It Suits You

by Magnus

[this has taken a while to be posted, but for good luck you'll enjoy the result  Ed.]

Spring break! I canít believe were in Panama city! My friends Kim, Gina and I just had to escape, with midterms over the tension was just too much.
After we arrived we discovered a few problems.

In our haste to get out of dodge we forgot a few essentials.
Mainly swimsuits..

Luckly for us we saw a swimshop on our way into town.

"Oh wow," said Kim. "The shop is called "It Suits You, swimwear and more."

The four of us decided that was the place to to go, it had a catchy name and it also had a sale sign in the window..

"Wow this place is fabulous," said Julie as we entered...

I was impressed, the place was much bigger than the outside led you to believe.
It was divided into two sides, one piece and two piece; two to the left and one to the right.
Each side had several racks and on top of each rack was  a  shapely mannequin.
Headless, limbless, a torso, modeling swimwear...

"It looks like thereís quite a selection here," said Karen, as what looked to be the store's matron headed our way..

She was tall and blonde and looked to be in her thirties, she looked very elegant in a strange way; she didnít look like she belonged here to tell the truth.

"Hi, Iím Jill, welcome to It Suits You - can I interest you ladies in anything?"

"Yeah, my friend here," I said as I nudged Kim,Ē forgot to pack a swimsuit."

"One piece or two," she asked, pointing to either side of the store...

"Uhh, one, I would like a one," said Kim.

"Can I interest the rest of you in anything too?"

"No, weíre just going to look around."

"Ok, Kim is it?" "I have some new styles that just came in that I think would look wonderful on you, theyíre almost metallic, if you would like I can show them to you?"


"Follow me then." She headed toward the back of the shop, walking very quickly.  The shorter Kim had to almost run to keep up.

Jill led Kim away and we began browsing through the store, I went into the one piece section while Karen and Julie went into the bikini section.
I couldnít believe the selection she had here, I even found one of the suits  I had packed for this trip!

"Gina, come here!"

I looked and saw Kim in the back of the shop with Julie and Karen already there, Kim was in a suit that looked metallic in a way that did spectacular as well as specular things to her figure.

"Wow, your going to blind people with a suit like that," I said as I neared her.

"You like?" she said as she did a spin.

"Yeah, I said with a bit of envy." I could see the others liked the suit too.

It was faintly metallic and shiny and had a zipper in the front that went from the bustline down to her belly button; it was colored mostly light blue and went really well with her blonde hair...

Kim had left her pantyhose on, it reminded me of Nikkie one of 'barker's beauties' from the price is right. The suitís high-cut at the waist made her nylon wrapped legs look even longer...

The suit hugged every curve of her body, which made her look incredibly sexy.

"Doesnít she look fantastic," said Jill, redundantly. "I just got these suits in recently, they come in several colors and bikini style as well as one piece, the best part about them is itís body enhancement function, something I didnít mention to Kim, I wanted all of you to see how it works."

Kims eyeís went a little wide at the mentioning of the suits body enhancing abilities, I wanted to see this too; I just might have to get one..

Julie and Karen were as interested as I was...

"With this I can activate the micro circutry in the suit," Jill said showing us some kind of tv remote...

"What does that do?" asked Julie.

"What the remote does is comunicate with the micro circutry with pre-programmed functions, the circutry then infuses the subject, in this case Kim, with nano probes, enhancing the the desired body part or parts.." She sounded less like a salesperson then and more like some kind of science geek.

"Any body part?" asked Karen, focusing on the result and not the means.

"Yes I guess, Iíve only used this once on myself," Jill said, doing a little model's turn for us.  We could see right away what part she'd enhanced. "I guarantee youíll like itís effects, itís like plastic surgery without seeing a doctor."

"Iíd like to see thisĒ I said skeptically, but interested.

JIll then looked over at at Kim, who appeared to be nervous; I didnít blame her, she was going to be a guinea pig..

"Is there part of your body youíd like enhanced?"

Kim was turning red, we all could see what she wanted enhanced - who wouldnít, Breasts!

"My boobsĒ she said..

"Gee thatís a no brainer," said Julie..


I snickered, Karen jabbed Julie in the ribs, she deserved it...

"How large would you like them?"

"Uhh, bigger?" said Kim, still a bit nervous.

"I understand, and assure you thereís nothing to worry about, as you can see with me."
Jill hands Kim a picture, and Kim begins to look less worried, she then passed it to me.

I was impressed, I couldn't believe this was the same person as the vibrant young woman in front of us. The picture showed a woman who appeared to be in her late 50s maybe older, even. Her age was very apparant with her grey hair and weathered, lined look..

