New Girl
The Awakening
(revision 06-01-00)

V.  Du'Arden


I was awakened by someone gentility shaking my shoulder and a soft feminine voice saying, "Time to wake up, Kleo. Come on Kleo, wake up." As I woke up from a sound dreamless sleep my first thoughts were "Cleo? Who's Cleo?" I could hear a soft haunting melody that I couldn't quite identify, and smell the scent of honeysuckle and mint while I lay a few seconds before forcing my eyes open. I found myself looking up at the brightest pair of green eyes I've ever seen set in a very pretty tan face framed by as mass of long thick golden blond curls. I had no idea who the young woman was, except she was very pretty and wore an inch long, half inch wide shiny black gem in the middle of her forehead.

Seeing I was awake the pretty young woman leaning over me straightened up saying, "Good, you're finally awake Kleo. I was beginning to think you may be defective in some way." Then she turned to pickup something up as she said, "I am Janet. I am here to take you to our Mistress."

She said something else, but I missed whatever it was because I had just discovered I had a pair nice big breasts. They were very large full firm breasts with big thick nipples set wide dark aureoles, and they had to be at least a 'D', maybe even 'DD' cup in size. I felt and hefted my breasts, and they sure felt as real as they looked, but what the hell was they doing on MY chest!?

Then, when I realized breasts may not be the only thing to change, I jerked the bed sheet off my lap and stared at a hairless, dickless, ball-less crotch. I had a pussy! I was a woman, a real woman with real tits, and a real pussy.

I totally ignored the young woman as I stared at and ran my hands over my transformed body.

She had to shake me and call, "Kleo. Kleo! KLEO!!" to get my attention. Then as I turned my stare to her, she shook me again and almost yelled, "KLEO! Come on Kleo, get up. I have to get you dressed, and we got to get going. Our Mistress is waiting for us."

I looked at the young woman as she unfolded a piece of aqua blue material. I finally stammered in a husky but unmistakably feminine voice, "But, ahh . . . I, I have breasts!"

The young woman simply smiled as she casually caressed and hefted one of my breasts as she said, "Of course you have breasts, and very nice ones too." Then she giggled as she caressed my other breast and added, "The way you're acting you'd think you've never seen breasts before."

The way she caressed my breasts felt good, and I stammered, "But, but . . . Not like, like this. Not on MY chest!"

She gave me a brief sympathetic look that changed to a big smile as she said, "Ohh, you mean you were flat chested. Well then, you certainly are not anymore."

I stammered again, "But, but, I . . . I'm . . . I'm a WOMAN!"

The smiling perky young woman giggly laughed and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and said, "Of course you're a woman, silly. You're a New Girl. Now hop on out of bed Kleo, and let's get you dressed."

Unresisting, I let her pull me off the low bed as I said, "But, I WAS a man! Who did this to me?
Why did they change me into a . . . "

The young woman interrupted me with, "New Girl. You are a New Girl now, Kleo. Whoever you were, male or female, wealthy or poor, famous or unknown, does not matter anymore. What matters now, is I have only so much time to get you dressed, and properly registered in our Mistresses service."

She handed me two silky pieces of equable material as she said ,"Here Kleo, put on your supporter and tunic, then we'll do your face and finish getting you ready to meet our Mistress."

As I unfolded and held up the hand full of gauze material I asked again, "But, why was I changed into a woman?"

She sighed and said, "It is not my place to explain these things to you. The Mistress wishes to personally answer all of your questions in her own way. Please, finish dressing now, Kleo."

I had a whole lot of questions, but I guess I'd have to wait till I meet 'The Mistress' to get any answers. The garment Janet called a tunic was apparently the same thing she's wearing. It was simply two shoulder width strips of light silky material, like two long scarves joined together at the corners of one end, which comes down to about three or four inches above the knee. The 'tunic' had an inch wide bright blue border, and an eight inch white disk on the front and back halves about the same distance below the collar.  Drawn in the white disk was a complex black, blue, and red Chinese like pictogram that Janet said was our Mistresses' house symbol. This tunic, belted with a simple inch wide belt the same bright blue color as the tunic's border, was the only thing Janet was wearing except for a narrow band around her chest and a pair of odd heel-less high heeled shoes.

