Desperately Seeking Latex

hentai fan-fic by Monocrome

Disclaimer: This is a an hentai fan-fic, containing latex fetisism, and furries making kinky sex. Read at your own risk. And please don't steal it.

Michelle felt little awkward entering into Sebastian's magic sex shop. She had spotted the shop when she had been on lunch-break from a Model-agency, where she works as an assistant. When she first got the idea, she had thought of it as little daring, but otherwise usable idea.

Being actually in the shop, and looking all the weird latex and leather stuff the shop had to offer, was melting her resolve.  "But I'm on sick-leave as of today, so I just as well look around here," she told herself Michelle had thought that she was quite open-minded when it comes to practicing sex, but still the various items made from latex and leather presented in the shop make her blush.

"Oh it's no use, I'm gonna lose him," our feline heroine sighs to herself. Lost in gloomy thoughts, she stumbles into someone. "I'm sorry..." she starts to apologize when she recognizes that Cat-girl, whom she has just stumbled upon, looks somehow familiar to her. "But you are..."

"Aren't you...?"

"My god, It's Anette, right? We haven't seen since we finished school!"

"Long time no see, Michelle! How are you?"

"Just fine, I work at model-agency near here. And you?"

"So and so, I work as an office lady in big firm. May I ask what brings you here?"

The sudden question quiets her, and she stares past her old friend while blush rises on her face. Seeing her feline-friends response to her question, Anette becomes serious too. She puts away the magazine she had been looking, and touches her friend's furry arm.

"It's all right, you don't have to answer to that," Anette says in a soothing tone.

Michelle shakes her head: "No, I might as well tell someone." She raises her head and starts her story: "As I said I work at the modeling-agency as an as an assistant. A gorgeous feline-beauty called Tia is also working there."

"Is it serious?"

"Yes, but unfortunately it's one sided." Michelle's answer comes out as a harsh whisper. Misery shines out of her face.

Anelle folds her arms, bends nearer to her and asks her in low voice: "So that is the reason you are here. You really are running hot for her?"

She can only nod. Wiggling her fingers Michelle looks around the shop. "I know this shop, and I thought that perhaps if I buy her a present..." Michelle's voice trails off before she reaches to the end of sentence.

Annette raises her hand, and scratches her snout. She stands in front of her impatiently changing one foot to other, and it's seems she tries to decide if she can explain any further. Finally Anette bends over Michelle's ear and whispers in it. "I got an idea how you could at least see her if not else. But is quite a far-shot and it contains considerable risks. Are you sere you want to try it?

"Yes anything," Michelle responds in eager voice." It's my dearest wish. My life isn't worth of living without her!"

"In that case, let's walk to the counter."

*           *           *

Behind the counter stands young albino male-cat dressed all up in latex. "And what I can do for you, sexy ladies," he asks with pleasant voice.

Anette winks to the tom-cat, and whispers something in his ear. In response his ears jump up, a sure mark that cat has interested in something.

Standing up Anette asks: "I just want to ask, do you still have Toy Balls."

"Well certainly, if you could be so kind and wait a while my assistant will fetch one for you."

A younger Cat-girl dressed in full body latex-suit, brings them a plastic box. Inside of it is blue shiny ball, about the size of baseball.

Puzzled, Michelle looks at the ball. "And this can help me in my problem, how?"

"Possibly, Possibly. I did say it is a long shot."

She covers her face with her paws. "Oh what I do now," she wails, her tail sagging to the ground.

Anette looks her: "Well how much do you want this?"

Finally Michelle makes her decision, and turns to the shopkeeper. "Very well, I take it. Might as well, since I have come this far." Michelle pays for the Toy ball, and he gives it to her. "All I can say that I have sympathy for you. My back-room is available for you."

*           *           *

In the back-room Anette puts the Toy Ball-box at the table.

"So what do I do now?" Michelle asks from her friend.

Annette turns towards her: "First at all, you better undress." Determined to go through with this she undresses, putting her clothes on the sofa. Then, very carefully, Anette opens the box holding Toy Ball. With equally careful movements she gives it to the Michelle.

She takes it to her palm, and turns it around. The way Anette handled the Toy Ball, she had expected that the it would be fragile. But at least to her, it was just soft blue ball made of spongy latex.

"Squeeze it," Annette says.

Michelle looks at her friend, as revelation hits her. "You have used these things!" She says with awe in her voice.

Anette looks suddenly very demure. "Y-yees, at least some variation," she answers rather dreamy voice," I have experienced something similar. But that isn't important now, just squeeze it."

