by M.P.


It was on a night in early May that I met Belinda. She was short and had the skin of a velvet dove. Her hair shone of moonlight and reflected it in its pure white strands. Nude she stood before me, her breasts round and large with soft pink nipples. I gazed down the lengh of her body and paused to admire the perfection of it. Round also were her hips and her ass cheeks were perfect globes. She had a smooth rounded belly and a slightly curved back that pushed her breasts up and outward.  I stepped closer and could see that her hair was natural. Even to the white strands between her legs. And what legs they were indeed, well defined with firm muscles that would squeeze the life out of any man. Her white gracful hands had long fingers with bright red nail polish. The artist whoever he was had posed her with those hands out streached palms up as if she were beconing me to her. I would have taken her there and made love to her, but for the fact that this vision of etherial delight was encased in a chamber of crystal.
"Shes very lovely isn't she?"

 The sudden question startled me. I turned to see a short man with striking blue eyes and short brown hair standing behind me.
 "I am Mr. Carstairs." "Welcome to my museum."

 "Hello, My name is Harris, Henry Harris." I said.

 I extended my hand to Carstairs, which he took and shook it firmly. Carstairs smiled warmly and offered me a drink which I gladly excepted. After one or two vodka and tonics I was feeling very mello and the short man once again spoke.
"I could tell that you really admired Belinda." "She was one of my first aquisitions." "Let me show you some more."

      I got up from the soft leather chair I was seated in and followed Carstairs to the next chamber. This was a larger room than the previous one and inside was a marvel to behold. In almost every square foot of the cavernous room stood more crystal cylinders like the one I had just seen containing Belinda. Within each crystal was posed a girl. All were extremely beautiful and quite naked, which did not bother me a bit. Blondes, brunettes, and redheads, beauties of all races creed and color and each was frozen in the crystals with the distant look of what might assume as the peak of orgasam.

     I walked up to one crystal containing a young brunette. She was standing with her legs slightly bent which made her back twist slightly pushing out her breasts. I liked the way her hair had been captured in the glass. Her hair had been long, almost waist lengh, and it had wrapped itself around her like a soft brown cloud. The figures little breasts had been aroused and her nipples stuck out like two points. At her clit her hair was trimmed and neat in a perfect triangle of brown curls. Behind these I just see her bright pink and slightly damp pussy. Her legs were rounded and very shapely and her entire body glowed with a rich tan. At her feet I could see that she had been mounted on something like a pair of stilts so her body would be carefully sealed in the crystal.

     I went to the next cylinder. This one contained a young black girl. Tall and very thin but I could tell that she had been very strong and craceful, like a sleek animal. The hair on her head was a dark mixture of black with slight tints of purple which made it shine inside her crystal. Her pussy had been cleanly shaven so I could see every detail in her sex. Her pose as well added to the illusion of a captured stone panther. Carstairs had placed her in a crawling like pose on her hands and knees.
   Her strong leg muscles were well rounded and her perfect ass was thrust out. I was entranced at the perfect symetry of her body and how even the curve of her spine was intoxicating. Her dark skin had a lusterous shine which added to the illusion of her being a porcelin art piece. Her graceful arms thin but well defined and on her hands she had long cat-like nails painted bright red. The most startling effect was the way he had placed red contacts in her eyes shaped like cats pupils. I touched the smooth glass and traced the lines of her body. As I did it I could sense a rise coming on in my penis. I then stepped around the crstal and viewed it from all four sides. Returning to the front side of the crystal I looked deeply into the young black girls face. I had to admit that she was the most beautiful black girl I had ever layed eyes upon.
     As I was looking at a few of the other beauties,  there was a sudden disturbance from the other room and then the doors burst open.  Two men dressed in black hooded outfits came in dragging a young blonde haired girl. She had been bound and gagged and was putting up a struggle. Carstairs excused himself and approached the small group.
"Bring her into the preperation room, and fill a hypo with the solution." Carstairs said.

 He turned back to me and said.
"You'll have to excuse me Mr.Harris, but I have to do a rush job on this new girl." "The buyer has had an outstanding order and I'm a little behind on filling it."

 "Would you mind if I watched?" I asked.

"I had not thought you would find it interesting, but if you wish, surely." Carstairs said.

     He then led me down an another hallway. This one was more darker than the others, and scattered around the hall were various machines in different states of disrepair. At the end of the hall was a small steel door. Carstairs opened it and we both entered. Behind the door was a room even larger than the display room. Inside the caverous room was a long table, complete with a small operating theatre, and in the center of the chamber were three machines which took up most of the vast room. Tied to the table was the blonde haired girl. The two henchmen had removed her clothing and she lay on the table in only a pair of shiny red silk panties. Carstairs walked over to the helpless girl and gently caressed her soft hair. He then started to touch her face and she recoiled in fear. Carstairs then grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it, making her whimper in pain.

      "Don't fret my dear." Carstars said. "Soon I will make you into a true work of art that will trancend you above being a mere human." "And my friend Mr, Hashimoto, is willing to pay dearly for you."

Carstairs continued.

     "I think I will ask for at least 5 million for you my dear, you're much better than most of the other girls."
 Then he pulled out a pair of rubber gloves and set to the task that lay before him.
 "Now, let us begin." He said.

