Julie's Gifts

by ArcylMan

Disclaimer: If you shouldn’t be reading this … Don’t!

Author’s Note: This story contains lots of things that should not happen in the real world but that are real fun to read about.  I’ve included most of my favorite fetishes, such as: mind-control, latex, lycra, exhibitionism, total enclosure, and ASFR themes.  I hope you enjoy.

She had always been fat.  Even in grade school the other kids teased her about being a "roly-poly".  She was over two hundred pounds when something clicked and she said to herself no more.  The next day she signed up for a weight loss program and started exercising regularly.  It took almost a year and a half but several months ago she had reached her goal of 130 pounds and she has been able to maintain it ever since.  At least five days a week she does her aerobics but always at home for she is terminally shy.  She can't imagine parading herself around in the skintight leotards and tights that everyone wears when working out at health clubs.  Even at home she wears baggy sweats to do her exercise to her collection of Richard Simmons videos.  Her only full sized mirror is on the back of her bedroom door and always faces the wall.  She still thinks of herself as fat and doesn't want to look at her body to be reminded of that.

One night she finished her work out, showered, put on her long flannel nightgown and laid down to watch the news on CNN while she indulged in her nightly glass of Chablis.  Shortly after tuning in the news the screen went blank and then a strange shifting pattern appeared along with some weird electronic music.  She picked up the remote control and changed channels but the same pattern and music was on all the stations.  That's strange she thought to herself but continued to stare at the set thinking that the cable company would get it working soon.  Quickly she found herself fascinated by the swirling colors and melodic sounds coming from the TV until she had forgotten what she wanted to watch. All she wanted to do was watch were the beautiful colors flashing before her eyes.


The next morning she was surprised to find the TV still on when she woke up.  She never used to fall asleep with it on.  But she did feel more rested than usual; she must have really needed a long night's sleep.

Julie went to the bathroom and started her morning ritual.  But first she looked for the bottle of Nair that she wanted to try.  It takes a while to work so she put it on first.  She started with her calves but thought I'll do my thighs also this time.  Once her legs were completely covered, she just kept going over her pussy and then her arms, arm pits and even her torso until she was covered from the neck down.  While she waited for the Nair to work, she finished her other toiletries and then stepped into the shower to wash her hair and rinse off the Nair.  After toweling herself off, she rubbed her newly hairless body with scented skin lotion.

When she reached her hips with the lotion, she paid particular attention to her pussy until she gasped with the pleasure of a sudden orgasm.  She was amazed at the intensity and the suddenness of her climax; she rarely masturbated and never in the morning.

After she finished applying the skin lotion, she sat down and put on pantyhose.  She was surprised that she picked the only black pair and didn't put panties on first.  The pantyhose tightly caressed her legs from her toes to her waist.   When the smooth, silky nylon slipped over her pussy, she forgot the surprise and just enjoyed the feeling of tight, slick nylons as they massaged her from her toes to her waist.  She noticed that her nipples were hard and engorged with blood, so she touched them and felt a shock of pleasure shoot through her body as she climaxed again.

"No, I must stop this!" she said aloud.  "I have to go to work."  She continued dressing in her usual ill-fitting pants suit that hid all of her charms.  No one would accuse her of having provocative attire.  "Why did I wear pantyhose under this pants suit?" she asked herself, she usually just wore knee-highs.

Julie's work day was normal except she kept finding herself day dreaming about how nice and smooth her body felt with all the hair removed.  Someday she would get a wig and shave her head too.  "What am I thinking?" she thought, but was turned on by the idea of being completely hairless none the less.

In fact, she was turned on all day by her new smooth skin and the silky pressure of the pantyhose.  She starred longingly at every man who walked by her office.  She checked every guy she saw that day first for general appearance but always focusing on their crotches, wondering what kind of equipment they had.  She daydreamed about a finding a nice cock to slip into her hot pussy and the more she dreamed the hotter she became.  At one point she had to get relief so she slipped into the restroom, dropped her pants and masturbated through the pantyhose to three quick climaxes.  She didn't understand what was happening to her, but she was enjoying it.



After work she rushed home, there was something she had to do, she had no idea what but she knew she had to hurry.  When got to the apartment, there was a note on her door, to stop by the super's office and pick up a package.  She quickly went back downstairs to lobby and knocked on the super's office door with the look of a little girl at Christmas; she waited for someone to give her the present she was waiting for.  Doubt crept onto her face as no one answered the door.  She knocked again.  Still no answer.  She was crest fallen.  Her expression changed from one of joy to sheer disappointment as she turned and started back to her apartment.

She was waiting for the elevator, when a man came into the lobby, back from his jog.  He was about thirty, tall … about 6'2", muscular, very handsome, and oddly enough completely bald.  He was wearing shiny black running tights, a snug fitting faded red turtleneck T-shirt and well-worn running shoes.  The running tights fit so closely you could tell he was very well endowed and probably circumcised.

She was in major lust.  She had been checking out men all day and he was definitely the winner.  She stood there entranced staring at him as he walked over and unlocked the super's apartment.  She didn't even make the connection that he had her package, she was too enthralled to move.  She let out a sigh as he disappeared into the apartment.  "Isn't he the most gorgeous man, you've ever seen?" she asked herself.  She turned to get on the elevator when she heard the "ding", forgetting completely why she came downstairs.

"Miss Chambers!" she heard from across the lobby.  She turned and saw that vision of manhood calling out to her.

"Uh?" was all she could manage.

"Miss Julie Chambers of apartment 8B?" he asked.


"Are you Julie Chambers?"

"Oh … yeah … yes, I am." She finally started to sound coherent.

"I'm Jack Parker, the new superintendent.  I have a package for you."

"Oh, yeah!"  Julie's eyes light up when she remembers the package.  She has no idea what's in it but she knows she wants desperately.

"Why don't you come in and I'll get it for you” Jack said as he motioned her through his door.  She excitedly entered his apartment anxiously wondering what was in the package.  The front room of the apartment was set up as an office, taking care a 60-unit apartment building was a full time job.  On one side of the rather large room was a desk with two chairs in front of it.  The desk was very neat with only a CRT, keyboard, phone, and an empty in-basket.  On the wall behind the desk were framed floor plans showing the four varieties of apartments in the building. Across the room was a sitting area with a matching couch and coffee table. Jack offered her a glass of wine and motioned her to sit down on the couch while he went to get the package and some wine.

He poured the wine and retrieved the package from the bottom drawer of the desk.  He handed her the glass and sat on the other end of the couch.  She accepted the wine and let him place the package on the coffee table in front of them.

"To new friends." He toasted tapping her glass with his.

"Yes … to new friends."  Julie responded as she stared into his deep gray eyes, which she noticed for the first time.  "Eyes you could lost in", she thought.  She sipped the wine and marveled at its favor.  "What type of wine is this?"  She asked.  Her knowledge of wine was limited to Chablis and rose that came in large bottles on the discount selves at the market.

"It's a Merlot from one of the smaller wineries in the Napa valley.  Do you like it?"

"It's so different.  I don't know anything about wines, but you … I mean … this is marvelous."  Julie blushed from her Freudian slip.

Jack hid his reaction to her faux pas and asked, "What's in the package?"

"Something special” Julie answered having no notion of what was in it.  All she knew is she was excited to receive it.

"Why don't you open it?"  Prompted Jack.

"Uh? … OK,” taken aback at first from his suggestion, she was too anxious to refuse.  She picked up the package, noting that the return address was a dance wear company, she urgently ripped the kraft paper off the box and pulled it open.  Inside wrapped in tissue paper was a garment of shiny black fabric.  She pulled it out, marveling at the silky smoothness of the material.

"What is it?" Jack queried.

"I don't know?"  She responded as she shock out the apparel to see its shape.  "It looks like some sort of body stocking."  It had long sleeves, legs with stirrups, and a low scoop neck line.

"That's pretty,” he said, "You going to look fantastic in that."

"No, I couldn't wear something like this."  She responded even though the very thought turned her on.  "I'm much too fat."

"No, you're not."  Jack interrupted.  "You're a very beautiful woman.  Why don't you try it on."

"I couldn't!" she immediately responded, but on second thought,  "You think I'm pretty."

"Yes, very.  You just don't let yourself think so.  Go ahead.  Try it on."

"OK” she answered sheepishly,  "Can I use your bathroom?"

"Of course.  It's through that door and on your left."

