Losers Become Prizes

hentai fan-fic by Monocrome

This fan-fic contains acts of kinky sex, and latex fetishism. Minors and people who don't like this kind of stuff should not read this. Idea of furry dolls and inspiration to this fic comes from art of Sebastian Rubbermage. Go and see his site at: http\\:www.bastianmage.com.

Three girls are trekking uphill trough mountainous country. Lack of any kind of camping-gear reveals that they are not hikers. Instead they are wearing clothes typical to the highschool-girls. Also lack of any kind of trail is slowing their progress along the way.

Blonde leader-girl sits on boulder, painful look in her face. She straightens one leg, and girl with black hair made in ponytail kneels down to look at it. After moments inspection, the kneeling girl takes off tennis-shoes hanging them on her neck and start to massage her feet.

"Whose idea this walking-trip was," the blonde asks in general. She is wearing silk blouse under natural-white cardican, beige trousers and low-heeled shoes. Long blonde curls surround her sensual face.

"Yours, Aoiko," replies the third girl is standing there, hands in her hips. Then she begins to speak in falsetto voice: "Look there's a manor nearby; lets walk to there and see what's it like."

The blonde girl sitting there flashes brief dry smile before she answers. "I admit I under-estimated the distance Yuri, but we can still reach it before sundown." Then she glances the girl massaging her ankle: "Is that so, Yat-chan?"

Said girl raises her head. "Yes we can Aoiko-san. Your feet are just too unused for walking long distances."

Yuri shrugs her shoulders. "Well, at least we escaped from that tedious 'educational' field-trip, I can't stand those old ruins and shrines."

The massage continues, while Yuri idly inspects the scenery. She isn't as beautiful as Aoiko, but she has more buxom; tight jeans and stretched sweatshirt reveal that much. Suddenly she turns sharply, her shoulder-length black hair cutting the air.

"What are we going to do, when we reach that Manor," she asks from Aoiko.

Blonde girl brushes a lock of hair on her face before answering. "Well obviously I am going to walk front door, knock, and ask Lord of the Manor to give us a lodging for the night."

Yat-chan looks again up to her. "Isn't that little too bold?"

Aoiko looks to her and asks "And what would you do then?"

"I would...I w-simply....", After a while she shuts up, and turns her head away from Aoiko.

"Silly girl," Yuri says and nudges her in the shoulder.

Then Aoiko stands up saying, "Anyhow, let us get going."

Yat-chan rises up, revealing more slender and athletic body, than either of the two other girls, dressed in loose trousers and grey sweater. Grabbing her shoes, she throws long ponytail of black hair over her shoulder, and hurries after other two girls up towards manor.

*               *               *

It is early evening when the three girls finally reach manor grounds. There aren't any walls surrounding it, so they walk straight to the yard. The few birds that are chirping nearby cherry-tree are only sigh of life in the yard. Standing along the carefully tended lawn are couple female statues made of gleaming black stone. Vines crawl up to the stony walls of the European-style manor.

"Look at the size of it," Yuri says staring up the manor house.

"Yeah, it looks really old," Yat-chan says.

The Manor house has impressed Aoiko too, but she doesn't let it show in her voice. She points a paved walkway leading to the front side of the house. "We better go around the manor, so we can find front door."

In the middle of semi-circular driveway they see a fountain made of marble. "How beautiful," Aoiko exclaims when they see it. The fountain potrays two female figures: one pouring water out of jug, and other woman kneeling in her feet looking into distance.

Yuri ignores the scenery, and walks right to the door. Once there she coughs, runs hand trough her hair and wipes her shoes in the carpet in front of door. Then she pulls bronze chain next to the oaken door. After a few seconds, the person who comes to open the door, startles threesome.

While she is obviously female, judging from shapes in her white dress-coat and tight trousers, her face is featureless white oval with only dark slashes where normal people would have eyes.

For a moment they stare each other. Then Aoiko steps forth behind Yuri. She curtsies, and starts to speak: "Evening for the house. We been out all day, when dusk suddenly surprised us. We saw this house, so I wonder would master of this manor be so kind and give us lodging for the night." Aioko stands there batting her long eyelashes, and looking adorable as any teen.

It is impossible to see whether her act worked, and for a terrifying moment she fears it hasn't. To her great relief the woman at the door steps aside, letting them inside.

