Harem Mannequin 3

by Paul G Jutras

Terri was taking her pre dawn walk along the beach. Dressed in a blue one piece suit with a pair of shorts over the bottom half, she was using a metal detector to see what she could find. She had cut her hair so short for work that she wore a more feminine wig whenever she wasn't on the job.

"What is this?" Terri thought to herself as the detector made a series of clicking sounds. She quickly got onto her knees and started digging. She soon found a mysterious box. "I wonder if this got washed up from some sinking ship?"

Taking the box under her arm, she quickly rushed home. She was quite surprised when she opened the box up and found what looked like a new harem costume inside. "I would look like a regular genie in this. The thin material could make it a bit chilly to wear, though."

Opening up a new pair of beige pantyhose, she slipped them on first. She loved the feeling of the cotton panel against her crotch. She then slipped the panty bottom with transparent pantaloon covering her legs. Attaching her breasts forms to give her almost a D chest size she slipped into the halter top with transparent pantaloon sleeves and stepped into the curly-toed slippers.

As she stood before the mirror and looked at herself, she felt warm in her crotch area. It spread through out her body from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. "What's happening?" She cried out as she collapsed on the bed and couldn't help playing with herself.

"This is not possible." Terri thought as she realized the breasts forms were now her real breasts and that her crotch was completely smooth and sexless. Knowledge that she was now a real genie filled her head from out of no where. "I guess genies don't need to go to the bathroom," she sighed. "or have a need to have sex, unfortunately."

A wicked grin curled on her face as she thought back to the last weekend. She remember when she had showed up at the bar in her new white blouse, a brown skirt that went just below the knees with matching brown pantyhose and three inch pumps. She was just being asked to dance by a handsome guy when some of the girls from work spotted her.

She could never remember being so embarrassed as when Kelly and Donna grabbed and held her down while Valerie pulled off Terri's wig, skirt and breasts forms. She had just gathered her stuff up and ran out of the bar in tears of embarrassment.

Granting herself a wish, she made the same three girls she was thinking about to appear before her. The trio looked stunned as they had no idea where they where or how they had gotten there. They mostly were wondering why they were standing in the room completely naked.

"T.Terri?" Kelly asked in confusion. "What's going on, girl?"

"Revenge," said Terri. "For that embarrassment you did to me last weekend."

"What are you talking about?" Donna asked as her feet suddenly felt old. She felt her body rise up on tip-toes as if she had just stepped into a pair of pumps. As she glanced down, she noticed her toes had fused together and had taken on a plastic like sheen to them.

The girls began to panic as they all realized they couldn't move. Their crotches started to feel like they were on fire with wave after wave of orgasms. After each wave another part of them transformed. They were soon as sexless as Terri herself was. As their breasts were transformed they swelled to a size that would turn heads and make men stare. Nowhere else were there ever mannequins with such voluptuous curves.

"The magic will keep you alive in your new state." Terri said with a smile. "Do not worry about being recycled in a few years since the magic will keep everyone who sees you thinking you're the new arrivals as well as keeping you from becoming worn out."

With a hand wave from Terri, the three girls found themselves displayed in the same store window together. Kelly and Donna were posed as standing mannequins while Valerie sat down on the floor. The window dresser soon came in and slipped Kelly into a pair of white thigh hi stockings over her feet and up her legs. The merest touch sent one mental orgasm after another to her senses.

"Don't worry about your family and friends," Terri's voice came into the girl's heads. "When you became mannequins I made the three original mannequins into copies of you complete with all your memories, and only a few ah changes. The new versions of you three are now my best friends and will never embrass me again."

Kelly soon had a bridal veil put on her head and was dressed totally in white under garments. Donna and Valerie's plastic legs remained bare as Donna was put in sexy red underwear and Valerie in purple. The underwear was so sexy they wondered if they were mannequin displays for a place that dealt in Victoria Secrets merchandise.


"I think I'll relax in a nice hot tub." Terri thought as she started to fill the tub. As she sat on the tub rim and tried to remove her shoes, she found they wouldn't come off. "What's going on?" She thought as she plucked at the pantaloons. She reached for the waist band for her panties and found them and her hose top had fused with her body as did her top. There was no way out of her costume. "No wonder genies don't need to go to the bathroom!"

As she slipped and fell into the water she found that bath water allowed her hands to pass through her costume in order to wash herself. "This is a relief." She muttered as she grabbed a bubble bath and shampoo. She didn't even notice the title was Genie's revenge.

As she got out of the tub she felt stiff. After taking only a few steps she couldn't move at all. A voice boomed in her head. A voice that told her that he was the head of all Jinn and that she had misused the gift of her powers. She would be stripped of her status and given a punishment fit to her crime.

Before she knew it, the genie costume was gone and she could not move a muscle. She stared at her reflection in the nearby window glass to see she too was nothing more than a living mannequin standing stiffly in her underwear. Alone in the window, she couldn't even know that her former friends were arranged in the window next to her. She wouldn't know until they would all be put in a display together.


The End

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