      He stepped away from the table and went to the small bench next to the table. On it was a large hypodermic needle that one of the henchmen had prepared. After pumping out the air bubbles in the needle Carstairs went back to the young blonde. The girl knew that she was in serious trouble and fought at her bonds. Then Carstairs pushed the needle into the girls tender flesh and pumped the entire contents into her. It took only a few seconds and as I watched I could see the change happening to her. The last sound she made was a small shriek of pain, and then her face went slack. I walked closer and could see that her eyes had glazed over and were now beginning to harden. I wiped away a small tear from her face and then ran a hand down her chest and squeezed one breast. It was firm at first and as I continued to rub it, I felt it turning into stiff plastic. I continued my hand search of her body and found that it now was cold and extremely smooth to the touch like that of a mannequin. Even her pussy had turned into plastic. I stuck in two fingers and found it was cold and hard like the rest of her. But as I examined her body more closely I could see that a small trickle of her juice had oozed out of her pussy as she petrified. The droplets hung on her smooth thigh like dew on leaves. I took a soft cloth and wiped her leg and gently licked it off the cloth savoring the taste of her sex. As I was doing this, Carstairs went back to the table and came back with another needle.

"This is a polymer molding solution." He explained. "With it I can mold her into any shape or pose I desire."

 He stepped up the inert girl and pushed the needle into her.  At first it was a little hard and I could hear the sound of the girls hardened skin scrape the needle. As he withdrew the needle, I saw that her skin lost some of the sheen it had developed from the first shot and her body seemed to relax.

 "Would you care to pose her?" Carstairs asked me.

   I had secretly wished he would ask me and was quick to take the opprotunity. I picked up the girls body up from the table. She was not as stiff as before but more plyable and  I was surprized that she was incredibly light. Carstairs then led me over to the first machine and said.

     "Place her in here and then we can use the computers to electronically animate her."

    The machine consisted of a strange looking black box large enough to accommidate a body. The box was hinged on all sides but appeared to have only one opening to it. I gently slipped her inside and the door made a vacuum sound and sealed her inside. Next to the box was a computer terminal with several wires running into the box,  which Carstairs switched on. After several seconds a computer graphic of the girl appeared on the monitor. She was still standing dressed only in her bright red panties. I typed in a few commands and as I watched the graphic changed and made the girl assume the poses I typed in. I tried her in a seated posistion, with a sexy pout on her face. Not liking that one,  I tried a pose with her legs spread one hand buried deeply into her pussy and the other squeezing her breasts. I realized that was too provocative and pressed the reset buttton. The image returned to its original pose.
   "Mr. Hashimoto the man I was telling you about has a fetish with Marilyn Monroe." Carstairs said. "I think we should choose a classic Marilyn Monroe pose for her."

   After some thought  I chose the one I had seen years ago in Playboy magazine of her laying on a red satin sheet. Her one leg fully extended the other bent at the knee. I had her reach out with her left arm as if she were trying to grab the pillows. The right arm was posed in her hair the long graceful fingers smoothing out her long blonde tresses. I then told the computer to remove her panties and then pushed the enter key. Inside of the narrow box I could hear the soft ripping sound of the little garment being torn away. I took one last look at the monitor and satisfied with my handywork, I turned to Carstairs.

"An excellent choice, Henry." "I would have probably done the same myself." Carstairs said. "Now we will finish the process."

     Carstairs went to the machine and entered more commands. With the sound of meshing gears,   the black box started moving. The entire box turned on its side and lowered into the floor and slid silently into the next machine. This machine was bigger than the other and was colored a pale shade of green. On top was a plastic bubble where I could see what was happening inside. I watched as the black box opened itself and the now posed Marilyn lay on a sheet of red satin.

 "Can you remove the sheet?" I asked Carstairs. "I think it will spoil the effect of the sculture."

 Carstairs thought for a moment and agreed. He punched in some commands on another computer and I looked inside as a robotic arm removed the sheet. When we finalised the pose, Carstairs pressed another set of buttons on the terminal and soon the small platform that held Marilyn began to fill with a shiny bue gel like substance. As the liquid filled, I watched as her almost wieghtless body began to float in the gel. Carstairs handed me a pair of dark glasses and when I was prepared he pressed two buttons mounted on the machine consol. Suddenly there was a bright glow in the chamber and after several seconds it subsided. When the light returned to normal I could see that the half of the gel in the chamber had hardened. Then Carstairs repeated the process and after another heat treatment, Marilyn was ready.
      I walked to the end of the line and soon a panel opened and the newest addition to Mr. Carstairs collection was done. The robotic arms lowered the rectange of crystal containing Marilyn into a stand that the computers had designed for her crystal. I was in awe as I looked up at her. She was now a life size centerfold of Marilyn Monroe. I walked around her several times and drank in the beauty before me. I envied the mysterious Mr.Hashimoto, he was going to recieve one of the finest looking women I had ever seen alive or encased in crystal. I envisioned the little oriental smiling from head to foot as he admired the little blonde curls in her muff. That same pussy whose juices I had tasted. I could feel his hands trace the glass following the lines of her perfect body that I had just touched in its glory. Soon he would have her for his own permanately on display in his home.  Yes I envied the little man, but business was business and for 5 million dollars Carstairs was getting the better half of the deal.
 "Excellent!" Boomed Carstairs. "She is even more magnicent than my Belinda." "I owe you much, Henry for your contribution."
 Carstairs continued. "I know that secertly you want Marilyn here but I know what will make you happy." "I will give you Belinda for your assistance."
   "Thanks." I said. "But, I know of a better idea, let me be your partner, then we can share our mutual talents."
     Carstairs smiled and walked up to me. "I had an idea that was what you were going to say." He continued. "Lets start planning our next project."

To be continued....