Since it was glaringly obvious I couldn't do anything except accept the fact I was a woman now I turned my attention to my surroundings. The small room we were in was unlike any room I've ever seen, except in some science fiction movie. There didn't seem to be a flat surface or straight line anywhere in the room, except the floor. It took me a while to realized the entire low domed ceiling glowed with such a soft even light that it wasn't at all obvious what the source of the room's light was. As far as I could see there were no doors, windows, vents, or anything braking the smooth gently curved surface of the room's five(?) walls. In fact, as I looked around the room I suddenly realized the bed, as well as the bed sheet I had dropped on the floor, had vanished without a trace, and I hadn't noticed them vanishing.

Just as I realized the bed was gone Janet directed my attention to one of the room's walls. In total silence the entire wall simply flattened out as within a few seconds its surface changed from its original light tan color to a perfect silvery mirrored surface. In the newly formed mirror I saw the most beautiful young woman I've ever seen standing next to Janet. I couldn't believe it at first, but I knew this, this vision of perfect feminine beauty had to be me. I know I've never seen any woman like her . . . like me, but she, I, seemed somehow familiar. Janet stood by quietly as I stared at my reflection a while without bothering to remind me to hurry and finish dressing.

After a while Janet stepped close, put her arm around my waist, and softly said, "I know how you're feeling right now, I felt the same way the first time I saw my reflection." Then she hefted one of my breasts, and in a more playful tone of voice said, "You said you were a man, I see you liked big breasted young women."

I stared at her a few seconds, puzzled by how she knew that, before I suddenly realized why the young woman I am now looks so familiar. It suddenly struck me like a jolt of electricity, that I hadn't simply been turned into a woman. I had in fact been turned into the 'perfect' woman of my fantasies. She has. . . I have the 'perfect' face, the 'perfect' complexion and hair, and the 'perfect' body with just the right combination legs, thighs, ass, hips, waist, belly and breasts. I'm now what my personal idea of 'the' perfect woman was, in every detail, even in ways I never really consciously thought of. I had still been a man I have no doubt I'd have had a huge hard-on. Even so, my nipples grew stiff and hard as my new vagina grew warm and damp.

If I was my idea woman then I'm tall, about 5'9" or 5'10", which made me five or six inches taller then Janet. I had a beautifully smooth clear complexion, with an even dark tan skin tone, and full athletic muscular build, like that of a swimmer or field and track athlete with an interest in body-building. I had a well-padded nicely rounded ass, and large firm breasts with large dark aureoles and big thick nipples. My thick shoulder length wavy hair is an almost iridescent shiny blue black, like the feathers of a raven, and frames a classic Eurasian face with bright violet eyes.

In comparison, Janet had a slim elf like build, and a clear pale complexion. She had an almost boyish figure with slim hips and thighs, and high firm conical breasts with big fat nipples. She's very beautiful, but in a totally different way from the way I was.

"Ahh... is this the supporter?" I asked and I held up the smaller piece of silky soft cloth.

Janet took the piece of material from me and explained, "Yes.  To put it on, you just hold the narrow ends, pull the material taught, then press it over your breasts... like this." as she demonstrated.  As she pressed the aqua blue material against my breasts it seemed to melt and flow over them, when she turned the ends loose which flowed on round my chest to join together at the small of my back.  Then I learned the 'supporter' was literally named as it gently yet very firmly gripped my breasts and 'supported' them as I assume they would be if held in a lover's hands.

"Ohh... it's a bra!" I exclaimed as I felt and watched how the seeming painted on material gripped and gently lifted and supported my very ample breasts.  I have no idea what it's like to wear a bra, but this 'supporter' was so comfortable it was like wearing nothing at all.  I already noticed how my breasts jiggled and bounced around with every movement, and with the supporter they still jiggled and bounced around, but I soon found the support provided by the supporter instantly varied with the speed and force of any bounce and movement of my breast.  Uncomfortable or outright painful violent movement was dampened out to almost nothing while the slow 'sexy' jiggles and bouncing around didn't seem to be effected at all. . . the 'perfect' big boob bra, at least I know that's what I would have thought if I had seen some sexy big boobed young woman wearing it before, before. . . I woke up as one of those sexy big boobed young woman.

After I put my tunic on I realized it was the same size as the one Janet's wearing. This means it didn't quite come down to mid thigh, and was barely wider then my nipples, if not for my supporter one or the other would have peeked out with every slight movement. Janet adjusted my tunic belt, raising my him line, and causing the top of my tunic to hang even looser which showed even more of my breasts.

