direction. Agonizing shrieks of every kind and variety rent the air. But, still they continued to close in upon him.

Laura had only had a second's glimpse of this man, and she had known he was there to save her.

For one brief moment in time, her hopes were raised and rescue from this nightmare seemed possible.

Then the sounds changed. The shrieks became definitely human, and the blood and limbs that shot outward from the unobservable center of the slaughter were also human. In the last seconds of the fight, all noise ceased, and then a human head was hurled from the midst of the carnage. It landed across the dining room, near to where Laura and Rakossy were seated, landing with a sickening, hollow thud. Phillip Howard stared silently up at them, a look of pain and horror etched across his bloodied features, as the last of his life's blood poured onto the flagstones from his severed neck.

Rakossy's features were suffused with apoplectic rage. With one sweep of his hand, china and crystal smashed to the ground. He continued storming up and down the table, knocking aside anything in his way. He was screaming at the top of his lungs, "Goddamn this worm! Damn him to hell!" He attempted to pause and catch his breath, but his anger only increased. "The whole wedding is ruined! Ruined, I tell you! Take that Bitch to her bridal suite now. No point in ceremony now."

Avoiding eye contact with Rakossy, Ireena and Serena unstrapped Laura, and led her away from the scene of death. As they dragged her between them, they had to be careful not to slip in the pools and rivulets of blood, while also avoiding the mutilated carcasses that impeded their progress. Laura was barely aware of what was happening.


Laura was standing outside of a door in the deepest part of the mansion she had yet been in. Only Rakossy, Freida, and the Twins were still with her. The other minions that had survived the battle were either busy cleaning up, or had resumed their regularly appointed tasks. This passageway reeked of age and decay.

"It has been a long, and ultimately frustrating day for all of us, I think I can safely say," Said Rakossy, wearied from the ordeal, and his exhausting outburst. "So, Laura, let us say our farewells now, and just get this over with." He seemed to barely have the strength to perform his part of this, and his words came slowly and softly. "This you should know: We who you see before you are no different than the servants you just saw upstairs. The only thing that distinguishes us from them is the way in which the Old One shaped us in order that we might best serve him. The Old One is everything. He and his kind have been here since before man walked this earth. From whence he came I do not know. And, what little he has told me, I do not understand. But, even he is past his time. He needs an heir. And you are to be the carrier of his child. All has been prepared for this moment, and you have nothing to fear. You will be well taken care of, and you will not die in the process. But, first you must mate with him, and then bring his child into this world."

Laura was too far gone in her agony to register much of this. What did anything matter now?

"Finally, the one thing you should know is that he is not in this house. He is this house." Laura looked up, a brief flash of understanding crossing her fevered brain. Rakossy registered this, and continued, "Yes, he is the living, breathing house. You have been living inside of him already. And now you will mate with him in the very center of his being. I do hope you can come to see the great honour being bestowed upon you. Many have come before, and he has rejected them. Once or twice he has even attempted to mate. All was doomed to failure. Our whole existence now depends on you. Please, do not fail us in this regard." Rakossy motioned with his hand one last time.

The Twins now opened the door to a small chamber and pushed Laura unceremoniously into it. "Good bye, Laura. when next we meet, you will be one of us."

The door slammed shut, and Laura was left, bound and at the mercy of whatever dwelt herein. She could see by the dim light that suffused the chamber, and what she saw was simply a cold, empty stone lined room of no great size. Almost imperceptibly at first, she began to notice a weird sensation passing through her from her feet upwards. The solid floor was becoming wobbly and unstable. Soon it became malleable, and her feet began to sink into the stone. It now felt more like mushy sand or mud. Thin tendrils rose up out of the floor and began to wrap themselves around her body, rising ever higher. Quickly, they spread upward, until she was completely cocooned within them. As this was happening, she also noticed that the walls and ceiling were also warping, bending, shifting and flowing, no longer holding their original shapes. A faint heartbeat came to her ears, and slowly grew nearer with each passing second. She was beyond struggling, and had given into her fate. All she wanted now was the blessed release of oblivion. The floor continued to absorb her, and soon she found herself awash in the room as a whole. It flowed and ebbed around her. And wonderful sensual sensations ran through her entire being. The Old One was making love to her from the very core of his being. It was not like corporeal lovemaking. He stroked and fondled her brain and her very soul. She was awash in orgasms that transcended flesh and blood. She submitted and lost all consciousness in one blinding orgasmic explosion. The Laura that had been was now transformed and would never be Laura again.


Twelve months later, Rakossy and Freida sat together at the dining table, sipping on a delicious desert wine that had followed a wonderful meal.

"Well, Freida, my Dear, we only have one more month to go. And the mother to be looks so healthy and vital. Doesn't motherhood bring out a glow in every woman?"

Freida patted his hand and smiled. She had to agree with Rakossy that the mother to be looked absolutely radiant; hanging as she was, motionless in her silk cocoon midway between floor and ceiling with a very perceptible bulge in her midsection. "Yes, my Master, it does bring out a glow. You are correct as usual."

"Ah," Rakossy downed the last of his wine in a single gulp, "It's wonderful to be alive!"


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