His First Time

by Heather St. Claire

Another story of the “Pleasure Palace”
(Dedicated to Robo_Niki, My Muse. It’s best to read her “Pleasure Palace,” Parts 1 and 2, first. )

 It’s approaching midnight as the small, battered compact enters Las Vegas. It’s a warm spring night, and the two occupants -- a pair of college friends  -- are just like so many others headed for the heart of the desert: looking for pleasure.

 But for one of them, at least, it’s a trip he’s going to remember all of his life. Because college junior Jerry Brown has come to Las Vegas with the express intent of losing his virginity. It’s spring break, and instead of  spending it at his parents’ home in the Pacific Northwest, Jerry and his buddy Tim Schultz are headed for Sin City.

 Tim and Jerry are opposites in so many ways; perhaps that’s what makes their friendship work. Jerry is shy, pale, and a little overweight. Tim is suntanned and California cool.  Tim is the athlete; Jerry’s the klutz. Tim is just scraping by in school; Jerry is on the Dean’s list. Tim has more women after him than he can keep track of; Jerry’s never had sex...he’s never even had a steady girlfriend.

 “Oh come on, J.B.!” Tim had said when his friend had admitted the truth, a couple of years earlier. “You’ve never been laid?”


 For the next two and one-half years, Tim had tried everything to bring Jerry out of his shell and help him overcome his fear of women. He dragged him to every dance on campus. Jerry managed to work up the nerve to dance with a few girls, but never took it any further. Before long, they were entering their third year at the school. That fall, as they were settling into their off-campus apartment, Tim looked squarely at Jerry and told him, “I’m going to get you laid before the end of this year....or die trying.”

 Jerry laughed and shook his head. “Thanks....but good luck. You know me and women.”

 An exasperated look crossed Tim’s face. “With that kind of attitude....” He didn’t bother to finish the thought. “Look,” he finally said, “You ever seen ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’?”

 “Of course.”

 “Well, remember when Ferris is talking about Cameron, and how he’s going to want to marry the first girl who ever has sex with him, because she’s going to give him what he’s made out in his mind to be the be-all, end-all of existence....that’s going to be you.”

 “If I ever get laid.”


 Their third year unfolded much like their first two. Tim had all the female companionship he wanted, and Jerry...didn’t. Then one evening, Tim had sat down on their tattered couch with a bottle of beer and the latest Hustler. Jim was engrossed in Plato’s “Republic.” Tim looked at his friend and said, “You know, the sad thing is, you’re not even reading that for a class.” As Tim leafed through the magazine, he came upon an ad for the Pleasure Palace.

 He read with growing excitement, as he realized this could be the answer to his friend’s troubles. He called the “800” number and asked to be sent an information packet. When the envelope showed up a few days later, Tim excitedly shared the contents with his friend. “Look at it my man, look! Hundreds of robotic women. They look and act just like real women, only they’re programmed for one thing; getting you off! You won’t have to mess with a condom.... They’re guaranteed disease free....and most important of all....guaranteed not to say no!”

 Jerry eyed the brochure carefully. “They do look real,” he said.

 Tim said, “I thought about getting you a hooker, but even then, I know you...you’d be nervous as hell....and worried about getting the clap, or worse....this place is made to order for you! And I’ll have a blast, too!”

 Jerry smiled and said, “O-K. It’s spring break at the Pleasure Palace.”


 As they pulled into the large parking lot surrounding the building, Jerry’s nerves began to fail him. “Are you sure, Tim?” he asked. “Are you sure this is going to go O-K?” He looked into the car’s rearview mirror to make sure his hair was in place; he wondered if he should shave again before going in.

 “Believe me, my friend, you will never regret this,” Tim said reassuringly.

 They paid their money in the ticket booth, then soon were greeted by an attractive blonde. “Hi,” she said sweetly, “my name is Julie, and I’ll be your hostess for your visit.” They ordered beers and sat down at a table, while Julie explained how the palace worked; the strip shows, the active and frozen sex scenes; the opportunity to select the girl of their choice....and have all their dreams fulfilled.

 As Tim finished off his beer, he turned to Julie and said, “I’ve got to tell you something about my friend here. He’s a great guy -- but he’s a virgin.” He had dropped his voice almost to a whisper, in hopes of not embarassing his buddy. “ I brought him here to get him laid for the first time. I figured being with a robotic woman would help him get over his fear of real women.” Jerry was blushing.

