"I Dream of Jeanniequin"

by Robotdoll


Major Anthony Nelson woke with the sun in his eyes as it broke through his bedroom window. Unconsciously, he realized that meant it was well after 9 AM, since the sun doesn't reach that point till later in the day. He was tireder that he thought he was, apparently. "Well, we did have a lot of fun last night..." he thought to himself, and looked over to his right.

Next to him in the bed was a series of shapely lumps covered in a satin sheet. He rolled to face it and stroked a hand over the one down at the level of his hip. The lump purred softly and shifted slightly. He tugged back the sheet and revealed a sleepy face topped with long blonde hair done into a topknot ponytail. He kissed the nose, and it inhaled deeply as the beautiful woman it was connected to woke up.

"Good morning, Jeannie." he whispered. His wife stretched and sat up. The satin sheet flowed away, revealing her ample chest. A sheer silk robe tenuously covered her breasts, showing a lace trimmed V of smooth flesh from her shoulders to just below her bellybutton. He reached up and caressed a breast as she arched her back and yawned.

"MMMMMmmmmm....Good morning, Master." After all these years, she still called him master. He had to admit, it was still a rush. "Happy Anniversary. Was last night fun for you?"

"Yes, it was." He smiled gently. "I'm glad you talked me into it. I'd never seen Hong Kong."

"I'm glad." She pulled aside his sheet and laid herself across his bare chest. "Are you still happy after all this time, darling?"

"Oh, yes, absolutely..." Tony nodded quickly, but at the end of the statement, he sighed thoughtfully and paused. "Yeah, I'm happy."

Jeannie, not quite the innocent she appeared to be, caught the hesitation. "Is there something wrong, Master? Can I do something for you?"

Tony shook his head, trying to clear his mind and change the subject. "No, no, I'm being silly...it's nothing." He made a move to kiss Jeannie, but she pulled up and looked at him with a playful malevolence.

"Do not try to hide anything from me, Master... Do you not remember the torture of a thousand feathers?"

Tony did, and started giggling nervously at the memory. "No, No! Not that, I'll tell you. But, it's just so...well, odd..."

"Master, you are married to a two-thousand year old genie, I do not think it can be all that odd."

He laughed again and relented. "Yeah, you're right. C'mere." She snuggled in next to him. "Do you remember when we got married?"

She hugged him rapturously and exclaimed "Of course, Master, I will not forget that day ever!"

Tony tried to catch his breath and continued, "I know, I know, dumb question... Anyway, do you remember how you had to make that mannequin look like you so you could be photographed for the ceremony?" Jeannie nodded, a look of curiosity crossing her face. "Well...I was too nervous to think about anything but not fainting at the time, but afterwards...when I watched the film...I gotta admit...it turned me on."

Jeannie's expression said it all; yes, it WAS odd... "Really? That is so funny, Master!"

"I told you it was silly." He had absentmindedly lowered his hand down to his crotch, and as he continued, he began massaging his shorts. "But the look of it as it walked up the aisle...the blank face...the stiffness of the hand As I held it...I've watched those films a few times over the years, I have to admit."

Jeannie had never thought of it before. But as she listened to her husband express this secret fantasy, and watched him get aroused at the mention of it, she began to get swept up in the excitement. She leaned in close to his ear and whispered breathily..."Say it..."

He swallowed, gulped and said, I wish I could see it again."

Jeannie sat up like a flash and crossed her arms. "Master, your wish is my command." She blinked her eyes tightly and vanished, leaving just a trace of perfume and a soft pop as the air rushed in to fill the vacuum from her departure.

Tony got out of bed and looked around. He slipped on a silk kimono robe she had given him last night, leaving it open in the front. the semi-stiffness of his cock rubbed against the fabric of his shorts as he walked, somewhat distracting him from the search for his wife. He left the bedroom, looking around to find her. He felt sort of embarassed at having talked about this, yet a little excited at the idea that she might...nah.

"Jeannie? Come on, I was only kidding, you don't have to do..."

He was struck dumb as he made the turn into the living room. Jeannie was standing there, wearing her wedding gown. She looked lovely, as perfect as she had the day they were wed. She had a joyous expression on her face; nervousness, excitement, anticipation, all rolled into one. "Am I still beautiful, master?"

Tony couldn't move. "You're gorgeous, Jeannie. I'm sorry it took me so long to ask you to marry me."

Jeannie's smile squeezed a tear from her eye as she stood there. "Oh, master..." She sniffed back the sob and composed herself. "And now..." She blinked again, and nothing seemed to happen. She just stood there, a blank expression on her face.

Tony wasn't sure what he was waiting for. He looked at her, the smooth skin, the still face, the glassy eyes..."my god," he realized. "She's done it." The shock as the penny dropped was almost too much for him to stand. His mouth went dry, and he could actually feel blood coursing to his hips, swelling his member.

