Hollywood Androids, By, M.P.

A work of erotic fiction not intended for persons under the age of 18.

It semed like hours had passed but in reality it was only twenty minutes. I had broken into a private motion picture studio that I worked at during the day. I had been fired earlier that day and had come to gather up my belongings, when they entered. I heard the soft patter of thier feet as they came into the large room. If it was the night security I did not want to be caught in the studio, so I hid and stepped behind a small section of scenery. The sound was made by two young girls that I recognized from the cast of the current porn flick that was in production in the studio. Both were blondes, small in stature, but with large firm breasts that stuck out from under thier little dresses. Each had flat stomachs and firm round asses, bodies that would charm anyone. They both had strong well defined legs that were encased in smooth black silk stockings. Then to complete the picture each wore high heeled patent leather shoes with six inch heels. From my vantage point I had an unobstructed view of the entire room. Scattered about were several props that the director had been using for the last few weeks. The most outstanding feature in the room was a full size bedroom set complete with a King-size bed and all the furnishings. The two starlets stopped in front of the bed. They stared to giggle as thoughts of what they could do on the massive bed entered thier minds. It became quiet again and soon the two beauties began to french kiss. As I watched I could see that they were gently rubbing each others bodies together. Thier large perfect breasts interlocked together and the soft flesh flattened out. Thier kisses grew more intense and soon they began to slowly disrobe each other. I held my breath now as the two girls began to explore each others bodies more passionately. As thier hands moved over the soft curves of thier bodies I could hear the sound of zippers being undone and soon thier clothing lay in piles at thier feet. One girl had worn a bright yellow mini P.V.C dress with a pair of matching floral bra and panties underneath that I quessed was made of satin. As she stood in the center of the room, now only clad in the skimpy garment, I was intrigued by the way the smooth cloth shimmered on her milky white skin. The yellow rubber like a blanket at het feet. Her friend had skipped on a full pairing of lingerie, and settled upon wearing only a pair of mint green panties under a black leather mini dress. The girl in the green panties slid off the shiny leather dress and knelt before her friend. She opened the clasp of the floral bra and let it fall away. Then using both hands she started to slowly kneed the flesh of her friends breasts. As she squeezed the round globes The other girl began to make small whimpering noises and closed her eyes to enjoy the full effect of the stimulation she was recieving. I could see also that her nipples were being effected by the cool air in the room. The twin buttons of dark brown became hard and stuck out from her breasts. The girl in green now let her hands roam further down her friends smooth white body and let her hands come to rest on her smooth stomach. She started to make small swirling circles as she traced the outlines of her taught muscles. Then as she was doing this she gently kissed the flat of her stomach and stuck her little toungue into the other girls navel. With a rush of sensations the girl in floral panties let out a short scream and then reached down to push her friends face from her belly to the hot eager cleft between her legs. The girl in green knew exactly what her friend wanted. She stood up and helped the other girl to step out of her panties and stockings. Then after the girl in florals had removed her skimpy lingerie the girl in green finally removed all of her undergarments. The two girls now exchanged a hungry look at each other, and now completely nude, hand in hand they made thier way to the large bed. Together without thier individual clothing the two beauties were almost identical. They lay together on the smooth white satin sheets on the bed, and began to slowly fondle each other. From my hiding place I was finding it very hard to keep my composure and soon noticed that I had a tremendous hard on by this time. To relieve myself a little I gently undid the fly of my trousers and eased out my now engorged member. I then began to massage my penis, and turned my attention back to the two girls. By this time the love making between the two beauties had gotten even hotter and as I looked they were in a 69 posistion. I nearly exploded with cum as I gazed at the sight before me. The two identical beauties wrapped into each other, slowly eating out each others little pink pussies. They began to increase the momentum of thier love making, thier arms and hands moving over each others bodies, building to the climax that I knew was soon to come. At the moment of climax the two girls rose off the bed, holding each other tightly and let out a scream of enjoyment. I was about to cum myself, when suddenly the girls began to shake violently on the bed. Thier bodies still entwined together they fell off the bed, and tumbled upon the floor, filling the room with a shower of sparks that shot out of the girls bodies. After several seconds the firework display ended and the room was silent. Except for a small trace of smoke and the smell of burning wire mixed with pussy juice, no one would have known that only seconds earlier the room had been the scene of a very hot lesbian sex act. I came from out of my hiding place now, and went to check on the girls. They lay on the floor, both girls were very still and unmoving. One girl, I had remembered her as the one in green panties, lay with her body twisted almost in half, her head almost completely turned around. In this pose she looked like a broken doll. I checked her pulse and instead of a heart rythym I got a small shot of electricity. I dropped her limp wrist and went to see her friend. The other girl was apparently still "Alive". She lay on the floor, her body every once and awhile would twitch slightly. I wasn't sure what to make of the situation. I had seen these girls for the past few monthes come and go onto the set and had always thought them incredibly sexy, and very good in thier sex scenes. And tonight with thier little private showing, it only made me even more turned on. But now after seeing them literally explode, I began to feel afraid. The girl that was still alive now began to make strange garbled sounds. I leaned in closer to hear what she was saying. I could not catch everything but it sounded like she said.