I looked at how much more of my bare skin was left uncovered by my tunic in comparison to the one Janet wore, then I asked, "Ahh, Janet. Doesn't this thing come in a larger size?"

She smiled as she replied, "No. This is quite acceptable clothing for our needs. Our Mistress felt you would be more comfortable wearing a tunic, then the more common loincloth."

Before I could ask her anything else she handed me a pair of shoes like the ones she wore as she said, "Here, put these on."

The shoes appeared to be little more then foot shaped cut outs a little less then a quarter inch thick. When I did as Janet directed, and pressed the white side of the shoes against the bottom of my foot, they stuck to the sole of my foot, and molded themselves to the contours of my foot. After I had both shoes on, it felt like I was standing in highballed shoes, but it looked as if I was standing up on my toes with nothing under the rest of my foot to help support my weight. After I had them on and paced back and forth a few times I was surprised at how comfortable the odd exotic shoes were, and how easy it was to walk in them.

Janet handed me a soft thin piece of plastic and said, "Here's your cosmetic mask, after we do your face we'll transfer your registration from New Girl Productions to our Mistress, and we'll be ready to leave."

I guess it was obvious I had no idea what to do with the 'cosmetic mask', so Janet took it back and pressed it over my face as she explained, "All you have to do, is close your eyes and press the mask to your face. It'll configure its self to your facial contours - feel it sucking snug over your face? Then, after only a few seconds it will finish doing your face and loosen - you feel it loosening? And when you peel it off, you'll see your new face."

As I studied my 'new face' I saw the cosmetic style was very subtle, much more so then what I remember seeing other women wearing, yet it made a noticeable difference in my appearance. Then Janet told me to press my face into a face shaped depression was set in the middle of a foot wide disk shaped thing that extruded about six inches from one wall at about shoulder high above the floor. I'm sure the scanner, as Janet called it, hadn't been there just seconds before she pointed it out. When I hesitated in following her instructions she explained, "It will implant your brow gem, then transfer your registration to the Mistress. You can not leave this chamber until your brow gem has been implanted, and I can't take you to our Mistress until you have been properly registered."

Since I seemed to have little, or no choice, I did as Janet asked. As soon as my face touched the warm surface of the mask like depression it felt like my entire face was sucked firmly and deeper into the depression. I suddenly discovered I couldn't pull away, or even move, as a bright light flooded my vision with swirling shifting pulsating colored patterns. It seemed like my mind went blank for a while, until I found myself rapidly blinking and stepping back from the scanner.

The middle of my forehead was tingling, and I discovered something smooth and hard in the middle of my forehead. I realized this must be the same thing Janet wore in the middle of her forehead, and I also realized now it wasn't simply stuck to the skin, it was actually firmly imbedded in my skull.

"What is this, and is its purpose?" I asked Janet as I felt its hard smooth surface.

She replied, "That is your brow gem.  It is the mark of an android. Brow gems allows direct access to an android's central nervous system for monitoring and programming."

I felt an icy chill fill me as she so casually said this, and I gasped, "Android! Are you saying I'm an android, a machine!?  I'm not a real person!?"

She sighed and said, "Kleo, that depends on your point of view. Your mind and memories were transferred from a the cryogenically preserved body of a natural born person to a synthetic biogen construct. You are not a machine, not what you think of as a machine anyway, you, your body is a manufactured yet living biogen construction. By this society's standards, this means you are an android, just like me. Kleo, please don't ask me any questions, the Mistress wishes to answer your questions herself. Before we can safely leave this chamber, we must activate special secondary personalities. My secondary personality will automatically activate whenever I'm outside the Mistress' quarters, or this chamber. I can. . ."

I hadn't really accepted my transformation into a beautiful young woman, then I find out I'm an android, and now Janet seems to be saying I also have multiple personalities. So, even though she asked me not to ask any questions I couldn't keep from asking, "Secondary personality? Are you saying I have more then one personality?"

Janet sighed and said, "Yes, you do. As I've said, the Mistress wishes to answer your questions, and explain certain things to you, so I really can't answer you questions.

She got a more 'set' look and said, "Kleo, I will NOT answer any more questions of any kind.  You may allow me to activate your 'public' personality and leave with me, or you may reject accepting service with the Mistress and stay here, or you may try leaving this chamber with your present personality active."