In a nearby drinking glass, a little tiny Jeannie popped into existence and watched the look on her master's face. The almost boylike joy that eventually crossed it made her tear up again. She waited for him to speak.

It took several tries. "C..cc..come here, Jeannie." Jeannie stifled a giggle with one hand and raised her other with two fingers pointing downward. She slowly pumped the fingers in a "let your fingers do the walking" motion. The dummy jittered slightly. Its face gave a stiff smile as the head began looking back and forth in a slow, ticking motion. Tony's breath came in short rasps as the plastic lovely began to walk toward him. The legs could not be seen from under the long fabric, but he could see her boddy totter as one foot raised, hen lurch forward as the leg pistoned forward. The soft pony tail bounced with every step, the head kept ticking back and forth, smiling at a nonexistent room of admirers. Tony fell back into a couch and began masturbating through his drawers, stroking his stiff cock in a sleeve of cotton.

Jeannie was taken by the reaction. She could feel her own crotch begin to warm and moisten. What an amazing sensation! She guided the doll toward her master, slowly, stiffly, and watched the play unfold.

Tony got ahold of himself (so to speak) and stood up to watch the dummy come toward him. He said "stop" and Jeannie stopped the doll's advance. He walked behind it, and caressed it from behind. He wrapped his arms around the tummy; it felt soft, with a firmness underneath, like it was still plastic but had been padded to seem more real. He buried his face in its neck and kissed its neck. Jeannie watched the whole scene, becoming more aroused by the moment. Her other hand drifted to her hips, and she gently cupped her moist vagina in her fingers. The doll stood still, only the head clocklike precision continuing. Tony licked the neck-it has a sweet taste, like sugar. He reached up and squeezed the breasts. His fingers sank into the puffy material of the bridal gown, and into the firm padded bust. He moaned softly. Jeannie moaned loudly, but she was so small she couldn't be heard. Her other hand flew to her breast, pushing away the silk robe and fingering her hard nipple.

The dummy reacted strangely. As if still connected to Jeannie's hands like a puppet by string, its hand racheted slowly to its body, one to the breast and one to the crotch. It covered Tony's hand with hers and began squeezing spastically, grip, release, grip, release. It made the same motion at the legs, but the yards of lace and crinoline blocked its way. There was a rhythmic rustling of petticoating as the hand automatically massaged its unreachable sex. Jeannie watched this reaction with incredible arousal. It was too much for her; she came furiously, with a high moan, and collapsed in a soft heap in the bottom of the glass, spent.

The dummy, now undirected, fell limp. Its body tilted forward a few degrees, the arms went limp, and the stiff smile drooped to a slack jawed stare. Tony felt the body droop, and after a moment, he was flooded with the memory of a similar event on his wedding day. The realization made his cock spasm, and he squeezed the dummy's chest, muffling a long moan in its neck and hair. He pulled away, and the pretty mannequin stood there, canted forward, swaying slightly as he backed away. He didn't know what to do. He figured everything was okay, so he carried on.

"Pretty doll, my lovely toy..." he was babbling and he didn't care. Years of secret dreaming and fatasizing had come true in a torrent, and he couldn't control himself. He bagan to claw at the zipper of his wife's wedding dress. Catching himself, he slowed down. He was going to do this, and he was going to do it right. He pulled down the zipper and pulled the back of the dress open. He was expecting to see a lace bra or something, but he was surprised to see red cloth, trimmed in gold. Tony smiled..."she's wearing her old outfit..." he thought, and that just sent his arousal higher. He pulled the dress forward, over the shoulders and arms, exposing...yes, the red and pink harem costume she had worn for the longest time. The doll's arms hung forward as he slipped off the gown.

Meanwhile, Jeannie recovered from her rapture. She pulled herself up to the rim of the glass and watched Tony. He was peeling the dress from the dummy. "He found my surprise" she whispered. She raised her hand to wake up her puppet, but stopped. "He's having so much fun, I think I'll just watch."

It was an amazing experience. She was basically watching her husband and master undress her. It was an incredibly sensual experience. She began to massage herself as she watched what was basically an example of self-voyeurism. Tony caressed the dummy cautiously, for fear that it would topple over, shattering both itself and his dreams. He removed the gown and laid it aside. The dummy stood lifeless, clad in sheer pink harem pants and halter, covered by a red velvet vest. She couldn't stop it; she was actually aroused by the site of herself. She watched her master lick his lips and stare at the off-balance puppet. She raised her hand and brought it under her control again. The dummy straightened up stiffly, it smiled and looked at Tony. He smiled.

"Dance for me, Jeannie."

