by Paul G. Jutras

Beth was surprised when she won a trip to the new amusement park called Arabian Knights. She had never won anything in her life. In fact, she couldn't remember entering the contest at all. When she got to the park, she went to a changing room where her own clothes would be put into storage until her visit was over. What she was given to wear was a pink bikini with semi-transparent pants and a matching veil.

The harem she was shown had another group of women already there, a rainbow of colors in their outfits. The prince of the harem was a large, handsome and muscular man that had the most dreamy eyes Beth had ever seen. Almost equal in looks was the eunuch that guarded the girls while the prince was away on business of state.

Beth was soon put into basic training with some of the other new arrivals to the park. They learn how to dance, but most of all they learned how to please their master's sexual needs. Beth found this to be a bit degrading for a holiday but also fun in a strange sort of way.

Beth soon found herself to becoming the prince's favorite as he'd sometimes chain her arms to her ankles behind her back and made her beg for mercy. Even better was to have her beg to be punished.

Beth thought she had tried every type of S&M trip the prince could think of, but she was wrong. Taking out a disk from a secret vault behind a picture frame, he called his 'little pet', as he called her now, over to him.

She gleefully came over and removed her veil just long enough for a proper kiss that they both could feel on the lips. What he ordered next was strange but, as her training taught her, she could not disobey. She stood up vrey tall on the tips of her toes. It was as if she had a pair of invisible heels on. After being barefoot for a week and a half, she had almost forgotten what it was like to stand in heels.

She was told to stand perfect still as he posed her. He arched her back and tilted her head so that her breasts stood out even more. As he straightened her clothes just right, she felt her nipples get hard and her vagina starting to get wet.

"Ready?" The Prince smiled sweetly.

Beth just smiled a bit, so not to break her pose, to let the prince know she was ready for anything. She could never have imagined what would happen next. He then pressed an invisible button on the disk and Beth felt odd waves of pleasure pass through her body. "What's happening to me?" She thought to herself, then realized she could not speak.

"Try to move," The prince commended. Beth tried her best to do what she was told. She couldn't move a muscle. With a snap of his fingers, two other harem girls carried a full length mirror up to face her. To her horror, what was staring back in the reflection wasn't the successful business woman she had known. What she saw was an inanimate, plastic, mannequin. The prince then touched a button beneath his robes and the image of a handsome man was replaced by a skinny geek with pimples and glasses.

"At last," The former prince said, "you get your reward. Remember me from high school? I am Eric Mc Dole. I had a crush on you since we met in first grade and always wanted to make you my girl. A superior cheerleader like you wouldn't have anything to do with a nerd like me."

Beth could only stare blankly in horror at her situation as he continued. "Now you are mine, now and forever. I rigged the contest so that you'd win. I wanted you here to bow to my every need. Degrade and embarrass yourself like I felt embarrassed by your snobbery back in school. Now, you are in exactly the position I want you in and you're going to be staying that way for a long time. I have e-mailed the company you used to work for, saying you've quit your job; from now on, you'll be nothing more that a piece of the park's back drop being dressed and undressed by its employees, or by me when I come to visit you. Don't worry, you'll feel wonderful when you're changed and cleaned in a way the android other ladies I built for this amusement park never could. In a way it's a shame you can't lift a finger to thank me."

With a snicker, Eric finished his vacation and went home, leaving Beth to her new fate.


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