Julie promptly got up with her new gift and disappeared into his living quarters.  When she got the bathroom, she quickly stripped off her pants suit until all she had on were the sheer to waist shiny black pantyhose and her plain cotton bra.  She appraised herself in the full-length mirror for the first time in years and was surprised to find that she did have a nice shape.  After losing all that weight and exercising regularly she had reduced her waist to a trim twenty-five inches and firmed up her hips and thighs, which were accented by the slimming nylon encasing them.  When her hand slid down her trim waist to her lycra covered pussy she noticed the dampness from being turned on all day.  She gently stroked her labia pushing the seam of the pantyhose between them.  As her fingers made contact with her inflamed clitoris, she shuddered in a minor orgasm.

She picked up the body stocking and slipped over her left foot and then stepped into the right leg.  As she pulled the unitard up, she felt a surge of pleasure from the velvety tightness of the lycra against her nylon-covered legs.  She continued to stretch the body suit up over her tight bottom and narrow waist enjoying the feathery touch of fabric as it encased her.  Sliding her hairless arms into the long sleeves sent shivers of delight direct to her brain's pleasure center.  Pulling the top of the suit over her shoulders and encasing her sensitive breasts heightened her feeling of pleasure even more.

Julie looked at herself in the mirror and was disappointed to see the top of her bra cups and the straps showed.  "We can't have that."  She said aloud and peeled the body stocking off her arms so she could remove the bra.  Once the bra was off she slid the suit back over her arms and shoulders.  When it was fully on, she looked at mirror again, very pleased that nothing marred her slick appearance of the unitard.  She adjusted her breasts, pushing them up and closer together to show more cleavage in the low cut neckline.  "Now that's better.  I hope Jack likes it."  She said to herself.  Even though she had lost all that weight, one area that hadn't shrunk much was her breasts.  She had trouble finding suitable bras that fit her 36DD.  Normally she wore clothing that hid her body, but today all she wanted to do was show it off for Jack.  As she relished in her image in the full-length mirror, she ran her hand over her engorged nipples and the other hand rubbed her nylon and lycra covered crotch.  She loved how the slick tightness of body stocking and pantyhose seemed to massage her body everywhere and she swiftly began to climax.

After quickly coming three times, she remembered where she was and realized she better show her new outfit to Jack before he comes looking for her.  She checked herself in the mirror again, ran a brush through her hair adding some body to it.  She slipped on the two-inch heeled black pumps she had worn to work (thinking she has to get some higher heels to accent her new look) and went back out to the office.

As she entered that room, Jack let out an enthusiastic "WOW! You look fantastic.  You should never hide yourself in such unflattering things like you wore to work today.  Turn around so I can see all of you."

Julie blushed but was secretly proud that Jack found her appealing.  She was pleased to see his cock quickly stiffen in his running tights as she turned around and posed provocatively for him.  "I glad that I please you."  She said.

"Come here and sit down and finish your wine while I drink to your beauty,” said Jack.  Julie crossed the room, sat down on the opposite end of the couch, and picked up her wine.  He openly stared at her voluptuous body clad in shiny black spandex.  His obvious lust embarrassed her and excited her at the same time.  She felt her nipples enlarge and stiffen at his penetrating gaze.  As she slipped her wine she thought of him penetrating her with more than just his eyes which made her pussy wet with desire.  She couldn't help but notice that he too was turned on.  His large cock was fully engorged and straining against the constraints of his running tights.  They sat there in silence as they finished their wine; drinking in both the spirits and arousal of each others bodies.

"Ms Chambers, I mean Julie, this may be a bit forward," he said breaking her our of her fantasies, "Would you please join me for dinner?"

"I'd love to." She immediately exclaimed proud that HE found her desirable.

"Excellent!"  Jack exclaimed.  "I have a few chores to take care of, what to you say I come to your apartment at eight and we'll go to this little Italian place I know a few blocks form here.  Nothing fancy."

"Sounds great."

"Will you do one thing for me … Please don't change.  I want to see more of you in that body stocking."

"Oh, I couldn't go out dressed like this.  I'm amazed I even let you see me in this outfit."

"OK, wear something over it.  Just knowing you have it on underneath will please me."  Responded Jack.

"Let me see what I can do.  (If it will please him, I figure out a way!)  I'll get my things, so you can take care of your chores and then I'll see you at eight."  Julie got up, went to the bathroom and put her frumpy pants suit back on over the unitard, said good-bye, and went to her apartment.



When she left Jack poured himself another glass of wine, sat down, and started stroking his rock hard cock.  "It's working … just as I planned.  Now on to phase two…"

As soon as Julie got to her place, she removed her pants suit, closed her bedroom door and checked herself out in the mirror on the back of it.  The mirror she hadn't used since moving in six years ago.  "I do look good!"  She said aloud, amazed at the lovely vision in the mirror.  Then she turned on the TV as she always did when she got home only to find some weird interference.  But as she chicked through several channels, which all showed the strange patterned lights on the screen and the eerie electronic music on audio, she quickly became mesmerized and sat on the bed staring at the tube forgetting everything else.



At 7:00 Julie awoke from her trance with a start.  "I have to hurry to ready for Jack."  She thought,  "I only have an hour".  Quickly she went to the bathroom and looked closely at her face and hair trying to figure how to look her best for new friend.  He liked Jack a lot and wanted him to be proud of her looks when he took her out.  "I know what to do," she said out loud.

She proceeded to wet her shoulder length dark hair until it was slick against her head.  Taking a pair of scissors she cut her hair high across the back of her neck.  She spread some styling gel through her now short hair and brushed it back smoothing it over her head.  It made her look like she had a shiny black helmet on.  She had some pale foundation, which she used to cover her entire face, neck, and exposed chest.  The whitish coating gave her a strange Goth look but somehow she knew Jack would like it especially the way it contrasted with her dark shiny cap of hair.  She applied heavy mascara and wide swath of silver-gray eyeliner drawing her eyes out to an extreme almond shape.  She used eyebrow pencil to draw her brows with a sweeping curve pointing towards her temples.  Lastly she used some lipstick to cover her full lips in matte black.  When she was finished, she leaned back and looked in the mirror seeing the total effect.  The contrast of the black makeup and hair against the white foundation was stark and very erotic.  She knew Jack would like it and she so much wanted to please him.

She checked the clock on the nightstand and saw she had another ten minutes to get ready.  "What to wear over the body stocking?"  She said to herself,  "I told Jack I had to wear something, but I want to be something he'll like.  I know!"

She rummaged through her dresser until she found what she was looking for.  She held it up in front of her and looked in the mirror.  "Yes, perfect."  It was a white ribbed turtleneck sweater dress that she had bought as a present to herself after losing all the weight.  She had worn it only once and then only with it covered up by a long blazer.  Then the cleaners shrunk it so much, she couldn't wear it anymore, but as a cover up over the unitard, it would be perfect.  She slipped it over her head and pulled in down; where it had been baggy and below the knee, it was now tight and stopped short of mid-thigh.  Checking herself again in the mirror, she saw that the formally full sweater dress now fit snugly over her large breasts and full hips, only at the waist was it still loose.  She went back to her dresser and scrounged around until she found a wide black elastic belt.  She put it on and tightened it to the last notch drawing the sweater and her waist down to twenty-two inches.  Quickly she went to the closet and dug out of the back a pair of four-inch black ankle boots.

Her outfit was complete as she glazed into the full-length mirror.  With the belt squeezing the sweater dress around her waist, the hem was pulled up until it barely covered her shapely behind.  She was a study in contrast between the black and white … a very shapely contrast.  She was proud of how she looked for the first time in her life and she found she was thrilled and excited by her appearance.  But the most important part was she knew that Jack would be pleased.  As she reveled in her looks, she heard his knock at the door.  Hurriedly she went to the door and opened it to greet him.



"Hi Julie.  You look marvelous!" said Jack in his best imitation of Richardo Montebon as he appraised the sensual visage before him.  He was pleased that she obviously had turned on the TV as planned and received his subliminal commands on how to put on her make up and to dress just the way he wanted.  She apparently didn't notice that the sweater, boots, belt and exotic make up weren't hers but were planted in her apartment just for this night.

Hi Jack.  Come in."  She responded, pleased with his reaction to her new look.  She wanted to make him happy and obviously he was.  She took a moment to see what he was wearing: a tight black turtleneck and a pair of shiny black pants that fit like a second skin.  "Wow, he looks hot!" she said to herself.

What she didn't realize is the turtleneck was just the top part of a cotton/lycra catsuit that covered everything but his hands and head.  He had a hole cut in the crotch for his cock and balls for nature calls … and for other activities.  The pants, styled like Levi's, were actually latex fitted as tight as possible.  Jack not only liked women in tight clothing; he also liked to wear it.  On his feet he wore a pair of black leather jazz boots that molded to his feet like a pair of under sized leather socks.