Janet paused before saying, "If you stay here you will be recycled, like this mask, or as anything discarded would be," and tossed the cosmetic mask she was holding on the floor.  Seconds after the mask landed on the floor it seemed to melt and was simply absorbed into the floor without leaving a trace behind.

As I stared at where the mask had silently and swiftly vanished into the seemingly solid floor Janet said, "The absorption process is not a painful experience for an android, and I understand it is actually rather pleasant.  The same thing will happen if you leave this chamber with your present personality active.  What is your decision, Kleo?"

Faced with this I just nodded, then said, "Okay, I guess I'll be leaving with you.  I guess any questions I have can wait."

Janet smiled wryly at this then replied, "I understand all of the Mistresses' New Girls always have a lot of questions, and She will answer any you with to ask. . . Now, as I was saying. . . your public personality programming has to be activated before it will automatically awaken as mine does. I can do this with a simple verbal trigger, but only if you cooperate, and do not try to resist."

I sighed and said, "Okay, sure, go ahead."

Janet said, "Just relax, empty your mind. . . Kleo three, Kleo two, Kleo one."

As Janet said 'Kleo one' I felt a sudden surge of vertigo, and I couldn't keep from reacting, from 'resisting'. Janet sighed and said, "We'll try it again. Just let yourself accept whatever you feel. Ready, Kleo three, Kleo two, Kleo one."

This time I managed to keep from 'resisting' and let the vertigo wash over and through me. I almost staggered, but Janet's grip on my arm helped to steady me until the vertigo passed. After the vertigo passed I didn't notice any difference in the way I felt, at least I was pretty sure nothing had changed. Puzzled, I asked, "Ahh, Janet. I don't think it worked. I don't feel any different."

She smiled and said, "Oh, it worked. Your New Girl public personality was activated. Right now, in this chamber it is dormant, but as soon as you step outside this chamber your primary personality will go dormant and your public personality will activate. One of the major differences between our primary and public personalities, is the public personality is totally unaware of the existence of the primary personality. As far as the public personality knows it is your primary and only personality program you have. The personality programs active now, are our true primary personalities, and as such are fully aware of everything we do while our public personalities are active. I know, it seems odd at first, but you'll get use to it, and there is a reason for us having dual personality programs, which our Mistress will explain to you."

Janet paused, gave my shoulder a friendly squeeze, then said, "Well, let's go." As she said 'let's go' a hole appeared in the nearby wall, which within a couple of seconds silently grew into an arched doorway. Janet stepped through into the empty hall way without hesitation, then turned a said in a slightly different tone of voice, "Come Kleo, we must not keep The Mistress waiting any longer then is necessary." As Janet turned to head down the hall I shrugged and started after her.



I stepped out of the delivery chamber after Janet and even before my foot touched hall's floor I found myself standing in my storage and recharging alcove. I couldn't move a muscle, I couldn't even blink. All I could do was stare at Janet standing in her alcove just across from me. She was naked, standing totally motionless, with her arms at her side, feet about a foot apart, eyes open and staring straight ahead.

I knew I should be frightened, or at least worried, by what just happened and the situation I suddenly found myself in, but I wasn't even mildly concerned. Instead, all I really felt was mild surprise about what happened, and curiosity about my present condition and situation. In fact, I found all of my emotions to be muted. I knew I was standing in an android storage and charging alcove. I knew the thing I could feel sticking up my ass and far up inside my body was the alcove's charging probe. I knew with no doubt now that I was an android, a manufactured synthetic being, not a real person at all. I guess this is why my emotions seem to be numb or turned off.

I also realized I could remember everything I saw or did while my public personality was active, including what my public personality was feeling and thinking, as though it happened to me, which it did. It was odd remembering events, feelings, and thoughts I had while my public personality was active colored by its rather limited child like point of view. It was as if I was experiencing everything, but with my own mind and thoughts separate from those I was observing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I felt delighted I was on the way to meet my Mistress as I followed my guide down the hall from the New Girl delivery chamber. I knew I was a newly activated New Girl Biogen Android specially produced and programmed for the service of Mistress Elissa Di Vantic. My basic database and initial programming provided me with basic familiarity with common technology, as well as acceptable standards of conduct for an android in the prevailing culture and society I am now a part of. Even so, everything was new and wondrous to me as I actually experienced everything for the first time.