"Systems damaged, beginning self diagnostic 092231m, BBRR... Will attempt to reactivate. BBRR..Want a date Sailor? BBRR...Stand by, Stand by, Reactivate."

Then suddenly her eyes opened and I was shocked to see that they were like two large blue marbles mounted in her face. The whites of her eyes had disappeared and as I looked around I could see the templets of them lying on the floor near her feet. She sat up and looked around. Then she noticed me. She attempted to cover herself but when I handed her back the eye templets she knew that she and the other girl had been exposed. She told me her name, it was Alexandra and she had been part of a program from some company in the east part of town. The girls had been specially built and were being used as an experiment with andriod actors and actresses. She and Collette, the other andriod girl, had been successful, and were blending in with the rest of the humans, until that evening. Apparently there were still glitches that had to be worked out till they would be perfect. Alexandra replaced the templets and when she looked at me again she had now returned to a more human appearance. I remembered seeing reruns of "The Stepford Wives", and seeing her eyes like like that had brought back the memory. Alexandra got up and walked over to the inert form of her friend.

"You are Bill, one of the stage hands here, right?" She asked.

"Yeah, I worked here till this morning." I said. "I'm Bill Thorenson."

"Don't be afraid Bill, Collette and I are not meant to be a danger to your kind, only an addition you could say." Alexandra continued. "We are some of the first of what is to be known as a Hollywood class android." "We are designed as Actors or whatever our future buyers wish us to be.""Soon our creators will expand the prodject and we andriods will take on the responsibilities of you humans, thereby making your lives simpler."

"That sounds like a wonderful idea Alexandra, but why all the secrecy?" I asked.

"Some of your kind only think of us as a threat Bill, that is why we are being tested in only subordinate rolls." Alexandra explained. "Its getting late Bill, could you help me to get Collette out of here and back to the factory before dawn?" She asked.

I looked down at the crumpled girl lying at my feet. First I realigned her head with the rest of her body. Then using the sheet from the bed I gently rolled her into it and lifted her off the floor. I was surprised that she was incredibly light. As we made our way down the stairs to the street the sun had just started to rise over downtown L.A. Luckily it had been Saturday and as always the streets are deserted on weekends. I had left my car in the alley near to the studio, and cursed to myself when I saw the ticket in my window. Apparently L.A.P.D. never rested. I took the pink card and tore it in little pieces, dropping the small fragments into the street. Alexandra and I got in and she gave me directions to the factory.

The factory was located in the old part of L.A. near Culver City. It was a large white stone building with a faded green roof of copper. On the massive door that appeared as the only entrance on this side was mounted a sign, "Ajax Mechanical Corp." Alexandra stepped to the door and pressed her hand against a small panel that was recessed into the wall next to the door. With a gush of air and the whirr of gears the massive door slid open.

As we entered the shop area I was amazed by the sight I saw. Here in this large single workroom were about fifty cylinders lining each of the four walls. In the center was what appeared to be the main operating theatre. Soon two men in white lab coats came over and took Collettes lifeless body from my arms. Alexandra took me by the hand and led me into another area where there was a small office. On the door was a brass plaque with the name R.Pinkman embossed on it. She opened the door and inside was a large cherrywood desk, several filing cabinets, and a lot of clutter. But the most prominate thing in the office was the owner, Mr. R. Pinkman. A large fat man with a long white beard, Pinkman would have been the ideal choice to play Santa in any movie. He even had piercing blue eyes. He arose from his seat and walked over to Alexandra.

"I knew you would be coming." Pinkman said. "We lost contact with Collettes life signal earlier so we have been awaiting your arrival." Pinkman then turned his attention to me. "And who are you my dear Sir?"