"I --  I canít believe this; you were old!" Karen blurted, then was embarassed.  Jill seemed not to notice.

"Would you believe Iím 58?"

"Not by looking at you now," said Julie.

"How, how does the suit do that, and how soon can I get one?" asked Karen.

"Yes I would like one too," said Julie.

"Do you have enough for all of us?" I asked. If this could do what I had seen on Jill then I decided I had to have one; just the thought of never growing old aroused me like never before. Even though I was still relatively young.

"Yes, there are enough for all of you, but first, donít you think youíd like to see the suit actually work?"

"Yeah," we all said.

"Alright, itís pretty simple really," Jill said as she aimed the tv remote type controller at Kim..

Pressing a series of buttons we watched in anticipation. We did not have long.

"Ohhh," "OOOH! !!"

"What, what?" we asked her..

Kim answered our question without even speaking as she started rubbing her breasts which seemed to be growing!

"Itís the suit," she said in a breathy voice, "Itís tingling."

"Yes Iíve felt that myself, and I can say that it was very pleasureable." Jill said with a knowing smile.

"You never answered our question: Where did you get these suits?"

"I have a son who is very talented in the field of bio mechanics and computers; he invented this kind of micro circutry in this fabric. It was originally intended to be used for medical purposes, but when he demonstrated it to me, well, you can see the results."

"How did you convince your son to let you make use of his invention?" asked Karen.

"It wasnít easy, but when the FDA wouldnít approve his technology for medical use even though it had a practical applications, he decided that it would be best if it was put away, and that no one should have it till someday when it could serve the purpose he intended." She apused for a moment and lowered her eyes. "Five years ago he died in a plane crash,  I obtained the patents for the fabric from his estate, but it took awhile for me to find someone who could develop it into what I wanted to use it for. Bathing suits. Itís only just now that Iíve been able to utillize the technology."

"If you sell this though, donít you think someone else will steal the idea and make their own?" I asked..

"Your right, but thatís a chance Iíll have to take. Believe me, it's not something anyone can cook up, even by taking one apart."

"You are going to become famous for sure, Jill!" Kim gasped, feeling her newly full bosoms.

"Iíve had some initial success so far, and I have taken one measure to protect my future."


"The remote stays here, It doesnít come with the suit. That way you're protected as well as my investment."

"What you mean is some one could change us after we bought the suit?"   asked Kim as she looked at he new breasts in one of the wall mirrors.

"No, the circutry doesnít hold up too well in salt water, besides you can always come back here for future enhancements.".

"Thatís it, whereís mine, how much are they?" asked Karen..

"Yeah, I want one as wellĒ added Julie.

"What about you, Gina?"

"Are you kidding?" I grinned like a teenager in a porn shop. "Iíll take one!"

"Iím selling them for five hundred dollars, cash; still want one?"

"You bet," said Kim still admiring herself in the mirror.

"Good; one pieces all around then?"

"No, Iíd like to try on a two piece," said Karen..

"What about colors," I asked, "do you have one in a darker shade of blue?"

"Colors can be a problem, the suits come in the natural color of the fabric which is silver. They react, I canít explain how they do, to you and create the color they will be; so you donít get to choose..

I didnít care, just being able to have a suit that can change you into what you want to be, I have to have this...  Immortality was mine.

"Well weíll just have to see then."

"IĒll go and get a few more, then you can go and change into them."

She left to go into the back, we all gathered around Kim who seemed to be mesmerised by her new breasts..

"How do they feel," asked Julie..

"They weigh a little more, but they feel, they feel very stimulating," she said as she unzipped the suit and took each of them out. They wer full and round without that inflated look of implants.

"They look perfect," said Karen..

"They are."

We turned to look and there was Jill with our suits, she handed  Karen her two piece, and Julie and me our ones..

"The dressing rooms are over there," she said pointing at the wall.

We thanked her and took off towards our dressing rooms. I could barely get the curtain closed, I was so excited about the suit's abilities. I undressed quickly, removing my skirt and top; dropping them on the floor. I wasnít wearing any underwear so like Kim I decided to leave my pantyhose on.

Pulling up the suit the fabric didnít feel like I expected, it was cottony to the touch. As the crotch of the suit came in contact with the gusset of my pantyhose I felt a little tingle, and when I placed my breasts inside the silvery fabric my excitement doubled, I couldnít wait to get augmented, my pussy got wet just at the thought. I became so aroused by the suit that I couldnít help but pet my pussy, but before I could orgasm there was a knock on the stall.

"Gina, come on, lets see how you look."