Jack walked into her apartment and sat on the offered easy chair never taking his eyes off the lovely vision of black and white that Julie presented.  He felt himself hardening as he watched his latest fantasy become real.  Many hours of planning and preparation had gone into this moment and he was exhilarated by the success so far.



Four years ago when he bought this apartment building with his inheritance.  He expected to let the real estate agents run it and just enjoy the income it produced.  For most of the four years he lived in the penthouse and worked on acquiring his collection.  But then he had seen her.  Although she wore the plainest of clothes, no make up, and did everything to hide her beauty, there was something about her that shouted sex, Sex, SEX!!!

He found out everything he could about her.  She was twenty-eight, four years younger than he was.  She weighed 128 pounds, although just three years ago she topped two hundred.  She wore a 36DD bra, usually plain white cotton.  She always dressed to hide her endowments.  She worked out regularly in the privacy of her apartment to maintain her weight.  She had a good paying job as an actuary for one of the big insurance companies, a job that kept her busy and involved with computers and reports but not with people.  She was an only child whose parents had passed away five years before in a tragic accident.  Her only close friend moved the West Coast, married, had two kids, and had lost interest in her single friend.  All in all, she had a nice life except it was very lonely.  She rarely dated in fact it had been six months since her last date.  He suspected but wasn't sure that she was still a virgin.

When he found all this out, he figured he had found what he had been looking for … another slave for his very unusal collection … or maybe someone even more special?

He fired the building's superintendent, set himself in that job and began his plan to control Julie.  First, he created the videos of abstract light and electronic music overlaid with subliminal commands.  Commands designed to transform Julie from her mousy life without friends and without a sex life to his perfect love slave.  She would be addicted to keeping her body completely hairless (as he did); wearing nothing but skin-tight lycra, rubber or leather; exhibiting herself; being in bondage or forced into immobility; and best of all craving sex constantly, the kinkier the better.  But no matter how slutty she became, she would be completely and utterly devoted to Jack; no one else, man or woman, would be able to bring her real satisfaction.

Once the tapes were ready, he wired her apartment so he could override the cable input to both her TV's.  Also he mounted hidden video and audio pick-ups throughout her place so he could monitor he every action.  Last night he started the transformation process and now he was enjoying the results.

Of course, Julie knew nothing of his plans but she did know that his cock was hardening as she watched.  He was obviously pleased with how she looked, which was exactly the effect she was trying to produce.  Seeing that she was turning him on, turned her on.  She could feel her pussy get wet and her nipples harden as she watched his cock enlarge to its full size under the tightness of his rubber pants.



"Would you like a beer or a glass of wine?"

"Yes, a beer, please,” he responded.  He watched her shapely bottom with the snug white sweater barely covering it as she went to get the beer.  He was thinking, "Why do I want a drink, I'm drunk on her sensual beauty already.  If she always looks this sexy, I'll may end up her slave rather than the other way around."

She quickly returned with a bottle of beer and a glass of wine for herself.  She sat opposite from him across a small coffee table and they chatted while they enjoyed their drinks.  When they were done, he suggested that they leave for a little Italian place he knew nearby.  She grabbed her purse and off they went.

On the walk to the restaurant a group of teenage boys hooted and whistled at her.  At first she was embarrassed, but then felt pride that they thought she was a fox, even if they were so rudely showing it.  It was the first time anyone had whistled at her and it made her feel good.  Jack seemed to appreciate that they were desirous of the girl that was with him, the girl that was soon to be his love slave.  Besides, she did look hot.



The owner of the restaurant recognized Jack and led them to a small booth in the corner.  The other patrons all noticed the sexy looking couple in their unusual attire as Jack and Julie crossed the main dining area and took their seats.  She loved all the attention she was getting, instead of being put off by people staring at her; she was relishing it … it turned her on.  She felt her nipples enlarge and when she glanced down, she noticed that they were clearly visible in her tight sweater, which turned her on even more.

They sat close together in the booth so their calves were touching.  Julie surprised herself by rubbing her lycra-covered leg along his rubber-clad calf.  Her action set chills of excitement up her spine but that’s not why she did it.  She did it to please Jack, which all she could think about.  Looking at his crotch, she was sure it was effective.  She found that she was frequently looking at his hard cock encased in the tight rubber pants, wondering what it would feel like.  She had never touched a man's cock before.  While they were talking waiting for the main course, she found her hand slide across the short distance between them to rest on his thigh.  He face didn't show any reaction but she glanced down and saw his hard cock surge a bit.  Every time she saw that he was getting more turned on, it stimulated her even more.  Embolden, she began stroking his latex clad leg.  Higher and higher she would go each time until she was almost touching his hard tool.  She wanted so badly to touch it, to stroke its length, to feel its strength, especially to bring him pleasure.  Just as she was about to touch it, the waiter showed up with dinner.

The food was great, he had ordered Veal Marsala and a superb Chianti for both of them, but she really took pleasure from the conversation.  She enjoyed listening to Jack tell about himself and was amazed at how open she was about her own life.  All during dinner she keeps glancing down at his crotch fantasizing about touching, stroking, kissing and fucking his rigid member.  She wanted his cock more than anything.

After the main course and while waiting for desert, she again began rubbing his leg, slowly moving closer and closer to his hard-on.  Amazingly Jack was not distracted by her caresses, but rather continued the conversation.  He kept her mind busy as she tried to keep up her side of the discussion, but her focus was centered much lower on his body.

Again before she could reach her destination, desert was served and she had to stop her fondling.  The zabioni was excellent, it's light creamy texture reminded her of the texture of semen and her day dreams returned to her craving for Jack's cock.  Over cappuccino her hand automatically resumed it's caresses of his rubber-clad thigh.  She achieved her goal touching his imprisoned cock for the first time … this finally disturbed Jack, although his only reaction was sharp intake of breath while he continued his stories about some the strange and interesting goings-on at the apartment building.  As passive as he appeared she could fell a surge of excitement pump into organ as she gently stroked it.  For her it was if his cock was somehow connected to her pussy, because each time she stroked him she felt a warm tingling deep within herself.

All too soon, the tab had been settled and Jack was escorting her out of the restaurant.  He seemed oblivious of the fact that his hard-on was blatantly visible to all in his skintight pants.  Surprising she was not embarrassed either by the obvious sexuality, but rather was proud that she was the cause of his excitement.

They walked the few blocks back to the building hand in hand, still talking and revealing more about each other.  When they arrived Jack escorted Julie up to her apartment, where he refused an offer to have a nightcap excusing himself saying he had an early appointment tomorrow.  He gave a quick peck on the cheek, turned, and walked off to the elevator; leaving her wondering what she had done wrong … why was he so distant when she had been so blatantly forward all evening?  Didn't he think she was desirable?  Was she too forward by caressing him at the restaurant?  She wanted to please him so much, plus she was really turned on and needed him and his rock hard cock.

Disappointed, frustrated, feeling dejected and close to tears, she closed the door and got ready for bed.  She removed the belt, sweater and boots then washed off the special makeup and pale white foundation and brushed her the styling gel out of her hair.  She started to remove the body stocking but stopped thinking that as good as the unitard felt she didn't want to remove it and could just easy as not sleep in it.  She sat on the bed and flicked the TV.  Clicking though several channels she thought it was odd that they all had a strange interference with offbeat music playing.  As quickly as that thought formed, she forgot it and became enthralled with abstract images and sounds coming from the TV.



Meanwhile Jack returned to his apartment, stripped off his boots and latex pants leaving on the black catsuit with his raging hard-on sticking out from the hole in crotch of his catsuit.  He settled on his couch in front of the TV grabbing his cock in one hand and the remote control in the other.  He turned the tube and selected the special channel, which was a live feed from Julie's apartment.  He stroked his cock while watching her masturbate wearing the body stocking he had ordered for her as she continued to receive subliminal programming from her TV.

He was glad he had used some of the subliminal messages on himself before dinner or he wouldn't have been able to refrain from having sex with her tonight ... and that was not his plan.  Via the programming masked by the TV interference, Jack was training Julie to be his sex slave and building desire on her part by restraining himself at first.  As her indoctrination continued her craving for his cock and her need to bring him pleasure would increase.  By holding himself back, he was frustrating her until she would beg him to be his slave.  Tonight's training tape and those to come would drive her to a fever pitch.  By morning the programming will make her want to do anything to serve him.  He also wanted to reinforce in her his fetishes for hairlessness, tight fetish costumes, heavy makeup, bondage, and exhibitionism.