We entered a transfer booth about a hundred paces down the hall from my delivery chamber. In the few seconds it took the transfer booth to deliver us to our destination I studied my companion and initiated conversation with her.

"My designation is BA-00010011110-NG-K. What is your designation?"

"My full designation is BA-00010011101-NG-J. Our Mistress has named me Janet. She has named you Kleo"

"Is The Mistresses' quarters located within this... structure?"

"No. This is Vartang Dosh habitat of city Shar-Ta Lo-Von. Our Mistress' quarters is located in Kravay Tuc-Na habitat of city Tay Vac-Na Tu. We are authorized to use a bubble flyer for transportation. The passage will require 9.3 hours."

The transfer booth's door opening interrupted our conversation, and we stepped out onto an open external bubble flyer balcony. The flyer balcony was a small mid-level auxiliary balcony, a guardrail-less half disk less then ten meters in diameter, and about a thousand meters above the tree tops. The balcony's environmental screen buffered the strong cold gusty winds normal at this exposed height to warm slight breezes. Although I knew I was perfectly safe, unless I deliberately stepped off the edge of the balcony, the open unobstructed balcony seemed a lot smaller then it actually was. As I my curiosity overcame my initial apprehension of finding myself standing on such an apparently exposed balcony I moved closer to its edge. Far below I could see the tops of trees with tiny colorful dots moving between and over them, dots I realized must be good sized birds.

My first view of the 'city' this tower was a part of was breath taking. I saw dozens and dozens of huge mountainous tower like structures projecting up from a sea of green tree tops as far I could see in the distance. The gigantic buildings had a distinct organic appearance, with long graceful curves and few sharp angles or long straight lines, and looked as if they had been grown like some kind of monstrous plants. The buildings were widely spaced, at least 1500 meters and often more then 3000 meters apart. I saw no sign of any smaller structures between the huge towering buildings, although there could have been all kinds of things hidden beneath the dense rain forest like canopy of the forest that extends between the towers. Low clouds hid the tops of the highest towers, a few lower clouds drifted between the towers, and there was even a wispy cloud between the tree tops below and the balcony I stood on. There was also hundreds of silvery bubble flyers zipping between and around the towers, which really wasn't all that many considering the number and massive size of the towers.

I knew the buildings looked like they did in a large part because they actually had been grown, although the process was more like the growth of mineral crystals instead of the living things the buildings actually were. The coloration of the buildings was mostly dark metallic shades of blue, blue green, purple, and red. Lighter, non-metallic pastel colored 'ribs' and 'veins' like those of plant leaves, highlight the darker metallic background colors.

Within a few seconds of stepping out on the balcony a bulge formed on its surface and rapidly grew in size into a low wide mushroom like growth. The 'cap' of the pseudo-mushroom grew till it was about a seven feet long, five feet wide flattened oval, then two wide low couch like seats formed on top of the 'mushroom cap'. The disk wasn't much bigger then the seats perched on top of it, which had no guardrails or seat belts. It took less then half a minute to take form, then the disk drifted across the balcony to where Janet and I stood by the transfer booth door.

I knew bubble fliers are actually a very safe form of transportation, but they look so open, so easy to fall out of, I almost had to force myself to take the seat beside Janet. Immediately after I sat back in the low reclined seat the disk turned to face away from the tower, and abruptly shot off into space at a breath taking velocity. We seemed to go from zero to several hundred kilometers per hour in only a second or less, with almost no sensation of acceleration.

Once I recovered from the shock of the take-off, and managed to relax, I quickly became enthralled by the spectacular panorama passing by all around us. From my point of view I was sitting in a bucket seat that constantly adjusted itself for my comfort as we flew through the air with nothing between us and the sensational view. I knew that anyone looking at us as we flew by would see the silvery bubble of the energy field of the wind buffer which gives bubble fliers their name.

We flew between the towers of the city of Shar-Ta Lo-Von for about an hour, before flying over a large body of water for another hour. As the bubble flyer flew along in silence a couple of thousand meters above the ground, far below the tops of the towering habitats we flew among, I watched the passing vistas with rapt attention. I noticed the occasional glitter of water of a pond or stream through the trees, or saw larger lakes and rivers below or in the distance. After a while small clearing began appearing in the unbroken forest, clearing which became more common and larger until we were suddenly flying above rolling grassland broken by a few rocky outcrops and relatively small stands of trees. There was also ponds, streams, lakes and rivers dotting or running through the grasslands, with many kinds of small to huge herds of animals scattered over the rolling sea of grass.