He was talking to the dummy, but he was commanding her. Standing in the glass, her hips began to sway, her hands floating to her sides in the first moves of an erotic belly dance. The dummy followed as best as it could, the dance reduced to a strobe-lit kinescope of itself. Mechanically, the doll swayed to and fro, the hips popping through the points of an unseen compass. Tony was overcome with excitement. He continued to stroke himself, and a small stain bloomed on his shorts. Finally he said "Stop." Jeannie was lost in her dance, and didn't hear her master right away. He didn't really seem to mind. He said again, "freeze." and this time Jeannie heard. She did so, growing as still as the doll. They both froze dead in mid move, the doll swaying slightly to a halt. Tony walked back towards it and gently lifted its arms up, straightening them out in front, like a plastic sleepwalker. Jeannie felt strange...she found her arms lifting as well. They hung stiffly in front of her, fingers pointed forward. It was a thrilling feeling of helplessness. She let her mind go blank, like a...

"Walk to the bedroom."

The sensation only lasted a second, and Jeannie shook herself to wakefulness. She guided the dummy around the corner to the bedroom, and just as it passed out sight, she blinked herself ahead of them to the bedroom. She reappeared there, hiding in a pencil holder on the desk. She watched...herself...toddle into the room. Like a mechanical sleepwalker, the mannequin entered the room, eyes blank, arms stiff. The breasts jiggled with every step. Tony raced around the doll, watching her move from every angle. Finally he stopped it and placing his hands at its...her hips, spun the soft body around, back to their bed. Jeannie watched again, leaning against the rim of the pencil case. She leaned on one arm, while the other snaked down to play with herself again. "Undress me, Master..." she whispered into the air.

This was apparently his plan. He lowered its arms, pushed tham back so the back arched and the soft breasts thrust forwards, and slipped the vest off the doll's shoulders. The dummy's head tilted back, glassy eyes looking up into her master's face. Tony looked down. He held the head in both hands, paused, and kissed the doll lovingly. Jeannie rubbed herself furiously, kissing the air passionately. "Oh yes, master, my darling, kiss me..." She came again, her fingers wet with her juice. She thrust a wet digit into her mouth, licking off the tasty syrup. She was awash in her excitement, and lost interest in controlling the doll. already leaning backward, it fell limp, staring at the ceiling.

Tony found this an acceptable pose, and after the vest fell to the floor, he caressed the silk halter and the firm breasts underneath. He pulled the halter down, exposing the breasts. They were firm and round., as if an invisible bra held them into tight globes. Tony stared rapt at the breasts. The nipples were hard and tight, but the nipples were the same fleshtone as the breasts. They're not real, they're just plastic he realized, but he didn't care...he leaned down and sucked hard on one. It was firm in his mouth, and he gummed at it, enjoying the way it squished and flattened under the pressure of his teeth. A hand stroked the soft tummy, playing down to the crotch. He played with the soft gossamer of the harem pants, groping for the crotch. When he reached it, he squeezed tightly, groping its soft mound. But something felt different, and Tony pulled back to take a look. He pulled aside the folds of the pants and saw...smooth flesh. The dummy had no pussy, just a smooth flat area. Jeannie watched with almost breathless attention as Tony's face went almost wild with desire. He grabbed the thighs with both hands and buried his face in the dummy's smooth crotch. This was too much for the doll's balance; the pair toppled backward onto the bed. Tony kept lapping and nibbling at the doll, trying to climb up onto the bed, pushing the lifeless beauty up to the head of the bed. This was too much for Jeannie; she twitched in a massive orgasm, and she moaned softly. "Fuck me Master...fuck your doll..." Her eyes squeezed shut as she came...and went. She simply vanished from the spot.

Several things happened at once. Jeannie realized she was flat on her back on the bed, and the most magNIFicent sensations were coming from her crotch. She tried to look around, and realized she had a hard time doing it she could only turn her head a few degrees at a time, and her muscles felt tight, sort of firm...

Meanwhile, Tony's tongue suddenly sank into something soft and wet. His face and nose slipped in, and he pulled back gasping. The dummy now had a pussy, a soaking wet pussy that was getting the wispy fabric of the pants sopping wet. He shoved a finger in, and smiled as the doll's hips twitched and bucked. He looked up and saw the doll's head rocking back and forth. It looked a little different now, more...lively. He stood up, crawling onto the soft body.

Tony was climbing up on top of her. He looked so sexy, so aroused...she reached up to him. Or tried. Her arms were stiff, and they bounced up to reach up to him. She tried to form the words...

"Mast-ter." the doll said. Tony couldn't control himself. It reached up for him. "Fuck...me...mas-ter." Jeannie could barely move, but she wanted Tony insode her. Tony wanted to take this doll and...