To make sure she didn’t overwhelm him with her programmed sensual attentions; he had given himself some subliminal training before dinner.  He had programmed himself to maintain a hard-on constantly, but not to be able to come regardless of the stimulation, and she gave him plenty of that tonight.  Also he would be not be shy about the fact he was wearing fetish clothing in which his rigid tool was plain for everyone to see.  The hardest instruction for him to obey was to just give a short kiss and leave her quickly.  What he really wanted to do make love to her all night.  Although he was aware of the self-programming, he was still compelled to obey the embedded commands.

He knew that the programming would allow him relief but only when he saw Julie come on the close circuit monitor.  She was sitting up on her bed, staring at the indoctrination broadcast over her TV and slowly teasing herself just as the subliminals commanded.  Watching her, Jack stroked his overly stimulated organ waiting and waiting for her to climax.  She was obviously straining to reach satisfaction but was being held back by the instructions she was receiving, a fact Jack had intentionally made himself forget.  After about thirty minutes, she got the message that finally allowed release.  As he watched and listened to her explosive climax, he too was granted release, squirting cum all over the front of his catsuit.

Exhausted she turned off the lights, rolled over and promptly fell into a deep sleep dreaming of her much desired pending slavery reinforced by the continuing programming coming from the TV.  Jack stripped off the cum stained catsuit and put on his favorite sleeping attire, a nylon/lycra body stocking complete with gloves, feet and hood.  Completely sealed in spandex, he went to bed and quickly fell into a restful slumber.



The next morning, which was Saturday, Julie slept in until almost ten as programmed.  She refreshed from the good night's sleep, but still she was pensive because of Jack's abrupt good bye last night.  It seemed like the only thing that gave her life meaning was serving Jack and he left last night before she could properly pleasure him.  She knew he was interested in her and must find her attractive considering how he was hard all evening but he left in such a hurry her at the doorway when all she wanted to do was suck and fuck his beautiful cock.  Maybe her didn't find her sexy … well, next time she'd look so hot that it will knock his socks off!

She lay in the bed for a while relishing the erotic feeling of the body stocking on her hairless body and thinking  "I'm going to have to wear more lycra … this stuff feels great … it's such a turn-on … like a thousand little hands caressing my body everywhere."   She daydreamed about the different outfits she could wear and all of them were tight spandex or rubber and blatantly sexy just for Jack.  As she thought of exhibiting herself in fetish attire she started fondling her sensitive breasts through the silky smooth lycra of the body stocking.  Soon one hand drifted to her nether regions quickly bringing her to her first of many orgasms.

Eventually she stopped as she remembered that she had chores to do today, so she got up, stripped off the unitard and went to get ready.  In the bathroom she noticed that a little stumble had appeared on her head.  (The programming was so thorough that she now thought that she had always kept herself bald just like Jack wanted.  Therefore, what was left of her hair after the impromptu haircut last night appeared to her to be just stumble.)  She grabbed the electric trimmer and gave her head a buzz cut.  Then she lathered up and shaved her head completely smooth even removing her eyebrows.  She spread hair removal creme over her head and continued down coating her body completely. 

Julie waited the required time then showered off and then sat down to put on her makeup.  She deftly painted her face accentuating and highlighting her features even though until last night she had never worn make up.  (He had been very thorough in his planning and execution of her subliminal training.  The instructions showed her how to put make up on just the way he liked.)  With her make up on she got out her wig of short cropped black hair, it looked more like a tight cap of hair than a wig.

She put on was a nine inch wide waist cincher made of thick flesh-colored latex.  It was designed like a narrow corset complete with metal stays molded vertically every two inches into the rubber of the cincher.  She coated the inside with silicone lubricant, slipped it over her hips, settled it around her waist and began to tighten the front mounted laces.  As the mini corset grew snugger her waist was reduced from its normal twenty-five to twenty-one inches, however, there was still a gap under the laces, but Julie had to rest.  She stood quietly for a few moments as her body struggled to get acclimated to its new shape and she tried to calm her breathing down.  When she finally relaxed into her new shape, she began to stretch and reach up trying to touch the ceiling to settle the waist cincher further into place.  Again she pulled on the laces drawing her waist to even thinner dimensions.  After struggling for several minutes she was able to close the gap under the laces forcing her waist to an incredible nineteen inches.

From the dresser, she got a pair of bike pants … very special bike pants … also made of flesh-colored latex … there was a large rubber dildo molded on the inside.  Julie found herself first kissing and then deep throating the dildo imaging it was Jack's cock that she so desperately longed for.  Her saliva helped ease the probe into her hot pussy as she pulled the shorts tightly high over her hips.  Settling the dildo deep into her already hot pussy sent a surge of pleasure direct to her brain.  "Oh! I'm going to like this!" she thought.

She walked over to the full-length mirror and was astounded and pleased by her extreme hourglass proportions.  Her measurements were now 36DD - 19 - 35 and it thrilled her to know how much that will please Jack. But there was still one more step to completely fastening the mini corset.  She zipped up the flap covering the laces of the corset and creating a smooth unbroken covering of latex from below her breasts to her thighs.  The coloring of the corset and bike pants matched her skin tone so well it was hard to tell she was wearing anything. This zipper also had a tiny lock to slip the zipper pull in when it was fully closed.  Without hesitation she locked the zipper not even wondering where the key might be.  Now she was sealed in the rubber waist cincher not knowing or caring when she might be released.

To complete her dressing Julie chose a catsuit of stretch velvet in a black so deep it looked like you could fall into it.  The catsuit had a unique design incorporating built-in five-inch high heels and a four-inch wide turtleneck that was reinforced.  Sown inside the collar was band of thick rigid rubber so when the catsuit was zippered closed it kept the turtleneck from folding down and forced her to keep her head held high. 

Julie had to carefully bend over with her waist so drastically constrained as she eased her feet into the catsuit's integral shoes.  Slowly she stretched the suit up her legs relishing in the sensual pleasure of the tight lycra encasing her hairless body.  Watching herself in the mirror she was pleased with how shapely her thighs and calves looked in the stiletto heels.  Drawing the suit tightly up her torso and over her swollen breasts with their engorged nipples sent shivers of delight up her spine.  She slipped her arms into the long sleeves feeling the velvet strain to its limit as it coated her arms.  Reaching behind her she worked the zipper as the fabric stretched taut trying not to burst as it enveloped her over-endowed chest.  When the zipper neared the top she had to stretch her neck to allow the reinforced collar to close. 

The visage in the mirror was dramatically erotic.  Covered in black from toes to neck, only her head and hands were not clad in the stretch velvet barely able to hold her shapely body.  There were no wrinkles or flaws to disturb the unbroken lines of her exquisite form.  Looking in the mirror she marveled at how extreme her figure looked with its large breasts, tiny waist and flaring hips.  She originally had planned to wear a coat or skirt and maybe some jewelry to complete her outfit, but seeing herself completely surfaced in deep black velvet, she decided to add nothing to distract from the unblemished appearance of the catsuit.  She couldn't wait to see Jack's reaction.  He wouldn't be able to walk away with a quick peck on the cheek this time.



Unbeknownst to Julie, Jack was already reacting very positively.  He had been watching her on close circuit TV ever since he had sent the wake up instruction through subliminals still playing over her TV.  Watching her as she fulfilled the programming he had so painstakingly developed was a dream come true.  By days end she would be the fetish sex slave of his fantasies.  He sat in his favorite easy chair stroking his rock hard cock as he spied on her transforming from a mousy girl of only two days ago. The woman who was ashamed of her body and her looks, to cold stone fox whose passion for exhibition is only restrained by her fetish for outfits that cover as much skin as possible, as tightly as possible.  The best part is, she dresses just for him and is oblivious what other people might think.

Jack was glad that the execution of his plan continued to go smoothly.  Earlier that morning while Julie slept, he had gone to her apartment and provided the clothes he was programming her to wear when she awoke.  She looked so hot in the velvet catsuit.  She didn't even notice that everything she put on was something she never would have worn or purchased before.  She was accepting the training so well that she just accepted that if the fetish clothes were in her apartment they must be hers.  She was programmed to believe she must, no, she wanted to, please Jack.  She knew the erotic nature of her attire would excite him (it did!) and that's all she wanted.