"Thank you so kindly," Aioko answers and steps in with every inch of regal bearing she can muster. The door closes silently behind them, and they find themselves standing in a shady hall. After taking off their shoes, girls look around in hall:

Woodpaneling covers the walls, and there is crimson carpet leading towards twin stairs in far side of the room. Other than two female statues holding candlebras (now out) in their outstreched hands, and heavy red curtains in the windows, the hall is unfurnished.

In the cover of Aioko's aura of regal presence, the girls walk towards the stairs. Halfway to them, three shapely bunny-girls descent from left-side stairs. They hop towards the girls and start to circle them, hopping around and inspecting the trio, effectively forcing them to stop. When Aoiko tries to address them, they won't pay slightest attention to her.

"Well at least they won't seem to be hostile," Yat-chan states quietly.

And indeed, look in the bunnygirls' faces radiates pleasant surprise.

"In any case I wish they soon make up their minds what to do with us," Yuri says back in low voice.

Then suddenly as by a cue, one Bunnie grasps each of them by armpit. Indicating them to follow back up the stairs where they had come down. Holding them firmly from the arm, bunnygirls lead them on down the hallways, up other stairs and onwards trough more hallways, nudging once a while for indication to turn to the left or right. Finally they stop in front of one door. One of the bunnies opens it, indicating by hand that they should enter.

Shrugging, Yuri enters other two girls short way behind her. Bunnygirls wait for the girls to enter the room before following them into the room. While two of them stay at the door, third one goes to cupboard, opens it, and bends inside. When she emerges, she is holding tray with pitcher and three glasses made of crystal. Putting them in nearby table, she points the tray and then girls. When Aioko nods for her approval, she joins other two waiting in the door. Before exiting the room last of them waves cheerfully for good-byes.

Instinctively Yat-chan responds by waving back. The bunny-girl throws a flying-kiss for her, and exits the room.

*               *               *

"Really Yat-chan, haven't I told you many times...," Aoiko shakes her head leaving her sentence unfinished.

Yat-chan answers sourly," I just couldn't help it."

Yuri sees four-poster bed in opposite end of the room. She walks to it and slumps into bed, leaving her legs dangling out.

Yat-chan walks to table where bunnygirl put had the tray, and pours herself a generous glass from jug. Drinking greedily, she empties it with one go.

"What kind of drink is it?" Aoiko asks.

"Lemonade," Yat-chan answers and pours herself another glass. "Want some, Aoiko-san?"

Aoiko wrinkles her nose, but allows her pour a small glass for herself. Sipping from the glass Aoiko inspects the room. It contains heavy antique furniture; Big four-poster bed (where Yuri now lies swinging her legs), a few chairs, oaken cupboard, dressing table, and round table near them. Thick rugs, cover the floor and wood-paneling the walls.

Having drank her fill, Yat-chan asks Aoiko: "So what we do now?"

Sipping her glass before answering, she looks back to her. "Now we wait that our host shows herself, so we can introduce ourselves."

*               *               *

Their host makes them wait for himself for better part of hour, before she finally enters with two bunnygirls. She is in fit form, but what draws girl's attention is that she has dressed like a jester. Her dress has a deep-purple top, and green lower-part fittting snugly over her body. Yellow elbow-length gloves cover her hands. On her feet she has black-white socks and yellow sharp-pointed slippers. Shiny black hair cascades under yellow jester's-cap. Her face has white paint, with horizontal black stripes over eyes and blood-red lips.

She closes the door behind her, makes little dance with her legs, and bows deeply to girls one hand in chest other had swinging back. "Evening to you noble ladies, and welcome my humble house."

Aoiko, curtsies, as does Yat-chan, but Yuri just nods from the bed.

"Let me present myself. I am Hentai Jester, the master of this manor. May I inquire who you might be?"

The three girls present themselves, and Aoiko gives Hentai Jester the same explanation she had given in the front door. Jester connects her fingers, and seems to be thinking. Bunnygirls with her also take a mock-serious expression to their faces. Finally she raises her head to address girls. "We do not usually tolerate well uninvited guests. But since you were bold enough to ring my front door, and waited nicely in this room for my arrival, I am ready to give you a chance." Bunnygirls react this with cheering. She extends hand, to silence both bunnygirls reaction and trio's possible reply. "But before you can join my little party; we have to get you proper dresses."

Sleight of hand-trick, and tree opaque little balls appear in Jester's hand. A quick twist of hand sends one frying towards each girl. Before they have time to react, balls hit them, shattering with a bright flash. When their sight returns, girls find themselves trapped in transparent bubbles, unable to move or speak. The bubbles slowly rise to the height of Jesters head.

