The Watchmaker Series By M.P.


Chapter Four: Treats for a trick.


From the diary of Martin Appleby October 31,2007


Dear Diary its Halloween and we're all back in the city waiting for the police to finish up thier investigation. It is hard to believe that it all happened in just under one day, but I'll try to explain it anyway.

Just after 10:00 this morning April and I awoke late and lay in bed together just feeling very warm and cozy unaware of the perils that lay ahead for us. The phone rang and it was Quester. He told me that he had gotten us invitations to the, that is pronounced"THE" biggest halloween party in the city. It was being held by an old associate of Questers a Doctor Liederman, who had risin through the ranks at the local hospital,to head of the entire hospital. The main reason why I and Quester were invited was mainly because it was my money that had financed his way to the top. The rest of the day was uneventful a few kids came for candy as was the tradition for this holiday. All were dressed as some kind of ghoul or ghost or goblin. While some kids chose more glamorous costuming. Around 4:30 I went to the department store that afternoon to pick out a costume for myself and Quester to wear to the party. April had decided she was going to surprise us, and went somewhere on her own. Later around six April called me from downtown. She had been ready to go shopping for her costume when she got a telegram from her folks in philly. It seemed that they had some trouble and needed her help,so she had to go and could not make the party. I told her not to worry and have a nice trip. I also told her that if it was financial I would help. She told me she loved me and then said her train was ready too pull out and would see me on thursday. I told her I loved her too and then hung up. When I arrived at the store I went to the costume department which was was literally ripped apart.There were cartons and boxes spread around and almost every costume in the department had been bought up. When I asked why the sudden rush for costumes the young girl at the counter told me it was because of the Liederman Party. Apparently it was a really big thing after all. She tried to show me the few costumes that were left but it came down to only three choices. One was a prisoner suit, complete with matching steel ball and chain. Another was the fairy prince suit that always made me want to throw up when I saw someone wear one. And finally there was a Freddie Kreuger suit complete with the grimy hockey mask like from the movie. Given the massive choices in the store I settled on the Freddie Krueger. And got Quester the prisoner suit, I hoped he would forgive me. Before I left the store I stopped by the visual merchandisers office on the fifth floor and stopped in to see my old friend Mr. Walters who I had given the task of maintaining the girls. Walters was a fat little man with salt and pepper hair and a small black moustache. He looked more like a character from a Simon Lagree movie than as a visual merchandiser but in reality no one was better in the business. He gave me the reports and I was satisfied that the girls were all safe and well taken care of. Then I asked him to release Alice from the display on bridals where she had been since I brought her in. Alice was one of the first girls that I used the watch on and Alice was also favorite of Questers. In fact she had helped him lose his virginity. So I thought it was a good idea to take her along as Questers date. The party would not be complete for my friend unless he had someone to share it with and it would give her a night out on the town. We left the office and walked down the wide hallways in the store. Since it was a holiday the employees had been given half a day off to go out with thier children or to just enjoy the holiday. As the last employees were clearing thier counters and the janitors were cleaning up, I could see the the lights being extinquished one by one. After about twenty minutes the last employees had left and the once bustling store was completely empty except for Walters and I. I knew that in reality the stores all around us were still open and probably raking in a fortune in sales on candy and costumes, but since I owned the store I could afford to be generous. Walters and I entered the bridal salon. In the salon were posed several mannequins in layers of silk and taffeta gowns. To the customers they were only highly realistic mannequins but I and Walters and a select few knew better. I walked over to a small raised platform about a foot off the floor and posed on the platform was an exquisite blonde dressed in a form fitting dress of shiny satin. Standing the blonde must have been about almost six feet. Her long golden blonde hair was very straight and reached all the way to the curve of her smooth round ass. I always love to look at one of my girls when thier in stasis. The distant glassy stare in thier eyes and the cool hardness of thier inert bodies. I walked up to the blonde and said hello to Alice knowing very well she couldn't hear me. The watch which was the secret to the stasis beam was still on her delicate wrist. For all intents and purposes it only appeared as an ordinary wrist watch but in reality it was a complex machine with micro chips that could place the wearer into a state of perfect hibernation. I went to the cabinet at the end of the counter and brought out a remote. I had Walters keep one of the remotes in the store in case of emergency and they needed to evacuate the girls. I would die if any of them were injured in fire or whatever might happen. Pointing the remote at the mannequin that was Alice I pushed the button and in seconds Alice began to move. Slowly at first then she streached her arms and legs more fluidly and looked around. She made a big smile and jumped down from the platform when she saw me. I kissed her and she told me that she had missed me at the last moment when they had given some of the girls time off. I try to give the girls a least a month in the summer at my house in Maine at the museum, something like a vacation you might call it. Alice had been there and I remembered I had personally seen to her display to make sure she was at her best. I had placed her into a tropical island setting with several Hula dancers and lots of palm trees. Quester had hated that setting after he was hit on the head by a coconut. But he had loved my choice of pose for Alice. I had placed her in the center of the group of Hula girls and had the others bowing to her as if she were thier queen. Dressed in native grass skirts her long hair and slim body were magnifcent and under the fine wax spray that I put on all the figures she was better than any wax work that was ever displayed. I kissed her again and then told her about the party. Luckily she had the perfect costume on then and went with Quester as a bridal mannequin.