The land looked totally wild and untouched, except for the huge towering habitats, of which there was always at least a half dozen or more in sight. The huge structures looked as much a part of the landscape as the rocky outcroppings, ridges, and hills.

'I' began to suspect I was not flying above the Earth 'I' was familiar with. Now, 'I' realize there is nothing in my database about geography, biology, history, astronomy, or anything else that did not directly relate to my function in this society as an android. If not for my 'original' memories 'I' would not even be aware there were such things as geography, biology, or astronomy.

As if to confirm 'my' suspisions a ghostly silvery sphere began rising up from the distant horizon. It was a moon, but it was much too small and moving much too fast to be Luna. A few hours later, as the first moon was nearing the opposite horizon a second, smaller brighter moon began rising, and after an hour or so it was clear it was moving much slower then larger moon.

I knew the many flying things I could see that was not bubble flyers was living creatures called 'birds'. I also knew the small green, blue green, and blue things filling the space between the towers are also living things call 'trees' which were very large 'plants'. But, that was about all my database contained on 'birds', 'tree' or 'plants'. 'I' realized 'I' knew everything my public personality, which was included a lot about the use of modern technology and the social requirements of conduct for androids, but very little else. This did not mean my public personality was retarded, it just meant that initially, that part of my divided mind was ignorant of anything not included in its basic initial database.

Then our course took us over what seemed to be a wide wild wilderness area. The last habitat tower had sank out of sight below the horizon a good hour before I realized the opposite horizon we had been approaching for the last half hour was actually the cliff like wall a truly gigantic structure. Twice, as we flew within sight of the monstrous plateau like structure, and third time as after it fell below the horizon behind us, the bubble flyer and the very atmosphere around us seemed to throb and vibrate. The first time this happened we were at our closest approach to the cliff like wall, and I didn't see anything that may have accounted for throbbing vibration. The second time the vibrations occurred I saw a huge spherical object, at least two miles in diameter, raise up from behind the cliff wall. It continued upward into the sky where it rapidly shrank to a small dot which became lost in the blue haze of the sky. The third time, we watched another huge vessel landing instead of taking off. Even in the distance it looked huge and seemed even larger then the first one I saw. I also noticed it had a distinct elongated spherical shape, a little less then twice as long as it was wide. There was no flashing lights, smoke, or flame apparent as the two huge vessels rose into the air, only the throbbing vibrations.

When I first saw them, the two huge vessels were only one more feature of the wonderful world I was experiencing for the first time, and only a little more impressive then most of the other things sharing my world. Now, 'I' realize they were spaceships, possibly even starships, and that the gigantic structure must have been a spaceport. 'I' briefly wondered about the safety of allowing such huge vessels to directly land on, or even closely approach a planetary surface. They're so huge they'd do as much damage as any meteor of the same mass if one should go out of control and crash into the ground. Then 'I' realized the technology 'I' have seen, and know of from what is in my initial database, is so far ahead of anything 'I' knew of when 'I' was human, that 'I' had no concept of what was possible or not.

Shortly after the 'Star Port' passed out of sight the most wonderfully beautiful voice spoke to me, >Kleo, I welcome you into my service. I know you are a fine example of New Girl Android Production line of custom designed biogen androids. I am looking forward to personally inspecting you.<

The wonderful purring feminine voice of my Mistress filled me with a wonderful warmth. I had no doubt I would joyfully end my own existence or do anything else my Mistress may desire of me. Filled with joy I replied to the apparently empty air, "Yes, my Mistress. Will my Mistress require anything else of Kleo?"

The warm wonderful purring voice filled my mind again, >No Kleo, I require nothing else at this time. You and Janet may pleasure yourselves for the remainder of the flight.<

I enthusiastically replied to my Mistress, "Yes my Mistress. I exist only to serve my Mistress in any I am able to do so." I was aware of Janet replying with a more reverent but still joyous tone of voice, and as I felt the wonderful presence of the Mistress fade I turned to Janet and asked, "How may I pleasure you Janet?"

