Hollow Employment

by ObjectifiedBeauty

What a good day it was turning out to be for Kristina.  She had just gotten the job she wanted at the little clothing store that had recently opened in the hip new area downtown.  Not only that, but she was even asked to start as soon as possible.  To add to the good news, she even scored a cute necklace with her new employee discount!

Already elated, an added feeling of ecstasy swept over her just as she stepped onto the sidewalk outside of the store.  “This is just great,” she thought, chalking this new sensation up to the dopamine rush she already knew she was experiencing.  Several seconds passed before she realized she was just standing there, still just outside the door.  Briefly coming to her senses, she knew she had to get a move on if she was going to meet her parents for dinner.  Oddly enough though, she quickly noticed she couldn’t move – not even her eyes would budge!  She briefly felt concerned about her predicament, but before that thought even had time to register, she was taken by another sensation of pure ecstasy.  This time she felt as though she was beginning to float on air, and it was accompanied by a cool, tingling sensation that started in her feet and seemed to be moving up her body.

Completely enraptured by the sensations, Kristina just stood there oblivious to what was happening to her - not that she would have had any choice otherwise.  The sensation she was feeling was her body transforming into hollow plastic, beginning in her feet, quickly rising up her legs, and then slowing a bit as it consumed her torso.  It then sped up again as it moved over her shoulders, down her arms and up her neck, finally enveloping her hands and head in less than a second.  So caught up in the bliss, she didn’t even notice that all her senses had disappeared in that final moment.

With the transformation now completed and Kristina’s senses erased, the waves of ecstasy and elation now quickly disappeared as well, as they were no longer needed to distract her.  Kristina was now little more than a faceless, shiny white mannequin just like the other ones in the store – the only difference being that the store didn’t sell the denim miniskirt and crop tank sweater this particular mannequin was wearing.   In fact, the only difference at all between this mannequin and one molded in a factory was that this one was still inhabited by Kristina’s consciousness, or what was left of it.  Trapped inside her plastic prison, she would never again sense sight, sound, or even touch – absolutely nothing – aside from a basic awareness that she did indeed exist in some form, and, of course, time.  Having lost any concept of having a past, she wouldn’t even be able to yearn for one, even if regaining it were possible.  Nor would she ever be noticed – as far as anyone else was concerned, she was no different from any of the thousands of other five-foot-five mannequins with an athletic build.

Knowing exactly what would happen, of course, the store manager took a walk outside and admired her newest employee.  She inspected it briefly, admiring how well it had turned out, before grabbing it by the waist and effortlessly slinging it under her arm to carry it inside.  Once in the stockroom, it was promptly undressed and affixed to a base.  By the time the doors were locked that evening, the mannequin would already be put to use, standing at attention in the window and sporting new clothes and a wig.  Kristina’s clothes and hair would also have already been donated to the local Goodwill – except for the necklace of course, which would be returned to the jewelry case to await its next victim.

The End…?