Harem Mannequin 2

by Paul G Jutras

A pair of black two inch open toe heels clicked along the pavement as Janet went to meet Annie and Cindy at the Best of the West strip club. She looked lovely in her black turtle neck with the sleeves rolled to the elbow, black pants, hose that darkened her purple polished toe nails and a black and white vest.

"See you're already in costume," Janet smiled as she dropped her purse off her right shoulder and checked her face in the light up make up mirror. "You really should get into the habit of wearing underwear, Annie. At least when you're off work."

"Panties ride up my butt crack and I hate pantyhose," Annie smiled back. She straightened the seam of her pink shoulder strap dress that barely reached her hips while Cindy got out of her red blouse and black flared skirt. Each put on an erotic combination outfit and got ready for their set.

While Annie was out on stage an Arab prince kept staring at her with a grin on his face. As he waved Annie over, she shook her hips and raised the bottom of her dress so that the man could get a good look at her shaved pussy.

"How about a lap dance, honey?" asked the prince in a thick accent.

"Sure thing, dear," said Annie. She turned her back to him and felt the man's penis plug up her rear. She went into her dance and soon felt his juices flow into her. It made her shudder like never before.

"I like you," The Prince said, with a smile while he panted from exhaustion. "I'll pay you something extra if you wear these for me during your next performance."

"I could use the money." Annie thought to herself as he took the gift and said: "I see you during my next act dearie."

"Oh, this is just great!" Annie sighed as she opened the package up in her dressing room and found a pair of pantyhose inside. "Well if it will help get me the money needed to pay my rent, I guess wearing them isn't too much."

As she slipped the hose on, she shuddered with the same erotic tingle as when she did the lap danced for the prince. She had never felt anything like it in her life and almost didn't want to get into her costume again.

"You look very lovely in those stockings," The prince said as watched her; then he asked Annie to go with him to the beach in the same way as he did her two friends. "I look forward to our little date together. It will be well worth it."

"Aren't you going to take those pantyhose off before coming home, Annie?" Janet asked afterward as she put her pants suit back on, minus her hose.

"Later," Annie said with a smile. "This is the best pair I ever had to wear; they might change my mind about pantyhose. It's almost as if the nylon crotch is having sex with me. It's like I have a built in dildo and butt plug inside of me. MMMmmm!"

Annie changed into a green skirt suit and black three inch heels, then met up with the Arab Prince. They had drinks together and danced until dawn. He dropped her off at her apartment where she took off all her clothes - except her hose - and collapsed on top of the bed. In no time, she was blissfully asleep. While she slept, she didn't even notice the waist band of the hose merge with her body and become one. Nor did she notice her sex seal itself up and become perfectly smooth.

As if hypnotized, she got up a few hours later, put on a green and white polka dot bikini, and headed for the beach as if completely unaware of what had happened with the hose.  She had completely put them out of her mind.

"Why are you still wearing those stockings?" Cindy asked as she appeared in an orange one piece suit with her nail polish picked to match.

"I love the way the sand feels to my stocking feet and how the water drips off the hose," Annie replied, without a second thought to what she had said.

"Is it my imagination or are your breasts and hips bigger?" Janet added. "Not to mention getting smaller in the waist..."

"I don't know about that," Annie replied dreamily. "I just know that having these stockings feels like I'm having never-ending sex."

"They can't be that good," Janet said, just as the Prince walked up with a pair of similar packages and handed them over to the other girls.

"Try them on for yourself and see," The prince chuckled as he held out a white lace-trimmed dress and a pair of sandals to Annie. "Annie and I have ourselves a lunch date."

While the girls went to change, they weren't around to notice how stiffly Annie put her right leg into the car without bending at the knee. She grabbed the roof and put her left leg in before forcing her waist to bend with an effort and sitting down. The prince almost had to pose her like a mannequin to get her arms in.  Lost in her erotic pleasure, she paid no attention.

By the time the girls returned to work at the strip club, they could think of nothing else but sex. The lap danced and did whatever they had to in order to find a release till it was time for the club to close.  The prince and his limousine were waiting outside.

"Good news, girls." The Arab said with a smile. "I talk the club into selling me your contracts. "How would you like to pay me back for those wonderful hose by working for me in my own land?   You can start right now."

"Love to, honey," Annie said as the other girls purred into his ears all the way to his private jet at the airport. The found the plane was packed full of mannequins, wind up sex bots and love dolls.

"What is this?" Janet said as she and Cindy both felt a burning itch in their crotches that needed relief fast. The harder they tried to relieve the itch, the more slowly their arm movements went until they stopped altogether. Their skins took on a plastic shine of mannequins to them.

"What's happening to me?" Annie said at last when her mouth formed an O-shape and her skin turned to latex and her toes fused into a solid foot.

"Well Annie, your stiff friends over there are going to make a wonderful mannequin sex display for me while you, honey, will be my newest love doll. Hope you like your new job with me as it will be one that lasts forever!"


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