Aw, shit; have to do this later! "Yeah, Iíll be right out." Denied, but still aroused, I went out to join the others who where gathered around Jill looking at the controller she held that would change each of them forever...

"Iíve closed the shop, so that we can make the augmentation unditurbed, I donít sell these suits with lots of people in the store, and with buisiness picking up I canít spend much more time with you, so we need to hurry."

I got a closer look at the remote and saw that it looked to be no more than a universal remote..  I knew where to get them...

"If your ready we can begin, as youíve seen with Kim, the process happens some what slowly at first.".

"So if you tell me what you want we can begin."

"Iíd like some super breasts like Kims," said Julie..

"Iíll have the same and Iíd also like my butt a little firmer, you can also make my lips a little more pouty like Iíve had collegen injections?"

"Sure, and you Gina what would you like?"

"BoobsĒ thatís all I need," I said as I fondled the b cups I already had. "Oh, and how about trimming my waist about four inches?"

"Any preferences?"

"D," we all said at once..

 "Good," said Jill as she started pressing away on the controller...

Aroused as I was, I began to get even hotter. I could feel sweat form on my brow and breasts which tingled and swelled. My breasts, they began growing!
I could feel them stretching the fabric that was enhancing them. At the same time there was a tightness at my midsection as the suit cinched my waist tighter.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH!" !!!!!!!!!!!!

Orgasm flashed inside me and I shuddered, my breasts had stopped growing, I couldnít help but fondle them.. Now my tush seemed too small compared to the fronstside of me. "Hey, imagine the guys weíll get with these cans." I looked at the others; their bodies had already gone through most of the changes. Karenís ass looked alot firmer, and along with her new breasts and and lips she looked as if she could make it big in the porn industry..

Julie's breasts looked almost like mine and Kimís.. Kim? I glanced around and she was nowhere around. "Where did she go?  She was out here when I came out after changing - what happend to Kim?"

"Sheís in the back changing, Iíll show you," Jill said and once again took off.  Too bad we hadn't asked for longer legs!

We followed her into the store room, it was your typical storeroom with lots of boxes and crates about, save for the far side of the room, where I saw a work area over the boxes and some blonde hair.

As we entered the area I saw Kim standing infront of a 3-fold mirror looking at herself, like she hadnít been able to stop looking at herself since her breasts were augmented. She seemed to be transfixed by her new, bodacious, image as she posed there like a model.

There were other display mirrors on either side of Kim.  I felt a strange urge to stand in front of one and look at myself too. My breasts were so huge and my waist so tiny! I just had to see how I looked from the backside.

Julie and Karen said nothing and moved in front of theirs, too...

Strangely enough, without saying anything, I followed. At first I didn't recognize myself, almost. Looking at my new body in the mirror I could feel my arousal building again.  I put my hands on my hips and pivoted around, arching my back and showing off my new cleavage.  I wanted to reach down to pet myself, but stopped. This time, though, I felt something different.. Something already pressing on my clit. I moved my hand down into my crotch to feel it and felt nothing.. I just felt a pressure, steady and intrusive, like something wanted into my pussy. It wasn't a bad feeling, just kind of strange. I stroked myself a little more  hoping to feel another orgasm... I could still feel pressure on my pussy like something wanted in, inside me..  My eyes went wide with ecstasy.

I looked at the others in longing as they, too, were fondling their pussys with total abandon.  Then it happened. "OHHHHHHHHHH!" I gasped, My pussy suddenly felt full, very full, touching my clit and everywhere else at once; the orgasm that followed, wave after wave of it, was like nothing Iíve ever experienced before...or since. I still could see nothing in my crotch to suggest something was really inside me, but I could feel it.. God, did I feel it!

I could see Jill out of the corner of my eye, she was pressing more buttons like she was playing a video game, all the while smiling..

The others looked as if they were enjoying these unexpected effects of the suits as much as I was, then things got really weird.

I noticed that Kim stopped moving; actually I think she hadnít moved in awhile but I was preoccupied. What's more, something looked strange about her, fake even. Her fine new body had taken on almost a plastic sheen, at first I thought it was sweat, but then sweat doesnít look that satiny... Soft and shiny; with her slickly pantyhosed legs it was even harder to tell how light her skin was becoming, almost like that on the mannequins out in the store... She didn't seem to have a mark on her; even the freckles were fading as I watched.  She continued to gaze at the mirror with a blank, glassy, unblinking stare.

Holy shit! Kimís becoming a mannequin! that means, weíre becoming mannequins too!  I tried as hard as I could to move and found I couldnít; I'd been so preoccupied by looking at her I'd forgotten about my own image in the mirror, which was becoming more and more fake by the minute, surreal even..  I could see my fingernails were blending into my hands and taking on the same even, painted, color as the rest of my skin. Oh god, no!