"And now, the finale!" She says throwing her hands wide. "Uno! Deux! Tres!"

With each word one bubble burst open, releasing one of the girls into the room. When they look each other, their eyes go wide from shock. Thick fur now covers their feet, which are somehow restructured to feline toe-stepping legs. Cat's ears that stick out from their hair, underline this effect. A thick black latex-bodice covers each girl's torso from crotch to tip of the neck. Latex covers also their hands, rendering them into useless mittens, seamlesly joining to the bodice. Or not wholly seamless; an area around their pussy feels a little too airy for Aoiko. It would be indignified to look at her own clit, not to say she could fall from this position, but casual look to other girls' pussies confirms her thoughts. The suit has a hole around crotch, showing that they have shaved pussies. The thought that anybody can see her clit makes shivers go up and down to her spine. All and all, a revealing, but unconfortable, dress.

"Hey, what that was about!" Yuri asks angrily after she regains her balance.

Trying her best to regain her posture Aoiko says in icy tone: "In the right circumstances I could appreciate this 'costume', but for now I could use something else. And without delay if you may..."

Hentai Jester waves a finger to her. Aoiko stops suddenly, freezing in place. "Tut-tut; such a rude language from a beautiful girl's mouth, and I gave you such fine suits." A mock-sad look comes to Jesters face: "I am being generous with you, and what do I get in reply; contempt. Oh well, I guess I have to insist." She winks to twin bunnies in waiting, who instantly hop happily to Aioko. One of them takes her by arm, and places her knee in Aoiko's crotch. Other one reveals white mask behind her back. It is classic dolly-mask with red dots in the cheeks, rosy lips and wide comical eyes. Rubbing in her crotch with her leg, first bunnygirl says in happy tone: "Open A-aaaa!"

Distracted and curious, Aoiko opens her mouth. Bunnygirl turns mask around revealing penis-gag attached inside of it. Unable to resist from her awkward position, the long thick penis-gag slips to her mouth. Bunnygirl pushes mask all the way in, until her teeth sink into soft rubber. Mask feels like melting into her face and gag swells in her mouth, filling it, making her feel like she is going to suffocate.

When bunnygirls have completed their task, they clap their hands in excitement. One of them even pecks a kiss in the cheek of her shining doll-face.

Of course, other girls get the same treatment. Yat-chan doesn't even try to resist, but Yuri puts up a fight. So Bunnygirls tackle her to her knees, and Jester herself kneels down behind her. "You don't see Yat-chan complaining do you? Now get that gag in there!" Eventually she has to drop her struggles, accepting the gag in her mouth.

Changing back to role of kind host, Hentai jester helps Yuri on her feet (or toes to be exact). She waits that bunnygirls hurry back behind before speaking again. "You will notice that you are connected with each other," pointing towards the door she says, "After you, Ladies. Our other guest awaits!"

Again the trio is lead trough corridors. Along the way, Yat-chan decides to try if what Jester said about communicating is true.

< "Ano, what do you think he will do with us?" >

< "Don't know, let's see what happens" > She hears Yuri's voice in her head.

Yat-chan turns her head towards Yuri.

< "Don't tell me you're ENJOYING this?" >

Yuri's grin is almost audible in her voice.

< "It could be worse, we could be chained to the wall in dark dungeon." >

< "Hush you two - I can hear music." > Aoiko's low voice tells them.

They stretch their ears, and indeed they are lead towards open double-doors, where they can hear music and soft murmur of voices.

*               *               *

Hentai Jester's little retinue enters to a room where his guests are mingling. Room seems to be quite large, but dim lighting hides exact size of it. Jester herself stops shortly after entering to the room. She throws her hands wide, and announces in a loud voice: "Come, come, my guests and loyal servants; Come and meet newest guests to our little party."

From shady nooks and dark corners, people in various types of costume approach the girls standing in the entrance: There is few people dressed in diamond-patterned purple-yellow-green dress, similar to Jester himself. A larger number of people, from both sexes, are wearing latex and corsets. There are females who have doll-like dress similar to girls themselves, and fair number of bunnygirls. But weirdest sight of all are those who have a round body where two short hands and two short feet stick out. Garish dress covers their round bodies. They have wide grin in their white faces and large glazed eyes.

These and, most of the other guests, keep some distance. But some come to examine the girl-trio more closely, fondling them briefly along the way.

The girls themselves become increasingly uneasy under the gaze of these people.

