100 % Virtual ???

By Rotwang (Zardreth@Cyberking.be)

Kae Ishiyama was a 17 year old Japanese girl living in Tokio. She had been riding the subway for the better part of the morning to get to her friend Toshiro. She had been reading a Shojo Manga to keep herself busy and again on the back page was her picture. Kyoko Date, the world's first 100 % virtual idol singer. She didn't exist outside the computer or pictures in the magazine. Neatly folded in her bag was Kyoko's bio and she knew it by heart. Birthday : 10-26-79, which also Kae's birthday. They were the same size, 163 cm, the same weight, 43-kg. But unfortunately, her measurements weren't up to specs with Kyoko's at B83-W56-H82 and Kae's B75-W61-H80. Even people around her told her she looked like Kyoko. Toshiro lived in a little apartment, even for Japanese standards, and it was filled with all sorts of strange things, cluttering it so much that Toshiro had to squeeze through piles of stuff to get from one corner to another. He barely had room to put his futon down and sometimes slept on one of the two kitchen stools he owned. "Kae-chan !" He exclaimed as he opened the door. She smiled and bowed, hands neatly folded before her. Toshiro gave her a quick nod and let her in. "Aren't you supposed to be at Saturday school ?" He asked. "Yoko would cover for me." She said, "Besides, my grades are good enough." She pulled out a pair of short black shorts and a black and white horizontal striped halter top out of her bag, while she still wore her school uniform. "You've cleaned up ?" She said. "I've put most of it up there." He said, pointing to the big cardboard box on the tiny terrace and holding his hand behind his head. He had dyed his hair brown with blondish highlights, combined with his old US Army jacket and jeans, he looked the kind of young man her parents wouldn't want her to know. A few years ago, his kind was quite rare, but rebellion was spreading into society. "I hope it doesn't rain." He said looking out at his stuff. Kae dropped her bag and looked at the chair surrounded with newspapers on the floor. "I'm ready." She said. Toshiro had lived for many years outside Japan and had lost some of the typical Japanese mannerisms. He had been given the opportunity to do things few other Japanese kids his age could ever dream and to Kae he was her little Christian Slater. Both Kyoko and Kae's favorite western actor. Unlike most Japanese young men, he had a relaxed way with girls and seemed less stiff and disoriented in her presence. "Okay then." He said. "The big moment." Kae smiled nervously and began to remove her clothes. Toshiro was busy testing his airbrush and occasionally peeked at her. "I'm ready." She said. Toshiro looked at her. She had typical Japanese features, petite, slender and few well-defined curves. "Okay." Toshiro said and produced a big flesh toned rubber appliance. Kae fondly remembered the sensations when Toshiro had made a cast of her torso, from the breasts, down to her sex. With some special glue, Toshiro fixed it to her and blended the edges over her skin. Her sex was now smooth and safely hidden, A thin layer over her behind and hips added two centimeters to her hips and the corset molded into the rubber pulled her waist in by 5 cm. Finally, her chest had been expanded to about the right size. Kae's chest was beating under her foam rubber bosom and she felt quite excited. Toshiro then placed a bald cap over her head and began to fix the thin mask over her face, again gluing it in place and blending in the edges, so they merged with her skin. The color of the rubber didn't quite fit in with her skin, but it would all be painted over later. Kae was very patient to sit down on a stool for three hours as Toshiro transformed her. A much shorter wig replaced her long shoulder-length hair under the bald cap, and her entire body was spray-painted in slightly paler skin-tone than she normally was. Special lenses in her eyes and some last adjustments to her make up and Toshiro produced a big mirror. "Kyoko ?" Kae said at her reflection. Her skin and body looked like they had been generated on a computer. Kae threw a switch in her mind and began to change her movements. "Could you please put the CD on ?" She asked, blinking as he had practiced a hundred times in front of the mirror. Jumping into the shorts and top, Kyoko was just on cue to start lip-synching to her digital alter ego. Her dance routine was meticulously copied and even Toshiro was impressed. Toshiro held up the mirror and Kyoko looked at herself. Tohsiro had sculpted ribs into the corset, which were quite visible under her halter-top. The music stopped and Kyoko bowed half a dozen times. "Domo arigato gozaimas !" She said over and over. Toshiro smiled and shrugged. "It's nothing !" He said and put the heavy mirror down before he dropped it. And then he took what looked like a big remote control.