More than little curious as what would happen, she does as her friend has advised. The ball engulfs her paw and changes it to the latex caricature of her limb. Just as she recovers from surprise, the blue ooze begins to spread over her body. It tingles the skin and her hairs would stand up if they wouldn't have been under the blue-ooze already. Unable to do anything else, she watches as it spreads and covers her chest, leaving her breasts barely visible under the blue rubber-like substance. Part of it covers her another paw, rendering her paws as mere decoratives. At the same time itching in them increases, and they start to bend in front of her chest. Then the ooze reaches her face, washing over it like slow dark-blue tidal-wave. Her vision takes on a blue hue, but at the same time it gets somehow sharper, and that's not only difference. She can feel how the ooze thrusts itself down her throat, melting her fangs and tongue along the way. Gagging for air, she barely feels her when her face begins to change:

Fist comes the tingling sensation, then her snout starts to melt with painful slowness into her skull flattening her face. Stuff in her throat stops and hardens, while her lips continue to itch. Suddenly pain shoots through her head, as her mouth begins to mold in wide idiotic grin, her lips reforming as a deep circular hole. The rest of the blue ooze races down her feet, and behind her back over her tail. The ooze swallows her legs until she can't stand steadily, and she starts to fall backwards. Before she can even start to panic, something stops her fall. Curious, she bounces herself. (Which is about only move she can manage!). Immediately a wave of pleasure swims from tip of her tail to her crotch. She screams silently from pleasure, as her her tail scrapes the wall.

After few short moments everything else seems to settle down in her body, except the pain in her crotch and itching on her breasts. Then suddenly her breasts deflate into her chest, and her new body develops pectorals! The pain she feels in her crotch grows into agonizing heights, as something begins to push out from her crotch. When it grows enough to enter her line of vision, she sees that big bulging penis has growth out where her clit should be!

*           *           *

"Here's you new look," says Anette and puts portable mirror in front of her (him?). Without her realizing she is now kneeling, her hands in front in begging position. More thorough expedition reveals that s/he has now male chest, huge outstanding cock, wide idiotic grin, dark-blue "skin", and wide light-blue eyes. Her body has turned transparent, and she can almost see her tail wiglling behind her head trough it. The skin still tingles, she can sense it, but it like backround noise: You know It's there, but you don't actively feel it.

All and all, she has turned into rather nice specimen of male rubber sex-doll.

"Now you might wonder how this is going to help you, aren't you?" Anette asks from her, as she leans, to the mirrors frame.

"The thought came in to my mind," Michelle thinks to herself.

But instead of explanation Anette just says: "Sebastian, the the shop owner, will explain it to you. I must hurry back to the work, Bye-bye." Anette gives her peck on the cheek, before she leaves the room.

Not before long, manager comes to the back room and lifts her up on the table."Now come the hard part: I put you in the display on the shop. I know the fox in question, and her taste. So when she comes here next time, hopefully You will interest her enough that she will buy you."

He pokes her in the chest, exploding minor orgasmigal explosion in her mind. "Oh god, I hope am strong-minded enough to survive through this," Michelle thinks, as she finds out how sensetive her new "skin" is.

"This stuff heightens all senses, especially touch turns extremely acute, as you might have noticed," he says while tracing small circle in her chest. "But back to your story; Hopefully you interest Ms. Right enough that she will buy you. In the worst case you don't attract her enough, in which case I will start to rent you out for price. You will feel everything very vividly, but you will never be capable of reaching orgasm."

Michelle's already wide eyes, widened one fraction more. "That would be fate worse than death," rings in Michelle's mind.

Then he rises up to her feet: "Now I done my part, Good luck, cutie." Having finished his talk, he the lifts her up and carries her into the shop; where she puts her on the shelf. Only after he had picked her up, she notices another quality of her new body. It has become considerably lighter, since he was able to pick Michelle's latex-coated body up and carry her so easily.

*           *           *

The days that follow are all alike, and she soon has lost track of time. The stuff that binds her keeps her alive, so all she can do is wait and watch the customers in the shop. It's surprising to her the wide range of people the customers represent. Once a while someone grows interest at her profound male proportions, but the high price-tag drives them always away. Sometimes the assistant comes to tease her with feather duster. The touch of a duster is pure agony for her, as it intensifies tingling of her skin and That raises level of her erotic arousal. All she can do is moan silently to herself, and endure. Anette comes to see her often. Altough considering Michelle's present form, all they can do is stare each other.

*           *           *

Then one day Anette has come again to the shop, and as usual, comes to look her. But unlike other days, she reaches her arm and follows the line of her thigh. Michelle wiggles where she sits, trying to level the ripples caused by her hand. After looking her for some more, Anette doesn't walk out from the shop. Instead she walks to the desk and talks to the Sebastian. Anette apparently buys something, since she can see how money changes hands.

Then to Michelle's surprise, Sebastian winks at the assistant who takes her down and carries her into the back room. A little later Anette comes into back room too.

"There is something I want to tell you, but I can't find the words." She walks toward her, touching her cheek, when she walks past to her. With her heightened hearing, see can hear her undress: Soft squeezing of leather, electric sound of cotton against body and soft purr of silk stockings. Completely naked she appears on her field of vision. "So I have to find other ways for communication." Anette poses Michelle, setting her legs so that they are bent and spead wide. She draws her hands back to support her backward tilted body. In this position her huge penis stands out in slight angle, like missile waiting for a lauch.