< "But that's why Jester had made such a fuss of our arrival." >, Yuri states.

< "We just have to keep our heads cool." >

As soon as they had appeared, various guests grow bored at them and disappear to the shadows of the room. Then Hentai Jester turns towards girls. Bowing she says to them, "Mingle around a while; as a host of these parties, I have some_obligations_, but I soon get touch with you." And bowing once more, she disappears too into the midst of the guests.

<"Do you think it's safe?"> Yat-chan asks.

<"Do you want to stand here all night, then."> Aoiko snaps at her.

Yat-chan looks around her.

<"No, Maybe there is a way out.">

 she responds.

Having no other choice, they head deeper into the room. Looking around they notice that the lighting separates the party-area (which actually consists of several quite large rooms) to sections. You can find a free section, and have fun with your friends. Other spots show people left to their own, usually dressed and/or tied up in some ingenious manner. Not that there is something going in every corner, but All activity in their visibility is solely around hedonistic aspects of rather kinky sex.

Girls have read X-rated magazines, and they had even practiced shibari, but that was mild when you compared it to these parties.

Apart from various devises for practicing BDSM, the party-area is sparsely decorated: Few benches along the wall, occasional full-wall mirror, couple of female statues made from gleaming black stone and some puffed-up humanoid balloons made from tan see-through material. These represent members of both sex, in antomically correct, but enormously exaggerated forms. The main hall also contains buffet with various refreshments, along with items such as whipcream and chocolade topping.

After some walking around they find out that if something arouses one of them, all of them feel it. This leads them in the point where they walk around constantly aroused, without any means to relieve themselves.

*               *               *

To calm down they sit on an random bench. Some distance from them, in the other side of the walkway they see another trio of women. Two of the women are wearing blue latex skirts, and black boots. Curly bright-red hair frames their white face. In her lap lies long-nosed latex-creature breathing deeply. Woman is leaning over creature, idly tickling its ass. Meanwhile other woman inspects the ceiling, head thrown back.

This arouses Yat-chan's interest, so she walks to them. When she gets closer, "creature" turns out to be a woman! Her arms and legs were bent double before they were wrapped in latex. Her "Nose" is actually a big latex penis jutting out of her mouth. Yat-chan bends down towards this weird sight. She looks up to her, with eyes half-glazed from lust. Woman holiding her stops tickling, and raises her heavy eyelids to look at Yat-chan.

"Does our little pet interest you?" she asks. When Yat-chan doesn't answer, she scratches her by the eartips before giving her an explanation. "Your ears wiggle, and that's a sign of interest." She wriggles her ears, irritated somehow by the touch on her ears. "Did I offend you?," she asks from her, "I'm sorry, newly aquired ears often feel over-sensitive." She scratches her behind the ear, and the whispers: "As an apology I show you something nice."

Yat-chan allows woman to push her down in her knees, and walks penis-girl near to her. Next she trusts her "nose" into Yat-chan's pussy. Soon Yat-chan is swinging in the rhythm of dick-girl's thrusts. A growing feel of arousal seeps into other two girls minds. They look around for Yat-chan and see her in there, dick-girl in between her legs. They look each other, but by now it's too late to them to do anything.  Now it's clear where the erotic charge comes from, and when they realise that it grows a lot more intense. Orgasmical feeling amplifies within every thought, and soon they all wriggle in the grasps of what must be The Most Intence Orgasm Ever.

Feeling is so intense that Aoiko thinks she Has to come any minute now. But that teasing feeling just before cumming stretches, and stretches, growing more unbearable by the moment. Oh, If she just could come! But it seems her mind cannot escape from this never cumming orgasmigal agony. Both of them can vividly feel how latex-cock makes its work in Yat-chan's pussy.

Finally Yat-chan comes, but it takes lot longer that two of them even realise this. When they do, both of them slump to the floor gasping for air.


Aoiko manages to utter after a while.

<"Yeah, a three-way orgasm."> Yuri stutters her response in the midst of panting.

One of the Latex-skirted women has walked to them. Gently she raises them to their toes. "I bet you hadn't experienced that before," she asks.

Unable to respond, they just shake their heads.

"Thought so," she responds. Then she look to the distance. "Oh, the joys of new discoveries," she says sighing.

Little crowd that has gathered to watch disperses, and they see bunnygirl standing there her head cocked.

"Hentai jester wishes that you could join in her company," she says with cheery voice that seems typical to all bunnygirls.

Gathering last of her remaining dignity Aoiko responds to her that they would be delighted to join her company.