Jack was curious how the next parts of his plan would go.  He had given her a lot of leeway regarding her errands that needed to be done today and wondered how she would complete her assigned tasks.  Fortunately, he developed a plan that allowed him to be with her all day, but without her noticing.  This way all the decisions she made would be made based on her newly developed erotic imagination not on something she perceived in his expression.  He wanted her to surprise him with her choices, and to test her conditioning in the real world.  The way he set this up was that he included in last night programming that she would not notice that he was with her today and would not notice if anyone else acknowledged him.  It would be as if he was not there and nothing anyone said would convince her otherwise. 

But he did want to be with her … to watch her show her phenomenal body clad in it's velvet catsuit, but also to protect her if anybody got carried away by her provocative attire and harassed her.  To that end he chose his outfit to give him that "Don't mess with me!" look.  He was dressed in black leather pants and jacket with heavy black motorcycle boots.  He appeared to be wearing a black turtleneck shirt under the jacket, but in reality it was a nylon/lycra catsuit with long sleeves and complete legs.  At 6'2" and 190 pounds in that outfit, he would be a potent deterrent to anyone taking liberties with his new slave.

Jack went out the lobby to wait for Julie who showed up moments later.  When she got off the elevator and crossed the lobby, she ignored him according to the plan as she left the building with him closely behind.  "Oh! And what a behind!"  Thought Jack.  Putting on a pair of wrap around sun glasses, she walked down the sidewalk where it seem everyone stopped and stared, enthralled by her beauty and raw sensuality.



Julie loved the commotion she was creating, behind her dark shades she watched the reaction she was causing; glad she had that kind of effect on others.  Although the only other she was really concerned about was Jack.  But she was intent on running her errands and nothing was going to get in her way.  The rubber dildo was a major distraction because as she walked it constantly pumped in her already soaking pussy.  The stimulation of the large probe just made her want more to have Jack's cock in her.  A few feet to her rear, he was thinking the same thing.

Her first stop was a beauty parlor where she asked if she could get a nail job.  "Yes," said the receptionist; "in fact we have an opening right now, please come this way."  All the women there were amazed at Julie's appearance as she was led through the shop to the manicure tables.  As soon as she passed they all started talking, not so softly, about her exotic attire and extreme figure.  Many of the comments were not complimentary, but that did not phase Julie because she looked that way for Jack and couldn't care less what these woman thought.  When she sat down, she let out a little gasp as the dildo was pushed even deeper into her over stimulated pussy.

"Are you OK?" asked the manicurist, "You look a bit flush."

"Oh, yes, I'm fine."  Julie answered while squirming in the chair and enjoying the erotic sensations of the latex in and around her cunt.  "In fact, I feel fantastic!"

"Good, my name is Sally.  What can I do for you today?"  Julie introduced herself and went on to describe how she wanted her nails done, all the while she fidgeted adding to the pleasure of her rubber accessories.  Sally started her work but continued to worry about her customer's nervousness.  "Are you sure you're all right?  You seem really jumpy."

"You'd be this way too if you had a nice big dildo in your pussy.  It feels great but it also makes it real hard to sit still."

"Huh!" was all the stunned manicurist could think to say.  Sally was surprised that anyone would be out on the street like that and even more astounded that she so casually mentioned it.  She didn't know how to react to Julie's revelation but one thing was sure, she was excited by it.  An hour later Julie left with new inch long acrylic nails polished and painted to a rich glossy black.  After work that night Sally bought her own pair of dildo panties.



After a short walk that involved several catcalls, Julie arrived at a costume jewelry shop that was offering free ear piercing with every purchase of a pair of earrings.  Within twenty minutes, she was on her way again with four gold loops of decreasing size in each ear.  She almost had her nostrils done, but thought that be a bit much for the office.  Jack was pleased with her choices, he had only instructed her to get her ears done, but it was her idea to get the multiple piercings.

Julie was about a block away from the jewelry shop when she received a major shock … walking towards her was her boss!  And he was starring at her enthralled with her sensual beauty.  After a moment of panic when she almost turned and ran, but then her programming made her brazen it out, she kept walking straight towards him proud of her new look.  What she didn't know was that he saw her all right but what he saw was the most erotic and sexy woman he had ever seen … no way did he recognize the mousy woman that worked for him.  Shaken and thrilled by her blatant exhibitionism, she continued on to her next stop, a dancewear/costume store two blocks away. 

Jack watched her reaction and that of her boss (Jack knew him from his research into Julie's life.) and he was pleased that she was able to maintain her cool and her boss didn't notice it was her, which would have created problems he wasn't ready to deal with.

At the costume store, she checked out all the catsuits they had and finally settling on a body stocking of the thinnest nylon/lycra, so thin that it was almost sheer.  She went to the dressing rooms and changed so she could check the fit.  There was no question that this catsuit fit tightly; she had intentionally picked the smallest size so the catsuit would be as tight as possible.  When she saw herself in the mirrors, she was certain Jack would like it.  She changed back, picked out some accessories, paid for her purchases, and left with him following a discrete distance behind.  He was dying of curiosity for he had not seen what she had purchased, because he was in the front of the store buying a unitard for himself when she picked out and tried on her purchase.  He barely has enough time to complete his business when he saw her leaving.

One last stop at the local grocery store where she bought the fixings for the special dinner she planned on serving Jack that evening.  When she arrived back at the apartment building, she checked her mail and found a note taped to the mailbox telling her to see Jack in his office before going upstairs.  The thought of seeing him sent a surge of pleasure throughout her body and she wanted him to see her in her new provocative outfit.  While she was reading the note Jack walked right by her un-noticed and went to his place to wait for her.



"Hi, Julie,” he greeted her at the door to his office when she knocked.  "Come in, come in.  You look terrific!"

"I'm glad you like my outfit,” Julie beamed, "I wore it just for you.  You were so right last night when you said I should always wear tight fitting clothes.  They feel so sexy … they make me feel so sexy.  I just bought another catsuit that I know you'll like.  Would you please come to my place for dinner tonight and I'll wear it for you."  In the back of her mind, she couldn't believe how forward she was being with him, but she liked it.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, which is why I left the note for you.  I can't come to your apartment tonight."  Julie was crest fallen … she had the evening all planned out.  "We had a water main burst in the building a couple of hours ago."

"Can't you come for dinner after you take care of that?  Please!" she pleaded.

"I can come to dinner but not at your place … that's where the pipe exploded.  I'm afraid your apartment and everything in it was completely destroyed."

"Oh, No!  What am I going to do?"  Julie cried.

"Don't worry, I've arranged for you to temporarily use another apartment that’s even nicer than your old one."

"But what about my clothes and everything?"

"Well, you just agreed that you shouldn't wear that old loose clothing anymore.  Besides, the apartment I arranged for you is the penthouse and it belongs to the owner, whose wife disappeared with her lover a couple of years ago and he said you could use any of her clothes when I told him what happened to your place."

"I couldn't do that … I'd feel strange wearing someone else's things."

“I told him all about you and he insisted that you use his place like it was your own.  He has no use for his wife's clothes, most of them are never worn … she was a major shop-aloic.  Besides, he feels badly that his building caused your troubles.  He's not planning to use the apartment anytime in the near future, so it's all yours.  He also said something about activating the maid; so don't be surprised if someone shows up.  You'll love the place … he has some unusual tastes and the decor is very erotic … I mean exotic."

"If I stay there, will you come to dinner tonight?" 

"Of course, I won't miss it for the world.  Besides, I want to see that new catsuit you bought.  Here's the key that will allow you to take the elevator to the penthouse.  It's three now, how about 7:30?  Does that give you enough time to get settled in your new home and make dinner?"

"That would be purrrr-fect.  I'll see you then … in The Penthouse."  She said as she strut out the door on the way to her “temporary?” new home.



She stepped into the elevator and wondered about Jack's Freudian slip about the erotic / exotic decor.  "Just what did he mean?  I guess I'll find out soon enough."  She thought to herself as she turned the elevator key in the slot marked "P".  The ride was quick without any intermediate stops, so shortly the door slid open directly into the penthouse's foyer.  It was a featureless circular room about fifteen feet across with a dome ceiling.  Opposite the elevator door was a matching door set flush in the wall without trim moldings or even a doorknob.  The walls, ceiling, and floor were a finished in an unbroken matte white.  She felt like she was inside some sort of tank except in the center of the floor was a short pedestal with a life-sized statue of a woman on it.