"I'm Bill Thorenson Sir." I said. "I accidentally witnessed the girls having sex with one another and saw Collette short circut." Alexandra needed help and so I brought her here."

"Thank you my boy." Pinkman said. "I owe you my gratitude." "And I appriciate your silence in the matter."

Then he turned back to Alexandra.

"I told you girls to be careful." He continued. "I knew that sex with humans would not endanger you, but we never completed the study on sex with another unit."

"I'm sorry." Said Alexandra. "Can she be repaired?"

"Don't worry my dear." Pinkman said. "She will be fine and in perfect working order."

He placed a large loving arm around the small girls waist and gave her a fatherly kiss on the forehead.

"Why don't you go out and visit with Dr. Shields, Alex, I know he will be glad to see you." Pinkman said. "And I want him to check your systems as well, I want to make sure you sustained no damage."

Alex came over and gave me a warm hug and gently kissed me on the mouth. Then she walked out of the office and closed the door behind her. Pinkman returned to his desk and brought out a large box of cuban cigars and offered me one. I refused saying thanks but I did not smoke. He gently rolled one of the stogies between his sausage like fingers cut off the tip and inserted it into his mouth. Soon the room was filled with the aroma of fine tobacco, and after several long draws on his cigar the fat man once again spoke.

"Well what do think of my little toys?" He asked.

"I think that they are the most realistic robots I've ever seen." I said. "Why until tonight I always thought they were only another pair of young starlets making porn movies."

"They're andriods." Pinkman corrected. "But thank you for the compliment." "I and my associates have tried our best to create the perfect living machine." Pinkman continued. "But we have not just settled upon the film industry." "May I call you Bill?" He asked.

"Sure." I responded. Then the fat man continued his story.

"Yes Bill, we here at Ajax have been working on our new Hollywood class andriod for monthes now, and have already placed some of our units in many parts of the entertainment industry." "Here is a classic example, you may recognize her."

The fat man reached into a desk drawer and brought out several photos of a thin girl dressed in very fine clothes. I took them and looked. I instantly recognized the face and my mouth dropped open.

"Why these are pictures of Carol Livingstone, the countries number one fashion model." I exclaimed. "I always wondered how anyone could be that perfect."

Pinkman beamed with pride and stuck his fingers under the edges of his vest. Then he pulled out several more pictures and each time I instantly recognized the man or woman in each shot. Most were soap opera stars that had just come into prominance, or stars of low budget films like the one Alexandra and Collette made.

"Soon I plan to expand our operation to the east and then I will produce worker class models that will take the place of people having to perform arduous or dangerous work, thereby making human lives more easy." Pinkman explained. "And in the meantime I will make a hansome salary on the sales of my andriods."

"Could I see you make one?" I asked.

"Of course, Bill." The fatman said.

After taking a last draw from the fine havanaian cigar, he arose from the desk and led Bill back into the work room. Sitting on a table was Alexandra. She was nude from the waist down, her eyes closed as if she were asleep. I could not help but notice that where her tight stomach once was, now a tangle of wires and microchips appeared. An extremely thin man dressed in a bright blue lab coat was peering inside of Alexandra with a small light as we approached.

"Bill Thorenson, I would like you to meet Dr. Andrew Shields, my chief scientist." Said Pinkman.

I extended a hand to the doctor who took it warmly.

"Well how is Alexandra?" I asked. "Will she be able to play the violin again, doc?"

"She never could Mr Thorenson, but if you desire it she can always be reprogrammed." Shields said.

"I think that was intended as a joke My dear Shields." Said Pinkman. "You will have to forgive the doctor, Bill, he has spent to many hours in the lab."

Shields then made a small laugh and turned his attention back to Alexandra. A strange group I thought to myself. Then Pinkman led me over to another work station. Here I found the two men that had taken Collette from me. On the table before them lay what appeared to be a metal skeleton. I walked over and watched as they began to add different componets. It appeared that the central processing unit was installed in the abdominal cavity. Then through a series of servos and micro processors the various body functions could be performed. I watched as they installed a small speaker in the skull of the future andriod. This was obviously how the girls spoke. Then the tech turned to me and asked.

"What color eyes do you want her to have?"

I was taken back a little by the question. But answered.

"Green, I quess." I said.