"Then this way, please," bunnygirl says, and starts to hop in one direction.

*               *               *

Bunnygirl leads them to deep end of a large room. There on a raised platform Hentai Jester sits drinking tea. Noticing their arrival, she invites them to the table with a gesture of her hand. Three girls step a couple steps to the platform, and sit down around the table. Bunnygirl waits until they have settled down as comfortable as possible, then curtsies and leaves.

They sit there a while in silence, until Hentai Jester asks a question: "Do you have good time so far?"

Yat-chan is first to answer: "It's certainly been interesting."

"You can say that again," comes Yuri's response.

They sit in silence, three girls trying their best not to notice the delicous aroma of her tea that tickles their extra-sensitive noses.

Casually she finally asks them if they want some tea. When they agree, she rises up and walks around the table with teapot, pouring green Chinese tea to each of them. At same time they feel her casually tapping their masks. For few moments they feel like puking up, and then the mask comes off, dropping to the table. From there bunnygirl who appears somewhere collects them up, vanishing as fast as she had appeared.

Looking at each other they see that even their faces have feline features: Below noses they have whiskers and their eyes are green and their eyes have slit irises. By grasping tea-mug with both latex mittens girls discover they can get it to their lips.

After they all had drink tea for some time, Hentai Jester begins to speak. "As you have seen, unwanted people end up as more or less permanent members of our party. Normally you would share this fate too. But since you had guts to come by the front door, and I feel like it, I am ready to give you a chance." She takes a dramatic pause, looking at the girls. She finishes by saying, "We will have a little game for entertainment."

"What kind of," Aoiko asks, half-guessing the answer.

Hentai Jester puts her teacup down to chabudai. "Very simple one actually," she crosses her fingers and lays her chin to them. "You show us something interesting and original, from the depths of your heart. The one who is most true will be winner, and walks out as a free person tomorrow morning."

"And you will act as judge," Aoiko states with neutral voice.

Jester looks to her. "Of course, After all I AM host of these parties."

"I think we should participate, "Yat-chan puts in, "As guest it would be rude otherwise."

Aoiko nods. "It could be interesting."

"What if I don't want play games," Yuri disagrees, "What if _I_ challenge YOU? Will you let me go if I win?"

Jester throws to Yuri deep meaningful look. Finally she addresses her in deep but bright voice. "So you want to challenge me," she says with straight face, "Fine." She straightens her back, waves her hands around each other and snaps her fingers. As a result everybody, and everything else excluding Her and Yuri freezes.

Then Hentai Jester turns her attention back to Yuri. "Since you issued the challenge, I will choose the method of duel."

"Fine by me," Yuri answers, trying to sound nonchalant.

"Good that you have confidence, because the duel will be tests of wills. We try to out-stare each other, first one who looks away loses."

Jester's actions had startled Yuri, but she decides to tough it out. She has walked out as a winner from situations far worse than this. But Hentai Jester's deep passionate stare brings up to her mind the most embarrassing moments of her life: When she wetted her futon in pre-school, when she was caught masturbating in P.E-storage, being reprimanded by principal... She is getting hot, uneasy, and she feels the blush of shame rising to her cheeks; something that hasn't happened for very long time. Frustrated but unable to resist any longer, Yuri lowers her eyes.

Hentai Jester puts her hands at her cheeks, and rises her head to face the girl. "You lose Yuri-san," Hentai Jester says, smiling wildly. Before she manages to respond, the world blurs in her eyes. Yuri experiences a brief, but intense, gut-wrenching feeling that throws her out of balance. When her eyesight returns, she finds herself sitting in the floor of high room. All around her furries, few marionettes and fluff-stuffed dolls smile back at her. She can also see an open window, where moonlight shines in.

Yuri snorts.

< "If this is supposta' be some kind of learning experience, I don't buy it. If I remember right, vines cower this manor's wall. I can easily climb down, and be gone with this place." >

She stands up and heads to the window. But her feet are oddly wobbly, making standing almost impossible. After couple unsteady steps she falls back to the floor. Legs wide apart she sits in the floor.

"Fine," she says to herself angrily, "I rest here, and gather my strength."

*               *               *

This whole event with Yuri and Hentai Jester is over in a blink of an eye from other two girls time-stopped point of view. A moment of unconscious feeling, and then they see that Yuri has disappeared from their company.

For explanation Hentai Jester simply states: "Yuri-san has decided not to participiate in this game."

Yat-chan nods in mute shock, but Aoiko states coolly, "I understand."