"What, what are you doing to us," I gasped weakly, "How come --  I -- canít -- move ---?"

I could see Jill behind me in the mirror, approached my locked-in-place figure, smiling broadly. "You can still talk, amazing, I havenít seen many who could. For most the sexual tension is too great, like your friend Kim here. Look at her, completely inner-directed, her skin tone is getting softer and softer; see how her skin shines so faintly." Jill snapped her fingers in front of Kim's vacant eyes and got no reaction whatsoever. "Sheíll make a lovely mannequin."

"So itís -- true, you're making -- us into -- mannequins, -- why ---?"

Jill held up the controller in front of me, pressed another button and I felt the pleasure in my pussy growing to where I could hardly think of anything else; it was consuming me. Jill continued, "That should be obvious; I needed forms to display my swimwear on and a friend of mine -- not my son -- had just what I needed.  You're experiencing it right now as your body is changing for the better. Outside in the store in the end result...  Perfect swimwear mannequins!"

Concentrate, resist! I told myself, but my pussy would not listen to mere thoughts when unbelievable ecstasy had the last word.  I struggled to stay conscious, focusing on Jill's words.

"I thank Joyce everyday for sending me these magic nano-suits along with a few of the dolphin's cheerleaders to try them out..." She gazed into my eyes, checking to see if I could blink anymore; I was frozen in bliss. "Do you feel the pressure, Gina? The pressure of the control phallus as it wants to get into your pussy?" She reached down and added her own stroking to that of the suit.  "So smooth and firm; I love it when women wear pantyhose in here, cause they never take them off once they put the suit on and get especially teased when the process starts."

No, please, no! I begged her, but she could not hear my thoughts.

"Soon enough, though, it rips right through the gusset and begins its total conversion of flesh to plastic. Flawless! I canít believe how excited I get when I think about it."

"W-h--y-----?" I said again, weakly as fireworks exploded inside my mind.  I could see my skin becoming smooth and hard like Kim's already was.

"You still there? I am impressed. Cause, Gina, I needed more forms to display suits on, as well as ones to sell. You must know the swimwear business isnít good all year round. There's an off season and the bills don't stop then.  Enough of this; you need to let yourself go. Maybe this will help..." She hit another combination of buttons on the remote. Just then I could feel a tightening in my pussy, more like a cramp, the muscles of my pussy were locking down on the phallic controller, tightening, tightening, pushing...

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAWWWWEEEE!" !!!!!!!!  There was no thought other than perpetual pure pleasure for me.

Somehow Jill could sense that I'd succumbed to the controller. "There, there, you're coming along nicely, now like your stiff friends here..."

With some shred of awareness, I saw her go behind the motionless, plasticized, Kim and remove her hair like a wig, leaving her totally bald...


Kimís transformation was nearing completion it seemed; her body looked hard, yet she had no seams on her like store mannequins do. Then I remembered the ones out in the show room, half-figure forms perched at each row of swimsuit racks...  Smooth, featureless, and very hard, just like us. The realization jogged me back from the throes of orgasmic waterfalls crashing over my being.

"AHHHHHH   AHHHHHHH --  OHHHH  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" I could feel my heart rate increase, weíre going to be torsoís!!!
Desperately I tried to move again, even a little bit, but my body had stiffened completely. My skin was plastic; my eyes were glass; my hair had become a fall of acrylic fibers. I could only see what the mirrors showed me.

Jill removed Julieís hair then Karen's.. They looked as artificial as I did: We're all mannequins!!!!

Tightness and numbness continued to spread through me, I could feel every pore constrict within me... leaving my sexy body as solid as a rock.

Jill never bothered to pose us, cause as it turned out, we didnít need posing... Or so I thought. I then felt Jill moving behind me, could see her shadow by my eyes locked on the center mirror, my skin had taken on a pale glossy sheen some time ago. I felt a whoosh of cool air on my head as I saw Jill remove my own hair, it looked just like a wig as she showed it to me one last time. "I do pretty good with wigs too, ever wonder what kind Dolly Parton uses?" I could see I was now just as fake as the others.

Kim was getting even fakier, if that was possible. I wondered what thoughts could be going on inside her head as her lower legs without warning began to melt into herself. Har arms, too, started to wither and collapse.  Out of the corner of one eye I could see Julie also seem to almost deflate as she dwindled.


The others, too, were shrinking!!!  I could not really see Karen.  Am I???

 I couldn't see if Jill was getting taller and the others as well as I were getting shorter.

Nooooooooooooo please !!!!!!!! Not me!!!!!!