Anette stands back as for admiring her posture. Then, in few short steps over her bent legs, she ends standing right in front of her. Her clit fills Michelle's line of sight. Some time she just stands there, breathing deep, hands behind her back. Since Anettes genitals are only few inches from her face, Michelle can notice that she is getting wet. Then suddenly she kneels down, and spears herself on her giant appendage. She is now sitting in her lap, legs wide, her latex cock inside her vagina, Anette's legs going over behind her. Anette throws her body backward into the support of her outstretched hands.  When Anette's face drops down to her level, she sees that Anette has Toy Ball clenched between her teeth, and what's worse It's already spreading in her face.

But then she is drowned in wave of ecstasy, when she experienses fully the feeling of her latex-penis rubbing against her vagina. Her enormous organ fills it to the point of where she feels its gonna burst open! She had thought that her skin was sensitive, but it wasn't anything near compared to the sensitivity inside her vagina! Anette trusts into her in quick and passionate movements.

"Aah, this is unbearable," Michelle moans to herself, "I'ts like moment just before you get orgasm, prolonged to the infinite and newer quite reaching the apex." For the longest time, her existence consists just from sound of blood singing in her ears and steady pumping moment in her pelvic region. Then words stop, and an excrusingly sensual pain, settles in for a mellow full body arousal. She's living constant state of arousal, with no way to getting over it.

*           *           *

Now after she can collect her wits enough together enough to actually notice what she's looking at. At first she thinks it's a mirror, because she's sees a rubber doll in front of her. Then she notices it can't be herself because the doll in front of him is pink, not blue. Slowly the fragments start to make a full picture, and Michelle doesn't like at all what she sees. Another rubber doll is merged with him! The pink doll is sitting in her lap, legs going beyond her back. They are both tilted backward, and so they balance each other for staying upright position. She can also see that they paws are back in the begging position. What's more she is certain, that alive person looking back at her beyond that idiotic grin and large eyes is Anette! Useless panic grips her, and she makes them wobble. Which is bad thing, because it sends another wave of unescapable pleasure all over her body.

When Michelle recovers from that, she notices Sebastian standing near to them. "Having fun?" The tomcat asks innocently, while grabbing both of them from back of the head. She bends them backwards, and then releases them. True to its nature rubber bounces back, and for a while their bodiess wave back and forth. That previous wave of pain wasn't anything compared to the feeling what Sebastian's trick makes them go through. "Hmmm. Interesting application, I have to try it sometimes."

Then he taps the other doll in the head. "You ingenious plan worked so well, that I'm tempted to leave you like that.." This gets a frantic bouncing from the duo as an answer. "...But I am a nice person and won't do it." Instead he sprinkles them with solvent. Quickly the rubber dissolves, and the two cat-girls fall down on their backs. After few painful moments Michelle feels that all her curves "pop" out, and all unnecessary parts dissolve. Next, for considerably longer period, they just lay in the floor panting. Finally they get enough strength in their muscles, that they manage to get up. But even after that they lean into each other, ones chin on other's shoulder. Kissing seemed natural.

"Tell me why do you did that?" Michelle asks when they have been necking for while.

"At first I really wanted to help you to reach your goal."

"At first?"

"You see I been always been very fond of you, ever since we were in same school. Looking you there on the shelf I just couldn't see you wasting your life away for some fox!" Anette bends her head back, so she can see Michelle's face. "Will-will you forgive me?" She asks her in shy voice.

"Yes. Yes I will," Michelle answers in gentle tone. Then she engulfs her friend and now lover in long passionate kiss. Behind of them comes a polite cough. They both blush, because they had forgotten the presence of Sebastian in the room.

He bows towards Michelle, and addresses her: "Take this as a lesson; Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true. And now dear ladies, I am afraid that I have to ask you to leave."

The girls rise up, and he scans their naked, still wet bodies: "But of course, not before you have dressed. Your clothes are in the table."

After that he leaves the room. Giggling, they dress up, and enter the shop. "It was good investment, that you spend on the Toy Ball."

Anette grins: "It wasn't only thing I bought." To emphazise her words she takes a larger box out of her bag.

Michelle reads from the box: "BFC 3000; lifetime quarantee. Two-way dildo, no batteries needed, works on body heat. Comes with lubricated latex coating. The biggest one in market." Michelle gives it back, and slaps her friend.

"But Annette, what a naughty girl you turn out to be! When we can try it?" She chuckles seductively.

"How about tonight?" says Anette while she puts it back to her bag.

"You're on!"

And so the two feline-girls leave the shop, hands at each other's waist.



Author's Note: Phew, finished it! Fist completed fan-fic. My grammar is terrible and I make loads of spelling-mistakes, but I hope you liked to read it.
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