Then Jester spreads her hands toward them. "And you...?"

"I think we will take part of this game, as probably will Yat-chan," Aoiko replies. Again Yat-chan's only answer is a silent nod.

Smile spreads in Hentai jesters painted face. "In that case, I wish you best of luck."

Little sleight of hand-trick, and two shining little gems appear between Hentai Jesters thumb and index finger. She does different set of gestures, and gem attaches itself into Aoiko's plastic choker. Then Aoiko vanishes from the table. Yat-chan has barely time to see that happening, before another gem vanishes from Hentai Jesters hand and she experiences brief gut-wrenching feeling.

When she looks around, she finds herself alone in the midst of party-people.

*               *               *

Roughly same time Yuri has found out that her skin has began to tingle, in a way that isn't wholly unpleasant. In short time, the feeling intensifies in the tips of her fingers and toes. When she tries to scratch them, she finds to her dismay that her whole body has gone rigid! Only her arms move, as to recieve a hug. Then they stop, and begin to tranform to paws of a fluff-stuffed doll. A quick glance to her legs confirm that her legs are also under transformation. Her fists and feets are quickly transformed, and It starts to spread up along her limbs. It feels like somebody constantly rubbing her skin through soft fur. After initial shock disappears, the feeling is quite nice and sensual. Transformation speads with slow caressing moves up along her arms and legs taking its time. She closes her eyes (the only part of her body that still moves), and would moan aloud from the pleasure if she would. Sharp pain from her crotch shakes her up from raunchy slumber. Slow spreading feeling disappears, lost under feeling of something churning violently in the bowels of her crotch. Feeling is more painfull, but also more aroused, and she moans again silently in her mind. Suddenly that first soft and sensetive feeling returns, shooting upwards with new momentum. Her arousal peaks, and she would have come if it only would have been possible. Then the wave of pleasure breaks, like surf hitting the shore. She is able to calm down little, and inspect her body. She now has "skin" of thick yellow fur, with black irregular spots. Shorter tan fur covers her chest-area, paws and inner sides of her limbs. She has lost feeling of her limbs, but somehow her skin has come acutely sensitive. Since she can't bow her head she can't see what has happened to her pussy, which frustfrates her a lot. Then that slow sensual feeling reaches her tits, and another wave of ecstasy shoots over her mind, drowning all thoughts under it. It reaches the back of her neck, and her scalp begins to itch. Then her own hair drops away and, from her scalp, blond corkscrew-curls made of fake-hair starts to sprout out. "Ugh I will look horrible cute and girly," is her last consious thought before it engulfs her face. She feels he lips stretching into a wide smile, eyes growing impossibly large as they glaze over.

Now that transform has completed itself, she feels as someone covered her up with several thick furs to a massaging-bed. It feels wonderful, but also terribly arousing. During the transformation she feels several times like she would cum in any minute, but she lingers on hang in that magical moment just before orgasm. What if she can't get release from this intense feeling inside her? What if she just gets more and more aroused?

Sounds of soft steps interrupt her wonderings. Yuri recognizes Hentai Jester, when she comes to her line of sight.

She casts appraising look to her, obviously liking what she sees. "Ah, another piece for my collection." Smiling, she leans lower until their eyes are same level. "Did you like the transformation? Most people do. But before you draw the wrong conclusions, let me tell you that it's irreversible; You will spend rest of you life as a hugging-doll." She kneels down, and gives Yuri her hug. Almost instantly a wave of arousal shoots down through her back. "In this form you will get intense pleasure from every touch. But because you are now essentially a fluff-stuffed doll, you are incapable of reaching orgasm."

This statement makes Yuri realize fully where she had gotten herself into.

Hentai Jesters hand begins to slide down towards her crotch. It feels like someone touching her skin trough many layers of thick covers. "As a doll you have excessively sensitive skin," She says to her, ending the sentence with blowing her ear. This causes minor orgasmigal sensation in Yuri's mind. "But there's one place that is even more so." She hears sound of a zipper (?), And then something explodes in her mind. She can feel Jester's fingers inside her inner sanctum. Slowly she retreats them and stands up. Walking to the nearby closet, she opens its door. Yuri sees herself from the mirror inside the door.

"Look," Jester points to mirror-image of her clit. It shows a short open zipper, showing flash of red lining inside. She walks back to her, kneeling beside her. "That's special place where one can conceal special items," she says while closing the zipper," Of course things put there are felt VERY clearly." Standing up, she takes her under her arm.

