Joni - The Mannequin

by Knightwolf

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Mon Sep 3 17:02:02 2001

First, let me tell you about myself. My name is Joni (pronounced Johnny). I just turned 19 but look like I'm only 15 or 16. I'm a Sophomore at a college in Texas. I'm very small - 5'1", 95 pounds. I have long brown hair - down to my ass. My tits are small and firm, about the size of Georgia peaches. My pussy is shaved as smooth as the day I was born.

I lost my virginity when I was 12 and have been sexually active ever since. I love sex and have tried - and mostly enjoyed - almost everything I can imagine (which is a lot)! My biggest turn on though is exhibitionism and fulfilling wild dares. I don't even own a bra and rarely ever wear panties. I love to flash people
— and I love to be dared to do outrageous things. Although I haven't completed every dare given to me, it's only been because of things outside of my control.

Recently I had one of the most outrageous dares yet.

Hope you enjoy it.

I had a friend who was the junior manager of a teen clothing store at a local mall. He often had to dress the mannequins in all kinds of outrageous outfits. This store used some of those realistic mannequins. They had faces with real expressions and movable arms. They even had pink nipples and a small mound on their crotch. They usually dressed the mannequins either just before closing or just before opening.

Well, Bob had turned in his resignation 2 weeks before and on his last night he wanted to go out with a bang. It was the slow season so he knew he would be closing the store all alone. He dared me to be a mannequin for the evening! It sounded cool so I agreed.

The mall closed at 9:00 so I got there about 6:30. He had already moved a mannequin so there was a spot for me in the front window. He took me to the back and gave me a store outfit - a tight T shirt and a micro mini, with casual sandals. Nothing else - no bra and no panties. Then he picked me up by the waist and carried me to my spot. He's pretty strong so he didn't have much trouble.

He had told me that I had to stay completely still, no matter what he did to me. He stood me up and then turned me toward the other mannequin. Then he lifted one foot up and put it on a block in front of me. This raised the skirt up to my hips. I'm sure anyone low enough to look up would see my bare pussy.
He then raised both arms and put them behind my head, forcing my tits up against my shirt. The shirt was white and almost sheer. In this position you could see my nipples easily.

He left me like this and went about helping customers.

It wasn't long before he came back and lowered my arms. He obviously knew I couldn't stay still like that for long. Then he proceeded to undress the mannequin next to me. He took off her top and dropped her skirt just as a group of girls came in to shop. He left the now bare mannequin and went to help his customers - a group of high school girls who had been looking in the window a few minutes before.

One of the girls said she wanted to try on the skirt like the mannequin was wearing - and pointed to me! Bob casually asked her what size and then went to get it. He then calmly announced that the only one left in that size was on the mannequin, but assured the girl that it would only take a moment to remove it for her!

And she agreed.

He came up behind me, lowered my leg, undid the clasp, and let the skirt drop around my ankles. He lifted one ankle out of the skirt and set it down way off to one side. He then lifted the other ankle and did the same, removing the skirt. I was now standing in nothing but a short t shirt with my legs spread wide apart in the front window of a clothing store of a mall!

The girls started giggling about how realistic the dummies were. Bob agreed, noting it almost made dressing rooms unnecessary. The girls giggled some more and went back to try it on. Bob left me standing like that!

The girls finished looking and bought the dress. As they left they stopped in front of my window. They kept staring at my pussy, even kneeling down to look up at my lips. I did my best not to breathe. Behind them some boys stopped to stare as well. Slowly the girls moved on. The boys got embarrassed and left as well. But guys sure did walk by slowly when they saw me!

A few moments later Bob returned to dress me — but first he took off my T shirt. Now I was nude in front of the window. And he left again, whispering that he had forgotten the clothes at the counter. I stood there for almost 5 minutes, nude, legs spread wide, arms to the side. I was so excited that I could feel my juices starting to trickle down my leg.

He returned with two outfits, one for me and one for the other mannequin, who was also nude. He gently pulled me back and bent me at the waist. I stayed as stiff as I could since a group of junior high boys were watching. He sat me down with my legs still pulled wide apart, then he pulled my arms behind me so that I was leaning back on them. He then moved to dress the other mannequin.

This was even more revealing. I was more comfortable, but completely exposed. I was sitting with my legs wide open, my pussy lips open and dripping in excitement, and my tits jutting out in front. And 5 teenage boys were staring hungrily at my pussy! Others would pass and stare, but these boys wouldn't move.

After Bob finished dressing the first mannequin and was about to start on me another couple came in. They were complaining about the mannequins. It's obscene to leave them sitting in the open like that, they said. They must of talked about me for 10 minutes. Bob loved every minute of it. Meanwhile a group of girls had joined the boys. They were all obviously talking about me and kept pointing at my pussy and eyes. I did my best not to blink.

It was 8:40 when the two prudes left. I had been bottomless for an hour and nude for over half an hour. Bob came over to dress me. He put my arms in the sleeves of a white button up shirt. Then he stood me up and bent me all the way over! Now I was fairly well covered in front, since no one could see anything but the small of my back. However, anyone who came into the store would get quite an eyeful. My legs were spread wide and I was bottomless. From behind me you could see my open asshole, my spread pussy lips, and my tits hanging between my legs.

The kids of course came right in! And Bob stopped immediately to help them.

They all came right over to me. Said they just wanted to watch Bob dress me. A couple of the girls even made up a story of wanting to work in the shop when they were older.

Bob mentioned how anatomically correct these new mannequins were and how embarrassing it was to have to work with them. All the kids agreed. It was almost closing time and no one was in front so Bob pushed it a little further. They even have little assholes, he said. And with that he stepped behind me and pushed his finger in my ass! I almost gasped, but bottled it up just in time.

The kids were amazed.

One of the boys asked about my pussy. And then a girl hit him. But Bob assured them that was realistic too. He reached between my leg and slid is hand through my pussy lips. I bit my lip to keep from cumming.

He had wiped most of the juices off so he turned to the boy and asked him if he wanted to feel it. He almost tripped trying to get to me. He slid his finger up and down my slit while I did my best not to squirm.

"It's wet," he said.

"Sure it is," replied Bob. "They lubricate these new mannequins with gel so that the rubber doesn't dry out during shipment. I've got to squirt lubricant in there every evening or it gets really brittle."

I almost burst out laughing.

"Here, stick your finger in there," Bob told the boy.

Immediately I felt his finger slide into my pussy. God, I was so close to cumming.

"Anyone else want to feel?"

"Sure," replied each of the boys.

One by one they each slid their fingers in my pussy and rubbed their hand over my clit. I was almost shaking from excitement. Even the girls took a feel. It was 9:15 and they all suddenly realized that their parents would be looking for them. They ran out — a couple of the boys smelling their fingers as they went.

As soon as they were out of sight, Bob stepped behind me and shoved his cock into my sopping pussy. I exploded right there, screaming for Bob to fuck me harder. I must have cum for 5 minutes before looking up. In front of me was the whole group of kids. They had heard me and come back. I was on my knees with Bob's cock pounding into my pussy. When he saw them he pulled out and sprayed cum all over my back and hair - even hitting the window in front of us. The kids stood their with their mouths open and then turned and ran away.

Quickly Bob got up, locked the gate to the store and told me we had to leave.

He was afraid the kids would tell their parents and he'd be arrested. He was quitting so he didn't clean up or even count the money. We just locked the gate and ran out the back of the store. He didn't even give me my clothes. I ran into the parking lot and out to his car wearing an unbuttoned white shirt plastered with cum!

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