How Lucky Can You Get?

by PFL

[NOTE: This story was given to ML before he transferred the archives to a different site. I've combined the two parts that had been sent. This is a very nice tale, especially since it is the author's first effort! Ed.] Dear James,
This is a little something I've been working on. I hope you like it. It's my first try.

Janey's hand was shaking as she rang the bell. She double checked the address on the paper with the number over the door. Just then the door opened and she was greeted by a handsome middle aged man with a kind smile.

" Can I help you, miss?" he asked.

"I'm here in answer to your ad. The one for models?" said Janey, making it more of a question than a reply.

"Ah yes. Come in, Come in! I'm Benjamin Hunter." He stepped aside so she could enter. I'm very pleased to meet you, my dear. And your name is?"

"Janey; Janey Summers. You'll have to excuse me if  I seem a little bit nervous, Mr. Hunter. It's just that I really need this job. I've been all over the entire city looking for work since coming here a month ago and haven't had a nibble. If I don't find work soon I'll have to move back home. And home is the last place I want to go," she lamented.

"Why is that? Don't want your family to think you failed in the big city??"

"No, that's not it at all. I've got no family left back there, and besides, there's nothing but a bunch of hicks left back there anyway." She clearly did not want to rejoin them after escaping that humdrum life. "Getting back to the job. It said in the advert you were looking for models – for sculptures?"

"Yes I am. But not just any sculptures, my dear. You see, I make mannequins. Exquisitely realistic and beautiful mannequins that I promote to upscale stores only, though I do sell to a very select group of private collectors as well. I have a discovered unique way of making my mannequins that is very efficient," he explained. Looking her up and down for a few moments, he continued. "In fact, you have the kind of fresh look and appearance that I think would work very well for me. Does this sound like something you would be interested in?" Benjamin summed up.

"Well I really don't know…" she replied, suddenly hesitant. " Like I said, I really do need the money, and if you think I'm the right type of model that's a plus. Tell me, how much does this sort of work pay and what does it involve? I've done some modeling for artists in the past, but not for a mannequin artist."

"You're in luck Janey. It just so happens I am in the process of working on one now and you can see how it's done," he said with a smile on his face, as he took her hand and led her through a door at the far side of the small office.

Janey couldn't believe her eyes when she walked into the huge studio lit by overhead skylights. The walls were lined with tall mirrors all the way around the room and high windows above them. Spaced at regular intervals along the walls were several beautiful mannequins dressed in the latest fashions. Each was perched on a little pedestal that revolved ever so slowly to allow a viewer to see all sides of them. Walking up to the first one she came to, the girl stared deep into its eyes.

"Remarkable," she whispered. "It's so lifelike and very pretty. Can you make me look that good?"

"I'm sure of it," Ben replied. "Come, let me introduce you to Holly. She's the girl modeling for me now in the molding room," he suggested, leading her around a corner into another section of the studio where he stopped and waved his hand in a grand gesture. "My latest masterpiece!" he exclaimed with a flourish.

Janey didn't quite know what to make of what she saw. There in the center of the room was a round cylinder about five feet high and about three feet in diameter. It looked to be filled with some kind of white rubbery looking paste. The strangest thing though, was there seemed to be a young woman's head sticking out of the top of it.

"This is Holly" said Benjamin by way of introduction.

Holly smiled at Janey ; she looked pert and had distinctive blue-green eyes that were very striking. "Hi" she said. "Must look pretty weird, huh? I know it does, because I can see myself in that full-length mirror over there."

"It's different; that's for sure," Janey agreed.

"This is the key to my molding process Janey," Ben explained. "It is my own invention, which allows me to make a precise mold of the model's body which can be used over and over to create carbon-copes. First I do their body; the face comes after because the details are more delicate. The substance you see in the cylinder is a special liquid plastic which takes about three to four hours to set and harden into a perfect image of the model. After the duplicate is cast, the figure is painted and makeup applied. Each one is unique in her own special way; you have already seen the results in the showroom. Aren't they flawless?" He smiled at her warmly. "I am prepared to pay you five thousand dollars for one day's work. If you are agreeable, we can create your mold tomorrow. By then, I should have the Holly mannequin completed for you to see before we do you... I m-mean your figure." said Benjamin.

It seems like easy money to her. "I'll do it!" said Janey with a bright smile. This should put an end of my money problems for now anyway, she said to herself.