"I will show you to my guests," she says to her, "they always like new toys."

*               *               *

Hentai Jester finds Yat-chan from main-hall leaning into the wall fondling her vagina in one hand and gem in her throat in other, totally unaware of her surroundings. "Hey, no wallflowers at my party."

Jester's sudden silent appearance makes Yat-chan jump. She looks down along her own hand. Blushing she quickly removes it, and hides both hands behind her back. "For an X-minded girl you surely blush easily."

As an answer Yat-chan looks Hentai Jester in the eyes. Anger flashes briefly in them, but she doesn't say anything. Then she turns to look her toes, and her whole posture slumps. Looking her feet Yat-chan says to Hentai Jester: "I give up; I can't compete with your guests."

"How come you hang with girls like Aoiko and Yuri then?"

Yat-chan ends inspecting her own toes, and rises her eyes: "Because they have interesting ideas, and..."

Hentai Jester retreats a little and takes her chin into her hand. "And you're just a girl who happens to have naughty ideas, right? You're not going to get out this that easily."

Suddenly Yat-chan feels uncomfortable. Her vision blurs, and she loses feeling of her body. It feels like someone had mixed her body together with rubber, and then begun to mold girl-shaped doll from her. After going through this weird process, she finds that she had turned into a hollow dark grey latex-doll. She stands there. her legs slightly apart; fully conscious, but unable to move at all.

She feels more than sees a pipe inside her; it starts from her mouth-hole and comes out from her crotch. She can also see Hentai Jester standing in front of her, a gun in her hand. Sensing her panic, she calms her down, "Relax, this is just a trick-shoot gun. A little demonstration says more than words, so I give you one." She points the weapon towards the latex doll Yat-chan and pulls the trigger. Ammo hits her mouth, going down to the pipe. Wave of arousal hits her mind. Before ammo comes out from the exit-hole it rolls for a while around it before dropping into a little can hanging on her hips. It feels like vibrator inside her, arousing her even more. She puts weapon on the table in front of her.

Running her hand along the doll's body, she says to her, "How did that feel? When my guests find you, you will experience it countless times. Every time will rise your arousal a little more."

Turning to face guest in the room, she announces in loud voice: "Come my guests! come and try this new attraction."

To Yat-chan she says, in much quieter voice, "I leave you to spend your night with my guests. I hope you won't have a boring time."

She turns to leave, but turns back to her in one more time. "By the way if you feel like you can't take it, just call my name. I will hear you and will release you. Of course that means you have lost." And with that, she walks away.

Much later in that night Yat-chan experiences this first-hand. Guest keeps her busy, and she gathers several orgasms worth of arousal without actually getting one.

*               *               *

In another direction Aoiko has found herself from a currently empty corner. Looking at herself from mirror in one corner Aoiko touches gem in her choker in one arm, extending other. Focusing her mind to the shiny ball, it explodes drowning her into its light. When the light dies down, Aoiko stands there wearing a dress similar than Hentai Jester's own. While admiring her new dress from mirror, her mouth forms into thin smile. "Excellent. Now that I have proper dress, I can go on."

Aoiko turns towards door leading to the main party-area. A couple steps from the door her dress begins to transform: Sleeves grow over her hands, and start to draw them across each other towards her back. The cap tightens around her head, and two thin threads of latex force themsleves to her mouth from the corners. In her mouth they merge growing into big ball-gag between her teeth. Sleeves emerge from her back and merge over her stomach, and waist tightens considerably at the same time, turning into a latex straight-jacket. Slippers also grow longer tightening along the way. High stiletto-heels that grow out of the heels, make her lose her balance, and fall to the ground.

She is trying to get back into her legs, when a shadow falls over her. Looking up and see Hentai Jester standing there, faint smile in her lips. Along with her is couple bunnygirls. "That surprised you, didn't it? Gem on your choker keeps me informed of your doings." She makes a piruette before continuing in same teasing tone. "I would say that you were trying to cheat, and that's not really nice." She leans toward Aoiko. "Now what I should do? Give you a second chance?" She looks to bunnygirls, who shake their heads. "They are right, you would probably try to cheat again, so that out of the question," Both bunnygirls shake their head head as a sign of agreement.

"So I think you won't get a second chance." Now Bunnygirls hop and clap their hands to show that they agree with her. Jester leans toward Aoiko saying," I didn't think I could declare you as a winner. Sorry." Then she stands up, and sets her hands to her hips. Winking eye for Aoiko he says to her, "If it's any consolation for you, you're not the first to try that one. And now, I let you into tender care of my bunnygirls."