 Julie reached over and took Jerry’s hand in hers. “Is that true, Jerry?” she said softly.

 “Yes,” he said quietly.

 “Well, you don’t have to worry about a thing here. Every robotic woman here would be honored to be the one you lose your virginity with, I assure you. And I hope that after your visit here, you’ll trust yourself in the outside world with women, too.”

 Jerry tipped back his glass and finished his beer. He started intently at Julie’s silky blonde hair, her tanned skin, her full breasts and curvaceous figure. It was hard to believe she was a robot. He had never been in the presence of such loveliness in all his life. He swallowed hard and blurted out, “Julie? Will you -- will you be the one? For me?”

 Julie smiled, and continued to hold Jerry’s hand in his. “That’s very sweet of you Jerry, and if that’s what you want, I’ll be glad to. But in your interests, I have to urge you to look around for a little bit before making your decision. Who knows, there might be someone who you like even better.”

 Tim had ordered a second beer, and was about to lift his glass, when he looked at his friend and said, “She’s right, you know. Who knows what we’ll find in here?”

 The two friends entered the world of wonder together, but Tim soon put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and said, “Time to fly solo, my friend. You know how this place works now. Just find someone who turns you on -- and if you don’t find anyone you like better, you can always put in a call for Julie.”
 Jerry took a deep breath and nodded. “O-K,” he said. “What are you going to do?”

 His buddy looked at him and shook his head. “I can’t believe you even asked that question! Now get going!”

 Jerry spent almost an hour wandering through the palace, looking at women of every description: blonde, brunette, redhead; tall, short, big breasts, long legs, white, black, oriental; all beautiful and exciting; but he found he couldn’t get Julie out of his mind.

 Soon, he made arrangements to have Julie come to one of the private rooms. As she walked in, he couldn’t help but admire her large breasts, just barely hidden by her skimpy bikini top; and then his gaze fell to her pubic area; there, the mysteries of the universe would soon be unlocked to him.

 “Hi, Jerry,” Julie said. “So you want it to be me? I’m flattered.”

 Jerry was sitting on the edge of the bed, trying to contain his excitement. “Hi, Julie. Could we have a beer or something.?”

 She sat down next to him, placing one arm across his back, the other on his lap. “You can get a beer if you want, but it really wouldn’t do anything for me. I’m a robot, remember? We don’t have any need to eat or drink.”

 As he gazed into her beautiful face, he couldn’t help but shake his head in amazement again. “I know, but it’s just so hard to accept that you’re not flesh and blood.”

 “Well, I’m not,” Julie said. “I have titanium rods instead of bones. My bodily functions are carried out by microprocessors. My brain, containing all my memories, personality and emotions, was digitized, and is now a computer chip.”

 Jerry was enjoying the robot’s soft touch on his skin. “And your skin? It’s so soft, so lifelike....”

 “It’s latex and plastic,” she said.  “But it does feel like the real thing, doesn’t it?”

 “And you did this willingly?” he asked.

 “Yes,” she said.

 “And have you had any regrets?”

 “None. It’s the best thing I ever did in my life. I’m programmed to be the best lover I can be for you.”

 ” She held up her remote. “I can understand what it feel like to be scared of women. (Little did Jerry know that before her transformation, Julie had been a man named Jeff. She decided it best not to share that with him.) You can freeze me with this. I’d suggest you do just that, and take your time to get the feel of every part of my body.”

 “Won’t it hurt for you to be frozen?”

 She laughed and said, “Not at all. It’s incredibly erotic. Even though I can’t move or speak, I can still hear, see -- and feel everything.” She handed him the remote, then stretched out on the bed. Jerry entered the code as instructed, and watched Julie freeze up. At this point, he stripped off his own clothes. He carefully climbed on top of the frozen robotic woman, and began stroking her hair. He then felt her delicate facial features.

 He removed her top; then he began tracing around her breasts with his fingertips, working from the outside to the aureoles and her erect nipples; next, he gently stroked her smooth, soft stomach. Finally, his hands trembling just a bit, he pulled down her skimpy bottom and began to explore her love nest. His every touch sent waves of pleasure through Julie’s form. Though she couldn’t see it in her immobilized state, his manhood had stiffened quickly.