Janet smiled and replied, "I think I can think of a few things we can do to pass the time." as she slipped her hand under my tunic and gave my breast a gentile squeeze. Responding to our unspoken needs the seats of the bubble flyer flattened out to form a nice soft bed. Janet directed me in how to give her pleasure and play with her in a most pleasant way. Janet said our play is called 'sex' by the High Ones, and she showed me how to best give pleasure to our Mistress and any High Ones who may desire play sex. I found I enjoyed learning how to play sex with Janet, and I hope my Mistress will often desire to play sex.

After we past the 'spaceport' the rest of the flight, except for the last half hour, was over wilderness areas with only an occasional tower or cluster of towers visible along our path. About a half hour after we entered the out laying reaches of the city of Tay Vac-Na Tu Janet excitedly pointed to a tall massive tower and exclaimed, "There it is. . . Kravay Tuc-Na. . . the habitat where our Mistress' maintains her residence."

Soon after Janet pointed out our Mistress' habitat it became clear we were flying straight at Kravay Tuc-Na. It also became clear we were not slowing down as we headed directly at the side of the huge dark metallic red tower. At the last possible instant our apparently suicidal rush come to an abrupt stop just inches above the surface of a small flyer balcony like the one we took off from.

The bubble flyer disk came to a rest on the balcony a few yards from the entrance to the transfer booth. After we entered the transfer booth, just before the door iris shut, I noticed the disk was only a melted lump already half absorbed into the balcony's surface. As the transfer booth took us to our Mistress' quarters I knew the bubble flyer balcony was being absorbed into the side of the tower just as the disk was absorbed into the balcony. I also knew any mech, android, or even a High One not identified as non hostile making an unauthorized landing or use of any bubble flyer landing pad would be absorbed just like the unneeded bubble flyer.

As the transfer booth iris opened, and we stepped into the foyer of our Mistress' quarters I heard/felt a warm purring voice, the voice of my Mistress. >Kleo, I wish to welcome you into my service again, and while I was looking forward to personally inspecting you, I must defer the pleasure of this task for now.<

>Janet, you may show Kleo the display chamber and my workroom, as well as the rest of the quarters, except for my personal chamber. Then put Kleo and yourself into long-term storage.<

Janet and I simultaneously replied, "Yes Mistress, I hear your desires."

I asked, "Will Mistress require anything of Kleo?"

>No Kleo, I will require nothing until my return.<

I could feel The Mistress's warm soothing presents withdrawing from my mind which left me feeling empty and alone. After The Mistress's presents left us Janet led the way from the foyer as she said, "The Mistress's display chamber and workroom are this way. The display chamber is the primary chamber The Mistress uses to entertain guests when She presents a new Work of Art."

The display chamber was just off the foyer through the right most arched iris doorway. The seemingly huge chamber, was dimly lighted only by light reflecting off nine lighted sculptures scattered around the chamber in a seemingly random way. I found myself drawn to the nearest of the Mistress's sculptures.

The sculpture is that of an abstract feminine form that was grotesquely distorted yet she was very erotically beautiful in a weird sort of way. The sculpture and the pedestal it appeared to be a part of seemed to be made of some kind of fine grained granite. The whole thing was lighted in some way by an apparently source-less light which caused the sculpture to seem to softly glow.

The sculpture's body and limbs were abstractly asymmetrically warped and proportioned, with a torso seeming too thin and flat while her legs seemed too short, and the thin arms seemed too long. The neck was fairly long and it had a smooth asymmetrical elliptical head and face, with the features of the face being very simplified and minimized yet still conveying an unmistakable feminine quality. The buttocks were hugely disproportioned, and the breasts were even more disproportionally massive, with huge long thick nipples. The sculpture's most grotesquely disproportioned feature was the enormously enlarged and exaggerated genitals. The thick undulating labia on either side of a wide gaping genital gash extended to within an inch of the simple navel dimple. The inch thick three inch long clitoris projected form the thick folds of its clitoris hood.

The sculpture some how conveyed a feeling of pure sensual joyous lust without any shame or restraint. Seen as a whole, the sculpture was the most beautiful thing I ever saw, but when I followed Janet's example and caressed the sculpture I discovered its true beauty and art.

Janet said, "The Mistress's art is intended to be touched and caressed and not simply looked at." Then as she began caressing the sculpture's thigh and breasts her expression changed to one of pure sensual erotic pleasure.