 I tried hard to think of someting else, but couldnít close my eyes as the bizarre transformation claimed me and my friends.

Kim has stopped shriking and I saw that her arms had completely receded into her shoulders. Her head was next; I saw her face melt into itself and become a smooth oval with barely a hint of a nose and browline to define the abstract smoothness.

Jill came up behind me while I was watching Kim's comsumption and repositioned my arms akimbo, one aiming up over my head and one out away.  It was like I was not plastic at all, but soft rubber or wax.  Once she let go, I locked back into place and could not budge again. The transition was so rapid that I almost thought I'd imagined it. Then the implication hit me, and time seemed to whirlpool on me.

MY God!!!  I'm not going to be shrunk down to a torso form???

Jill had already repositioned the others the way she wanted them, and now was behind me again. "Are you enjoying this sweetie?" She kissed my hard lips. "It gets better, trust me."

I couldnít believe this woman was taunting me after all sheís done, but then I knew my body had not lost all feeling as thrill passed through my stiffened body as she changed my pose once again.

UHHHHHHHH!!!  The pleasure flooded over me anew, with just the slightest brush of her fingers.  There was a flash in my eyes!! My vision blurred for a second and then returned as my head was turned towards the light.  Away from the mirror, I could barely see that Kims head was almost fully receded into her neck as she rested on the carpet...

Jill walked up behind her and picked her up. Kim seemed to have lost a lot of weight, too but her breasts had not shrunk in the least. "There, I think you're done, did you enjoy your 'enhancements'?"  Jill stroked Kim's smooth shape and I knew what she must have been feeling. "Just remember youíll always feel this good as long as youíre like this." She set the torso that was once Kim down on a pedestal, then unzipped Kim's suit. "You wonít be needing this suit anymore, cutie." As her breasts became exposed I saw Kim nolonger had any nipples, and as the suit was finally removed I could see through what was left of the crotch of her pantyhose that her pussy was gone too. Jill removed the last of Kimís pantyhose, put her back on the pedestal, and began rubbing her down with a cloth, which seemed to make her slick surface even shinier. "There there now, itís all good; it's all very good, isn't it my lovely."

Jill then took another, normal,  suit off a hanger and began to dress her torso. Again I saw her smooth naked sex as she was turned our way again. Having finished with Kim she placed her on a cart, she then moved onto Karen who was wearing a two piece.  She, too, had been left as a standing figure from what I could tell from Jill's taunts about her enhanced ass and pouty lips.  I caught just a glimpse as she was carried past my fixed eyes toward the front of the store. To my amazement, she was wearing my hair!  I'd never have figured she'd look good in raven locks but it contrasted well with her light plastic skin and the tight PVC bikini she had been fitted with.

I watched in horror as once again she stripped one of my friend's torsos, buffed her up, and put another suit on her and placed on the cart. After finishing off Julie, then she came for me..

"Ready Gina?" She said as she picked me up.  I didn't seem to weigh anything either; I guess plastic mannequins are hollow and so my body was empty inside.  At least I was still on my feet and had legs!  Jill set me down in the other front window and rotated me to face the street.  "You know," she whispered, taunting me, "Once the suit is off you canít be changed back. Youíll be stuck like this forever, or until someone puts another nano-suit on you and changes you back, which I doubt will happen, especially if I decide to sell you.  Mannequins all look alike anyway, you know?"

It was true we look just like the torsos out on the floor how will any of us tell who is where.. I felt the suit being taken from me and coldness as the air touched my new skin.. Jill then buffed me down with a cloth, it felt soooooooo good, especially when she buffed where my pussy used to be.. I couldnít believe how sensitive I was, even my breasts felt even more sensitive, and without nipples!!  Jill put a green one piece on me and placed me on the cart with the others..

Out into the store we went, Jill placing some of us on top of empty racks of swimwear.

I was the last one as Jill picked me up from behind, I could feel her fingers on my smooth sex as she gave me a gentle rub. She then set me in the front window next to Karen.  By looking at the reflection in the glass, I could see where the others were and would watch them..

From time to time we would be changed into new styles of swimwear, and others would enter the store on those special slow days, and come out of the storeroom as torsos or full  mannequins...  Many of those vanished quickly; sold to other stores, I suppose...

I began to lose track of time and wondered how Jill stayed so young, till one day.. She came and took me into the back of the shop and placed an adaptor into what used to be my pussy. I saw that the wires led to a helmet; Jill put that on her head and pressed some buttons and throw some switches..

"Now even if I put the suit back on you, youíll never go back," she said as I could feel energy being sucked from stiff, rigid, permanently frozen body.


The End

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