A woman in the standard super hero pose of fists on the hips, elbows out to the side, legs spread apart about eighteen inches, shoulders back, chest out and head held high.  The statue also had the build of a super hero, a la Linda Carter as Wonder Woman although if anything the statue had larger breasts, a much thinner waist and wore heels much higher than any super hero would.  The surface of the statue looked like glossy black glass showing every contour of a beautiful woman's body flawlessly and without seams of any kind.  Truly the work of a master sculptor.

Julie could not resist the urge to touch it, but was surprised when she felt it's surface that it was warm and soft to the touch as if it was not a statue but it was a living creature somehow frozen.  As she stroked the shiny black thigh, she thought she heard a very faint moaning coming from the statue, but that was impossible … Wasn't it?  She fantasized about being a living sculpture on display for all to see and felt a surge of sensual delight radiate from her well-filled pussy.

As she stood there day dreaming the door opened to the penthouse and she was greeted by another startling vision.  Standing in the newly opened doorway was the maid … a most unusual maid.

The maid that the owner "activated" appeared to be a robot!  It's skin was an unbroken coating of chrome; there were no hinges, joints, or other flaws in its shiny surface.  It wore the classic maids outfit of a black stretch satin dress with white lace trim around the low scoop neck line, the end of it's short puffy sleeves, and at the hem of it's very short skirt.  Under the skirt were several layers of petticoats forcing the skirt out and up.  Over the skirt was the standard white lace apron.  Its silver legs were clad in black fishnet pantyhose and sky high spike heeled pumps.  Strangest of all was the head; it had the basic shape of a human head but without most of the features.  It had no ears, hair, or nose and instead of eyes were just a narrow slit running from temple to temple.  The only normal feature was the human looking mouth with bright chrome lips.  Lips that were moving and saying "Wel-come, Miss Ju-lie.  My mas-ter has in-struc-ted this u-nit to help in any way to make you stay here plea-sur-able.  Please let me take your bags and come this way."

Too amazed to do anything else, Julie handed the robot maid her bag of groceries and the dancewear bag and followed it into the main room of the apartment.  The living room was at least 20' x 50' with a high ceiling.  One wall was a wide expanse of glass from floor to ceiling over-looking a roof top patio.  "Please make your-self at home while this u-nit puts your gro-cer-ies in the kitch-en."  Julie was awed by the room before her.  Like the entrance hall, the main room and its furnishings were all the purest white.  The only color in the room was the artwork … and what artwork!

It the center of the glass wall was a replica of the Statue of Liberty, complete with book in the left hand and golden torch in the upraised right hand. The artist had even been able to match the greenish patina of the original.  However this copy had one major difference, the extremely shapely woman portrayed was nude except for skyscraper high heels and the standard crown. 

In the far corner there was a table with female mannequins playing a card game.  When Julie walked over to get a closer look, she saw the little sign on the table labeled "Strip Poker".  In the center of the table was a pile of clothes and some plastic body parts.  Checking the cards being held by the nude mannequin with missing limbs, she saw it had a straight flush.  However, opposite her was the only player that was almost completely dressed and it had a royal flush.  It was going to cost the first dummy an arm and a leg.

On the long wall opposite the Statue of Liberty was a large fire place flanked by two matching statues inset into the wall so that the their bodies appear to be growing out of it.  The statues are composed of deeply veined dark red marble portraying six-foot tall women with enormous breasts, large and round … the size of soccer balls.  The arms of these statues are bent and are holding a white marble slab serving as the fireplace mantle.

Now she understood what Jack meant by erotic decor.  From the expressions on the statues' faces, the models were in ecstasy when they posed for these unique sculptures.  She loved the building's owner's taste in art and wondered in the back of her mind what it would be like to be part of his collection.



She was shaken out of her revelry when the robot maid returned and said, "It's time to start get-ting you read-y.  Please come with me."  It was unclear to Julie, what the robot maid meant by 'get ready' but following it just seemed to be the right thing to do.

The maid led her into the interior of the penthouse to a bedroom decorated in red and black coverings, many of which appeared to be rubber.  "This will be your room while you stay here.  Please let me help you re-move your cloth-ing, so we can pre-pare you."

The robot maid unzipped the catsuit and helped separate it from Julie's body touching her frequently with its metal clad hands … hands that were surprisingly warm and soft.  Each stroke from the robot sent thrills through her heightening her arousal.  With the catsuit removed, it knelt in front of her and carefully un-peeled the rubber bike pants over her broad hips.  Julie sighed as it slowly redrew the dildo from her soaking pussy and slid the pants down her legs.

"Oh my, your pus-sy is ver-y wet Miss Ju-lie, may this u-nit please lick it clean?"

Startled by the robot's request, but too stimulated to refuse, Julie mumbled a feeble, "Yeah, OK".

Given permission, the robot maid stuck out its extraordinary tongue.  Besides being silvered chrome it was over six inches long.  The first gentle touch of its tongue along the length of her labia sent spasms of joy through Julie's nervous systems.  Within moments the talented tongue of the maid had her moaning with delight.  It wasn't long before she felt a massive orgasm about to begin, but just about that time the maid stopped, stood up and began removing Julie's corset.  Again she was stimulated beyond belief but denied satisfaction.  Julie didn’t notice that somehow the maid had the key that unlocked the corset.

When the corset was unlocked, unlaced and removed, the maid went to the closet and got what looked like a flesh-colored plastic woman's torso.  This device was rigid and shaped like a sleeveless turtleneck extending down to over the hips and almost to the crotch.  The waist was extremely narrow and instead of breast cups, there were small holes only about four inches in diameter.

"What is that?" Julie asked excitedly while her mind envisioned all sorts of erotic possibilities.

"This is your tor-so train-er.  It is con-struct-ed of re-in-forced car-bon fib-er” Answered the robot.  "It will be the first part of your cos-tume for to-night."

"But I already bought a catsuit to wear."

"Yes, Miss Ju-lie, you will wear your new cat-suit, but the Mas-ter in-struct-ed me to pro-per-ly pre-pare you.  And this u-nit knows how much you want to do what the Mas-ter says."

"Oh, yes, of course."  Julie responded sincerely.  "I must obey the Master."

The robot maid proceeded to separate the front and back halves of the torso trainer along an invisible seam and handed the front piece to Julie.  "Hold this part a-gainst your bod-y while this u-nit adjusts your breasts through the o-pen-ings."  As she complied, the maid gently massaged her double-D's through the under-sized holes.  The restriction of the torso trainer distorted her breasts into large round globes of turgid flesh topped by nipples swollen with pressure and delight.  The trainer was lined with a lubricated latex coating that caressed her skin deliciously.

Julie was enthralled by the sight of her large breasts standing out from her chest so blatantly.  Her hand slowly moved up to tease her extended nipples.  Each touch sent sparks of rapture to her brain's pleasure center.  The sensation from the constriction around their bases added further fuel to the fires of her lust. 

The robot maid got the back half of the trainer fastened at the neckband.  The collar was wide enough to force Julie's head up, but not so tight as to restrict her breathing.  Julie could feel that the side seams from her armpits to her hips were still open several inches.  She wondered how the maid was going to close them … surely her own waist couldn't shrink that much!

But she was wrong.  The robot maid attached a wide belt around Julie's waist.  The belt had a ratchet attachment that tightened it mechanically.  The maid used a wrench to work the ratchet drawing the two halves of the body trainer slowly together.  Julie grabbed the bureau for support as the two parts were gradually drawn together and her waist was reduced to only seventeen inches.

When the front and back panels finally connected and clicked home, Julie felt faint from the restriction to her breathing.  But she also felt great joy for she knew that her new shape would please her master.

The maid then produced a pair of knee-high boots made of the same carbon fiber as the body trainer.  The boots were unusual in that they didn't have any heels, but their shape was such that Julie would be forced to wear shoes over them with at least a five-inch heel.  Like the torso unit the boots split in halves enabling them to fit snugly over her feet and calves.

She stepped over to the full-length mirror and was stunned by what she saw!

Her measurements were now 36EE-17-36!  Nothing living could possibly have such an extreme shape, but there she was.  The color of the torso trainer and the boots matched her skin tone exactly precluding anyone from telling that this wasn't her body's natural shape.  But she knew … both from the constriction around her now tiny waist and the special boots she wore. She realized then that the torso trainer that appeared to be so rigid initially was actually quite flexible.  With some effort she could bend her neck and waist, but the trainer cut her no slack when it came to restricting her shape and forcing her posture.  And she loved it!



After staring mesmerized at her incredible visage in the mirror, Julie looked over at the robot maid who motioned her to follow.  Down the hall they went to another room that was very clinical in appearance.  The floor and walls were a checkerboard of white and black tiles.  The room had many strange pieces of equipment in it, including a clear plastic tube about two feet in diameter and over seven feet tall.