When I also began caressing the sculpture I discovered it was like caressing my own body while on the brink of a mind blowingly powerful orgasm. As I caressed the sculpture with Janet I was aware of what she was experiencing as I knew she was just as aware of what I was feeling. There also seemed to be a third person present in that psychic link of sensual passion I had with Janet. A third person who seemed to be totally lost to pure sensual passion.

When I was finally able to pull myself away from the first sculpture Janet and I visited every other sculpture in the chamber. Each sculpture was made from a different material, from a pink and blue veined white marble to a gold speckled dark bluish gray basalt, each one unique and beautiful. Each sculpture was physically similar to the first one in their grotesque abstractly asymmetrical style yet uniquely different and individualistic. The sense of erotic pleasure each sculpture conveyed as it was caressed was also similar yet just as uniquely individualistic.

After the sculptures in the display chamber the Mistress's workroom seem rather... plain. Stacked along the walls of the much smaller workroom was dozens of four by four by two foot blocks of different raw materials, of which no two were alike. Setting in the middle of the chamber, and taking up about a third of the remaining space was an device that looked kind of like someone's idea of a rather small ultra-modern canopy bed with ultra streamlined flowing lines. The odd thing about this 'bed', which is not what I really thought is was, is it had one of the blocks of stone in place of a mattress.

I noticed Janet began acting odd while we were admiring the Mistress's sculptures, and as we entered the Mistress's workroom I noticed she seemed distracted and thoughtful. While I casually examined the variety of beautiful sculptural materials arrayed around the workrooms walls Janet just stared pensively at the stone block sitting in the 'canopy bed'.

"Is this what the Mistress uses to make her beautiful sculptures?" I asked as I came up beside Janet.

Janet nodded and replied in an oddly dreamy voice, "Yes. This is a specially modified and enhanced, multi-phase matter reformation and conversion unit the Mistress' uses for the final consummation of Her art."

She paused as she caressed the smooth polished block of stone resting within the device, the 'consummator', then she asked, "It is a beautiful piece of stone, isn't it Kleo?"

It was a beautiful shade of azure, speckled with tiny gold flakes and shot through with veins and swirls of violet. It was very strikingly beautiful and I said so.

Janet just stood gazing at the block a long time with an odd expression of longing and anticipation. Then she seemed to shake herself out of whatever state of mind that held her, and said, "I guess we should be getting you to your charging alcove. You had less then a 10% charge when I picked you up at New Girl, so you're probably starting to feel a bit tired about now."

After quickly showing me the rest of the Mistress' personal quarters Janet lead me to the android storage, maintenance and charging chamber. As Janet and I removed our garments in preparation of entering our alcoves I saw three of the eight alcoves were already occupied by general purpose worker androids. They were the first androids I've seen other then Janet, and they have several notable differences from Janet and me. They all look exactly alike, just like every other GP worker androids, except these three was the same equable as the tunics Janet and I wore and had the Mistress' personal and house symbol tattooed in the middle of their chests. The GP workers are totally hairless with slimly built sexless androgynous bodies with a vaguely feminine appearance.

Although the overall shape of their smooth bald heads, as well as the small human like nose and the general structure of the face, the brow, cheeks, jaw, and chin is fairly human, they have no mouths, nor any visible external ears. Their glassy black lidless eyes are a little larger then human eyes, and their android brow gem gives them a three eyed appearance. It was odd to think that except for the fact that Janet and I were made to look like and function as human female there is actually very little difference between us and the three GP androids.

I backed into my alcove and stood against its back wall with my feet about shoulder's width apart and arms hanging loosely at my sides. As took my place I felt the wall move and mold itself against my back and extrude out around my hips and under my arms. Then I felt the charging probe brush against my thighs just before its tip pressed against my ass and then pushed its way far up into my rectum. I could feel the probe coupling with my energy cells and various maintenance nodes. Once the charging and maintenance probe was firmly in place conscious control of my body was terminated as my energy cells began recharging and various maintenance programs were initiated.

After 'reviewing' the memories of my public personality I discovered I still couldn't move or even blink as I continued standing in my SMC alcove. Since Janet was standing just as unmoving as I was in her alcove just across from me, and since nothing else was moving to mark the passage of time I really wasn't aware of how long I stood in my alcove. It seemed like I had been standing in my alcove only a few minutes when I became aware my charging probe was de-coupling and withdrawing. I then realized my internal clock indicated I had been in storage mode for 68 days, 16 hours, 45.68 minutes.