"Tomorrow morning at nine, then, my dear. It will be great of fun and I'm sure you'll find it very exciting for you Janey. You'll enjoy the result, I'm sure," said Benjamin.

"Yeah, Janey. See you then!" Holly chimed in from within the tank.

{Nine A.M. the next morning}

"Good morning! Good morning!" beamed Benjamin as he answered the door. "Come right on in, Janey. I can't wait for you to see Holly's completed figure."

Janey followed him back to the molding room where standing on a low pedestal in the corner was Holly. Or rather Holly's mannequin, that is. The figure was incredibly detailed and almost looked alive. She was fully dressed in a silky maroon dress, with a full skirt and white lace collar along with flesh colored hose and matching maroon pumps with three inch heels that matched her dress. The brown wig was styled to shoulder length and highlighted, which really brought out her blue-green eyes thought Janey. She looked deep into Holly's eyes and couldn't believe how real they looked for being made of plastic. Or were they glass. She really couldn't tell. Benjamin had replicated their color perfectly. Her face had been made up with dark olive eyeshadow, rouged cheeks, and a lipstick that looked wet.

"She's gorgeous!" said Janey. "How did you get her done so fast?"

"You'll find out today, my dear. The process is very efficient. Now, it's time to get you started. I need for you to undress completely while I prepare the cylinder. You can go behind that curtain, if you wish.

Janey did as she was told. In a way it felt odd to be nude in front of a total stranger, but for artists it was different. Grabbing the robe she found on a hook on the wall and wrapping it around her trim body, she soon came back around the curtain. Benjamin was standing beside the now empty cylinder with a grin on his face. As she walked up, he undid some latches on the cylinder and opened the whole side of it like a door.

"You need to put these on." he said as he handed her a pair of clear plastic high heels with four inch heels on them. They are a size six. Is that about right for you?" he asked.

"Yes that's perfect." said Janey as she slipped them on. They sort of cradled her feet while leaving her toes open.

"Now, I need you to step into the cylinder and stand in the middle of it." She did as she was told, feeling a little bit like one of those go-go girls from an old TV show. "Now I'm going to pose you first, because once the fluid begins to fill the cylinder, I will need you to remain perfectly still in that position. Okay Janey?"

"Okay!" she said, courageously. She was a little scared and a quite nervous, but tried not to let it show in her voice. He spread her feet apart a little, put one hand out to her side a little, spread her fingers, placed her other hand out in front of her as if she were carrying a purse in it, and twisted her torso just a little bit to the right. He was very gentle and soon she was posed exactly the way he wanted.

"You look superb! Now stand still, honey, while I start the flow," he said as he closed and latched the door to the cylinder, sealing Janey inside. Benjamin then produced a sheer bolt of cloth about five feet long and three feet wide which hung from a bar about three feet long. The bar had a bend in it to allow it to go around the back of Janey's head as he attached it to both sides of the cylinder letting the cloth drape down against Janey's backside. "That will keep the two halves of the mold separate to allow me to get them apart." stated Benjamin.

Janey then noticed the fluid flowing in from a hose at the top of the cylinder. It had a thick pasty consistency, and was a warm soothing temperature. It caressed her legs as it climbed higher on her body. Benjamin just smiled at her as she remained as still as she could. This one was doing an excellent job.

"It will get easier to hold your pose as the molding compound hardens." he said. "There is one thing I have to tell you, though. The fluid contains a depilatory which will dissolve the hair off your body. That will give me the desired look I need and will spare you any pain when it comes time to separate the mold halves later. You're doing fine. Now just relax and I'll be back." With that, he left her alone in the room.

This feels pretty weird, she thought to herself, as the fluid reached her belly button. It's kind of tingly like it's soaking into my skin or something. Oh well, no sense worrying for nothing. Ben knows what he's doing.

Benjamin came back about ten minutes later and shut the flow off just as the fluid was reaching up to Janey's chin.

"I was getting a little worried," she said, not so bravely. "If the fluid got much higher it would have suffocated me."

"Don't worry yourself, Janey. I would never let that happen. I have performed this process on many models before." said Benjamin. Now is a critical time to keep holding your pose, so concentrate your thoughts on that. I will be back in about three hours. Now don't go anywhere!" he summed up with a wry grin.