And with these words she turns on her heels and leaves. Aoiko's body begins to transform into a fluff-stuffed doll. Only thing she can do, is watch helplessly when transformation destroys her clothing along the way. The ball-gag in her mouth stays turning her face to the feline face. Gag is easily hidden under cat's snout. Soon in the floor sits another fluff-stuffed doll who has Aoiko's lustrous blonde curls, and light-brown fur and features of a cat-girl. The bunnygirls tease her for a while, before carrying her into some room where she can see lots of more dolls sitting beside the walls. One of them looks oddly familiar.

*               *               *

By morning all guests have retreated, and Yat-chan is finally alone. She herself has been all too horny to get sleep, so she hangs in somekind of semi-concsiousnes state of mind. Approaching steps draw her up from her slumber. Focusing on arrival, she sees bunnygirl carrying something in her hands. She stops beside her and sprinkles something over her. Yat-chan begins to feel that her body is melting.

< "This is how a snowman has to feel in warm sunshine." >

After uncounted amount of time she starts to feel her heartbeat. She coughs violently when her lungs begin to work, but that's not only part in her body that recognizes the change. As soon as she's breathing again, a massive orgasm wracks her body. And then she experiences second one right after that. The Bunnygirl waits patiently beside her and when she has gone over all that, helps her to her feet. Putting large raincoat in her shoulders, she says in encouraging tone of voice, "Let me lead you to the bathroom so you can make yourself presentable."

Confused, Yat-chan lets herself be towed forward by the bunnygirl. They arrive at bathroom where another bunnygirl helps her into the tub. Long soak in hot bath revitalises her completely. Refreshed, she enters into a dressing-room, where bunnygirls dry her up. There is also set of clothes put up for her. Granted they are made of leather and latex, but they at least they look like normal clothes: tight pvc-trousers, high-heeled shoes and a black top.

Dressing, Yat-chan asks why all this.

"Hentai Jester wishes that you join her for breakfast," bunnygirl answers.

*               *               *

Bunnygirl leads in a room in upper part of the mansion. There she sees Hentai Jester having breakfast by herself. She looks up, and asks her to sit down. Then she gestures to the table saying, "I would be a bad host if I wouldn't offer you breakfast. Please eat with me."

Last night's events have made her hungry, so she eats with good appetite. After she has satisfied her appetite, she wants to satisfy her curiosity. So she asks from Hentai Jester, "Because there is just two of us, may I hazard a guess that a have won?"

Jester isn't in any hurry to answer; She wipes her lips, drinks some tea, and generally just makes Yat-chan have to wait. Eventually, she smiles. "You have guessed right. I appreciate your tenacity. That's more than can be said for your friends, whom got what they deserved."

The rest of the breakfast goes by under friendly chit-chat. When they rise from the table Hentai Jester says to Yat-chan, "My limo will take you back to the village, but first something." She gestures with her hand, and for a while Yat-chan thinks she's been had. To her relief, the only thing that happens is that two bunnygirls arrive, each carrying fluff-stuffed doll. One has corkscrew-curls, and yellow fur with black spots. Other one looks like cat-girl with lustrous blonde mane of hair, and brown fur.

"Winner of any contest is entitled to a prize," Hentai Jester says, "so I ask you to take these two dolls as your reward."

"They can even talk," she says and pushes cat-girl's tummy. "I am lonely, hug me pleasee!" a metallic voice comes out if its stomach.

"How can I refuse such a cute gift," answers Yat-chan, knowing where the dolls had come from and that she had almost joined them.

*               *               *

A little later, sitting in backseat of a limo, behind darkened sunglasses, Yat-chan tries to organise in her head what happened last night.

< "That was one weird experience, and not altogether unpleasant when I think of it afterwards." >

She looks at the dolls besides her. "I am sorry for Aoiko and Yuri, but at least I got some new friends."

She sifts her gaze to the rear-mirror where her own eyes look back to her. "One thing is sure Yat-chan, no Yahiko-sama will get some new friends to play with.




Author's Note: Yay, My second hentai-fic is finished. I hope it wasn't too predictable, because at the same time I wanted to somethings to stand out. When I was writing this, all I had about Hentai Jester were couple pictures Sebastian had made. About her residence I didn't have anything. Since this fic required location where actions would take place, I simply made things up along the way. If somebody wants to use them, feel free to do so.

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