"Please bend o-ver that chair, Miss Jul-ie.  I must pre-pare you for rub-ber-I-zing.

"What are you going to do to me?"  Julie asked.

"Let me ex-plain as I pro-ceed."  The robot maid said as it inserted something into Julie's vagina.  "Be-fore you can be com-plete-ly rub-ber-I-zed, first your or-if-i-ces must be seal-ed to pre-vent dam-age to the del-I-cate tis-sues.  I have just plac-ed a la-tex li-ner in your va-gi-na, which this u-nit will now glue to your la-bi-a.  The li-ner al-lows for nor-mal bod-I-ly func-tions, such as u-rin-a-tion and men-stra-tion, but o-ther-wise coats your gen-i-tals com-plete-ly.

"Now this u-nit will in-stall a sim-i-lar de-vice in your a-nus and glue it in place.

"There, those two are tak-en care of.  Please sit on the chair and let me put in the con-tact lens-es that will safe-guard your eyes."  The robot maid inserted two clear lenses that completely covered her eyes unlike standard contacts that only cover the irises.

The maid handed Julie a glass of clear syrupy liquid.  "Gar-gle with this li-quid and rinse your mouth with it.  Then spit it out.  Try not to swal-low any of it.  It is to-tal-ly non tox-ic, but may up-set your stom-ach slight-ly."  Julie did as instructed and the maid explained, “That is a spec-ial form of li-quid la-tex that has coat-ed the in-side of your mouth and throat.  Now you are read-y for rub-ber-iz-ing.  Please step o-ver to the cham-ber.”

The robot maid flipped a switch that raised the large plastic cylinder from its base allowing Julie to step into it.  She was instructed to pull down two small tubes and insert them in her nostrils as the cylinder lowered back down.

“Keep the tubes in your nos-trils du-ring the coat-ing pro-cess.  You should blink your eyes and o-pen your mouth.  Do not swal-low as be-fore.  This will on-ly take a-bout fif-teen min-utes.” The maid instructed.

Julie stood there sealed in large plastic tube, unsure exactly what this coating process was.  She was scared witless, but at the same time excited beyond belief that she was going to be “rubberized” fulfilling her wildest fetish.  A fetish that had just been programmed into her in the last two days.

Her first sensation was something tickling her knees above the boots.  She looked down to see syrupy liquid latex had already filled the cylinder to that level.  Quickly the liquid level rose.  As more of her body was covered the feeling went from tickling to almost an erotic message.  By the time it had reached her crotch she was panting through the small breathing tubes in her nose.  When it hit her clitoris, she thought she was going to come … but not quite … the exotic sensations just continued to build.  Within a minute the latex had filled the cylinder up to her neck.  At first she wanted to panic, but her conditioning and the perceived stimulation overrode her natural instincts causing to experience nothing but erotic thrills from the rising liquid.  Soon she was fully immersed and found herself squirming with pleasure in the gelatinous fluid. 

A few minutes later the liquid latex drained and a gust of hot air flowed over her.  Julie felt the latex dry and it started to shrink conforming to her every contour.  She could only see shadows through the coated contact lenses.  But she didn’t notice because her brain was over-loaded with sensual happiness as she felt the latex cure and tighten against her entire body.  The tightness alone was almost enough to bring her off … but not quite.

When the latex had cured, the cylinder raised.  The robot maid helped Julie out and then cleaned the latex off the special contact lenses allowing Julie to see again.  She looked around for the mirror and was amazed by her own visage when she could she see clearly again.

Her newly sculpted body was now totally covered in a smooth unblemished skin of silky smooth latex.  The uniform off white color of the matte finish coating gave her a strange doll-like quality.  Her shape was that of a doll also … a Barbie doll.  She reveled in the knowledge that she had been transformed in the image of her master’s fantasy.  The fantasy that the subliminal programming had made hers also. 

The robot maid was also impressed by Julie’s transformation.  She had seen this coating process many times before, and had gone through it herself, but no one before Julie had such a dramatic figure or as willing a spirit.  The master had found the perfect subject of his desires.

“Put these shoes on for now.” The maid instructed as she handed her a pair of spike-heeled mules. “You will find it much ea-si-er to walk when wear-ing high heels now that your ank-les and feet are shap-ed by your new boots.”

Julie was more comfortable with the shoes supporting her heels.  The maid led her over to a panel set in the wall, opened it, and motioned for her to enter the phone booth sized cubicle with dark glass walls.  The maid pasted two opaque patches on her new contacts.  With her eyes were protected, the maid closed the door, pushed a button and four brilliant light tubes flashed on from the corners of the booth.

Julie immediately felt her latex coating start to tighten and constrict around her body.  The bright lights were infrared and caused her new rubber coating to shrink even more tightly to her body.  Her body surprised her by welcoming the further constriction.  The tighter her latex body suit became, the more pleasure she felt.  Finally as she was about to cum from the pleasure of the pressure, the lights dim and the door automatically opens.

She rushed over to the mirror to see the effect of the infrared soaking.  Her new latex skin had been transformed from a dull off-white to a brilliant and shiny opalescent white.  The unnatural color and slick texture was undoubtedly artificial, which pleased and delighted Julie.  She knew her Master would love her new appearance.  She so wanted to be the perfect sex doll for him.  Her new pearlized rubber skin and her extraordinary shape made her into the ultimate sensual plaything.  This self-knowledge that she was just what the Master fantasized about was the final straw in pushing her over the edge of ecstasy.  An orgasm of Titanic proportions swept over her.  The robot maid had to hurry over to Julie to keep her from falling down as wave after wave of gratification washed over her.  Several minutes passed as spasms flowed through Julie.  Finally she calmed down sufficiently and she started to breathe normally.

“Wow!  That was intense!  You can let go now.” She said to the maid.  “Thank you for helping me, I would have fallen down without you.”

“May-be you should lie down and rest?” the maid asked.

“No, I have to get dinner ready.”

“Oh, no, Miss Jul-ie, the Mas-ter would cross my wire-s if this U-nit lets you do the cooking.”  The maid said with fear showing through its robotic monotone.  “Just tell this u-nit how you want it cook-ed and it will be done.”

Julie described how she wanted the meal prepared and then asked if there was a computer, so she could use to check her email.  The maid took her down the hall to an office and showed her a state-of-the-art workstation complete with 4 Mbps cable modem.

“Will this sys-tem do?” the maid asked.

“Yeah, I think it just might.  The Master obviously likes more that one type of toy.”  Julie responded ironically.  “Please come get me a hour before Jack arrives so I can finish dressing.  For now, I just want enjoy my new rubber skin by itself for a while.”



The maid left and Julie turned to the super PC before her and set up a session with her ISP.  Her email box was empty except for spam.  Once she cleared it, she had to check out the awesome PC in front of her.  PC was the wrong term … this mini-computer had quad processors with more RAM than she had on her hard drive.  Looking at the hard drive on the monster she had to think for a minute to remember what came after ‘giga’ … she had never even heard of a ‘tera’-byte drive … and this one held 17 terabytes.  She looked over the main sub-directories to see what kind of programs where on it, when she saw a directory named ‘Julie’.  Curiosity got the better of her…

Two hours later the robot maid showed up to get her dressed for dinner.  She found Julie staring at swirling colors on the computer’s monitor.  The maid helped her into the new leopard skin catsuit Julie had brought earlier that day.  The skin-tight lycra covered Julie’s newly reshaped body almost completely … only her eyes and lower face were left exposed.  With the robot maid’s help she applied makeup to the uncovered areas trying hard to simulate what a human shaped cat face would look like.  She used black eyeliner to paint spots on her eyelids that were the continuation of the spots on the fabric around the eyeholes.  The maid brought her some contacts with vertical-slitted pupils just like a wild cat.  Also they painted her lower face to match the fabric’s pattern.

With her leopard coating complete Julie asked the maid if there were any appropriate shoes, gloves and collars available.  The maid quickly retrieved a pair of 6-inch ankle boots, gloves and a collar.  They were all made from shiny black latex.

“How long should the tim-ers be set for?” asked the robot maid.

“What timers?”

“These all have in-te-gral time locks.”

“What’s the maximum time on the locks?”

“Twen-ty-four hours”

“Sounds perfect for my plan.  Go for the max!”