Yeah right, thought Janey, trying valiantly to remain still.. She eventually dozed off and was awakened by movement in the room. Ben had returned.

"Okay Janey. It's time to open the mold!" he said excitedly. He undid the latches and gingerly opened the cylinder in two halves, making sure the compound wasn't sticking. Taking a long flat aluminum bar in his hands he pried the two halves of the mold apart; they made this weird sucking sound as they came free of her body, carrying a reverse impression of her every curve and detail. Ben carefully slid them aside, making sure they did not tip over. Janey shivered a little as the first cool air hit her naked body.

"Perfect!" he said as he looked at her carefully. "Here let me show you," he said, turning away for a moment.

Janey tried to turn to look in his direction, when she realized she couldn't move her body. At all. She tried with all her might but could only shift her head back and forth a little; even her neck felt stiff somehow.

"I can't move!" she cried, a note of fear rising in her voice. "What's wrong? Benjamin, help! What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong at all, my dear," he said calmly. "You've come out beautifully." he continued as he wheeled a tall mirror over in front of her. "Take a look at yourself!"

Janey's heart leapt up into her throat as she looked into the mirror, seeing the changes it revealed. Her eyes scanned up and down the length of now her shiny body, which was perfectly smooth without a hair of blemish anywhere on it. Her nipples had become the same flesh tone as the rest of her body and they seemed to be flatter. Her navel had been turned into just a slight dimple in her otherwise featureless abdomen.

"What the hell have you done to me?" she screamed, not very loudly because her chest could not expand much.

"Now calm down Janey," he said in the same soothing tone of voice. "You're going to be just fine. Your body is made of living plastic now; soon the rest of you will be changed. The chemicals in the fluid have transformed your skin into plastic. Next, I will pump the same fluid into you intravenously to transform your insides leaving your lovely face for last. Don't worry though. You are not going to die; you will be able to see, feel, and hear everything when I am done transforming you into a mannequin. You'll be forever dazzling and gorgeous just like Holly is over there." He talked as if it was the most normal thing in the world as he patted her smooth, rigid curves.

Janey could see Holly out of the corner of her eye. She's been watching me all day, getting duped like she was, Janey thought, I'm sure she has enjoyed every minute of it. Watching me turn into a plastic statue. Summoning her resolve, she took another deep breath. "You're crazy, Benjamin! You can't just do this to people!" she cried.

Oh yes, I can." said Benjamin levelly. "And I just have done it once more. All you have to to is just look at yourself. Lovely and timeless beauty. I do not understand why you are so upset. There is nothing to fear, Janey. No more worries. You're going to be well cared for, now and you won't ever have to worry about so many things any more."

 "Noooo…." She whimpered.

Benjamin wrapped the same robe around Janey which she had worn before he began posing her. Back when she was a living, moving person. "This will keep you nicely warm while I prepare for the next stage of your transformation." He tied the sash loosely, knowing her new plastic body was not completely hardened yet. "I want you to be very comfortable and enjoy this process, Janey. You have no idea how lucky you are, really. You will now be beautiful forever!" beamed Benjamin.

"I don't want to be a mannequin!" Janey pleaded. " You have to change me back! Oh, please. I thought you were going to just be making a mold of me for making plastic copies, not turning me into plastic instead! I never agreed to this… Change me back!" Janey was crying now and becoming horrified at her predicament.

"I'm afraid it's not possible to change you back, even if I wanted to. Left at this stage, you'll die within a matter of days. I must stop your biological functions with my formula in order to preserve your mind. Then you'll be perfect, my dear, a timeless beauty. In time you will grow to love the attention and pampering you get as a display figure. No! You will be a work of art! You will find a home in one of the collections, where you will be dressed and cared for as a priceless sculpture would. In a way, I envy you, Janey."

"Please, no." was all she had the energy to say. This situation's hopeless! I'm gonna be a statue no matter what I say… She thought.

Ben came up to face her and said seriously. "Let me explain what steps I will be doing next, then I’ll give you a choice. If you keep promise to be quiet and keep your head still, I will let you communicate with me up until the very final step of the process. If not I will immobilize your face now, so I can control your expression. What will it be?"

There was nothing she could do. "I'll keep still. Really. Please don't immobilize me yet," pleaded Janey. "If you've got to do this, let me stay as human as possible for as long as possible." She figured she could maybe buy herself some time. Who knows, she thought. Maybe someone will show up and catch him in the act and get me out of this? She had not grasped that she could never go back to the way she had been, only forward into a future as an object of art.