Kae felt a bit strange as Toshiro pressed a button on it and felt increasingly numb. "Forgive me, but ..." He pressed a few more buttons. "The company my dad works for, designed this and I want to experiment some more." He said. Hidden inside the bald cap was a net of cables generating a special electro-magnetic field, inhibiting Kae's brain activity. Using the remote, he could control her in some way. "It works much like hypnosis. And by now you must be quite susceptible to my suggestions." He said. "After another five minutes you won't be able to resist my commands, Kyoko." Kae felt quite pleased that he called her Kyoko, while at the same time, her urge to fight off the mind control dwindled. Not that it had been very strong from the start. "Now, I have something very nice for you." He said and opened a large box. He pulled out a big-eyed mask and showed it to her. "Metal Woman Robot Fighter Kae." He said. A large-eyed manga girl stared back at Kae. Huge blue eyes with reflections of light painted in, a tiny button nose and a little smiling mouth and on her head, she had a big mop of pale-blue hair. With care, Toshiro slipped the mask over her head and pulled it. She felt the rubber on her face being pulled even tighter by the mask over her head and felt a buzz inside her. By now, Kae was completely immobile and incapable of saying a word, but quite happy of what happened. Toshiro was struggling to get her into a skin-tight body suit about three sizes too small for her, tugging at every inch of her body and pulling it incredibly tight. The suit was also padded and had an extra corset, many times tighter than the one she already wore. By the time a gasping Toshiro did her back zipper, Kae had become a living manga character. Kae felt the corset tug at her sides and ribs and saw her impressive bosom rise out of her chest. Kae had never cosplayed before but now she was wearing two costumes at once, and she looked better than anything she had ever seen. Better even than the costumes designed for the big production houses themselves. "But it's not everything." Toshiro said and pulled the rest out of the box. And showed her a white and blue suit of plastic armor. It again took some time to get the immobile and stiff Kae into the suit, but she looked amazing in her combat cyborg form. "You like it ?" he asked her behind a hard plastic shell, covering her manga face, which in turn masked her Kyoko disguise. By now, Kae was stiff enough to be posed and shaped like Toshiro wanted. He had put her on her feet and began to play with her pose until he was satisfied. And then he just placed her in a corner of the room, surrounded by dozens of model kits of girls and robots, many times smaller than herself. "I'm the ultimate life-size model !" Kae said to herself, entranced and desperate to move so she could enjoy herself. Toshiro left her standing in the corner for most of the day. And when he pushed a button on the remote, setting her free, Kae jumped in the air like an uncoiling cobra. The pleasure she normally would've felt had been postponed for almost a day and now it was catching up with her. And it caused her to explode with joy and keel over. When she woke up, Kae was on Toshiro's futon with Toshiro smiling over her. "I told Yoko to tell your parents you were sleeping over at her place." He said. It was dark outside and Kae was feeling quite fulfilled. "I have a proposal for you."

Hundreds of young Japanese were passing in front of Toshiro's stall. He made a few small kits himself but the life-size blue haired girl drew all attention. Inside Kae was feeling giddy and strange, smiling back at all the people, though they could not see her do so. Hours meandered along and a lot of pictures of her were taken, including people from a western modeling magazine. But being stiff and a little less horny after a few hours, Kae slowly drifted away, dreaming of cameras and masks and ... Kae woke up with a shock and tried to see something but she couldn't. Everything was dark around her. But then she noticed there was some light coming in through the roof of the convention hall, coming from the lamps outside. Surely, Toshiro hadn't left her just like that ? If only she could ... Toshiro ? A flashlight suddenly blinded her. As it strayed away from her face, Kae struggled to see who it was. Perhaps the nightwatchman ? Or ... A young man with glasses walked up to her, and it wasn't Toshiro. He put the light down on the table in front of her and she felt his hand go over her body. She shivered mentally, but her body was quite stiff. He began to stroke her and admiring her. Kae felt excited again and smiled under her mask. The flashlight being not powerful enough, the young man switched one of Toshiro's spots on and aimed it at her. Kae wore her skin-tight space suit, pulling her body tight and firm, not unlike thick foam rubber. He had a look of genuine love in his eyes and continued to make sure she was real by going over her again and again. And then he began to squeeze her breasts. Most of it was actually padding so the illusion was complete. Inside the doll, Kae was feeling hot and sweaty, her sex was growing moist, and Toshiro was fondling her gently at the same time. She still wore her Kyoko disguise underneath, making her smooth and soft, again creating an illusion of artificiality. The young man began to examine her, trying to find out if ... She felt the zipper being undone in her back. Kae was about to burst now and just squeezed tight and let the delight come over as he pulled the shoulders away from her. "Oh !" The young man said, discovering there was a doll inside. "OH !" He said as he recognized her after taking her mask off. His eyes filled the entirety of his glasses now. He slipped the bodysuit down her legs and stared at her flat, non-existent sex. He began to hum one of Kyoko's songs and just turned red as he gazed over her. Kae felt so excited the mesh of wires hidden inside the bald cap somehow overloaded and she felt her body being released. The young man was now considering undoing his pants when Kae jerked back to life. Her body had been tense all the time and the release was so unexpected. "AAAH !" He said and jumped back, falling on his behind. "Kyoko-sama ! I didn't mean to ..." He blurted out. "I mean, I didn't know ! Excuse me !" He got onto his knees and just bowed his respects. Kae got back into the bodysuit and smiled at him. "You did something very bad !" She said. The young man just kept on nodding and bowing in abject fear. "So you broke into this place to have a go at me ?" She asked, showing herself off, feeling very much in control and liking it very much. "I just wanted to see you up close !" He said, still on his knees. "Just relax." She said crouching and feeling very much the part. "I'll show you." And she undid her zipper. Kae didn't take off her costume, keeping her identity and virginity safe. She did all the dance and singing routines she knew and Yoshi, as he was called had the treat of his life. After the show, she gave him an autograph and he was kind enough to dress her again, just in time before the personnel came to open the convention-center doors. After having hidden in the toilet, Yoshi walked back to the exit, where a man in uniform, white-gloved hands folded behind his back was looking at him. He gave him a long stern stare, showing he had a handful of mighty samurai in his family. Yoshi, feeling like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, tried to play it cool and walked past him. "Excuse me." The man said. Yoshi turned around and felt cold sweat running down his back. The guard took in a deep breath and looked at him. "You had a lot of fun last night ..."

Toshiro busy arranging his table saw a white gloved hand put something down. He looked up and saw the security guard looking at him. "It's for Kyoko-sama." He said and nodded over to the immobile life-size model. Toshiro looked at the security videotape and frowned. "I'm a big fan of her too." He said and gave him a quick smile.