The party was well under way when we arrived and several of the guests were pretty well loaded. Quester introduced us to his friend Dr.Liederman, who was happy to finally meet his benefactor. I told him not to worry about it because we all benefited from the combination. Liederman had been experimenting with Quester to perfect a new Stasis field, and it interested me very much how it would work. The new field Liederman explained was generated now by an even smaller microchip that could be inserted into any size piece of jewelery. Even something as small as a ring. To prove his point unknowingly he had distributed around the room several "Gifts" to the guests. And at 9:00 the "witching hour" he would test his new toys. The room was full as 9:00 approached and at the stroke of the hour Liederman walked over to a control panel an pulled a small switch. When he pushed the switch all the way in suddenly everyone in the room except for Alice Questor the doctor and I suddenly froze in place. I could not believe my eyes. With no movement in the large room it was very strange and eerily quiet. The four of us moved from guest to guest and found all were in perfect stasis. The guests had been chosen for thier notoriety. Several were well known business people and actors and actressses from the film industry. Quester and I approached a pair of young girls that had stoppped in the midst of the party sipping champagne and talking to a young blonde haired man I recognized from Television. I removed the wine glasses gently from the girls hands and looked at them carefully. They were a blonde and a brunette and as I could guess only in their twenties and very pretty. They had small breasts and slim bodies that were packed into what appeared to be animal costumes. One was a lion and the other was dressed in a zebra suit. Quester walked up to the little trio and started to undress the two girls. Alice was hot to see the blonde so she took the time to unclothe him. When the last of thier costuming was removed the three figures looked like out of place statues put on display in a wax museum. Three nudes and a room full of other statues dressed in various costumes.As I approached the brunette I could tell that they had been hot for the Blonde actor because the girls little pussy was slightly damp and a trickle of juice had run down her leg. Alice was fasinated and ran her hands all over the blonde actors body. When she had removed his costume. He had chosen a costume as a ring master in the circus. His large chest and bulging muscles made her swoon. Quester came over to them and he scoft at the big man,saying it was all steroids. Alice stuck her toungue out at him and then kissed him. They both laughed and then joined Liederman and I. We redressed our little trio and then went on to look at some of the others. When we were finished we were about to release the group when suddenly a loud crash was heard from the other room. We ran into the adjacent room and saw a window had been opened and on the floor was a small crystal trinket broken on the floor. A man dressed entirely in black came running from behind a curtain and knocked down Alice. Quester lunged for the man and grabbed him by the legs. Liederman and I then jumped on him and Alice grabbed a lamp cord and proceeded to tie the man up. I opened the bag the man had and as I expected it was full of the doctors valuables. I then went to the phone and promply dialed 911 and after a few minutes the police were on thier way. While we waited for the gallent men in blue to arrive Liederman and Quester went back out to the party and unfroze the guests. Alice and I took the thief out to the street and waited for the patrol car to arrive.