Just then Benjamin came around in front of her with a set of electric hair clippers and began cutting off all her scalp hair. He beautiful cinnamon locks. Though she wanted to cry again, Janey held her head as still as she could. When he was done shearing, he left her line of sight for a moment, returning with a spray bottle filled with a milky white liquid. "Since you have agreed to cooperate with me, I will transform your head next and then do the inside of your body. This liquid contains the same chemicals which were in the molding paste," he said as he began spraying her bald head with it. "It is a more concentrated formula and so will work much quicker than the paste."

"Wait! Stop a minute!" cried Janey. "How will I talk to you when the skin on my face and head is turned to plastic?"

"Your skin will remain slightly pliable and you will have limited mobility of your mouth and lips, up until the end. Please, no more interruptions; I must continue." He finished spraying Janey's head, all over, coating the places the mold had not reached. He even sprayed a volume of the fluid directly into her eyes, but Janey discovered after a few blinks that it didn't bother them any more than plain water would have, except it had a distinct odor of plastic to it. The sensation was unusual to say the least as the chemical took effect.

Benjamin moved the full length mirror closer to her face so she could see what was happening. Janey saw the skin on her face becoming more even in color as the seconds passed and could feel it tightening a little; becoming hard. Her eyes soon fixed in position and gazing into the mirror she could see as the razor stubble on her head dissolve away, along with her eyebrows. She felt numbness as her cheeks started to turn shiny and stiff. Within a few minutes her entire head, including her lips, were a perfect shiny flesh tone plastic.

Oh my god! thought Janey. It's really happening! Look at me! No one will ever be able to tell I'm alive in here! I'm never going to get out of this! She had to struggle to move her mouth ,but she managed to slowly say, "I can't believe… what you've done …to me. …I look so …fake." As she continued to stare at herself Janey was strangely becoming more and more entranced by what she looked like. Excited, even. She was completely bald. She looked just like all the other perfect still mannequins that Benjamin had in his studio. Every detail of her old self was there. They were just smoothed out and evenly colored; idealized. She just couldn't believe the figure in the mirror was really herself.

She really did have the right body for this, he thought, as he finished on her head. She was very lean and shapely with just the right size breasts for a display model.
Benjamin broke her rapt concentration when he came into her view with an I.V. stand and some other medical-looking equipment. He held up a bag containing more of the white liquid so her rigid eyes could see it. "The chemicals in this bag will transform the insides of your body into a lightweight plastic. They will not, however, harm your nervous system nor brain activity. The oxygen your brain needs to stay alive will soon be absorbed through microscopic pores in your skin. This won't hurt a bit!" With these words, he inserted the needle deep into her arm and started the flow of the fluid. Slowly it crept through the tubing and into her motionless figure. "This step will take a while, but once the bag is empty you will begin to feel the transformation inside. I have had some models tell me with their last words that it is a very erotic feeling, and is very exciting and enjoyable."

"How?" she whispered, but he had no answer for his new mannequin. Janey's mind began to wander as she watched the reflection of the bag emptying. Just just as Benjamin had said, she began to feel a trembling inside her, then looked at the bag hanging beside her and saw the last of the liquid running down into the tube. Something odd , was happening.  She could feel the trembling coming on stronger now. It was beginning to feel almost like an orgasm, though she could not move an inch. The thought of what was occurring to her flashed through her mind just before an enormous orgasm shot through her entire body. At that moment she felt herself become rigid and solid, and that feeling did not go away. The feeling of tenseness, hardness, started way down deep in her abdomen, spreading slowly outward and upward through her torso, arms and legs, ending with a tingling sensation at her fingertips and toes.  This faded away into nothingness, leaving her feeling stiff and rigid. Janey tried to speak and found she couldn't move her mouth or tongue at all. She tried to move her head, to no effect. She strained every muscle. Nothing. She could feel herself trying to move, but when she looked in the mirror she was perfectly motionless on the outside. She wondered if she even had muscles, or whether she was imagining them.  Either way, she was totally immobilized.