They both realized what had happened. Jeannie had accientally blinked herself *into* the dummy. But neither seemed to be upset about this. He smiled, and slipped into her with a thrust and a groan. Jeannie felt him enter her plastic pussy, but couldn't respond. the way she wanted to. She wanted to throw her head back and proclaim her ecstasy in screams of delight. But her stiff doll body limited her to a series of stuttering moans, spastically pumping hips and a soft "yes...mas-ter..."

Tony slid in and out of her feverishly. He watched her eyes sparkle even as her face stayed blank, staring at the ceiling. Her breasts stayed firm and round like a sex doll's, they didn't flatten or jitter as he pumped her. Finally, he pulled out, stroking his wet cock. "Get on all fours."

Jeannie began to obey before she thought of it. She also couldn't stop herself, even if she wanted to. "Yes mas-ter. I o-bey"

"My god, I'm helpless" she thought to herself. After years of him being her master, she truly was his slave. She was a puppet under his control, and it felt...wonderful. She posed herself on all fours, staring straight ahead. Her legs were wide open, her wet pussy open and ready for him. Tony licked at her, mashing his face into the wet patch. She stared ahead, falling even more into this doll-like spell. "My master is pleased by me. I must bring him pleasure." She hiked her hips forward and backward, pumping at her master's face. "I am a dum-my." she spoke emotionlessly. "I ex-ist to please my mas-ter." Tony dropped to the bed, rolling over so he was looking up at Jeannie's wet pussy and tummy. He shimmied up under her as she continued to pump her hips. He reached up and squeezed at the firm tits, he suckled at the nipples, and slid up to meet her face.

"Look at me, Jeannie." She drooped her head down to look at him. Her eyes were still glassy, but there was a fire behind them now, a mind. The faint smile was a bit wider, the cheeks a bit more flushed. He reached up, pulled her down onto him, and kissed her. Her firm breasts pressed aainst his chest, and her lips slowly ticked into a tight pucker to kiss him back. He maneuvered his hips, and with a push against her bottom, slid himself into her her again. She felt the sensation of entry and slowly sat up, thrusting him deeply inside her plastic sex. He pumped smoothly, a counterpoint to her mechanical twitching. She reached up to her breasts and began squeezing them in time to her master's thrusts.

Soon it was too much to bear. The sight, the feel, everything clicked, and Tony came with a fury and an arched back that almost lifted Jeannie off the bed. Jeannie felt the pleasure, but her plastic body didn't reply in kind; she just kept squeezing and pumping, like a mechanical toy built to perform only one very sexy series of actions. "Oh, Jeannie, that was wonderful." gasped Tony in between pants. For a while he enjoyed the thrill of Jeannie's rhythmic stroking against his over-sensitive post orgasmic cock. Soon he told her, "Thank you honey...you can change back now."

Jeannie was no longer sure if she didn't want to change back. The stiffness of her body had gotten her so aroused she couldn't stop herself. Sex dolls have sex...that's all there is to it, she thought to herself. She pulled off her master's cock, shimmied down and took it into her mouth. In and out slid the slick member, sending jolts of ecstasy through Tony. He couln't take it..."Oh Jeannie, that's enough...oh god...FREEZE!"

Again, Jeannie obeyed. Her face was mashed into Tony's pubic hair, his whole cock in her mouth and throat. After a second to collect himself, Tony pushed her back into a sitting position. She sat on her heels, her mouth open in a cock-sucking "o", cum and saliva covering the lips. Her eyes were glassy and wide open, staring at him. "Jeannie, I command you to be normal again." There was a pause, and Jeannie's head ticked forward. No response. It ticked forward again. Finally, she spoke.

"Can...not." The slimy cum strung across her mouth. "Can...not...blink." Her eyes were still baby-doll wide, and had not twitched a bit. She kept nodding forward, but to no avail. He sat up to reach her. He brought his hands up to her face, feeling the cool plastic of her still-flushed cheeks. He brought his fingers to her eyes, and gently squeezed them shut. He squeezed them them gently into a squint, and like the shutter of a camera, the lids blinked quickly.

"WHAAAAAAYYYYYYAAAAAA!!!!!" Jeannie catapulted forward, her legs spasming with the fury of a series of trapped orgasms. Tony bowled back over as she smothered him with kisses. The two took a long time to untangle themselves from each other. Jeannie lay there panting and giggling. "Oh, master, that was WONderful!"

Tony agreed. He lay one arm over his wife's heaving tummy, now slick with sweat, and cuddled her. "I agree. Happy anniversary."

"Oh, yes, master. Are you happy now?"

Tony got a playful "well it worked once" look. "Well, now that you mention it...remember that time you took those sleeping pills and were knocked out wearing that skin tight gold spacesuit? I was...ey, jeannie, I was kidding! C'mon, uncross those arms... JEEEAAAANNNNNIEEEEEAAAAAA!!!!!"


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