House of Wax

by -ZAgnut

Part 1

The building was of Gothic architecture. It was new and it was to be the site of a new wax house. Already it had opened, but business was quiet. Mac enjoyed the privacy, though, and as long as he was making enough to preserve his precious wax house, he was happy. It was his dream come true, a chance to make money whilst fulfilling all his fantasies....

Rosin stood outside waiting for Mark her date. It was six o' clock and getting dark. The leaves, victims of autumn , littered the damp ground, moist, brown and unpleasant.

Rosin had blonde hair and Irish features that were unique. Many boys were jealous of Mark for having her as a girlfriend.

God, where is he? she thought as the wind blew at her hair. If he doesn't come soon I'll go she thought.

She looked at the wax museum behind her. Its doors beckoned for her to come in from the cold. A warm safe place. Rosin was not one to turn down an offer. She quickly stepped inside, partly because of her curiosity to see the exhibits the wax house had, and partly because of her need to get into a dry place.

It was dark inside, and Rosin made her way to the ticket booth. Mac was daydreaming as she came in.

"Can I help you at all, Miss?" he said looking at this beautiful, blonde girl who had just walked in.

"Oh... yes please... how much to get in to the wax house?" asked Rosin.

"Usually it's six pounds, but for a lovely stranger such as yourself I'm willing to make a reduction of four pounds."

Rosin smiled appreciatively. Mac admired the way that her face caught the light.. The way her rosy cheeks simply curved as she smiled.. her beautiful blue eyes... Her body was good too, she had a flat stomach and long legs. Her skinny t- shirt pressed tight against two well rounded breasts, and two buds pushed against the material indicating where her nipples were. Her short mini skirt complemented her smooth, flawless legs... She would be perfect...

Rosin gave Mac her money and walked into the wax house. Mac smiled.

She looked around

From the ticket booth the wax house expanded into a giant hall. There were no windows and a sea of darkness filled the hall permeated by the lit wax displays which were like tiny pedestal islands in the darkness.

Rosin moved around. The layout of the displays was pretty much random. Towards the center of the hall she saw a display containing a brunette model. She was a ballerina posed with her arms above her head, her legs pressed together and her toes pointing down. Her head was turned to the side and the glassy brown eyes stared ahead silently. Her hair was tied back in a bun, revealing the full haughty beauty of her face Her full red lips were closed and her expression was serious. Disciplined. The ballerina dress hugged the wax figure lovingly, boasting the figures great body.

Rosin stared in wonder. The ballerina was so lifelike!

She moved on and saw a pretty redhead wax figure clad in a skimpy French maid's outfit. The skirt was short to the point of exposing the garters the held up the stockings. Her hair was in a short cut that stopped above her shoulders. She was positioned with her stockinged legs pressed together, her right arm by her side whilst the left had, bent at the elbow, held a feather duster. There was a sly smile on the maid's face. Saucy. Knowing.

There were a few other women to, positioned perfectly, each lifelike and beautiful. It was as if this wax house was a shrine to the female form.

"Do you like what you see?"

Rosin jumped, and Mac stepped out from behind the ballerina.

"Oh I'm sorry... did I startle you?"

"No its alright," Rosin giggled nervously, putting a hand to her chest, "I'm just nervous that's all."

Mac laughed.

"So.... what do you think?"

Rosin smiled and looked all around her.

"It's... it's incredible...." she said smiling, "I mean the figures... they're so lifelike... how did.... I mean that is.. did you do them yourself?"

Mac nodded modestly.

"Wow! I mean, it's like, incredible! How long did this all take you? It must have taken years!"

"Well..." shrugged Mac, "It's a hobby of mine..."

Mac moved closer to Rosin... he held his hands up and analyzed her body.

"What...? Are you..?"

"How would you like to be a wax figure?" said Mac.

Rosin stood flabbergasted.

"What me? In here? Posing?"

"Yes you... who else could I mean?"

"Wow!" cried Rosin, "When do I start?"

"Now if you want.."

"Do I have to do anything.. or... oh shit..."

Mac looked at Rosin's suddenly anxious face.

"What? What is it?" he asked concerned.

"I'm supposed to meet my boyfriend in a minute... I'll have to arrange this some other time..."

"Wait... you have a boyfriend?" Mac asked his subject became more and more interesting by the minute.

"Yes... his name's Mark... I'll have to talk to him about it.."

"Nonsense! I'm sure he'll be as pleased as punch when he hears that his beautiful girlfriend has been selected to become a wax figure in my humble little house of wax.."

Rosin giggled shyly.

"You mean model for a wax figure." she corrected smiling.

Mac smiled back.

"Oh no..." he replied, "Wax figure.."

Rosin was not sure how to react to this comment and was about to say something when Mac looked deep into her eyes.

She was mesmerized and stared back. She was unable to move.

Mac saw the sudden fear in her eyes.

"Please don't try to resist," he soothed, "you'll only make matters more difficult. Just relax and it will be all over. Your beauty will be preserved forever."

Rosin felt herself being drawn in deeper by Mac's blue eyes. They were like the ocean now, big and blue. All enveloping...

"Take off all your clothes please."

Rosin obeyed. She stood naked in front of Mac.

Mac admired her beautiful body. Her breasts rose and fell as she breathed. She was obviously still resisting.

Mac smiled and went in for the coup de grace.

Rosin felt her whole body going stiff. She could feel her life essence being sucked out of her body. Her eyes ceased registering and merely stared into space. She felt Mac's hands on her body and realised she was being posed.

"You look beautiful.." was the last thing she heard before everything went black.

Mac stood back and watched the rest of the transformation. Already Rosin's skin had begun to take on a new texture. It began from her toes and was working its way up her smooth legs. It had already reached her sex. Her eyes were already glassy. The fear was no longer present in them. In fact there was now no emotion emanating from her blue eyes. They merely reflected the light, and Mac could clearly see his reflection in her eyes, now.

Mac watched the completion. Rosin's red lips spread into the same beautiful smile she had worn when she entered the wax house.

Rosin had been transformed into a beautiful smiling wax figure. Her arms were by her sides, whilst her legs were slightly parted. Mac knelt down and gently shaved off her pubic hairs with a razor he kept in his pocket.

He had used the same razor on all the previous girls. He had felt their coral pink pussies with his fingers. He felt Rosin's vagina and felt it was wet. She had come just before she had been transformed. The come trickled down the waxen thighs. He brought out his handkerchief and cleaned her up. He felt Rosin and touched her. Each contour and dip was captured immaculately in wax. Rosin now had the cold feeling of wax. Mac imagined what Rosin's pussy would have been like to enter. So soft, so delicate...

She was shave now. Her sex was as smooth and flawless as her stomach no. He lifted her up and placed her on a pedestal near the door. He had to go find a suitable costume for such a beautiful lady.

Suddenly he remembered! Her boyfriend Mark!

Mac smiled... he didn't have any boys in his collection. Yet.