He's done it, she said to herself. He's really done it. I'm a…a mannequin! Nobody can know there's someone's consciousness in here! Look at me! Plastic. I can't even tell I was once alive and I'm looking right at myself! The more she thought about it, the more she seemed to be turning herself on. Was it the permanence of it? The helplessness? This is reality, now, she thought. I'm going to be exactly like this from now on. For the first time, it seemed like eternal beauty wasn't such a bad thing after all.

"Well Janey, how did you like that? And how do you like your new look?" It was Benjamin. He had his face about a foot in front of her static visage and he was grinning from ear to ear. "I think your utterly ravishing. But we're not done yet! This," he said, holding up a small jar of something colored fleshtone, "is to smooth out your vaginal area." He took some of the paste and Janey watched as he smoothed over her crotch. It sent waves of ecstasy through her. He then used some paste to fill in her navel a little bit. "There, that's better." he said. Next he produced a metal socket which he inserted in her rectum, using more of the flesh tone goo as cement. "That will be used to affix you to your stand. It's just about time for makeup, a wig, and some clothes; then I can put you on display in the studio."

Again Janey could only watch and marvel as he skillfully painted her face. He did her cheeks with a faint hint of rose, her eye shadow with a smoky gray and violet. Her lips he colored with a deep red gloss. Carefully, he painted new eyebrow hairs onto the canvas that was her face. She thought she now looked very exotic and artificial. Especially after he sprayed her bald head with spirit gum and placed a jet black wig on her head. The straight plastic-looking hair reached past her shoulders and flipped up at the tips. She thought it was much more beautiful than her old short mousy brown hair had been. Next, he removed the robe from around her shoulders and gently laid her hardened body prone on a table nearby. That feeling of utter stiffness when he moves me is very alien indeed , she thought. At least I'm not cold anymore!

The erotic feelings she experienced when he slipped the yellow satin panties up her slim smooth legs and pulled them tightly into her crotch were nothing short of fantastic, but she climaxed explosively when she felt the slippery nylon of the flesh colored sheer pantyhose sliding up her legs. I wonder if he knows what this is doing to me?

"I believe in having my mannequins be properly dressed," said Benjamin. He placed a pair of yellow pumps with four inch heels on her feet, which gave her the feeling of standing on tip-toe  She worried about being able to balance before he lifted her up and placed her on a stand, atop a metal pole. There was a hole in her underwear and pantyhose for the shaft of the stand to go through. He adjusted the height until she felt her feet barely touching the ground. He continued dressing her by placing a very lacy and shiny yellow satin bra around her torso and adjusting it on her firm breasts. She felt another shiver go through her body as the fabric brushed across her nipples.  After adding a single strand of pearls around her neck, Ben turned her toward the mirror again.

Janey was dumbfounded by what she saw. Her transformed appearance looked just like a mannequin in a lingerie store! Next, he completed her undergarments with a very sheer and silky matching yellow slip with lace at the short hem. She relished the feelings as its coolness floated down around her motionless form.

Then finally, the dress. Benjamin placed it over her head and going around behind her, zipped it up. It seemed to fit her plastic body perfectly. As he straightened the neckline, he whispered in her ear. "You are very very beautiful, Janey. And from this day forward you will be always." As the motionless girl looked into the mirror at her new self she couldn't help but agree. I'm stunning! The dress was gorgeous; it had a tight satin bodice flowering into a full knee length skirt made of flowing taffeta. She began to feel good about what had happened to her as Benjamin carried her competed figure out into the studio and placed her on her very own pedestal. She could glimpse her reflection, sometimes see all of herself, in the many mirrors around the large room as the platform begin to revolve ever so slowly.

He left momentarily and returned shortly with the mannequin that was Holly, placing her on the pedestal next to Janey's. "I think you two ladies should be displayed close to each other for now." said Benjamin in a fatherly way. "My two newest masterpieces…" Just then, Janey heard a doorbell.

A few minutes later she saw Benjamin come back into the studio accompanied by a very attractive young lady. She was tall, and thin, and had very lovely eyes; she had ‘the look.’ The girl walked right up to Janey's motionless, plasticized face and looked right into her blankly gazing eyes.

"Amazing." she whispered. "They all look so real; it's almost spooky! How DO you do it?"

"Come my dear, and I'll show you the molding room." said Benjamin.

It looks like I'm going to have another companion real soon, Janey thought as she stared at the new girl. When it happens to you, don't cry; it's not so bad after all…

To be continued: hopefully …

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