Then the tech opened a small drawer in the work table and inside were a collection of more of the large gel like orbs that I had seen in Alexandra earlier. The tech brought out two green orbs and placed them into the skull structure. The techs checked thier inventory sheet to make sure that they had not forgotten anything. Then they activated a small crane like arm that lifted the skeleton structure and placed it into one of the large glass cylinders. One tech pressed a large green button into the console, and with a hiss of escaping air the cylinder was sealed shut. Next the chamber was filled with what appeared to be a thick milk like substance. Then the cylinder lowered into the floor and the skeleton structure was lowered into what looked like a large mold. The base sealed shut and then the remaining liquid was drained out. I could hear the sound of machines working under the floor and soon the base of the cylinder reopened. The new android rose out of the floor on a small elevator and looked like a large pink-white cupie doll in the glass chamber. The cylinder opened and the robotic arm now lifted the figure out and placed it on the work table. The two techs returned and began to augment the soft plastic skin of the new android. As her new skin cooled it constricted to the skeleton and with the help of the techs she was hand molded into a perfect 36-24-36. They opened another drawer and inside was what appeared as one of those plastic vaginas that you find in sex shops but this one was connected to a micro processor. One of the techs made a small incision into the area between her legs where her sex would be and found inside a small plug. He then connected the microprocesor to the plug, and placed the plastic vagina between her legs. The other tech meanwhile brought over a small bottle of the white milk-like solution to his co-worker. Using a paint brush the first tech gently dabbed the milk solution around the plastic vagina. As the solution hardened her skin formed around her artificial sex and it appeared as one with her body. Next the techs chose a bright red wig that was had shoulder lengh hair and plced it upon her bald head. Satisfied with the look of her being a redhead, they took a bottle of spirit cum and glued the wig upon her head. They next took out two of the white templets, and placed them onto her eyes making them appear more human. Then after a light blush was applied, then a dark red lipstick and lush mascara she appeared less like a toy and more like a real girl. The tech then went to Dr. Shields who now came over. He wheeled over a large computer console and very carefully cut an incision into her abdominal region. After opening her, inside was a small terminal panel with two reciever jacks. Shields connected the jacks to the leads on the computer and then the machine began to program the new andriod.

"Would you like to name her?" Asked Pinkman.

I thought for several seconds and decided.

"Shes so beautiful, like a bright new penny." "Let's call her Penelope." I said.

With the name chosen, Shields entered a few more commands and after ten minutes she was ready. The five men gathered in front of the statuesque redhead and soon her lovely green eyes opened for the first time.

"Hello Penelope, I am Mr. Pinkman, your creator." The fat man said.

He extended a hand and helped her down to the floor. Shields came over and checked her with a device that looked like a gieger counter.

"All systems appear to working to maximum effientcy." the little man said.

Penelope looked at the little man for a second then turned her attention back to Pinkman.

"Unit 653 fully functional, answering to name Penelope." She said. Please coorelate, and supply more data."

Pinkman stepped forward and intruduced all in the room then he turned to me.

"And this Penelope is your owner. Mr. Thorenson." "You are his to command."

I was flabbergasted at the thought that Pinkman was going to give me one of his creations for free. I had figured on asking to buy one after I saw how beautiful they were. This was a terrific surprize.

"Yes Bill." Pinkman said. "I want you to have penelope here as a way of saying thanks for what you did for Collette and Alexandra."

"Can I come again sometime and visit or maybe how about a job?" I asked.

"Yes Alexandra had told me that you were fired from the studio." Maybe we can work something out." Pinkman said. "Take Penelope here home and then come back Monday morning."

As we spoke the two techs had taken penelope to the back room and replaced her service panel. Then they had chosen her some new clothes. When she came out dressed in a flame red P.V.C dress that was cut to thigh lengh every eye in the room suddenly stopped and turned in her direction. I was really hot now at the sight of my new "Girlfriend", her smooth white skin and those sexy green eyes, and that flaming red hair was almost too much to bear.

"Come on Tiger!" Penelope said. "Let's get home, penny has something she wants to show you, and its very hot for you."

I shook Pinkmans hand very hard now and said..

"Thanks for everything, and I do mean everything."

Then I took penny by the hand and we left the factory to find my car. When she was settled in she gently nibbled my ear and kissed me on the neck. I could hardly believe that all this had transpired in one night. I had gotten a new job and a sexy new girlfriend. Sure she wasn't human but when I looked at her again in the early morning sun I said to myself what the hell difference did it make. Then I put the car into gear and we sped for home.

The End...

M.P. 10/4/98