As the robot-maid completed locking Julie into her chosen accessories, the doorbell chimed.  Julie got on all fours and the maid led her on a leash to the front door to greet Jack.  His eyes grew wide as he saw his latest acquisition clad in her leopard suit.  He was also wearing a full catsuit of a similar design.  His suit was jet black poly-coated lycra with small openings for his mouth and eyes.  A mouth that was hanging wide open at that time.

The maid released her leash saying: “Wel-come Mas-ter, here is you new pus-sy-cat.”

Julie slinked over to him and brushed against his legs like a cat in heat.  After all she was dressed as a leopard and she definitely was in heat.  Her actions had the desired effect on Jack as well.  His large cock was already erect behind its lycra covering.  Julie’s appearance and actions caused it to surge with added vigor.  In fact if you looked closely you could see his pulse as every heartbeat pounded  though it.

Julie’s hands left the floor and sensuously caressed his legs higher and higher until they were stroking him around his hips.  She never actually touched his rigid tool, but he clearly felt her presence.  By the time she was kneeling in front of him, she looked up at his shiny black face through the cat-slits of her contacts.  She stuck her tongue out and lightly licked his pulsing prick from base to head.  He thought he was going to come the feeling was so intense.  She continued her sensual assault on his love tool, repeatedly dragging her tongue over its length, and occasionally nibbling on its swollen head.  She was giving new meaning to the expression … giving head.

Jack was amazed, knowing her sexual inexperience, he had given her several pointers about techniques in her subliminal programming.  But nothing prepared him for the passion of execution of her training.  He was astounded that he hadn’t come in response to this masterful stimulation.  She kept on the precipice of delight way beyond anything he had felt before.



Julie was in seventh heaven.  Ever since she had first laid eyes on Jack the day before in the building lobby, she had been fantasizing about having his cock.  She had been so frustrated last night when he left her panting at her apartment door.  Everything today had been carefully calculated to increase that frustration and add to her level of desire.

Just before Jack would have been pushed over that precipice, she stopped and slowly raised herself up.  She slid her lycra-clad body slowly up his until she was standing before him.  Her eyes had never left his from the time she started licking his crotch.  She ran her hands up from their former perch on his tight buttocks, over his back and neck, until she grasped his head.  Pulling it slowly toward her she kissed him as they both saw stars.  Mouths intertwined they writhed against each other for what seemed like hours.  Had it been possible the robot-maid would have blushed from watching the raw sensuality of their embrace.  Finally Julie broke off and stood back.

“Welcome Master!” She purred.

“You come well too, I’m sure.” Jack replied.

“Not yet, but I will.” Was her response.  “Please step into my parlor.  Perhaps you would like a cocktail before dinner?”  When he nodded an affirmative, she turned to the robot-maid.  “Two Sapphire Martinis.”  The maid quickly moved to comply.  “Do you like my new suit?  I got it just for you.”

“You look purr-fect.  Even better that I had hoped.”

“I try to please.  You look purr-fect too in your catsuit.  Perhaps later you’d like to play panther to my leopard and we can have some inter-species fun.”

Their drinks arrived and they sipped on them as they watched the sun set over the city.  Julie continued her manipulations, keeping Jack on the edge.  Just as he thought he could take no more the robot-maid reappeared and announced that dinner was ready.  Arm-in-arm they moved to the dining room and sat opposite each other on the sides of the long mahogany table.  Julie immediately started playing footise as the maid served the appetizer.  Throughout the dinner, she continued to caress Jack with her feet, working her way eventually to pressing the sole of boot rhythmically against his rock hard tool.

All though the meal was exquisite, he barely noticed.  He was fascinated by the lovely visage across the table from him and totally distracted by his throbbing member as she constantly teased it.  More than once he wanted to jump over the huge table and ravished her right there.  But that was not the plan. 

With the dessert over, they the maid served coffee and brandy.



“I want to compliment and thank you for a marvelous meal and especially for your company tonight, Julie.”  Jack said sincerely.

“I want to compliment and thank you for the excellent planning that went into this meal and my recent transformation, Master.”  She responded.

“You know!”  Jack replied with a start.

Julie nodded and smiled.


“I asked the maid if I could check my email.  I was awed by your computer and was checking the C:\ drive when I saw the Collection directory.  I had to know what kind of thing the ‘Master,’ as the robot-maid kept referring to him as, collected.  Finding the Julie files I had to dig deeper.”

“What are you going to do about it?” asked Jack.

“Oh, don’t worry I’ve already done it.”

“Done what?  What do you mean?”  He asked with great trepidation.

“I’ve done a little re-programming.  I’m quite good at you know.  But, of course, you know.  It was all there in files about me … my complete bio.  All you ever wanted to know about me and then some.  You should have had better security routines.  The new ones I put in are much better.  I doubt you’d come close to cracking them.”

“What type of re-programming?”  Jack was now very worried about just what she had done.

“Does the concept of privacy mean anything to you?  What you did was virtual rape?  At least it’s a safe bet that a jury would see it that way?”



He was flat scared when she started talking about juries.  The raging hard-on that he had had just a few seconds ago was swiveling to a tiny nub as his fight or flight response kicked with a vengeance.  He had never anticipated that she would gain access to his PC.  If she had control of it, he would have no defense.  His only hope was to talk himself out of trouble.  He started to say something when she quickly cut him off.

“You will not say another word until I say so.”  His mouth snapped shut and he realized that he had lost the ability to speak.  He had to obey her command.  She had obviously quickly figured out how to use his programs that generate the subliminal programming.

“Don’t worry!  I’m not going to have you arrested for rape.  But I am going to have some fun with my new collection.”  As Julie reassured him with gentle stroking of his crotch, Jack heart stopped racing and his hard-on returned full force.

As she finished the word ‘collection’ the dining room doors opened and eight women entered the room.  Eight most beautiful and unusual woman.  Leading them was the robot-maid.  Following her was the shiny black super-heroine from the foyer, and three of the players from the strip-poker game.  (The one betting an arm and a leg really was a mannequin.)  The next two women were the red marble ones that had appeared to hold up the mantle.  Last but not least was the green-patina Statue of Liberty.  The maid and poker players had stripped off their costumes revealing their true natures.  Like Julie they all were completely coated in special latex.  They proceed to take their places behind Julie facing their former Master.  In unison, they bowed toward her and said reverently: “How may we serve you, Mistress.”

“Yes, take him away.  You know what to do with him.”



First they took him to the room where Julie had started just a few hours before.  The women stripped him and prepared him in a similar way to how Julie had been earlier that afternoon.  His carbon fiber boots only had a three-inch and his torso-trainer had different special features.  His trainer covered him like a sleeveless turtleneck leotard even covering his rigid cock completely.  It wasn’t as tight as Julie’s but it still reduced his waist by three-inches.  The attached penis sheave fit tightly over his tool, but he noticed that it reduced the sensation transferred through the exotic material.  It was very pleasant as the robot fitted the sheave on his tool, the barest touch stimulated him, but he could tell it would never be enough to make him come.  The robot slipped a quarter-inch foam sleeve over his carbon-fiber penis, further isolating his tool from the desired stimulation.  He was then completely coated in liquid latex just like Julie and the rest of the collection … his black liquid latex coating was just like the shiny black super-heroine from the hall.

Jack reaction to all this attention was also the same as Julie’s … he just kept getting more turned-on.  The eight latex women lead him back to Julie and had him knell at her feet.



“You’re probably wondering what happens now?”  Julie asked.  Jack nodded ‘yes’ but still could not speak. 

“Like I said earlier, don’t worry.  I’ve made certain you’ll enjoy it.  Just as you made sure I would have enjoyed what you had planned.  You made the mistake of watching the news while waiting.  Do you remember any of it? 

Tom shook his head: No.

“No, I didn’t think you would.  When I discovered your little scheme, I was ready to kill you.  When I removed your programming I realized something important.  I liked it.  I liked everything you’ve done to me.  For the first time in my life I liked me.  I really liked some of the nice things you wrote about in your plans for me.  And now I have some plans for you, and I think you’re going to like them, too.

“Well, just so you know.  I want to above board on this.  Unlike some people I know I wouldn’t brain wash somebody into serving me.  You may speak now and I temporarily release you from any programming.  I want honest and free given replies.  I have some important questions to ask you.”

Their eyes met.  Sparks of desire and understanding flashed between them.  Their glaze was deep and soulful as their minds met as one.  With great joy of spirit they realized that they were staring into the face of their soul mate.

“How may I serve you, Mistress?”  Jack responded willing.


The End … Of The Beginning?

Author’s note: I do not plan a sequel, but anyone is welcome to write one.  I ask only that you share it.

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