It is almost midnight now and the apartment is quiet. I feel lonly without April here but I know she is coming back on thursday. Quester and Alice are together right now I know. He told me that he would make sure she was back at the store by opening time. It would be hard to explain where a mannequin disappeared too, I figured. Taking out that bandit had tired me but for some reason I couldn't sleep. It just dawned on me why shouldn't I have a little fun tonight as well. I got up and dressed and I went to the store where Charlie the night man knows me very well now. I entered the dark store and went to the swimwear section. There is a row of mannequins here in this department that is half mannequin and half made up of some of the girls. The last figure is a young asain girl named Sue Lien that I met a few monthes earlier. Sue has thick black hair and it very long and parted in the center. Her eyes are a rich jade green and narrow with a slight curve on the ends giving her a mysterious but sexy look. Her measurements are 35-23-35 and her skin is like alibastor. I walked up to her frozen form and as always I was immediatly aroused. She had struck a pose like she was going to dive into a pool. Dressed in a bright green bikini that was thin at the bust and very high on her hips,sue was the perfect mannequin. I took out my controller and aimed it at the stiff girl. She moved her arms and straightened her body and when she saw that it was me she smiled. Sue and I sat on the little pedestal and for several minutes we talked. I told her that it was halloween and that April my regular girl was away. She stopped me by placing one finger on my lips. Sue knew what I wanted, and she needed it too. She explained that even though as a mannequin she didn't feel anything ,once she was released the pent up urges were there. Sue stood and reached behind her back and the thin bra of her bikini fell away. I looked at her tiny breasts with thier pointy nipples and then reached out and squeezed them. Sue moaned slightly and started to gently rock her body back and forth. I then leaned forward and gently licked each nipple watching them grow slightly bigger. I then used both hands and slowly pulled down her bikini bottom. Sue had been shaved perfectly clean by Walters so that the illusion would be perfect. I now looked at her pink little pussy with no hairs around it at all and my member instantly grew hard. I walked to the linen counter which was nearby and got two blankets. I layed the blankets on the cool floor and then started to undress. Sue was completely naked now and as I undressed she started to play with herself. I grabbed Sue and made her lie on the blankets then after a few strokes to keep my member hard I gently inserted it into her hot little wet pussy.I started slowly and then increased my rythym. Soon Sue was breathing harder and her little body was bathed in sweat. We changed posistions and I let her on top. Sue was in heaven as she bucked up and down on my throbbing member. She was about to explode into a wild orgasm when I decided I wanted to see her reaction I grabbed the remote and at the moment she was going to cum I hit the freeze button. Sue threw her head back and screamed then the sound faded off and Sue was very stiff. She had frozen with her back arched and her head thrown back with her hair a rumpled mass. I looked up into Sues face and it was fantastic. She had turned into a mannequin once again. Hr green eyes were wide yet glazed over. Her lips were slightly parted from her final screams and her breasts had frozen in a slightly contorted fasion because she had been bouncing when she froze. I could feel her body starting to cool and the sensation of her stiff pussy on my member was fasinating. I then touched her stiff face and using my finger planted a kiss on her lips. Then I pressed the button again and as if nothing had happened Sue resumed her wild love making. She finished her scream and fell into my arms shuddering from her orgasms. I kissed her again and then helped her to her feet. Sue went into the lady emplyees room and showered. Then when she was ready she put back on her bikini and stood back on her pedestal. I told her we would meet again soon, gently blew her a kiss and pressed the button. Sue moved her body into her familar pose and in seconds was once again a mannequin. I turned to leave when Alice and Quester rentered the store. They were both slightly drunk but I could tell that Alice had taken good care of my little friend. I followed them into the bridal salon, and watched from a distance as Alice kissed Quester. It was a long passionate kiss and when she was done she walked to the pedestal and turned one last time. She gave Quester a wink and then turned and struck her pose. Quester then pointed a remote at Alice and in seconds she had been transformed back into plastic. I stepped out from my hiding place and walked up to Quester. I told him that I was proud of him and some day he and Alice might marry. I think he liked that idea. Then we both left the store and I had Charlie turn off the last lights and secure the store.

Well Diary Halloween 2007 was a holiday I will not soon forget. April will be back soon and who knows what Thanksgiving will bring?


To be continued.....


Authors note: I hope my readers are enjoying this series and I liked the idea of bringing back Alice to the story. I will try to keep April in the dark for a little while. If some of you feel this is creul to her well as they say in the movies CE' sera sera. {Thats what will be will be} for those of you out there who aren't Doris Day fans. And I will try to keep Sue Lien as a regular. If you have any suggestions or comments write James ML and have him let me know. Keep reading its good for you.

M.P. 4/20/98