 Jerry then reached for the remote, and as he pressed the keys that would activate Julie, he said, “I--I think this will be more fun if two can play.”

 Julie felt the sudden surge as she was activated. She reached out to pull Jerry down on top of her and began showering him with hungry kisses. “Ohh, baby,” she moaned, “give it to me. Give it to me good and hard.”

 Sensing his unsureness, she helped to guide him into her. “Take your time, handsome,” she said. “Try to make it last, if you can.” All too quickly, the explosion came. “Ohhh, God,” he cried. He saw skyrockets; he felt the earth move; he had at last shed his hated virginity.

 He was still gasping, trying to recover from the shock and excitement. As he gazed as Julie lying next to him he said, “I didn’t hold out very long, did I?”

 She smiled, and gently stroked his cheek. “Well, I am programmed to please a customer...but to be honest, no....but don’t feel bad about it....I assure you that’s very common for the first time. Now look, you’ve had a chance to deal with your nervousness....you had sex with a woman, and you lived through it, right?”

 “Right,” he said with a grin.

 “Now, look, we have all night if you want. I’d be glad to do it with you again, if you want...or you can have another one of the girls...whatever you like.”

 “No,” he said. “I want to stick with you, Julie.”

 “Okay, great. But try to relax a little more, and take your time, OK? I think you’ll enjoy yourself more.”

 “O-K,” he said.

 They continued to hold each other for a few minutes, exchanging small talk. Before too long, though, Julie had turned herself so her face was positioned near his manhood, which she began to stroke with her expert fingers; first, slowly and lightly; then faster, with increasing friction. Then, she leaned forward to take the rapidly stiffening shaft into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around it, sending shivers of pleasure up Jerry’s spine. The intensity of the excitement was unbelievable.

 More than once, he felt himself on the brink of orgasm; but Julie seemed to know exactly when to let up, allowing his love juice to race back to his balls.

 Finally, it was more than he could stand, and he told Julie, “I don’t think I can hold out much longer.”

 “Oh, we’re just getting started, lover. We’re just getting started.”

 At this point, she turned so they were face to face once more. He entered her for the second time, determined to prolong the act. He slowly built up his thrusts in both pace and intensity; although Julie was crying out, “Oh, baby, oh, baby, bring it home to me, lover,” the words were barely registering; for Jerry was lost in his own private paradise.

 Although he did manage to hold out longer this time, his second climax came, all too soon for him; because he truly wished the moment would never end.
 As they held each other afterward, Jerry said, “Julie, you’re the greatest....I’m never going to forget you.”

 She smiled, kissed him again, and said, “And I’ll never forget you, Jerry. It’s always an honor for a girl to be a guy’s first.”

 Suddenly, he blurted out, “I want to become a robotic male. I want to stay here at the palace with you and all these beautiful women.....sex is so great....I don’t ever want to do anything else.”

 She took his hand in hers and said, “Jerry, Jerry, slow down a minute, please! Now, I’m programmed to help anyone who wants to join us here at the palace do so, but I want you to think about it, first. Are you really ready to leave behind your family, your friends, the life you’ve known? You’ll never get to eat at McDonald’s again.”

 “That’s OK, I’ve had enough Big Macs to last me a lifetime.”

 “You’ll never get to go to a ball game again.”

 “But I’m not interested in sports.”

 Julie sighed. “Look, I was once a customer here, who made the same decision. But it wasn’t a snap choice. It was something I had thought about for a long time. I’d really urge you to give it a year or two, and if you really want it just as badly then, we’ll still be here. And if you change your mind, you’re always welcome back as a customer.”

 Jerry looked thoughtful. “I suppose you’re right.”

 Julie said softly, “You know I am,” and gave his hand a squeeze. “Keep it hard for me in the meantime., OK?”

 “OK,” he said.


 A year later, Jerry was getting ready for graduation. Although he would never be the most popular guy on campus, he had dated several women during his senior year, and had been steadily seeing a fellow senior named Amanda for several weeks. The attraction had been instantaneous, and mutual.

 Now, he was preparing to ask her two momentous questions, and hoping that the answer to both would be “yes.”

 The first -- to get married.

 The second -- to honeymoon at the Pleasure Palace.


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